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“Would you like to meet some of our friends?,” John asked as we watched each other shower again in our story, BIG JOHN and HIS PENTHOUSE PET.

“Tempting, very tempting,” I replied a little later as June scrolled through some pics of their friends on a large computer screen. “Incredibly tempting,” I whispered as a pic of June with a naked woman came up.
“That’s April, one of my Penthouse Pet girlfriends, impressive isn’t she,” June told me with a hand on my naked ass.

“Even more tempting, June wants me to meet her with one of her Penthouse Pet girlfriends, April.” I told my man Roger on the way home in the limo. “Lesbian sex with two Penthouse Pets, would you mind? So exciting for my ego and my libido. I will tell you all about it sexy detail, I promise.”

“When Sarah,” he asked his tacit approval obvious.

“I promised you I would tell you all about my meeting with June and April in sexy detail,” I told my man Roger two weeks later after my meeting with them.

He was sitting on a stool in our bathroom, looking at my naked body as I had a bath, just hours after I had enjoyed wonderful lesbian sex with June and April, two former Penthouse Pets.

“Do you really want to know? In detail?,” I teased. Then get naked for me while I tell you. I want to see if I can turn you on and give you an erection while I share my afternoon with you. Are you ready?

“When I arrived at April’s condo the one thing I wanted, and my ego wanted, more than anything at that moment was a tongue fuck from a Penthouse Pet, perhaps two Penthouse Pets, something I could boast to my girlfriends about, some one upmanship. I had gone to great trouble to look good for them. The night before I had you trim my pubes into the sexy black triangle you prefer.

“I was determined to make an impression as soon as I arrived, Deep down I was fantasizing about you watching me have lesbian sex with two Penthouse Pets, something I felt sure you would enjoy. I wore killer heels, the ones with sexy straps and the black, backless cocktail dress you like. It was just long enough to cover the tops of my stockings fastened to my garter belt, the classic seduction look. Nothing else, no knickers, no bra, less was more at that moment.

“Oh wow, you are hot, June speaks highly of you,” April told me as we tongue kissed by way of greeting, her hand on my bare back.

“Would you like to see the layout I did for Penthouse?,” April asked me. “Some of those shots were too risqué even for Penthouse,” she told me as I admired her naked body in sexy poses, some with naked men. As well as the man taking the pics there is always a small team involved, males and females, lighting, make up, props, all of them looking at my naked body.

“A wonderful feeling when your naked body is the center of attention for males and females watching at the same time. And the thought of millions of readers looking at your pics for years to come as sexual stimulation is an extra buzz. Would you like to see June’s layout? These pics are of June and me, we were much younger then. Her tits are even better now. We had some very erotic sexual experiences in those days, lesbian sex with other Penthouse Pets watching, as well as four-ways with men and women.

“Just you April and me today Sarah, no men, we have unfinished business,” June told me while we tongue kissed as April watched on. “In case you were wondering Sarah, yes April has had my man John, just as you have while I watched.”

“June was almost naked, heels, a gold chain around her waist and a cup-less black bra, the nipples on her large tits already erect. I couldn’t help paying special attention to the way her jet black pubes had been trimmed over her bald cunt lips, a long thin, mohawk style. I like it and I could see April did also.

“I hope you left your inhibitions at home Sarah, you can say and do as you like here, only June and I will ever know, and we never tell,” April told me as she shrugged off her black diaphanous negligee. “My Penthouse Pet body is not what it once was, though not bad for thirty something she smiled as I admired her naked body. Just the type of ripe body I had expected and wanted. Wonderful long legs, very good hips and ass, though not as good as mine, I mused immodestly. And good large tits, 36C she told me later, with nipples to match. You know I like a lover with large tits.

“June told me her man John was impressed with your ass Sarah, he couldn’t get enough of it. And I can understand why,” April told me as she lifted my dress while June was tongue kissing me. “You wear that garter belt beautifully Sarah, a perfect match for your magnificent, big ass. And I love the way you trim your cunt lips, a beautiful black triangle, highlighted by your garter belt.

“Now relax while June and I give you sapphic pleasure, lesbian sex,” April told me as she removed my dress. “Leave your heels, stockings and garter belt on, they are a turn on for us. Stand with your back to the wall facing the wall mirror, now put one foot on that stool. That is hot, wonderful thighs, you are wide open for us. You are a very fuckable woman Sarah, for both sexes.

