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Here is chapter 34 of the Cheerleaders story. This is an ongoing story, the first 32 chapters appear on bdsmlibrary; sadly the site doesn’t seem to be updating anymore, but the previous chapters are still accessible there.

I’m hoping to have chapters 35 and 36 out one of these days.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the chapter, and if all goes well there will be more soon.

Thanks again…Semiater
Cheerleaders Rape and Torture


Chapter Thirty-Four


This is a Non-Consensual, rough story, and if that’s not what you’re interested in, don’t bother reading. This is a fictional work, it’s a creative enterprise, so don’t bother to read if you’re not looking for NC writing.

I do enjoy getting comments from people, who like my stories, especially women, it’s always very encouraging. My contact info is up with the previous chapters on bdsmlibrary or you can send me a msg here. Thanks…Semiater


Jim tried to break a path through the crowd, but it was slow going. I literally had to push Cumsocket through the throng of patrons finally. She was gagged, a thick penis-gag with leather bands was strapped around her head and cinched tight so the latex was planted firmly in her mouth. She, of course, had her black cuffs and collar on, and her hands were clipped together behind her back. She wore high-heels strapped to her feet, black stilettos that made her amble ackwardly. Her skin was a lovely bronze and shimmered with perspiration, I’m sure the anxiety was getting to her, dressed as she was, clothed only in a very sheer, very thin, lacy negligee, this amongst the mass of raw, horny bodies filling the bar.

“Hey, I wanna piece of that chink pussy!” A huge guy blocked our path, he seemed your cliché farm boy. He must have been at least 6’5”, maybe taller, and huge. He had to have been 300 lbs easy. He didn’t look like an athlete, but looked farm strong, he looked like he could haul a trailer by himself, and work all day long.

He had a huge plug of tobacco in his jaw that bulged his lip grotesquely.

The guy pinched Cumsocket’s chin between his meaty fingers and twisted her head easily, making her look up at him, making her stare into his eyes. She tried to pull away, I could feel her back pressing into me, but there was nothing she could do to get away till the guy decided to stop.

“I need a fucking taste of that pussy!” He started squeezing Cumsocket’s breast.

Jim grabbed the huge man by the shoulder and turned him.

“You’ll have to wait buddy, she’s new meat, sure Mack’ll put her into the rotation, when he’s ready. Guess you’re gonna have to make do with one of the other fine ladies of the stable.” Jim smiled, and if there had been a situation, it was quickly disarmed.

“But fuck, I really want to screw some Asian twat.” His hands moved over Cumsocket’s body like he was checking out a calf.

“Fuck I want me somea that!” Cumsocket shrieked as his large hand went up between her legs and cupped her pussy, his thumb pressing hard against her opening.

“Fuck! I’m gonna break you in two when I get my hands on you bitch!” He talked, or dictated, straight to her, or at her, then let go of Cumsocket’s cunt and walked away. He looked like a dejected child pouting his way back to his room after breaking his favorite toy.

“Let’s get a move on.” I pushed the girl forward, hands were everywhere, trying to touch her breasts, her thighs, her belly...

I could hear Cumsocket finally start to breathe a little more normally when we got into the backroom, she’d been almost hyperventilating as we walked through the bar. She was exotic for these parts, and everybody had wanted a piece of her.

It was a world of difference though in the backroom, off the floor of the bar, away from the pounding base and exploring hands.

“Looks like you’re not gonna have a problem drawing customers cunt. Sure you’re gonna get more cock here than you were getting with us.” I chuckled and she looked at me with horror, her dark eyes wide open.

“But you’ll like that, won’t you? Fucking is what you’re made for!” I brushed stray hair from her eyes and could see the tears welling.

We didn’t even have to hit the button to ring for Mack, the instant we got to the door, the buzzer went and we were admitted. I’m sure he’d been watching us since the second we entered the bar.

As soon as we were inside the dark domain, one of Mack’s girls’ greeted us. It was another one I’d never seen before, even given the vast amount of times I’d been at the bar; it always shocked me, the constant rotation of new girls Mack had coming through.

The girl, she looked a little rough at that moment, she had dark bags under her eyes, and looked tired, but she was obviously gorgeous. Of course she was naked, mostly, except for the towering platform stripper heels.

And while not clothed per se, she was naked, almost, she was dressed, in a way. Around her hips there was a gleaming stainless steel belt, then the contraption, it delved between her legs and the prominent gap between her taut thighs. Another stainless steel plate was snug to her body, the plate was flexible and went up between her legs like a thong tight to her flesh.

I grabbed her by the ring on her collar. She cowered, her body jerking back in fear at my touch.

“What the fuck is that for? Aren’t you here to get fucked cunt?” Her eyes were wide and stared up at me in terror, and utter humiliation.

