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By chance, Freya is offered a job as a Magician's Assistant and things couldn't have worked out better for her.
The Magician

by Vanessa Evans

Part 3

Back at the theatre I got myself ready then jumped up on the counter, spread my legs and

waited for Mike to return from making some final adjustments.

“Desert or the bunting first?” I asked.

“Actually Jodie, I want to try something first. Don’t move.”

I didn’t and was a little surprised when Mike produced the vibrating egg and presented it to my vagina. I was a little surprised to see my pussy almost grab it from Mike’s hand and suck it in. Then Mike picked up the bunting.

“The egg AND the bunting, I don’t think that I can take both.”

“One way to find out.”

With a little help from me towards the end of the 10 metres, we did manage to get it all in.

“I feel so full.”

“Use your muscles to keep it all and don’t expel it when I do this to you.”

“Oh fuck.” I said as Mike’s mouth found my pussy.

One magic trick that Mike does very well, is to eat pussy, although he has been my only one so far so I can’t really compare him to others. Maybe he’ll make me let others eat me on stage so I can compare him. Whatever, he really makes me feel wonderful and cum quickly.

“You were a bit dry Jodie,” Mike said as he surfaced and wiped his mouth after I’d climaxed, “next time I get my desert before loading up your pussy.”

“There’s going to be a next time then?” I asked.

“Yes there is, I want you totally relaxed when you walk out onto that stage.”

“So every day at this time then?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

“Oh it will, it definitely will.”

“Right, lingerie on please Jodie and don’t forget to tie it on very loosely.”

As I was doing that I saw that Mike was putting cuffs on my wrists and ankles and that each of them had a ‘D’ shaped ring on them but I didn’t have time to ask Mike what they were for. I doubted that he would tell me anyway.

This time I gave myself a front wedgie before tying the strings. Only my clit was covered before the fabric spread to cover part of my bald pubis. As Mike checked his watch for the exact time to go on stage, I said,

“Mike, what do you think of the idea of me getting some lingerie that has no fabric, only strings?”

“I love that idea Jodie, we’ll order some when we get back to the hotel, now, it’s time, let’s go.”

I wasn’t quite as nervous as we walked onto the stage and after I’d done my curtsy I stood closer to the front of the stage waiting for Mike to need me. I’d stood with my feet shoulder width apart and when I glanced down I saw one guy looking up at me rather than at Mike. I smiled to myself felt my 3 protrusions start to tingle.

The rest of the first half of the show went much the same as the previous day, even him making my lingerie disappear. I still managed to have that same rush when I suddenly became totally naked in front of all those people, and when Mike announced that he was going to hypnotise me my heartbeat increased. My imagination went into overdrive as I went through some of the things that I thought, and hoped, that he’d make me do.

As Mike was softly ‘putting me under’. I tried my best to block out what he was saying and re-live the pleasure that I got when he went down on me. It must have worked because I nearly missed him clicking his fingers once and saying the word ‘elephant’.

I stared straight ahead as I eagerly awaited for him to make me do things to convince the audience that I was in some sort of hypnotic state.

Mike got me to do the same stupid things that I’d done the previous day except that when he asked the audience for suggestion although no one suggested that I masturbate, what a man did suggest was that Mike should finger me.

“Oh no, an employer could never do that to an employee. Think of all the headlines in the newspapers if what happened here tonight got out? …………. Unless, that is, if you all promised that what happens here tonight stays here. Could you all promise that?”

Of course everyone agreed and Mike send me for the chair.

As soon as I was perched on the edge of the chair with my legs spread wide, I heard Mike say,

“Are you sure that none of you will tell anyone who is not here what I am about to do? I don’t want to end up in jail?”

“Do it. Do it. Do it. The audience started chanting.

As I felt his finger touch my pussy I suddenly wondered if he’d be able to get a finger in me, was there enough space with all that bunting and the egg in there?

I needn’t have worried and I loudly gasped as I felt his finger slide all the way in. Mike was stood beside me so I knew that the audience could see that he wasn’t faking it.

After pumping in and out a few times I heard Mike click his finger then say,

“Wow, Jodie is a HORNY girl, she really is wet in there.”

An orgasm had already been building and I was close to the edge but Mike saying ‘horny’ took me over that edge and my orgasm exploded out of me and if Mike’s hand hadn’t of been on my pussy I’m sure that I would have fallen off the chair.

Once I’d settled down, Mike did his card trick where he sent me out into the audience, and yes, hands did wander and I had to again move on quickly when a finger started to enter me. I couldn’t have a member of the audience discovering that there was already something inside me.

The bunting falling off the wall was next and there were a few gasps as the 10 metres slowly came out of me. Mike didn’t need to say ‘horny’ as the friction again made me cum.

