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Dan rapes his sister and gets a proper girlfriend
Dan woke up shattered, he had been restless all night, he was tempted to masturbate but didn’t want to waste his spunk. He went for a shower then back into his room to dress. A few seconds later the door opened and his mother stepped in, motioning him to be quiet.

She was wearing her dressing gown and as she approached him she undid the belt and opened it to reveal her naked body.

“I’m sorry baby,” she whispered, kissing him, “your father is downstairs, he wants me to go to town with him, l can’t get out of it without making him suspicious.”

Dan grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples, she groaned and clung to him, reaching down to hold the bulge in his trousers.

“I know baby,” she said, “l want it too, l’ve been awake most of the night remembering how you felt inside my bottom, it was good wasn’t it.”

“I haven’t wanked all night Mum.” He said.

“Oh baby l’m so sorry,” she said, “l waited to hear you finish in the shower then told him l was coming up to get dressed, we don’t have time baby, he could come up at any moment, l will try to make it up to you, l promise.”

She kissed him again then she was gone, leaving him standing there with a full erection. He sat on the bed for a while, trying to think of anything that would make his erection go down but every time he closed his eyes he saw his mother naked, heard her begging him to fuck her hard. He had to get some release somewhere, he decided not to wank he wanted something more substantial.

He knew that Heather worked Saturdays in one of the newsagents in town, he decided he would go and see her, he was sure she would find a way for him to fuck her.

He went downstairs, his mother was there dressed, his father said he was going to the bathroom. As his mother placed his breakfast in front of him he put his hand up her skirt, she wasn’t wearing panties, she parted her legs to allow him to slide two fingers into her cunt.

“Oh baby,” she whispered, “did you wank it off?”

“No,” he said, “l’m going to find Heather and fuck her.”

“That’s good baby,” she said, “are you going to the market?”

“Yes,” he replied, “l’ll see what magazines l can get.”

She moved away from him, going to her purse and took out some money, handing it to him.

“Get some really filthy ones,” she said, “l want to read about some real perverted stuff, l want us to read it together.”

Dan went to the newsagent first, hoping the bulge in his trousers wasn’t too obvious. Heather was serving customers, she saw him and smiled. As soon as he could he approached her.

“Can you spare a few minutes, come out the back,” he said.

She said for him to go through to the back yard and she would follow as soon as she could. While he waited he took his cock out and got himself fully erect, he was stroking it when she appeared.

“I might have known what you wanted,” she laughed.

“I need a quick one,” he said, “bend over those boxes.”

“You’re such a romantic bastard,” she laughed, “l guessed what you wanted so l took my panties off before l came out.”

She bent forward over the boxes and spread her legs. He lifted her skirt.

“You’ve got spunk in your cunt,” he said, seeing a small trickle of white leaking from her cunt lips.

“Yeah well the boss was fucking me about ten minutes before you came in, he fucks me every Saturday, l get extra wages for it.”

“That makes you a whore,” he said.

“If you must know he’s old, fat and smelly,” she said, “you don’t think l would fuck him for nothing do you, now do you want to fuck me or not.”

Dan didn’t care, he needed to get rid of the knots in his belly, he needed release. He grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her cunt, humping into her as he pulled her back onto him. It only lasted less than a minute before he came, sinking deep into her as he pumped his seed into her.

He felt her trembling, at first he thought she was having an orgasm, then he realised she was crying. His cock was still inside her pulsating as he emptied his balls, her sobbing grew louder.

“What’s wrong?” He said when he finally pulled out.

“Get me some tissues,” she sobbed.

He went inside the back door, there was a door on the left marked toilet, he went in and came out with a roll of toilet paper, handing it to her. By then she was sat on the boxes, tears streaming down her cheeks. She took a wad of tissues, packing it between her thighs, then took more and began to dry her eyes.

“That was horrible,” she said finally between sobs, “l thought you liked me.”

“I do,” he replied.

“You can’t do if you treat me like that,” she said, “it was just like you were using me to masturbate into, like l was a toilet, it was awful, just go.”

“I couldn’t help it Heather,” he said, “l had to do it.”

“No you didn’t,” she snapped back, “if you were that desperate you could have wanked off, you didn’t have to treat me like some worthless spunk dump, it was horrible Dan and if that’s how you think of me l think it’s best if we never have anything to do with each other again, l know you all think l’m a cheap slut but at least when you fuck me it’s fun, that wasn’t fun Dan, that was degrading and horrible, just go, go please.”

