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Heya. So this is chapter 2 of 5 (with 6 being finished up as we speak) of this commission. If you're enjoying so far and you wanna see them all right now, you can head to for the rest along with other stories in my disposal if ya wanna.
“Mgn~! hah~! hah~! hah~!...Yeah~!...Right there~!...Ahn~...Fuck, don’t stop~. Please, don’t stop~. I’m so close~. So close~....AGN~!!!”

I’m really getting good at this it would seem. I bask in the taste of Tamera’s sweet cum on my tongue as she rides out her orgasm. I then maneuver up her body and plant a kiss on her soft lips as she’s drunk with pleasure.

“You ready, baby girl?” I ask after breaking the kiss as I press my member against her pussy,

Her face becomes even more flushed than before as the adorable bashful look on her face grows. Looks like someone has a new favorite nickname. She then nods her head, giving me the green light to continue. And after sliding inside of her tight cunt and enjoying the sweet moans from her, I thrust my hips back and forth, savoring the soft feel of her cunt.

And for the next half hour of the performance, she proves to be quite the partner. She rides like a pro. Her mouth is otherworldly. Her cute little butt is immaculate. She’s just incredible. Just like the other girls here. There hasn’t been a single disappointing run in yet. They’re all so sexy. They’re all so eager. They’re all

I can’t fight it anymore. None of them. Not a single one of these girls compares to her. It sucks, but it’s true. Sex with mom was the greatest sex I’ve ever had and it’s not even close. She tasted the best. She felt the best. She sounded like an angel. It’s no contest.

I hate feeling like this. I really do. But it’s just the unfortunate truth. My own mother puts every other girl to shame when it comes to sex. No matter how much I want that to change, no matter how many girls I fuck to take my mind off of it, it doesn’t change. Why does this have to be the case?!

Once we both reach our orgasms, Tamara leans down and burrows into my chest, giggling as she catches her breath.

“Hah~...Hah~...That was...So...Good.”

“Heheh...Glad you...enjoyed it.”

“Ugh. I wish I could stay here longer. Who am I gonna go to now that you’re no longer with me? My boyfriend’s not even half as good as you are.”

“Hey, don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. And then celebrate because we’ve got technology now and we can text whenever we want.”

“Oh, right. Phones exist. But how do I know you won’t forget about me and just latch onto the next pretty girl that crosses your path?”

“What? How could I ever forget about you? You are so special to me. You’re not just pussy and a pair of tits. You’re so much more than that. You’re different from all these other sluts. We have a connection.”

“Alright, what’s my last name, Casanova?”

“...Ok, fine, ya got me.”

“See? Just treat this as what it is: just a fling. Nothing more.”

“That’s the plan. Heh. You’d be surprised with the amount of girls who genuinely fall for that speech.”

“Duh. You’re dealing with girls just entering adulthood who are just now discovering what sex is. Of course they feel special, you womanizer.”

“Hey, it’s not womanizing if we’re both getting the one thing we set out to get.”

She gives me a humorous shocked expression before both of us share a laugh at my terrible joke. She then gets off of me and stands up, saying,

“God, you’re horrible.”

“And you’re whoreible. Even Steven.”

“Alright, ya big jerk. I’ve gotta pack my stuff and you’ve gotta get the hell out. I wanna watch my shows.”

“Sure you don’t want me to watch with you and keep you company, my sweet little pookie bear?”

I’m then met with a pillow being hurdled at my face. Guess I’ll take that as a no. I place my number in her phone and we exchange goodbyes as I step out of her room and head back to mine. As expected, mom’s sitting on the bed, watching TV. And even more of an expected sight is the white substance of her previous partner on her face and chest.

“Hey,” I greet as I close the door,

“Oh, hey,” she greets back.

Fuck, I’m so glad we’re just at a mutual understanding that we don’t need to talk about what happened. No awkwardness, no guilt, no shame, just a moment of weakness and we move on like it never happened. There’s nothing like it.

“Whatcha watchin’?”

“Oh, just some American Dad. Nothing else was on. And you can never go wrong with the Smiths.”

“Yeah. Can’t argue that. Cannot argue with that.”

