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Getting married set me free - our 1st Xmas and 2nd honeymoon
Getting Married Set Me Free – Our Second Honeymoon

by Vanessa Evans

Part 5

We woke up late, Dylan first and then him fucking me to wake me up. After my first orgasm of the day we rolled over and I rode him reverse cowboy. I was going up and down on him when some movement on the veranda caught my eye. Turning my head I saw the room cleaner’s trolley on the footpath and the housekeeping girl just staring at us. I gave her a little wave and she smiled then turned and went away. Then I said to Dylan,

“The housekeeping girl just saw us.”

“Well I hope that she enjoyed the show.”

“She didn’t looked shocked.”

“How could anyone be shocked looking at your naked body Esther?”

“You say all the right things, oh, oh, here it comes.”

I had my second orgasm of the day and my pussy contractions triggered Dylan’s first.

We just made it to breakfast before they closed. I was wearing just a dress that was originally designed to be worn over something because it’s made of some sort of see-through fabric but with flowers printed on it. Unfortunately, no one appeared to notice that they could see all of me through the dress.

We went to the beach again, although we grabbed the sun loungers furthest away from the jetty. After Dylan had made me cum rubbing the sunblock on me, we were just settling down for some serious sunbathing when we saw Ron and Reggie walking along the Jetty then set off for another days fishing. Dylan saying,

“Well I bet that they won’t have as much fun as yesterday.”

We had a very relaxing day on the beach. There weren’t many people on the beach and therefore not may walking between us as the sea but I wasn’t bothered, I was relaxing in the sun with us sometimes playing with each other’s body. Dylan likes sitting on the side of my lounger and playing with my pussy as we tell each other our fantasies. He’s told me a few times that I’m crazy and that I’ll get into serious trouble one day. Then he tells me that he loves me and that he’ll come and visit me in jail every day.

It’s usually at that point that my body starts shaking as another orgasm takes control of me.

One of my fantasies is different scenarios of me being naked in amongst clothed people. With each scenario we try to work out a way to make it happen. Unfortunately they are all unlikely to happen as they are way too far fetched. One being me travelling from the hotel right back to our house with me with no clothes on. Nice idea, but not very realistic.

Some of the times that I was just daydreaming I could see Dylan doing something on his phone. Neither of us are great social media fans so I doubted that that was what he was doing, then I remembered email and assumed that that was what he was looking at.

By mid afternoon we were both getting a bit restless and Dylan suggested some snorkelling. That sounded good to me so I went back to the bungalow to get the equipment.

Soon we were scouring the seabed looking for anything of interest. Strangely enough, we found something. At first we were puzzled but as we got closer we realised that we were looking at 2 glass balls, not quite as big as tennis balls.

We surfaced and each held one up out of the water. Neither of us could think of anything that they were part of, or what they were designed for. After a minute or so Dylan said that we should keep them. He put them in his shorts pockets but was obvious that they’d pull his shorts down, or look like he had 2 huge testicles.

“I know.” I said as I took the glass ball in my right hand down to my pussy.

“You’re not?” Dylan asked.

Ten seconds later my right hand came up and out of the water and I said,


“Bloody hell Esther, what does that feel like?”

“Nice, but a bit full, give me the other one.”

Ten seconds later my empty hand came up out of the water with me saying,

“I hope that they don’t slip out.”

“With all the Kegels that you’ve been doing and the way that your pussy squeezes the last drop of cum out of my cock I’m guessing that you’ll manage to keep them in. I wonder what it will feel like walking around with those inside you?”

“Probably like a bigger version of my Lush vibrator.”

“And much heavier, we’ll see just how strong your pussy muscles have become.”

“Yeah, let’s explore some more, we might find something else that’s interesting.” I said.

“You mean something else that you can push up your pussy.”

“Maybe,” was the last thing that I said before putting the snorkel mouthpiece in my mouth and submerging.

