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This is Part 1 of a WIP series. I have about 30 parts planned right now, there should be about 30 per volume if I decide to make more than the original volume and this series does well.
Note: All characters are 18 or above.

Madelyn had the house to herself. Her parents had gone off to a vacation for the next week, and she would herself be going off to college the next month. But Maddie was not a wild or exciting girl. She figured she would take the time to watch some shows and relax before leaving home.

Maddie was a shy girl, never having had a boyfriend despite having just turned 18. She was very soft and cute but not outgoing, and rarely made friends. She had light brown hair and glasses, and a very thin body. Her entire appearance was that of a soft, delicate girl- the picture of innocence. It was on this night her innocence would be ripped apart.

Unfortunately for Maddie, her house was hidden behind trees at the end of a long street. That night, this attracted the attention of two burglars, Tyrone and Jamal, who saw the dark, isolated house with no car parked in front. They walked up to the door, checked the locked handle, then went around back, where they broke in a window on the patio.

Maddie heard the crash of glass and sprung up from her bed in terror. She had been reading her phone in bed when the sound of footsteps and yelling filled the house. The bedrooms were on the second floor.

"Go! Go! Go! Clear it the fuck out, Tyrone!" She could hear a bellowing voice yelling.

Maddie frantically tried dialing 911, but before she could finish, a heavy work shoe burst through her bedroom door, followed by a 6'8", muscular black man, Tyrone. He held a gun up and pointed it at Maddie.


Maddie followed orders.

"Now, get on ya fuckin' knees!"

Maddie sat on her knees with her arms crossed, trembling in terror.

"JAMAL!" Tyrone screamed downstairs. "We got a big fuckin' problem! There's a teenage bitch up here in the second bedroom!"

"Problem? The fuck you talkin' about, that's no problem it's entertainment!" Jamal yelled back.

Maddie stared in abject horror as tears formed in her eyes. "E-entertainment?" she stammered in a very high voice.

"Oh hell yeah, bitch. Now, sit on this fuckin' chair!"

Tyrone pulled a wooden chair from the corner of her room, and set it next to Maddie.

Loud crashing filled the air as Jamal looted the lower floor, piling everything valuable into the contractor bags he had brought with. Meanwhile, Tyrone held the gun to Maddie's head while she got up on the chair.

Tyrone took a rough, frayed piece of rope out of his back pocket, and quickly tied Maddie to the chair, her arms pulled over the back and her legs spread wide over the sides, her ankles tied to the back legs of the chair.

Maddie was in a white t-shirt and gray leggings, but nothing else, She felt totally exposed, with her body contorted this way.

Tyrone slapped Maddie across the face, and she winced. He then ran across the hall when he felt satisfied she'd be going nowhere, to loot her parents' bedroom.

Five minutes of looting and pillaging later, Jamal stomped upstairs and Tyrone came up from the ground floor, where they discussed their finds.

"I got a TV, a couple laptops and a guitar. You got anything worthwhile, Ty?"

Tyrone laughed. "Oh yeah."

"Well, what is it? Guns? Jewelry?"


Tyrone pulled out a 9-inch black dildo.

"Wait- was that from the teenager's room?" Jamal said, surprised.

"Nope- it was from her MOM's room."

"Oh shiiiiiiiit!" Jamal yelled, smiling. "All I got was some shitty old junk, honestly. Think we oughta, y'know, make this worth our time?"

"Fuck yeah."

The two men approached Maddie, one on each side of the helpless teen.

"Let's take this bitch downstairs." Tyrone remarked.

The two men carried her, chair and all, to the bottom floor. Her hands were bound in back but her legs were spread wide and pulled around the sides to the back, so she was forced to lean forward a little, underscoring her helplessness. She flailed wildly while shrieking, but all she could do was swing her head and upper back because the rest of her was immobilized. And the way her legs were tied, her tight gray leggings gave her a massive cameltoe.

They set her down in the middle of the living room.

Jamal took the gun, walked up to Maddie, and put it to her forehead.

"How long yo parents gon' be gone, bitch? Any lies and you're dead."

"A-about a week." Maddie knew she should lie but the threats were too much for her.

"OH HO! Hell yeah!" Jamal yelled and high-fived Tyrone.

"A whole fucking week, nobody home, nobody around to hear her! Fuckin' perfect!"

"Oh yeah, bitch, what's yo name?" Tyrone asked.


"Such a fucking white girl name! Sounds like the kind of girl we gotta teach how we fuck 'em up in the hood!"

Jamal gave the gun to Tyrone and told him to wait, as he stood with the gun pointed directly at Maddie. Jamal went into the kitchen, poured some water into a glass and grabbed ice from her fridge.

