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This is a tale about a 50 something ex special forces guy living in a house with two fit women he is supposed to protect from the threats in the outside world.

It was a really hard write. I just hope you like reading it as much as I did writing it!
Billy had just turned 50. He was six feet tall and around 200 pounds. He had been in the forces, but he didn’t talk about it. He had been in the special forces, so he had to be fit for his job and he had maintained that ever since.

His name was actually William, but he had been nicked named Billy when he joined the Commandos and it had stuck, even though it seemed a bit incongruent for a 50 something.

He had done various odd jobs since he left the force, mainly around security work. Then, about six months ago, one of his mates from the army had asked if he fancied a personal protection role and that is where he was now.

The chap who had asked him was a friend of a well-to-do family that had broken up. The old man had run off with a bint half his age, so the wife teenage daughter had stayed in the family home. They had needed a Man-Friday type to help with driving, work in the grounds, security, and the like so that is what he was doing now.

The wife Sara was mid-thirties and daughter Ali had just turned 18. Both were fit as fuck!

They lived in a huge house in gated grounds with a 300-yard drive. It was in the countryside outside London, so it was rather remote, hence the need for security. It offered great privacy though so the girls would sunbath topless around the pool at the back of the house – that was not good for Billy’s blood pressure!

Sara was around 5 feet 8 and a size 8 at most with the perfect figure – a round pert ass, long legs, and a tiny waist. Long blond hair completed the trophy wife look.

Ali? Well Billy didn’t like to think to much about Ali! She had developed into a teen version of her mom and when she was topless around the pool Billy tried to make sure he was somewhere else to avoid the temptation to gawp at her. She loved to flirt with Billy whenever she got the chance, even when her mom was there, and Billy was always afraid his anatomy would betray his evil desires.

Having been there for so long, the girls treated him as part of the family so he would often eat with them.

He had a suite on the upper floor of an extension to house that had been built to house a gym on the ground floor so after dinner he would take himself off to leave the girls in peace.


It was late Spring. It a been a pleasantly warm day so that evening they had dined together on the patio and then Billy had gone up to his room and gone to bed around 11pm.

However, a couple of hours later he woke up with chronic indigestion, so he had set off to go downstairs to find the medicine cabinet. He had been wearing just boxers in bed as he normally did for sleeping, so he slipped on a t-shirt.

As he’d approached the bottom of the stairs, he could see a dim light coming from the Den door, which was slightly open. He could also hear unmistakeable low moans and groans, so he felt compelled to investigate further.

The sofa in the Den was on the same wall as the door and there was a low coffee table in front of it. Through the crack in the door, he could there was someone on the sofa, but I couldn’t make out who it was as they were slumped down in the seat. He could see a pair of shapely legs with feet a couple of foot apart between the sofa and the table and I could see the top of a blonde head, but he couldn’t make out who it was.

He could also see a laptop on the coffee table which was angled so the screen was facing toward him. He could see on the screen that someone was playing a porn video.

In the video a young skinny blonde girl was in a gloryhole booth. She was sat on a chair watching a porn video on the TV in the booth. She was naked from the waist down and she was moaning as she rubbed her erect clit, excited by what see was seeing on the TV.

As Billy watched the action on screen, a huge limp black cock was pushed through one of the many holes at waist height around the booth. As soon as the girl spotted it, her immediately reaction was to go over to it. She crouched in front of the cock and as one hand returned to rubbing her clit, the other took a hold of the massive chunk of meat and placed the huge, circumcised head in her little month. Whilst the girl was young and skinny, she had a great pair of tits with big hard nipples, and she had long and slender legs.

Watching the erotic scene already had Billy’s cock thickening in his boxers and he felt compelled to take a hand and rub the swelling through the cotton fabric.

There was also moaning coming from the sofa. However, from the noises being made and the posture and the position of the feet, it was a fair assumption that whoever it was, they were masturbating as they watched the porn. They must have been streaming it to the large TV on the wall opposite the sofa though, as they would’ve struggled to see it on the laptop due to the angle of the screen, which was facing the door.

Billy knew it was risky, but lust was now clouding his judgement and he was eager to see who it was on the sofa. So, with one hand rubbing over his now erect cock, he used the other to try push the door open a little further.

For the first inch or two the door moved quietly, so he edged a little further forward to get closer so he could see over the sofa arm and make out who it was.

But then, as he pushed it a little further, the door creaked. He was discovered!

