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Lulu Glo and I are very much a three person couple and enjoying each others company and bodies
Sissy and Michelle Part Z - Mrs Simons or Lulu 6

I walked over towards Lulu’s cabin and checked my watch, it was 8:30pm.

Through the front window I could see a white head of hair tilted on the couch. I listened and could hear snoring above the sound of the TV. I assumed that was Lulu’s husband fast asleep. I stayed in the shadows and walked around the side of the cabin. Lulu had not been as careful as me closing the curtains in the second bedroom. I could see the lights were dim and each bed had a small child in bed. I kept walking to the back of the cabin. I could see Lulu and her friend Pam, sitting on the back steps. Lulu was wearing her short tight white denim one piece dress. She had the zip down at the front showing a lot of cleavage.

Pam was saying “I can't believe how big he was. He’s three times as thick as my last husband, and twice as long. It’s so big it’s almost scary. It’s almost the same size as my forearm without the fist. Easy as thick as my wrist the whole length. You have no idea how fucking full I felt. I thought it was going to poke out of my throat. He came in me three times at his place, and barely went soft after the first two. I’m sorry to be so graphic, but I never knew that sort of thing could happen.”

Lulu said “Was that three times, in total, or three times, the first round? How many times the second round.”

Pam said “I don’t want you to think I’m a slut, but three times the first round, and two times the second round. God, I hope he comes and visits me tonight. I asked him over. He said he had to check his son was ok. If he doesn’t come to me, I’m going back. I don’t care if he thinks I’m a slut. I want him to fuck me as much as he can while he is here. Fuck that cock of his is wonderful. You have no idea how good that big cock feels. Have you ever seen one that big?”

Lulu said “I’m actually really interested. My husband barely even looks at me these days. He’s about normal size, and I have never seen a man with one that big. I will have to live life through your sexy stories. Thank you for sharing. I'm trying my best to imagine just how good such a thick long cock feels. How did it start, I have to know?”

Pam said “Well I put all the kids at my cabin with the TV on. Then I went to my room and removed my bra and put on lippy and heels. I changed to fresh sexy knickers. I then took the burger over to the chef’s cabin. Just before I got there, I undid the top three buttons of my dress. Showing lots of cleavage and gave my nipples a very good squeezing. That made my nipples big hard and super sensitive. Just between you and me, it made my pussy gush wet to. When I knocked on the door the sexy dad answered just in shorts. He must have thought I was his son, as he was saying something about forgetting my key.

When he opened the door, I squeezed past him saying ‘I have brought your dinner.’ My hard nipples rubbed firmly on his chest, I brushed my pussy and hand over his shorts bulge, and our lips nearly touched. I held still right in front of him, but he moved me back away from the door and shut it.

He said ‘Wow Pam, you are looking very lovely tonight’. I looked him in the eye and said ‘A girl has to catch your attention somehow.’

I just held his eye, watching him look at my hard nipples and cleavage. I must have looked good to him as something down below his tummy had grown so big. I looked down and literally licked my lips and said “Oh my god.”

He smiled and looked very confidently at me then said “Is there something about me in particular that makes you say that Pam? Feel free to be personal.”

I was drawn to his big bulge like a moth to a flame. Seconds later I was on my knees in front of him, had his shorts down and his fabulous cock in my mouth. As soon as I got his monster wet with saliva, I pushed him back on the rug and started kissing him. I actually screamed when he first rolled me over and fucked me with that big monster. Do you mind me being so brazen.”

Lulu said “No, I love it. My husband might get raped when I get to bed thanks to you. I really need to be fucked. I will fantasize I’m being fucked with a big cock like that.”

Pam said “Have you ever thought of straying. Most wives have their little secrets. It doesn’t make you a bad wife, and I can tell you it relaxes you afterwards. I for one am a better mother for it. I see a lot of the husbands look at you. If you started dressing more femininely like this outfit you’ve got on, you could take your pick of them. I wish I was as gorgeous as you. You are much younger than me. You could even go for that boy of his. He is so handsome, and has a hot body! He has the same size lump in his bathers as his father. The young ones won’t say no either, just make sure he knows not to brag about it. I’ve seen you looking at him. I know you want his big bulge. Those two young sluts he was following around have left now, so he might have space on his dance card.”

Lulu was laughing and said “I’m very happy with what I have right now thanks Pam. This holiday has been a delight. But I’m curious, how did the second round happen. You went home didn’t you.”