“It’s a chastity belt Sir, I was playing with myself constantly, without permission, I’m only allowed to suck cock now, till I learn my place, my duty, till I learn to obey.” Her upper torso trembled softly. I let go of the ring and started trying to wedge my finger under the metal contraption around her hips, but I couldn’t, the stainless steel had a thick layer of neoprene under the metal, which sealed against her skin like a gasket, preventing any chance of getting to her smooth skin. Access to here clit and pussy were restricted by a perforated plate.

I tugged on the lock sealing the device shut around her waist, but it just rattled metal on metal, but didn’t budge as I pulled hard.

“How long have you had this on cunt?” She couldn’t look me in the eyes and stuttered softly.

“Two weeks Sir, it’s only removed when I am cleaned. But I’m not allowed to do so myself, or I will play with myself. I’m a needy whore and need to learn my place.” I ran my hand over her quivering belly, she was perhaps 5’3” or 5’4”. She had a dancer’s body, except for her tits, which were beautiful and massive, with huge areoles. Her nipples, they were rock hard now, but I knew, they must have been very big when she wasn’t aroused, which, it seems, might not have been very often by the way she talked.

She squealed as I took hold of her nipple and dug my fingers in pinching brutally.

“Nice tits!” She was still howling when I finally let go of her breast.

“So, do you like sucking cocks?” She had her hands up, massaging her aching tit.

“No Sir, I hate it Sir, but that’s all I’m allowed now. I so need to be fucked Sir, but I haven’t yet learned how to behave properly, so I’m not allowed to.” She frustratingly tried to rub her clit, but the steel plate prevented any touching.

“I’m only allowed semen Sir, I get intravenous nutrition, and a tasteless gruel to eat.”

I didn’t know what it was about her, but I liked something about the girl, a lot!

“What’s your name cunt?” She dropped her head, looking at the floor.

“Needy Whore Sir.” Her voice cracked ever so slightly.

“I understand that whore, but I’m curious, what was your name, before you came here?” She hesitated, she looked up and her eyes darted around nervously as if looking for somebody listening in.

“I was once Natalie, Natalie Saginentur Sir.” Her response was barely audible.

“I can suck your cock later Sir, if you’d like? Please!” She glanced at me for only the quickest instant, before dropping her gaze to the floor again, afraid someone might have heard her.

Jim finally snapped me out of my enchanted state.

“Where’s Mack bitch?” The girl’s head twisted quickly so she was looking at him.

“He just went to the restroom Sir, if you will follow me, I will take you to his office.” I let go of Cumsocket’s leash and let it fall between her breasts. Jim took hold of her arm and started pulling her along. I couldn’t take my eyes off Natalie’s ass, her legs were glorious, long and lean, but taut, toned. She’d clearly been a dancer, or runner, or something like that. No over development, no bulk, just wonderfully toned and lithe, just as I liked. And her ass, it was perky, perhaps that wasn’t the right adjective, but that’s the word that popped in my head.

We entered into Mack’s lair. I was always struck by the wall of monitors, I couldn’t take my eyes off the flashing images. It was so lewd, and lurid, so wonderful, peering in on the various rooms where Mack’s girls got used, and abused.

“Hey boys!” Mack bellowed as he entered his domain.

“Nice to see ya’ll again.” His eyes quickly fixed on Cumsocket.

“Whatta we got here?” He grabbed the leash dangling between her breasts and tugged her to him.

“Fucking pretty nice piecea ass.” Mack smacked Cumsocket on the rump.

“So, this is my new earner?” He pinched her jaws between his fingers, arching her head back so she was looking him in the eyes.

“Didn’t I own you before?” The Asian girl’s eyes were wet, and she nodded reluctantly. Her whole body shimmered with a sheen of perspiration.

“Saw you already got some interest on the floor. Guessing you’ll get a lot of business, guys wantin to try out some Asian pussy. Ain’t get many ur kind round here.” Mack ran his thick, meaty hands over her tits and belly.

“I like’em little dark nipples! Fuck!” Cumsocket screeched as he tugged brutally on her tiny buds.

“Fuck ya, nice chink peacea ass.” Mack headed toward his throne, pulling the girl along with him.

“Come sitta spell.” He collapsed back in his chair, then pulled Cumsocket into his lap.

“Whatcha call her?” He had her legs spread and thrust his index finger in her pussy.

“Her name is J---“

“Na, na, didn’t you call her cumbucket or somethin like that?” He now had two fingers thrusting in her pussy rapidly.

“Pretty nice cunt!” Mack pulled his fingers out of the Asian girl’s pussy, then rubbed them dry on her face and in her hair.

“Still tight. Dont sapose that’ll last long.” Mack sniggered as he slammed his finger’s in the Asian girl’s pussy again.

“Cumsocket, we called her Cumsocket.” I’m not sure Mack even heard my answer.

“You ready to make me some money bitch?” The girl stared at Mack, unresponsive.

“And, if you don’t workout, guess I’ll just sendya down to the Mexican desert, got tons of chinks down there fucking day and night. Guy’s pay a few pesos and fuck ya till ya drop.”

