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Part 2
My first appointment as my friend’s replacement at her massage studio had gone much differently than I had expected. What started as a somewhat awkward full body massage ended up as a sensual cock massage and a happy ending for the client.

The client, a large framed older gentleman named Robert, had truly enjoyed the experience. He sat there, after the massage, beaming with joy. When I returned after cleaning up, I felt the need to apologise for taking things too far.

When I tried to, however, he cut me off and showered me with compliments instead. According to him, the massage was excellent and the “extra service” was a very pleasant surprise. This dispelled any misconceptions I had of Summer providing sexual massage services. At least that was not the case for this particular client.

He paid handsomely, easily over twice the arranged amount. I was feeling a bit reluctant to accept the large tip, as I hadn't really been motivated by money. He insisted, however, saying that I had gone well and beyond to earn it.

Before leaving, he asked if we were still on for the next appointment. He insisted that he wouldn't expect any 'special services' next time. However, if I were to repeat today's session, then it would be highly appreciated and rewarded. I agreed to meet him at the same time next week.

A few days later, I was at the front door of the massage studio again. I was struggling to retrieve the key from my handbag. The keychain was a large ceramic turtle, the size of my fist, which got stuck everywhere. Another one of Summer’s eccentric aesthetic choices, I supposed.

When I finally got the door open, I heard someone approaching me. I looked up to see a beautiful young woman.

“Hi! Are you Summer’s replacement?” she asked, tugging a loose lock of her long golden hair behind her ear.

“Uh, yeah, hi” I replied as I turned around and had a better look at her.

She looked stunning. I was immediately drawn to her large, gem-like blue eyes and the cute, tiny freckles just beneath them. Her long, blonde hair flowed on either side of her elegant, fair-skinned face, set in two neat braids. She looked to be no older than twenty.

“Wait a minute,” I asked myself “This couldn’t be today’s client, could it?”

Before leaving for her trip, Summer had described the client, Alex, as a person of unknown gender. Someone who looked like a young woman but had hidden, more masculine anatomy in addition.

“Hi, I’m Turquoise. Are you Alex perhaps?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, sorry if I’m a bit early,” she replied politely.

As we entered the massage studio, I was still puzzled. Alex was casually dressed in denim shorts and a crop top, which showed off her slender midriff. I detected the scent of her delicate floral perfume in the air as she walked in front of me. Her whole presence - her voice, her appearance and the way she moved, it all radiated femininity. Maybe what Summer had said about her was just a prank?

I tried to make a bit of small talk before starting, but found the experience a bit awkward. She would answer in short concise sentences, pausing slightly before saying anything. She wouldn’t ask any questions of her own and the whole conversation started to feel like an interrogation by me.

Summer had described her as shy but I don’t think that was the case. Rather, she was being careful and deliberate with her speech. I had met a few quiet people like that before, people wouldn't just blurt out what they’re thinking, but would rather think before speaking and pick their words. While interesting people, they would make poor conversationalists, especially around strangers.

“So… is your name, Alex, short for something?” I started to edge my way towards asking about her gender.

“Summer said that she wasn’t exactly sure about your…” I trailed off.

“About what? My gender?” she peered at me with those inquisitive sapphire eyes of hers.

“It’s alright, there is no need to dance around the question like your friend did,” she continued in a more lighthearted manner..

“Alex is short for Alexandra. I was born a boy and am now a girl,” she said matter of factly.

“Is that a problem?” she followed up.

“Oh, no no! Not at all, thanks for telling me. I… uh… was just curious.” I explained in a hurry.

I wanted to say that I actually found it interesting and perhaps even exciting, but I held back any further questions and comments. Now was not the time nor place.

“Dress down to your comfort level, I will be back when you are ready,” I directed her to the massage table and left the room.

When I returned a few minutes later, I found her lying down on her front, completely nude. I was surprised to find that as her comfort level. I fully expected her to wear underwear both on top and bottom.

As I was pouring out the massage oil, I found myself again admiring her appearance.. She was no less enchanting in the nude with her impeccable skin and petite slender figure. It looked healthy and fit, while not being overly muscular or skinny.

I had to admit that I was curious about other parts of her body, but the way she was laid down did not glean anything else.

I started the massage and soon enough she was giving me occasional directions on where to move next and so on. She spoke in the same concise way she had before, not demanding or commanding, but definitely very direct about what she wanted. Her reactions to my touch were not held back either, she would let out quiet sighs and other sounds of pleasure. She especially liked a stronger touch between her shoulder blades.

Her quiet moans, while not overly sexual, were still enough to turn me on. Like with the previous client, I was tempted to tease her a bit with a more erotic touch, just to see her reaction. Still, I managed to stay professional. My last appointment had been mutually fun, but I doubted this young woman would like a service like that.

After a while my hands started to move down to knead her lower back. Seeing that cute little butt of hers up close, made me reconsider. Perhaps a little bit wouldn’t hurt? I would ask for permission before, of course. Besides, she was vocal enough to tell me if she didn’t like something.

