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We saw each other a lot but only at a distance. I wanted to be with her again and wondered if she felt the same way, but we didn’t have a chance to interact until one day when she made a move, giving me a subtle but guarded wave. It sparked my interest, and had me remembering what we had done. She was so pretty, so young, i wanted to be with her again.
It had been about a month since Kaylin and I happened to get together, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and every time I’d see her, I thought about wanting to be with her again. I was really hoping an opportunity would somehow present itself, an opportunity to ask her out, and even though I felt she might be receptive, I still felt in a way it wasn’t right to ask, no matter how badly I wanted to be with her.

I had to deliberately try to put it out of my mind, ignoring my feelings of being with her, but every time I saw her, I’d end up thinking about being with her, to the point where I’d find myself going home to jerk off, remembering how it felt to be with her.

As more and more time went by, I never expected it would happen again, and over the next few weeks or so, the thought of being with her was actually starting to escape me. However, the minute I thought I’d never have a chance to be with Kaylin again, there suddenly was a day, a day I still think about.

It was a day like any other, and yea I did see her all the time, but this time when our eyes met, Kaylin smiled and gave me a subtle but guarded wave. It made me smile too, and after a simple bob of my head, not thinking anything of it, I turned and headed off.

Getting to my classroom and closing the door, I wondered about her as I sat behind my desk, but then after a few minutes of sitting there, my door suddenly opened. Kaylin had walked in, and when I looked over, and I saw her smiling, I too smiled and nervously said, “Hi.”

She was wearing blue jeans and what looked like a loose fitting top, but seeing her smile as she clutched her books and binder against her chest as she moved a little closer, the thought of being with her came flooding back.

I really wanted to be with her, it was what I had been thinking about for the longest time , and seeing her pretty smile and her petite little body, I hoped I could find away to somehow ask her out. Kaylin however, did appear nervous to be there, I could see that, and when she didn’t say anything, I questioningly asked, “Do you need some help?”

It made her smile, and when I stood up and came out from behind my desk, and moved closer to where she was standing, I asked her how she was doing. It again made her smile, and then as she lowered her books, I couldn’t help but look down at her chest.

I didn’t want her to be nervous, I was glad she decided to come see me, but being alone with her right now, made me anxious to say the least. Kaylin really was so pretty; a pretty smile, long dark wavy hair, dark eyes, tan Latina skin, and even though she was so petite, I couldn’t help but continually glance down at her chest, wanting to see her small little boobs. Seeing me looking, Kaylin again clutched her books against her chest, which immediately made me look up, smiling embarrassingly. Seeing that pretty smile, and those chubby cheeks, I asked, “How’s it going?”

The want to be with her was overwhelming, and I didn’t what her to worry about being alone with me, but when she again didn’t say anything right away, it was obvious that me looking at her chest had made her a little nervous.

Smiling, I reached out my hand, and when she looked down, I asked, “Is everything okay?”

She looked up smiling and as we shook hands, she again lowered her books. I wanted this so bad, and felt there might be a chance, and after a pause I boldly reached out giving her a hug saying, “Kaylin, you look great.”

I continuing to try to hold her, but suddenly she leaned away a little. I could see a somewhat look of concern as we looked at each other, but then she smiled, and leaning toward me, she gave me a hug.

It was nice to hold her again, and when we ended up letting go and looking at each other, I again asked, “Do you want some help with anything?”

Continuing to look at me, she smiled and when she shyly said, “Sorry,” it confused me, but then as she continued by say, “about last time,” I realized what she was trying to say.

It did make me smile, and seeing her blushing I told her, “Oh, don’t worry.”

Kaylin smiled, and then giving me a simple little nod, she shyly looked away. Searching for what to say, I hoped and wondered, “Should I ask her out?”

Smiling, and not wanting to lose the chance to at least ask, I took a deep breath and subtly asked, “Do you want to maybe go get something to eat?”

It was just meant to break the tension, but I hoped she’d be receptive to the idea, and when Kaylin looked up, and I saw her smile, even though it was a cautious one, I thought, “Man, she is so pretty.”

I was really hoping she’d say, “Sure,” because I really wanted to be alone with her, however there seemed to be something she wanted to ask, but was too shy.

We continued to not say anything, and when I eventually moved closer and I again nervously asked, “How’s everything going,” she again nervously stepped back.

