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Gary Fowler's big day has arrived and he, Rachel and Mrs. Barton will be centre stage. Will the demonstration be a success?
Gary’s world of dreaming continued to be made up of odd nightmares and it was during one, where he was being pushed and pulled by trees in a forest, from which he woke with a start, sweating and in a panic. His first waking moments were spent adjusting to this new reality and at first he imagined that the forest torment existed here too, but it was not long before a new concern started to grow, there was more light than usual and he winced his eyes. There was also a new antiseptic smell, like a hospital. He had been covered in a blanket. Had he been drugged again? Where was he now? There was a noise, like a gaggle of geese that echoed around. He moved his arms, and heard the tinkle of the chains that held him. He moved his head and felt slight tugs on each side of his forehead where some kind of weight was on the skin. Lots of things were different, and his limited brain power gradually processed what they were.

The cackling echo quietened, and a single thread of noise warbled. The cacophony returned and Gary became aware that it was laughter.

‘Six days, you say?’ a recognisable, yet unfamiliar voice spoke, ‘It would have been easier, were the subject not so lean I think. Have you been feeding him well?’

‘I assure you that the calorie intake had been within requirements.’ The second voice he knew. It was the Colonel.

‘And the correction?’ a third voice asked, ‘has that also been… within requirements?’ This voice was female and mildly sarcastic. It struck a chord with him and was an old memory, one that felt forbidden.

‘We have Dr. Matthews to thank for the specification with regard to that, is that not correct, Dr. Matthews.’

‘Colonel Mortimer? Oh, yes, oh, yes. I have reviewed the activity catalogue,’ a new, fast paced voice began, ‘and I must say, it has exceeded anything that I thought sufficient.’

‘It is a treatment in which we all have a great deal of faith, Dr. Matthews, in which, I must say, you have played a significant part.’

The fourth voice flustered with embarrassment. ‘Oh, well, I must say…Colonel… it has er…been a group effort, really, and so much was done by my predecessor.’ It replied falteringly.

‘I can’t help but think that a significant factor is missing Dr. Matthews.’ The first voice stated with authority.

Dr. Matthews was uncomfortable with such a confrontation and responded nervously. ‘We… well, it… was part of our initial…’. Her speech tailed away.

‘I think what Dr. Matthew’s is trying to say, is that your useful suggestion of nutritional surplus was part of our initial studies, but to our very great surprise, did not contribute significantly to our data.’

‘Thank you Colonel, yes, we tried it, but it resulted in, shall we say, poor results.’

‘Well, that is disappointing obviously,’ the first voice, replied. ‘Naturally, the result set is available to all of the project sponsors? Social services has a large stake in this enterprise.’

‘Oh, naturally…’ replied Dr. Matthews.

‘Naturally.’ Replied the Colonel, almost simultaneously.

‘As have the constabulary,‘ replied the familiar second voice. ‘The Chief Superintendent…’ she paused, seemingly indicating another person in the room, ‘Has the view that this process Is fundamental to the force’s future plans.’

‘We thank both of you for your support.’ The Colonel answered.

‘Yes, well,’ the familiar female voice answered, ‘there is opposition to the more liberal processes that we all believe in Colonel, and we can only fight against those forces and hope.’

‘Amen, to that.’ The Colonel replied.

‘Now then! What’s all this ‘ere yackin’?’ a new fifth voice interrupted.

‘Super, we were just discussing the efficacy of the more enlightened treatments on the criminal mind.’ replied the familiar voice.

‘Aye, it’s a chuffin’ far cry from when I were a young’n I can tell yer…’

‘We must all move with the times, Chief Superintendent.’ The voice replied irritably.

‘Aye, well, Chief Inspector Watts!’ the newcomer answered, ‘It makes a bloody mess ‘o my day ‘avin te listen to all them voices shartin… treatment this…punishment that.. it’s enough te send a man on’t juice I can tell ye.’

‘Watts!’ Yes, Gary remembered. That was the policewomen who had first charged him all of those years ago when he was no more than a boy. He remembered her very well. The repressed looks of lust, the quickly withdrawn hand on his strong youthful shoulders. Yes, even as a sixteen year old, he understood he held a strange power over these types of women. Now his eyes had become used to the bright light, he lifted his head to look at the new company; and there she was, hair in a tight bun, a pair of wing glasses, a good figure, made less alluring by the uniform. He looked down as far as he could, the woman’s skirt had ridden up slightly and revealed the lace of her stocking tops. She immediately pulled the hem of her skirt down to straighten out the creases. Even all of these years later, he could remember her in those far off days, having this problem.