“So… how much of your lower back do you want massaged? Would you like me to go lower?” I asked, a bit hesitant, as I worked the area just above her hips.

“Lower?” she asked.

“Well… I mean-” I started, but she cut me off before I could continue.

“If you are asking if I want my butt massaged, then yes. I would like that.” she replied in a casual tone.

“...please.” she added in a more quiet, sultry voice.

“Oh she is just the cutest!” I thought to myself. Was that a little crack in that confident, reserved demeanour of hers?

I started to massage her cute soft butt and upper thighs. Alexandra was clearly enjoying it, judging from the soft sighs coming from her. In just moments, as I kept kneading that lovely butt of hers, I felt my resolve to keep things professional melt away. I wanted to tease more out of her. To make her moan in ecstasy, see her cute reactions and much more…

I focused intensely on her ass now. My hands moved more brazenly, parting her butt cheeks with my thumbs as I moved upwards. The sudden movements exposed her cute little butthole to me and prompted a gasp of joy to escape her lips.

“Is this okay?” I asked without stopping.

“Nngh… yes, it’s… very intense…” she said, sounding a bit shaken but obviously enjoying it.

I continued in the same manner, letting my movements grow more sensual. I would be gentle for a while and then suddenly increase the pressure, dig my fingers deep into her supple butt. My fingers would now occasionally graze her butthole as I continued my caress. She would moan or whimper in pleasure each time.

My own arousal was also growing by the minute as evidenced by damp feeling in my panties. I started to rub my thighs together, wishing I could touch myself.

Again I reminded myself that actual massage therapists don’t do this.That what I was doing wasn’t professional. But it seemed like less of an argument with each passing minute. I was not a professional and we were both enjoying ourselves a great deal.

“Are you enjoying this? Should I continue?” I asked again, just to be sure.

“Mmm… yes, your hands feel so good.” she replied in her cute voice.

I continued for a time and after I had finished working on her butt and I moved to work on her legs. She then suddenly started to sit up.

“Sorry, but I’m not too comfortable being on my front for such a long time,” she apologised for interrupting my massage of her lower thighs.

“Could you do my front now?”

“Of course, of course!” I said in a friendly tone. “I’m here to make you feel good, after all.”

When she started to settle on her back, I noticed that her face was suddenly flushed.

“Everything alright? Are you liking the massage?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes. I really am, it’s just that…” she said, averted her eyes and blushed even more.

I now had a good view of her front. Her tiny firm breasts, with tiny pink nipples in the middle, were very cute and sexy at the same time. As my gaze moved lower, however, I saw the source of her embarrassment.

Even her penis, aroused and standing at attention, was somehow elegant and feminine. It wasn’t very big or thick, but it fit her just right.

“Oh don’t worry about that at all, “ I said, feeling giddy and excited.

“I’ll make you feel even better,” I promised in a more sensual manner.

Oh I was going to push this further for sure. How could I not, when she looked as cute and sexy as she did. My libido was once again getting out of control.

I applied some more oil and started to work from the top once again. In my excitement, I had forgotten to put a towel on her eyes. I was reluctant to fix my mistake, however, as seeing her cute expressions was exquisite.

I started massaging her neck and shoulders again, this time from the front. Every now and again, I would steal little glaces of her erection and the expression on her face. She was excited and embarrassed at the same time and wouldn’t meet my eyes.

Then it was time to move downwards again, to focus on her chest. This time I did not ask if it’s okay to touch her intimately, her body language told me enough.

I gently slid my hands over her chest and massaged her small breasts, letting my thumbs slide over her nipples. Alexandra was letting out soft moans of pleasure at that and I felt her nipples harden under my palms.

Rather than massage, my touches now started to resemble a sensuous caressing, rather than a massage. My hands now endlessly roamed over her upper body, gently touching her sides, sliding over her stomach and gently playing with her nipples.

“Mmnnh, aaah… this feels so good,” she gasped and moaned out at each new touch and sensation. It seems she was done giving directions and fully intended to just ride the wave of pleasure.

I leaned in close and whispered into her ear seductively, just as my hand slowly made its way towards her throbbing penis.

“Would you like me to make you feel even better?” I asked in a seductive voice, now splitting my fingers and massaging the skin on either side of her penis.

She turned away and blushed.

“Y-yes,” she said in a shy voice, “yes, please.”

“Good,” I approved sensually and smiled.

My hand closed around the shaft of her already hard cock. I slowly started stroking it, while still caressing her chest with my other hand.

As a reaction to my hand wrapped around her shaft, a shiver ran down her body. She started to squirm and arched her back in pleasure. She bit her lower lip and little whimpers and moans escaped from her.

The touch of her soft skin, the sound of her cute moans was making me soaking wet. I had to fight hard not to just slip my hand into my panties and start pleasuring myself.

