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Sandra and her daughter-in-law get intimate with an unusual purchase from the novelty shop
There is a widespread belief, perhaps with some justification, that mothers and their daughters-in-law don’t often get on too well. If there is any truth in the belief then Sandra (Sandy) and her daughter-in-law, Kylie, are the exception to the rule. Sandy and Kylie are the very best of friends and as well as enjoying shopping trips together, going out for coffee and chatting they liked to share intimate secrets. Their husbands would have a fit if they had known what their wives said and did behind their backs. Both Sandra and Kylie agreed that when it came to sex, Dave and Jim were “fucking useless.”

Both women were avid readers of erotic stories and delighted in meeting up and sharing their latest discoveries. The two women, despite their age difference, found they had much in common when it came to sex. Their story swapping sessions always led to them getting hot and bothered and, uncharacteristically, using the most profane language. Normally Sandy and Kylie used only the most genteel and ladylike language. Everyone they knew, especially their husbands, would have been shocked to hear them in full flow.

“I love those taboo stories, you know, the incest stories. Especially the mother daughter ones.”

“Oh fuck, yes Sandy. I like the kinky ones too. Oh! I can feel my panties are getting damp already.”

“Your knickers are always damp Kylie.” As if to prove the point, Sandy reached up her daughter-in-law’s skirt.

“Oh, mummy! That feels nice. Will you take my knickers off please?”

“Of course, darling daughter.” Sandy loved it when Kylie called her “Mummy,” in their sex games. It added a further bit of taboo naughtiness. “Oh Kylie, your knickers are so wet. Are you sure you haven’t peed yourself?”

“No, I don’t think so Mummy. Can little Kylie take Mummy’s knickers off too please?”

“Of course you can love. Shall we play with each other’s naughty bits?”

“Oh yes, Mummy, you know I love that,” agreed Kylie in her best baby voice.

So it would go on with both women becoming more and more excited, finger fucking each other until they both came again and again, their fingers wet with each other’s juices.

The incident of the Novelty Shop started last week. After her husband had left for work, 52-year-old Sandy set off to visit Kylie who lived just two streets away. Kylie seemed especially bubbly as she popped a coffee pod into the Nespresso coffee maker.

“You seem very bright and bushy tailed this morning love,” observed Sandy.

“I am. Mum. Have you seen that new Novelty and Party shop in the High Street?”

Sandy thought for a moment. “Well, yes, I’ve seen it. They sell jokes and outfits for fancy dress and stuff like that, don’t they? I haven’t been in though. I don’t think that they’ll sell anything to interest me.”

“That’s just what I thought, Mum, but I had a few minutes spare the other day and took a look, out of curiosity. They had all the usual jokes like fake dog poo, whoopee cushions, itching powder, dressing-up things and party goods. But, and this is the interesting bit; in one corner there is a partition with a sign that says Adults Only. Of course, I just had to go in.”

At this point, Sandra began to share her daughter-in-law’s excitement. “So, what was in there, Kylie?”

“Mum, it was fantastic. There was every sort of sex aid you could think of and a whole lot that I had never even thought of. Some of them I couldn’t imagine what they were for.”

“Wow! That’s exciting. Did you buy anything?”

Kylie smiled and reached for a bag beside the sofa. “I got this, Mum.” Kylie opened the bag with a flourish and revealed an artificial penis.

Sandy’s eyes bulged. “Goodness, what a fantastic cock! It is the most realistic artificial prick I have ever seen. All those veins and ripples and those lovely balls,” enthused Sandy. And look at that German Helmet with the cute pee hole. Oh, can I touch it?” Not waiting for a reply, Sandy reached over and ran her finger over the beautifully sculpted cock head. “Oh my! It feels so real.”

“Mum, you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to fuck with. It vibrates and throbs in several different speed settings. It is literally fucking amazing.”

Sandy was beginning to feel an insistent itch between her legs and a tingling in her tummy. “Can I try it, Kylie? I’ve got so turned on; I need a good fuck.”

“Of course you can, Mum. So long as I can watch.”

“That’s fine, don’t we always watch each other?” Sandy took her tights and knickers off as she spoke.

