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A semi goth girl sells gummies to a classmate and gets ideas about she snotty girl and her sexy mom in this first part of a new story. Welcome comments and looking for co-writers.
Other side of the Tracks

"Hey," Julie said as she grabbed Kat's arm gently, "can I ask you something?"

Kat tensed up just a little. Girls like Julie didn't approach girls like Kat in the high school bathroom unless there was something going on. For Kat, it never seemed to go away: no matter how long she'd been aware of it, she was still a little defensive around the popular kids. She couldn't afford to go to therapy, but she knew damn well what it was: jealousy.

Julie was blond, pretty, came from money, and had dated a couple of the best guys on the football team.

Kat, on the other hand, liked to dye her hair, didn't fancy herself as conventionally attractive, came from a broke and broken home, and ... well, the guy thing was complicated. She'd fooled around with a couple of the very jocks that Julie had dated, but it just didn't light her fire, and she didn't understand the appeal. Given how out-of-control her life had been, she needed a sense of control now, and she wasn't interested in dating some quarterback who thought he could run things.

Kat felt insecure compared to Julie, even though she knew she didn't have anything to prove, and she kept her demeanor just a little tough in order to compensate.

"Sure," Kat said without emotion. "What's up?" She kept it noncommittal because she was somewhat worried that Julie was going to confront her about sleeping with one of the same guys.

Julie poured on an inappropriate amount of charm. "Well, I was wondering," Julie said sweetly, putting on a big grin. "I, uh... I talked to Andy, and he said you might know where to get some gummies."

Kat exhaled a little and the tension went out of her shoulders subconsciously. Of course - Julie was one of the good girls, and she wouldn't have access to the bad things. Kat tried to keep a poker face and stay tough, and Julie didn't have enough experience to see through it. Kat, however, saw through Julie. Julie had never come to her with the charm turned on before, and it was amusing to watch.

Julie continued on, making it about herself. "I'm under a lot of stress with exams coming up," Julie lied. She wasn't under any stress - she didn't particularly care whether she got an A, a B, or a C. Her parents would send her to college regardless, and she flirted with enough teachers, and she would whine to her parents to make sure they complained about any grading issues. "Could I get a couple of those to help me relax?"

Julie batted her eyelashes a little with the request. In her selfish mind, she was practically doing Kat a favor: opening the door to social acceptance. She always got what she wanted one way or another, and she'd never really had to work hard at it. Being young and having an easy road through life so far, she hadn't had to build up a toolkit of social skills yet - and it showed. She had two modes: pretty please, and whining - and she always used them in that order.

Kat tried to stifle a snicker at the thought of Julie needing gummies to relax. The thought was so amusing that she couldn't, and it ended up turning into an awkward smile - which Julie interpreted as a good sign. "Yay! Thank you thank you thank you, it'd really mean a lot to me," she gushed.

Kat wasn't buying it, but something clicked in her mind: Julie came from money, right? Well, Kat wanted money, and... Kat was also more than just a little curious about what life was like inside Julie's house.

"Sure, yeah. I'll sell 'em to you for ten bucks each." The entire bottle cost $50, so the rate was absurd, but Julie didn't really have a good concept of what things cost, so she didn't even blink, as Kat suspected. "But... the first time you do one, I need to be around. It affects everybody in different ways, and I wanna make sure you're safe. After that, I'll sell you as many as you want."

Julie pursed her lips a little, disappointed at first. She'd purposely tailed Kat into the bathroom so she could get a deal done quickly, anonymously, without having to be seen with Kat in public. However, this was still doable as long as she set something up in private - she didn't want Kat trying to con her way into one of the in-crowd parties, tagging along with Kat, all in the excuse to sell edibles. This was a good compromise. "Deal! How about you come over to my place Friday night? Dad's gone for a while, and Mom won't mind. I'll just tell her we're watching movies," she shrugged. "How long do they last?"

Kat was a practiced liar whose gears turned quickly to help her get out of situations. She realized that Julie had no idea how cannabis edibles worked, and... that could be taken advantage of. Kat didn't understand why, but for some reason that set off little tingles of awareness, thought, and planning, opening up new gateways in her mind. She spoke cautiously, leaving as many doors open as she could. She wasn't consciously planning anything - but she just wanted to leave her options open because this was triggering something in her that she didn't understand. She'd never been in a position of power over a popular girl before, especially with secrecy involved.

Kat looked around cautiously. Nobody else was in the bathroom, but ostensibly someone could come in at any minute. "It depends on what you get. I'll... bring a few things on Friday. Text me your address."

"Deal. I mean, literally," Julie laughed, as they went their separate ways.


