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After being groomed and outed publicly as faggot, I fled in embarrassment. While away, I tried to straighten my life out. What it did was clarify things. Instead of hiding my cravings, I look to thrive on them, even to urge to dress up a little girly. I am now in a relationship of sorts with an old-school friend.
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After that night with Zayne (my old school buddy), I slept for a few hours. Then after I woke, I felt stiff as a board, in my back, calves, and ass. It felt like I’d run a marathon, just like when I first hit it off with Jess.

I lay on my bed naked and pondering thoughts for ages. What’s wrong with my cock, why am I cumming so frequently? I even started to jack off before heading to Zayne’s place, it did no good. It started to bug me.

Afterwards, once it became an issue, I visited my doctor, who was LBGT friendly. Through my doctor, I would soon find out what the headache pills were. I had been mistakenly using them for around a year. They were some sort of black-market concoction of paracetamol, estrogen, and spironolactone. What I thought they were for, and what they were, were two different things. Luckily, I only had a few pills left from the last time I visited the chemist.

I thought they were for severe headaches or migraines, I had no idea, they were changing my genetics.

”What in the hell is wrong with me?” was the first question I asked her.

“What’s made me so weak, once a cock is dangled in front of me?” I was at a breakpoint.

“Also, what’s making me orgasm so frequently?” I was unraveling.

“Why do I let myself get into situations where I’m owned by strange men?” I was losing my composure.

She listened patiently and understood or sympathized with my predicament and passed me a glass of water and a pill. I thought to myself, now she was feeding me pills.

After a few minutes, I seemed to calm myself down.

“Like, before I met Tiffany, and participated in her bedroom games, I would never have got myself into this hole,” she sat there with her legs crossed writing things down into her clipboard.

“Back then I was fully heterosexual, and never dreamed I would turn into a fag or enjoy fag activities,” I continued.

“Well, here I am, I can’t say I’m heterosexual, I can’t say I’m bisexual. Where am I?” I finished.

My doctor took some blood samples, and after a week I will find out, what I had in my system.

Then three days pass:

I visited Zayne, a few days later, and when I left I did so with his cum inside me. A part of me, wanted a life with a Zayne or a Jessa, feeding me their cocks, then a part of me wanted to be normal again. The lure of cock was like a worm to a fish, too much.

A week later:

Then after a week, I saw my doctor. Through her, I found out that the headache pills I had been mistakenly using for a year were some sort of black-market concoction of paracetamol, estrogen, and spironolactone. I had no idea, that it was changing me. What I thought they were for, were for severe headaches or migraines. They were changing my chromosomes and making me more compliant.

I left her office traumatized and shaken up.


Tiffany had made me curious, and then at that party, my curiosity became reality. Then on my bus trip, I was hunted and caught by Jessa, and now it seems I have a weakness or unfulfilled desire. She didn’t force those pills on me, I willingly took them. I did this to me.

Once I returned home, I lay on my bed at home pondering dark thoughts. I lay naked, looking at my limp cock. when I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, a voice invaded my thoughts, I kept whispering “faggot”, “faggot.”

Annoyed I jumped up and punched the mattress of my bed. I spent the evening fighting my inner thoughts, and each time I poured myself a glass of straight bourbon.

Is this why I can’t fully grow a boner anymore, five inches if I am lucky, or why I cum with a flaccid cock, what a pathetic excuse! I spent that night restless, naked, and thinking bad thoughts.


The next morning, there was a half-drunk bottle of bourbon sitting on my kitchen cabinet. I must have been stressing out a bit.

I took a walk to ward off my frustrations, and the minor stiffness in my muscles.

When I reached the park I stretched my calves against a fence, before continuing to walk through the park. It was mid-morning and I saw none of the troublemakers were hanging out there.

By the time I was on my return trip, I was almost jogging, as my muscles were only mildly hindering me.

I then had lunch with my mother and spent the day watching TV.

The following day, I went for another walk and jog, before having lunch with my mother. Then after lunch, I decided to walk to Zayne’s place.

I must admit I was wearing questionable clothes once again. My brain wasn’t thinking wisely. It had been 3-4 days since I last saw Zayne.

So, I cut through the park wearing tattered denim cut-off shorts, no boxers, a baggy peach T-shirt (tied in a knot to one side), a denim vest (with heavy metal patches), sunglasses, and running shoes. My hair was untied and loose under my beanie.

There I was wandering through the park and past where all the thugs hang out, near the picnic bench and restrooms. It was 2:30 PM. Oh my god, I almost shit myself. There were about ten thugs there, just hanging out. In panic, my heart raced, as I made my way by them.

