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Once again, just something I conjured up that I'm hoping you don't hate. That wouldn't be fun. And once again, more stuff is on my subscribestar under the name eccho. Give 'em a read if ya wanna.
We step back into the classroom to see that everyone’s chatting up a storm, laughing it up, or just being rowdy like some fucking idiots. I look over to her and see that she’s still intimidated. I bring my hand to her back, gently rubbing it to calm her nerves. Guess it worked. She suddenly looks a bit more relaxed. She then heads to the front of the class.

“Hey!” she shouts in a demanding tone, gathering a shocked expression from every face in the room, including mine, “Sit down!”

A moment of silence passes before snickers are heard. Then the entire class erupts into laughter.

“Oh no,” someone says mockingly, “She used her outside voice. Guess we gotta do what she says now.”

“I said. Sit. Down.” she says, less loud, but more serious.

“Aww,” someone else rebuttals, “She’s getting all serious. What are you gonna do if we don’t?”

“God, you people are stupid,” she responds.

That got their attention. But before anyone else can say anything, she says,

“Let me explain: You’re too infatuated with the fact that you only have a few months left before you’re done with school. Oh, yeah. Nearly there. No rules. But you fools forgot one thing- America’s school system is a real bitch and a half. Meaning, if there’s time to bring you into this building, there’s time for worksheets and other things, say, ensuring that you’re here when you should be. Now, with a system that absolutely bends you over if you breach one of those two things, you’d think at least one of your five functioning brain cells would tell you that you should behave.”

Crickets. No one says a single thing.

“So yeah,” she continues, “Continue to joke around. Keep bullying the tiny teacher. Go ahead. Bullshit around everything you need to be doing until the last minute. Make it more satisfying when I get to see most of you here next year...Oh, no, seriously, keep it up. I’m not gonna stop you. Like one of you said: first amendment. Say whatever the fuck you want. I’m all ears...No? Nothing? No more of you guys trying to be comedians? Just gonna stand and stare at me like a bunch of piss ants?...That’s what I thought. Now sit down, raise your hand at your name, and shut the fuck up!”

Everyone obeys her order, immediately scattering to their seats like a bunch of bitches. I’m surprised I didn’t hear any whimpering. But holy fuck. Looks like that squeaky voiced wimp is dead and gone. Almost brings a tear to my eye. She then sits down, logging back into her computer and taking roll.

Class goes on in silence so deafening, you could hear flies exchanging rumors. Everyone just raised their hands, did their work, and sat in their chairs without a word. She really did a fantastic job. That couldn’t have even been done in the months leading up to this.

Eventually, the bell rings and everyone gathers their things before scampering off. I stay behind and make my way to her desk.

“Impressive,” I say, earning a blush as she types on her computer,,

“Th-thank you,” she says in her soft tone.

“Seriously, you really had them shivering like chihuahuas. You’ve got quite the voice.”

She blushes more as I walk around her desk and stand behind her. I then lean down to grab her chest before saying,

“Now, let’s hear you use it like that again.”

She gasps before saying in a worried tone,

“H-here? N-now?”

“We’re in the back of a deserted hallway that’s even more deserted due to the lack of rowdy teenagers. Plus, with them making all that racket while we were gone, the fact that no one else stepped in just proves that this area’s invisible. Which means-”

I pull her to me and lean into her ear, whispering,

“You can tell me how much you love your reward as loud as you want.”

She bites her lower lip after my remark before closing her laptop.

“You like the sound of that, don’t you?” I question, massaging her chest.

She nods her head before letting out a light moan.

“Now, now,” I say, “What do we say?”

“Y-yeah. That s-sounds good.”

“Good girl. Now, since this is your reward, I’ll leave you to take the lead. What do you want me to do first?”

She hesitates.

“What do you want, princess?” I ask teasingly as I squeeze her chest harder,

She takes a moment before saying,

“I-I-I want me.”

Alright, bold. But not bold enough.

“Lick you where?” I question, stopping my hands,


Almost there. I slither my hand down her body, sliding it inside of her skirt. I then take two fingers and slowly rub them along her clothed slit, causing her to let out a light moan.

“I like you when you’re bold,” I say, maintaining my slow pace, “Now it’s time to be assertive. So tell me again. This time, like. You. Mean it.”

She turns to me and says in a shakey, but direct tone,

“L-lick my pussy.”

Better. I give her a grin to show approval before pulling her chair back and kneeling in front of her. I spread her legs apart and push her panties to the side before leaning in and dragging my tongue along her now exposed slit. She moans in response to my actions, tilting her head back and pushing her hips forward, giving me better access. But something tells me she isn’t satisfied with just this. I look up at her and give her a stern look as my licks gradually get slower. She gets the hint and says,

“Give me more.”