Just as the last of the bunting came out of me I felt the egg burst into life. The vibrations weren’t very strong but vibration that deep inside me were a new experience to me. Okay I’d got a vibrator at home that I’d used on myself but I’d never pushed it that deep inside me.

I could feel my pussy literally leaking as I heard Mike announce that I needed to be punished for hiding the bunting and I realised that I was actually looking forward to being spanked.

But this time, Mike didn’t have me bend over and hold my ankles, instead he went and wheeled the vaulting horse to the front and parallel to the edge of the stage before telling me to bend over it with my back to the audience.

I did, and it was then that I found out what the ankle and wrist cuffs were for as Mike clipped ropes to the ‘D’ rings leaving my legs spread so wide that it was hurting a little. I wondered if any of the audience could see the egg inside me.

“Right,” Mike announced, “I think that we are ready for the punishment.”

He then asked for 4 volunteers who he got to spank me just like the previous day, but the strange thing was that I was enjoying it, and I could feel an orgasm building.

Unfortunately, that orgasm didn’t arrive before the spankings ended and as Mike was releasing me he said,

“Well ladies and gentlemen, Jodie wasn’t screaming her head off in pain so I think that she needs another punishment, Jodie, turn the vaulting horse round so that one of the ends is facing the audience.”

I did and then Mike told me to climb on it and lay along it on my back. As I did so I just knew which way round Mike wanted me so I perched my butt near the end and lay back wondering what was in store for me. My legs naturally fell apart and I felt Mike attaching the ropes to all 4 cuffs, pulling my legs even further apart.

There was a silence for a few seconds and I couldn’t see where Mike was, then I saw him walking towards me holding one of those wand vibrators. Of course I’d seen them on the internet but I didn’t own one so I didn’t know how good they were. The other thing was that the egg vibrator inside me was still vibrating, albeit not that strongly.

Mike held the wand up, switched it on and said,

“Who would like to punish Jodie with this?”

I couldn’t see but I could certainly hear people shouting,

“Me, me.”

Mike ***********ed a few and when I turned my head towards that steps up onto the stage I saw 2 guys and one girl step onto the stage.

“Oh my gawd, they’re going to kill me, I’m going to be vibrated to death.”

Of course I wasn’t, even if there were times when those 3 people made me convinced that I was about to die.

Mike got the 3 of them to stand by my side then one of the guys was the first to use the wand on me but he was pressing it too hard against me, but he did manage to get me to the edge before Mike said that his time was up.

It was the girl next and as she got real close to me she said,

“That’s quite an impressive clit you’ve got there honey.”

Then she just touched my clit with the wand.

Oh my gawd, that was amazing and the girl held the wand just touching my clit as an orgasm took control of my body. My butt rose up as I tried to push against the wand but the girl kept moving it so that it was just touching the end of my clit.

My head was rolling from side to side as I cursed and let everyone know how good I felt.

It seemed like hours before Mike told the girl that her time was up and my body collapsed down onto the vaulting horse. I was totally spent.

The second guy took the wand from Mike and when the vibrating end touched my clit I gasped and tried to move back from it. The guy must have bottled it because the wand didn’t touch my clit again, he seemed to be thinking that just holding against my vaginal entrance would be good enough for me.

It was good, but not good enough to make me cum again, even with the egg still vibrating.

Finally, it was over and Mike released me.

We were stood side by side when Mike said,

“Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s just about it, but just to prove that Jodie is still in a hypnotic trance, Jodie, please pretend to be a chicken again.”

I managed to find the energy to do just that but just as I thought that I’d done enough Mike said,

“Wait, I recognise that look on your face, are you about to lay an egg Jodie?”

I took the hint and expelled the egg which hit the wooden floor and started dancing around.

Mike clicked his fingers and said the word ‘giraffe’ and I shook my head, looked all around me. As I looked down I saw the egg still dancing around.

“That’s it, thank you everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the show, take care and goodnight.”

Mike took a bow and I did a curtsey and he led me off the stage.

“How did that egg come out of me Mike, did I have an accident?”

Mike didn’t answer me because he pulled me back onto the stage for an encore. Somehow I managed to do another curtsey then we left the stage.

Back in the dressing room Mike said,

“That’s 2 you’ve done now Jodie, you were fantastic again, how was it for you?”

“My butt hurts again and I’m knackered, what did you make me do?”

Mike just smiled as I collapsed into one of the chairs.

“You don’t remember do you Jodie?”

“No.” I lied.

I just sat there for a couple of minutes then jumped up and said,

“Right, where’s my dress, I’m hungry. Shame that this place doesn’t have a shower, whatever you made me do has left me all sweaty.”

“Most of the venues that I perform at do have a shower, just not this one.”

“Good, I’ll look forward to a nice warm shower after you’ve abused my body, or whatever it is you do to me, you really made me sweaty.”