Friday evening, Kat put on a modest long-sleeve flannel shirt over a pair of blue jeans. She loved the few tattoos that she'd been able to save up for, and she loved the fact that she wasn't supposed to have them at her age. However, going into a house on the nicer side of town, she was a little self-conscious of the tattoos. She didn't need to play that card just yet.

She put two small baggies in her pocket: one with several marijuana gummies of varying strength, identifiable by their colors, and one with a few MDMA gummies. All day long, she'd contemplated what to bring, and she just wasn't sure why she was bringing the MDMA gummies. She didn't know if she'd offer them to Julie, whether she'd tell the truth about what was actually in them, and she certainly didn't let herself imagine that she'd foist one on Julie after she was feeling the effects of a gummy or two. The MDMA gummies were just an option, she told herself. We'll see what happens.

Julie's planning on Friday evening consisted of changing into a t-shirt and sweatpants, then sneaking a few (non-alcoholic) drinks and snacks into her room. She'd smoked weed before once (and absolutely hated the smell), and was vaguely aware that they'd want munchies while they laid on her bed and streamed shows. Julie kept one eye on the driveway.

As Kat's old Honda Civic pulled in, Julie raced into the kitchen to find her mother. "Mom - I totally forgot to tell you," she lied. "A friend of mine is coming over to watch movies tonight. Don't worry, it's just a girl. Her name's Kat..thleen," she added at the last moment, trying to make Kat sound a little higher class. "It's cool," she nodded encouragingly as the doorbell rang.

Brenda was not at all pleased to be surprised with the sudden arrival of a girl she had never seen before and her daughter's almost guilty look as she tried to rush the girl off to her room without even introducing her.

"Julie, hold up and introduce me to your new friend."

Julie sighed. " Oh mom, fine."

Kat stepped up and looked the woman in the eyes with a warm smile " Hi Mrs. Hinson, I'm Kat Schaffer, we go to school together."

She did not tell her they had no classes together, were not good friends and she was there to get the naive girl high as a kite to see what she could make happen.

Brenda nodded her head with dip " And please, call me Brenda. We are not so formal around here all the time."

The two of them stood for a quiet moment sizing each other up. Julie did a good job of not staring at the woman's magnificent tits in the probably very expensive clinging red top that looked made to show off nice breasts like hers.

She could sure see where Julie got her brown hair and eyes and wondered if her tits were still growing and would get as big as her mom's.

Brenda had seen the old car and got a sense Kat was not from a well to do family and wondered why her daughter would invite such a girl into her home. She knew it was being snobbish but she really didnt want her daughter hanging around with risky girls.

"So Kat, you are not from Portside are you? Hillsdale maybe?"

The woman was right and Kat read her tone perfectly. Sounding very sweet with a tinge of snobbishness to it.

Kat didnt want any trouble " Yes Ma'am, that is correct"

Julie was moving towards the back of the house " If that's it mom... rolling here eyes we will be in my room studying for a test and then just hanging out"

" Fine, Julie." Then another look down her nose at Kat " You are welcome anytime Kat, it was my pleasure to meet you." Not meaning a word of it.

Kat had been judged for years, and she wasn't surprised to be judged by Brenda. She'd even expected it. She knew Brenda never wanted to see her in the house again, and Kat's first rebellious reaction was to think to herself, "Lady, I never wanted to be your daughter's friend, either - I'm outta here."

Her second thought to herself, though, was, "I'm gonna go get your precious little daughter high as a kite, and I'm gonna make sure she loves it, and I'm gonna make sure she begs me for more."

Kat's third thought was, "The way Brenda treats me right now is exactly how Julie would be treating me if she didn't want something from me - and this girl is not my friend." Kat's nerves bristled with excitement as she followed Julie down the hall towards her room.

Kat was basically behind enemy lines: she fancied herself a thief being invited into a jewelry store to give advice on how to make the store more secure. The store thought they knew who they were hiring - a petty thief - but in reality, she was a master cat burglar, and she was going to rob this place beyond anything they'd ever imagined possible.

As she walked along behind the sugary-sweet popular girl, she briefly fantasized putting an MDMA gummy in her hand, reaching around Julie, clamping the hand over her mouth, and forcing the gummy into it. She imagined Julie bucking and writhing as the gummy dissolved in her mouth, and then Julie's movements gradually changing into something much more erotic.

She shook her head. Where on earth did these thoughts come from, she sighed to herself.

On the off chance Julie's mom was still within earshot, Kat decided to slip in a small dagger. "Your mom seems nice. It's cool that she lets you have people over whenever you want."