“What the fuck!” a voice shrieked, startled by the interruption; it was Sara. “For fuck sake Billy! You gave me a right fright; I wondered what the fuck was happening.” she added as she sat up and tried to recover her composure!

Like the girl in the video, Sara’s panties were off and her already short skirt was hutched up around her tiny waist. Her white blouse was open and there was no bra underneath, but she used one hand to pull her blouse to as the other went to cover her pussy as a reflex reaction.

Before she could achieve that goal, Billy caught a glimpse of a shaven mound with swollen labia and an erect clit. His erection twitched in my shorts.

As he moved into the room and stood by the side of the couch, he realised he was slightly disappointed it was Sara and not Ali on the couch. That worried him later!

“I am so sorry Ma’am. I came down to get some indigestion tablets, saw the light and heard noises in the room so thought I had better check it out. It’s down to the training!” he tried to explain.

“And now you are checking me out!” she hissed, noticing my eyes wandering over her lower body “Is that down to the training too?”

“No, just making sure you’re ok.” he replied with a grin.

“I am fine, thank you! Just a little frustrated now.”

“Oh, I am really sorry for interrupting you.”

“Not to worry, maybe it is fate,” she said, “I see you got a little excited by what you were watching before you actually came in,” she remarked with a nod to the lump in his shorts. As she did, she relaxed and slipped back into her previous position on the couch with an obvious intention to resume her activities.

That was just typical of the Sara he had got to know over the last few months. She was so self-assured and quite ‘matter of fact’ about many things and was quite happy to let him see her body and watch whilst she returned to rubbing her pussy and watching the porn on TV.

As she laid back on the couch her white cotton blouse slipped open a little further providing a glimpse of her ample breasts. Unfortunately though, it was not quite far enough to reveal her nipples, which were creating protrusions in the sheer fabric of the blouse.

Behind the couch was a large mirror which was reflecting the images from the TV which was exactly opposite. As he focused on Sara now, out the corner of his left eye, he could see in the mirror that the girl in the video was now totally naked, showing off her young nubile figure and her ample tits. She had finished sucking on the huge cock, which had been limp to start but was now rock hard and erect, and she was making moves to mount it. She had pulled a chair round to put her leg nearest the camera on it so she could be filmed as she backed toward the black monster.

“Do you watch this sort of porn Billy?” she asked in a matter-of-fact manner, as she continued to watch the video and rub her clit.

“Yes, gloryholes are one of my favourites, especially watching so called “teens” like that tackling some of the monster cocks they use.”

“So, you prefer them young, do you?”

“Not particularly, I like all sorts. It is just that I find girls like that really fit.”

“Do you find me really fit?”

“I am not going to answer that,” he said, ducking the question. “Anyway, you know you are!” he added.

“A skinny bint like that is going to struggle to take all of that cock,” Sara mused, as on screen the girl reached back between her legs to lift the cock and put the swollen head up against her teen slit.

“Yes, I bet she will, but it is going to make horny viewing, don’t you think?” he replied as they watched the girl push back, forcing the big bulbous dome slowly inside her tube. The camera pulled back from the close-up of the penetration to show the look on the girl’s face as she slipped onto the end of the black pipe; it was one of pain and pleasure. Undeterred she continued to push back and inch by thick inch the cock slid into her. She moaned and groaned as each inch went in.

Billy could see that as the girl worked her way on to the cock, Sara was increasing the pace at which she was rubbing her clit. Her breathing was faster now and shallow as her handy work was getting her close to the point of no return.

Billy rubbed his stiff cock through his boxers as he watched the horny beauty in front of him as she worked to bring herself off. He didn’t rub too fast though as he wanted to save himself for what might cum next.

As she watched the teen on screen sliding back and forth along the nine or ten inches of thick black shaft, Sara’s hand began to quicken, and she squirmed and moaned from her own handywork.

Billy could tell she was getting close as her body kept tensing and she kept arching her back to lift her cute little ass off the edge of the sofa, increasing the pressure on her clit.

Sara kept rubbing frantically until it hit.

She moaned and groaned as her body stiffened first and then began to tremble and shake.

As he watched the erotic show in front of him, he was tempted to pull his cock out of his boxers and tug it, but he resisted the temptation for now.

As she eventually started to come round and regain her senses, he wondered just what the rest of the night might hold in store.


Having recovered her senses, Sara sat up and perched her ass on the edge of the couch. “Are you a big boy Billy? she asked out of the blue, with a cheeky look on her face. “From the bulge in your shorts, it looks like you might have quite a specimen.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not that as big as that,” he said, referring to the black cock they were seeing on screen.