Pam said “yes, I got home when it was still light. I put the kids to bed leaking his three cum loads down my inside thighs. I felt so deliciously slutty. Once it was dark, I saw him, the dad, outside by the back wall, with another huge hardon showing in his shorts. I nearly swooned, you have no idea how big it looks in his shorts. I’d just checked the kids were asleep, so I turned the outside light off, and went straight to him. As Soon as I was in his arms he kissed me, then tore my panties off. I was trying to suck him, but he just pulled me on top of him and fucked me girl on top. I love that position, but fuck its hard to take such a big cock. It was way up inside me, you have no idea. I swear it was even bigger and harder than the first three times. I was so wet from his cum and being so turned on. He wedged that huge cock straight into me, and I came almost instantly. Then I rode his monster for a few more cums.”

Lulu said “Wow Pam, you are giving me all sorts of ideas. What was the final one like, where did you do it.”

Pam said “Oh do I have to be so personal?”

Lulu laughed and said “It’s a simple question, you have told me every other detail, you must know where you did it. Where did he fuck you?”

Pam said in a whisper almost inaudible “Doggy style in the Ass.”

Lulu burst out laughing and said “I meant where did you do it, outside in the yard or in your bed.”

Both girls erupted in loud giggling. Lulu said “I’ve read about anal sex in my girls’ magazines. Did you enjoy it.”

Pam said “I’d done it before, but never with such a big cock. He didn’t give me a chance, just pulled my hair and forced it into me, as he roughly squeezed my boobs. Being forced so roughly turned me on so much, and the orgasm he gave me as he came deep in my ass was unbelievable. I more than enjoyed it. I fucking loved it, and want him to do it again.”

Lulu was laughing and saying “Oh Pam you are such fun.”

I went back a few meters, and took the pen and notepad out of my pocket. I wrote on it



I tore the note out of the notepad, and walked boldly to the back steps. I said “Hi I heard voices. This note was blowing around out the front. Thought it might be important as it looks weird.”

I handed it to Lulu.

She read it and smiled at me. I knew she understood the message, it said “Lulu I'm going to see Glo now. Can stay all night thanks to Pam.”

Lulu stood up and said “Pam please help me put Hubby to bed dear. Seems James has given his dad a leave pass. Your lover boy should be over at yours very soon.” She looked at me and said “Thank you James, I really appreciate your consideration.”

Pam gave me a huge leering smile and said “Yes mam. Good night James.”

Lulu was back outside in under sixty seconds and took my hand saying “I was going to dress up, but we will be naked soon after we get there, so why waste precious fucking time. Pam will listen out for the kids. Told her I am exercising. She doesn’t believe me, but neither of us care.”

I said “What about your husband?”

Lulu said “Pam gave me a Valium, and I gave it to him with one Panadol half an hour ago. He asked as he had a headache. He won’t wake until 7am. He had been at golf all afternoon, and always plays the 19th hole. (A reference to the golf club bar for drinks.)”

I said “Lets go then, we have to cheer Glo up. She was a bit sad this evening.”

We were at Dee’s cabin to see Glo in under five minutes. It was a few minutes before 9pm. Glo had the TV on and was sitting in panties and Bra on the couch. I knocked and she said “Come in James”

Lulu said “And Lulu, I’m staying till dawn.”

She wrapped her arms around Glo and the two ladies had a lovely long sweet kiss. When they finished kissing Lulu stood and said “I just love how you are sitting watching TV in your bra and panties. May I join you?”

Glo laughed and said “Of course, but I was thinking of getting naked for you. But yes, lets tease James a bit in our frillies.”

Lulu undid the zip of her white dress, then inched it off her shoulders and down to her feet. She was wearing matching white lace bras and French cut lace panties. She looked fucking gorgeous. Glo immediately reached up to her and as Lulu got onto the couch they were kissing wildly.

They kept kissing for minutes, then Lulu was taking Glo’s bras off then slipping her fingers into Glo’s soaking wet pussy. Glo broke the kiss to undress Lulu and said to me “Getting undressed?”

I replied “Thought I’d just watch this one, you girls enjoy. You’ll be begging me for cock soon.”

Lulu straddled me rubbing her wet slippery pussy all over my leg, then both girls started undressing me. I said “Or I can just get undressed now.”