Julie hated feeling left out of her clique of friends. Two of the 4 other little rich girls she hung with had already tried THC gummies and bragged how fun it was, making Julie determined to try it and have something she could brag about. Too bad it was Kat she was doing it with but maybe that would be something she could not tell her friends. She could say she did it with some handsome guy they had never met, or something.

Kat's comment about her mom being cool in any way was laughable to Julie.

Not thinking her mom could hear because she had not bothered to look over her shoulder to see her mom had followed them down the long hall on the way to her bedroom too it burned her mom's ass some to hear her daughters snide reply.

" My mom is bitch who can act like she isn't, so don't let her fool you"

Kat thought to herself like mom, like daughter...bitch as she followed Kat into a more luxurious bedroom than she had ever seen in her life.

There was no friendly small talk, no offering Kat to have a seat on a big couch or the built-in window seat, no offer of the drinks or snacks she had set on the side table by the couch. Julie just turned to Kat with her own agenda.

" So, did you bring it? What do you have for me? "

Kat was still taking in the big suite with its own bathroom and the fact there was a fucking couch in her bedroom. Damn this girl is fucking spoiled

Hiding her dislike of the almost overly pretty rich girl, Kat just stuck her hand in her pocket.

"Here’s what you wanted." Pulling out a baggie with a small handful of gummies of three different colors. Kat considered overdosing the snotty bitch right off but grinned a little thinking she had all night.

" The green ones are what you want to start with. They are 10 dollars each but I will only sell you one for now. I need to know you can handle it before giving you anything stronger."

Julie was eager to get it over with more for the reason of being able to brag to here friends more than actually wanting to get high. She had done some drinking but never been really drunk and booze seemed simple and safe. Hell, her mom was probably already well on her way to being half drunk on her expensive wines like she was most nights.

"Fine Kat, whatever. I will pay you, geeze, just give it to me"

Julie would rather Kat just sell her the whole bag of gummies but the deal was Kat wanted to play it safe and well maybe that was not a bad idea.

Time to kill

Having chewed the gummy and time to kill, Julie finally asked Kat if she wanted to hang on the couch and watch some videos or listen to some music.

The room was warm. Kat was getting hot in the long sleeve shirt. Having on a sports bra under it she took it off. Not being vain, she didn't wear makeup or fancy silver jewelry like Julie and her mom both had on just to hang around the house, but did wear a black leather choker and matching bracelet on her right hand.

To the unaware they may look like punk fashion but in her world they symbolized BDSM with the little silver studs and buckles that little locks could be put on to make them impossible to take off. She had the full set of wrist and ankle bracelets and the little black luggage locks to go with them but usually only wore the one on her right wrist.

Julie was taken aback to see Kat's tattoos. She had a wonderfully well done face of Stevie Nicks on her right shoulder that was the most colorful one. It was the first thing that ever impressed Julie about Kat, since she also loved the woman's music and thought she was pretty and the tat was pretty.

It was also the first time she realized what a really hot little body she has.

It was about an hour in when Julie started getting the giggles.

For the next hour it was like a new Julie had taken over the mind of the stuck up rich girl. They laughed and listened to music and if you didn't know better it was like Julie was actually starting to like Kat as a friend.

The thing that struck Kat most was how touchy feely Julie was. She had maybe noticed the girl grabbing the arm of one of her snobby friends as she laughed and talked with them but was not expecting the warm, friendly touching from the stoned girl. That touching and totally two faced display that was only from being high hurt Kat's feeling knowing it was not real affection or friendship.

Kat knew it would take a while for the next gummy to kick in and decided to go the next step in her plan to see if it would work.

" Julie you are doing great." taking both Julie's hands and holding them as she smiled sweetly at the very high and happy little rich girl.

" I think it's time for another gummy for you my little space queen"

"I dunno, I'm really happy with this right here," shrugged Julie, all smiles. "This is perfect. It's so nice."

"Isn't it? It's so calm, and peaceful, and friendly," cooed Kat. "And for most people, that's all they need. But these ones right here," Kat slipped her right hand into her pocket and pulled out the little baggie of MDMA gummies. "These ones are special. None of your friends have had one of these yet."

Julie's eyes gradually lit up at the realization that she could have something that her friends hadn't tried. She wanted to one-up them, and she reached her hand out for Kat's. "Yeah?"

Kat didn't relinquish the baggie just yet, but let their fingers intertwined just a little. "Yeah. If you like how you feel now, you're gonna love how you feel on these," Kat said, stroking Julie's fingers just a little. "You trust me, right?"

Julie stared at the gummies. "Yeah."