The now Chief Inspector Watts was obviously irritated by the lower class nature of her superior and failed in her suppression of her prejudice. ‘It must be very difficult to hold such a powerful position considering that…’

‘Aye, aye…’ interrupted the man. ‘considering that?’

‘You deal with so many conflicting opinions in your everyday line of work.’ Her rescued reply was eyed with suspicion by the Chief Superintendent.

‘I didn’t get where I am today by ‘angin’ on’t word ‘o every poncey do-gooder that slunk into me’ office, lass!’ The robust reply was greeted with an uncomfortable silence. ‘But, that don’t mean I ‘aint never listened to it. Results, Watts. Results! That’s what matters!’

‘That is exactly what we wish to demonstrate Chief Superintendent.’ Replied the Colonel.

‘Aye, with this specimen.’ The older man pointed at Gary. ‘Bloody Fowlers. Bane o’ me life they were when I were a young copper!’

‘Yes sir, ‘ replied Watts, ‘but their last treatment was highly successful.’

‘I donno, ‘ replied the Chief, ‘they’re up to summat, that bloody eld’n is any how. And this ‘uns been back to ‘is old theivin’’

‘Not every treatment we have issued has been a success Chief Superintendent’ replied the Colonel, ‘and nor is that likely. The best we can hope for is that we are diligent with our approach and that we keep the success of results as they are currently, very high!’

The senior policeman replied grumpily ‘It won’t be no use if it all wears off Mortimer, like it ‘as fer young Charlie testicles here,‘ he pointed to Gary, ‘the last thing my boys need…,’ a glower from Chief Inspector Watts caused him to adopt more modern phraseology, ‘…last thing my boys and girls need, is a bloody crime epidemic from yer bloody experiments, there’s prisons empty and waitin’ fert likes ‘o Fowler.’

Now, Gary Fowler was not a student of criminal theory, however, if he was, he would have now seen why he was of such interest to Charles Mortimer. That man’s fear was that Gary might just be the start of problems that had arisen from whatever rectifying procedure Gary had undergone in the past. The young man had not been alone in this treatment. Many had undergone the Colonel’s therapy and many had been released into society. Any number of them might revert to their roguish ways. ‘The cost benefit analysis has been thoroughly scrutinized sir.’ The lawyer replied.

The Chief Superintendent was clever enough to know when he was being patronised, and clever enough to stay calm and use the situation. ‘That bloody Don Soper too, goin’ off on that lad like that. He’s been part of yer “Program” too, ain’t that right?’

‘There were mitigating circumstances in that case sir,’ whinnied the chief superintendent's subordinate, ‘he did find his daughters…’ the woman straightened her skirt before delivering the phrase distasteful to herself '…en flagrante delicto’.

‘Aye, so I ‘ear.‘ Her senior colleague replied with a snigger. Surprisingly, considering the events of the previous week, the Chief Superintendent’s humour was not shared and the ensemble descended into an awkward middle class silence. It was broken by the entry of a very staid, respectable looking Samantha with her very childish looking daughter, innocently dressed in school uniform and with her hair divided into pigtails.

‘Ah, my dear, my dear, ‘ oozed the first voice, ‘You do look very pretty, very pretty, if just a little…’ he turned to Samantha . ‘You are providing enough nutrition for a growing girl?’

‘Oh, Mr. Bradshaw, I assure you she eats like an absolute horse.’

‘That is very reassuring, ‘ that man replied, ‘it is so important to a young child’s temperament.’

‘I always finish my dinner, Uncle Norman.’ Rachel replied, twisting on her front toe.

Gary lifted his head to observe the new company again. As he had laid back he had formulated an internal picture of the previously out of sight Mr. Bradshaw. On sight, he discovered that this picture was utterly incorrect. Mr. Bradshaw was almost painfully thin and very tall, almost stooping in the low cellar.

‘I never doubted it my dear, delightful girl.’ He moved inappropriately close to the teenager, ‘I have some sweets with me, would you like one?’ before she could answer, he thrust his hand into his pocket and withdrew a lollipop. Rachel took it hastily, unwrapped it and began sucking it with innocent suggestiveness.

‘Such a good little angel!’ the man exuded, stroking the girl’s hair.

The Colonel was anxious they move the topic and Samantha obliged, ‘How are things in social services Mr. Bradshaw?’