Jamal walked up to Maddie and poured the ice water all over her chest and front.

Maddie took a sharp breath in and winced hard as the cold shocked her.

Jamal and Tyrone hooted and hollered as the now-wet white shirt highlighted Maddie's tiny tits, clinging to her nipples.

"So, Maddie, ever had sex with a black guy before?"

"I- i'm a virgin..." Maddie stammered.

"HELL YEAH! This day just keeps getting better!" Tyrone shouted.

The soaked, indignant Maddie began to cry, tears pouring out of her eyes onto her shirt.

Maddie was too shaken for words, all she did was stare on in amazement. Meanwhile, Jamal approached her and cut the restraints on her legs. Still bound at her back, she didn't bother to kick or resist. Tyrone's threat was enough to keep her still.

Slowly but forcefully, Jamal put his hands on her chest and pulled hard on her little white shirt, pulling it up above her head. The shirt's sleeves ripped as he pulled it all over her head, since her hands were tied back. Maddie, shivering and shaking in terror, knew it was going to be brutal.

Next, Jamal took off his shirt. He was extremely muscular, like a pornstar, from long days of stealing shit and beating people up. He waved Tyrone to do the same, and he also commanded a similar enormous frame. Tyrone was a bit thinner but taller, and just as intimidating.

Jamal unzipped his heavy "work" pants (perfect for carrying break-in tools), and whipped out his cock as he stood right in front of Maddie. Maddie gasped in terror.

In front of her face was a ten-inch cock, and Jamal was only half-hard. The massive dingus she was staring down began to grow and grow, and soon was almost as wide as a coke can.

"Fuckin' suck it, white bitch!"

"Oh my god... how?" Maddie gasped.

Tyrone held the gun up again as he began unzipping his own pants. Jamal took his cock and slapped Maddie across the face with it, causing her to wince with a disgusted look on her face.

"You fucking figure that out."

Maddie opened her mouth and leaned forward, unable to reach to grasp it. She searched around with her mouth until finally her tongue touched his massive black tip.

"Open up her phone, Ty." Jamal ordered.

Tyrone obliged. "Password, bitch?"

"12345..." Maddie sighed as she briefly stopped licking the tip.

"Fucking white girls. I knew it."

Tyrone opened Maddie's phone and went to the camera, where he began recording.

"Now..." Jamal said as he felt her run circles around his cock with the tip of her tongue. "You're gonna have some fun with us, and we'll be on our way. But if you decide to fuck with us, everyone's gonna see you getting wild with two black guys. You understand, bitch?"

Maddie nodded as she took a deep breath and followed Jamal's thrusts down his cock, stretching her mouth around about four inches of the massive schlong. Then, she sucked inward, pulling his thick dick to her throat as she tried like hell to calm her tongue.

"Quit fucking gagging!", Jamal yelled as Maddie stopped with another two inches to go.

It was pointless. Maddie seized up hard, and gagged so hard her throat became locked to his dick.

"Fuck yeah bitch! I'm gonna cum!"

Maddie started making horrified screams, but they were muffled as he grabbed the back of her head, filled a fist with her soft light brown hair, and pushed her all the way down. She felt his massive head ply apart the hatch at the back of her mouth, and slip past her gag reflex. She was still locked on hard, not a drip of precum or saliva escaping.

Tyrone zoomed up close as Jamal neared cumming. Suddenly, Jamal shuddered, and Maddie let her panicked squeals loose as she had trouble disengaging from his cock. It was too late. His thick, heavy cum was spraying right into her, down the back of her tongue and down the hatch, his cock resting in her throat like a swallowed sword. Maddie slowly pulled her mouth off and a few drips on her face aside, she had swallowed the whole load.

Maddie's hands were still tied behind her, but she pitched herself forward hard, still gagging even once the cock was out. She begged in a pathetic, hoarse voice to stop.

"Oh my god! Whyyyyy? Why? Please stop doing this to me! Please! I'll do anything else!"

"WELL, WE DON'T FUCKING WANT ANYTHING ELSE!" Tyrone said, winding up from behind his back and slapping her across the face brutally.

Maddie shrieked in pain.

Tyrone handed the phone to Jamal, and approached Maddie.

"First Big Black Cock is the hardest! Hah!" Tyrone said, bursting into laughter.

"Jamal likes 'em tight, I like it sloppy. I wanna feel you slobbering everywhere, whore."

Maddie was crying again, now in full strength. She panted and sniveled, alternating with incomprehensible wailing. Tyrone pulled her mouth open and shoved his fat cock, around the same size as Jamal's, into it.

Maddie frantically waved her tongue around, struggling to breathe through her snotty nose, bright red from crying. Tyrone wanted more, though.