“Well, that is a relief, any girl would struggle with one that size,” she quipped. “Come on though, you have seen mine, so I think it is only fair you show me yours,”

“I am not sure that would be a good idea. Things could get out of hand, and you are supposed to be the client and I am the hired help!” he countered.

“Oh, come on, you’re horny, I’m horny and you’ve seen mine so don’t be shy, let’s see what you’ve got!”

“Well, it’s against my better judgement,” he muttered as first he took off his t-shirt and then pushed down his shorts. As they slid down his thighs, his erect member jumped out, the swollen head pointing to the ceiling.

“Oh, wow. That is a good size! It is not much smaller than the big black” she said, as Billy wrapped his right hand around the middle of his thick shaft and began to wank it slowly. “It’s a lot bigger than Tony’s was. In fact, it is one of the longest and certainly the thickest I have seen. It’s just what a girl’s hot and aching pussy needs right now. Why don’t you come round to the front here, and we can get to know each other a little better.”

Yes, he knew it was a bad idea, but what with the porn on TV and watching Sara bring herself off, lust and his hard cock were controlling him now. So, he moved around the arm of the couch to stand in front of her. Immediately she reached out with a hand, wrapped it around his throbbing shaft, and squeezed it.

“Oh good, it’s as hard as it looks,” she commented as she began to tug it, pulling it slowly. “Do you want me to suck it?” she asked.

“As good as that would be, I would prefer to use it on that hot, aching pussy you mentioned, if that is on offer. Maybe you could suck it later.” he proffered.

“Oh, I see. Straight down to serious business then!”

“Yes please.” he replied.

“Come on then, let’s see if you know how to use that thing,” she instructed, releasing her grip on his throbbing shaft.

So, he dropped to his knees between her legs as she opened them further apart to accommodate him. He then crawled forward until his erection was pressed right up between her slit and his abdomen.

Whilst he was eager for pussy, there was something else he wanted to do first. So, he reached forward with both hands, took a hold of the edges of her open blouse, and pulled them back so he could finally get a proper look at those ample tits.

“Very nice,” he uttered out loud involuntarily, as he then ran the palms of his hands over her erect nipples.

“Glad you approve,” she responded sarcastically.

After playing with her tits and nipples for a moment or so, he placed his hands on her hips and leaned forward, moving his mouth closer to hers. As he did so he started to rock his hips back and forth, so the underside of his erect cock rubbed up and down along her slit. She groaned as she lifted her head off sofa backrest to meet his mouth with hers. And then they kissed lustily as his cock rubbed up against her quim.

When their mouths eventually separated, he moved his head close to her left ear to whisper.

“Can you feel that big hard cock against your qui? Well, now it’s time to try it for size,” he said before kneeling up straight to move into position to give her some cock.

He wrapped a hand around his shaft and slapped the big bulbous head down on her clit, which was still sensitive. She squealed.

“Do you like that then.” He asked as he did again.

“I’m not sure, but it is making my pussy tingle,” She replied as he did it again and again.

“Are you ready for some of this now then,” he asked.

“Yes, you bet I am, but I’m not sure I can take it all.”

“Don’t worry about that, just relax and let nature take its course. Then we can see where we get to,” he said, moving the tip of his cock to the centre of her quim. She took a deep breath as he started to ease it into her.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned as the head gradually parted her swollen vulva lips and then slid inside. “That is fucking big!”

“Well, you did say your pussy was aching and you needed a big cock.”

“I know, but this may be more than I bargained for.”

“Don’t be such a whimp, I bet you will surprise yourself,” he said, as using his hips, he began to slide the bulbous cockhead in and out of her pussy, fucking her with just an inch or so of cock.

“Oh yes Billy, I like that!” she cooed,”

“So, I bet you would like a bit more the, wouldn’t you?” he asked, but he didn’t wait for her to answer, he just eased a couple more inches into her as he continued to fuck her.

“Yes, that’s good. Keep it steady please,” she pleaded, thinking about just how big he was.

But again, he didn’t listen. As he fucked her, he kept easing his length into her until his heavy balls hit up against her tight ass.

“Oh fuck’” she cried, as he hit the buffers.

“There you go, it’s all in!” he announced.

“I know that, Billy! I can fucking feel it! I think you have stretched me more than childbirth did!” she exclaimed. He grinned.

