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The cheating finally happens. Will they divorce?

As I gave my speech at the Maritime Archaeology conference, I stared at pretty Emily in the fourth row. She was wearing a tight white blouse and the shape of her black bra could be seen through it slightly. I also liked that she had her shoulder-length blonde hair in pigtails, making her look even younger and cuter.

“…and the French gunnery was so poor that instead of firing a warning shot, they actually hit the bow of the Spanish ship. The unlucky cannonball struck a cask of gunpowder which set off several more. It obliterated the forward section of the ship and caused it to sink in the time taken by ten breaths, according to the only written account.”

Emily beamed with affection and pride for me, until I reached a pivotal moment of my story.

“Explorers and salvers searched over 300 years but couldn’t find the wreck. The only clue to the location was a damaged note written by a French priest who witnessed the explosion and died of disease shortly after. My brilliant wife determined the note had been translated incorrectly. Instead of the SOUTH side of the island, the battle had been on the SUNNY side. Since it happened in the morning, that meant EAST.

After our salvage team recovered more than eight tons of silver and a few thousand gold coins, I asked if I could keep the medicine bottles and medical tools that had belonged to the ship’s doctor. I intended to set them up as a museum exhibit. The other team leaders were happy to agree. I returned home and stashed the finds in a few crates in my basement. We were quite happy with the historical value of our discovery, and even happier the gold and silver earned each of us a few years’ pay.

About a year later my wife reminded me to move my ‘old junk’ out of the basement. I started sorting and evaluating the items. I noticed that the largest medicine bottle didn’t have any liquid in it. I was astounded to find it was full of EMERALDS! Nearly FORTY MILLION dollars’ worth of EMERALDS. Apparently their sawbones was a jewel thief, too.” I paused as the crowd reacted, then continued, “I’m a fair and reasonable man, so of course I gave half the gems to the rest of the salvage team. I donated five percent each to the university where I taught and the museum where I currently volunteer.”

I jokingly added, “I’m alive and intact, so I obviously gave the rest to my wife.”

I paused for a lot of laughter and concluded my talk. “Attention to detail can make all the difference. Check and re-check even the smallest things. It might lead you to a great discovery or save one from being lost. Thank you for your time.”

As Emily and I walked from the auditorium, she had a pained look on her face. She quietly said, “You talked about your wife a lot.”

“You weren’t involved with the salvage, and I couldn’t really mention my secret girlfriend if I want her to stay a secret.”

She sighed and nodded. I held her hand as we waited for a taxi. On the way she said, “Let’s go see the sights and chat about US the rest of the day. We should get some condoms on the way to the hotel, too.” She smiled and kissed my lips.


My son Jonathan was staying at a friend’s house over the weekend and would return home after school Monday. As we ate supper on Saturday evening, I informed Chloe of the situation. “Since you failed to win Gerald over, he’s in San Francisco cheating with some other woman. I'm so scared that I’m going to lose him!”

She looked alarmed and told me, “I tried hard! I really did! I’m so sorry!”

I felt tears on my cheeks and remembered a quote from an old friend, “When the goin’ gets tough, the non-tough go drinkin’” She’d usually say it while handing me a glass of something strong.

I smiled and told Chloe, “I’m not going to be sad and cry all weekend. I won’t do it!” I took the most expensive bottle from the wine rack and searched half the kitchen for the corkscrew. I held it up triumphantly and said, “Turn on some music. Let’s dance the sad away!”

Later we were halfway through a second bottle of wine. Chloe was sitting next to me, singing very loudly with somebody who was even more out of tune. I guess that must have been me.

She said, “I want a cigarette, but I’m too sloshed to walk.”

I pulled the fake flowers out of a vase and drunkenly said, “S’okay. I dun care anymore! Ash in the vase. Gimme one too!” I coughed through two big puffs, then got a strong nicotine rush as I began to like smoking again.

Chloe slurred her words too, as she said, “I don’t know why HIC! don’t know why he needs shomebody elsh. You’re sho purdy. Such nice hair!”

“I have no idea how he resisted you. You’re gorgeous! That nice round butt! Those big firm boobs!” I squeezed one of them to prove my point. “Anybody would be lucky to have you! Anybody!”

She held one of mine and said, “You can. I like you too.” I felt my nipples tingle a bit and a dampness start between my thighs.

I kissed her passionately and began playing with her body. It took quite a while for us to undress in our intoxicated state, but eventually we were French kissing as we fondled each other, nude on the living room sofa.


When Emily mentioned ‘condoms’, the reality of everything sunk in. I was actually planning to cheat on my wife! Despite Rochelle’s blatant offer not to catch me, I couldn’t sneak around and lie to her over and over. I felt terribly guilty about the few I had already told her. Did I really want to divorce her and wreck my family, just for sex?

I thought intensely and quickly as the taxi approached the restaurant. As we got out, I told Emily, “I’m so sorry, but I can’t do this. Here’s the hotel room key and some cash. I’ll text you the reservation for your return flight.”

“What? But we have a lot of chemistry and get along great! I… I think maybe I love you!”

“Sorry, Emily, but I just can’t. I love my family too much.”


With Chloe’s fingers in my slit and mine in hers, we started cumming. I moaned and grunted as Chloe squealed, “Reeeee!” Just then the front door opened. I pressed my clit against Chloe’s hand to intensify my orgasm as Gerald yelled, “What the HELL!”

Chloe didn’t help by saying, “But Jerry, it’s not what it looks like!”

He could see my fingers were inside her and knew damn well it was exactly what it looked like. Instead of throwing something or yelling, he fell to his knees and began to cry. “But I came back for you. I love you! How could you?”

The three of us stared at each other as I started to put my clothes on and handed Cloe a pillow to cover herself. He sniffled a lot, then kept crying as he said, “I understand why. She’s so damn beautiful! I’ll call a lawyer and start the divorce on Monday.” He turned to walk out.

I was confused and upset, and still loved my husband. I drunkenly lashed out at the one who had caused the disaster, at least in my mind. “Chloe, you worthless moron! You cost me my marriage! You couldn’t win his heart so he would stay here! Then you seduced me! You’re fired!”

Chloe stared in my eyes and yelled, “No! Get BACK here, Jerry! I am NOT fired! You two are SO STUPID! You still love each other, right?”

We nodded.

“You both think I’m sexy and you want to sleep with me, right?”

We nodded again.

“Then this is how it will be. During the day I do my job, and you two are the bosses. At night, I’M the boss. I'll be your MISTRESS.”

She grabbed Gerald’s hair tightly, then mine. “And at night my new pets will do anything their mistress says. Right?”

I saw a bulge in the front of Gerald’s pants and was getting turned on again myself. Gerald stared into my eyes and began to nod slowly. I turned toward her and nodded too. At the same time my husband and I said, “Yes, mistress.”

She stared into my eyes. “Good. Instead of 'Rochelle', your new pet name is ‘Roach’. Since we wear the same size, go get me your highest pair of heels, Roach. I know my other pet ‘Germ’ likes high heels, right?”

“Yes, mistress! Very much!” He was staring at her still-wet vagina.

"What are you waiting for, Germ? Get your tongue in me!"

I drunkenly stumbled upstairs to get the shoes, as she put a fresh cigarette in her golden holder.

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