‘Oh, much the same as ever Mrs. Barton, much the same. Problems too great, budget too small. There are so many drains on our resources, housing, staffing…catering. Especially catering. Hungry kids are unhappy kids, are they not?’

Dr. Matthews had held a subservient position in this conversation of the great and good, but plucked up the courage to contribute. ‘I find that with my own child, she hardly eats, but when she does she is so much happier.’

The head of the county’s social services department turned on the scientist sharply. ‘Does not eat! Does not eat! I do hope that a visit will not be necessary!’

The unambiguous threat cowed the poor woman, who withdrew to the periphery once more.

Samantha hastened to changed the subject again. ‘I hope everyone is enjoying the wine? It is from my father’s cellar.’ She lied.

‘It is a... very fine claret.’ Mr. Bradshaw complimented delicately.

‘It is wonderful Mrs. Barton,’ replied the Chief Inspector. ‘it compliments the beautiful canapes.’

‘Oh, I’m so glad. It was such a difficult choice and there are so many choices to make.’

The Chief Superintendent was becoming impatient with the small talk and the obvious drain on his time. ‘Listen ‘ere Mortimer, I’m all for all this gettin’ ter know yer like blather, but lets get ‘t bloody show on’t ror’d eh?’

Charles was obviously and unwillingly much indebted to the Chief Superintendent and restrained himself from protesting the imposition such a request created. ‘I don’t see a problem with starting a little early. Dr. Matthews, is there a problem?’

Dr. Matthews jolted back from her self imposed withdrawal. ‘No, no. Colonel, everything is in position. We may start.’

The Colonel chinked his wine glass to attract the attention of the rest of the cellar’s occupants who were many in number. It became apparent when the light around his station of confinement dimmed that during Gary’s chemically induced sleep, a great deal of moving and shifting had been done. What he had assumed to have been a fixed wall a few yards away from his feet had been removed and the true size of the cellar could be seen. It was large enough to hold an audience of between thirty or forty individuals, all of whom moved slowly to the provided seating. The lighting changed again to focus on a lectern on Gary’s right at which Colonel Mortimer positioned himself, authoritatively.

‘It has been a remarkable journey we have all had,‘ he began, causing the audience to settle and hush. ‘between our first attempts at this new science, and today.‘ Murmurs of approval and a short smattering of applause rippled through the excited congregation, ‘But, we have made a breakthrough. A very significant breakthrough.’ This time the applause was more enthusiastic. ‘The discipline of Limbic Criminology, the recognition of which has been fought for so hard and for so long, despite, I may add, the increasingly obvious and startling results that have been demonstrated… ‘ at this point he was interrupted by a buzz of recognition, he held up both hands to quieten his attendees, his expression showing a dramatic gratitude. ‘But today, we will endeavour to show that the gaps that we all knew would feature in such a novel treatment have closed, and we will prove, once and for all, that the maturity it will need does exist, and that it is certain to become part of a wider implementation in the justice system of this country.‘ the Colonel’s stirring words provoked more applause, here-here’s, and even a few cheers.

‘Now, It is my pleasure and privilege to present to you the new incumbent of the Mortimer fellowship for criminal research at city university, a former fellow and doctoral graduate of Girton College Cambridge, wife of the tragically no longer with us, Professor Ralph Matthews, the father of Limbic Criminology. She is a notable scholar, a published author…’ the assembly showed their appreciation prematurely, causing the lawyer to laugh. ‘There’s more, but to save her from further immodesty I will invite onto the stage our key note speaker and facilitator,’ he paused breathlessly, ‘Dr…Olivia…’ and again for effect, ‘Matthews.’

The Colonel had built up Dr. Matthews in a manner that was overly profuse, and rather than that lady jaunt onto the stage as the stand-up entertainer such an introduction promised, she instead shuffled and stumbled to the lectern, blinking at the direct lighting. However, despite fumbling with her papers and causing a certain impatience from her listeners with a pregnant delay, she began to speak with confidence, if a little quickly.

‘I’d like to thank Colonel Mortimer for his very ostentatious,‘ she laboured the last word for a rather eloquent comedic effect, ‘introduction, however, it is important to recognize the whole enterprise as a team effort and that I was really at just the sharp point of the blade, so the saying goes. Much is owned to the Colonel himself, without whose constant support our entire discipline, and the legacy of my dear husband, might have been lost.’

Her statement was followed by an outpouring of warmth from the assembled guests that caused that man to enter the light briefly to accept the praise.