Looking at each other, I was concerned she was going to leave, but just then she suddenly blurted out, “Can we go to your house?”

It startled me, “Did I just hear that,” I thought, “My house, really?”

I did know how to respond and when I hesitated, Kaylin said, “It’s okay if we can’t.”

Smiling, I asked her, “Are you sure?”

Kaylin in turn gave me a subtle nod, and without saying anything, she again clutched her books and nervously looked down. It made me smile, and when I said, “Yea, we can do that,” she looked up smiling enthusiastically.

Thinking about being with her, I couldn’t help but smile, but realizing I had a couple classes, I had to ask, “We gotta wait a ‘til little later, okay?” and continued by saying, “I gotta finish my classes.”

I knew she had classes too, and after a nod, we both smiled, and she agreed to come back later. I was so excited, but nervous too that she might change her mind, but as the afternoon came around, she did surprisingly show up at my door.

Again, I couldn’t believe it, and after talking for a moment, we quickly left, heading toward the parking lot. I tried to hurry us out of the building, conscious about who might see us leaving together, which had me nervously look around as we went out to my car.

Leaving the parking lot, I turned slightly, and smiling I asked her, “Are you wanting to get something to eat?”

Again, it was just meant to ease my mind about being with her, but she did seem excited to stop for something, and after she said, “Yea,” I smiled and then reaching across the console, I touched her thigh.

I could see her looking down at my hand on her leg, and when I said , “This is nice,” Kaylin glanced over at me. She was obviously nervous, but when I looked over and suggested, “Where you wanta go,” she paused but smiling said, “How ‘bout Taco Bell.”

It really didn’t matter where we went, and after a simple little pat on the leg, I agreed. Taking my hand off her thigh, I tried to concentrate on driving, thinking, “Where’s the closest one,” as I headed toward my house.

Again I was so excited to be with her, and after getting through the drive-thru, we headed off toward my house. The food smelled really good, and after rustling the bag a little, and handing it to her, I tried to make conversation as I drove.

Kaylin seemed more at ease, which made me a little more comfortable too as we continued to laugh and joke around. I wanted this to go well, and as we drove, I was still felt some apprehension, trying to think of a way to make a move.

I tried to act easy going and even though I lived across town, it really didn’t take long before we pulled into my neighborhood. As we turned down my street, Kaylin curiously looked out the side window, and when we pulled into the driveway at my house, she looked over and remark, “This is nice.”

Looking over at her smiling, I sensed that she was much more relaxed, and felt in my own mind that she actually wanted to be with me again. Parking out front, I continued to think, “I wanted this to go well,” and after reaching across and taking her hand I said, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

It made her smile and after going in through the garage, we ended up standing in the kitchen for a moment. Taking the bag of food from her and setting it down on the kitchen table, I could see Kaylin curiously looking around.

We eventually sat down at the table and after eating up the food we had gotten, there was an awkward moment before I invited her to follow me out to the living room area.

As we sat on the sofa, I asked, Can I get you anything?”

She hesitated, but seeing her smile, I asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

I really needed a moment to regroup and as I stood up, I pulled her to stand too. Smiling at each other, I grabbed her waist, and then as I pulled her close, hugging her, I said, “I’m really glad to see you.”

Lookin at each other, seeing I might have an opening, and sensing she might be receptive, I leaned toward her. Kaylin closed her eyes, and when we kissed, she turned her head slightly. Pulling her close, continuing to kiss, I tried to push my tongue into her mouth. She was hesitant at first, but eventually she opened her mouth, letting our tongues dance and twist as we kissed.

We eventually stopped kissing, and after a hug, we held each other and when I said, Come on,” suggesting we go back into the kitchen, she smiled.

I was relieved she was okay with being with me and knowing I had a few beers in the refrigerator, and needing a little confidence in a can, I opened the refrigerator door, grabbed them out and handed her one. It made her smile and as we looked at each other I boldly said, “I’ve really missed being with you.”

Kaylin, continuing to smile, leaned into me saying, “I’ve missed you too,” which made me smile and after a subtle little hug, we headed back out to the living room.

It was so nice to be with her again, but as we ended up sitting on the couch, I still felt some apprehension, and seeing she too was nervous, I asked, “Are you sure you wanta do this?”

