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Ron meets a young pretty woman with a fang like his. Will they fight, fuck, or both?

My trip home from North Carolina took much longer than expected. Due to my hibernation urge, it was a major struggle to keep myself awake. I barely made it 300 miles to Knoxville, Tennessee and needed to get a hotel room. I’d learned my lesson earlier and paid for a week in advance, just in case I had another long sleep. It was a wise move, since I woke up four days later. I ate an absurd amount as usual, another whole fried chicken and half a ham. I was too tired to drive anywhere and paid for a second week.

I had a amazingly lifelike dream. The first portion of my nocturnal imaginings were wonderful.

I smelled the most delicious scent I could even imagine. Instead of steaks cooked medium rare or even rare, I'd get some truly fresh meat! My amazing nose told me it was a long distance away, maybe a mile. No matter, I could stalk prey mercilessly for days if I needed to.

I followed the enticing aroma until I came to a major obstacle, a highway with four lanes of traffic speeding in each direction. There was no break in the crazy amount of high-speed evening traffic, so I crossed it the easy way. I took a running leap over a car and onto the cab of a semi-truck in the lane next to it. I jumped from it to a tanker trailer, then down to the grassy median. When there was a slight gap in the traffic, I ran across two lanes to build up speed and jumped across the other two, easily gaining enough altitude to clear the taxi in the closer lane, but barely enough to make it over the tow truck in the far one.

I followed the incredibly exciting scent, quietly jumping over fences and stealthily creeping between buildings. I saw several signs but ignored most of them. The only one that I noticed mentioned admission was half-price for seniors and children under six. I jumped another fence and was confronted by a pack of hyenas. They surrounded me and threatened to attack. I hissed ferociously, causing them to flee. I jumped the fence at the edge of their pen into an almost-bare area. Most of the grass had been eaten nearly down to the roots. I was quite potent now, the supremely appetizing aroma.

I noticed a movement at the corner of my eye. I instinctively knew the fantastic scent was coming from my perfect food! I wanted to crawl and sneak up on it, but there was no cover, no bushes or other obstacles I could hide behind. I didn’t think my chances were very good, but I jumped up and sprinted after it. My prey was faster and could turn very quickly, but there were fences all around.

The pursuit went on and on, lasting several minutes. I was finally close enough! I jumped on its back and sank my teeth into the base of its neck as I tried to crush its chest with my arms. I rolled over with my prey and bit it's neck. I'm not sure if it suffocated or bled out, but either way I enjoyed a delicious wild meal.


I was horrified when I woke up naked, covered in blood, next to a dead antelope! My dream was real! I’d eaten at least a dozen pounds of raw and freshly killed meat!

I felt extreme disgust and fled back across the highway. I washed with a garden hose and grabbed some pants and a shirt off a clothesline, dressing just as the sun came up. Luckily I found a pair of boots at the back door of another house.

After explaining to the young redheaded desk clerk that I lost my key, I led her to my room. She was fun, but her scent told me she had the birth control implant. Since there was no chance of getting her pregnant, I was only interested enough to stay awake for a blowjob and a quick doggystyle fuck. She left me a note with her street address and phone number, but I tossed it in the trash as I walked out.

I realized that in the last three months I’d had a whole lifetime worth of sex, but it might not be worth the cost. Forgetting important things like my lovers’ names and where I left my truck were BIG problems, not to mention jumping out a fifth story window and eating a RAW ANIMAL!

I put the fang necklace in my pocket and resolved to never wear it again.


A couple days later, I stopped in a small town an hour past St. Louis. As I approached the motel where I’d booked a room, I saw a strip club only two blocks down the street. I thought that might be very convenient. Since I’d put the necklace in my pocket and wasn’t going to wear it anymore, I was my usual shy and timid self. I got two stacks of twenties at a bank that was about to close, figuring that might be enough to win the attention of a girl at the club.

I went to a restaurant and had a porterhouse steak done medium-well, just one this time, and enjoyed it. I walked to the club anticipating seeing some naked women. The crowd was so large I couldn’t even see the stage. I didn’t want to upset anyone or cause trouble, so I sat near a corner and waited for the crowd to thin out. After three beers and only seeing the top of two women’s heads, I impatiently put the necklace on.

I elbowed through the crowd until I reached the row of stools in front of the stage. I stared into a chubby guy’s eyes and told him, “I think you’re in my seat.”

“Sorry! No problem!” He walked away but hadn’t wet himself. He was braver than most.

The DJ loudly announced, “Here she is! Everybody’s favorite! TAWNY!”

A slender, tall, and obviously Native American woman around 20 strode onto the stage. Most men near the front of the crowd were already holding out money, and many in the back clapped or cheered. She had a pretty face and attractively athletic body, but I was most impressed by her confidence and charisma. Smoking wasn’t allowed in the club, but she smiled and puffed on a cigarette the whole time she danced.