“She’s a smart bitch, she even does tricks.” Jim chuckled and pulled Cumsocket off Mack’s lap.

“Don’t need to be too smart to be good at what she’s destined for, just need to know how to open them legs and please a cock.” Mack’s eyes looked the Asian girl up and down.

“Tricks? What the fuck is that about?” Jim carried a bag with him, he pulled out a massive 12” long dildo, it must have been at least 2” in diameter, maybe 3”, and had a huge ball sack at its base. It was attached to a heavy pedestal Jim had fabricated, the frame lifted the dildo higher off the ground so better for the girl to mount.

Jim set it down on the floor right in front of Mack’s chair. I was distracted, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Natalie, she’d fallen to her knees off in the corner, waiting on Mack’s next command.

Jim jerked hard on the leash dangling between the Asian girl’s breasts and pulled her toward him. He grabbed her by the shoulders and twisted her around, then unclipped her cuffs from one another so her hands were free.

“You know the routine.” Jim took a few steps back and Cumsocket slowly started to peel out of the lingerie she wore. She let the satiny lace fall around her ankles. Her eyes fell dejectedly to the massive dildo rising from the floor, the weight and height of the thing caused it to bend and slump over at its base so it wasn’t quite vertical.

The girl rubbed her pussy for an instant, trying to get wet, then squatted down over the dildo facing Mack. Even through the gag you could hear her grunt as she spread her labia and eased the thick, long shaft in her cunt. She let her body sink on the massive fake dick, letting it go deeper and deeper in her belly. It was shocking to watch as the long dildo disappeared in her body, till only the ball sack and an inch or so of the shaft was visible.

“Put on a show for us cunt, show him what kind of slut you are.” Cumsocket looked at Jim dejectedly, then slowly started rising up off the massive pole. When she got to the top, the head of the cock was barely inside her pussy, then she started down, letting the huge rod plunge into her belly once again.

She started moving faster and faster, the muscles in her thighs cording, going taut, as over and over again she rode the fake dick like a piston.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off Natalie, she watched with wide eyes as the Asian girl rode the dildo like a demon, perhaps jealous. She tried to finger her pussy, but was blocked by the perforated shield that covered her sex.

Cumsocket started to groan as she drove the phallus deep in her belly, her back started convulsing as her muscles contracted. Her nipples were rock hard and she was panting.

“Take it all bitch!” Jim screeched at Cumsocket and her body shuddered as he taunted her.

“Show him how you can take it all in cunt!” The Asian girl whimpered as she fell from a squat to her knees, kicking her heels out behind her so she was lower to the ground. She moaned as she slowed, and let the whole of the massive fake cock sink into her belly, impaling her deeply.

“Now hump it whore!” The girl’s body was covered with a sheen of sweat, her bronze skin glistened in the bright lights, the garish reflection of the TVs shone on her skin as she slowly lifted herself up off the latex giant, then slammed her body down again, skewering herself with the massive toy.

I wasn’t even paying attention to Cumsocket though, I couldn’t take my eyes off Natalie. I could see the lust in her eyes, the frustration as she desperately, fruitlessly, rubbed the metal plate covering her needy cunt. Her nipples were rock hard and trembled as she wobbled on the high heels, squatting uncomfortably. Her body, her tits, they were glorious.

Cumsocket cried out and I turned to look at her. Her body spasmed, and Mack started clapping.

“Nice fucking show!” The Asian girl let dildo sink completely in her belly and she knelt on the massive cock, her body still continuing to shake as she dropped her head and looked at the floor, completely humiliated.

“How was your orgasm bitch?” Cumsocket could barely look up at him, she looked distraught.

“You’re gonna be a popular one. I’m gonna have you put on that show every night, right there on the main stage. Then auction you off to the highest bidder.” Mack slapped his thighs in delight.

“Whatta think boys? She’ll put on a fucking show!!!”

Natalie screamed, then fell writhing to the floor, clutching her hands on the collar around her neck.

“Fucking cunt! I saw that, trying to play with yourself!” The girl squirmed around on the floor, wailing in pain.

Mack got to his feet and lumbered to where the girl lay sobbing on the floor. He grabbed her by the arm and jerked her to her feet.

“What the fuck is your problem cunt?” Tears were streaming down Natalie’s cheeks.

“You fucking needy whore!” He smacked her across the face, then pinned her to the wall with his hand around her throat making her gasp for air.

“Did you see that? Even with the fucking belt on, she was trying to play with herself! What the fuck?” She was like a bug pinned in a display, Mack squeezed her throat as he held her against the wall. She tried to fight him, pushing away with her hands, but there was no way she could overpower him.

“Fuck! What the fuck am I gonna do with this bitch?”

The girl struggled to catch her breath after Mack let her go.