Nodding nervously, she simply said, “Yea,” and after giving her a simple little kiss, I took her hand.

Kaylin again instinctively looked down, and when I gave her hand a gentle squeeze, she looked up at me. Putting my beer down on the table, I took hers too and after setting it down, I looked at her and smiling I said, “I’ve thought about you a lot.”

It made her blush, and when she happened to lean into me again and we hugged, I brought my hand around her, casually moving my hand up just under her left boob. Cupping it, she looked up at me and as we kissed, I move my hand up more, actually putting it on her little boob.

Continuing to feel on her as we kissed, she took a deep breath, and when I felt she wasn’t wearing a bra, i smiled. Really, she didn’t need one, being she was so small, and when I moved to feel on her other boob, Kaylin subtly dropped her hand down to my crotch. We stopped kissing, and being I already had a hard on, which I’m sure she could feel, I held her away, and as we looked at each other, she hastily asked, “What!”

At first, she had her hand firmly on my cock through my pants, but ended up dropping her hand to my leg. Smiling at each other, I shook my head, and as I stood up, she looked at me, but continued to look at my crotch.

Taking her her hand, I pulled her to stand too, and after a hug I asked, “Do you wanta go to my bedroom?”

I wasn’t sure how she’d react, but seeing her smile, I turned and started to lead us toward the back. She hesitated, but after turning back, smiling, and giving her a little tug, she followed me as I led us down a short hallway. I didn’t want to move to fast, but I so wanted to do it with her again, and as soon as we went through my bedroom door, I turned to face her.

She was definitely nervous and not turning on the lights, I took both her hands, and leaning down, I gave her a kiss and then a hugged. Kaylin had raised up on her tip toes as we kissed, and wanting to get her top off, I moved to pull it up over her head.

Immediately she blocked me, but as we looked at each other, and I gave her a reassuring grin, Kaylin raised her arms, letting me pull it up over her head. I was excited to see her tits, but the minute I got her top off, and I looked down, she crossed her arms, covering her chest. Smiling, I tossed her shirt to the floor, and looking at her for a moment, smiling, I quickly started taking off my shirt too, throwing it aside.

Kaylin was smiling and seeing her looking at my chest, I pulled her close, and hugging her, I kissed her on the head. She was so pretty, and when we happened to look at each other, she turned her hands and reaching up between us, she started feeling on my chest.

Kaylin now looked up at me, and seeing her smile, I held her away from me. She had such a nice little body and seeing her perky little boobs and tiny little nipples, I smiled, reached up with both my hands and started feeling on them.

Seeing me fixated, looking at her tits, Kaylin pull away a little, and then instinctively put her hands on mine. Continuing to look at each other, I smiled, and when I turned her, and moved us toward the bed, I looked down, backing her against the end of the bed.

Brazenly, I moved my hands to the front of her jeans, and when I started to unbutton them, Kaylin immediately reach down, stopping me. Kaylin now looked up at me, and again seeing her smiling, I continued to unbutton her pants.

Leaning down, I kissed her, and after getting them unzipped, I pulled at the sides, kind of toward the back, trying to get them over her little butt. Coaxing them down more, Kaylin wiggled a little, and as I got them over her knees and I let them fall to the floor, she reached down to adjust her little panties. I was watching intently and after she instinctively kicked off her pants, she looked up smiling.

Continuing to look down, and seeing she was wearing some loose fitting little white lacy t-back panties that had a tiny little bow at the top, I wanted to get them off. Smiling, I moved my hand down to sides of them, but again Kaylin reached out stopping me. Kaylin was smiling, and then looking down, she reaching out and tried to get my pants undone away.

Seeing what she was wanting to do, I leaned away and then moved my one hand down to help. Quickly getting them off, I kicked them aside, and after a kiss, Kaylin continuing to look down, obviously wanting to see as I adjusted my boxers and my cock. Reaching back behind her, looking at her suggestively, I pulled the cover down on the bed a little.

Leaning back up and seeing her continuing to be somewhat mesmerized, looking intently at my cock bulging to get out, I smiled and took her hand. Kaylin now looked up at me, and when I moved her hand down and placed it on my crotch, she smiled and looked down again .

Feeling on my cock, continuing to look down, I tried to help her take hold of it, and even though it was through my boxers, she started rubbing it. I was so hard and when she happened to give it a couple gentle squeezes, she looked up, and smiling she said, “You’re really hard.”