I walked a little bit like a girl like I had been for a while now, but much more exaggerated with my sudden anxiety. As they mingled, they just stared at me, just like prey as I walked by them.

I looked back when I thought I had walked a safe distance from them. When I knew it was safe, I stopped and hyperventilated.


It was 3:00 PM by the time I was at Zayne’s doorstep. I rang his doorbell, still panicking and walking in circles while I waited for someone to answer the door. Zayne answered wearing only boxer shorts. His mother had already left for work.

I quickly entered and hugged, before explaining why.

Once inside, we trotted down to his bunker, aka his basement/bedroom. I led him in by holding one of his fingers. Once downstairs, he grabbed me by the back of my shorts, like a toddler, and yanked me back into him. I could feel his bulge, as he bumped into my rear, as he embraced me from behind and rocked me in comfort.

Then, he started to ravenously kiss the back of my neck. I didn’t know how to react, and froze, as I wasn’t truly accustomed to guys kissing me and I was still thinking about the park. He noticed backed off.

Then he poured us both a clear spirit, to drink. I think it was vodka, it could have been tequila.

After we had drank three glasses of that spirit, he kissed my lips, and I kissed him back. I was more relaxed now.

Zayne had me on my back on his couch, with him on top and mauling my neck with bites and kisses. I accepted his attempts to devour me. There I was unable to resist him, I lay there moaning, wriggling. Very soon, I ejaculated inside my shorts.

I lay there and accepted the fact I was weak.

While he attempted to open my vest and pull my denim shorts down, he noticed I had soiled myself. He grinned and yanked them down to my knees anyway. We then made eye contact.

I could see in his eyes that the alpha beast inside him was released.

“You’re a dirty little whore,” he said, with me looking sheepish and embarrassed. I used my toes to release my shoes, one by one. He used my shorts to clear the liquid around my cock, balls, and groin. Then he tossed my shorts behind him, like trash.

“You dirty little faggot, my faggot whore,” he keeps insulting me as I had my legs wrapped around his calves.

He then removed my vest and T-shirt, while I opened his boxers and released his cock. Then he helped me, remove his boxers.

So, here we were, both naked on his couch, and making out. He sucked and bit my neck, and nipples while caressing my tiny cock. he then slivered down between my legs and caressed my cock. I was left moaning once he put my tiny cock inside his mouth.

Luckily his mom was at work because I moaned and squealed like a girl. What would have his mother thought, if she had checked on what the noise was, and seen my cock inside her son’s mouth?

I was too captivated, watching him devouring my cock in his mouth, to care. While he sucked, he reached underneath me and squeezed and spread my ass apart.

Up and down his head went, as I instinctively slowly began to spread my legs apart and placed my thighs on top of his broad shoulders. He started to caress squeezed my ass cheeks and slipped a finger inside my asshole.

I was moaning more and more, and I could sense a climax building up. Once he inserted his finger and started probing my ass, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I began to climax.

“Oh god, oh god,” I moaned, as I was about to cum in his mouth.

“Oh god, I want your cock inside me, like now,” I moaned, as my cock was cumming.

That’s when he stopped and stood up and looked at me lying there. He then opened his mouth and my cum dribbled out and down his tongue.

He then seductively climbed back on top of me. We were briefly in a 69 position and sucking each other’s cocks.

I was too eager and wrapped up gagging on his cock to notice, that he had a lube tube in his hand.

So, while we sucked, he slackened off while rubbing lube into a hand. I knew by now what he was up to, long before I felt the cold liquid between my ass crack.

Then when he slid two fingers into my ass, I couldn’t help it and lost my load into his mouth.

If I didn’t have a cock buried deep in my mouth, I would have let out a loud orgasmic scream. Instead, I let out a muffled moan and groan.

Zayne then stopped sucking me because I’d lost all composure and arched my back with his cock still deep in my mouth. Even though I had only just cum, I was letting out moans, from him gloriously fingering my ass. I was moving my hips to the rhythm of his fingers inside my ass.

“Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, go on fuck me already,”
I said, pulling his cock from my mouth. I think he knew I was getting impatient and wanted to be fucked, but he kept fingering my ass.

Until I lost my patience and started to slap his ass cheeks like a sissy would.

“Come on, fuck me, fuck me,” I growled at him while slapping his thighs.


He then withdrew and tossed me on his bed. Then he repositioned me on my back with my legs on his shoulders. I still had his cock juice dribbling down my chin, as I watched in intrigue.