“Stand right fucking there, hands behind your neck!” The girl was shaking violently as she wheezed and gasped for air.

‘”Like my new little toy boys?” Mack held up a small remote control, it looked like an automotive key fob.

“Perfect size, eh, can carry it anywhere.” Natalie’s breasts heaved and snot dribbled out of her nose as she stared with horror as Mack held up the little device with his finger on the red button.

“Needed another incentive for the bitches to learn.” Natalie screamed, her hands went to the collar around her neck and she fell to the floor howling in pain.

“Shock collar. Found it online, had a friend modify it just a little.” Natalie was sobbing on her hands and knees.

“Get up cunt!” The girl struggled to her feet, her whole body seemed to be convulsed with ripples of anguish.

“Hands behind your neck, spread them there legs!” Natalie pressed her back up against the wall, she interlocked her fingers behind her neck, opening her legs wide, till she was teetering precariously on the massive heels strapped around her ankles.

Mack was breathing hard when he finally sat down.

“Fucking insane. The new bitch. Been here like a month. Needy bitch, that’s why I call her Needy Whore, put that belt on her, she---“

“She told us, playing with herself without permission.” I chimed in as the girl trembled, trying to stand still on her towering heels. The muscles in her calves and thighs strained as she tried to stay upright, her hands up behind her neck. She stared at the floor crying softly.

“She tell ya she’s only allowed to suck cocks now? Diet is basically semen. Oh, I make sure she’s healthy, but make sure he gets nothing pleasurable, other than cum.” Mack laughed.

“She loves to get fucked, to play with herself, but hated sucking cock. What’s the fucking deal with that?” Mack grinned and rubbed his growing dick.

“So, we’re gonna take care of that. Maybe that’s all she’ll ever get from now on, cock between those pretty lips.” He tugged on Cumsocket’s leash and dragged her toward him, she rose gingerly off the massive prick still impaled in her pussy, then got awkwardly to her feet.

“Don’t expect I’ll have such problems with you, eh?” Mack grasped Cumsocket long black hair and pulled her to him.

“Not the way you fucked that dildo, bet you love sucking cocks too?” He pulled the Asian girl into his lap.

“I bet you love a big cock between those lips, don’t you?” The girl stared back at him.

“Well boys,” Mack stared at the Asian girl as he started undoing the strap of the gag buried in between her lips. Saliva trailed from the latex penis and she coughed when he pulled it out of her mouth. Then he started working his fingers between her lips with one hand, while running the other through her lustrous long black mane.

“I think it’s about time for to try out my new earner, sample the merchandise.” He pushed away from him, then used the armrest to lift his massive weight out of the chair. He had a tight hold on Cumsocket’s leash and pulled her close to him once he was standing.

“Don’t mind me none, gonna take this chink into my bedroom and taste some Asian twat.” He started toward down the hall.

“Eh, why don’t you boys work on the Needy Whore some, make her suck your cock, and MAKE sure she swallows!” Mack tossed the little remote and I caught it reflexively.

I saw the look on the girl’s face when I snagged the remote, but then she jerked away from me as Jim pounced, he was on her in an instant.

“I fucking love these tits!” He grabbed her by the big ring on the front of her collar. She almost fell as he tugged her brutally toward a small padded bench against the wall.

The heavy wood scraped on the floor as Jim dragged it out into the room.

“Get on your back, I wanna fuck them titties, then you’re gonna suck my cock!” Natalie hollered as I depressed the little button on the remote in my palm. She collapsed to her knees with her hands clutching at the collar encircling her neck. She looked up at me in absolute terror, but I just smiled, my finger twitching on the remote, and my dick starting to throb and ache.

“Thanks buddy!” Jim grabbed the girl by the upper arm, her legs were unsteady and her heels tapped loudly on the floor. He pushed her on her back, her head hanging over one end of the bench, and her ass barely resting on the other.

“God those are some lovely tits!” Natalie’s arms hung limp by her sides, her fingers almost touching the floor.

She groaned as Jim put a leg over her, straddling her chest. He’d already dropped his pants and had his cock bobbing over the girl’s tits.

“Bet all the boys like to titty fuck you, don’t they?” She grunted as he let his weight down on her body, his cock dripping pre-cum as it rested between her glorious breasts.

“Come on slut, squeeze them titties on my cock!” Jim smacked her breasts hard, once each with an open hand.

“PPpppplllleeeee---“ He slapped her hard across the face and spit on her forehead.

“I said squeeze them titties on my cock whore!” Natalie started to weep as she lifted her arms and pressed her lovely mammary’s around Jim’s thick, throbbing cock.

“GOOOOOODDDDDD!” His head rolled back and Jim moaned in delight as the girl’s soft, luscious tits encased his cock!

“Holy hell!” He started slowly sliding his ass over Natalie’s belly and upper torso, his cock squeezed in the tight confines of her magnificent boobs.