As he held his cock deep, he clenched his buttocks causing his member to swell slightly bigger.

“Fuck Billy, leave it out, it’s big enough already!” she gasped.

He didn’t respond, but holding her by the hips, he then began to fuck her, thrusting his hips back and forth.

He started slowly at first with good long strokes until she got used to the length and girth. What he was waiting for though, was to give this skinny bint a real good fucking. To really pound it into her pussy, but he was prepared to bide his time as her pussy was tight and the feeling as he pulled back and then pushed it in up to the hilt was amazing – something he never tired of!

“Oh, fuck Billy, that feels so good,” she cooed, enjoy the sensation as the rim of his cockhead reamed her tight chute. She had never had a cock that rub her g-spot before.

Soon her quim was really juicy and Billy’s position between her slender thighs meant he could pull back until his cock was virtually out of her pussy before he thrust it back in.

“Yes, yes, yes!’ she moaned as he fucked with length after length.


Whilst the fun was underway downstairs, Ali was in her bedroom which was directly above the Den.

She had been playing games online all evening with headphones on but now she was getting ready for bed.

Normally, she slept in just her black Lycra panties. Tonight was no exception.

As she sat on edge of her bed, putting her Apple watch on charge, she was surprised to hear voices in Den below at such a late hour.

She was tired and wanted to ignore them so she got into bet and tried to settle down, but she just couldn’t.

Eventually her curiosity got the better of her. She switched on her bedside light, got up out of bed, slipped on her silk dressing gown and headed downstairs.

As Ali crept toward the Den door, the noises she could hear were the unmistakeable sounds of sex!

And then she could hear her mom’s voice followed by that of Billy. “What the fuck is going on?” she wondered.

As she got to the door she could see through the gap, as the door was still not shut fully shut.

First, she spotted the laptop screen and realised that most of the noises she could hear were coming from that. The young teen was still riding along the huge black cock and from the noises that were coming from the other side of the wall, it sounded like the owner of the cock was getting ready to shoot his load.

As she watched, she could feel her nipples harden under the cool silk of her gown and her tight teen pussy tingled. She couldn’t resist pulling her gown open and sliding a hand between her legs to rub her clit through the sheer material of her panties.

She rubbed and watched as the girl slid back and forth evermore along the huge shaft. And then the groans from the other side of the wall turned to a grunt each time she pushed back, and the cock went up to the hilt. The owner of the equine member was shooting his load deep inside her teen pussy.

As the grunts stopped, the girl slowly pulled off the shaft and as the head slid out from between her swollen pussy lips, a surge of thick white cream followed it, running down her inner thighs and dripping to the floor. The teen’s young pussy had been creampied by the biggest cock the girl had ever had, and Ali had ever seen.

If Ali wasn’t randy before, she was now! So, she moved forward to get a better peak through the gap to see what her mom and Billy were up to.

And there was Billy, naked, as far as she could see, kneeling between a pair of legs, his hips moving to the rhythm of life!

She couldn’t really see who the legs belonged to, but she could hear her mom moaning and groaning each time Billy’s hips thrust forward.

“Billy is shafting my mom for fuck sake. This is insane!”

She knew she should be horrified and appalled by it, but she wasn’t! Actually, she thought it was awesome! She had only ever seen sex in porn videos online, but this was live in front of her face, just feet away. She couldn’t take her eyes off it!

She wished she been there earlier to see Billy’s hard cock before he buried in her mom’s pussy. She wondered what shape it was and how big it might be. Little did she know!

She could see that whilst Billy was shafting her with long deep strokes, her mom’s right hand was frantically rubbing her clit and she reckoned her mom was getting close to an orgasm.

Billy sensed it too and quickened the pace.

“Fuck yeh Billy! Fuck me hard. Make me cum.” She pleaded as she moaned and groaned at his onslaught.

Her rubbing and Billy’s girth catching on her g-spot were more than enough, so it was no surprised when mom announced, “I’m gunna cum, I gunna cum. Fuck me hard now Billy.” She begged, so he duly obliged, quicken his pace to ram each length in quick and hard.

He was tempted to really go for it and shoot his load too but resisted as he wanted to prolong the session. “Fuck yes, that’s it, that is going to make me cum.” And then she squealed as her body first stiffened and then began to shake as the orgasm hit.

Billy resumed a slower pace as mom came round. Then he pulled out and stood up to change position and Ali saw his cock for the first time.