“We could go straight back to the hotel and get room service to prepare something for us. Oh wait, that would be you. How do you fancy a Chinese restaurant?”

“That sounds good.”

Fifteen minutes later we were walking towards a Chinese restaurant that Mike said was good.

As we walked I said,

“Mike, I’ve had that egg inside me a couple of times now but it hasn’t been switched on, and was that one of those wand vibrators that I saw you put in your props box when we tidied up before we left? I’ve never had vibrators like those and I don’t know what it would feel like, can I borrow then and try them out please?”

Most of that was a lie but I had to convince Mike that I didn’t remember what had happened when I was ‘under’.

“Tell you what Jodie, I’ll buy you one of each.”

“Thanks Mike, you such a good boss.”

The food was good then we made our way back to the hotel. We said goodnight and headed to our rooms where I stripped and went and had a shower.

That made me feel much better and I had a naught thought. After I’d dried my hair I left my room, still totally naked, and went and gently knocked on Mikes door. He was just wearing his boxers when he opened the door and I walked passed him and didn’t say anything until I was in his bed.

“If we are going to have to share a bed at some future venue I thought that we should get some practice right now, besides, I have to repay you for going down on me earlier.”

Mike smiled and got into bed beside me.

It wasn’t the first blowjob that I’d given and Mike certainly wasn’t complaining, but just before I sensed that he was about to cum I backed off then straddled him and impaled myself on his cock.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Jodie.” Mike said after he’d cum inside me. “I’m nearly 10 years older than you.”

“I don’t care.” I replied, “I just needed a cock inside me. Can you do this to me every night?”

“We shouldn’t Jodie.”

“But we will won’t we?”

“Well I guess that I shouldn’t argue with my employee”.

“We do need to get lots of practice for if we go to a hotel where we can only get one room with one bed.” I replied as I cuddled up to Mike.



The rest of the days that we had shows in my little town went roughly the same as the previous 2 days, but there were some differences.

For starters, the new lingerie arrived and within a week I was only wearing the strings only bras and G-strings when I walked out onto the stage for the evening shows. I just love standing at the front of the stage for ages with my feet well apart and my tits and pussy framed by the strings. I really liked what I saw in the mirror so I hoped that the audience would like it.

When the weather was good, in between the shows we went onto the beach and I sunbathed wearing just one of those strings only sets. I was amazed that no one seemed to notice that there no fabric between the strings.

The second difference was that on windy days I discovered that I loved wearing really short skirts and just letting the wind blow them all over the place. Before I had ‘changed’ I’d scream and press my hand on the sides of my skirts to stop the wind exposing my knickers.

The third different was Tom, or should I say what Tom started. After flashing my pussy to him in the shoe shop he must have told some of his friends and the story went viral around the town. I first realised this when I got a phone call from one of my friends, Chloe, telling me that there was a rumour about me doing the rounds and that I should look at my social media.

Now I’ve never been a great fan of social media and I hadn’t checked mine for days. When I did check I was amazed at all the posts about me. Some were from shocked people, some from girls who said that I was brave, and some who called me a slut and other names.

I got the impression that everyone that I knew had posted something but I was pleased that my mother and father don’t use social media.

I have to admit that I was both shocked and excited when I read them and I just had to rub one out before I could do anything else.

The fourth difference was a follow-up of the third one. When I’m on the stage because of the lights, I only really look at the faces of the first couple of rows to see if there’s a cute guy that I can stand in front off. I guess that I should have expected it but after I’d being working for a week or so, I was surprised when I saw some of my friends in the audience of an evening show when Mike had send me out into the audience to get people to *********** a playing card. I was just shuffling down a row facing the people and a hand grabbed my thigh and I heard a familiar voice say,

“Hi there Jodie, not seen you for a while, how are you?”

I was shocked, I looked at the face to confirm that it was Justin, one of my male friends. Okay I’d fucked him in a shop doorway one night and he’d seen bits if my bare skin but I was totally naked so close to him that he was touching my bare thigh, and his hand was moving up to my pussy.

“Oh my gawd Justin, what the hell are you doing here?”

“We’ve come to see if the rumours were right, and bloody hell, they are but we never expected you to be totally naked and letting guys grope you.”

I looked down lower and saw that he was holding his phone right in front of my pussy and it looked like he was recording. I also looked further along the row and saw Luke, Harry and George, all looking at me and smiling.

“Jeez guys, it’s not me, it’s a doppelganger.”

“Oh it is you Jodie, I’ recognise those nipple anywhere.” Harry said.

“Please guys, leave now.”

“No chance,” George said, “the rumour has been right so far so we’re hanging around to see if the rest of the rumour is right.”

“Shit.” I thought, but my tingling was turning into a throbbing. “

I could have backed-up to get someone to take a card, and my brain was telling me to do that, but I shuffled further along the row as stood for a few second in front of each of my mates and each of them groped my pussy.