‘As many of you may know,‘ the woman continued, ‘my predecessor made great advances in our field and sadly, paid the ultimate price for his dedication. I understand, he now runs a sweet shop in Bournemouth.’ A sound of what could only be called gratitude echoed in the room. ‘However, for those that do not know I will recap the advances both he, and our team has made in the past.’

Through all of this, Gary was silent. He was frightened of the Colonel’s prior threat of testicular electrocution and decided that he wanted to simply emerge from this nightmare with body intact. But, he still had ears, and although he did not understand every word spoken by the scientist, he did gather enough information to learn that he had been the subject of an experiment in the past. One that he would have justifiably considered unethical, if that word had been available to him.

‘…and so it is this combination,‘ continued Dr. Matthews after a few minutes of preamble, ‘of psychotropic hallucinogens and sodium thiopental we call “factor X”, that both pacified the limbic region and caused an erasure of certain sections of the frontal cortex which retain short to medium term memory.’ She finished her summary in an accomplished flourish that generated another round of clapping.

She waited for it to die down. ‘However, it was on the fourteenth of January last year when our greatest achievement was discovered. For it was on this date that, with the greatest of serendipity which precedes all novel science, an entirely new and unexpected factor showed itself in our treatment. On this day in the laboratory, I myself was assisting my predecessor with a sequence of auto stimulus when, just at the apex of it’s terminal cycle, he reclined onto a tray of syringes made up with a solution of ‘factor X’. It was this unstinting dedication to his profession that allowed this monumental discovery; that a heightened limbic system, through a combination of simulated pseudo reproduction and a coincident introduction of a very small quantity of our ‘factor X’ will deliver more efficacious results than a full delivery of ‘factor X’ alone.

The were gasps from the audience as the mechanism was described, and one solitary hand rose from the listeners as the information was digested.

‘Yes, question.’ The Colonel interjected, pointing out the inquisitive audience member. It was the Chief Superintendent. ‘Chief Superintendent.’

‘Aye, I just want te get this straight, right. Yer sayin’ t’ old professor sat back on a tray of needles as he was spunkin’ up, after you’d given ‘im an ‘and job. That reet?’

The Colonel visibly gritted his teeth in response to the question addressed to Dr. Matthews and replied himself. ‘The Chief Superintendent has, in his inimitable way, hit the nail on the head.’

The senior policeman was satisfied with the reply. ‘Fair enough, carry on.’ He sat back into his chair attentively.

‘Naturally, ‘ persisted Dr. Matthews, slightly offset by the interruption, ‘the result of this incident was to totally incapacitate my predecessor with regard to any future research, but I hope you appreciate the role he played and the debt we all owe.’ The attendees showed this appreciation.

‘So,‘ the doctor continued, ‘we were left in a dilemma. How do we introduce this new feature into the continuous program, considering, considering…’ here she faltered, looking over to the Colonel to extract her from a cul-de-sac into which she seemed to have strayed.

‘Considering the entirely unjustified opposition that had been fabricated by certain sections of our political spectrum.’ He interjected robustly.

‘Well, err... ‘ the doctor continued, aware that the Colonel had not quite caught her drift. ‘it was more that I and my team, though enthusiastic, could not deliver the necessary stimulus within the majority of our subjects with which to attain the desired results...’

An arm in the audience raised again, causing the Colonel to stop the monologue. ‘Yes, another question. Chief Super.’

‘So, yer sayin’, reet, you needed sexy birds t’ get 't blokes goin', so that they can be tossed off ‘n jizz their load up?’

‘Err…Just so, Chief Superintendent,‘ the doctor replied, ‘and with more research it was discovered that the higher the testosterone level in the subject, the more effective was the end result. Hence the six day long program of artificial, pre-coital incitement to which our current subject has been exposed.‘

‘So, young Fowler here,' The superintendent replied, ‘as bin taken reet t’ vinegar stoke, wantin’ to shoot ‘is load, and kept there fer nearly a week…'

The visibly irritated Colonel interrupted to make a contribution to the doctor’s lecture. ‘I think this is an opportunity to give a huge amount of thanks to Mrs. Samantha Barton, who I am sure you all know, and her team of volunteers for their indispensable work during this period. I am sure you will all respect the facility she has made available and the hard work they have put in.’ Gratitude was duly shown by the members of the audience.