“Fuck, his cock is so big, it is fuckin huge! And his balls are so big and heavy. He must be full of cream.” Ali thought in disbelief. “A cock that big would split me in half, surely” And the images of her waiting to receive his monster flooded her mind. Suddenly rubbing her quim was not enough. She quickly slid her hand inside her panties and rammed two fingers into her wet teen cunny to frig herself as she reeled from what she could see. “I’m going to need a bigger dildo now until I can get my hands on that cock.”

“Can you stand?” Billy asked Sara. As he waited for a reply from his stricken boss, he caught a movement to his left out the corner of his eye, so he turned slightly toward it to see Ali removing her panties and he watched as she rammed her fingers into her teen pussy.

“Fuck! Just look at her. Fit or what?” he mused, wrapping a hand around his shaft and pulling on it as he watched her fingering her pussy.

“I think so, why?” Sara eventually replied.

“Well, I thought if you kneel on the edge of the sofa with you back to me, I can fuck you from behind,” he explained, “That way I can fuck you really deep.”

“I am not sure I could cope with that,” she said, as she raised herself up off the sofa to get into position.

“Oh, I think you will, and I bet you will love it,” replied Billy, still keeping one eye on Ali.

Ali hadn’t realised she had been spotted at first as she was fixated on the equine member before her eyes. Oh, how she wanted it! How she needed it!

But then, as her mom stood up to get on to the edge of the couch, she caught Billy looking her way and realised she had been discovered.

She was horrified momentarily at being caught but then immediately she felt thrilled that Billy was now watching her. She realised though, that she had to move, or her mom might see her now that she was up and moving about. So, she slipped her hand from her pussy and stepped back from the door a little. She also moved to her left so her mom couldn’t see her, but Billy could. Then, when she knew he was looking her way, she slipped off her gown and removed her tight black panties, so she was totally naked. She moved her legs apart so he could see her teen quim and she started to play with her pert teen tits and swollen nipples.

Billy had seen Ali’s tits before! Whenever she was sunbathing topless by the pool, she showed them off to him every chance she got. As soon as she saw him, she would always sit up and straddle the sun lounger to show of her developing tits to best effect. Often, she would get the oil and start to rub it on her chest to tease him. When her mom was there with her, he would make an excuse for a quick exit before his instincts betrayed his feelings! But when she was on her own, he would hang around and chat knowing full well she would be able to see the growing bulge in his shorts. If she pulled the suntan oil stunt, then he would rub the bulge in the front of his shorts while she played with her tits. He knew it was risky but so far Ali had not blabbed, probably because she enjoyed their fun together.

Little did he know, or so she thought, that on such occasions, once he left her on her own again whilst he went to do his jobs, she would slide a hand into her bikini bottoms and rub herself off whilst fantasising about the size and shape of his cock and what it might feel like to ride it.

Little did she know though, that on such occasions he would review the recordings from the security cameras around the pool and pull himself whilst watching the horny bint orgasm. He would also download the best sessions onto a firestick as part of his porn collection.

Seeing Ali naked and playing with her tits made Billy even more rampant. He knew, as he was about to ram his cock into her pussy yet again, he should be focused on Sara, but he couldn’t help himself! So, he watched to see Ali’s reaction as he moved in behind her mom. He stopped pulling his cock and just held it as he stepped up close behind Sara, who was now kneeling legs apart on the very edge of the sofa. As she was leaning forward with her hands on the headrests, her ample were hanging down beneath her. Billy was looking forward to seeing them swing in the mirror behind the couch to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Pushing his erection down, he pulled back the foreskin and eased the head forward to rub the tip up and down her juicy lips. She groaned her approval. Then he centred the tip of the big purple cockhead on her quim. As he did so he could see that Ali had moved her hand from playing with her tits to sliding it between her legs again and now was rubbing her swollen clit.

He knew it was it was disrespectful to Sara but as eased the head into her, he couldn’t help fantasising that it was Ali he was about to enter.

Sara groaned as the bulbous head slid into her again.

As she watched him enter her mom, Ali stuffed fingers into her sloppy quim fantasising that it was Billy’s huge cock. This time it was 3 fingers to emulate the size of the cock she craved.

“How does that feel?” Billy asked her, as he moved his hands to her hips and held the cockhead just inside her.

“As big as ever!” she gasped.

“Do you want me to stop then?”

“Hell no, I want you to fuck me and make me cum big again!” she ordered.

So, Billy thrust his hips forward sliding half his length into her and held it there. Sara groaned as it slid in.