I sit next to her and watch along. As we continue enjoying the show, the thought from before about mom being the best I’ve ever had starts to resurface again. God, I hate my intrusive thoughts. I mean, that’s gotta be what that is, right? No way I’m thinking of that of all things when I’m with the sexiest women this place has to offer on my own volition. It’s just the buried nerves of being new to nudist resorts making their presence known in a weird way. That’s all it is. Yeah. Yeah, just nerves. Just gotta keep ‘em under better control. Maybe sharing my escapades with mom will help.

Luckily enough, the commercials start to roll, giving us ample opportunity to do just that. And to make things better, mom turns to me like a kindergartener in the reading circle as she has the same idea. Well, that makes this so much easier. I tell her about the three girls I’ve been with today and she tells me about her guy.

As we’re sharing/reminiscing, though, I notice something about her. She’s slightly less jovial about sharing. And not in the sense of being too horny to talk about it, but more like she’s...bothered by something. Wonder what that’s all about.

“You ok?” I ask after she finishes her story,

“Yeah. Why?”

“You seem a bit less...into this. Was he that boring?”

“Hmhm. No, no. It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, now that you say that, I can’t help but to worry. What happened? Did he say something? Cause if he did-”

“He didn’t do anything. He was really nice. It’s just...I used to be like you. You’ve got so much to give for these girls. And I’m willing to bet that you’re nowhere near tapped out yet. I used to run through so many names without a second thought when I was your age. But now look at me. I’m done after a single guy until the next day. It’s just a constant reminder that my youth is dead and gone. Soon, I’ll be needing aspirin just to wake up. Not to mention the fact that these are my final few years of being wanted by any man. It’s not a fun thought.”

Wow. I didn’t think about that. I guess that’s another downside about this place other than the mixup. She may look like she’s not a day over 25 but how she feels is a different story entirely. Poor thing.

“Alright, look,” I start, “I could lie. I could say you’re wrong and you’ve got so many years ahead of you. I could say whatever it took to make you feel that false sense of security. But I’m not gonna do any of that. Instead of telling you, I’m gonna help show you.”

“And how are you gonna do that?”

“By helping you, of course. I’ve seen some girls who have dads here that I never pursued because I don’t want my neck broken. So if you work your magic there, you’re definitely gonna fulfill those desires and it’ll prove to you that you’re wrong and you’ve still got it.”

She looks at me with newfound hope in her eyes before saying,

“You think so?”

“Oh, I know so. You just need a confidence boost is all. And what better way to boost confidence than getting lucky multiple times in a day?”

“...Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. That’s all I need.”

“See? Don’t count yourself out just yet, mom. You’re still a sexy woman who can get any guy she wants.”

“Heh. Thanks, Chris.”

“Any time, mom.”

We then share a hug with me internally recoiling because of the leftover mess from her guy. After that, we get back to American Dad with me feeling a newfound sense of jovialness. I’m actually gonna help my mom get laid to help her self esteem. Not the most typical way for a boy to achieve that goal, but whatever.

The next day approaches and mom and I head down to the food court where we scout out potential playmates. Eventually, we see the perfect pair. A sexy nineteen year old for me and an admittedly blessed and disciplined hunk of a man for her. I mean, I’m not saying I would...but I’m not fully saying I wouldn’t.

“Alright,” I say to her, “Perfect specimens right there. Just go over there and I guarantee you he’ll melt for you.”

She takes a few breaths before nodding and heading over to them, leaving me to sit here and watch her work. Once she reaches them, Mr. sex appeal is instantly intrigued. A surprise to no one. They exchange some words with mom clearly pretending to laugh at his corny jokes that his daughter rolls her eyes at. Mom then goes for the kill and suggests they go somewhere more private with him graciously agreeing before she leads him back to our room. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. And speaking of which, it’s about time for me to secure my plans for the moment.

So after minutes of waiting so I don’t make it too obvious what’s going on, I head over to the girl who’s on her phone before sitting next to her.

“Hey, there” I greet, grabbing her attention, “You know there’s more to do here than sit here and look pretty.”

“Cute,” she says with a chuckle, “I’m just waiting for my dad to come back. Which may be a while, but I can wait. Doing things by myself here is kinda boring.”