I have to admit that as we swam around I was looking for something that I could put in my pussy but alas, when we surfaced again I had found nothing. I looked at Dylan and saw that he was looking at the beach. I looked too and after a couple of seconds of puzzlement I realised that we were right at the far end of the clothed beach.

“Do you want to swim back Esther?”

“Against that current, no, I’d be exhausted, let’s walk.”

“Are you sure Esther, it’s much further and you’ve got those balls inside you?”

“I’ll be fine.”

We swam to the beach and I quickly realised that those 2 glass balls were heavy. I had to clench my pussy muscles to stop me feeling like they were about to drop out of me.

“You okay Esther?” Dylan asked, “I can see the front of your slit contracting.”

“Yeah, it’s like when I do my Kegels. James will be proud of me doing them whilst I’m on holiday.”

“Maybe you should have them inside you when go for your Tuesday workouts?”

“I might just do that. James will have kittens when he sees them slide out.”

We walked through the not so crowded beach and to the road with me ignoring the people who Dylan said were looking at me, and I concentrated on keeping the balls inside me. I felt like I had eaten 3 Christmas diners all within 30 minutes.

My pussy muscles were very tired when we eventually arrived back at the hotel. I’d heard a couple of cars beeping at the naked girl walking along but I’d ignored them, too busy keeping the glass balls inside me.

At our bungalow I walked straight one of the loungers and walked up it with one foot on either side of it. Then I let out a long sigh of relief as I relaxed my pussy muscles and let gravity help my pussy expel the balls.

“That was interesting.” I said to Dylan as I picked up the 2 balls then turned and lay back on the lounger.

“So you don’t want to hand those 2 balls in as lost property then Esther?”

“Hell no, this is definitely a case of ‘finders keepers’, I’m going to have some fun with those.

“I’m sure that James will tell you that they are great way of exercising and keeping your pussy muscles healthy and tight. Just don’t go too far and get to a stage where you can break my cock.”

“Oh Dylan, I would never do that. Come here and drop those shorts. My pussy wants to show you how much it loves you.”

“Aren’t your pussy muscles a bit sore?”

“They’ll never be sore enough to deny entry to your amazing cock Dylan.”

We again had to order room service because we didn’t want a break from our love making.


The last few days of our second honeymoon were spent doing nothing different, mainly in our bungalow, on the beach or walking, me naked, back from the clothed beach after letting the current take us along the coast, and we were both very sad when we had to pack our bags to come back to England.

I chose to wear just a very short, cotton, flared skirt and a tank top for the journey home. Neither were see-through although the tank top did have 2 nice bulges on the front most of the time.

On the flight from Atlanta to Heathrow we didn’t manage to fuck but, with the help of an airline blanket, Dylan did manage to make me cum when I lay back on his chest and his hand came round my front and played with my tits and pussy under the blanket.

Occasionally, I lifted one of my knees up which put my pussy on display but I don’t think that anyone saw it.

Jeez, I wished that I’d taken something warmer to wear for when we got back to Heathrow. It was freezing both in Arrivals and even more so outside. My throbbing nipples were definitely leading the way.

The Uber dropped us off at home late in the afternoon. Dylan turned the heating right up and I went and got a robe before we went through the mail. In amongst the letters was a card saying that a delivery driver had left something in our safe place. Dylan quickly went and brought the big box in. It looked quite heavy and I helped him carry it upstairs with him refusing to tell me what it was.

In our games room he let me open it and when I saw the contents I said,

“Is that what I think it is? My pussy is starting to drip.”

“Yes, it’s a fucking machine.”

“Did you think that your cock needs a rest from fucking me so much? Have I worn you out whilst we were away?”

“Not at all, it’s just that my cock can’t fuck you 24×7, I have to go to work, so this machine can satisfy your needs when I’m not here.”

“So Wednesdays and Thursdays you’re going to tie my wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed, put a blindfold and a gag on me and let this machine fuck me all day? I can’t wait.”

