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Ellen's Favorite Client Visits
Ellen walked into the break room to find Kelly sitting on the sofa looking upset. She wanted to sit down with her and give her a hug to console her, but she had just finished with a client and needed to wash her hands first. Her last client had been a beautiful lady in her 30’s that often came in for a massage to relax after going to the gym or to de-stress after a long week at work. It was later in the afternoon and the client had come in wearing business attire, so she knew the client was looking for a medium to light massage followed by an orgasm. Ellen was straight, she thought, but this client really made her doubt her sexuality. Ellen had never been shy about telling other women that they were beautiful, but this lady was different. This lady made her legs feel very relaxed and she could feel the walls of her vagina and her sphincter relaxing when she was around.

The client always took advantage of the courtesy shower before her massage and Ellen enjoyed escorting her to the shower room and helping her undress. Today was different. She told Ellen that she would skip the shower since she had gone into work late and had showered around noon. Ellen was not hesitant to massage the lovely client without the shower, but she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be in the position to submissively host her and assist in scrubbing her with soap. Ellen loved how direct but aloof the client was during the process. It turned her on to be regarded as a servant by this lady. She enjoyed hand drying her with the smallest, softest towel that she could get away with, but also enjoyed when the client got frustrated and curtly requested that she use a larger towel.

The client enjoyed how attentive Ellen was and how slow she moved when drying her body. She enjoyed it when Ellen paid special attention to drying her breasts, her small patch of pubic hair and the gentle brushing deep between her cheeks. The client always looked forward to the massages and all of the attention, but was shy about asking for extra attention, except for the days where she was under a lot of stress. She wanted to feel Ellen’s expert hands inside her every time she visited, but was only confident enough to request it on the day’s she left work angry at the world. On those days, which were fairly often, she didn’t care if she was offensive and was more than happy to ask to be fingered. She bit her tongue in asking even on a bad day. What she really wanted was for Ellen to lick her to orgasm, but she didn’t want to offend the sweet little Chinese lady. She was glad that Ellen had remembered her well enough that she didn’t have to ask to be fingered when she was in work clothing. She wanted to feel Ellen touch her after her workouts too, but the workout took all of the stress and anger out of her, leaving her too reserved to request the extra touch.

Today had been a busy day, but not a bad day. She had canceled her morning meetings because she had dinner plans with clients after work. She decided to take advantage of the time between her last meeting and dinner to get a quick massage and orgasm so she was relaxed during negotiations. She opted to skip the shower since she didn’t have time to fix her hair and makeup before dinner. If she had a few drinks in her, she thought, she probably would skip the massage too and just ask to be fingered and licked. She pondered this idea, and thought maybe she would try having a few drinks before her next session to see if she could be more direct while under the influence.

Ellen started slow like she always did and supported herself against the massage table as her body grew weak around this beautiful woman. She worked the oil over her back and legs and let her fingers run deep between the client’s legs and into her cheeks. She developed a pattern of going top to bottom and back, working the oil into her skin and working her fingers deeper between the thick pretty legs. She positioned herself so that the clients elbow would gently brush her crotch when she leaned in to work on her kidney area. Ellen was starting to tremble with the excitement of feeling the client’s elbow gently pressing her clit and the feel of the warmth of her body when she rubbed deep into the lady’s crack. Ellen was about to cum but stopped herself and asked the client to turn over.

Ellen knew she wouldn’t be able to position the client so she could greedily rub her crotch against her anymore, so she focused on giving pleasure rather than taking. Ellen was very direct and selfish when she’d been with boyfriends in the past, but she always got tuned in to her submissive side with this woman. She went through the motions of the massage, occasionally peeking at the gorgeous face and body in front of her. She tried to focus and give a good massage, but her hands kept creeping toward the lady’s crotch and breasts in anticipation. The client had very small breasts with perfect smooth skin but they were much bigger than Ellen’s breasts. Ellen admired and envied them equally. Ellen’s naturally lean body was flat with only the slightest hint of curves. She knew that she would have a more curvy body if she didn’t work out so much, but she enjoyed how she felt and tried not to feel bad about being so skinny. Ellen worked her tiny hands across the woman’s chest and onto her breasts as she counted down the time left in the session.

When there was only 20 minutes left, Ellen knew it was time to bring this graceful beauty to orgasm. She was looking forward to it, but also feeling guilty about being so turned on by a woman. Her parents would be ashamed of her and her boyfriend would be very angry if he knew what she was thinking. Ellen applied more warm oil to her hands and started working on the thick, muscular legs. She focused more confidently on the insides of the legs pushing them a little farther apart at each pass and working higher and higher into the soft thighs.

The client opened her legs in anticipation, wanting Ellen to hurry and touch her. She had mustered the courage to open them a bit wider than she normally did, and felt very exposed and wet. She could feel the damp stickiness between her legs and she blushed at the thought of Ellen knowing how turned on she was.

Ellen’s body flushed as she watched the client’s legs open and she could see the sweet mucus that the lady’s body was secreting to lubricate herself to welcome penetration. Ellen could smell the woman’s crotch, heady and sweet and she lost her strength and balance. She bent over, pretending to need a towel from under the massage table, but she was only doing it to get her face closer to the pretty, wet lips so she could smell them. This movement startled the anxious woman. She thought Ellen was going to kiss her crotch, so she involuntarily gasped, whimpered and pushed her crotch up gently towards Ellen’s face and opened her legs slightly. The client’s mound brushed Ellen’s tiny nose and Ellen felt the warmth of her hip bone against her chin. Ellen didn’t know how to reach to this unexpected touch.

Both women were slightly embarrassed and didn’t know how to react. Ellen rolled the towel tight and put it under the client’s neck and smiled down at her, reassuringly. The client had her eye’s closed in embarrassment and missed the look of passion in Ellen’s eyes. Ellen thought she had offended the lady by getting her face too close to her crotch so she resumed the leg and thigh massage but worked her way quickly back to the wet lips waiting on her. Ellen enjoyed the softness of the client’s lady-bits and gently started circling her clit. The smell was intoxicating, so she pretended to swipe hair out of her eyes, but she secretly inhaled through her nose while her sticky hand was near her face.

She went back to work on the client, enjoying the quickening pace of breath and moans. Ellen rubbed her knuckles over the lady’s swollen lips, opening them for her finger. Ellen slipped a tiny finger inside of the woman’s vagina and stroked her clit until she felt her fingers filling with dampness and watched as the tight little body shook and trembled under her hands.

The client reached orgasm quickly this time, so Ellen draped another towel over her after bending again to smell her while reaching under the table to find it. She patted the client’s thigh gently and told her thank you and left the room quickly for the lady to relax a few minutes before she got dressed.

Ellen walked toward the break room, trying to smell the client on her hands. She had been careful to not wipe the lady’s wetness off the back of her hand where she’d run her knuckles across her crotch. Just before walking into the break room, Ellen impulsively sucked the wetness off the wet knuckles.

Ellen walked into the break room to find Kelly sitting on the sofa looking upset. She wanted to sit down with her and give her a hug to console her, but she had just finished with a client and needed to wash her hands first. She didn’t want Kelly to smell the scent of her favorite client on her hands. When she finished, she walked over to the sofa and pushed Kelly’s hair behind her ear.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Was it that guy you started to tell me about yesterday?”

“No,” Kelly replied. “Just down.”

Ellen brushed Kelly’s hair and gently pinched her tiny chin. “Let me close out with this client and we’ll let the other girls work the next few customers while you tell me what’s going on and finish the story from yesterday.”
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