They were both rubbing wet pussy all over me and kissing my neck and lips. When completely nude I sat down on the couch and both girls were all over me, kissing and rubbing their tits together, licking and biting everything. They went back to kissing each other and had their hands all over each others tits. The rubbing of pussy and clit on my legs became very focussed, and both girls started moaning, then as the moaning accelerated and the pitch of their moans went higher and higher, suddenly Glo started shaking, and sprayed me with squirt. Lulu was about 30 seconds behind Glo, and started a big shaking whole body shivering orgasm. She wasn’t squirting so I shoved two fingers deep in her tight pussy, and rubbed her big hard g spot. Lulu exploded in a massive squirting orgasm, and I held each girl as they shook and shook.

Once they settle down, they each snuggled into my shoulder each side of me. I said “Oh thank goodness that’s sorted, I can watch the TV now.” Both girls laughed at me and Lulu said “Every other young man watching two beautiful women fuck each other on a couch would be totally pleased. Grumbles here says he wants to watch the TV.”

Both girls tickled me, and smothered my face with kisses and rubbed their big tits in my face. I was loving it, but acted like I was ignoring them, and kept peering at the TV.

Glo eventually got up and turned off the TV and said “WE can watch TV together another night. I want to play some sexy games. I promise it will be fun.”

Lulu said “What do you have in mind?”

Glo said “Ok Lets play High card truth or dare.”

Lulu and I agreed so Glo got a pack of cards off the sideboard, and started explaining the rules as she shuffled. She said “OK so fast game its high card draw, person with the highest card the ace, gets to say the dare or ask the question. Person with the lowest card, takes the dare if red, or tells the truth if black card. If its equal lowest card, then both take the dare. If its equal high card then both as the loser a dare or truth.”

I asked “What if someone won’t do a dare? Or tell the truth.”

Glo said “We rag them for a week, and the game is over.”

We all agreed the rules and Glo shuffled the deck and said “Ready?”

Lulu and I nodded. Glo cut the pack then dealt out 1 card each face up. Lulu got a Black Jack, I got a Red Ace, and Glo got a red Queen. Glo said “So James askes Lulu a truth.”

I said “How many boys have you given hand jobs to since you got married. And how did you start.”

Glo said “Hey that’s a bit personal.”

Lulu said “No I’ll answer it, but you two have to be just as open about these things. Agreed?”

Glo and I both nodded.

Lulu continued “This summer Including James is three. I started four years ago, almost by accident. We were staying in a classy resort and I saw from my bedroom window, down stairs to another room. I saw a 16 year old guy undress, sit on the bed and wank his cock for about one minute. Then he ejaculated all over the window. There was cum everywhere, and I orgasmed watching him. It was the first time I ever orgasmed without even touching myself. I have no idea why, but I walked down to the balcony of that room, and looked inside the room. He had left, and the cum was all over the window still. I went inside and rubbed my fingers in all his warm slippery cum. Then I walked back outside and sat by myself near the pool.

I was swooning in sexual bliss. I intended to just sniff the cum, but somehow I had licked my hand clean of his cum. I desperately needed to make myself orgasm, but as I started to stand up, the same boy approached me and said “Theres plenty more where that came from. You obviously love my cum. We can help each other.”

I was stunned and terrified.

He said “Come on, you know if you do it to me, I won’t tell anyone. If you won’t do it, why would I keep it secret. You don’t have any choice.”

I said to him “Hand job only, if you touch me I call the police.”

He agreed. He told me to go into his room first. He followed me in a minute later. He passed me some lotion and took down his shorts. His cock was only six inches long and about one inch thick. I put the lotion on my hand and started stroking his cock. He ejaculated all over my dress in less than thirty seconds. I started to walk out and he said “If you see a tube of lotion on the window sill it means get down here fast and do me again.”

I was disgusted with myself and went straight back to my room and sat weeping on my bed. Unfortunately, I was covered in his cum and the smell drove me crazy until I took my dress off, and sucked every little drop of cum off the dress. I had not known how much I loved the taste of cum. I had never sucked my husband’s cock, or anyone else.

I stood naked at the window looking for him, then not seeing him I looked at his window. I was incredibly disappointed that there was no lotion on his window sill. I kept walking to the window every other minute. Thirty minutes later and dressed he saw me looking and smiled, then shook the lotion tube. I was in his room in one minute flat.

