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Leslie was a nurse, working the evening shift. When she went out to her car, she decided to change out of her nursing scrubs and go grab a beer. She did not notice a van drive up until it was too late. She was abducted.
The abduction of Leslie and the aftermath

Part 1 The Abduction

Leslie had finished her evening shift as a nurse at the hospital. She walked out to the vacant parking lot to get her car and drive home, but she knew it was gonna be an empty house. Her husband would not be home tonight because he was working on some ‘great idea’ on how to make some easy money. This was another one of his get rich quick schemes. Leslie did not want to go home and sit there alone. She was thinking about stopping somewhere and grabbing a beer, but she was wearing her nurse scrubs. She reached her car, then paused a moment, remembering her workout bag was in the trunk. She decided to change into her yoga outfit and go out. She found her workout bag in the trunk, so she opened it quickly. She stripped off her top, and her bra too. She had firm, natural tits and didn’t really need to wear a bra. She just wore it for work to be “proper”. She slipped on a tight T-shirt and quickly removed her scrub bottoms.


In the dim light she could not find her yoga pants in the bag. She was bent over the car trunk peering into her bag when suddenly a van pulled up behind her. She did not notice until the doors opened, and she heard several men whistling at her. Before Leslie could turn around and cover herself, she was instantly surrounded. A cloth bag was draped over her face, and she heard duct tape being wound around her head. Her wrists were held behind her back, then she was yanked forcefully into the back of the van.

Leslie struggled for a moment, but knew she was helpless against her assailants. The doors closed and she heard the tires scream as the vehicle sped out of the parking lot. A powerful hand muffled her mouth as more hands roughly ripped the panties off her bottom. Someone stuffed her panties into her mouth, then another round of duct tape was wrapped around her head to keep the panties in place. They stripped off her only remaining piece of clothing, the T-shirt, then taped her hands behind her back. She was naked and helpless.

The van drove for a while, but she could not estimate the time. She could only hear the muffled sound of the van driving on the pavement. The van pulled up to a building and she could hear the clanking of an overhead door being rolled up. The van drove forward and then she heard the door roll back down and be loudly latched. She heard the van doors open and people scramble out, then she was rudely pulled from the vehicle. It smelled like a garage that must have had autos parked in it from the odor of old gas. She was pulled to a standing position, and they dragged her out. Her bare feet felt the cold of the concrete floor as she let them lead her forward. She knew it was useless to fight.

They tossed her on to what must have been an old couch. Her arms were then unbound, and she felt momentary relief. That did not last long. She was positioned on the couch with her knees on the cushions, facing the back of the couch. Someone grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head down. She felt a cold metal dog chain being wrapped around her throat. Her neck was pulled down and was resting on the back of the couch. She could not raise up. Her legs were spread wide, and she could feel straps being wrapped around her ankles. Her arms were pulled behind her behind her back, then tied together. Her eyes were still covered, but someone cut the tape holding the panties in her mouth. It was a relief to be able to relax her jaw. But she was bound up like a captured wild animal and could do and see nothing.

It sounded like she was in a large, empty room and she could tell it was lit from overhead, like a shop. She was stark naked, and she could hear people milling around her. She knew she had to calm down to survive, so she concentrated on slowing her breathing and relaxing. Leslie assumed she knew what was going to happen, so it did no good to struggle.

She heard the men laughing and commenting on how beautiful she was. There were apparently several men but there was no way to know how many. She felt several hands roughly caress her naked skin. Suddenly she felt someone’s hot breath against her ass, then a tongue was between her legs, licking her open, exposed pussy. Other hands were tweaking her nipples. She was being groped by strangers, but she could see nothing thru the cloth taped over her eyes.

The tongue on her clit felt amazingly good, considering she was helpless and about to be raped. The pleasure caused her cunt to involuntarily get wet. Her hips began to move up and down as the sensation from that tongue began to do magic. Just as her body was getting used to the tongue teasing her cunt, it was abruptly replaced by a large hard penis. Leslie could feel a person positioned behind her, with a hard, throbbing cock nudging between her wet pussy lips. The erection slowly eased into her cunt. After a moment, the owner of that penis began moving it against her and pushed it deeper inside her shaved pussy. He buried his erection into her body, and bottomed out, then paused a few moments to relish the nice tight fit. The cock slowly pulled back out then plunged in again. This process was repeated a dozen times. Each time he increased the speed of his stroke. The rapist grabbed a fistful of her hair and used it as a handle so he could pound himself into her. She involuntarily thrust back at him, as if to help him finish. Her assailant suddenly stiffened up and grunted as he spewed a load of cum deep into her unprotected pussy, she could feel his spunk filling her up. He rested momentarily, then pulled out and yelled: “Next!”