My brain was all mixed up but I knew that I had to make a decision fast and I decided to just carry on as if my mates weren’t there.

The fifth difference just happened to start that same night. Mike had decided to change things a bit and he got 5 people from the audience to perform cunnilingus on me whilst I was tied down on the vaulting horse, and guess what, he chose a couple of my mates as 2 of the 5 lucky people.

I could see them in the queue and just felt like crawling into a corner and dying but the first 2 in the queue made me cum and when it got to Luke and Harry’s turns I actually said to each of them,

“Come on, make me cum.”

Luke did but Harry didn’t.

Justin, Luke, Harry and George weren’t the only 4 of my friends that came to see the show, I reckon that nearly all of the male friends and half of my girl friends did as well. I really wanted to kill Tom for spreading the word, but at the same time I got to be proud of what I was doing.

Chloe was one of my girl friends that came to see me and when I shuffled in front of her to let someone *********** a playing card, she said,

“I never imagined that you’d ever do this sort of thing Jodie, but seeing how much you are enjoying it I say, go for it girl.”

“Thanks Chloe.” I replied as she ran a finger along my slit.

My other girl friends said that they too were amazed at my job choice but I was sure that when they were telling me I could detect a bit jealousy in their voices.

My other guy friends, well, all they wanted to do was look and my naked body and grope me whenever they got the chance.

It got to the stage where I would scan the audience for my friends as I walked down the steps from the stage, then I’d deliberately choose their rows.

The sixth difference, well it wasn’t really a difference, but during the last week in our town I realised that Mike wasn’t making me give blowjobs, nor was he getting the audience to gang-bang me. Okay I was giving Mike blowjobs and we were fucking, but that was at the hotel. As soon as I realised what wasn’t happening on stage I couldn’t stop thinking that I wanted them to happen, but what could I do? If I told Mike what I wanted I would be admitting that his hypnotism wasn’t working and that was the last thing that I wanted because I had no idea if he’d stop making me do all the other things that he was getting me to do.

It was a dilemma that I didn’t know how to handle, I just hoped that Mike would start making me do those things.


The other thing that changed over those few weeks was that I got to know Mike better, professionally that is, and I started to anticipate his needs. That gave us more time when we weren’t working and we spent many hours talking and walking. Usually, when the weather was good, on the beach. I took him to my sunbathing place and we often spent time there talking whilst I worked on getting rid of my white bits.

We sometimes played a game of dare although it was him giving me the dares all the time. Without him hypnotising me he often dared me to take my top and skirt, or dress, off when we were out in public. I’ve ended up being naked in places like the park or the middle of the beach during the daytime, and after the show, on the streets.

One time he must have been planning ahead because he got me to wear just a very short, loose fitting dress, one that I usually wear a T-shirt under because it scoops very low at the front. Without the T-shirt I quickly discovered that the loose scoop often moved to one side letting one, or both of my little tits escape. Mike took me to one of the amusement arcades and as we played on some of the machines one of my tits frequently was uncovered. Also, when I bent over I was sure that anyone behind me could see half of my butt and my pussy.

He once dared me to walk back to the hotel from the theatre totally naked. Okay, it was at night but there were still quite a few people around and I got a few cheers and comments from the people leaving the pubs.

That walk really did make me horny and I went straight to Mike’s room and we fucked for ages.


Finally, the run of shows at our town’s pier theatre came to an end and it was time to move on. What I hadn’t expected was for Chloe and Harry to be in the audience that last performance. I’d spotted them when I peaked round the curtain just before Mike went down on me and I pointed them out to Mike.

“Going to miss your friends are you Jodie? What are their names?”

I told him thinking nothing more of it as I was eagerly awaiting Mike’s mouth on my pussy.

When it came to me going into the audience with the deck of cards I deliberately shuffled along the row that Chloe and Harry were sat on because I wanted to give Harry one more chance to see what he was missing.

As Harry was sliding his hand up the inside of my thigh Chloe quietly said,

“Meet me on the beach at 10 in the morning.”

As Mike was having a day’s rest before we moved on I had the time so I nodded to Chloe.

A bit later when Mike was ***********ing people to come onto the stage to use the magic wand on me, I was surprised that he asked for Chloe and Henry by name. I watched their faces as they used the wand on me. Chloe had a smile on her face when she used the wand and Henry’s expression was pure lust. Both of them made me cum.

The next morning, which was a Saturday, I met Chloe at our usual meeting place on the beach and she said, let’s walk and talk. As we walked she asked me if I was really hypnotised because she didn’t believe in hypnotism. I thought for a second then said,

“Promise that you will tell no one, not even our friends?”

“I promise.”

“Cross your heart and hope to die.”

Chloe did.

