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The holiday takes a turn for the worst, with both Dee and the sisters leaving suddenly. I am left alone to make better friends with my new aquaintances
Sissy and Michelle Part 9 – Finalization

We dried off after our three person kissing shower and went out into the kitchen for some soft drink. I looked on the floor at the back door. There was a folded piece of paper wedged between the fixed door panel and the sliding door panel. I reached down and picked it up, opening it.

On the paper was a note, it read

Master James

I wanted to thank you for the fish the other day.

And also for the very handsome way you look at the pool.

I have ice cream for you and want to make sure you are not getting sun burnt.

Is there any other treat your heart desires, anything at all while I deal with your problems?

Keep this to yourself.


/ ^

The signature looked like two arms and two big tits, above two legs and a vagina.

The girls came and read over my shoulder. Sissy was enraged “That fucking Mrs Simons, she’s trying to fuck our boyfriend. What a bitch.”

Michelle said “You’re not going to do it are you James?

I said “Well Der, she’s like a hundred years old, and I have all I ever want in my Michelle and her yummy sister here.”

I looked seriously at both girls and said “Even if you both are going back to your boyfriends tomorrow. But we can have some fun with her, maybe redirect her to my Dad.”

Michelle said “But what about your mum?”

I said “I don’t tell anyone this, but they have been fighting for over nine months and split up just before Christmas. I’m a part of a broken home now. It’s very sad.”

Michelle kissed me and said “I wondered why your dad was here without your mum. I think our parents fight too. Mums running the business officially while we have a holiday, but I know she hates our dad more than she loves him.”

Sissy said “I don’t want to talk about that. So we tease Mrs Simons, then let your dad have some fun with her. That might be funny. If Mrs Simons won’t do him, gosh I might. He’s really attractive. Plus his cock is just as big as James. Maybe even bigger.”

We all talked excitedly for a while then developed a plan about teasing Mrs Simons.

Eventually we agreed on the plan. We got a lined piece of paper and wrote a new note.

Dear Lulu or /UU

Thank you for the note and the nice things you said.

I have plans until 8pm, but you are right, I am getting sunburnt.

I would be really happy and very excited if you could help rub something soothing on my problems.

See you at the pool.


We put the note in the same place the other had been.

We waited out of sight, thinking it would be snapped up immediately. Michelle got bored and said “come on, this is our last time all three together for at least weeks. Let’s make the most of it.”

Michelle took Sissy and I by the hand, leading us back into my bedroom. We had all put on bathers to be in the kitchen and meals area, as the window curtains were not block out and we didn’t want to be seen naked. As soon as we got in the room, we all stripped. I was so aroused by the beautiful girls, that I hardened immediately. Michelle laughed and stroked my cock saying “Is this lovely big hardon because of us James.”

I kissed Michelle and brushed Sissy’s nipples with my hand saying “Yes of course it is, both of you girls really do it for me. I love the way you look, the way you kiss and the way you have sex all together in this room.”

Michelles started kissing me and pulling me down on the doona. Sissy said “Good answer cock boy, but face it whatever you said, you’d be getting sex anyway. Because we love fucking!”

I could hear knocking on the back door. A lady was calling, “I can hear voices in there. Open the door.”

I said to the girls “Shhhh”

We all started kissing and licking anyone and anything we could find. Suddenly there was a pounding on the window and Mrs Simons called out “Open up my James, Its Lulu.”

We all smiled and kept kissing, touching and soon the girls were riding their favourite pogo stick.

Somewhere in the depths of my mind through all the wonderful tastes and sex, a little alert was beeping. Suddenly I realised that I was supposed to test the condoms. Sissy and Michelle had each started this second session by sucking me, timing who could make me cum the fastest. They each swallowed my entire load after letting me shoot the lot in their mouths, so that was a no condom event. They had tied even on four minutes flat each. Michelle complained that Sissy had used her tits and nipples on my balls, saying it wasn’t fair. Sissy said she had to go straight after Michelle had blown me, so doing the same time, was more like in half the time. The argument was going back and forward when I grabbed the lube, and rubbed a bunch on my thick cock. I grabbed Sissy’s long black hair and lining my cock up on her ass, started pushing in.

Sissy screamed, and Michelle was immediately to her aid saying at me “Don’t just shove it in you bugger, you’ll hurt her. You have to start her up first, get her wanting it.”

The fat head popped into Sissy’s sweet tight ass. She stopped screaming and held still. So did I.

Sissy hissed “Nipples sister, squeeze my fucking nipples.”