At this point, Gary looked from his prone position to observe those members of this audience. Many of the faces he recognized from the local newspaper, elections, opening swimming pools, or announcing policies on regional television. Most he did not recognize, but all seemed enthralled by the presentation. All except Chief Inspector Watts, who looked around in quiet and surreptitious anxiety. He wondered what that could mean.

‘As you can see from our arrangement today,‘ continued Dr. Matthews, ‘we have prepared a demonstration of our new techniques. Many of you will be aware of the case of Gary Fowler. From childhood, a perpetual thief, truant and general miscreant.’

‘Oh, aye!’ piped the Chief Superintendent.

‘Along with his father and half-brother, he underwent treatment in the first phase of the project, prior to my involvement, and though at first his case displayed great success, he has, of late, reverted to his former behaviour.‘ Groans circled the room. ‘However, as a result of our new techniques, known collectively as “factor Y” we are certain, with an astonishingly small degree of doubt, that he will not return to his roguish ways.’ The Doctor’s certainty was greeted with a loud chorus of appreciation from those watching.

‘By visual stimulation, and by the removal of necessary, regulatory apparatus, our subject will be manipulated to an increasingly powerful sense of arousal, terminating in a significant emission of hydro-conceptive material, at which precise point a pre-designated injection of ‘factor X’ will conclude the procedure.

The Chief Inspector raised his hand once more, and spoke without the Colonel’s customary invitation, ‘In other words, one o’t lasses is gonna get her tits owt, another will take his cock ring off, wank ‘im, and then, when ‘is blowin’ ‘is load everywhere, yer gonna shoot ‘im up wi’ drugs?’

The Colonel stifled a look of disdain as he politely answered his rather uncouth sponsor. ‘The Chief Superintendent has provided us all with a very concise overview of the process.’

The senior policeman again seemed satisfied with the response. ‘Aye, that’s what I thought. Well, get on wi’ it then.’

The doctor breathed in deeply and fanned her reddening face. She was no beauty, having two prominent front teeth, a long face and tightly curled, bright ginger hair, but that did not prevent her from experiencing all of the feelings of a true woman and she fought with herself to maintain her professionalism. ‘May we have the volunteers to their stations please?’

Rachel, having finished her lollipop, moved to the left side of the blanketed Gary and waited for further instructions. Samantha placed herself on a low platform and under a soft spotlight that shone and illuminated her from behind, presented her form to Gary and her silhouette to the audience. There was a small disquiet as she straightened herself and breathed in deeply, thrusting her enormous chest outward. The doctor unveiled two instrumental gauges, linked through to the sensors on Gary’s forehead, and a chart behind her, the chart showed a line sweeping up from left to right. ‘Ahem, ‘ Dr. Matthews began, ‘As we can see, the subject’s testosterone level is currently in the low to mid level, entirely accordant with our projection, here…’ she tapped the chart at a place about a third of the way along from the left. ‘The level of amourisation, signified by electrical activity in the limbic region, as you can see, here,' she indicated again, 'is currently sitting in the low state, however this will increase rapidly.’ The doctor nodded to both Samantha and Rachel, ‘Move to stage two please.’

Rachel slowly removed the blanket from Gary who squirmed his head uncomfortably as his nakedness was shown to the audience. As his encapsulated genitals emerged there arose a groan of empathy from the men and an intake of breath from the women, ‘as we can see,’ continued Dr. Matthews, ‘there is little to no engorgement of the err… erogenous region, mostly due to the artificial restriction of the elational regulator, which we will now remove.’

The air conditioning for the cellar turned on momentarily, causing a distraction for the audience. Colonel Mortimer walked to the thermostat and turned up the temperature setting. Nothing would interfere with this important work.

Rachel’s fumbling around Gary’s penis had caused it to flicker into it’s first sign of life this evening. The moan this caused elicited some seat shifting from the female attendees. Finally, the straps were undone and before the action would have been rendered impossible by any erection, the cock ring and the associated leather were both removed and placed to one side.

‘As you can see from the condition of our subject, he has been very carefully maintained during the initiation phase. Digital manipulation will now take place, firstly without the visual energisation.‘

Gary lifted his head to see Rachel holding his semi limp penis in her right hand, and, focusing past her grasp he could see Samantha posing provocatively, and beyond that, an audience split 50/50 by sex; the men shifting uncomfortably and the women leaning forward, with some eyeing the scene with particular interested. One such was Chief Inspector Watts, whose hands inadvertently stroked the side of her shocked face. She shifted her seat.