Seeing me smiling too, she looked back down and as she carefully started rubbing it, the head of my cock accidentally peeked out through little flap. It surprised her I think, I know it surprised me, and feeling it sticking out, I worried, but as I watched her, she suddenly looked up smiling. She seemed a little concerned as to what to do, and not wanting her to stop, I casually reached my one hand down, tucking it back in.

Kaylin, again looked back down, obviously still wanting to see, and realizing it, I started to work on getting my boxers off. Scooting them down over my butt, and down my thighs with one hand, she watched and when my cock flopped out.

Seeing it, she immediately looked up, and after giving her a subtle smile, continuing to get them down past my knees, wiggling them off the rest of the way, I hoped she might want to go down. However, it was obvious as we looked at each other that she was worrying, and when I started to pull and rub my cock, Kaylin again curiously looked down to watch.

I really didn’t want to press it, but wanting to see if she might, I smiled and thought, “How can I get her to maybe go down?”

Taking her hand, she looked up at me, and after getting it around my cock, she again looked down. She smiled, but when I put my other hand on her shoulder and I pulled her closer, Kaylin suspiciously look up at me.

I think she kind of sensed what I was wanting, and without saying anything, I smiled and then subtly tried to push her to go down to her knees.

At first, she did smile, but as I continued to coax her to slide down the end of the bed, and down to her knees, she let go of my cock. Kaylin, continuing to look down, and as she curiously watched, I again took hold of it.

Kaylin was definitely hesitant, and the minute I got her to go down to her knees, she immediately looked up. Trying to give her a reassuring smile as we looked at each other, it was obvious she was, let’s say, scared, sensing what I wanted her to do.

Continuing to smile, knowing it wasn’t going to happen, I lifted her back up to her feet, and as we stood there I told her, “Don’t worry.”

It did make her smile, relieved I think and when she said, “Sorry,” I pulled her close, hugging her.

Smiling, not wanting her to worry, I gave her another hug, and then lifted her up, sitting her on the edge of the bed. Putting my hands on her thighs, I moved between her legs, and when I leaned forward, and we again kissed, Kaylin laid back, leaning back on her elbows.

Continuing to kiss, I slid my hands to the sides of her panties, and when I gingerly slipped my fingers under the little band and started pulling them down, she inched up on the bed slightly.

It surprised me that Kaylin didn’t stop me, and when I got the thin little band of her panties down over her little butt, I stopped and looking at her, I put my hand on the front of her panties. Looking at each other, I gently rubbed her tender young little pussy, and seeing her smiling shyly, I moved my hand to pull her panties down more.

Leaning way again, wanting to see her pussy, I pulled her panties off the rest of the way and down her legs. She really was so young and seeing there really was only a small amount of hair at the top her tiny little slit made me smile excitedly, but realizing I was staring, I hastily looked up.

It obviously embarrassed her a little, because Kaylin immediately reached down, putting her hand over her crotch, covering herself. I could, however see a smile, which made me lean up, and when we kissed, I slid my hand under hers, replacing it.

Gently rubbing, massaging her pussy, she dropped her hand to her side, and when I leaned away again, and spread her legs I couldn’t help but look down, admiring her. She was so beautiful, but seeing a concerned look, I again asked, “Are you okay?”

It made Kaylin smile and after a nod, I climbed up on top of her, which made her scoot up more, and as we kissed, I made sure to press my cock against her little pussy. I made sure to hold myself off her, because she was so small, but I couldn’t help but smile, knowing, I had a chance.

Scooting down just a little, trying to suck her neck, I slid my hand drop down to get pussy, I wanted to taste her again. Kissing her neck, I moved down more, and after gently kissing her chest and stomach, I glanced up.

It made her squirm a little as I moved down, and when I pushed her to move up more toward the head of the bed, I quickly got down between her legs.

Kaylin, continuing to lean up on her elbows, watching, I moved my one hand up to feel on her chest for a moment. I did t want her to stop me and when I went back down, and spread her pussy lips, I plunged my tongue into her, without hesitation.

It made Kaylin raise up slightly, and when I looped my arms up around her thighs and I pulled her closer, I immediately started tongue fucking her pussy, concentrating on flicking at her little clit.