“Okay, no I wasn’t hypnotised, I never have been, it didn’t work, possibly because I was so wound up about being naked on stage. Whatever the reason, it didn’t work, but I knew that Mike needed me to be hypnotised so for the sake of the show I just went along with it.”

“So you did all those things knowing what you were doing, and you remember everything that Mike made you do, even me using that wand on you and making you cum?”

“Yes, it was awesome.”

“Fucking hell Jodie, what the fuck has happened to you?”

“I’ve discovered my body in ways that I never imagined before. Like I’ve got no underwear on at the moment it feel great, I get a real rush when I’m naked in front of people, you should try it Chloe, it’s amazing.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“Take it in small steps, go and try some new shoes on and flash you knickers to Tom, see how good that makes you feel.”


“So is this Mike your lover then Jodie?” Chloe asked.

“No, more of a work colleague with benefits.” I replied.

By then we’d got to the end of the beach and I was surprised to see all the gang there.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We’ve come to give you a send-off that you’ll remember.”

Some cans of beer appeared and we all got talking. After a while George said,

“So Jodie, off to Northbourne to do the show there then? I hope those lucky bastards appreciate you as much as we do. So are you hypnotised all the time then?”

I decided to have a bit of fun and replied,

“Yes, all it takes is for a guy to click his fingers and say the word ‘kangaroo’ and I will do anything that you tell me. Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. You won’t say that word will you?”

I saw and heard George click his fingers and say the word ‘kangaroo’. I smiled inside and put a blank expression on my face.

“Bloody hell, it looks like it worked George,” William said, “tell her to strip off, I couldn’t get to the theatre so I didn’t get to see her naked.”

“Take your clothes off Jodie.” George said.

“Okay, why not,” I thought, “just about everyone here has already seen me naked.”

So I did.

“No bra or knickers.” Angela said, “that’s brave.”

“Couldn’t you tell that she didn’t have a bra on Angela,” Harry said, “she hasn’t been wearing one for months. You can tell by the chapel hat pegs, or don’t you girls look at each others chests.”

“Not in the way that you guys do.” Chloe replied.

“Exhibitionist girls don’t wear knickers.” Harry said.

“How would you know Harry?” Chloe asked.

“Well Jodie is definitely an exhibitionist, she’s not wearing any now and when I saw on that stage she wasn’t wearing anything.”

“That was part of the show dummy.” Chloe said.

“Whatever guys,” George said, “shall we get her to bring herself off?”

George didn’t wait for an answer and he said,

“Jodie, make yourself cum.”

So I did.

Because all my male mates were staring at me it didn’t take long, but I did have a problem staying on my feet when I was cumming.

Orgasm over, George asked everyone what he should get me to do next.

“Well we could get her to give all us guys blowjobs but that wouldn’t be fair on the girls.”

“Well we could get her to eat all of us girls to even things out.” Harry suggested.

“All that would take forever and I have to be at work in an hour.” Justin said.

“How about we get her to walk the whole length of the beach like she is right now?” George said.

“She might enjoy it.” Justin said, then added, “any of you other girls want to strip off and join Jodie in a little naked walk?”

My girl friends just laughed as George said,

“Jodie, walk to the other end of the beach then back.”

“Oh my gawd,” I thought, “I can’t chicken out because they’ll all know that I wasn’t hypnotised, I’m going to have to do it.”

I started walking as my heart started pounding and my 3 protrusions started tingling,

As I got closer to where people were that tingling turned into a throbbing. It was still early for the beach-goers but there were still a few there and some of them were staring at me.

“Act like I’m doing nothing wrong.” I told myself.

On and on I walked with more and more people stopping whatever they were doing and staring at me.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I got to the end and turned to walk back. This was nothing like the walks that Mike had dared me to do, it was broad daylight on a public beach with people having nothing better to do than stare at the naked girl. I just hoped that no one called the police.

As I got back to my friends I was feeling so relieved, but I’d done it, naked in a public beach during the day.

“Wow, Jodie, no one stopped you and told you to put some clothes on.“ Harry said.

“With her tiny tits and a bald pussy people probably thought she was a kid.” George said.

“Kids don’t have a clit or nipples like Jodie has.” Jason replied.

“Hey,” Chloe said, “stop talking about Jodie like that. George, please tell her to get dressed.”

He did, then I said that I needed to be going, that Mike would be waiting for me. After some near tearful goodbyes I left and as I walked back to the hotel I remembered that George hadn’t said the word ‘giraffe’, not that it would have made any difference. I just hoped that my friends, except Chloe, wouldn’t think that I was still ‘under’.


Whilst I was riding Mike’s cock, in his room, that last night, he asked me if I still wanted to work for him in his next venue, Northbourne, which is a bigger town about a hundred miles along the coast.

“Stupid question Mike.” I replied as I bounced up and down on his cock. “I’m not giving up all the fun that I’m having voluntarily, besides. I’ve never been to Northbourne.”