‘As you may observe,‘ began Dr. Matthews again, ‘we are entering a phase of erectile enlargement, during which time the subject will begin to experience feelings of mild gratification. You may proceed with the optical stimulus Mrs. Barton.’

Samantha smiled toward the scientist and began to remove her jacket seductively, peering over her shoulder at her target as it descended past her newly exposed skin.

Gary’s reservoir was overflowing, in fact his boiler was both stoked and primed; all it needed to burst into life was the burning ember on the fireman’s coal shovel. Samantha provided that.

Majority interest in the audience had now shifted from the ladies to the gentleman as throats were cleared and there were the sound of chair legs scraping on the stone cellar floor as gazes were moved. With the discarding of her jacket, Samantha now began unbuttoning her blouse, which, having fewer buttons on it than were particularly practical, showed plenty of her undergarment even before this task had begun.

Dr. Matthews interrupted the tableaux. ‘As you may see from the instruments, and…good heavens…’ balked the woman, ‘from the…subject, rigidity is becoming more pronounced and significant amourial flammation has begun.’

Rachel was now dealing with an object that was far more in her way of liking. She moved her free hand to this quickly developing organ to join her other and began to slowly and firmly, crank both they, and the loose foreskin beneath up and down. Gary began to moan quietly.

‘It was discovered during our research, that in some subjects, some verbal restraint was required in order to reach a properly designated conclusion, however, in the case of this particular subject I have been informed that this will not be…oh, my…necessary.’

Gary’s bell end suddenly became visible as Samantha moved her attention to her skirt. She bent over so that her bottom pointed toward him, wiggled her hips, and drew the waistband down, smiling back at him all the while.

‘It is not …optimal, ‘ stuttered Dr. Matthews, ‘to proceed with appendal manipulation with too great a coefficient of friction, for sometimes…golly...’ Her words staggered to a halt as Rachel produced a small soft plastic bottle and squeezed out the contents liberally onto Gary’s erection, pulling his foreskin back to it’s greatest extent in the process. From this point on, all of Rachel’s strokes began with the exposure of two inches of unsheathed column and finished with glans entirely hidden. At first, these were slow and deliberate, but soon however, the rapidity increased.

The unpinning of Samantha’s suspenders and the subsequent unrolling of her lacy topped stockings held the gathering in a thrall as the procedure reached its mid point. Behind the doctor, the two dials linked to the sensors attached to Gary moved inexorably higher and even the deliberately stoic Dr. Matthews gulped with a growing emotion.

However, as enamoured as Gary was becoming himself, he could not help but notice an outlier in the audience. The former P.C. Watts looked on, not in fascination, but with a look of blank astonishment. It was a look that Gary knew well. It came from girls of little sexual experience who, though ripe and churning with passion, knew no way of it being expressed, usually because of inexperience, or sometimes because of self repression. But this woman was in her mid thirties. Had Gary been so disposed, he would have thought more of this.

The doctor frowned, the subject’s vital signs were outside parameters. ‘As can be seen, the most advantageous time-stimulus coordinate has not been reached, so we may start with some aural stimulation in order to refocus onto the requirement.’

Rachel nodded, ‘Do you like it when I wank your cock Mr. Fowler?’ She recited.

‘Answer her please.’ Demanded the doctor after Gary ignored her smutty question.

‘Aye... Aye.’ He replied.

Samantha now stood like Venus in underwear before him and all spurious thought of Chief Inspector Watts vanished. He was on his way, after just a weak period of resistance. The mother of his manipulator arched her back, such that her breasts perched on her chest provocatively, and moved her hands to the clasp that nestled deep between them. His eyes could not but widen as those two globes pushed together to relieve the hooks which then gently parted, revealing the promise of goodness.

There was a sigh of jealousy from the female members of the audience and a noticeable silence from the men as the front of Samantha’s bra parted, dipped and slid downward. Gary had of course seen them before many times now, but he still loved their sweep upward, their balloon like underside and the red cherry nipples that longed to be tasted.

Dr. Matthews was obviously affected by the scene. ‘We, …err.. we have, as you can see, conjoined again with the desired trajectory, however, there may be some need for some auto-mastectic handling and further vocal stimulus in order to boost male hormone production further.’

Samantha began stroking the outside and underside of her tits suggestively and upon seeing this, Rachel reminded Gary of his ultimately unachievable goal. ‘Do you want to fuck my mummy’s tits Mr. Fowler? Do you want to put your cock between them and come all over her chin?’