“Oh my God!” The girl was crying as Jim slid his rough hairy ass over her belly and chest, his prick encased in the tight channel of her breasts.

“Fuck!” He pulled his dick from between her tits suddenly and stood over her at the end of the bench. With her head arched back over the end of the padding, Jim plunged his cock in her open mouth while grabbing for her breasts.

“Unbelievable!” I got distracted by the wall of screens in front of me, it was such a garish, surrealistic theater. My dick was throbbing, and I was more than ready to use the girl, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the lascivious, carnal display on the wall. There were a dozen girls getting fucked or abused in every conceivable way. Then there were other girls gyrating on stage, putting on libidinous acts for all the guys. It was insane.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!” I looked over to see Jim holding the girl’s head, one hand on top, one on her neck. His hips were driven forward and I could see the lump in her throat as her head was bent back. I could hear her gagging and struggling for breath as Jim bellowed.

“Unnnnffuuccckkiinnngggbbbeellliieevvvvaaaabblllle!” Jim groaned as he slowly bucked his hips, his cock jerking and spasming in her mouth, he unloaded down the gasping girl’s throat.

“FUCK!!!” He slapped her tits hard with his open palm. I could hear the girl whimper and whine, even with the cock thrust between her lips.

“Holy shit buddy, that was fucking incredible!” Jim eased his dick out from Natlalie’s mouth. I started over toward the girl, enchanted by the glistening lines of saliva hanging from his cock, strung to her luscious lips.

Her face was beet red and she was coughing when she sat up. White, viscous cum dribbled down over her chin as it seeped from her nostrils. Her tits were marked red from Jim’s fingers digging into them. She sobbed as Jim wiped his slimy prick dry in her hair.

The girl, she looked up at me with fear in her eyes, and I could see the panic instantly, thinking I was gonna shock her again.

“No, no, don’t worry cunt.” I put the remote in my pocket and grabbed her by the wrist.

“Let’s go to one of the little rooms, with a bed.” I helped her to her feet, her legs were shaky as she tottered on the heels.

I knew enough about Mack’s lair to know there were a few little rooms with beds scattered around, hiding somewhere in the back office, and I intended to find one. I held tightly to the girl’s wrist as we walked down one of the halls. Members of Mack’s crew scurried around us, brushing past briskly working on business, indifferent to me and the girl as I dragged her through the dark halls.

I so wanted to force those gorgeous tits around my cock before I spewed in her mouth. I was feeling urgent, needing to find a room before I exploded.

“Here!” I jerked on Natalie’s arm and pulled her in the small little room I found. There wasn’t much more than space for the bed, but that’s really all I, or the other guys, needed.

“Get on your back!” I pushed her till she collapsed on the mattress.

“I’ve got to fuck those titties, then, of course, feed you your meal.” I could see the tears welling in her eyes as I dropped my pants to the floor and stepped out of them.

Natalie climbed dejectedly onto the small bed and rolled over onto her back. I loved seeing the fear in her eyes.

I stood at the edge of the bed, my dick so hard I didn't need any help, but I wanted to feel her hands stroking my cock.

"Get me ready bitch!" Her hands were so soft, and the feel of her smooth fingers wrapping around my prick felt amazing.

"Oh shit!" I threw my head back instinctively, savoring the glorious feeling of her hand pumping my cock.

“Fuck!" The bed creaked as I climbed on, and mounted, the girl.

"You know what to do slut!" I hated losing the feel of her fingers wrapped around my shaft, but any disappointment quickly faded when I laid my cock between her marvelous breasts and she squeezed her boobs tight around my prick.

"Oh my GOD!" Her eyes were fixed on the head of my penis just barely jutting out between the pillowy mounds of her breasts. It took all my effort to not blow in her face right then. The heat from her chest on my cock and balls felt amazing as I slid my dick between her tits.

"FUUUCCKKK!!!" I had to get off of her, or I was going to spurt.

“Get on your knees!” She was weeping, her breasts were red and marked with my fingerprints on her glorious flesh.

I tossed a small little pillow down on the floor for her knees, then stood over her. She stared up at me nervously, then reached for my cock.

“No, no hands!” I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her lips to my cock. She gagged as I forced the head of my prick deep in her mouth. She was so petite, and her mouth stretched to take me in. I loved the way her tongue pressed against the bottom of my prick.

"Fuck. Don't like cock sucking, eh?" I squeezed my fingers in her hair and forced the base of my shaft deep in her mouth till she started to gag. I could see the panic in her eyes as she started to fight me, but I wasn't letting go.

"Calm down cunt." Her eyes darted franticly from side to side as I left my dick impaled between her pretty lips. Her fingers wrapped around my arm trying to pull it away from the back of her head, but I wasn't relenting.

"Calm down bitch!" Her face grew redder and redder, and I could feel her mouth convulsing on my cock, and I loved every second of it.

I slowly eased my prick from deep in her throat, till only the head of my dick rested between her lips. She was gasping for air.