He stared right into my eyes while rubbing lube all over his cock, until he slowly fed his cock into my hungry ass.

This position would become one of my favored, fuck positions over the next few weeks with him.

We both made eye contact before I gave him the nod, to go ahead and fuck me.

“I’m all yours Zeeber, breed me,” I confidently said, staring into his eyes.

With that said and done, he then went about trying to enter my ass. I bit my lower lip in anticipation, as he slowly inched inside and filled my ass with cock. Once he broke my threshold open and was inside, I let out a groan as it felt like heaven. He leaned into me and gripped my shoulders for support.

There I was staring into my eyes, with lust on my mind. Once he noticed, he gave me a wink.

Then he began and slowly started to grind and fuck me. Oh, what a feeling, the pressure within was pleasurable. It felt so good, as a fact it felt better than good, it felt awesome.

I was in heaven and moaning like a bitch.

“Mmm, yeah feels good,”
I was moaning.

My nipples were tingling like crazy, as he slowly fucked me.

I started drifting off into a world of my own, and thinking thoughts to myself, how could anyone ever resist being fucked like this?

It felt so good having cock sliding in and out of my willing ass. For the first time, I started to imagine that I was a woman and thought this was how women must feel lying on their backs, legs in the air, and watching their men slide in and out of them.

My continued moaning inspired him, and he upped the ante. There I was holding on for dear life, as he started to ram his cock hard into my ass. My arms grabbed a hold of his triceps, while my ankles were locked together around his neck. I must have looked like a pretzel if someone had been watching.

“Oh god, oh god, feels good, fuck, oh fuck,” I moaned, as his thrusts became harder and harder.

The thrusting had an intense effect on me, that only Jess could master.

I knew I was close to losing the contents of my balls, and I think he was too.

“Oh god, that feels so good, oh god,” I kept moaning. Zayne went up a gear and fucked me hard and fast. At first, I started crying in pleasure, I had no choice but to grip hold of my ankles with the opposite hand.

It was like riding a mechanical bull but wrapped up like a pretzel.

“Oh fuck, oh fucking shit, oh holy fuck,” I screamed, as I began to squirt out rope after rope of cum all over my chest. I released my grip on my ankles and absorbed the flow-on effect of my orgasm. Zayne still pushed down on my shoulders and continued to pound the hell out of my ass.

I was in heaven and mumbling gibberish, while my ankles unlocked, and slowly flopped loose over his shoulders. That didn’t faze Zayne, with sweat dripping from his head, he kept pumping into me.

I just lay there in pleasure and taking it. For some weird reason, my limp cock, started letting out fresh streams of cum.

Zayne let out a wry smile while pounding me into oblivion.

“Don’t worry, my little friend, it will be over soon,” he said. I lay there caressing my imaginary tits. He then moved an arm around each of my loose legs, and soon my kneecaps were forced against my shoulders.

“Oh god, I’m getting close, are you ready to be bred?” Zayne said with some excitement.

“Give it to me, breed me,” I responded, I was still riding my orgasmic wave.

I soon felt his cock start to let go inside and soon his thrusts slowed, and then he pushed deeper inside. We both groaned. Zayne then thrust another couple more times and my ass was filled with his cum.

His thrusts ground to a halt, and then he soon collapsed on top of me. His cock slowly slipped out from my ass.

As he lay panting on top of me, I started to catch my breath. We eventually looked at each other, before he then proceeded to bite my neck like a vampire. While lying there, his cum slowly trickles out from my ass.

It wasn’t long after that I felt the emptiness from within my ass, then the gaping hole started to contract and twitch.

Zayne climbed off me and changed the porn video playing on his TV, then disappeared upstairs.

A slight breeze from the ceiling fan blew air thru my gaping ass and made me smile. I then slightly move to my side and raise a leg to investigate my asshole.

As bisexual porn began playing on his big screen, I insert a finger inside my gaping ass and began fingering inside my hole. It caused more cum to trickle out, as I withdrew my finger.

When he returned, he was carrying two glasses filled with ice and a fresh bottle of Smirnoff vodka. He had a smug grin on his face, as he busted me fingering my ass.

His cock wobbling about, he sat down next to me and poured us a glass of Smirnoff each.

He handed me a glass and I took a sip, while he sat down and took a sip too.

While we relaxed, I sat watching bisexual porn. I took another sip and then peeked over to him and watched him roll a fat joint. Intrigued, I took a big sip, then leaned over, and devoured his cock.