“Oh yes, that is what I want. Give me that big cock,” she pleaded, so Billy eased it back and then thrust the full length of his shaft into her up to the hilt. Sara groaned the whole time it was sliding in. “Oh fuck, that is so good. Now fuck me hard,” she ordered, wanting action now.

But he held still for a few seconds before he began to shaft her. Then, as he eventually did so, he could see that Ali was now frigging her teen pussy with three fingers.

He just wished it was his cock instead.

He could also see Sara’s ample tits swinging beneath her to the rhythm of his strokes. “I love to see tits swinging like that!” was his latest involuntary comment.

In that quasi-doggy position, on the times he rammed his shaft up to the hilt, it went deep, so deep he could feel the head banging up against her cervix. It made Sara really groan.

“Do you like that Sara? Do you like it deep?” he asked knowing full well she did.

“Oh yes, I have never had cock like it. You’re even bigger than my longest dildo.”

“Mom has dildos!” It was a revelation to Ali!

Billy had a good rhythm and pace going now, his glistening shaft appearing and disappearing into her Sara’s slimy chute with each stroke. Even though she was wet now, her pussy still gripped his thick girth.

As he enjoyed her mom, he could see that Ali was frigging her teen pussy frantically, her cute face contorted by the pleasure of it. He fantasised that one day it would Ali he was fucking with his thick cock, stretching her teen cunny to the max.

With everything that was going on he was absolutely rampant now, so he went into overdrive, his hips pistoning back and forth as he began pounding his cock into her, length after length, up to hilt. He felt like he could go on forever.

As her pounded her, he could see in the mirror that her tits were really swinging now. He loved it!

“This guy can really fuck,” thought Ali, as she watched in disbelief as he reamed her mom. All the time she was wishing it was her.

Suddenly, without warning he pulled his cock right out, took hold of his shaft and waited.

“Fuck Billy, put it back in! Fuck me you old bastard,” She demanded.

But Billy ignored her for a few seconds more. Then he aimed the head at her gaping pussy and rammed it home up to the hilt. He held it there for a second and then resumed his onslaught holding her by the hips and pounding it into her.

“Yes, that’s it, that is going to make me come,” she moaned.

He was working hard, and she was taking it. They were both now covered in sweat.

Billy knew Sara was close and he could come anytime soon.

Ali could also sense that things were coming to a climax, so she slipped her fingers from her pussy to concentrate on rubbing her teen clit to bring herself off.

“Go on Billy. That’s it. That’s it.” Sara grunted as she took a hand from the headrest and applied it to her clit, rubbing vigorously.

After another minute or so her body went stiff and then started to shake as she went over the edge. Billy maintained his pace for a few seconds more.

He really wanted to shoot his load deep in Sara’s pussy but more than that, he wanted Ali to see him squirt his load.

So, as Sara continued to shake, he suddenly pulled his cock from her pussy, wrapped his right hand around the shaft about halfway up and began to pump it. After a couple of strokes, as his hand slid up toward the head, he shot a huge rope of thick white cum up Sara’s back, letting out a guttural grunt as he did so. After a second, he pulled his hand down his shaft and then back up again, and with another deep grunt, he and shot another rope, and then another and then another until he had shot his load.

All the time he was cummin, Billy was staring at Ali who was mesmerised by the amount of jizz he was squirting on her mom. Ali had been on the edge already and seeing his huge cock again and watching him squirt was enough to push her over.

Billy stared as, like her mom, first Ali’s body went rigid and then she began to tremble and shake, barely being able to keep her balance.


As Sara began to recover her senses for the second time in the session, Billy bent down and picked up his t-shirt. “Here, let me wipe up the mess I have made on your back,” he offered.

Ali, who was also just coming round, would have been happy to have licked it all off her mom and swallow it!

“Thank you,” Sara said, as he began to wipe up his own cum off her.

“Jeez Billy, that was amazing! You sure do know how to fuck…. for an old man,” she teased, as she got off the couch before turning around to sit down on it. “Seriously though, that is best fuck I have ever had. All that stuff about size doesn’t matter is bollocks!”

Then she asked “How long does it take you to recover?” Sara asked.

“Why? Do you want to go again?” he asked.

“Well, I thought we might go up to bed where there is a bit more comfort.”

“Why, what do you have in mind?

“I quite like cowgirl; it makes me feel dominant!”

“Well, we can do that here if we push the table out the way,” he suggested wanting to stay where they were so Ali could keep watching.

To be continued.


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