"You should be proud to have my cock in your mouth slut!" Her eyes went wide as I forced my dick back over her tongue.

"Take it easy slut, enjoy my dick!" I started slowly, using her hair to move her lips over my prick again.

"That's it whore, you know you like it!" She stared up at me, her eyes watering as I started slamming my dick to the back of her throat.

"You better start enjoying it, Mack might never let you fuck again!" I smirked and winked at her as I felt her lips tighten on my cock. I loved the way her tits jiggled with every thrust of my hips. Her nipples were fully erect, and she squealed when I reached down and pinched them with my free hand.

"God you've got glorious breasts!" I could almost see a little glimmer in her eye when I commented on her boobs.

"Fuck!" I loved the feel of my balls smacking against her chin as I buried my dick to the hilt in her mouth.

"You ready to eat slut?" I groaned as I felt my balls squeeze, I could see the way her eyes bulged as I started cumming in her mouth.

"FFUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!" I dug my fingers in the back of her head and forced her lips around the base of my cock as started to convulse and spurt!

"HHHOOOLLLLYYYYY SHHHHIIIIIIITTT!!!" For an instant my legs almost gave out, my whole body was at a glorious state of tension. I loved the way her lips felt on my shaft as my dick jerked like a hose.

"Unbelievable!" A spasm went through my whole body as I looked down at the girl, she was gagging as I held the back of her head and I savored the feel of her mouth sucking on me.

"Fuck!" Her hands were on my arm again, trying to break free.

"Tasty bitch?" Her face was growing flush and her eyes moved frenetically in her head as I held her firm.

"You're not actually too bad a cocksucker slut!" I could feel her weight on my forearm as she tried to pull on my arm.

"You should be honored to have my dick in your mouth!" I laughed, her eyes snapped shut as I spit on her forehead.

I loved the way the salvia and cum bubbled around my cock as I left it impaled in her mouth.

The girl gasped for breath as I slowly pulled my dick from between her lips. She was almost panting as I dried my slimy shaft in her hair.

“Look at me!" Natalie looked up at me apprehensively.

"Taste good cunt?" I could see her eyes quiver ever so slightly.

"Open up!" Uneasily the girl spread her jaws, as soon as she did, I spit in her open mouth.

I could see the disgust in her eyes instantly, and I loved it.

"On your feet!" I grabbed her under the arm and lifted her to her feet. Her legs were weary from being on her knees. I ran my hands over her breasts, cupping her glorious tits before shoving her onto the bed, then I headed to the small attached bathroom.

"Don't worry, I'll be back." I reached down and picked my pants off the floor, setting them on the little bureau near the door, but not before I slipped the small remote from my pocket.

Her whole body started trembling when I held the little key fob up for her to see.

"Don't go anywhere slut." I smiled and went in to take a piss, leaving the door open, though I knew she wasn't going anywhere.


I laid next to her on the little bed. I was fingering the chastity belt locked to her waist. She groaned, and almost cooed, as I tried to wedge my finger under the metal and neoprene, but I couldn’t. I could feel her frustration.

“So when’s the last time you orgasmed?” She didn’t look me in the eyes, and her voice was barely audible.

“Ten days Sir.” I leaned down and sucked on her nipple for a second.

“I thought Mack said you had this on for two weeks?” She moaned as I ran my tongue around her erect bud.

“Yes Sir, I was playing with myself when I was being cleaned.” She paused. “I’m not allowed to bathe myself alone anymore Sir.” I smacked my palm down hard on her breast, loving the sound of the crack of flesh on flesh

“How did you get here slut?” I could hear her get choked up a bit, and her voice cracked.

“My boyfriend Sir, I didn’t know it, but he was selling meth to pay for his drugs, he was addicted to pain pills, and---“ She started sobbing, struggling to continue. I didn’t push her, just sucked on her nipple, rolling her erect bud between my teeth till she hesitantly started her tale again.

“He got into debt I guess. He drove me into the city one night, I guess to the place he bought his drugs, he sold me to this gang. Then they sold me to Mack I guess. I’ve been here since.” I squeezed her tit in my hand, it felt so good, so perfectly weighted.

I thrust a finger between her lips and pressed down on her tongue.

“You’ve got a lovely mouth cunt.” She gagged a little as I put another couple fingers between her lips and worked them to the back of her throat.

“I’d sure like to fuck you bitch!” My fingers were coated with saliva as I pulled them from her mouth.

“Yes Sir, I’d like for you to---“ She hesitated, she looked up at me with fear in her eyes.

“What cunt?” I fumbled for the little remote, I could feel her body start to quiver.

“I’d like for you to fuck me too Sir!” Her voice trembled and she spoke so softly.

“Sir, will you please use my mouth again," The girl went almost inaudible, "I’m a needy whore Sir."


