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Here's a gay story for those who indulge because we're inclusive over here. If you enjoy, you can find a few more over at alongside other stories waiting for your viewing pleasure. They're waiting for you. You in particular. You know who you are.
Alright, I’m here. Sitting at the park at the dead of night when I could be sleeping. What the fuck does Kevin want? And why isn’t he even here? I swear to God if he shows up in a pig head again, I’m gon-

“See, look,” I hear Kevin’s voice say as he sits down next to me.

I turn around to see him with some girl. Ok. What’s going on here?

“He’s right here,” Kevin says, “What do you want us to do?”

“Prove that you’re gay, what did you think I wanted?”

Well that took a turn.

“Uh...sure,” Kevin responds before turning to me, “Easy enough.”

He immediately gives me a peck on the lips. I’m so taken aback by the sudden action, I just freeze. What’s going on? Who is this girl? Why is she here? What the fuck, Kevin?!

“Psh,” the girl responds, folding her arms, “Any Joe Schmoe can kiss another guy. It happens all the time. You’re gonna have to do a bit more than that.”

“What do you expect us to do?!” Kevin responds, frustrated, “You want us to strip naked and fuck in the middle of a public park?!”

“First, volume. Second, nope. That’d be too immoral and possibly illegal. I don’t want my boyfriend-”

“Not your boyfriend.”

“Soon to be boyfriend to be locked up.”

“Then what do you want from us?”

She takes a moment to consider. As she decides, I’m still trying to piece things together. Ok, so she’s deluding herself into thinking that she’s his girlfriend. It seems like he’s not really into that idea. So he must’ve told her that he’s gay to try and drive her off. But he needs proof. And that’s where I come in. Kevin, you dumb bitch.

“Got it,” the girl finally says, “He’s gonna suck you dry.”

“What?!” Kevin exclaims, “W-we’re in public.”

“Yes. A public area with no people within it, cars passing by that are too focused on the road, and potential people that might pass by who won’t even look this way if you’re not a screamer. Now, get to it. Unless you want to tell me something.”

Kevin, I swear, I’m gonna beat the shit out of you when this is over.

“Alright,” I say, “Let’s do it. So what if people might look. Let them look, babe.”

Kevin is just speechless. I guess he didn't expect me to be so on board with this.

“Well, at least one of you has the spirit,” the girl says.

I chuckle before grabbing his hair and giving him a sultry look.

“Ok,” I start, “Listen to me and listen good, ok? I know you might be a bit nervous. You don’t owe her anything, so just think of this like every other night. Look at me. Take your big cock out and let me take care of it like I always do. Got it?”

He nods his head.

“Good,” I respond, getting on my knees in front of him, “Now just relax and let me take care of everything.”

I unbutton and unzip his pants before sliding them down along with his underwear. I then take his soft dick in my hand, gently stroking it, never breaking eye contact.

“See?” I whisper, “It’s just us two. No one else is here. You’re just sitting there while I stroke you up and down. Understand?”

He nods again.

“Good boy.”

He turned away from me as soon as I said that. Alright, maybe that was a bit too far. But at the same time, his dick starts getting hard. Wait, did he...did he like that? You fucking sissy. But if that’s what it takes to get you out of this-

“That’s right,” I continue, “Get nice and hard for me like the good boy you are.”

He’s getting harder and harder in my hand. I start stroking a little faster and tighten my grip a bit.

“Yeah, yeah,” the girl intervenes, “We get it. He’s a good boy. Now take him in your throat.”

You annoying bitch.

“Alright, fine,” I reply.

I lean towards his cock and give the head of it a lick, trailing my tongue along his length. I then wrap my mouth around the head, gently sucking it. He lets out a sigh, giving me a sign that I’m doing it right. And I don’t know how to feel about that.

I then take more of him in my mouth, gently bobbing my head up and down his length, inching more and more of him. I then look up at him and the look on his face says it all. At first glance, he hates every bit of this. Disgust is seen on every inch of his face. But a very miniscule portion of him actually likes this. Not only that, but he wants this.

I take his hands and put them on my head, giving him a wink in the process. He takes the hint and wastes no time. He grabs on to my hair and shoves my head up and down his cock as hard and as fast as he can, groaning as I take him deep in my throat. Yup. He’s so, so, SO getting an ass kicking when this is over.

He groans louder and louder as his grip gets tighter and tighter. I take a glance at the girl and she’s just loving this, playing with herself while this is going on. You fucking whore. Just say you’re satisfied already so we can be done with this.

“Fuck,” she moans out, “Cum in his mouth. Do it. I wanna see him taste your cum.”

She’s not serious.

“Yeah,” Kevin moans out, “That’d be pretty fucking hot. Just watching you swallow it all.”

He’s not serious.

He tilts his head back and groans even louder. Fuck, he’s serious. After a few more bobs, she gets her wish granted. Ropes of Kevin’s cum spurt out of his cock and into my mouth, filling it to the brim. I reluctantly swallow most of it, but some manage to flow from the corners of my mouth. But just to seal the deal, I jerk his cock a bit to ensure I got every last drop.

We then take a moment to compose ourselves before I take him out of my mouth with a pop and say,

“There, you convinced yet?”

“Ok,” she responds, “I guess you weren’t lying. Go figure.”

“So you believe me now?” Kevin questions,

“Yup. But luckily for the two of you, my time wasn’t completely wasted. I’ll treasure that sight for quite a bit.”

She then stands up and walks off. And to think I actually wanted to have my way with her.

“Thanks, man,” Kevin says, “I really owe you for tha-”

I politely interrupt him by twisting his sack, earning a quiet squeal in pain.

“Let me make myself crystal clear,” I start, “Next time you pull some shit like that, I’m ripping them off, got it?”

He frantically nods his head and I let go of his sack.

“You nearly pulled my fucking hair off. Next time, control yourself.”

He gives me a puzzled look.

“Yeah,” I reply, “And I know exactly how you’re gonna pay me back.”
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