I latch my mouth onto her, licking and sucking on her pussy. She arches her back before letting out a loud moan before covering her mouth with her hands. Nope.That’s now where they go. I reach up to grab her wrists before guiding them to my head. She looks at the door to ensure no one heard her moan. Surprise, surprise, no one did. She then turns back to me before pushing my face deeper into her, moaning even louder as I lick harder and faster, tightening her grip on my hair and wrapping her legs around my head.

But you know what? She deserves more than this. I wrap my arms under her legs before pushing my tongue inside of her pussy, earning more moans from her. Fuck, her voice is driving me wild. I might just burst right now just because of it.

She then tightens around my tongue before letting out a final moan and spilling her cum in my mouth. She takes a moment to ride out her orgasm before releasing me from her death grip on my head. I give her a moment to catch her breath before saying,

“So, how was that?”

“Amazing,” she responds, starstruck.

I chuckle before saying,

“Well, this is still your reward. What else do you wa-”

“I wanna ride you!” she interrupts, shocking both of us.

Judging by her face, it didn’t seem like she meant to say that. But she did. And I’m more than happy to oblige.

“Well, alright, then,” I reply.

I stand up before unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans before sliding them down along with my boxers, revealing my cock. I then lift her up before taking her place on the chair and selling her on my lap. She bites her knuckle before turning to the door again. I bring a hand to her face and turn her back to me.

“Like I said,” I reassure, “No one’s gonna come in here. Make all the noise you want.”

She hesitates before nodding her head. After taking her newfound approval, I grab her hips and move her back and forth on my cock beneath her. She moans before leaning forward and brings her hands to my shoulders, balancing herself. I chuckle at her reaction as I continue grinding myself against her.

But after a few moments of my movements, she brings her hands to mine, making me release her. I take the hint and drop my hands to my sides. She then raises herself over the head of my dick before lowering herself. And after moments of trying, she manages to slide half of my member inside of her, moaning out in pain and pleasure.

I just took my teacher’s virginity. FUCK! YEAH!!! She takes a moment to adjust to it before slowly sliding up and down my length. I also notice that every time she slides back down, a grin emerges more and more on her face. I take this as a sign that she’s adjusting to it. But she proves that I wasn’t quite right when she says in a confident tone,

“You like that? You like how my virgin pussy feels around you? Tell me you like it. Tell me how much you love it.”

“Fuck, I love it so much,” I respond, a bit taken aback by the sudden change, “You’re so fucking tight. I love it so much.”

She starts moving faster.

“Yeah,” she moans out, removing her shirt, “I know you do. Now show me how much you love playing with me while you take me. Play with me. Fondle me. Do it.”

I comply with her orders, taking her tits in my hands and fondling them as she moans louder, picking up her pace. She then grabs my head and makes me look at her.

“Look at me,” she demands between moans, “Look at me and call me a good girl. Tell me what a good girl I am for you. Say it. I need to hear it.”

“You are such a good girl,” I comply, “You’re my good girl.”

She goes faster and I start thrusting inside of her.

“Yes!” she screams, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep going! Keep fucking me! Keep touching me! Keep watching me as I ride you! Don’t you stop! Don’t you fucking stop! Fuck, it feels so good! You fit so perfectly! Yeah! Deeper! Harder! Faster!”

It’s like a switch was flipped inside of her head. She’s the complete opposite of the person who stepped in a couple hours ago. I love it. Her tone, her requests, all of it is such a turn on. I then start to feel myself reaching my limit.

“Fuck,” I groan out, “I’m gonna-”

“Shh, sh, sh, sh,” she says, bringing a finger to my lips and slowly stopping in her tracks. She then gives me a smile before getting off of me and kneeling in front of me, jerking my cock.

“I want you to cum on my face,” she says, “Do it. Cum on your teacher’s face. Make her pretty. Mark me. Claim me. Shoot all of it in my face.”

I then grant her wish, letting out a groan before shooting rope after rope of my cum on her face, hair, and mouth. And she’s absolutely loving every second of it. Once I’m done, she giggles before popping my head in her mouth and sucking on it, ensuring that she’s gotten every last drop.

I take a moment to take in the sight before me and look back at the events that lead me here. I witnessed this same lady get a verbal lashing from high schoolers. I consoled this same lady by finger blasting her within earshot of other people. I watched this same lady come back to the high schoolers and demolish them. And now the same lady is kneeling in front of me with a non-existent virginity and my cum on her face. If that doesn’t make me the greatest student that’s ever set foot in a school, I don’t know what will.


2024-02-08 02:19:33
She still has some lessons to be learned. Anal? DP? 3P, perhaps? How about some bestiality? God, I'm such a pervo!

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