I wasn’t impressed by her dancing though. After two whole songs, she took her blouse off. After nearly another whole song, she finally removed her skirt. As the music stopped she walked around gathering up her tips, still wearing a bikini. She hadn’t revealed any more than you would see at a beach. She stepped off the stage and walked near me. Finally, I noticed what her necklace was, a SABERTOOTH FANG! Just like mine!

She lit another cigarette and looked into my eyes with a furious expression on her face. The crowd of men stared at us and the place went quiet. She loudly demanded, “Why didn’t you tip me? Everybody does!”

I felt a little angry, but VERY turned on. “You didn’t show us anything! No boobs, no pussy, not even much of your ass!”

She stared at my necklace and sniffed for a moment. “But I know you want to fuck me. What makes you think you have a chance?”

In addition to the feisty hottie in front of me, dozens of guys and two other strippers were anxiously awaiting my answer. With supernatural confidence, I lustily replied, “I’ve screwed the last twenty women I wanted. I think my odds are pretty good. Come back to the motel with me.”

The mob and I were shocked when she said, “No.”

She continued, “My van is out back. It’s closer.” There was a communal sigh of relief and a few whistles from the audience.

“Good. I don’t like smoking though.”

“If you want to fuck me, deal with it.” She stuck her smoky tongue in my mouth and grabbed my hand tightly.


“And no trying to sneak it into my butt. Pussy or nothing.”

I was a little disappointed, but repeated, “Fine.” I was also disappointed my nose told me she was on the pill. The crowd clapped and cheered as we walked out holding hands. She led me to the van and opened the side door. She practically dragged me after her as she climbed in.

I think our amazingly wild and rough fuck session lasted around three hours. I noticed people peeking in the windows often, but didn’t care. Part of the time I was on top, part of the time she was on top. Part of the time she was bent over the bench seat with me behind her. I have no clue how many times either of us came, but a lot, more than I ever had before or since. For a couple of shared climaxes, she was even standing on her head.

As we woke around dawn, she said, “Holy cow, that was hot! Usually I just have the guys lick me all night, but WOW!”

“Most women just lay there, but what a workout! That was GREAT!”

She lit a cigarette and the smoke irritated my eyes and nose. I said, “I still don’t like smoking, though.”

“Deal with it.” She naughtily blew smoke in my face and giggled, then asked, “You’re not from around here. Where are you going?”

“Back to my place in Utah.”

“Utah? Isn’t that a hundred miles past nowhere?”

“Pretty much. Want to live with me?”


“Oh, I’m Ron.”

“When I dance I’m Tawny, but my real name is Natasha. Before you put your foot in your mouth, I’m Siberian, not Indian.”

“Cool. My truck is at the motel.”

“Drive over here and I’ll follow you.”

"Once I have some more of your hot little twat." I climbed atop her and slid my cock in, resting most of my weight on my elbows.

She had a look of disgust on her face. "'Twat' is such a repulsive word!"

I cupped her breasts in my hands and started thrusting, then smiled and said, "I love fucking your wonderful little TWAT! Deal with it."


I led Natasha towards home in my new cherry red dually pickup truck. She followed in her beat-up and rusty white delivery van. Every 200 miles we stopped for a bathroom break, a snack or meal, and a quickie in the back of her van. Each time we finished screwing, she lit a cigarette and I reminded her that I didn’t like smoking. Each time she blew smoke in my face and told me to deal with it. Each time I talked dirtier and dirtier, arousing and annoying her, which pushed our fuck sessions to even greater heights of fiery passion.

Around midnight we stopped at a gas station in a small town in western Kansas. We parked at the pumps and refueled, then walked inside. A moment later a man in a leather jacket and ski mask ran in shouting, “FREEZE! This is a stick-up!”

My new lover was quicker than I. By the time he had the revolver out of his pocket; Natasha bloodied his right cheek with her sharp fingernails, kicked him in the balls, then ripped up the left side of his face too. I was ferociously angry when I saw her in danger. I grabbed the robber’s belt and the back of his jacket. He shot a beer fridge as I flung him through the glass front door. He made a dent in the side of my shiny new truck when he crashed into it. As we heard him scream and run off, I was shocked to realize I’d just thrown a man my own size ten meters, over thirty feet!

We put our items on the counter as the clerk stared at us in terror. With blood dripping from her razorlike fingernails, Natasha asked, “How much?”

“Uh… Free! Free! It’s on the house! Thanks!”

