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The Impoverished eldest son of an Earl reluctantly pursues Mary for her fortune at his mothers insistence but there is no spark,until
Claiming Mary

Historical Fiction circa 1790

The thing is being an eldest son of an Earl I was supposed to gad about idly as a man about town but with father having squandered the family fortune I had to engage in trade, with some considerable success I might add.

However Mother had this notion that my only hope of salvation was to marry well and proceeded to meddle and arrange for me to meet a suitable girl, and in Mary, well she was almost 21, not quite, 21 was the magic age below which parental consent is needed to marry in England, a quaint and infuriating custom, wasp waisted top heavy over preened and doll like, not my formost choice of companion by a long chalk.

However in Mary Mother had found a girl with a considerable dowry, a girl who wanted a title, and as mother needed her money, no one cared what I wanted.

So there we were, we met for the first time at the Fleet Inn off Lambourne street, overlooking the Fleet river, both our mothers were present as was the custom. I was pleasant, she was pleasant, bland, but pleasant, so we met again her house and again bland pleasantries were exchanged, and Mother aided by her mother, insisted on a further meeting. They determined it shoud be Saturday afternoon at Mary’s parents summer home near Brighton. Brighton, a whole day’s travel and the cost of a nights lodging, nay two nights. Mother thought I had naught better to do.

Mary seemed pleased to see me, which made my heart sink as it made telling her I had no interest in marrying her all the more difficult, but with no mother in tow it was now or never.

We had a light luncheon and Mary was invited, nay instructed, to take me around the grounds The house was elevated and the garden extended very nearly to the beach, ending at a little cliff over which I briefly considered pushing her.

We chatted about the view mainly, the bathers in their brightly hued costumes and the ships sailing past on the horizon.

I stopped and took her hand in mine and started to say my piece.

“Mother thinks we should wed,” I explained, “You are a lovely girl Mary, but I own I have no deep feelings for you, no passion, no spark, do you understand?”

“Yes," she said, “Pray continue.”

“But that said, should you wish it, I shall make you an offer,” I ventured, “ I shall treat you with the utmost kindness and respect, we shall have to conjoin to consummate the marriage but I own I have no great desire for you, my heart does not leap when I see you.”

“No spark?” she snapped, “No spark, I spent three hours squeezing into this ridiculous corset, having to wear this ridiculous hat and awful wig and still you find me unattractive? And yet you still offer me a loveless marriage, you are an insensitive idiot, my lord, what do you think I am, a money tree, something you have to put up with for the good of your family?"

“No, I thought.” I answered.

“You had no thought,” she continued, “You and your loathsome mother just see my fortune.”

“Well we are of one accord over mother,” I agreed, “Are we agreed over marriage?”

“Absolutely,” she agreed, “I should not marry you if you were the last man on earth.”

“No, I suppose not,” I agreed, “I am glad we agree, you are a good egg it’s just, you know, no spark.”

“Yes,” she said. “In that case,” and she pulled her hat pin out as if to stab me, “I won’t need this!” and she threw her hat on the grass. Either deliberately or by accident the powdered blonds wig remained attached to thr hat revealing a mousy non de*********** tussle of unruly hair beneath.

“Help me with my hooks will you the corset is killing me,” she asked.

I un hooked her dress and proceeded to unhook her corset it being the sort whereby the hooks could be unhooked to remove it quickly even when laced, though the tapes needed to be slacked before it was worn anew.

I slipped it around her and pulled it clear. Padding fell where it had held her modest breasts to make them looks large, overly so.

They needed support so I eased my hand inside her dress and held them.

“You said there was no spark,” she reminded me, “So what exactly is that pressing against my buttocks?”

It was of course my member, suddenly rampant and roused and in great need of relief

“You are quite the little firebrand when you are roused,” I observed, “Like a chambermaid chased down a long corridor and cornered in a linen cupboard, vociferous yet helpless.”

“And your point is?” she enquired.

“I could ravish you right here and now, satisfy your curiosity in a moment, take your honour and leave you ruined.” I ventured.

“Then you would have to make me an offer,” she observed, “So ravish away if you dare good sir.”

I kissed her on her cheek, and straightway put my hand on her upper chest, I eased her gown apart and freed her left breast from its constraints. I squeezed the teat and it stiffened immediately, “Do you like that?” I asked.