This time when his cock started pulsing, I held his cock head to my open mouth, it did not touch my mouth. When he spurted, I caught his entire load in my mouth. I kept it in my mouth till I was on my own bed. I spat his big mouthful of cum onto my boobies and licked them clean for half an hour. Then I was back at the window. I spent the next 4 days in a sexual trance. We never did anything other than hand jobs, and I would catch all the cum in my mouth.

He left the resort, he was gone one day when I found my next sperm donor. I started living for the holidays. I would never play my fantasy out where we lived. I couldn’t take the risk my husband would find out.

The answer to how many boys I have wanked to spurt their cum is sixteen. James is by far the youngest, and easily has the biggest cock. He also has the best tasting cum by a long way. He is also the only person who has got to fuck Lulu.”

Glo said “Wow that was hot, my cuny is all wet and throbbing from your story. Let’s go again.”

Glo picked up the three cards placing them at the bottom, then cut the deck again and shuffled. Finally, she handed out the three cards, each face up. I had a ten red, they both had a red six.

I burst out laughing and said “Well two nympho girls need a dare, think you know what it is don’t you?”

Glo said “Gladly.”

She got off the couch and laid on the floor saying “Lulu, its sixty nine time, I’m so wet for you.”

Lulu kissed me deeply and said “Thank you lover, you are so good to us.”

She then put her fabulous slim dancers legs each side of Glo’s face and was soon face firmly in Glo’s pussy.

After a few minutes the noises from the girls were getting louder and louder, even though they both had firmly pushed their faces in to the others pussy. As Lulu started orgasming, she set Glo off and they both kept at each other for a few minutes, extending their orgasm. My cock was rock hard when they finished.

They both got up on shaky legs and sat next to me again, and Glo grabbed the cards.

I got a black seven. Glo had the high card. She asked “Ok which one of us three girls do you love the most, and which is the best fuck. Truth Mister.”

I said “You want the truth? I’m pretty sure I am in love with all three of you. You are all the best fuck. Personally trained by me, so you are each the best fuck in the world.”

Glo was silent but Lulu said “Oh come on how can you be in love with three ladies as once. That’s silly, you have to pick one. I don’t care if its not me. I think its Dee.”

I shook my head and said “Yes it was Dee, but I’m having so much fun with both of you, that its changing. I love my three sisters equally, brotherly love. So why can't I love my three girlfriends equally – sexual love.”

Glo had started shuffling and said “I think he’s done his best to give the honest truth answer.”

She gave me a jack red card then Lulu a red two, then when she saw her card was higher than Lulu’s, she threw it aside and took another, then another. I asked “What are you doing?”

Glo said “Trying to find the other red two. I liked the mutual dare.”

I said “Mis Deal. Has to be fair or there’s no point.”

Glo grumbled but picked up all the cards and started shuffling then put a red queen in front of me and a red four in front of Lulu, then a black ten in front of herself. That was I could give Lulu a dare.

I said to Lulu “Are you ok with a sexual dare, a naughty one?”

Lulu said “Of course, the naughtier the better.”

Glo said “If its going to be naughty you have to include me too.”

I said “OK that’s easy and I was going to anyway. Glo on the couch, Lulu lick her pussy and be ready for a big ass fucking. Start now while I go get Dee’s lube.”

When I got back in the room, Lulu was rubbing her wet pussy covered face on Glo’s lovely firm Double D cup tits, and was waving her fabulous sexy ass at me. Lulu’s tits were hanging down onto Glo’s knees, and Lulu was moving her tits to rub the nipples on Glo.

They looked so sexy I had a massive hard on. Lulu turned to me and said “Can you please make one of you lick my little ass. You haven’t been in there for a couple of days.”

Glo immediately said “I’ll do it, I love her ass.”

I said “no Glo you are busy, I will lick her.”

I started with two fingers inside Lulu’s fabulous tight pussy, rubbing her g spot.

My tongue extended to her pale pink perfect ass and started licking. It was only a few days ago that I saw and licked her ass for the first time. I felt like we had been together for months not just hours.

I could hear Glo start moaning louder and louder. I realised what I was doing to Lulu, was feeding her desire to lick Glo’s pussy. I kept licking Lulu’s beautiful ass, as my fingers tortured her firm pulsing G spot. Suddenly Lulu started shaking and I heard her say “Oh God. Cumming!”

Her lovely pussy squirted me in the face, clear fragrant female ejaculation went all over my head and chest. I kept licking her, the squirt continued.

As Lulu came down from her highs of orgasm, she said “I think I got the better part of that dare. It was such a pleasure. Weren’t you supposed to fuck my ass?”