Dan didn’t know what to say, he didn’t think it was any good staying there so he opened the gate to the back lane and left her there. He walked down to the river, sat on one of the benches. He realised that what he had done was wrong, it wasn’t like what he was doing with his mother, with her it had been fun but he had to admit that what he’d done to Heather wasn’t fun, it was abusive and wrong.

He tried to blame it on the situation with his mother, it had all happened so suddenly and it was so intense, he wasn’t ready for that sort of intensity, but he couldn’t blame it on her, he had been verbally abusive to Mary and that was before anything had happened with his mother, he tried hard to think what had caused him to have such a change in personality.

He reached into his pocket for a handkerchief and found the money his mother had given him, he thought about the magazines and books he had read, stories and pictures of women being tortured and humiliated, taking part in unnatural sex acts with animals. No wonder his attitudes had changed when his brain had been soaking up all that perversion, but then, even thinking about it was giving him an erection, he knew he had to keep reading and looking at those stories and pictures but he had to find a way to separate those thoughts from reality.

He didn’t want to stop what he was doing with his mother, he could still remember the feelings he’d had the day before when he’d thought she wanted him to rape her, he had wanted to rape her and if she hadn’t found a way to tell him his father was in the house he knew that he would have raped her or at least used considerable force to make her submit to him. He had to find a way to separate those two parts of his life. He decided that he would have to find a way to make it up to Heather.

Having satisfied himself that he could rectify the situation with Heather he decided to walk up to the market. There were a number of people at the book stall, he noticed Mary at the back reading a book, she saw him, put the book away and hurried past him keeping her head down. He tried to speak to her but she didn’t stop, he did see her dabbing at her eyes with a tissue which told him she was still upset.

He went over to the old man who ran the stall.

“Hello son, what can l do for you,” he said.

“Those magazines,” Dan said, “the special ones, have you got any more?”

“I’ve got a few,” he replied, “that last one you had was animals wasn’t it, l’m afraid l haven’t got any more of those, it seems looking at women being fucked by animals has got very popular.”

“What other sort have you got?” Dan asked.

“Depends on the age group you’re looking for,” he said, “l have a few young ones if you if you want that.”

“No, what l was thinking was sort of older, 40’s or 50’s, l was thinking of women being tied up and… you know.”

“Torture you mean,” he said, “yes l have a few of those, some of them are quite nasty.”

“Can l have one of those,” he said, “one of the really strong ones, and one of those books the ones with the stories about all sorts of perversions.”

“Sounds like you’re going to have some fun,” he laughed, “do you have a young lady who wants to read them, that should make her hot, you youngsters today seem to only think about sex, good luck to you son, enjoy it while you can.”

He sorted out a magazine and one of the cheap books, Dan paid him and put them into a paper bag.

When he got home his mother and father were still out. He went up to his room and put the magazine and book in his bedside cabinet. He could hear music coming from Laura’s room, he walked along the landing and entered her room without knocking, she was stood by her bed wearing only her panties.

She shrieked, quickly covering her breasts with her hands.

“What do you think you’re doing walking in like that, get out!” She shouted.

“I just wanted to tell you that l spoke to Paul Sanger and told him l don’t mind if he fucks you,” he said.

“I don’t see that’s it’s any business of yours,” she said, “get out now!”

“Looks like your tits have filled out nicely,” he smiled, “must be all the fucking you’re doing, let me see.” He stepped towards her.

“Get away from me,” she said, backing away. Her leg caught on the edge of the bed and she stumbled, she put down both hands to steady herself leaving her breasts exposed.

“Oh yes, they are getting bigger,” he said, reaching out and placing his hands on them, “nice nipples too, does Paul suck on those when he fucks you.”

“Get off me,” she said, trying to remove his hands from her breasts but he was too strong for her.

She was backed up against the wall, she was trapped, he was too strong for her to escape.

“What about down here,” he said, lowering one hand and taking hold of the waistband of her panties, “what does your cunt look like.”

“Stop it Dan please,” she said, trying to stop him pulling her panties down. “This isn’t funny, stop it.”

“Why, am l too young for you?” He said, “Paul is the same age as Dad, is that it, is that why you let Paul fuck you, are you wishing it was Dad doing it to you.”

“Stop it Dan, that’s disgusting,”she said.

Suddenly, with one sharp tug the material gave way and her panties were removed to reveal her totally smooth cunt.