I wanted to get her off; I hoped I could, and when she started to, I think unknowingly squeeze my head between her legs, I pulled her closer. Feeling she might be close to cumming, I tried to concentrate on getting her off before she made me stop, and when she reached down, grabbing at my head, asking me to stop, I tried to ignore her.

Squeezing my head tight one time, Kaylin suddenly pulled up a little, and feeling that I had gotten her to cum, or at least hoping I had, I climbed back on top of her again. She was breathing hard and seeing she still had her eyes closed, I wiped my mouth and gave her a kiss.

She had opened her eyes and seeing her smiling as we looked at each other, letting her catch her breath, I asked, “Are you okay?

Kaylin, continuing to smile, reached up, and as she hugging me, I couldn’t help but think, “I want to be in you.”

I was so hard, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity, but as I reached down and started to try to push into her, I stopped and said, “Maybe we should use a condom this time.”

Again, it made her smile, almost blushing, but when she hesitated, I felt she might not let me. However, it did seem she wanted to say something, which made me smile and ask, “What!”

Kaylin shook her head, and then semi embarrassingly she said, “It’s okay.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and as we continued to look at each other she continued by saying, “My mom let me get on the pill.”

It shocked me, but made me smile, and as I hugged her I again suggested, “Maybe we should still to be safe.”

Kaylin looked at me inquisitively but smiled and again said, “It’s okay.”

I wanted to be safe, I wanted her to trust me, and trying to trust myself, I smiled, and climbing on top of her, I asked, “Are you sure.”

Kaylin again smiled as I continued to hold myself up off her, and after giving me a nod, I kissed her and quickly reached my one hand down, grabbing my cock. I was so excited to be in her again, it was what I had been thinking about, but as I guided my cock into her tight little slit, and I tried to push into her I thought, “Oh my god, she so tight.”

I didn’t want it to hurt, and seeing she had her eyes closed and that it was uncomfortable, I immediately realized I needed to try something else. Smiling, I casually rolled to my side, and when I did, Kaylin opened her eyes. Looking at each other she casually remarked, “What are you doing?”

Smiling, I grabbed her waist and when I lifted her up and pulled her on top of me, she giggle. Rolling and laying on my back, smiling too, I had her straddle me. It took a minute, and being she was so small, it was kind of difficult, however after shifting a little, Kaylin seemed to get in a more comfortable position.

She was smiling and when I pulled her forward, and we kissed, I knew her pussy, and ass had to be spread wide. Smiling, desperately wanting to be in her, I reached back, and with both hands, I grabbed her little butt. It made her smile and when she scooted forward a little, I pulled her down, giving her a kiss.

Spreading her ass cheeks, I couldn’t help but smile, but it made Kaylin lean back up. Smiling at me suspiciously, she looked down at me, and when she put her hands on my chest to steady herself, I instinctively reached both my hands up, putting them on her little tits.

Looking at each other, I thought, “She’s so small,” but when I felt her little hard nipples pressed against my palms, I moved my hands, letting her nipples ride between my two fingers.

Kaylin, continuing to look down, feeling on my chest, she seductively scooted back until she felt my cock inadvertently brush up against her ass. Feeling it, she looked at me, and smiling she reaching back, grabbing for it.

Looking at her, I thought,“Such a pretty face,” and when I moved my hands to her waist, and I scooted her back more, she looked at me, realizing she was in a vulnerable position with her legs spread as she straddled me.

Smiling at her, I awkwardly reached back behind her, and when I grabbed my cock, and I had her lean forward, I immediately tried to push up into her.

She was still so tight, and knowing I still needed to go slow, I intentionally started wiggling the head of my cock up and down her little slit. I was really hoping she’d relax and loosen up enough to let me in, but it did make her smile, and when I again tried to push into her, Kaylin seemed to lean back too, trying to help.

She was definitely wet now, but again so tight, and as I continued to hold my cock into her little slit, and I pushed her back more, the head of my cock actually slipped into her just a little. Feeling me in her, Kaylin raised up a little and when she arched back, I reached up, holding the sides of her chest.

“Oh yea,” I was in her, which made me smile, but when Kaylin said, “Go slow,” and she happened to lean forward to kiss me, my cock inadvertently slipped out.