He took a hit while I sucked his cock. After he took a second hit, he then passed it to me. I took a hit, I coughed, as it was strong stuff. I had to quickly gulp down the rest of my glass of vodka. He topped up my glass before handing me the joint again. I smoked it but my lungs weren’t settled, and I coughed again.

We smoked the joint two more times before relaxing and watching porn. We drank straight from the vodka bottle, before relaxing and watching two guys suck each other, with the girl egging them on.


A few minutes had passed before we started cuddling and making out. We slowly caressed each other’s cocks. My mouth was salivating with lust before we were round two started.

I couldn’t help it, as I slivered down to the floor and on my knees, before swooping down onto his cock.

I sucked on his cock for a few minutes before he grabbed my head and started gyrating his hips into my jaw, with each thrust his balls slapping my chin. He continued to fuck my face for a few more minutes, forcing me to take deep long breaths, as it slid deep down my throat.

Then he gives me a respite and pushes me off his cock. I lay squatted on the carpet, legs spreadeagled, mouth opened, and my tongue out, staring at him.

He gives me a wink before lifting me to my feet and hugging me. I embrace his upper back with my arms and cross my legs around his lower back. He starts kissing me, before sinking his teeth into my neck and biting me like a vampire, once again.

While he bit my neck, he was groping my ass cheeks and spreading them apart.

When he started to finger my ass, I started feeling light-headed.

My arms and legs were locked around him like a snake, while he mauled my neck. I was left moaning, as my nipples tingled.

“Ready for another round, lover?” He whispers. I didn’t respond, I just clung to him.

Action speaks louder than words, as he dumped me back on his bed. I raised my knees and grip my knees and exposed my ass for him. He then climbed on top of me and forced my knees into my shoulders again.

I lay back and absorbed the thrilling feeling as his cock easily enter my ass, once again.

“There we go easy-peasy, it’s like your ass wants me now,” he said tongue in cheek.

In no time he was fucking me, and my entire body was shaking with pleasure. I’m timing my breathing to his forward thrusts. I could almost feel every inch of his cock slide in and out of my willing ass.

“Oh god, it feels so good,” I said.

“Fuck me hard, oh God it feels so good,” I said moaning.

While he fucked me well and good, my flaccid cock let go and I cum over my chest.

While feeling euphoric, I couldn’t help but glance at the TV and imagine I was in the sex scenes.

He fucked for several more minutes, we were making lots of noise.

With all his groaning and grunting, and my moaning, it was like there was wild animal loose. Luckily for both of us, no one else was home, and not standing at the doorway, investigating the racket.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Trix,” he calls out. I can feel his hips buckle slightly.

Zayne lets out an almighty grunt then a groin and then collapses on top of me. My lifeless legs slip sidewards and now are clung to his lower back and ass cheeks.

I can feel his sweaty body on top of me and his smelly armpits, as he kissed me on the face and then passed out on top of me.

Laying there wide awake, and still a bit horny and wanting more cock in me.

I tried to instigate an orgasm by grinding my hips into him. So, I lay there with my sloppy cock sandwiched between his chest and mine, with me grinding into him. After a while, my cock finally let go and squirted cum between us. I then flatulated and soon after I could feel cum trickling out of my ass. Then I too drift off to sleep.


Sometime later, Zayne stirred and awakened. He hops off from me and cleans himself off with a towel. Then he tosses the same slightly moist towel at my head and then I slowly rise and clean myself up with it.

Then, as he leaves me alone, I stand up and go by his bathroom sink, and clean myself up properly.

I use his deodorant and then get dressed. Firstly, I wiggle into tattered denim shorts, then put on my tight peach T-shirt, then my denim vest, I put my sunglasses in the V of my T-shirt before my beanie goes on, and then lastly my running shoes.

“See you in a few days,” I said to Zayne, as we hugged goodnight, while I gave his balls a tiny rub. I then left for home.


Each time I was fucked in the ass, the less of a man I became. For a while now, my body had become compliant with being used like a girl. I craved it.

Those pills might be why I couldn’t hold a full erection for long anymore or the urge to use my cock. Plus, for some reason, I had started losing muscle mass, not much but enough to notice.

I wondered, is this what happens to guys, who take these pills, and who get off on being fucked in the ass?

The park was starting to become darker and foggy early, on the last few days, as Fall was coming. The park was my main obstacle before I got anywhere near home. Should I or shouldn’t I take the risk?

So, I walked slowly through the park and nervously, at that.

Luckily there were no signs of the thugs or Tiffany and her friend today, well not at 2:00-3:00 AM anyway.

I was relieved. If they saw me dressed how I was, I don’t know what would happen.

To be continued…
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