I dragged the girl by the wrist. She didn’t fight, but staggered ungainly on the towering heels. Her hair was matted, stuck together from cleaning my cock after I'd facefucked her, twice. It had felt so lovely, her soft locks caressing my dick. My balls were aching, but it felt so wonderful.

I wandered the halls for a few minutes with the girl in tow, I'd lost my bearings amongst the carnal overload of the back rooms. The girl's nipples were rock hard and her breasts shuddered as she moved, it was lovely.

"Hey Bud!" Jim went instantly for Natalie's breasts, twisting her nipples till she squealed in pain.

"Have some fun with the bitch?" He smiled at me as he tugged on her breasts, pulling them into sharp points by her nipples.

"See you tried a new hair care product on her." The girl's face went flush with embarrassment, in spite of the fact she already stood naked and collared in the midst of Mack's hedonistic den.

"Wanna go see if Mack is back?" Jim ran his hand over Natalie's belly.

"Yeah, got myself turned around, was just heading to find him." I spoke, but I'm not sure he even heard me. The girl whimpered as Jim ran his hands over her inner thighs.

"It's over this way," he pointed, but never took his eyes off the new girl, "god I'm ready to fuck you hard slut!" He slapped her left breast with a vicious backhand.

"Fuck! What tits!" I could see the tears welling in her eyes as Jim finally left her alone.

"Over this way!" He moved stridently down the hall, apparently completely at ease with the layout of the place.


I could hear the girl whimpering softly behind me as I held her wrist tight and followed Jim deeper into the bowels of Mack’s playhouse.

The door buzzed as soon as we approached, and Jim pushed it open, Mack must of seen us coming on the monitors.

I could hear Cumsocket grunting before I could see her. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but as soon as we stepped into Mack’s lascivious theater, I saw her there, she was humping the massive dildo Jim had brought. She was facing away from Mack, her thigh muscles strained and convulsed as she rode the long shaft like a demon.

“Howdy boys!” Natalie nervously dropped to her knees as soon as she saw Mack, she spread her legs wide and put her hands up behind her neck. Her glorious tits were still marked red, and her nipples were puffy from being squeezed and pinched.

“I’m fixin to put on a stage show, I plan to have this chink put on one hell of an act, every night.”

He rubbed his cock. I was transfixed as the massive latex monster disappeared in the Asian girl’s ass.

“Don’t worry boys, put some lube in her ass before she started.” Mack roared in laughter and slapped his thigh.

“Tight little pooper that was. Damn near crushed her when I finally got in the chute.”

Cumsocket’s body was glistening with sweat as she continually impaled the huge dick in her ass. I could see the way she gritted her teeth as lead weights hung from clamps and bit down on her nipples, they clanged every time she took the dildo deep in her ass.

“Sure is pretty to watch, her ridin that there cock.” Mack put the recliner down and sat up in the chair.

“Take a break cunt! Sitta spell.” Cumsocket looked back over her shoulder with wide eyes and stared at Mack. She eased down on the long shaft till she was fully skewered.

“Like that long fucking black hair. Fuck, so pretty.” His eyes locked on Natalie.

“So ya get some more cum Needy Whore?” I watched the girl’s eyes fill with fear and her upper body started to tremble.

“She treat ya’ll right?” Mack stroked his cock. Beads of perspiration streaked down Cumsocket’s bronze skin.

“Yeah, she was good, amazing breasts, nice mouth.” I dug in my pocket and felt the little remote.

“Oh, forgot, should give you this back.” I tossed Mack the trigger to the shock collar. I made sure to keep my eyes on Natalie as I did. I could feel my dick quiver as I saw her reaction.

“Nice fucking mouth!” I rubbed my hardening dick.

“See ya used her tits some. She howl for ya’ll?” I could see the strain in her body as she desperately tried to hold the unnatural pose.

“Yeah, amazing!” I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girl, I loved the way her breasts jiggled ever so slightly as she started to pant with apprehension.

“How bouts you Jimmy?” Jim was staring at the monitors, engrossed in the display of debauchery laid out in front of him.

“Yeah, ya, fucking amazing tits, mouth is good enough.” He was distracted.

“Well bitch, guess you did alright.” Mack hauled back on the recliner and popped his feet up off the ground.

“Well boys, guessin I’m satisfied with the deal. Gonna get the chink out into the stream o’ commerce and make some money for me. You were right, the bitch does tricks.” He laughed and winked over at me.

“I need a beer cunt!” He held up the little remote, but didn’t push the button. Awkwardly, Natalie staggered to her feet and quickly scurried away.

“Ya’all want anything?” Mack flipped the big monitor from the stage to the fuck rooms.

“Nah, we should be getting home.” The sound of Natalie’s heels clapping on the floor preceded her. She handed Mack a beer, then snuck back into the corner.

“Ya, long hard night of work.” Mack chuckled, then smiled at me before chugging the beer.

“Get ya ass over here china girl!” I watched intently as Cumsocket slowly lifted off the huge dildo. It finally slipped out of her ass with an audible pop.