“Oh, Paul likes you smooth does he,” he laughed, putting his hand between her thighs.

“Please stop it Dan,” she said, “l won’t say anything l promise but please stop this now.”

“But you’re enjoying it Laura,” he said, working his finger inside her cunt lips. “You’re wet, l can feel it, do you want me to put my fingers inside you.”

“No Dan please,” she said.

“Perhaps it’s my cock you want,” he said, “is that it, l bet l’m bigger than Paul, would you like my cock up you.”

“Don’t do this to me Dan please,” she sobbed, “don’t rape me.”

“It’s not rape Laura,” he said, “l’m only doing what you want, l can feel your cunt getting wetter, here,” he said, using his body to press her against the wall while he used his other hand to undo his trousers and take his cock out. He took hold of her hand and forced it down until it was resting against his cock. “Feel how big he is Laura, imagine what he would feel like up your cunt.

“Dan please,” she was shaking but without realising that her hand had gripped his cock.

“There,” he said, “feel how big and powerful he is Laura, you know you want him up you.”

“Please Dan, l’m begging you,” she said.

“I can tell you want it,” he said, he had three fingers pushed right up her cunt, “you’re creaming Laura, tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“No Dan no!” She shouted, “you’re my brother, you mustn’t do that.”

“Who’s going to know Laura,” he said, “l’m not going to tell anyone and once you feel how good it feels you won’t tell, you’ll be wanting me to do it again.”

“No Dan,” she said, tears running down her face, “l’m not that sort of girl, l’m not like Heather Rowlands.”

“So why were you sucking off Paul Sanger in the car park,” he said, “the only difference between you and Heather is that she is honest, she admits to being a slut and enjoys it. Now it’s your turn, l’m going to fuck you.”

“Oh no Dan, please,” she cried, but he wasn’t going to be denied, his mother had told him to do it so he knew that if Laura went crying to her she wouldn’t get any sympathy.

He picked her up effortlessly, dumping her on the bed. She tried to wriggle away but he grabbed her ankles and put her legs over beside her head, holding her down. With one hand he managed to undo his belt and trousers, pushing them and his pants down, then, holding both her ankles he was above her.

“Oh look what we have here,” he smirked, letting the tip of his cock rest against her anus.

“Oh god no Dan!” She shouted, “you can’t do that to me, not in there.”

“But lots of girls take it up their bum these days,” he said, “l’ve seen it in magazines.”

“That’s disgusting Dan,” she said, “you must read some horrible stuff.”

“I can show you if you like,” he said, “would you like to see girls taking big cocks up their bum, l have pictures of girls letting dogs fuck them up their bum.”

“Oh my god, you’re a pervert Dan, you should be locked up.”

“So which hole should it be?” He said, “this one?” He pressed against her anus, “or this one?” He moved, resting his cock against her cunt lips.

She was shaking, out of control. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” she sobbed, “l’ve never done anything bad to you, l can’t believe you’ll rape me.”

“But your cunt is so wet Laura,” he said, pressing his cock down. “Feel how easily it slips in you, all l have to do now is ram it up you.”

“Oh god, please stop Dan,” she made one final plea, “l’ll give you money, anything, l promise l won’t tell anyone what you’ve done, l’ll…..l’ll….. l’ll suck you off, there, how about that, l’ll suck you of if you don’t rape me.”

“Do you promise,” he said, “do you promise to suck me off and swallow my cum.”

“I’ve never swallowed,” she said, “Paul has only cum in my mouth once and he let me spit it out.”

“I can’t stay like this for ever,” he said, “l’m going to fuck you, you can lick my cum off my cock when l’ve finished.”

She tried one last time to struggle free.

“No Dan, you can’t,” he cried, “you can’t cum inside me, l’m not taking the pill.”

“Why not?” He said.

“I had to change pills as the old ones were messing up my periods,” she said, “l have to wait three months before l can start taking the new ones.”

“What about Paul?”

“He uses condoms,” she said, “l have some in my bag.”

“I’m not using one of those things,” he said, inching his cock further into her.

“No Dan, you mustn’t, l could get pregnant.”

“Not just once you won’t,” he said, “no-one gets pregnant on just one fuck.”

“Susan Jones did,” she said, “she said they only did it once, now she has to get married.”

“Well that solves that problem,” he laughed, “l can’t marry you.”

With that he lowered himself fully into her.

“Oh my god, you’ve done it, you’ve raped me,” she cried, floods of tears welling in her eyes.