I could smell her desire and excitement as we walked outside. I saw the shiny chromed gun laying on the pavement and threw it into the lake on the far side of the road. Tawny hugged me tightly, then licked my lips. She turned me on even more with a bet, “I can smell how badly you want to put a baby in me. If you beat me to Denver you can throw out my birth control pills, but if I get there first you buy me a new van.”

I kissed her and polished her teeth with my tongue. “That’s a bet! I’ll be there waiting for you.” I reached for my keys and was shocked yet again, when she clawed one of my front tires and ran to her van. I was astounded to see her fingernails had punctured the tire sidewall in three places! She laughed and climbed into her seat as I playfully shouted, “CHEATER!”


Just before dawn, I was entering Denver on highway 70 and realized we hadn’t discussed where we’d meet. I called her cell and she naughtily said, “Somewhere in Denver. It’s not like it’s a big city, with only three quarters of a million people. Come find me!” I thought the sassy giggling just before she hung up was cute and sexy at the same time.

I rolled down my window and drove around trying to detect her aroma. I eventually found her scent near the Women’s Prison, then followed it to a hotel. I walked in and saw her drinking coffee in the lobby. I called out, “Natasha! That was a dirty trick! You owe me a new tire!”

She loudly replied from halfway across the lobby, “How about I pay you with a blowjob? And I won, so you owe me a new van.” The half dozen other men in the lobby stared as she removed her jacket and tied it around her waist, revealing the bright purple bikini top she usually danced in. She lifted a man’s jaw with a finger and teased, “Stare all you want, Gramps, but Ron is the only one who’s getting any.”

She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. The men stared again as we Frenched kissed quite a while. I kept holding her and answered, “Those are expensive tires, two blowjobs. Did you get us a room?”

My nose detected a near-overdose of male sex pheromones and I saw bulges in the front of several men’s pants as she told me, “How about I deep-throat you once instead? Room 406. Take me to bed, you big STUD!” I glanced and saw several people had their mouths wide open in shock.

As I carried her into the elevator I was curious and asked, “Why were you over at the Women’s Prison?”

A sad expression appeared on her face as she said, “Visiting my Mom. She got 28 years for shooting Dad and his mistress. I was born there and grew up in foster homes.” Her solemn look suddenly turned to anger as she declared, “Growing up an orphan is HORRIBLE! I don’t care if you screw around, but if you ever abandon me and our kids, I’ll KILL you and get away with it! I swear, I really will!”

Instead of fear, as the elevator doors opened I felt intense lust. “You’ll let me play around if I always come home? DEAL!” My tongue didn’t leave her mouth until I unlocked the door to our room. After some slow and loving sex, then a long nap, I bought her a black and silver van to replace the rusty old white one. It took half a day to make it from Denver to Boulderwash, Utah. You haven’t heard of Boulderwash? Pretty much nobody but the 400 residents have. In the parking lot of the town’s only grocery store, I pointed and told her, “Look over there. You can’t quite see our house, it’s on the other side of that hill. We’re nearly home.”

I felt her warm breath on my ear as she happily mused, “OUR house? Home? FINALLY, I’ll have a real home and a man who deserves me! And babies, lots of babies!”

I squeezed a boob through her jacket. “And lots of baby making! Let’s buy what we need for the winter and get out of here. I can’t wait to hibernate naked with you.”

It was good we had two large vehicles. We bought five full carts of groceries, including half my weight in jerky and sausage. I didn’t like her getting eight cartons of cigarettes, but I smiled gleefully when she handed me her birth control pills. She said, “I don’t need ‘em anymore. Lead me home and put some kids in me.”

I would have been happy to obey, but a blonde young lady walked near us. I tried to remember where I’d seen her before but she explained, “I’m Shana, from the ladies’ room at the diner.”

My girlfriend jealously demanded, “From WHERE?”

The young blonde began to cry as she continued, “He got me pregnant in the ladies’ room and I lost my job. My parents kicked me out, too. Can you please help me?”

I could practically see fire behind Tawny’s eyes as I asked her, “Will you let her be our cleaning lady, if she’ll lick your pussy clean whenever you want? I shouldn’t abandon a lover or any of my kids, right?”

She angrily pointed at me and touched the tip of my nose. “YOU! GRRR! YOU!” She turned to Shana and asked, “Will you have sex with us if we give you a job and a place to stay?”

I took a deep sniff and could tell the twin boys inside her were my sons. She timidly replied, “He’s AMAZING, and… and I never thought I liked girls, but you’re super hot too! Just be nice to me, please?“ I could see a small bulge in her abdomen as she hugged Tawny from the side and plaintively looked up at her.

I felt Tawny’s talons lightly scratch my throat as she stared in my eyes and said, “YOU are one VERY lucky man.”

“I know! I really do! Let’s go home.”


THIS STORY CONTINUES in the crossover ‘Trailer Trash Tycoon’ chapter 3.

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