The next morning we loaded up his van and set off.

Not long after we’d got on the road Mike asked me if I wanted a dare.

“Yeah, why not, it might make the journey go faster.”

“I dare you to get totally naked and not get dressed until we arrive at the hotel.”

I thought for a split second then started taking everything off. In that split second I’d realised that the van was taller than cars so there was very little chance that anyone in a car would see me.

That worked just fine until Mike started slowly passing big lorries and when the cab of the van got alongside the cab of the lorries he beeped the horn so that the lorry drivers looked down and into the cab of the van. After shrinking down in my seat for the first couple of times I just gave up and started waving at the lorry drivers.

When we passed a coach full of young men I actually started pushing my bare chest against the window. We must have been going only 1 mile per hour faster than the coach and it took so long to get passed that Mike told me to unfasten my seat belt and press my bare butt against the window. Mike told me that I had a big audience and that some of them were pointing their phones at me.

It was a slightly different story when we slowed down to drive through Northbourne. I got a few pedestrians staring at me but that was all.

When we got to the hotel I saw that it was bigger than mum’s and dad’s hotel. I got dressed and got out of the van.

“What does it mean by ‘Adults only’ Mike?” I asked as I looked at the hotel sign.

“That there are no kids staying here.”

“Oh good, I’ve never been a great fan of screaming kids.”

“Yet you help me perform magic in front of dozens of them each day.”

“Yeah, but that’s different, that’s work.”

We got our suitcases and headed into the hotel.

“Good to see you Mike,” the man who obviously owned the place said, “who’s this, have you upgraded your eye candy?”

“Yes Andy, I’ve gone for a newer model, much better shape and attitude. Andy this is Jodie, an amazing young woman.”

“So I see, just the one room then?”

As Mike and Andy were talking I could see Andy’s eyes going up and down my body. That started my 3 protrusions tingling.

Mike checked in and as Andy gave him our key he said,

“I look forward to seeing you sunbathing on the terrace or in the pool Jodie.”

As we headed up the stairs to the second floor I glanced back down the stairs and I saw Andy looking up at us, well probably up my skirt. I didn’t care but I asked Mike,

“Is Andy always that creepy with the girls who stay here?”

“Andy isn’t creepy, he’s a really nice guy, he’s just friendly.”

“And a voyeuristic perv.” I thought, “But hey, if he wants to perv on my body then it’s okay by me.”

“So have they really got a swimming pool here?” I asked Mike.

“It’s only a small one but it’s okay for cooling down and getting some exercise. Talking of which, neither of us have had much exercise these last few weeks, we’ll have to start working out, can’t have either of us getting fat or you won’t be able to fit in your bikinis.”

“Very funny, those side ties are plenty long enough, I still haven’t worked out how you them off me without even me realising.”

“Good, it proves that I haven’t lost my touch.”

The room was slightly bigger than my bedroom back at home and the much bigger window had a view down onto the terrace and pool which was quite small. I was sure that if I dived in at one end I wouldn’t need to surface until I got to the other end, but it did serve it’s purpose.

Looking passed the pool I could see other buildings that I guessed were other hotels or houses. I realised that anyone at the windows that I could see would be able to see onto the terrace and the pool and into our room at night if we had the light on and the curtains open.

After we’d emptied out cases into the drawers and wardrobes I said,

“So what now boss?”

“Well, you’re in luck Jodie, we have a couple of days before our show starts. We don’t have to unload the van until the day after tomorrow.”

“Will all the stuff be okay staying in the van?”

“Probably, I’ll back it up to the hotel wall, and did you notice the security cameras?”

“I saw the signs.”

“So there’s every chance that it will be okay. Right, 2 days, well one and a half, how would you like to fill them Jodie?”

“I think that I’d like to wander around for a while, get my bearings, how far is the seafront?”

“About half a mile.”

“So too far to go there in one of my bikinis?”

“Definitely not the ones you wear on stage but you could wear that black dress that I bought you.”

“The one that’s made of a soft, very fine mesh?”


“It’s completely see-through.”

“Only when someone gets up close to you.”

“Okay then, but if I get arrested I’ll blame you.”

“Fine by me.”

I stripped then put the dress and my wedge sandals that Mike had bought me. The dress has a crew neck and is sleeveless. It also has a slit up both sides that goes right up to my hips. Looking in the mirror with my feet apart I could easily see my slit, clit and nipples.

“This could be interesting.” I though as we left the room.

As I was waiting just outside the main entrance for Mike to move the van, Andy came out and looked me up and down. I was facing him and I knew that he could see everything.

“Wow Jodie, you look truly amazing. I think that I might just have to come and see Mike’s show.”

“Thanks Andy,” I replied as I felt my 3 protrusions start tingling. “I’m sure that Mike will appreciate the extra occupied seat.”