“Now you can watch and enjoy us tongue fucking you, me first,” April told me with June standing alongside me, teasing my nipples with a fingertip as she tongue kissed me.

“Cunnilingus has to be in the upper echelon of sex acts for me, being eaten out by a man or a woman. Such an intimate act, one of the most intimate things you can do. You know I love receiving cunnilingus, simply because it feels awesome. That day with two former Penthouse Pets giving me cunnilingus it was more than awesome - and magical. April was obviously very experienced and incredibly good.

“So good,” I whispered as I had one leg over over April’s shoulder while June was watching while licking and sucking my nipples.She quickly had me close to my first orgasm. She wasn’t depending solely on her tongue as she brought her lips into the mix. I learnt long ago the tongue isn’t the only part of the mouth that is capable of generating sexual pleasure. Lips can lend an exceptionally pleasurable experience to oral sex. April was creating entirely new sensations for me with her lips, using them to kiss and caress my vulva to ascertain which of her techniques was the most exciting for me.

“You really are very talented,” I whispered as she alternated using the tip of her tongue, then flat tongue, then her lips as she explored my vulva, all three techniques feeling a little different and providing subtly different sensations.

“After circling my vulva with her tongue, she did the the same with her fingers, using using light, moderate, then deep pressure, exploring my preferences. Instead of steady tongue pressure on my clitoris or swirling moves around it, she was using the tip of her tongue to tease me, just the underside of my clitoral shaft with light, little licks around every 10 to 15 seconds. A sure way get me to orgasm, again.

“I was so enjoying the sexual pleasure April was giving me, I hardly heard June’s phone ring. “It’s John, he wants to know if you are with April and I Sarah,” she told me as she switched the phone to speaker.

“Is April seducing Sarah like you planned?,” I could hear him ask

“Yes, she is tongue fucking her at this very moment.”

“Can I speak to Sarah?”

“Hi Sarah, are you enjoying April and June?”

“Yes I am, April is tongue fucking me right at this moment, she is very talented,” I whispered, an extra buzz speaking to a man while his Penthouse lady and her Penthouse friend were giving me exquisite lesbian pleasure.

“Your magnificent, big ass alone would have made you a wonderful Penthouse Pet,” April told me while I was laying face down on the day bed while she watched June smear oil over my body, my back, then my thighs. She was watching in the ceiling mirror as I had my arms wrapped around her thighs, tongue fucking her.

I wasn’t sure which part of me wanted to tongue fuck her the most, my libido or my ego, though long after I have satiated my libido, my ego will remember and enjoy the thought of sexually pleasuring a former Penthouse Pet, a few years younger than me.

“I was trying to replicate some of the pleasure April had given me with her tongue while she watched in the ceiling mirror as June was smearing oil over my inner thighs. Then over my ass cheeks, as I recalled her words, “Your magnificent, big ass alone would have made you a wonderful Penthouse Pet, Sarah.”

“My libido and my ego were in overdrive when April starting whispering, so good, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, while June was teasing my ass with her oily fingertips.

“I promised you I would tell you all about my meeting with June and April in sexy detail,” I reminded my man Roger, still sitting on the stool in our bathroom, looking at my naked body while in the bath, though by now with an erection pointing toward me.

“Do you want me to continue? Yes?

“I was so pleased with myself, bringing Penthouse Pet April to a long noisy orgasm with my tongue and a fingertip while June was watching and tongue kissing her.

“Do you want me to go on Roger? Yes? April and June had me on my back on the day bed, a pillow under my ass, my legs spread hanging over the edge of the bed. June was sitting on my face so I could lick her cunt lips while she watched April slide a vibrator into me. Then a much larger one, I had never seen one anything like it. It felt incredible. Then April removed it and inserted her middle finger into me. That woman knew how to please. She curled her finger into my g-spot, she was so good.

“I was moaning involuntarily, gunna squirt, gunna squirt, I couldn’t hold back. Not yet, not yet Sarah April teased as she removed her finger, I want to edge you some more. Edge you some more she teased as she reinserted her finger into me. Edge you some more she whispered as she teased my g-spot with her fingertip.

“I couldn’t hold back any longer as I almost screamed, gunna squirt, gunna squirt, gunna squirt, gunna squirt. Awesome Sarah, just awesome April and June told me as they watched.

“Was I naughty Roger? Did I breach our rules? I think you enjoyed listening to my little story. Do you still love me? I asked him with a hand on his erection. Would a hand job right now make you happy? Yes? And perhaps a golden shower tomorrow?”
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