Dr. Matthews looked at the two dials, looked at the chart, walked out of sight of Gary and returned with a waist high trolley, upon which rested a kidney shaped dish and a large, pre-prepared syringe. She picked it up, flicked it, pointed it upward and watched as a squirt of ‘factor X’ shot from the tip, to muted gasps from the females in the audience, who had obviously been transported by the demonstration.

‘We are possibly within a few moments of the termination of this demonstration, ladies and gentlemen, but a vital period of maximal intensity and verbal excitation is still required.’

Samantha Barton pouted at the restrained man and flicked her upward pointing nipples with her thumbs. ‘Do you like being wanked off by my daughter Gary?‘ she announced to him filthily. ‘Would you like her to climb on to you, so that you can fuck her, and spunk up your dirty, dirty load of cum inside that tight, warm, young cunt?’

‘One finding…in…’ began Dr. Matthews, ‘our, erm… research,‘ the doctor took a handkerchief and mopped her forehead as she watched the scene in front of her, ‘was the discovery that the last quartile of progression, yes, progression, was the one to which most physical resource was dedicated.’ The lady gulped and finished her statement, ‘Please maintain the level of energisation.’

Rachel was pounding Gary’s cock now, taking turns with each hand. The audience, looking at the dials behind the doctor could see the pointers revolving toward what obviously was the maximum level. The woman looked at the dials, graph, her notes and the scene nervously. She was now confident that her preparations were going to result in a success, but she was still not sure.

‘Rachel has told me she wants you to cum in her anus Gary, did you know that?’ Samantha continued dutifully.

‘Oh, God!’ replied Gary.

‘She loves a big cock in her arse, especially when she is on top of you and you can run your fingers over her lovely big tits.’ The woman went on.

‘Oh, fuck!’

‘...then, after you have shot inside, you can watch as your dirty, dirty sperm drips out, and I clean it up…. With my tongue. Mmm.’

Dr. Matthews was now more satisfied with the situation. ‘Only a few more moments, ladies and gentlemen!’ she announced and stood over Gary, injection at the ready.

Gary could feel the strain that had built up for the previous seven days begin to crack, he felt it first in his chest, that tightened with a series of sharp cramps and in his legs which tensed and shivered.

‘Stop this!’ a loud shrill voice called out. Gary could not notice, he was falling into a painful bliss. ‘Stop this disgusting, despicable act with this poor huge meat… I mean man!’

‘Bloody ‘ell Watts!’ shouted the chief superintendent, ‘what yer up to?’

‘This degrading spectacle has to cum, I mean end!’ she screamed.

‘Chief Inspector,’ shouted Colonel Mortimer, ‘Sit down! This is a very sensitive part of the procedure!’

Gary began moaning loudly as this interruption took place and Rachel, though surprised by this odd turn of events did not stop her masturbation.

‘This is no procedure, it is just filth. Pure, degrading, disgusting, and, ooo, horrible…. Cock!’ the policewoman shouted, ‘Breast! Come down here!’ She paused, confused by the perceived lack of activity at the cellar entrance to her left. She shouted again loudly. ‘Sergeant Cook, Constable Best, get down here!’.

There was a loud clattering of hobnail boots as two uniformed policeman ran loudly down the stairs. ‘Yes ma’am, what is… stone the crows!’ the more senior of them exclaimed.

‘Here you are! Undress these perverts immediately!’

The two policeman looked at each other ‘Beg pardon, ma’am?’

‘I said arrest them, arrest them!’ their superior screamed.

‘Oh, right ma’am.’ The sergeant replied, still looking around at the strange scene.

The Colonel was angry, and to his point of view, rightly so, he ran to the doctor, grabbed her syringe and made for these new intruders.

Sergeant Cook removed his notebook from his top pocket. ‘Right, use lot, oh, evening Super... Right use lot, just stay where you all are while I... brrrrrr.’

The Colonel stood over the newly prostrate Sergeant with an empty hypodermic. ‘Ha!’ he screamed, ‘Don’t just stand there Doctor! Prepare another!’

Constable Best stood in frozen shock as the Colonel began to berate the Chief Inspector while the doctor nervously fumbled with her vials and her other equipment. ‘Traitor! Traitor!’ He screamed at the woman, ‘All of this time I thought you were dependable, you, you… Judas!’

‘Never, you pervert! Now, all of this disgusting penis, I mean practice, has to end!‘ she screamed back.

