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“Hello honey, I need to talk to you. I have my phone on speaker. I want you to put your phone on speaker also.
“I am naked sitting on a chair in front of a wall length mirror. I am so horny, you know how horny you make me.”

“Oh, so exciting for me.”

“I have been thinking about you all day, And your naked body. And how much I need to fuck you. And how I am going to do it next time. And where and when.

“I want you to tell me you are naked for me. Yes, I will wait a moment for you to undress for me. You did promise me you would be almost naked when I phoned tonight.”

“AlI am wearing for you now is my g-string, My 36C bra is on the floor. Should I take my g-string off for you now?”

“You did tell me it would be very exciting for you listening to me masturbate for you over the phone.

“Not as exciting as it will be for me.

“I am sliding my cock into a vacuum pump for you now.

“You have watched me use it before. And watched me use it to achieve a thick, rock hard erection for you, and for me.

“I am looking at the scale on the pump, it is in inches as well as centimetres.

“The tip of my erection is past the eight-inches mark, my erection is so thick it is almost touching the sides of the pump.

“An extra turn on for me watching in the mirror while I tease my nipples.

“My erection is so strong, poking up at forty-five degrees, it is supporting the pump.

“When I get to almost nine inches I will start masturbating for you.

“The big thick vein on my erection is bulging.

“I have my eyes closed now while I slide the pump along my erection.

“I wish you were watching honey.”

“So do I, though I have a clear picture in my mind. You are huge, just for me.

“I am teasing my nipples for you now, so good, you know how big you make them for me.

“Do you want me to tease my cunt lips for you? They are wet for you. Really wet.”

“Not yet, not until I tell you.

“I am smearing some of the oil you gave me over my erection. I am so hard, And so horny.

“I am sliding the cock ring you gave me onto my erection now.

“It fits perfectly and makes my erection look even bigger.

“The big thick vein on my erection looks as though it is ready to burst.

“Now I am teasing my balls with the tips of my oily fingertips.

“I am going to start masturbating for you now, right now.”

“Are you going to use one hand or two?

“Don’t tell me. Use two hands for me. Start with one hand, then when you are close to orgasm, use two hands.

“Do you want me to tease my cunt lips for you?

“Yes, now.

“Can you hear the noise I am making while I masturbate for you, one hand only?

“Oh fuck, I am so fucking horny for you. And so hard. I want this so bad.

“Did I tell you I am timing this with my stop watch? You know how I like to time our sex sessions.”

“How long so far?”


“I am going to use two hands for you now.”

“Is it really for me or you? Or both of us?”

“Both of us. This is a very good connection, you sound as though you are in the next room.

“Oh fuck, Did I tell you I am so fucking horny for you? And so hard. I have wanted this so bad, since I woke up this morning with a boner.

“My cock is ready to burst.

“So close, so close.

“Too good to stop.

“I am trying to hold back, so good, so fucking good.

“So close.right on the edge. Almost there.

“I wish I could lick and kiss your big ass while I orgasm.”

“You can baby,” she told me with a wicked smile as she walked through the door.

“Now lick and kiss my big ass while I watch you orgasm for me.

“Keep using two hands.

“That big vein on your erection looks as though it is about to burst.

“Tell me how much you want to orgasm for me? How much your erection wants sexual relief?

“Keep using two hands.”

I was lost for words as my lady watched me enjoy a most incredible orgasm while I licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

My lady Sarah, is of French descent, in her mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English. One of her favourite sexual fetishes is watching men masturbate, hung men, she even has a personal ***********ion of porn clips she likes to watch and discuss with me.

I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, she is bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. Her body is still good, both sexes love her legs and ass and the way I trim her pubic hair - the look Helmut Newton’s models prefer. Or was it his preference? Good hips, flat stomach, modest tits with long hard nipples when aroused.

She has a high sex drive, very high. She loves reminding me. “I am to please and be pleased sexually, I love being licked and teased by both sexes,” She lost all her inhibitions between her second and third husbands and she loves having sex with an audience. And she really does enjoy some racy commentary during sex, an extra dimension.

She has a tacit agreement with me that she can pleasure and be pleasured sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, no intercourse, outer sex only - safe sex, ‘you can watch and masturbate’ she told me. If the second man wants to blow me, she loves to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.

We quickly moved beyond those rules and now have a third or fourth person on an irregular basis: Sunday afternoon is our preferred time, what better way to spend an afternoon?

For her, there’s an innate power within the feminine. Cultivating this is the key to her wellbeing, success and relationships.

One of the biggest keys to commanding presence in a room is to embrace my feminine nature she likes to tell me.
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