Mack put the recliner down again.

“On your knees cunt, you know what to do!” The Asian girl fell between his thighs and started working to open his fly.

“Ok boys, have a good night. Ya’ll gotta come back and see the opening night of this here bitch’s act. I’ll give’ya call when it’s all choreographed.” Mack laughed and ran his through Cumsocket’s long black locks.

“Fuck I love me some long Asian hair.” He took a handful of the Asian girl’s between his fingers and used it as a grip to move her head as she started to suck his cock.

“Okay Mack, always good to see you!” He groaned.

“Ya, ya, see ya boys. Fuck!” I grabbed Jim by the arm and started him toward the door. I saw the new girl out of the corner of my eye.

“I’ll be out in a sec.” I pushed Jim ahead.

The girl was kneeling just at the edge of the room, close enough to hear Mack bellow for her, but just out of sight.

I grabbed her by the ring on the front of her collar and jerked her to her feet. She squealed as I pinched her nipple hard with my free hand.

“I think I’m going to buy you cunt.” Her eyes were wide and she stared at me.

“Maybe I’ll even fuck you?” I laughed in her face.

“Maybe?” I let go of the ring and left her standing there, a look of consternation on her face.


“Damn, that place is fucking insane.” I put the truck in gear and pulled out of the lot, the bar was still pulsing with life, and probably would be for hours, if not till morning, when it all would start anew, not that it ever really stopped, only the name of the day would change.

“Fuck, that girl, what was it, Nicole?” Jim leaned back in his seat and started rubbing his groin.

“Natalie.” The road was empty, and the night was pitch black.

“Natalie, that’s right. Natalie, Nicole, Needy Whore, whatever.” Jim rubbed his eyes.

“Gonna have to fuck the shit out of Tara tonight. That fucking girl, with the chastity belt. Fucking hot.” I couldn’t get my mind off Natalie either, there was just something about her that had my balls aching.

“Tara, she’ll probably beg me to fuck her tonight. She was being a real bitch before we left, so strung her up on her toes, threw some icy hot on her cunt and nipples, sure she’s been screeching all night.” Jim chuckled sadistically.

“She’s got clamps on her nipples too, tied off to the ceiling. Got a plug in her ass, of course coated with the heat balm too.” I heard him groan lustily.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have the video, if you want to watch it later.” I knew he was smiling, even though I couldn’t see him in the darkness.

“She’s up on her toes, got a dildo rammed up her snatch, it’s mounted on a pole, so she can’t take off the strain, at all! And it’s way up her hole!” He was almost maniacal as he described the scene and belly laughed.

“And of course, there is balm on the dildo too!” He shrieked in delight.

“Yeah, the bitch is going to be begging me to take her down and fuck her!” He cackled.

“Think I might just sit down, have a beer and watch her for a stretch before I do though. Love listening to her beg and plead.”

“And god, the way she screams, fucking incredible!” I barely heard what Jim was saying, I wasn’t really listening, my mind was wandering, I couldn’t get Natalie out of my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about her tits, how glorious they were to look at, and all the better to touch and feel, to squeeze and slap. And the way she howled when I twisted her nipples, it was just wonderful. And I wasn’t even that big a breast guy typically, but hers, they were incredible.

“Fuck, she’s---”

“Did you hear me?” Jim punched my upper arm.

“Sorry, sorry, no, I’m distracted. You were talking about Tara, her lovely screams.” I tried to parrot back the last thing I’d heard.

“What are you thinking about? Emily, Monique?” I don’t know that we’d seen more than two cars the whole ride home, the roads were dead.

“Kinda, thinking about that girl at Mack’s place. I’ve been, I’ve been thinking about her, and thinking about getting rid of Monique.”

“What, selling Monique to Mack?” I could feel Jim looking at me.

“No, not really, just---“ I wasn’t really sure what I was thinking, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the new girl, and I knew I wanted to fuck her, bad!

“Yeah, she’s a hot piecea ass, and those titties.” Jim leaned back in the seat.

“Wake me up when we’re home Jeeves.” He chuckled and crossed his arms over his head.


I pulled up to Jim’s place. It looked dead, but I knew Tara was probably inside, screaming and suffering.

“Home sweet home.” The overhead light flipped on as Jim opened his door.

“You gonna make her beg, or got to fuck her too badly?” He was outlined in the light as he stepped out of the truck.

“Oh, I’ll make her wait, and make her beg her pretty fucking head off!” I could see the evil glint in his eyes.

“Okay, I’ll catch you later then.”

“Yeah, see ya, maybe tomorrow.” He slammed the door shut and started up the path to the front door, he was lit by the headlights as I watched him till he got inside. My thoughts turned to Natalie once again as I started driving back to my place.

To Be Continued…

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the chapter, hopefully there will be more soon. Thanks…John (Semiater)
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