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It was on a Monday night when my lady Veronica gleefully informed me: “My girlfriend Jennifer, told me about two young men she and her man met at a party. According to her they were drop dead gorgeous, at first glance she thought they may have been bi, one of them in particular."
"You remember Jennifer and her man, they are around the same age us, a good looking couple. She told told me the men approached them and after some small talk they propositioned her and her man. She told me they were very forthright, the boys told her they would love to sexually pleasure their naked bodies.

“She told me it was very flattering, and arousing, to be propositioned by two much younger men, only boys really. She told the boys she was keen on the idea, though her man was reticent. When her man went to the bathroom, the two boys followed him and stood either side of him at the urinal. When they returned her man was flushed and red faced and the boys had a self satisfied smile.

“You can guess what happened can’t you? The boys exposed themselves to him, their cock and balls hanging out of their trousers. ‘Those boys are huge he told her in a whisper. Tell them yes.’

“She told me a week later they visited the boys in their inner city condo. Just as they expected it was immaculately furnished in minimalist style. The boys took them into a softly lit room they called their entertainment room, with sexy, slow saxophone music playing. Lots of mirrors, a large day bed and some stools and chairs.

“The boys asked Jennifer and her man to undress them. Wonderful six-pack bodies and huge cocks she told me. It immediately became obvious which of the boys wanted her man and he him, she told me. Then they watched the boys undress Jennifer and her man.

“We were sitting opposite each other, watching each other as the boys gave us cunnilingus and fellatio. They were incredibly good. After my man’s reticence when they first propositioned us he couldn’t get enough. He was like a boy in a toy shop when he gave reverse fellatio, she told me.

“I couldn’t help asking her if she gave her boy fellatio. Yes, the boys were sitting side by side on a double stool, I was kneeing alongside my man while he was doing the same to his boy, she told me. So erotic, something we had never done before side by side.”

“Would you and your man like to meet the boys she asked me? Tempting I told her, do you have any pics? Have a look at the pics she sent to my phone.

“Wow,” count me in I told her, instantly aroused by the pics. Two well hung boys, mid twenties, flaunting their naked six pack bodies in various poses. Then some more pics of them, one sucking an older man’s erection, the other tongue fucking what I assumed was the man’s glamorous lady.

The night before the boys were due I had an erotic dream. I was standing with my back to the wall while I enjoyed the two boys ogling my absolute boner after Veronica slid my tight, low cut jeans to the floor, then my high waisted black, male thong. Apart from her heels she was totally naked as she licked and sucked my nipples, then slid her wet tongue along my torso before she licked the full length of my erection with it.

“He must be close to ten-inches,” I could hear one of the boys whisper as Veronica slid my erection between her pursed lips.

“And thick,” the boy added. “And look at her big ass, magnificent.” Though that was not quite the way it turned out.

After the boys arrived and they introduced themselves, Laurence and Troy, Veronica and me looked them over and they us. Huge sexual tension and sexual anticipation all round. Veronica was determined to make a strong first impression on the boys. ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression,’ she keeps reminding me. The boys were rapt with her under stated, though sexy appearance, Heels, an off-white cocktail dress and a white designer jacket, a wonderful contrast to her tanned skin.

“Are you comfortable with us boys?,” Veronica asked after we moved to the room we reserve for our sexual activities. “Good, James will explain our rules while I get changed for you. When I return I expect all of you to be naked for me,” she told us before she handed each of us a bottle of oil.

The three of us were resting against high stools, our legs spread, after I explained, “Veronica and I are gender fluid, our rules are outer sex, oral sex only, no fucking, that leaves a lot of exciting options. We both want to be sexually pleasured by you boys,” I told them as they mimicked me undressing for them.

Shoes first, then shirts, trousers and jock straps as we compared each others flaccid cocks while we watched each other oil our torsos, teasing each other. Exciting sexual tension, while we kept on watching each other applying oil to our naked bodies, teasing on our nipples with oily fingertips, not a word spoken before Veronica reappeared with a huge, confident smile.