Michelle grabbed both her sisters’ nipples and was squeezing firmly. Sissy started hyperventilating “Saying fuck it was hurting, god its changing to… to Oh God, Good. It’s changed to a wonderful golden feeling. Fuck I love this. Fuck my fucking ass hole you stud. Fuck me harder. Give it to my ass, Oh so good.”

There was more tapping on the window, and the same ladies voice, but it all faded into the background as I watched my thick cock penetrating Sissy’s tiny size 6 ass.

I held still but Sissy started pushing back hard onto my greasy cock. As she pulled back out, the next push in went in so much easier, because of the lube. Sissy said “Think I will have to personally thank your dad for the lube. I fucking love lube. Cock goes right in, explodes your brain, and lets you get right on fucking. Fuck me as hard as you can big boy. Even slap my ass, that time you did it I loved it, both hands, both sides, really hard please.”

Michelle had trouble holding both her sisters’ nipples, kneeling alongside her. Michelle moved to sit with her pussy in Sissy’s face, giving her easy access to Sissy’s nipples each side.

Sissy said “Oh fuck, thank you. I so love your pussy Michi. Do you love me licking you?”

Michelle was moaning and had her head back already “I said I’m pretty sure that’s a yes. She’s loving your tongue.”

Sissy was doing almost all of the work getting her ass fucked. I tried my first slap on her ass. Right hand firm hard slap. Made a big noise, left a bright red hand print on her ass.

Sissy said “I said both sides fuck it.”

I said “But it’s left a big fucking red hand print. You will probably have a blue bruise tomorrow. Your dad could see.”

Sissy was pumping on and off my hard throbbing cock and said “Do I, Fucking Look, Like I, Fucking ooooh, care. The only person seeing my bare ass is You, and my boyfriend. And maybe your dad.”

I decided to just go with what she was asking. I slapped her left ass cheek hard with my left hand. Counted to ten, then slapped her right ass cheek with my right hand. Counted to ten, then slapped her left ass cheek again with my left. The tapping on the window and female voice started again. Sissy’s beautiful petite ass, was glowing red in the dim light. I put my hands on her red welts, gripping her hips tightly. I started slower than I wanted and sped up to medium then fast fucking rhythm. She kept moving in and out but was doing 1/3 of the distance with me fucking her hard. As I pushed into her ass really hard, my thighs slapped her red ass cheeks.

Sissy would pull her face out of Michelles pussy and shout “Oh fuck so good, keep doing me in the ass, so good.”

Then she would go back to licking Michelles wet orgasmic pussy.

Four minutes into the fuck Michelle started orgasming really violently, shaking and gripping Sissy’s head into her pussy. Sissy was stopped from moving by this. I slapped her two more times each side, rather hard. Then continued to really pump her perfect ass as fast and hard as I could. Sissy was orgasming, her entire back had gone rigid, and she was screaming into Michelles tiny pussy. I loved everything about the visuals and how her wonderful ass felt. I knew my orgasm was going to smash me soon. Sissy lifted off her sister’s pussy and instructed me “don’t you fucking cum, don’t you dare. If you can't help it and shoot, do not fucking stop anyway. God I never imagined this could happen. I am going to cum in my ass.”

She resumed licking Michelle, who was soon squirting as well as cumming. My cum erupted into Sissy’s tight lubricated ass, adding even more lube with my slippery cum load. My cock head was screaming in sensitive protest, but I kept hammering into Sissy, as I came hard. I continued because she was so gorgeous and had asked me.

I said “I’m fucking shooting in your ass, and I’m not stopping till my balls are empty.”

That set Sissy off even more and she continued screaming into Michelles squirty pussy. She had her right-hand index finger up Michelles tight pussy, tickling her g spot. I said “Sissy rub your own g spot with your left hand.”

She did as I suggested, and I kept fucking her hard. I was so sensitive I didn’t really feel her little finger in her pussy. I felt the moment she touched her g spot, her moans went up an octave. Her ass clenched me. I kept slamming my body and attached cock into her. Sixty seconds of wild bliss and Sissy started squirting alongside her ass come. She kept orgasming for many minutes. My cock was triggered and I came again deep in her. Michelle was doing a constant gurgling scream as she squirted out her orgasm.

I could count each single ejaculation squirt I did. They hurt, but hurt good. There was 8 solid spurts. As my cock settled down, I pulled my cock out of her incredible ass, and collapsed alongside them

Sissy laid her head on Michelles thigh and I watched as Michelle laid back on the doona smiling sweetly at me.

I said “I can't understand how I can fuck both of your ass, for like half an hour and there is no mess or anything. You’re incredible.”