I said “I intended to, but we got caught up. Will do it next dare.”

Glo started shuffling again, then handed out the three cards again. Mine was Black seven, each girl had a red queen. Glo said “James has to answer a truth question. I say we ask him how he lost his virginity and when.”

Lulu said “that’s fair, ok do it!”

I said “OK, I’m good with that. But has to be the fast version!”

Both ladies were nodding in agreement.

I started “Ok so just after Christmas before my birthday, my Dad was in DC and my mum went to stay with him at short notice. I was left at home with my youngest sister who was 17. She had her friend Kath stay over with us. Kath was a 17 year old country chick, long straight sandy coloured hair, about five foot six, 125 pound, very fit from sports and hot sexy C cup tits.

Kath was very forward sexually, with both my sister and me. My sister did not like either of those scenarios. One evening I went out the back of the house, to put wood into the wood burning hot water system. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom, and there was a window opening out onto the enclosed veranda I was in. I looked in the window and saw immediately that Kath was in the shower washing her hair. She had the shower curtain open, and her eyes shut. She was using the soap to smoothly rub her fabulous C cup tits. I was fascinated by her pointy nipples. She was squeezing them very hard, making them stick out a lot. I had never seen anything like that. I’d never looked at my sisters tits. That would have made my dad super angry, which is not smart.

I must have stared for quite a while as she suddenly left the bathroom, and stomped loudly all the way out to where I was standing. When she got to me, she was furious. She called me a dirty little pervert. I was so upset I started crying. I knew if she told my dad, I would be in huge trouble.

I looked at her face and she was no longer looking at me. She was looking down at the huge hard on in my pants. Kath said “Have you got socks or something in your pants?”

I shook my head. She said “Prove it, show me that thing. You have seen all mine.”

She started aggressively undoing my pants and in her rush let her towel go, it opened showing me her fabulous naked C cup tits. As she got my cock out of my pants, she stroked it a couple of times saying “Wow big”. Her face was inches from my cock head as she was bending over. It was just too much for me, and I ejaculated all over her fabulous tits. Kath acted angry and said “You little shit. You are in so much trouble.”

I said “No Kath I didn’t mean to, it was an accident. Please don’t tell, I’ll do anything.”

She looked at me shrewdly and said “Anything?”

I nodded. Kath said “Rub my tits, rub your filthy cum into my tits. Squeeze my nipples.”

I could not believe my luck, and did what she requested. After minutes of squeezing her tits and particularly her nipples, Kath said “Fuck that feels good, rub my pussy too.”

I had never touched one, but knew from sex ed it was not smart to rub cum covered fingers in her pussy. When I told her that she laughed and said “I’m on the pill you little shit. Do it.”

I started rubbing her, my first ever touch of females pussy after puberty. She said “Put your finger inside the slit. Find the little hard button. That’s my clit arrrgh.”

I’d obviously found her clit. I rubbed it firmly. She orgasmed after thirty seconds of me touching her clit. I looked up at her and saw she had been using her fingers to collect my cum from her tits, then licking her fingers. I heard the kitchen door open and immediately ran to the hot water system room. My sister was there and said “What’s happening Kath?”

Kath replied “Just been to the toilet”

They both went back inside, and when I looked into the bath room Kath was back in the shower. She said through the window “I’m coming into your room tonight, and you are doing exactly what I say. Understand?”

I nodded at her.

Long story short she got into my bed an hour later. and rode me until I couldn’t get hard again. Then she made me lick her pussy with my cum leaking out of it. We basically had sex many times every day after that. Because she could blackmail me, she made me fuck her even when she had periods, and do lots of other weird stuff, like fuck her friends in front of her. Think that’s enough.”

I looked at the two girls and Glo said “Wow, that’s almost child abuse except you are a guy, and I bet you loved it.”

I did agree.

Glo started shuffling the cards again. She dealt me a ten, Lulu an ace and herself a black five. I said “Lulu ask Glo a truth.”

Lulu smiled and said “Glo how did you lose your virginity.”

