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I just finished having sex the worst pair of women, it wasn't fun. the next day was so much better with Claire and our older friend Lynne
Claire had a new young man and I had Lynne again Ch15

What an experience I had last night having in bed with two unexpected women and Claire.After Claire walked them out she jumped up on the bed and asked me what I thought about them.She sat back when I then told her how bad it was.”I don’t know how many cocks they have had inside them at once ,or the size of their toys. Linda was okay and the size of her pussy was tolerable but when Lori slipped her hand completely in along my cock it was terrible".

I then pulled Claire up to me and gave her a kiss,”when Lori started fucking me I was glad she came quick.Those big tit’s flapping in front of me made me think of Dedra and how she must look today”.I ran my hands through her long hair and said,”if you decide to take larger cocks than mine,please do it one at a time inside you”.

Claire gave me a kiss and said “if I take two at a time ,one would be in my ass.I agree with you that if a fist fills my pussy that is too much”.She then sat back cupping her breasts “I am glad you like these better”.Claire then moved up off the bed “let's take a shower and get you cleaned up”she said reaching for my hands.

I got a nice shower with me under the water and Claire made sure I was free of their nasty cum,as she would say.”All through school Lori would look to find any boy that wanted to have sex.She became a cheerleader just to get fucked”Claire said as she dried me off,”and she got what she wanted”.

“I knew Linda and she often followed in Lori’s footsteps,”Claire said, leading me back to the bed. “She was more into giving guys blowjobs,at least she was smarter.She often would come to my home seeking my brothers to have sex with.Mostly blowjobs to David though and she liked to lick my pussy when she was done with the boys”.

“I remembered when your brothers tried to let me take a blowjob from Linda once. When I said that I was saving myself for you they tried harder.I also remembered seeing Lori skipping class to fuck some guy in his car.She was well known for never wearing panties and would flash her pussy at me”.

Claire was laying down between my legs playing with my cock as I spoke and asked me why I did get a blowjob from them.Again I said to Claire “I was saving myself for you”,and moved her hair to the side. “You were and still are the prettiest girl I knew” I said as she had my cock in her mouth.

Claire licked up along my cock then took it out of her mouth with a pop,”yea right”she said.Still slowly stroking my cock she said “so why did you start going out with Dedra then.You knew she was a slut and fucked every one of my brother,and their friends”. Claire let go of my cock and moved up on me,”why didn’t you let me suck your cock when I tried too”.

I slid my hands down her body and said “Dedra told me you told her to take me out and fuck me. She said you didn’t want to suck anyone but your brothers,and I probably wasn’t as good as they were”.I gave Claire a kiss and was surprised when she kissed me back and slid down onto my cock.

”I realized what love was,and who my love was for when I started to have sex with Dedra.It wasn’t Dedra it was you, and boy did I screwed up”I said as Claire started slowly sliding up and down my cock.”I am so happy that you gave me a second chance and forgave me.”

Claire sat back and placed her hands on my chest “shut up and just fuck me.I love how you fuck me”.She started telling me that even though she likes fucking others she loves me the best.”I also like watching you fuck other women”she said ,”I know what they are feeling,and damn you feel good inside me”.

Since I didn’t cum in Linda or Lori feeling my cock inside Claire was going to make me cum. I tried to hold on and last longer but hearing Claire say she was cumming was all it took .Feeling her pussy shiver and shake as our cum stirred around inside her I knew she loved me just as much.

We stayed together long after our orgasms stopped ,Claire laid her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear “I love you”.She softly said “nobody makes me feel better than you”,she then kissed me again and said “not yet anyways”. She then rolled off and laid beside me,turned her head and smiled.”Damn we worked well together”,it wasn’t much longer that we were fast asleep.

I didn’t wake up until well after 12 noon ,and that was with Claire playing with my cock.”Good morning handsome”she said as she moved up and gave me a kiss.”We missed breakfast ,but I did get you coffee”,handing me my cup. “It doesn't look good outside either” she said “I don’t know when it will stop raining”.

Claire was sitting cross legged ,smiling as she looked at my naked body. “You're so handsome” she said ,”I am so happy to be your wife”. When I finished my coffee Claire got up off the bed and handed me my clothes,”I think we should go to town”.She had already scoped out the town and found a restaurant where we could still get breakfast.After breakfast she took me to get herself some sexy clothes and then stopped by to see Lynne.

Lynne was happy to see us and introduced us to a young man that is working with her.She introduced him as Ryan, a student who is finishing his last year in college. Claire and him seemed to be getting along well ,then Lynne had to excuse herself to wait on a customer.How ironic it seemed that he was our age,single and rather hand some,Claire seemed interested.

When Lynne came back she asked me to come help her with something .Taking me into her office where she quickly turned me around and gave me a kiss.”I think Claire and you will like him” she said, still holding me against her. “ I talked to him and when I found he was single and not ready to settle down ,I told him about you two”.

Lynne ran her hand up and down my thigh and she said”when Bill decided to go gay I missed you”.After giving me another kiss she said”I have already had sex with Ryan ,and he is a lot like you,I am sure Claire will like him”.

Her hand had moved down against my cock while she was telling me about him.”Damn “she finally said “If I thought that you could give me a quickie I would lock the door”. She gave me another kiss and then backed away,”we should get back out there”she said “I need to find out how they are doing.