Samantha, at first stunned by this turn in events, showed her loyalty to the middle class lawyer. ‘Ooo, you! You! Spotty, spotty Watty! The school swat!’

‘Oh, if it isn’t slutty Billingham! The school tart.’ The police woman shouted in reply,’ girl in the year most likely to be a prostitute, well, look at you now!’

‘Bitch!’ screamed Samantha.

The policewoman looked over to Dr. Matthews, just finishing the degassing of her new syringe of ‘factor X’, then ran over and seized it easily from the poor scientist who appealed to the most senior authority in the room, ‘Chief Superintendent, do something!’

That man looked at his options quickly, and then at Constable Best who was suddenly coming to his senses and attempting to restrain the vigorously wrestling Colonel, and demurred.

‘Bloody ‘ell lass. Leave me owt o’ this ‘un’

‘You coward!’ Shouted the Colonel, struggling with the Constable whilst in a firm headlock.

‘I’ll go for’t easy option Mortimer!’ replied the senior policeman.

‘Give that to me, you old maid!’ shouted the knicker clad Samantha, who launched herself at her new adversary, Chief Inspector Watts, whose hemline lifted to show her suspenders once more.

‘I will not allow this sexhib… exhibition to continue.’ Watts shouted back, deflecting the scratching blows that came from the big breasted woman.

The policewoman’s skirt rode up yet further during her struggle to give the room glimpses of her white panties and it provided more ammunition for the brimming pressure that desperately tried to leave Gary. He shouted his feelings loudly, ‘Oh, God! Oh, God!’

Samantha and Watts now wrestled with the hypodermic, control seemingly in the balance.

‘Oh, God!’ shouted Gary.

‘Mummy!’ shouted an alarmed Rachel.

‘Yes, darling? Give me that you bitch!’

‘It’s Mr. Fowler’s balls, they are fizzing!’

The policewoman remained the stronger of the two. ‘Get your filthy spunk, I mean hands, off me!’ she shouted.

‘That’s lovely darling!’ replied Samantha to her daughter, but then her eyes were distracted by a newcomer. A new, very prestigious visitor to her humble home.

The Colonel saw the new arrival as well, ‘No, no, no!’ he shouted desperately as he reversed the headlock on his assailant. ‘You cannot stop me!’

‘Mortimer, you blackguard! What in hell’s name is going on here!’ shouted the Earl of Capacaldy, flanked by more police. In his full five feet five of Majesty, he looked over the commotion from his high vantage point. ‘What in hell’s teeth is going… Good heavens, look at that!’

For it was at this point that nature decided to uncork the champagne bottle of Gary’s welled up testes. He howled as the short venturi between them and the outside world at first restricted his joy, but then, after his engorged cock seemed to retract in Rachel’s grasp, it lurched forward and emitted his blessed relief. His turmoil increased the velocity of his outpourings into a rapid, white jet of fluid that projected directly toward the cat fight in front of him. However, of the two combatants, it was Chief Inspector Watts that bore it’s sole brunt. The effect was immediate as she stopped her struggle and stood as though all muscle tone had been removed from her expression. By the time she had turned to confront the source of this new sensation, another stream of snow white liquid was on its way with undiminished intensity. This splatted her square in the face, which transformed from blank gormlessness to one of momentary joy. This was so new and unexpected to her. ‘Oh, that’s, oh that’s so, so…’

‘Yes, yes I have it. Doctor here!’ shouted Samantha as she quickly handed the syringe over to Dr. Matthews who upon receiving it, made a quick dash for Gary’s left buttock.

The policewoman came to her senses on the fourth long-distance pulse of sperm to her face, finishing her previously uncompleted sentence ‘…disgusting!’. She looked around and began to follow Dr. Matthews dash with her eyes. ‘Not so fast Doctor!’ she cried. Unfortunately for the cum splattered Chief Inspector however, the delay had done it’s job, and Watts could only stick out a leg to impede that woman’s mission, a leg that the doctor tripped over, sending the needle hurtling, point first toward Gary’s thigh. It lodged and emptied it’s contents.

The effect was instant and electric. From the very depths of his body a new set of increasing rich spunk streams began to launch from him toward the Chief Inspector who once again changed to her joyful countenance and could do nothing but bask in rope upon rope of reproductive product.

Gary’s body twitched and twerked as the doctor began counting from five to one.

‘Yes, yes!’ shouted the Colonel. ‘You see, you fat fool! You couldn’t stop me, Ha, ha, ha…’

The number two was the last word that Gary Fowler heard that day.
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