“Oh, I almost forgot. For a limited period, they are giving a free gift with every purchase. I got this.” Kylie reached into the bag once more and brought out a small tube, about the size and shape of a tube of toothpaste.”

Sandy narrowed her eyes and squinted at the writing on the side of the tube. It was too small for her to read without her reading glasses. “What is it, Kylie?”

“If you smear a little on the dildo before you use it on yourself, it gives you the most fantastic feeling. I can’t really describe it. Why don’t you try it? You only need the tiniest amount. Here let me do it for you. You lay back in the chair with your legs over the arms.”

Sandy adopted the prescribed position while Kylie squeezed out a tiny amount of the colourless gel onto the head of the cock. “Right, Mum, are you ready for a fantastic fuck? Hold tight!”

Sandy’s legs were splayed lewdly over the chair arms so that her moist slit gaped, displaying the glistening pink interior. Kylie slipped in the gel-coated cock and Sandy shuddered as Kylie began a gentle in-out motion. “How does that feel?”

Sandy’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish. She was temporarily deprived of the power of speech. Then she managed to stammer “It’s amazing. Best fuck ever. Oh, my cunt’s on fire. Brrr! Now it’s icy cool. Its all tingly. Ooh, don’t stop. I’m coming. Oh fuck!”

Kylie continued to slide the phallus into her mother-in-law, who was gripping the arms of her chair so tightly that her knuckles turned white. She writhed and squirmed, pushing down, to meet the thrusts. Kylie dialled the vibrations up to a higher rate causing Sandy to scream out as another orgasm wracked her entire body. Kylie turned the dial again to cause the penis to pulse and throb.

“Stop it! Stop! I can’t take anymore. Oh fuck! I’m coming again. Turn it off.”

Kylie withdrew the device and allowed Sandy to recover a degree of composure. “I must have one of those,” uttered Sandy when she recovered the power of speech.

The following day Sandra paused outside the Novelty and Party shop. She looked both ways up and down the High Street to satisfy herself that there was no one about that she knew. Then she entered quickly and started to closely examine packets of “Red Hot Pepper Jelly Babies,”. Next a pair of goggle-eye glasses caught her attention. Gradually she sidled over to the special corner that Kylie had described to her. She entered an Aladdin’s cave of sex aids. There was everything from handcuffs to strap-on dildos; fruit flavoured condoms to anatomically accurate blow-up dolls of both sexes and, finally, artificial cocks.

Sandy examined them carefully until she found the exact model that Kylie had so ably demonstrated on her. She picked one up and moved quickly over to the sales counter. Sandy baulked at the price of £39.99. It would make a big dent in her housekeeping allowance, but she had to have it. Just think of all those luscious orgasms.

“Batteries madam?”

Sandy blushed at the question from the sales girl who must have been several years younger than Kylie. “Er, um, yes I guess so,” she stuttered. That pushed the bill up to £43.45.

“Oh we have a special offer madam that entitles you to a random free gift from our extensive range.” The girl plunged her hand into a box under the counter and dropped a little package into a plastic bag with the dildo and batteries. “Enjoy!” The young girl smiled knowingly at the red-faced Sandy.

When she arrived back home, Sandy opened her package and with trembling fingers loaded the batteries into the vibrating rubber cock. She tried the various settings and felt the penis throb to life in her hands. She could scarcely wait to try it out. She hastily pulled down her panties and was about to touch the vibrating German helmet onto her clit. Wait! What about the all-important tube of gel?

Sandy delved once again into the bag of delights and brought out a packet that clearly was not a tube of gel. No, it was a packet of what could have been seeds, such as might be bought at a garden centre. The packet had a lurid colour illustration of a muscle-bound young man and the wording: Grow Your Own Toy Boy”. What a disappointment that she had received such a useless joke, when what she really wanted was the lovely gel that Kylie had used on her.