"Get fuckin' sloppy! I want spit, bitch!"

Maddie did her best to comply, pulling her head back and covering his dick with all the spit she could summon in between bouts of gasping and shrieking.

"G...god! Please! Just let me go!", Maddie begged in her sad rasping voice.

"Not gonna happen until you drain muh fuckin' cock, bitch."

She put her tongue back to his cock, and started spitting over and over onto it. After a minute of nothing but drooling, tons of spit were pouring down the sides of Maddie's chin, dribbling down her neck and the drips wetting her leggings again. By sloshing the saliva before forcing it out onto his cock, she made a big, frothy mess.

A second wave of terror ran over her, and she burst into tears once more. As Tyrone's dick filled her mouth, Maddie tried to persevere, but became nothing but a blubbering mess. Her tears ran into her spit and they mixed, making a massive froth on Tyrone's cock. With everything Maddie had, she slurped up the disgusting mess of cum, spit and tears. She felt like dying on the spot.

Maddie's face was bright red now, and Tyrone pulled out of her mouth. He slapped his huge cock across her face, and shuddered as he began to cum. He quickly pulled his cock back, and glazed her face with a hot, thick load.

"Let's fucking go!", Jamal yelled.

"You got the video?" Tyrone asked.

"Oh hell yeah you better believe it!"

The exhausted, broken teenager let her emotions pour out as her cum-glazed face crinkled up into an anguished, sniveling mess. Maddie hoped it was going to end soon, but sadly knew it wouldn't. She could hardly believe, however, the depravity of the next act they would subject her to.

Tyrone, after wiping his cock off on Maddie's tits, reached down to her bottom and ripped her leggings off in one quick motion. Maddie, bound at the wrists and still crying, was bare-naked. She felt Tyrone run his giant black hands over her pussy and then her ass. He pulled them off, then slapped her ass-cheek as hard as he could.

"Owwww!" Maddie yelped.

Jamal stood over the naked, tied teen and began to boast.

"Dont lie to me you little snowbunny. You always fucking wanted this, didn't you? I bet you've had WILD fantasies about black men coming and pummeling you!"

"No... never!" Maddie insisted, her face bright red and squinched up with the tears still flowing fast.

"Looks like your mom has!" Jamal yelled as he pulled out the black dildo he found in her mom's room.

"Oh my g-god, what the HELL is that?" Maddie gasped and stuttered.

"The fuck you think, whore? A black fuckin' dildo! Now, you see this white stuff all over it? That's your mother's pussy juices! That's right, we found that in your fuckin' mommy's room!"

"No! Oh my gosh, what? No!" Maddie shrieked, wishing her hands were free to bury her face in them.

From the tip to the shaft, the juicy grool of her mom was baked into the veiny crevices on it, and the smooth parts were slathered just as well.

"Hey Maddie! Looks like your mom's a squirter!"

Maddie said nothing, but she continued to snivel and mope.

Jamal loomed menacingly over her.

"Alright, white bitch. I want you to suck your mom's dildo."

"What! No! Please god! No!" Maddie screamed in terror and disgust.

"Do it! Or I'll leak your fuckin' vids everywhere! Do you want your whole school seein' you deepthroat?"

"No! No! Please! It's my mom!"

"Relax, bitch, it's just a dildo!"

Maddie was disgusted and confused, but Jamal stood there waving the dildo and making jokes about her being inbred.

Finally, Tyrone grabbed her jaw and forced it open, while Jamal lunged the dildo in to the back of her throat. Tyrone opened her camera again and started recording even more of her disgusting slut behavior.

"Lick that! Lick up your mom's fuckin' juices!"

Maddie could only wail into the dildo, grunting against it as she grudgingly tasted her mom. The salty, musty grool made her want to vomit but she had no choice beyond gulping it down.

"Does your mom taste good?" Jamal yelled mockingly.

Jamal ripped the dildo out of her mouth and Tyrone held the phone camera right to her face.

"Say your mommy tastes good and you wish she was here so you could eat her pussy!"

"What- no- what?" Maddie stammered.


"N-no..." She tried to utter, but Jamal interrupted her with a painful slap across the cheek.

"SAY IT!" He screamed.

"OKAY! Fine! My mom tastes good and I wish she was here so I could eat her pussy!"

"Ha-ha-ha! You got that on the cam, Tyrone? That shit's fuckin' gold!", Jamal barked, pleased with himself.

Having sullied her mouth with loads of cum and her mom's pussy flavor, it was time for the main event. Jamal cut Maddie loose from the chair, and she collapsed onto the floor on her hands and knees.