Almost immediately, Kaylin opened her eyes, and smiling, I pulled her close, giving her a kiss. Leaning her back up, I again hastily reached behind her, grabbing my cock, and again moved her back as I guided it against her tight little pussy. Deliberately thrusting my hips up, trying to push my cock into her, and feeling the head between her pussy lips, I grabbed her waist again, and pushed her back more.

I was in her again, but feeling how tight it was, and seeing her face I asked, “Are you okay?”

Kaylin again had her hands on my chest steadying herself, and with her eyes closed, I could see her smile as she wiggled slightly. Continuing to keep keep her moved back, trying to keep my cock in her, made her grimaced slightly, and when she again tried to lean forward, I stopped her. Looking down at me, I smiled, and not wanting my cock to slip out, I kept her scooted back.

It was obviously a little uncomfortable, and really she was back as far as she could go, and wanting to fuck her, I started to gently buck my hips up into her. I was pretty much all the way in, but suddenly Kaylin rose up and hastily said, “Stop.”

Frustrated in a way that I had to keep holding her so she wouldn’t move too much, and feeling it wasn’t a very good position for her, I decided it was best if I was on top.

Pulling her forward, letting my cock slip out, I kissed her, and seeing her again smile, I rolled her off me and quickly moved to get between her legs. Smiling at her, and then looking down at her tender little pussy waiting for me, I again leaned forward until I was on top of her. Kaylin continued to smile, and not wanting to lose the chance, I moved up, kissed her and again asked, “Are you okay?”

It made her shift slightly, and when I lifted off her and reached down grabbing my cock, and she spread her legs a little more, I again guided my cock into the slit of her tight little pussy. Holding her up under her shoulders, I hastily pushed into her, which made her pull away, saying, “No don’t!”

Continuing to hold her, I scooted up, and not letting her pull away, I pushed into her even more. Again, Kaylin tried to pull away, and pushing on my chest she told me, “Stop!”

I knew it hurt, but I wanted to be in her, and when I leaned up, and looped my hands up under her shoulders more, holding her, I started trying to slowly fuck her. Looking at her briefly, I could see it was uncomfortable for her, and not wanting it to hurt, I politely asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

I really didn’t want to stop, and when she didn’t respond right away, but looked at me, shook her head and then wrapping her arms around my neck, I subtly told her, “Try to relax.”

Kaylin again closed her eyes, which made me smile, and after giving her a kiss, I slowly pushed into her more. Again, I could see it hurt because she immediately dropped her hands to her sides, grabbing a hand full of the covers, clinching them. However, after a few seconds, she brought her hands to my sides and as I slowly started to fuck her.

I could feel it, I was going to cum, there was no doubt, especially with how tight she was, and not wanting her to stop me, I started to fuck her faster and more deliberately. We were both breathing hard now, and not wanting to stop, I whispered In an out of breath voice, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh my god,” I thought, feeling it, I stopped and holding her still, my cock start to buck. Kissing her, smiling, I again started to gingerly move my cock in and out, as cum started to surge out inside her.

It was a lot and she was a lot wetter, but I couldn’t really tell if she felt it, but when she wrapped her arms around my neck, and we kissed, I sensed she knew.

Stopping again, I held her, and when I felt her suddenly drop her legs and her body go limp, I asked, “Are you okay?”

Yea, I was done, and as I looked at her, she gave me a subtly nod, and seeing she knew what had happened, I kissed her again as I slowly moved down. Letting my cock slip out, I kissed her on the chest, and then looking up, smiling I told her, “That was nice.”

It did make her smiled, and hugging me, I moved up again and kissed her on the neck. Like I said, I had cum a lot, and feeling she should probably go into the bathroom, I rolled off her and as I stood there admiring her I said, “I’ll be right back.”

At first, Kaylin seemed confused, but seeing me heading toward the bedroom door, she too casually slid off the bed saying, “I’m gonna go use the bathroom.”

Smiling, looking back at her, I nodded, and seeing her trying to embarrassingly cover her tits with one arm and her pussy with her other hand, I subtle told her, “Why don’t you use that one,” pointing toward the back master bathroom.”

Looking at her as she glanced back, I thought, “She’s so pretty,” then told her, “I’ll be right back,” as I headed out of the room.

Kaylin smiled, and as she turned, walking toward the bathroom, I couldn’t help but look back, wanting to see her little butt. Quickly, I hurried out to the bathroom, and not wanting to leave her alone, I tried to hurry in and out.