“That’s not raping you,” he smirked, “this is raping you.” He began pumping his cock into her.

“Oh my god, you’re hurting me Dan,” she shouted.

“Shut up and fuck me back,” he replied, “work your cunt and lubricate yourself, that’s what Heather does.”

“You’re a bastard Dan Evans,” she said, “you could go to jail for raping your sister.”

“No-one is going to believe you Laura,” he said, “l’ll say you caught me wanking and forced me to fuck you, you’re older than me, you could go to prison for seducing me, then everyone will know what a slut you are.”

He started pumping his cock harder, giving her long strokes.

“You’ll hurt me,” she cried, “you’re too big.”

“Bigger than Paul will fuck you with, that’s for certain.” He smiled.

“Please stop Dan, please don’t cum.”

“It’s too late to stop now Laura, l’m nearly ready to cum,” he replied, ramming his cock in harder, she cried out again.

As he fucked her harder he suddenly felt her react, her body was moving to meet each thrust.

“I knew you’d like it,” he smirked, ramming in again harder, his cock hitting her cervix.

She started groaning with each thrust, looking up at him with staring eyes. She groaned again and shook from head to toe, he felt the flood of juices in her cunt as she came, one last surge and he unloaded his balls into her. Her cunt was pulsating as his cock fired shot after shot of spunk deep into her. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, more tears flooding from her eyes. He humped into her hearing her cunt squelching as the mixture leaked from her cunt.

Finally he was spent, he rolled off her, releasing her legs. She rolled towards him, beating her fists on his chest.

“You bastard,” she shouted as she hit him, “you raped me you bastard, how could you do that to your own sister.”

She slumped back down on the bed, her body heaving as she sobbed.

“What am l going to do if you’ve made me pregnant?” She said.

“Don’t be stupid Laura,” he replied, “you’re not going to get pregnant on one load of spunk, couples fuck for years and don’t get pregnant. Anyway it can’t be rape, you came too.”

“Don’t you dare try to excuse what you’ve done,” she said, “you know you raped me, l begged you to stop.”

“Why don’t you report me then,” he smirked, “go on, go down to the police station and tell them l raped you, see how much notice they take, they know what girls are like these days, walking round in tiny skirts, showing their panties, they’ll just say you were asking for it, they won’t take any notice and everyone will call you a slut for shagging your younger brother.”

“You’re horrible Dan,” she said, “really horrible, don’t you ever try that again.”

“Give it a couple of days and you’ll be begging me to do it again,” he smirked.

“You arrogant bastard,” she said, “you think just because you’ve got a big cock that girls will do anything for you, what about Mary, l heard she dumped you.”

“She didn’t dump me,” he said, “l got fed up with her, she might as well have a padlock on her cunt, no-one is getting in there without a marriage certificate, she wasn’t worth the trouble, there’s plenty of girls in town that will do it, you’ve been doing it for two years at least.”

“I have not,” she said.

“Yes you have,” he said, “Colin Sharpe told me that when you were his girlfriend he was fucking you.”

“In his dreams,” she laughed, “l wouldn’t even let him get his hand in my panties, l sucked his cock once that was all and that was only for a second then l wanked him off and that was all.”

“So who was your first then?“ he asked.

“I’m not telling you that,” she said, “anyway, why are we even having this conversation, you got what you came for no go, fuck off away from me and don’t ever come near me again.”

“You’ll change your tune,” he said, standing beside the bed over her holding his cock, “you just came with this up your cunt, l bet you don’t cum with Paul, you’ll be back with me before the week is out, l guarantee it.”

Just then they heard the front door opening, seconds later their mother called up the stairs.

“We’re home kids,” she shouted, “we’ve brought fish and chips, l’ll plate it up but come down and get it before it goes cold.”

“I can’t go down there like this,” Laura said, wiping her tears away with the quilt.

“I’ll go down and make up an excuse for you,” he said, “l’ll bring your meal up.”

He went down to the kitchen, his mother was putting the meal onto plates.

“Where’s Dad?” He asked.

“He bought some tools,” she replied, “he’s putting them away in the shed.”

“Good,” he said, stepping behind her, putting his arms round her and squeezing her breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, leaning back against him pushing her bottom against his crotch. “Where’s Laura?” She asked.

“Upstairs,” he replied, “she can’t come down, she been crying, l raped her.”

“You what?” She cried, turning to face him.