I took her hand as she started for the door and spun her around giving her a more passionate kiss. My hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her pussy while she pushed against me. “I would love to see Claire and Ryan get together”I said “I will talk to Claire ,maybe you can bring up to be with us tonight”.

When we walked back out I saw Ryan stepping back from Claire who was sitting in front of him.I would bet that he got a feel of her breasts and she already knows how big his cock is. I was pretty sure Lynne would bring him to us tonight and said before we left “call me later”.

When we got into the car the first thing Claire asked me was if Lynne was coming up to see us later.The next question was if she was bringing Ryan,and then said”he is handsome”.When I told her that Lynne already suggested that she could, Claire said “good”. The next question was”can I have him all to myself”,then told me that she was sure I would have fun with Lynne”.

Before we had gotten out of town Lynne called so I pulled over and stopped.Claire picked up the phone and within a minute she turned to me and said,”Lynne wants to know something”.Claire seemed quite happy when she said “Lynne wants to know if I would like to take Ryan to our room,and bring you back to her”.I was already turning around before Claire told her we were on our way back.

Claire knew what was going to happen tonight and said “I bought some sexy lingerie to wear tonight. I was going to surprise you,but you won't mind if I surprise Ryan first will you”she then kissed me on my cheek when I said”not at all”.

Ryan was definitely happy and was out the door before I could turn the car off. I gave Claire a kiss and told her that I have my phone and if she needs me to come back just call.She told me not to worry ,Ryan said thanks as he passed me with a big smile on his face.

Lynne met me at the door,put the closed sign on the door and quickly took me into the play room. We were stripped of our clothes in no time flat and were quickly kissing each other. She told me to sit and sat up on the desk,”I am so happy you are here” she said.

She then after a few more kisses she spread her legs and said “eat me first”, then pulled my face into her pussy.Lynne then moved her legs over my shoulders leaning forward while running her hand through my hair.The last time I had my face against her pussy there was light blonde hair, this time she was bare.It didn’t take as long this time to be wet with her juices,at least I hope it was hers.

I made sure my fingers went deep enough to touch her G-Spot ,when I licked up at her clitoris she took an even deeper breath.Not only more wet since the last time I sucked on her pussy,she came a lot sooner.I didn’t expect her to have an orgasm or how she continued to hold my face against her. I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing by the sounds she was making,I just kept going.

When she flooded my mouth for the third time she let go of my head and laid down on the desk, rubbing her hands on her breasts.”Oh damn”she said quite a few times while her legs started shaking against my head. I moved away then stood up and also rubbed on her breasts before sucking on each nipple,her hands went to my head again.

The last time I sucked on her nipples they weren't as hard,nor did she hold my head this long.They grew some before she finally started talking to me, telling me how good I am.She didn’t have to tell me to fuck her, my cock was ahead of the game.She did say loudly that it felt so good as it slipped easily inside her much wetter pussy.

We were looking into each other's eyes as I slowly pushed in and out of her while her hands stayed onto my ass.Getting her breath back to normal she started telling me how much she missed me.”Bill doesn't do anything with me any more and Ryan,well he hasn’t had as much practice yet”.

Looking at Lynne’s smile and hearing how Bill treated her was a shame because she really likes sex. I was glad that she liked me slowly penetrating her and giving her multiple orgasms before I cum. As I continued fuck her at a steady pace I was hoping she would have another orgasm because I was close.

Finally I could feel her mussels squeezing my cock so I started fucking her a little faster. “I am close” I said to Lynne to which she started pushing back telling me to cum.She didn’t have another orgasm but she told me it was feeling good.Her hands held me close to her and kissed my neck until I emptied my load deep inside her. After I was done and she let go of me I sat back into my chair and looked at her smile. When she sat up I couldn’t help myself from looking at her swollen pussy lips. I put my hands on her legs and immediately drew her closer to my face and started licking her.

“Oh my ''she said leaning forward while holding me”oh my” she said several times while I licked the juices out of her. “You are the first man to clean me out like that”she said then told me how good it feels.

It wasn’t the first time that I ever licked my cum out of someone ,and it won't be my last. She was telling me how great it felt and that she was going to cum again. It wasn’t long when I felt a warm flow of her cum drip into my mouth. I swallowed most of it then pulled back and used my fingers to wipe the rest around on her hips.

“Lynne, “ I said to her, “I have to tell you that I like having sex with you.We fit well together and we don’t rush to get it over and done.I can go it slow inside you and you seem to enjoy it that way.Most of the women I have had sex with may start slow but soon it would be faster.When they want an orgasm they would roll me on my back and start fucking me. I gave her another kiss ,then said “I can only cum just so much and I like to make it last. I have had some of the best times pleasing you,thank you”.

Lynne agreed and gave me a kiss before she told me that I would make her feel like a young lady again.”I am so glad that I have met you and we have had some great times.I am looking forward to doing this again”she said”but now I think I should take you back to Claire. Ryan probably has cum three times by now and is ready to get home. He does have a nice cock but he hasn’t learned to pace himself”,she then chuckled “young men do have much to learn”.

We got dressed and Lynne took me up to Claire and just like Lynne said Ryan was ready to leave.He was dressed and he and Claire were just sitting on the bed watching tv,of course Claire was still naked.Claire told them both thanks and whispered something in Lynne’s ear,which I found out later was that she can use me any time. Those times will be in the next chapter though so stay tuned for ch16.


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