“With you in Mike’s shows I’m sure that they will be a sell-out. I’m assuming that he hasn’t changed the format?”

“I wouldn’t know, I didn’t go to see his show when Jenny was in them.”

“Well Mike’s shows always sell-out. He’s very popular with the male holiday makers.”

As Andy was talking I watched his eyes and they never left my pussy or my little tits and he almost jumped when Mike came over to us, Andy not having seen him approach, his eyes concentrating his brain on my body. The tingling got stronger.

Mike and Andy had a short conversation then Mike and I left.

“Andy’s eyes never left my tits or my pussy.” I said when we got out of earshot.

“Hardy surprising.” Mike replied, “wait until the other guests see you.”

“How do you know that they’ll all stare at me?”

“I had a look at the register earlier and I know most of them, they’re regulars like me. Some do stints at the clubs around town.”



“Whilst we’re here in Northbourne I will see if I can get a booking or two at a stag do or one of the specialist clubs.”

“Specialist clubs?”

“Yes, gentlemen’s only clubs, you will really enjoy those Jodie.”

“How will I know if I’d enjoyed them Mike?”

“Good point, you’ll just have to take my word for it.”

“Can’t you just not hypnotise me for those bookings?”

“No chance, that would really spoil the illusion, it would be cheating and I’m not a cheater, everything that I do is for real.”

“Okay, okay, just asking, I’ll take your word for it.”

“You’re always happy at the end of a show aren’t you Jodie?”

“I am, it’s like after you’ve fucked me in bed at night. Are you sure that you don’t fuck me on stage Mike?”

Just then a couple of youths on bikes rode down the pavement and narrowly missed hitting us.

“Fucking hell,” I heard one of them say to his mate, “did you see that girl?”

I didn’t hear the answer.

Soon we were seeing people moving around real close to us. I guess that I should have been nervous or embarrassed, but all I was was tingly and a bit wet on my inner thighs, but I did link arms with Mike.

Mike was right, people are so unobservant. If they were like that when they are driving the accident rate would go through the roof.

By then we on the seafront and there were lots of people, all in their own little worlds. Well not all of them, for starters, those 2 youths on bikes were back with 2 of their mates.

“There she is, you can see everything.” I heard one of them say as all 4 of them got in front of us, not caring that they were blocking most of the footpath.

“Ignore them Jodie.” Mike said.

“But they’re …. “

Mike clicked his fingers once and said the word ‘elephant’. Somehow I managed to keep walking but just stared ahead of me.

“Now I really can blame Mike if there’s any trouble.” I thought.

“Look ahead and keep walking Jodie.” Mike said.

We managed to walk along most of the seafront. Those youths gave up and left but on the way back we went into an amusement arcade but it wasn’t very bright in there and I’m pretty sure that no one realised what they could see if they got close to me.

From there we sort of headed to the theatre where we would be performing, It wasn’t right on the seafront but it was much bigger than the one in my town. I tingled a bit when I realised that it meant more people seeing me naked.

As we approached it Mike clicked his fingers twice and said the word ‘giraffe’. I stopped walking, looked around then started walking again asking if the building just in front of us was the venue. Mike said that it was.

We looked at the posters that were up, some of them advertising Mike’s show with the dates. I was surprised to see a photo of me instead of Jenny on them. I was wearing only one of the lingerie sets that has some fabric in it. I was happy when I saw that lingerie in the photo was only just see-through enough to give a hint of my nipples and my slit and it showed no bulge where my clit is.

I was sure that the lingerie in the photo had been photo-shopped a bit because that set was totally see-through. I guessed that that was done to tone it down for the matinees. I cringed at the thought of the poster showing me in one of the granny swimsuits.

We couldn’t go in so we headed back to the hotel and I was again disappointed that I didn’t attract any attention.

Andy was in the lobby and when we walked though the door and I saw him smile then shake his head as if he had to check what he was seeing.

“Well Mike, you certainly know how to pick them.” Andy said.

“It wasn’t planned Andy, it just sort of happened.”

“Well whatever, you’ve got a winner there.”

“Can we go out onto the terrace please Mike, I’d like to catch the last of the sun.” I asked.

“Sure,” Mike replied, “let’s go. Andy, could you bring us a couple of beers please?”

“Will do mate.”

Once on the terrace, Mike moved a couple of loungers so that our feet would face the sun and as I went to get on the lounger Mike said,

“Jodie, you can take the dress off if you like. As you can see this place is quite private.”

I looked around to see if I could see anyone and when I couldn’t I relaxed and took my dress off. As I lay down I opened my legs and put my feet on the ground. I was still like that when Andy arrived with the beers.

“Happy to see that you are making yourself at home Jodie, you don’t have to worry about wearing any clothes anywhere in the hotel, it’s adults only and I’m sure that the other guests will not mind.”