Glo said “Mine is no where near as much fun as James. I lost my V card two years ago. I was 19 and at the drive ins with my boyfriend. We had been making out for a year, I was giving him free access to touch and lick my pussy. I was sucking him every chance I got. Think he licked me twice in three years. He knew I was due to start my period the next day. He convinced me to get in the back seat of his car with him. He had his pants and mine down in minutes. When he got on me, he just shoved his cock into me and he shot his cum after two strokes. Then he got off me and pulled his pants up. I had barely felt him take my virginity. It was a total anti climax. I had been fucking myself with my hair brush for a couple of years. Guess I took my own V Card. Anyway he fucked me about 6 times that night, came in my pussy every time. All just as fast and nothing extra for me. What a selfish loser.

When I got home I cried, and my mum guessed what had happened. She had me on the pill the week later. Sorry its not a very exciting story.”

Glo picked up the cards, and shuffled.

Lulu reached across and stopped Glo dealing, she said “Just before you deal, my first was basically rape, so please don’t ask me about mine. He was my teacher and got me pregnant within a month of taking my virginity at school. He’s now my husband. You will have to ask me other truths.”

Glo leaned forward kissing Lulu on the lips and said “I am so sorry, we won’t ask any sad things from you. This game is about fun.”

Glo dealt the cards. I got a nine, Glo a red six, and Lulu a jack. Lulu said “Haha I get to give Glo a dare. On your knees in front of Jame Glo you beautiful slut. I'm licking your ass until you cum.”

As Glo positioned herself in front of me she said to Lulu “Can it be many cums please, I think I am going to cum from your first lick of my ass.”

Lulu laughed and said “Of course Glo, I love you, so anything for you.”

Glo looked at my rock hard throbbing purple cock. There was precum oozing out of my slit and it had run down both sides of my slit. Glo smiled up at me and said “Oh my god your cock looks so good. It’s even self-saucing, just like my favourite pudding.”

Glo gently held the tip of my cock and ran her tongue up both sides of my cock, collecting all the pre-cum and licking it down.

She started saying “Your cock and precum ta…” but was cut off as Lulu started licking her ass.

Glo grabbed my cock to steady herself as Lulu’s tongue had Glo shaking and going weak.

Glo said “Oh my fucking god, I hope I made you feel this damn good before. You’re doing me so good.”

Glo placed her mouth around my thick cock head and started sliding up and down the shaft, as Lulu ran her tongue all over Glo’s ass.

I said “Lulu don’t forget her G spot.”

Lulu said “I know you think you know everything, but there’s a lot to be said about girls knowing how to treat a girl. Watch and learn how to build a girl up young man.”

Glo kept intently sucking my cock, and her shaking increased with every one of Lulu’s licks. Lulu said to me “James please cum down Glo sluts mouth, make sure she tastes your cum. Don’t hold back at all.”

I had been holding back and was immensely turned on by all the stories and dares. In my mind I visualised my cock ejaculating in Glo’s lovely mouth. Within thirty seconds and giving myself permission, the stream of cum erupted in Glo’s mouth. Glo started doing whole body spasms as her orgasm smashed her. Somehow she managed to get my cock head in her throat, as I throbbed and spurted my cum deep in her mouth. I felt something brush against my knees and looked down to see both of Lulu’s hands squeezing Glos beautiful pointy nipples.

Lulu was keeping Glo on that orgasm line, and pressing what ever buttons were required to keep Glo cumming hard for maybe 2 whole minutes. I was sure that Lulu’s tongue in Glo’s fabulous ass was doing a lot of the stimulation. When Glo finally settled down she licked my cock clean of her spit and my cum then turned and kissed Lulu for minutes. Glo finally said “Lu that was one the most beautiful orgasms I have ever had. I have no idea why I wasted two whole years with my asshole ex-boyfriend. He has never done anything like that to me.”

Glo turned back to me and suddenly both girls were kissing me, hot and sexy. Glo said “Lu gives me very different orgasms to you James, they are softer and sweeter, but very strong. Lu gives me liquid love orgasms. James just smashes the orgasms through my mind and my body. It’s like Lu cradles me in love and James fucks the hell out of me. Both lovely. Both very different.”

As Glo talked, Lu had moved her face down to my cock and started sucking the last of my cum from my cock slit. She felt so damn good.

I said “Thank you ladies, that was an amazing cum for me too. Do we still want to play the truth or dare.”

Glo said “I want my ass fucked after all that tongue action, but I think its Glo’s turn if she can get you hard James.”

Lu moved her fabulous E cup tits to rub my cock and it started throbbing in her hands. Lu giggled and said “He loves our boobies Glo, works every time.”

Glo said “Lets go to the bed now, I just want to fuck you two darlings until I fall asleep.”
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