"Nice arch, bitch!" Tyrone sneered, as Maddie's ass stuck high up in the air and her little tits hung out in front of her.

"Who's goin' first?", Tyrone asked.

Jamal and Tyrone chatted for a minute and decided it would be Tyrone to take her virginity, since he'd never done that to a girl before.

"All my bitches been ran through lately! Can't wait for your tight little cake, Madelyn!" Tyrone chuckled.

Maddie was about to be entered doggystyle. Her blood ran cold as he got on his knees and crawled up behind her. He stood up and dropped his massive, hard girth against her ass, and onto her lower back.

In one strong, committed movement, Tyrone cranked backward and thrusted forward, lunging his fat black cock deep into Maddie, shredding her hymen and forever corrupting the little bitch to black cock.

Maddie wailed in agony. "Whyyyyyy! Why are you torturing me! Please stop! I'll do anything, just please stop this!"

Maddie's futile pleas only emboldened Tyrone as he pounded harder and harder, the pain radiating up her spine. He grabbed onto her ribcage from the bottom, each of his huge black hands capable of crushing her tiny white girl ribs if he wanted.

And somehow, it was this absolute dominance, the fact that he completely and absolutely controlled her, that was beginning to scratch a primal itch at the back of Maddie's head. While she had been bone-dry with fear at the beginning of her torture, she felt a little twinge deep inside, even deeper than the searing hot black cock realigning her cervix. She was starting to get wet.

"Oh! Holy fucking shit, Jamal, look at this shit! The little bitch is getting wet!" Tyrone yelled out.

Jamal held the camera under Maddie's belly as Tyrone kept on reaming the little teen.

Tyrone reared back his hands, fucking the girl hands-free for a moment. She let out another breathy, sharp squeal, her voice cracking as tears poured from her eyes once again. Aroused by Maddie's pain, Tyrone decided to add more. He swung his hands against her asscheeks repeatedly, loudly clapping and turning her ass as red as her face.

Maddie was in emotional agony, wanting to wither up and disappear. She was stunned that she was being raped violently by black burglars. Yet her pathetic, weak body was beginning to enjoy being aggressively manhandled. She could feel how wet she was now, almost ten minutes into her brutal breaking-in. The mixture of juices and blood from her hymen was frothing, her pussy softly gliding up and down Tyrone's throbbing meat. Maddie was starting to feel the intense, primal urge for even more.

Tyrone could feel the wetness. He knew the girl was getting off to her own corruption, and stopped for a moment as he reached the deepest point of his thrust. He bent over onto her, wrapped his arms around her ribcage, and with his huge black penis nestled entirely inside her, he put his head next to hers, and whispered into her ear:

"Wanna be a mommy, bitch?"

Maddie squeaked, and as Tyrone hoped, she shuddered suddenly, her toes curling as her core clenched on the massive dick resting inside her. Tyrone felt his own cock throb violently, and Madelyn's orgasm came on strong.

Tyrone's hot, thick sperm began to fill her up, the hot tickling reaching even deeper than his enormous cock. Maddie whimpered at first, trying to hold back her vocalizations. It was of no use. Suddenly, she shrieked out in a mix of agony and bliss, a second, massive wave of pleasure coming over her. From head to toe, her body quivered. Her body knew she was built for big black cock, even if she had resisted at first.

As her juices mixed with Tyrone's creamy cum, a wonderful squelching sound filled the air. Jamal captured every second of her forced insemimation, and the video showed her screaming in joy about it. Nobody would know watching that she had ever been forced, unless they saw the earlier videos.

As his last bits of cum sprayed out, Tyrone pulled his cock from Maddie. Maddie rolled over onto her back, exhausted. Jamal zoomed up on her pussy as Tyrone's enormous load leaked out, but much of it simply sat in Maddie's womb.

Maddie lay worn-out on the floor. "I have to admit... it felt kind of good."

The men laughed at her and Jamal replied, "That's good. You're gonna be doing it a lot more, you little whore."

"Are we done for now?" Maddie said, exhausted. The men had no such plans. Tyrone went into her phone and called her mother.

Maddie's parents were in a hotel by the beach when their daughter called. They hadn't expected to hear from her, at least not on the first day.

"Hey Maddie, what's going on? We just went to bed for the night!" her mom said. She was stunned silent to hear the deep voice of an angry black man on the other end.

"We've got your daughter, bitch. Come right back to the house, NOW. Don't call the cops, or we will leak videos of Maddie doing some... sexy things."

Maddie was puzzled. There were six days left. Why would they want her parents to come back?

As Tyrone hung up the phone, he laughed at Maddie, who was fingering herself in the corner.

"We're gonna share this special moment with the whole family, bitch."
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