I smiled and took the beer off Andy who then got a chair, sat between the 2 loungers facing our heads and started talking to Mike about how their businesses were going. I noticed that Andy kept looking at me, or should I saw, between my legs at my tingling and wet pussy.

After a while I heard male voices and both Andy and Mike got to their feet. I heard and then saw Mike greet the 2 guys like they were old friends. After a minute or so Mike turned to me and introduced me to Charlie and Dave, who Mike said were performing at a club. I didn’t ask what they were performing.

“So Mike, you’ve got a new subject, I’m assuming that she’s under at the moment, laying there all naked and with her legs spread like that.”

“Yes and no Charlie, Jodie is my new assistant but she’s not in a hypnotic state at the moment, she’s just discovered that she’s an exhibitionist.”

I just smiled as Charlie said,

“You lucky bastard Mike, are you err, you know, fucking her?”

“Yes Charlie so you can look but don’t touch unless she invites you.”

“Fair enough Mike.” Charlie replied.

“Well she can exhibit her cute body around me anytime that she wants.” Dave said.

“Hey guys,” I said, “could you move to one side please, you’re blocking my sun.”

“Woah,” Charlie replied, “move guys, we need to keep the little lady happy.”

All the guys moved just enough for the sun to bathe it’s rays over me again. I saw Mike smiling and I also thought,

“That was easy, I wonder just how much I can control these guys?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to think about that because a big, grey cloud floated between the sun and me so I called Mike over and asked him what his plans for food were.

“Well this place doesn’t do evening meals so we’ll have to go out. There’s hundreds of restaurants and pubs that serve food around here so how about a pub with food?”

Charlie must have overheard Mike talking because he butted-in and said,

“I know a great pub that serves food, and it’s only a 5 minute walk, the 4 of us could go there.”

“You’re on.” Mike said, “meet down here in 30?”

Thirty-five minutes later Mike and I were walking out of the hotel with Charlie and Dave.

“Cute outfit.” Dave said, “do you realise that both parts are see-through Jodie, I can see that you are not wearing any underwear.”

“I only wear underwear on stage these days Dave, and I like teasing men by wearing see-through clothes.”

“Well you’re certainly teasing Charlie and me, I suppose that Mike is used to seeing you dressed like that in public?”

“Probably, and I’m sure that he’s used to seeing me totally naked on stage as well, but that doesn’t stop him from buying me see-through clothes.”

“So you really don’t know what happens after he puts you under?”

“Nope.” I lied, “Not a clue, but I always feel happy when he brings me out of it.”

“I’m definitely going to have to come and watch Mike’s show.”

“Didn’t you see enough of me when I was sunbathing?”

“I could watch that body of yours 24 x 7 and still want more.”

As we were eating we were talking but sometimes it was Charlie and Dave talking and Mike and I holding a completely different conversation. One of those tomes Mike said that he needed to get some physical exercise, and I agreed with him that I needed to get some as well.

“We could go to a gym, but most gyms want you so sign up for at least a year and that’s no good for us.”

“True, we could go running.” I suggested.

“Yeah, that would be good, and I’m sure that Andy wouldn’t mind us doing some exercises on the terrace.”

“Yes, we could do pilates or yoga, I’ve done a bit of both before.”

“Err, tell you what, we’ll both go jogging then you can do those pilates and yoga things on the terrace while I watch you.”


“I just can’t see me doing pilates or yoga, but I’d love to see you doing them, especially if you do them naked and it’s you that gets naked on stage not me so you need to keep that slim and very attractive body Jodie.”

“Do you think that Andy would mind if I exercised on the terrace naked. We could get up at the crack of dawn, go for a run around town before there are too many people and cars, then come back here and I could workout, all before breakfast.”

“That sounds like a great plan Jodie, have you got any running gear?”

“I’ve got tops and trainers, oh, no shorts.”

“You’ve got that little tennis type skirt, that will do.”

“LOL, that will probably bounce about and flash my butt and pussy to anyone who looks my way. Oh what the hell, yes, I’ve got some running gear, what about you Mike?”

“I’m sure that I have things that will do, it isn’t like we’re going to train for a marathon.”

“Good, shall we start tomorrow morning?”

“It’s a date, although I’ll be following you all the time, I want to watch that skirt flipping up and revealing you cute little butt.”

“Don’t you get enough of that sight Mike?”

“Men never get tired of seeing a cute little female butt.”

“What’s that Mike,” Dave asked, “did I hear you right, Jodie is going to do those pilate and yoga things in the nudie each morning? On the terrace?”

“Probably.” Mike replied.

“Can we come and watch?”

“We can’t stop you going on the terrace Dave.” Mike replied.

“I don’t know about you Charlie, but I’m going to have an early night, I need to be up early in the morning.”

We all laughed a little then got on with the meal.

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