“Well it wasn’t really rape,” he said, “she fought me a bit and tried to stop me but once l started fucking her she came so it wasn’t proper rape, l didn’t hit her or anything, just held her down and fucked her.”

“You bastard,” she said.

“That’s what she called me,” he laughed, squeezing her breasts again and starting to unbutton her dress.

“Stop it,” she pushed his hands away, “your father will be back any minute. Did you really force her, hold her down and fuck her?”

“Yes,” he said.

“And she struggled, kicking and screaming?”

“She tried,” he said, “but l was too strong for her, she even struggled when l had my cock in her but then once l started fucking her properly l could feel her giving in, then she came just before l did.”

“You didn’t cum inside her did you?” She asked, “weren’t you wearing anything, you do know she’s not taking the pill at the moment.”

“She told me that but it was too late, l was in her,” he said, “l couldn’t pull out Mum, it wouldn’t be fair, l had to cum.”

“I know baby,” she said, “l know it’s difficult for you men when you need to cum, she’ll just have to hope for the best. I wish l’d seen it baby, l bet you looked fantastic fucking her, were you naked?”

“No, l had to struggle to get my trousers down she was fighting me, even when l put three fingers up her cunt she still fought me.”

“Oh that is making me so hot,” she said, “l wish you could fuck me now.”

“Sorry Mum,” he laughed, “Laura’s got all my spunk for now, l said l would take her meal up.”

He picked up a plate for Laura and took it up to her room, again he walked in without knocking, again she was stood looking at herself in the mirror, checking her breasts for bruises. She jumped and used her hands to cover herself.

“It’s a bit late for that,” he said, “l’ve already seen everything.”

“You could at least knock,” she said.

“I don’t need to,” he said, “from now on if l want to see you naked l just have to tell you to strip.”

“Go away,” she said, crying again.

“I told Mum you were getting ready to go out,” he said, placing her meal on the bed. “Enjoy your meal,” he smirked.

When he got back to the kitchen his mother and father were sat at the table eating. He joined them. He was surprised how talkative his father was, asking Dan what his plans were for the future and what the next rugby season would be like. Dan stole a few glances at his mother but she kept her head down and her eyes averted.

They finished the meal and his father said he was going out to his shed.

“How is Laura?” His mother asked once they were alone.

“She’ll get over it,” he said, “she was checking her tits for bruises.”

“You didn’t bruise her did you?”

“No Mum, she’s just being stupid,” he replied. “Get your tits out.”

“You really are getting above yourself,” she giggled, “l can’t…..your father.”

“I can see the shed from here,” he said, “get your tits out.”

“It’s not fair Dan,” she said, “you’re getting me so hot and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“You’ve got your back to the shed Mum, get them out,” he demanded.

She sighed in resignation, undid her dress, opened it and pulled up her bra, her breasts fell free. “There,” she said, “satisfied?”

He reached across the table, pinching her nipples hard and twisting them, he saw the pain on her face then saw her shaking.

“You bastard,” she sighed.

“You just came didn’t you,” he grinned.

“What do you think,” she replied, “first you tell me you raped Laura, then you do that to me, of course l came, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting you, this is driving me mad, l can’t wait till we can get away and l can have you any time l want.”

“Me too Mum,” he said, flicking her nipples with his fingers, “l can’t even fuck you this evening when Dad goes out.”

“He’s not going out this evening,” she replied, “we bumped into Peter’s parents in town and they invited us round to their place this evening, l was hoping your father would think of an excuse but he accepted, probably because he fancies Julie, not that she’s likely to let him get his hands on her. She would be so disappointed when she saw what he’s got down below. What are you doing?”

“I have to try and find Heather and apologise for this morning, l was so frustrated, l went down to the shop she works at, she thought l wanted to fuck her properly but all l did was shove my cock up her and cum, she got upset, said l was treating her like a cum dump. I know it was wrong Mum, l do like her, l know she has a reputation and she deserves it but she’s still fun to be with, she doesn’t try to pretend to be something she isn’t. I thought l might see if she’ll let me take her to the cinema.”

His mother pulled her bra down, arranging her breasts inside comfortably then did her dress up. She reached for her purse and took out some notes.

“Here,” she said, “take her for a nice meal instead, make her feel special, that new restaurant that has opened up by the castle is supposed to be nice.” She handed him some more notes, “give her a nice time, it will do you both good.”

“Thank you Mum,” he said, walking round and kissing her, giving her breasts a squeeze as he did. “I’ve put a new magazine and a book in my bedside cabinet if you want them, l haven’t looked at them but he said they were the strongest he had.”