“Well, what if you don’t have to do them all on your lonesome?”

“I mean, if you’re gonna offer to give me something to do, I’m not gonna turn it down. Beats sitting here doing nothing.”

Yes it does. And fortunately for me, everything’s just opened and it’s too early for crowds to form. So I’ve got the freedom to take her wherever I want. And what better place to take her to than the awe inspiring springs?

“You know we could get caught, right?” she says with a giggle in between moans as I kiss her neck and rub her center, “Anyone could see us right now.”

“So do you want me to stop?” I taunt, sliding my finger inside of her, making her moan even more as I thrust in and out of her, “It’s our choice, sweetheart.”

“Pl-please don’t.”

“That’s what I thought.”

I continue toying with her, prompting more moans and noises of approval with things quickly escalating. I never thought having sex with someone right next to a mountain would be this cathartic. It’s so serene. So majestic. I gotta do this more often.

After what could quite possibly be the most hypnotic sex I’ve ever had, we cement the claim with a kiss. She then gives me a look telling me that she feels everything I’m feeling. And I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the only time we do this.

We soon break the kiss, taking a moment to look into each other’s eyes. Her face is so...beautiful. Her green eyes...her glasses...Her-...Oh, God.

“U-um, I should-...I should probably-...go to my dad now,” she says as her face starts getting flushed, “He’s probably...looking for me by now.”

“Oh...oh...Uh-...Yeah. Let’s...Let’s go.”

We make ourselves more presentable before saying our goodbyes and separating. Alright, I can be wrong. She clearly never wants to see me again for some reason. Oh well. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

And for some reason, this sea has fish that are pretty persistent. This is one of those days where I’m in a dry spell. I can’t find a single girl who’s interested. That always sucks.

After hours of trying, I decide to cut my losses and head back to the room with mom. And just one look at her is enough to fill me with jealousy. She’s lying on the bed, covered in cum, and out of breath. She’s fresh from what looks to be a pretty intense fuck session. Well, good for her. I sit right next to her, saying,

“Well, someone clearly had a lot of fun.”

“I-ju-pre-rea-wo-vi-la-ei-mo-...Just wow.”

I chuckle at her incoherent nonsense before saying,

“Well, I’m glad someone had fun. You wanna get something to eat after you get yourself together? That Mexican place is still open.”

“Y-...yeah. Yeah, ok…But I’m gonna need to shower first.”

“Ok. You want me to head there and meet you there?”

“Uh...Actually, I was-...thinking-...Maybe we up on water and-...Take one together?”

Well, that is certainly unexpected. But it’s just an innocent shower. Nothing precarious happening here. So with that in mind, I say,


I then help her up to her feet before we head to the bathroom and prepare the shower. Once the water’s nice and hot, we step inside, scrubbing ourselves clean. But during our cleansing, I can’t help but to get a good look at mom dragging her rag along her sexy body. She’s practically flashing me with her plump tits and puffy little pussy. And if that’s her intent, mission accomplished. She has all my attention.

I can’t even focus on washing myself anymore. I just continue getting an eyeful of mom. She’s doing things to my mind that she really shouldn’t. And I feel the urges from a couple days ago reoccurring. I...I need it!

Unable to contain myself anymore, I guide mom to the wall with one hand and use my free hand to rub her pussy, making her moan in delight as my fingers slide along her slit. This time, though, I’m met with no resistance. She’s just…letting this happen. She’s letting her own son rub her pussy. And...And she looks like she’s enjoying it.

I then slide my fingers inside of her, making her moan even more as I finger her tight wet cunt. And without thinking, I lean forward and plant a deep kiss on mom’s lips as I continue fucking her with my fingers.

Minutes pass of the acts before mom’s body uncontrollably shakes with her legs giving out, signaling that she’s reached her orgasm. It’s now that I realize what the hell I’m doing and pull away from her. Both of us just stand and look at each other, unsure of what to do now.

And after what feels like hours of staring, we just get back to washing each other like nothing happened. Please let it remain that way. This is the second time.


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Same as the first. Random scene transfers, incomplete events. Lack of detail and depth.

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