Another man stepped in behind her and repeated the process. He fucked her senseless. She could do nothing. Her vagina was being turned into a slimy mess. The thought of her married pussy being used as a sperm bank for strangers suddenly became very erotic to her. Leslie wondered what her hubby would think about her situation. She thought that he should be in the same room and forced to watch her being used as a fuck toy. It would serve him right to see his innocent wife turned in to a common whore. Her mind went back to the man currently fucking her as she could feel him tense up. She knew he was about to fill her with cum too. Just as he was exploding inside her, she heard a door opening and more voices. Leslie knew more attendees had joined the rape party. It was going to be a long night.

Her pussy was wet, and juicy, even as she tried to ignore the pleasure. Those rough hands on her tender nipples were only adding to the approaching sensation of an involuntary orgasm. She tried not to cum and hoped to think of something other than the uncontrollable physical pleasures she was being bombarded with. As the next man mounted her, she could feel the previous deposits of cum ooze out of her snatch like an overfilled jelly donut. Leslie wished she could be a spectator see the cum deposits squeeze out and watch that new dick push itself inside her cunt. The sensation of her pussy being stuffed full of a stranger’s dick coupled with the body weight of the man leaning over her began to trigger an unavoidable sexual response. She tried to stop herself but soon she was caught in a wave of pleasure that she could not control. Leslie gasped loudly and arched her back as a crushing orgasm erupted from her cunt. The men howled with delight.

Several more men took turns using her pussy, till it was literally overflowing with spunk. One of the guys complained that it was too sloppy to fuck, so he pulled out and swabbed her asshole with the drippings from her cunt. She panicked, knowing that he was going to fuck her asshole. He loosened up her brown hole up with one of his fingers, then jammed his big dick, balls deep into her tight butt. This new violation caused Leslie to have another uncontrollable orgasm. She was weak from the spasms that her body had involuntarily created. She could no longer control herself and relied on the surrounding men to hold her body upright as the guy behind pounded into her unprotected asshole. He quickly blew his load in her hole and left it dripping with the results.

The night went on and the men kept going. Since her panties had been pulled out of her mouth, they could fuck that hole too. The men delighted in fucking her ass, then coming around and sticking their dick directly into her open mouth. She quickly figured out it was better to try to suck them dry to get them to finish quicker. She felt a hard cock in her ass, then it would be pulled out and stuffed into her mouth. Another cock would soon be back in her ass. It was a revolving fuck-fest and she was the center of attention. The smorgasbord of flavors, of the various men’s sperm, combined with her ass juices, made for an interesting cocktail. Her hair was matted down around her face, stuck to her cheeks, from the parade of cocks that dripped cum on her skin.

Eventually the men were all played out. Leslie was hanging off the edge of the couch, exhausted and almost asleep. Her hands were now free, but she was still chained by the neck. She heard the guys thanking one person for the fun evening. She worked the tape off her head so she could see. All the guys were filing out of the garage while giving wads of money to a guy who looked familiar. The overhead lighting was poor but as she squinted and focused her vision, she could see that the guy taking the money looked just like her husband! He finally came over to the couch, unchained her neck, and threw her a towel. He had a handful of twenties that he was waving around. “Good Job, Leslie.”, her husband snickered, “Next week I’ll get even more guys to come. This really was a great money-making idea.”

As soon as she heard her husband, Jerry, begin to speak, she knew the entire gang bang had been a set up. It was a fake abduction. She was livid that he would have knowingly frightened her so badly and risked her getting injured. These men were very aggressive. For Jerry to set up a fake kidnap and sexual assault just to make some quick money was mean and very stupid. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Some of those men probably had been to her house before and some may even work for her employer. Now the story will be all around how she was abducted, and gang raped, all because of her husband’s cheap thrill of making a buck. She secretly assumed he just wanted to see her tied up and gang banged. The money was just a side benefit, and excuse, for the event to have been planned. What kind of man wants to watch his wife tied up and sodomized?

As the crowd was leaving the warehouse after she was gang banged, Jerry told them there would be another session next week. He implied that it would be even bigger and better. But different, since Leslie would know all about it this time, and not be abducted from work, stripped and tied to an old couch like an animal. And now she had a week to think of a way to get back at her husband. She wanted revenge.

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