Closing the door to the bathroom, all I could think about was how good it felt to have cum, and after peeing, and washing off my flaccid cock, I washed my hands and headed back to the bedroom. Sitting there, waiting on the bed, I worried because she was in there for awhile.

Hearing the bathroom door open, I looked over and smiled seeing her wrapped in a towel. Immediately, I stood up to meet her, but I could tell she was somewhat more concerned, and when I moved to hold her I again asked, “Is everything okay?”

Kaylin, leaning into me, gave me a side hug, and as I hugged her back I asked, “Do you want me to take you home?”

I really didn’t want her to leave and even though she didn’t say anything right away, I could see her smiling. Holding her, Kaylin happened to lean away slightly, she explained, I wanta stay, okay.”

It surprised me a little, I couldn’t believe it, and when continued by telling me she had told her mom she was spending the night at a friend’s house, I was definitely hesitant at first but excited too.

Seeing I was concerned, Kaylin continued by telling me, “Don’t worry, I already told my friend,” and then looking at each other she explained by saying, “She’ll call me if my mom calls her.”

It worried me that someone might know that we were together, and feeling myself blush a little, I smiled, and hugging her again, I moved us back over to the bed.

It made her smile too, and after pulling the cover back some more, we both got back in bed. Throwing the sheet and blanket back over us, we smiled at each other, and then after a kiss she said, “This is really nice.”

I was glad she was okay, and holding her, I couldn’t believe what was happening, but relieved too that she was okay, and knowing it wasn’t going to last, being I was so much older, I tried to just go with it.

Laying with her, relishing the moment, she eventually turned facing away. Wrapping my arms around her from behind, seductively pressing my semi hard cock against her ass, she instinctively pushed back against me. Having Kaylin turn her head slightly, I kissed her, and feeling Kaylin continuing to push back against me, I let my hand drift down to her crotch.

It was making me horny for her again, and when I held her close, and I pressed my finger into her wet sticky little slit, she too reached back to feel on my cock. It was making me hard, but not really and wanting to give her better access, I moved away a little.

Eventually, I stopped fingering her, and as I held her, she too let go of my cock. It was so nice to still be with her and as I snuggled against her, holding her as close as I could, we ended up falling asleep.

We didn’t sleep for very long though, and when I happened to wake up to pee, she looked at me and asked, “Where are you going.”

Kissing her, I said, “I’m just going to pee,” which made smile and as I got out of bed, she lay back and turn to watch.

I had a hard on, being I needed to pee so bad, and seeing her looking down at my cock, I smiled and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Turning, taking a second look at her, I could see her still smiling, but then she suddenly shyly turn away for a moment. Quickly heading toward the bathroom, I knew she was probably still watching me, and when I ducked in, and closed the door, I worried that she was suddenly realizing how old I was, and that … well, I tried to ignore my paranoid thoughts.

After peeing, I hurried back, but seeing she still had an unsure look, I smile, trying to play it off as I got in bed. Facing her, I kissed her, but she wasn’t quit as receptive this time, which made me ask, “Is everything okay?”

She was hesitant, but politely smiled, and after a shake of her head, I again tried to hold her. Kaylin hugged me too, but it was more of a superficial one, and even though I had hopes we might be able to do it again, I could see she was, more tentative now, and being well, … I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen.

Turning away from her, knowing it was over, she rolled toward me and trying to console me, she asked, What’s wrong?”

It was obvious she was having second thoughts, and seeing my reaction, she was conflicted, knowing that yea, I was too old, but still didn’t want to lose what we had.

We eventually got dressed, being it was morning now, and as I drove her home, she tried to reassure me by saying, “I had a good time,” but really I think it was to just reassure herself.

The sun was just starting to come up, and after dropping her off a little ways up the street from her house, she gave me a parting kiss and after giving her a pat on the thigh, she got out, closed the door and headed up to her house. Kaylin never looked back, but I watched her as she walked away, and when she got closer to her house, I turned around and headed home.

It really was nice, and I still can’t believe what happened, and I feel lucky to have gotten to be with her not only once, but a second time. Kaylin is a pretty young thing, and I continue to think about her a lot, and every time I see her, I hope we might be able to get together again.
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