“Thank you baby,” she said, giving the bulge in his trousers a pat, “have a nice evening with Heather.”

Dan walked down to the bottom of town to the restaurant near the castle. It was deserted but open. He went inside and a man who looked like he could be the owner came to him.

“I don’t know if you can help me,” he said, “l’ve heard this is a very nice place and l would like to bring my girlfriend here for a meal this evening.”

The man said that there were vacancies for that evening and suggested eight o’clock as the best time.

“The trouble is,” Dan said, “l want it to be a bit special but l don’t know if l can afford it.”

The man sat him down and showed him the menu, Dan was mentally totalling up all the prices.

“Look,” the man said, “you seem like a decent lad and you want to treat your girlfriend, l understand that, let me see if l can help, how much can you afford?”

Dan pulled out all the money his mother had given him and put it on the table. The man counted it up.

“I think we can manage it,” he said, he gave Dan a couple of notes back. “You might need that to buy the young lady a box of chocolates or something.”

“Do we have to order anything special to keep the cost down?” Dan asked.

“No,” he replied, “you can order anything from the menu, starter, main course and desert, also we will provide a suitable bottle of wine.”

Dan thanked him very much, the man said he thought he recognised him.

“You play rugby don’t you?” He said.

Dan said he did.

“I thought l recognised you, you’re good.”

Dan thanked him and left. He walked up town to the newsagent, he had to wait about half an hour before it started closing. Heather saw him as soon as she walked out, she stopped then approached him tentatively.

“I need to talk to you,” he said.

“I don’t think l want you to do that to me again,” she replied.

“I just want to talk,” he said, “can we go down by the river?”

They walked side by side in total silence until they were sitting on one of the benches.

“I wanted to say l’m sorry,” he said, “l should never have treated you like that, l had no right.”

“It was humiliating,” she said, “l’ve been sneaking in the back room all day for a cry.”

“I really am sorry Heather,” he said, “the thing is l like you a lot, l know what people say about you but l like you, you’re clever and we get along, l shouldn’t be using you like that.”

“I don’t mind the sex,” she said, “l genuinely like being fucked, but l like it to mean something not to be used like a public toilet.”

“Look, can we start again.” He said. “Can you forgive this morning and start again.”

“I’d like that,” she said, “I like you too Dan, you’ve always been decent to me, l know some of the boys call me names but you never have, that’s why this morning was such a shock.”

“Look,” he said, “l’ve booked a table in that new restaurant by the castle for this evening, would you come with me?”

“Really?” She looked at him, “you’re not joking me.”

“No l’m not joking you. I’ve booked it for eight o’clock.”

“That place looks expensive,” she said, “l have money, my Grandma looks after it for me, l can go halves.”

“This is my treat to say how sorry l am.” He said, “no-one knows much about you Heather, why do you live with your Grandma?”

“I was born and brought up in Sweden,” she said.

“So you’re Swedish?”

“Half Swedish,” she said, “l know what you boys think but not all Swedish girls are raving nymphomaniacs.”

He smiled.

“My mother came from this town, she was a nurse over there, my father was a doctor. They were both killed in a car crash when l was six, l went to live with my father’s brother and his wife but they got divorced so when l was twelve l came to live with my Grandma. I found it hard to make friends, then boys found out l was from Sweden and they all thought l was available for sex. I fought them off for a while, then l started to give in and found l liked it.”

“Wow!” He said, “that explains why you’re so good looking, you don’t need to be so free with yourself when you look like you do.”

“But l enjoy it,” she said, “I enjoy being fucked, l don’t always cum, although l usually do with you, that’s why l was so upset this morning, you’ve never fucked me like that before, you usually fuck me hard and l like that but you have always taken long enough to make me cum.”

She looked at her watch.

“If l’m going to be ready l’d better get home to change.”

He walked her all the way to her door, she turned and kissed him.

“Thank you for saying you’re sorry,” she said, “does this mean that l am officially your girlfriend, if you say yes l promise not to do it with anyone else.”

“I’m not putting any restrictions on you Heather,” he said, “what you do with your body is your business, there may be long periods when l am not available to fuck you, you’re used to regular sex, if you want to go with someone else you’re free to do so. I can tell you that l will be fucking other girls and women so l don’t want you getting all possessive.”

“But l’ll still be your girl friend though?”