Michelle said “After each of our first times we compared notes and looked in Sissy’s magazine for help. We wash in the back there when we know we are going to do it with you. We feel more confident, and you can do whatever you want. Mess free. Which we both love by the way.”

I said “At least that mad woman got the hint and left after a while. She nearly put me off. Glad you girls are so sexy, you make anything annoying like her fade into the background.”

At this point the story splits somewhat and you can read the continuing path in my story called - Sissy and Michelle Part Z - Mrs Simons or Lulu 1 to 4

The next Morning I was up early and went to visit my friend Dee. At her house there was a note on the front door. It said “Dee has had to return to the city, as her grandfather is gravely ill. Will return soon.”

That was a disaster for me, as she was giving me all sorts of sexual treats. I walked to my friend’s cabin. Sissy and Michelle were due to check out today. I was rather sad about that. We had become really close, and had lots of sexual adventures. The girls were busy packing, and quite sullen. I offered to help but they refused. They were looking pale, acting upset, and kept doing the packing. I took the hint and wandered off to the beach.

I wanted to say goodbye nicely to the girls, so I went back over the big sand dune and when I got to their house, I heard them talking. Sissy was saying “Well I can't wait to see my boyfriend. I’ve missed him so much.”

Michelle said “I’ve missed mine, but I broke up with him before we came here, I guess he will want to be with me again. James has been such good company, I will miss him. Do you think he will actually come and visit us?”

Sissy replied “Maybe he will, but it would be just for Poontang. Face it, we have to make up with our boyfriends. They don’t hold a candle to James in looks or sex, but they are the best choice we have when we get home.”

Michelle replied “Yes, I guess you are right as usual big sister. I will miss James. Will we tell him before we go.”

Sissy replied “What’s the point, he won’t make any effort to come and visit us if we do. We can just leave him hanging and see how we both feel in a few weeks. I’m sure going to miss his big baseball bat.”

Michelle Giggled loudly then said “Me too.”

Sissy said “Neither of us can tell anyone about him. It will get back to our boyfriends.”

I walked away without talking to them. I was very sad. The beach was fabulous, warm and the water inviting. I kept doing beach things until around 11am. As I walked back to the park, I sadly noted that Sissy and Michelle were gone and so was the car they had been packing. I recalled my dad’s advice “It’s a holiday village son. Sooner or later the holiday ends and people go home. Have lots of friends so you don’t get lonely.”

I looked over at the pool. It was quite crowded. It took me a minute or two to see Mrs Simons, sitting in her usual recliner low boy chair. She was in the shade, and as usual covered from neck to toe in a bright orange huge baggy dress. She also had a very wide straw hat, and the usual big black fashion sunglasses. All I could see of her was her mouth and chin. I thought about her mouth and visual memories of her the night before, on her knees in front of me came back.

Authors Note: To make sense of a lot of the next text, you are best to read my other story “Sissy and Michelle Part Z - Mrs Simons or Lulu 1”. It describes a short unexpected liaison between Mrs Simons alter ego – Lulu, and myself last night. I had met her, expecting it to be a telling off about the noises she had heard from my cabin. I had been inside fucking with Sissy and Michelle. Lulu was nothing like I had expected, and had shown herself to be a very sexy woman, with strong desires to do sexual things with me.

I mentally relived her pumping my hard cock with both hands, and opening her mouth wide, to receive and swallow my entire load of cum. She had licked my cock slit with her tongue, but that was the only part of her mouth that touched me. I was determined to change that up next time.

I was wearing bathers so I just walked over to the pool, and went in the gate. I noticed Mrs Simons was looking right at me, so I just walked past her seat in front of her. When I was very close, she said out loud “Oh young man, James isn’t it? Please pop this Lemonade bottle in the bin.”

She passed me a clear glass bottle, empty of drink, but inside I could see what looked like a straw. I went over to the bin, turning the bottle upside down and caught the straw thing. I threw the bottle away, and hid the straw in my hand. No one else saw it. I went into the toilets, and sat in a cubicle with the door shut. I unrolled the straw. It was a little note;


So pleased about our success last night.

Very worried about you getting sun burnt.

You need a mother type to take care of your needs.

Come to my cabin 64 at 2pm sharp for sunscreen.


I realised that Lulu was probably just what I needed to take away the pain of losing both Sissy and Michelle, just the day after Dee went away. I felt gratitude to my dad for telling me those few times to make new friends. I smiled as I wasn’t that sure dad would be happy about the kind of new fuck buddy friends I had made.
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