“No, if I did that this machine could literally fuck you to death and for some strange reason I don’t want that to happen.”

I shrugged the robe off me and gave Dylan a nice, naked hug and a long kiss. Then I said,

“Me neither, but I do want to be able to use this machine when you are not here and I do want the feeling of not having my senses working when it’s fucking me so that I can concentrate totally on being fucked..”

“Maybe I could strap you down just before I go to work and set the timer so that it only fucks you for a short time then leaves you unable to get off the bed or see or hear anything and wanting more all day. Think how horny you’ll be by the time I get home.”

“Hmm, I sort of like that idea.

“So you like the idea of being tied-up, blindfolded and fucked Esther? We can do that anytime that you want.”

“I know, but that’s with you around, you won’t be here when this machine fucks me.”

“Yes, we need to find a way for you to be alone and helpless, but at the same time have a way of releasing yourself when you need to.”

“Can we think about that some other time please Dylan, for now can we just get this thing working. It’s been hours since your cock was inside me and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Or you could just fuck me.”

“I want to but there are things that I have to do so come on, get on the bed and we’ll get it working. I’ll set the timer for 30 minutes for now.”

A couple of minutes later I was securely spread eagle on the bed. I was wearing a blindfold and had a ball-gag strapped in place and Dylan was adjusting the silicone cock so that it just touched my cervix when it thrust forwards and nearly dropped out of me when it went back.

“How’s that Esther?” Dylan asked as the fucking started to get faster.

I gave him the thumbs-up sign then everything went quiet.

As I settled into the constant rhythm of the silicone dildo fucking me I remembered, or I should say that I didn’t remember Dylan say that he had actually set the timer. Just that he was going to.

“Nothing that I can do now,” I thought.

Before the building orgasm consumed all my thoughts I made a mental note to check that I could get my magic wand hanging down from one of the ceiling hooks that Dylan had installed, and to get Dylan to adjust it so that when I was tied down like I was, the business end of the wand would just touch my clit.

My last thought before the first orgasm hit me was of the magic wand and the fucking machine making me cum over and over until I blacked-out because of too much pleasure.

After the second orgasm I started to loose track if time. I started to wonder if Dylan had set the timer of if he’d forgotten to. I tried concentrating my ears to try to hear Dylan but I could hear nothing. I wasn’t panicking but I did wonder if Dylan had forgotten about me and maybe gone out to see one of his mates.

Another orgasm hit me and I was happy that I was laid on the bed. Then another one. I started to think that the time between orgasms was getting shorter and wondered if Dylan had been right, that if the machine wasn’t stopped I really could be fucked to death.

Finally, as I was coming down from yet another high I thought that my nipples were being played with, or where they, was it my imagination? Then I felt Dylan sucking on one of them, then a finger rubbing my clit.

Just as I reached another peak I realised that the dildo was no longer moving, just filling me.

Everything was silent and it stayed that way for what seemed to be hours before I finally heard Dylan say,

“Hey there Esther, are you okay, you look knackered, it’s a good job that I didn’t set the timer for an hour. Are you ready to be released?”

I nodded my head and Dylan started to release me.

When I finally got to my feet Dylan said,

“Jeez Esther, that towel that I put under your butt is soaking. If we left you there with that machine running for hours you’d die of dehydration not being fucked to death. I think that we need to sort out some sort of drinks machine that you can sip from as you get fucked.”

“I am a bit thirsty.”

Dylan got me a drink, helped me get into the shower then he joined me.

“Is your pussy sore?” Dylan asked me as he gently soaped me between my legs.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You pussy really is good at self lubrication.”

After drying both of us we went to bed where we cuddled and talked about how we could setup some safeguards. We didn’t come up with any ideas as to how I could release myself in an emergency but Dylan did say that he would put a timer on the mains electricity supply so that I would at least get some respite at times.

Inevitably, we ended up fucking and went to sleep with Dylan’s cock inside me and one of his hands cupping one of my tits.
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