She remained silent as I pulled her right breast clear of its constriction, “Very sweet,” I asserted. She shuddered.

“I am calling your bluff so to speak, do you like that?” I asked again. She did not need to reply it was in her eyes. I swept her gown up from around her ankles and bared her legs, she wore long silk pantaloons, I pressed the garment against her conch and watched them moisten. “Say no if you wish me to stop,” I added and I grasped her around the waist and easily swept her off her feet and laid her on the grass.

“Say no and I shall cease immediately,” I advised as I again raised her skirts, but this time I pulled down her pantaloons and saw the soft down covering her mound, and, as I gently parted her lips, a bead of moisture dripped from her. “Yes?” I queried as I spread her lips worming my fingers inside her, “Yes?” I asked.

She had bit her lip. “My apologies,” I said withdrawing my fingers.

“No, do it, sate yourself, I shall bear it,” she insisted.

“On your head be it,” I said for my member was entirely rampant at the vision of her loveliness, “Last chance to demur,” I advised as I dropped my breeches to my ankles.

I knelt, held my Jerkin and vestment aside and aimed my member at her softness.

She was moist but oh so tight, four times I tried and failed to enter, but then my member began to slip gently onwards and I slid joyously inside her.

My hands sought her mounds and my mouth sought her mouth, “Tis done, I have claimed you,” I whispered, between kisses. “How do you feel.”

“Squashed,” she admitted, “But a nice squashed,”

“I should withdraw,” I explained, “But I shall not, I shall fill you with my love juices since you desire the full experience,” I said rather lamely as joy overcame me and I felt compelled to release my tensions and thus I shot forth numerous ejaculations in rapid succession.

It was clear she had not expected such a flow of juices, “You filthy beast!” she railed.

“I suggest you become acoustomned to such,” I advised, “Any man will expect such a service, and more.”

I helped her put her pantaloons back on and retrieved her dainty shoes and finally helped her to her feet.

“Well that was unexpected,” I ventured.

“Yes,” she agreed, “Shall you return to London this evening?”

“I had not intended to, I thought I might partake of a spot of dinner and return to the Inn before departing on the morrow.” I advised, “Is that acceptable to you?”

“I suppose so,” she replied.

I replied “Will you accompany me to the Inn that I may ravish you a number of times during the evening and night and again in the morning?”

“I do not think mother would approve,” she admitted.

“Then shall I sleep in your bed and ravish you frequently?” I enquired.

““I do not think mother would approve,” she repeated

“It was not your mother whom I intended to ravish,” I explained.

“But what shall we tell Mama,” she asked.

“I shall say that you fuck very nicely and will make an excellent concubine,” I ventured.

“I should very much doubt even you woulf dare say any such thing,” she countered.

“Then I shall make mad passionate love to you on the dining table,” I explained as I we walked towards the house our feet crunching along the gravel..

“Ah at last, protestations of love,” she challenged. as we passed through the door from lawn to foyer and on into the drawing room.

“Just a moment,” I suggested as we entered, I stopped and pulled a heavy arm chair away from the wall and as The Mother entered through the opposite door I had Mary bend over the chair back.

“A moment please Madam, I have needs,” I said as I undid my breeches and as they fell I raised Mary’s skirts and lowered her pantaloons.

Her conch was still moist and slippery from my love juices and I speared her instantly with my rampant member.

The Mother near fainted, her eyes were wide as saucers as I began to hump her daughter.

“Is this normal behaviour for the aristocracy now?” she enquired uncertainly.

“I could not say but your daughter fucks delightfully, if she were a serving maid I should employ her in an instant,” I declared.

“But she is pure and innocent!” The Mother cried.

“Was Mother, I think he wishes to marry me,” Mary suggested.

“Indeed,” I agreed “I shall spend this night ravishing her and as we conjoin at sunrise we shall be wed in common law.”

“Then we must share a bottle of the best claret to celebrate!” The Mother announced and rapidly departed in search of the same.

“Dear lord I did not expect that!” I declared as I ploughed Marys delightful conch.

“Well I very much doubt she expected to see me fornicating in the drawing room before dinner,” Mary declared.

“No, I suppose not,” I said as once again I flooded her parts with my juice. “Nor afterwards for that matter.”

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