"This one's much more expensive, though. I'm not sure you have enough money. How much cash did you get?" Kat kept a poker face.

"Don't worry about the money. I've got like two hundred bucks in that drawer," Julie nodded at her bedside table, "and I can get more if I need to."

"That's perfect," Kat said smoothly. She'd pick up the money in a moment. "Now, close your eyes and open wide," Kat purred sweetly. "I'm gonna pick out one of the flavors, and I want you to guess which one I picked." Julie obeyed, and Kat was immediately filled with visions. She wanted to push Julie down on the floor, get on top of her, and grind her into the floor, but... not for right now. Where did these thoughts come from, she asked herself?

Instead, she placed the gummy on the floor of Julie's mouth, under her tongue. "Don't swallow it," she ordered, "Just keep it there for a minute and taste it. What flavor do you think it is? Don't swallow until you get it right."

This wasn't about flavor at all: Kat was getting the MDMA gummy to melt under Julie's tongue as much as possible, getting the chemicals into her blood faster, directly into her bloodstream. Kat found herself breathing a little more quickly.

It was only a few minutes until Julie wanted to dance and was up laughing and moving to some upbeat music. Her eyes were bright and happy as she began feeling the high the drug was known for.

"Oh wow Kat! This is soo amazing, I'm feeling like my body is waking up from a lifetime of being asleep! I can feel my hair growing and eyes blinking and my skin feels so alive!"

Kat just smiled and told her to have fun dancing and getting to know how alive her body can be.

"Come on Kat, get up and dance with me. It's so fun! " Reaching out to take Kat's hands she excitedly pull the shorter girl up to dance with her. Kat was partly playing along but did like the song and loved to dance.

Julie could have danced for hours but Kat was not revved up from the drug and finally sat down as Julie continued exploring the exciting feelings coursing through her body and laughing at how happy she felt as she gyrated and twirled around the room.

Julie was talking a mile a minute and opening up as if they were real friends but Kat knew it was just the drugs. Kat wanted to steer the conversation towards sex and was curious if Julie would reply to a question with a sexual answer.

" Julie, you are really going to be high soon and the gummy I gave you can sometimes cause memory loss that could indicate you may need something to knock the edge off it like some alcohol or more THC. Listen for a minute. I need you to tell me something now that i can ask you about in a few minutes and see if you remember what you tell me. It should be something i would never guess so you will know its not some kind of trick. "

"oh really.. memory loss? I have a great memory. I remember everything!" Julie laughed and twirled.

"No really, Julie, this is important and I am responsible for you here and I need to know when to start bringing you down or it could get bad? ...dammit this is serious"

That startled the princess dancing, her eyes going wide and for the first time feeling the panic that can from the drug. She stood still for a moment and then started a slow sway as she thought.

"okay... I know I pretend to really like Beth Wilson, but really I think she is sort of a lowlife and hate the way she is always saying ``Yeah baby God, I am so sick of that!"

Kat had to laugh. It really was funny as hell and kinda cute the way she said it and the funny look she put on her really cute face. The girl was funny and being hot with her pouting full lips and dark sultry eyes only make it more amusing somehow.

"Julie, that Beth is truly annoying and nobody really likes her is no big secret."

After another big laughing fit, Kat stood up in front of the taller, thin, gorgeous girl, took her hands, getting serious with her.

"No really, Julie. I think it may be time to mellow you out some but the only way to know is testing your memory. I really need to tell you something there is no way i could guess and i will prompt you in a few minutes to see you say it exactly the same way you will answer me now."

Then Kat smiled saying, it could be like a fun truth or dare thing and make it fun and hey, she would even tell her a secret too so they would even.

Julie paused, scrunching up her face silly and cocking her head.

"Humm...does it have to be about me? I know something i am sure nobody else knows and its very naughty"

The excited look on her face told Kat that maybe she should go along with it and let see what incriminating tidbit she had on one of her little rich bitch buddies.

"Okay then, if it's juicy enough, I will take it. But remember Julie, you have to say it again the same exact way as you tell me now."

""oh yeah Kat, it's totally juicy enough" as she gripped Kat's hands just a little tighter and pulled her in.

" My mom has a purple butt plug and she puts it up her ass using baby oil! "

That was the last thing Kat was expecting to hear! There was no hiding the smile on her face or holding back her instant reaction of?

" Holy shit, that is juicy!"

That pun set off a roaring fit of laughter and giggles and more bad puns about sticking things in holes.