“Yes, if that’s what you want l will tell people that you are my girlfriend.”

“Oh thank you,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him.

“I’ll pick you up at half past seven,” he said as she entered the front door.

Dan called in at Peter’s on the way home. They had a telephone, Dan had been telling his father for ages that they should get one but his father said they were too expensive. He asked Peter if he could phone his Uncle who was a taxi driver. Dan spoke to him and asked if he would pick him up, and Heather and take them to the restaurant, he said he could do that but how were they going to get home.

“Look,” he said, “l’ll give you the number of a radio base station, call them and they will call me on the radio.”

Dan was happy with the arrangement and went home to change.

When he got there his mother and father were getting ready to go out, he thought his mother looked good in one of her better dresses, it had a deep V neck that showed her cleavage.

“You look nice Mum,” he said quietly, they were in the hall and his father was in the bathroom.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Does Dad like you showing your tits off?”

“No he’s not happy but l don’t care, do you want a feel?”

He slipped his hand into her dress, squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple.

“Mmmmm, god l’m so horny Dan,” she said, “l wish l could stay in and have you fuck me all evening.”

“I can’t Mum,” he said, “l’ve promised Heather.” He moved to her other tit, scooping it out of her dress.

“You naughty boy,” she giggled, “quick, suck my nipple.”

He bent and sucked on her nipple, it was as hard as a bullet in his mouth, he bit down on it hard, heard her groan and felt her knees buckle.

They heard the bathroom door opening, he released her and she replaced her tit. She was flushed bright pink, she had to walk away into the kitchen to calm down.

Dan wished his father a pleasant evening but he only grunted in response.

Dan went upstairs to change. He only had one suit but it was fairly new and had only been worn once. He was pleased with his appearance.

As he left his bedroom, Laura was walking towards him on the landing.

“I thought you were going out,” he said.

“I had to go down the phone box and call Paul to tell him l couldn’t go, thanks to you,” she said, “l’m too sore, we’d arranged to do it in the back of his car, you do realise l could lose this job because of what you did to me.”

“You should have gone,” he said, “okay it might have hurt a bit but that would soon wear off once he started fucking you.”

“You really are a pig aren’t you,” she said, “do you men ever think of anything else other than your cocks, you don’t care who you hurt do you.”

“Oh stop complaining Laura,” he said, “so l fucked you, l had to be rough, if you hadn’t fought me it would have been easier for you, if you’re sore it’s your fault, there are plenty of girls who would love to get what l gave you, l bet Paul’s cock is nowhere near as big as mine.”

“God, you’re unbelievable,” she said, pushing past him.

“I give it two days before you’re asking me to do it again,” he laughed as she entered her room and slammed the door.

He arrived at Heather’s five minutes early, her Grandma opened the door as he approached.

“Here she is,” she said, ushering him inside, “before you take her,” she said, “let me say this, l’m well aware of what Heather gets up to, l’m not saying l approve but l understand and l love her. I expect you to treat her with respect.”

“I will, l promise,” he said.

He heard a noise and turned to see Heather approaching. He was rocked back on his heels.

“You look amazing,” he said.

Her smile lit up her face, “Do you really think so?” She replied.

“Christ Heather,” he said, “l knew you were pretty but you look like a film star, that dress is beautiful.”

He wasn’t lying, the dress was full length, emerald green, it hugged every inch of her figure, the deep neckline displaying a generous cleavage.

“Grandma bought it for me to go to the school prom but l wasn’t going to go, l had no-one to take me.”

“I’ll take you,” he said, “the only trouble is you’ll be the best looking girl there and all the other girls will hate you.”

Her Grandma handed him a lace shawl and he put it around Heather’s shoulders to lead her out to the car. Peter’s Uncle let out a whistle as she approached the taxi.

The evening was perfect, the service was brilliant, they were even presented with a bottle of champagne courtesy of the restaurant. The food was delicious and they talked and laughed together all evening.

He finally escorted her back to her front door.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said, “l’ll never forget it. If you want to…you know, we can go round the back but try not to damage my dress.”

“That’s not necessary Heather,” he said, “just let’s enjoy a perfect evening.”

“Are you sure,” she said, “l don’t mind, honestly, if you prefer l can ask Grandma if we can do it inside.”

“Stop it Laura,” he said holding her face and kissing her. “You’re my girlfriend now, you don’t have to give yourself every time.”

Dan was happy all the way home but he had to admit that he was horny, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked, he had seen all the other men giving her admiring glances, many of the women were not so happy which made him laugh.