“So pleased you are all naked for me boys,” she smiled full of confidence and the centre of attention. “Now get an erection for me, and each other. A real boner for me. Impress me.”

When she returned minutes later she had removed the black cocktail dress and was almost naked, apart from her heels and the white designer jacket, her legs, breasts, nipples and shaved black triangle an instant turn on for the boys and me.

“Oh wow,” Laurence and I exclaimed as Veronica passed hands on hips for us and pirouetted for us, her ass an extra turn on, though Troy barely looked at her, focusing instead on my now almost fully erect cock.

The three of us were teasing our cocks to achieve a full on erection for each other and Veronica as we ogled her almost naked body and each other’s naked body. I was pleased at the attention Laurence and Troy were giving me as I accepted Veronica’s challenge, “Now get an erection for me, and each other. A real boner for me. Impress me.”

The boys confirmed their preferences when Troy licked my nipples while he ran a fingertip along my erection while I was resting against the stool. Veronica was relishing the other boy, Laurence licking and sucking her nipples before he knelt and licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

“Your man is enjoying the attention my buddy Troy is giving him, he is a big boy, he must be almost ten-inches and thick, wonderful eye candy,” Laurence, Veronica’s boy told her as he took Veronica’s hands. “What can I do for your pleasure? And mine?”

“Worship my big ass, lick and kiss it some more while my man watches,” she whispered, legs spread, as she leaned against the wall with her back to the boys. Incredibly arousing for me, my erection throbbing, watching a boy worshiping my lady’s big ass. Her naked ass looked absolutely magnificent below her designer jacket as Troy licked and kissed her magnificent ass cheeks, each side in turn as she clenched it for him. And me.

“Do you like watching baby?,” she teased, her back to the wall as her boy licked and sucked her nipples before he grasped her ass cheeks and commenced licking her cunt lips as she arched her body forward to soak up the pleasure.

“I love watching,” I told her. standing alongside her my legs spread as Troy wrapped his lips around my erection, after kissing and licking it.

“Do you like watching baby?,” she asked again, now sitting on a chair opposite me, with her boy Lawrence, kneeling between her legs, one thigh over his shoulder, as he tongue fucked her cunt lips, his fingertips teasing her erect nipples.

“We are emulating each other baby, we both have a boy teasing our nipples. I am watching your boy sucking on your wet erection, his fingertips teasing your erect nipples while you watch my boy tongue fucking me.”

Our deviate exhibitionist streaks love watching each other receiving sexual pleasure. That day was was even more exciting with two boys, much younger than us, with wonderful toned bodies and huge erections. Outer sex / oral sex only, no fucking. A huge bonus turn on watching each other being pleasured, receiving oral sex, from two much younger boys.

The next day Veronica asked me to listen in with her phone on speaker when her girlfriend, the one who made the introductions phoned.

“Well, did you and James have the two boys, Lawrence and Troy?”

“They had us. Lawrence tongue fucked me, while Troy gave James a blow job.”

“What did you wear for them Veronica?”

“You know me, the three men were naked when walked in, almost naked, apart from my heels and a white designer jacket.

“Were you impressed with the boy’s naked bodies and their erections Veronica?”

“We both were, though neither of them were as big as my man James, Troy was impressed. He had never given fellatio to a man with a thick, almost ten-inch erection. James was rapt as he teased and edged him to huge, noisy orgasm. Lawrence and I watched as he was breathing heavily, his body shaking as Troy took him over the edge.”

“What about you Veronica, did Lawrence give you an orgasm?”

“I lost count, you know I am multi-orgasmic. Yes. I did squirt for him while James and Troy watched.

“Do you have any plans for the rest of the day Veronica?”

“After lunch James and I are going to make love, then fuck each other’s brains out. We are still horny after those two boys. Would you like to come and around and watch?”

“Yes, I would. What time? One last thing, you have never told me James is almost ten-inches. How exciting, I look forward to confirming it. See you this afternoon. What should I wear for you and James?”

“Less is more, impress us both.”
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