"So, I gotta know. How the hell would you know that? "

As you noticed, on my bathroom floor I have some pretty nice lingerie. You should see my mom's closet and drawers. OMG my mom has some of the hottest lingerie made. Tons of it. She totally wont let me wear it, even the things my might fit me without her D cups"

Julie pulled back and let go of Kat's hands and started a slow, sultry sway to a soft rock song, going on to tell the rest.

"I think I love lingerie as much as my mom. I love how it it caresses my body with silky softness."

Biting her pouting bottom lip and letting herself go to that sexual place, Julie is ready to flirt and be looked at as the drug heightened senses bring her body alive in a way that she wants more of and puts her hands on her neck then slides them down over her chest and down to her stomach and closes her eyes for a moment.

" I know she has it because I was sneaking in her closet in some of the shoe boxes and found it. It was wrapped in a washcloth and with it was a travel size bottle of baby oil"

Kat was definitely entranced by the incredibly sensual display of beauty and sexuality Julie was giving her and the fact she would do it. She was so right to have given her the MDMA gummy.

From experience, considering how badly this could go if Julie went bonkers as the high gets even stronger she knew it was time to stop her from peaking and get some booze in her. Kat also wanted to mellow to keep her from going too far too fast and ruining her plan. It was time to get on the plan. But first she was going to see how far Julie would go on her own with the sexy flirting. Fuck Julie is hot!

"Tell me more secrets about your mom and her lingerie fetish"

Julie was eating up the hungry looks as Kat watched start slow dancing by herself.

"I dunno," Julie said, again biting her lip. "Mom would kill me. I already said too much," she shook her head, and turned around, dancing with herself.

Julie wasn't going to be able to deny Kat's curiosity, though. Kat knew that Julie's body was in a state of mellow vulnerability, especially vulnerability to touch, and she used that knowledge to bend Julie to her will.

Kat advanced on Julie while Julie had her back to Kat, stepping up behind her and placing her hands on Julie's bare biceps. Julie felt like a firework exploded on each arm as Kat squeezed just a little. She'd never felt anything like it before, an erotic touch on her arms alone, and her mouth opened.

Kat said quietly, "It's okay, Julie. We're friends now. Real..." she lowered her voice and whispered into Julie's ear, "close friends."

The feeling of air blowing over Julie's earlobes made her eyes flutter shut. Each of Kat's touches and movements took Julie to a place she hadn't been before, something that felt impossible. She knew she wasn't into girls - Kat wasn't the thing that was turning her on - it was just the sensations in her body.

Julie spun on her heels to confront Kat, to ask her what was going on, but as she turned, the edges of her body came in contact with Kat's. The sides of her hips. The edges of her elbows. The slightest touch on her breasts. All of it was overwhelming, all of it starbursts of energy.

Julie's mouth hung open as she stared at Kat, who smiled back.

"You can tell me anything," Kat shrugged, then with a smile leaned in closer to Julie's ears, bringing their bodies as close as possible without touching. She whispered, "You can tell me everything."

Julie’s eyes were wide with thought as she took in what Kat was asking for and how something she had never told anyone about was such a wickedly delicious secret. She had almost been ashamed of her mom when she first discovered what she would do some nights where her father was out of town but got used to it.

Wanting now to tell it all as her body tingled and mind raced in new directions she held Kat’s hands.

“ She doesn’t just wear it for her dad. I think she stopped that a long time ago. She does it for herself. She does it like some kind of fetish or something. She gets off on it,I know she does. “

Goose flesh bumps went up Kat’s arms from hearing that juicy information about the prim and proper woman acting woman that had looked down her nose at her.

Kat wanted to hear as much detail as she could. Taking just one hand and leading Julie to her bed, she tossed some of the many expensive pillows against the headboard of the ornate bed, took a seat leaning back, spreading her legs and patting the space between her legs.

Julie’s eyes went wide but she did’nt speak she just opened her mouth in shock and slowed down but didn’t stop climbing forward on the bed.

It was not a sexual gesture but one of intimacy.

Still clothed as they were and all evening to see how far she could get Julie to go Kat wanted her comfortable and relaxed as she could be at the moment.

“Come, sit and lean back against me and cuddle, then tell me all about your naughty mommy’s hot little fetish”

“ Kat, this is the most fun I have ever had in my life! The way my mind is working and my body is so…alive! You are really so pretty and fun and wild and this is all so, so new and hot and oh fuck Kat is so sexy too! Does it always feel like this? I never want it to stop! “

Then she dove on the bed to lean back against her wonderful new friend like she had done it hundred times before.

The hairs on her arms stood up and she heaved a big sigh of ultimate comfort in Kat’s arms.

She felt so safe and so warm, it was beautiful.

(to be continued)
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