Never the less, Sandy put the dildo to work. It was nice, certainly the best vibrating cock she had ever used (and there had been several). Without the special gel though, it just wasn’t quite the same. She still managed two orgasms. Once she had cleaned the rubber penis and put it away in her secret hidey hole, she turned her attention to the packet of seeds. She was about to throw it away in the garbage receptacle when she had a second thought. Sandy had a special knack of managing to kill off every houseplant she ever had. The most recent victim of her lack of green fingers had been thrown onto the compost heap just two days ago. Its sad demise had left a vacant flower pot that was still perched forlornly on the kitchen window ledge. Sandy shrugged and opened the packet. There was just one seed, about the size of a dried pea. Just one lousy seed. What a rip-off. Muttering to herself, Sandy part filled the plant post with compost, poked a little hole in the centre and pushed the seed into the hole and covered it over. She poured a little water onto the compost and placed the plant pot back onto its place on the window ledge.

Later she told Kylie of her purchase and the disappointment at not getting the wonderful gel.

“Don’t worry, Mum. We’ll go down to the Novelty Shop together and buy a tube of the gel each. I am sure they will keep it as a stock item. To be honest, Mum, I’m more that half-way down the tube already.”

A couple of days after planting the seed, Sandy was rewarded with a little green shoot poking up above the compost. She gave it a little water and promised herself that she would look after it this time and try not to kill it off.

By the end of the week the new plant was about three inches tall and almost an inch in diameter. A single, green stem with no evident sign of foliage or off-shoots. Sandy, no plant expert, thought it must be a sort of cactus without spines. A succulent of some sort perhaps. Within ten days the green stem was about seven inches tall and at least two inches in diameter. It was still absolutely smooth. How strange! Then something new happened – a sort of bulbous protuberance started to emerge at the top of the plant. Goodness, it looks like a green cock, thought Sandy.

Within a day or two the resemblance to a penis grew more pronounced. The bulbous head even seemed to have a little pee hole in the centre. Sandy touched the plant with her finger. It even felt like a cock. She stroked it gently. Yes, it really does feel like a lovely stiff cock. As if to prove the point, a clear liquid started to dribble from the little slit in the bulbous, mushroom-like head. “pre-cum,” whispered Sandy to herself. “My pet cock is dribbling precum. Do you like it when I tickle you, my lovely cock plant?”

Even Sandy’s hubby, Dave noticed the similarity between the plant that adorned the kitchen window ledge and a penis. He peered at the plant over his reading glasses. “That’s a weird looking cactus you’ve got there, Sandy. Looks just like an erection. At least there aren’t any prickles so you won’t prick yourself!” Dave wandered off to read his paper, chuckling at his own pun.

The next part of the story was inevitable. Sandy was no stranger to using all sorts of plant life to satisfy her needs. There had been carrots, bananas (which woman hasn’t used a banana to fuck herself?), cucumbers. On one occasion she had even shagged herself with a stick of celery. The most challenging vegetable she had stuffed into her voracious cunny had been a lovely purple aubergine. Her new houseplant, courtesy of The Novelty Shop looked so deliciously tempting.

Her heart beating rapidly, Sandy carefully placed her plant on the kitchen floor. She removed her knickers and cautiously lowered herself until the bulbous head of the stem was touching her slit. She held the green shaft and guided it into her eager cunny. The feeling was instantly sensational. The stem of the plant was a perfect fit, filling her beautifully. Strangely, she felt an intense tingling sensation. Something in the plant was evidently reacting with her own secretions, she reasoned. Whatever the cause the plant worked perfectly. Sandy quickened her movements and was rewarded with a delicious climax. As she orgasmed, she felt a spurt of sap from the head of the plant flood her womb. It was just like a real cock erupting inside her. As she carefully raised herself of the plant a creamy white liquid dribbled from her slit and down the shaft of the plant.

Sandy promised herself that she would look after her new houseplant.

When she met up with Kylie and told her of her marvellous house plant, naturally Kylie wanted one too. At the next opportunity the two women paid another visit to The Novelty Shop. Both of them purchased a tube of the special gel (large size) and Kylie found a packet labelled “Grow Your own Toy Boy” on a display board.

They took their purchases to the counter where the young lady sales assistant gave them a welcoming smile. As she packed their purchases into two bags she said “You are luck, ladies. Today is the last day of our special offer. You each get a special surprise free gift.” She reached under the counter and retrieved two small packets and dropped one into each bag.

“Have fun girls,” she said as Sandy and Kylie left the store.

To be continued...


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