It was gone midnight when he got home, he crept in and up to his room. He got into bed naked, reached down to his cabinet but found both the magazine and book missing. He was about to turn off his light when the door opened and his mother slid in silently holding her finger to her lips.

She was wearing a strappy nightdress. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and it fell to the floor revealing her naked. She lipped under the quilt next to him.

“We have to be very quiet,” she whispered, holding his cock, “Laura’s light only went out just before you got in, l don’t think you can fuck me but l can suck you off if you like.”

She asked how his evening had gone while she stroked his cock, her put his arm round her tweaking and pinching her nipples. He gave her an account of the evening , telling her that he had made Heather his official girlfriend.

“I’ve told her she can still fuck other boys and she knows l will be fucking other girls, l haven’t told her about you Mum but l’m worried that she might work it out, she’s a smart girl.”

“Do you want to tell her?” She said.

“It would make life easier, what do you think?”

“Let’s hold on for now until we’ve been to visit Fiona, we can talk it over with them and see what they think. I’m pleased you’ve settled on a girl, she sounds perfect for you, l have seen her she’s very pretty, got a great figure, l suppose all the sex she gets has helped her tits grow.”

“I see you’ve taken the new book and magazine,” he said.

“Oh Dan,” she said, squeezing his cock, “l’ve only read a few pages of that book but it is absolutely filthy, it’s brilliant, l had to stop reading, l was in bed beside your father, he was sleeping and l was rubbing my cunt but l had to stop l new if l carried on l would wake him up when l came. There’s some filthy stuff in there, we have to take it to show Fiona, she’ll love it. The magazine is all about bondage and punishment, some of the pictures look really painful, l would love to try some of the stuff. The drawings are even better, l’m going to have to wait until l’m on my own to look at it properly, or we can look at it together that would be wonderful. Do you want me to suck you off now?”

“I want to fuck you Mum,” he said, “can we do it like the other time, that was quiet, you made me cum with your cunt.”

“Come on then baby,” she said, throwing back the quilt and climbing on top of him. She guided his cock into her cunt then sank down onto him taking him all the way. “Oh that feels so good,” she sighed, “l managed to use a cucumber earlier but l couldn’t risk it for long, both of them were moving around, l kept thinking of what you were doing with Heather, l was so jealous of her imagining you ramming your cock into her.”

“I didn’t fuck her Mum,” he said, “l wanted it to be special for her, l didn’t want her to think l only wanted her for sex, she offered, even said her Grandma would let us do it in the house if l wanted.”

“That was sweet of you baby,” she said, “but your balls must be full of cum,” I She squeezed her cunt around his cock.

“Oh fuck it Mum!” He said grabbing her, “l can’t help it, l have to fuck you properly.”

He twisted, throwing her onto her back and rolling on top of her, managing to keep his cock inside her.

“Let me turn over,” she said, “you can fuck me harder doggy style but try to keep the noise down, l’ll bite on the pillow to stop me from making a noise.”

He pulled out and she turned over, lifting her bottom, using both hands to pull her bum cheeks apart.

“Not in my bum though Dan,” she said, “l won’t be able to stay quiet if you put it in there.”

He could see her anus pulsating, he was tempted to ignore her but knew he had to be cautious. He put his cock between her cunt lips and rammed it home. She groaned and bit down on the pillow to stifle the sound. He couldn’t wait and started fucking her with savage thrusts, ramming hard into her with each one, she pushed back to meet him and even with the pillow he could hear her groaning. He could feel his cock hitting her cervix and pushed harder, he could feel his cum surging from his balls. Three more savage thrusts and it felt like an explosion in her cunt, she shook violently and he felt the heat of her orgasm. He could see her anus pulsing and plunged two fingers into it, she came again and he fired more spunk into her.

She fell forward and he went with her, lying on top of her his cock pulsating as he continued to cum. She shook again, flooding more juices, increasing the heat in her cunt.

They stayed like that for what seemed an age, both of them pulsating together until his erection finally began to calm and he rolled off her. She turned and crawled down, taking his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean.

Once he was clean she rested her head on his tummy, kissing his limp cock. They didn’t speak and soon she heard his breathing settle into a steady rhythm. She kissed his cock once more then silently slipped off the bed, she took a wad of tissues and packed her cunt then put her nightdress back on. She took one more look at him sleeping peacefully before slipping silently out of the room and back to her own bed.
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