I continued stroking sensually up and down her whole length. Meanwhile my other hand was now giving more attention to her nipples. I would alternate between them, rolling them gently between my fingers and giving them tiny soft tugs. I felt her cock twitch in my hands in response.

Wishing I had more hands to use on her, I realised my lips and tongue would do just as well, if not better. I was done holding back.

I leaned in and kissed her nipple and then started to suck on it tenderly. She squirmed in ecstasy under me. I then proceeded to stimulate it with my tongue, while speeding up my strokes meanwhile.

“Mnnnnh… aah.. Ah” she let out high pitched moans and that and then slid her fingers in my hair, pulling my face closer in rapture.

It didn't take long until she was getting close to coming. I could tell right away, so I slowed down my movements to a halt and retracted my tongue from her nipples. With a teasing look in my eyes, I studied her expression. She was biting her lower lip ever so sweetly and her needy eyes were looking back at me, asking why in the heavens had I stopped..

“I’m going to join you on the table, if that’s okay.” I said and climbed on the massage table. With her petite figure, there was plenty of space for me.

She nodded impatiently.

I was straddled above her cock and I slid off my top in one smooth motion.

“I’m going to get a little more comfortable,” I said grinning, daring her to say something.

She just blushed again and smiled shyly, but didn’t avert her eyes. They were fixated on my, considerably larger breasts. I leaned in, my chest sliding against hers and stopped with our faces just inches away from each other’s. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and then started to work on her cock once again.

Seeing her passionate expressions of pleasure up close made me incredibly excited. The way her eyes would roll back and her intimate moans were irresistible. She wrapped her tiny arms around me as she twisted and shuddered in ecstasy. I kept grinding my body against her as I stroked her cock.

Then, unexpectedly, she put her delicate little hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into a hesitant kiss. I returned the kiss, feeling her pink lips so soft and sweet against mine. She then grew more eager and passionate. We kissed for a long while, her moans muffled by my mouth on hers, our tongues entwined.

She was getting close again, but I needed more. I stopped stroking her and let my hands roam over her body once again. I kissed her neck, played with her breasts and started going lower, planting small kisses on the way. She once again gently put her fingers through my hair to guide me.

I stopped the kisses as I reached my destination - her throbbing cock was just before my eyes. This is what I needed. Without a second thought I wrapped my lips around the tip.

“Aaah, mmmmhh,” Alexandra’s grasped my hair, moaning in pleasure.

Her cock felt warm and pulsated in my mouth as I moved in to fit the entire length in my mouth. I then slowly started working up and down, occasionally alternating between sucking and tracing little circles around the head with my tongue. I would tease her cock endlessly with my mouth, stroking and sucking it at the same time.

The room was soon filled with the slurping sounds of my mouth tightly wrapped around Alexandra’s cock and the resulting intimate cries of pleasure.

She grew more confident in time, grasped my head in both her hands after a while and started to thrust her hips upwards. Her eagerness and the sensation of her cock continuously penetrating my mouth, brought me into a sort of lust filled haze. I couldn’t help myself anymore, I slid my free hand into my soaking wet panties and started to touch my eager pussy.

Touch of my fingers on my clit, I started to moan loudly. The sounds were muffled by Alex’s relentlessly pumping her cock into my mouth and moaning cutely.

I looked up at her, now starting to rapidly finger my pussy. She looked so sexy and cute, biting her lip and rolling back her eyes in intense pleasure. She finally looked down, her eyes locking with mine and I knew she was going to come any second. The sight of her like that, whimpering and moaning was so hot, it sent me close to the edge as well.

As the motion of my fingers rubbing my pussy quickened, so did the pace of my mouth on Alexandra’s cock. I formed a tight ring around her shaft and intensely moved up and down. I looked up at her, maintaining eye contact, willing her to come.

“Mmh… nnnghh... aah… aaah… I’m gonna come! ” she squealed in pleasure as she finally reached her peak.

“Mmmppfff… mmppf..” I moaned in return, my mouth full of her cock. I was so close too.

Seconds later, she finally exploded in my mouth, coating my tongue in her thick white mess. The experience was so hot that it also drove me over the edge. A burst of mind numbing pleasure enveloped me in waves. My pussy throbbed around my fingers as I was wrapped in a powerful climax, letting out loud luscious sounds of pleasure.

I collapsed into her, laying my head on her chest, both still moaning. We remained like that for a while, breathing heavily, in blissful afterglow. Alexandra looked both overwhelmed and very satisfied. When I finally got up, she just smiled at me and closed her eyes, still enjoying the mement of bliss. I quietly cleaned my face and then started to wipe down her body with a warm damp cloth. She really liked that and let out satisfied sighs. Just before leaving the room, I leaned into her and deeply kissed her lips.

“See you again next week?”


2024-02-07 08:30:52
Thank you for two fabulous stories and both so far are vastly under-rated.
Your de***********ions and story telling are fabulous visual experiences allowing the reader to see what you are telling them. Hope to read more stories from you soon.

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