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Chapter two introduces a new character - the Vicars wife, who falls under the spell.
Sandy, curious to know what the free gift was, examined the small paper package. Printed on it was the word “ IRRESISTIBLE “ in capital letters. Underneath, in smaller lettering, was the word “Sampler.” She tore open the package and found a small glass vial with a printed sheet. It read “This specially formulated pheromone-based perfume, is guaranteed to heighten the sexual feelings and lower the inhibitions of anyone within its range. USE WITH CARE.”

Sandy dabbed a little on her wrist and sniffed. The scent smelled like – nothing! It was completely odourless. What a rip-off!

When she arrived home Kylie ***********ed a heavy, ceramic planter from the garden shed to plant her Toy Boy seed from the Novelty Shop. Kylie had tried out Sandy’s penis-like plant and although it had been a good fuck, there was a problem with stability. Sandy had used a fairly flimsy plant pot, which moved about when the up and down thrusts became too vigorous. Kylie had almost tipped the plant over as she was on the verge of orgasm. She reasoned that a heavy planter would allow her the lusty fuck that she desired without tipping the whole caboodle over.

Kylie filled the planter with the very best quality compost and carefully planted the one seed that the packet contained. Leaving nothing to chance, she used a spoonful of the “Plant Grow” preparation that her husband, Jim, used on his tomatoes in the greenhouse. Kylie was determined to grow the biggest, sturdiest cock that she possibly could.

Meanwhile, two streets away, her mother-in-law was peeling her panties off in readiness to mount her own beautiful “Cockum Erectis,” which was the mock Latin name she had given her plant. She used two fingers of her right hand to spread her labia, whilst she used her left hand to guide the big mushroom head into her moist slit. Sandy sighed as she felt the thick stem enter her. She fucked the cock plant with long, deep thrusts, feeling the bulbous head against her cervix. Such was the intensity of the illicit, perverse pleasure from her houseplant that she had not used her multi-speed vibrator for days.

This was not how she had planned her afternoon. She had been going to do some housework. But for some reason she felt incredibly randy. Her lovely, stiff cock of a houseplant had proved just too tempting. The sexual climax that made her whole frame shudder would have made her lose balance and fall to the floor had she not been close to the kitchen work surface. As she felt herself lose balance, she managed to grab hold of the granite counter and prevent herself falling. Still dizzy, Sandy managed to get unsteadily to her feet. She leaned against the work surface waiting for her breathing to return to normal.

Despite the intensity of her orgasm, when she looked at her favourite houseplant, it’s firm, thick stalk slick with its own and her own secretions she knew she needed to ride it one more time to satisfy the longing in her loins.

Then there was a knock on the door that led from the kitchen to the patio and garden. Shit! Who had ventured around the back of the house, rather than the front door to call on her? Sandy quickly pulled her knickers up, straightened her skirt and placed ‘Cockum Erectis’ onto the granite work surface before opening the door.

The unexpected visitor was Claire Proudlove, the wife of the curate at the parish church.

“I do hope I haven’t called at an inconvenient moment.”

“Not at all Claire,” lied Sandy.

“Oh, I’m so glad, Sandra. I have just popped round to deliver the latest copy of the Parish Magazine and break the bad news that the annual sub***********ion...” Claire stopped mid-sentence as her gaze moved to the plant on the kitchen work surface.

“My word, what an amazing plant. What is it, Sandra?”

Sandy, silently praying for the ground to open and swallow her, replied, “I don’t really know. Just something I picked up somewhere.”

Claire Proudlove approached the plant for a closer look. In doing so she pushed past Sandy.

“How strange, Sandra, I consider myself something of an expert on succulents and exotic flora and I have never seen anything like it.” Claire moved to one side and peered at Cockum Erectis from another angle.

“Sandra, it looks just like a big, stiff cock.” Claire’s face reddened a little, partly with excitement and partly with surprise. “Oh, did I really say that? Goodness me. I must say, Sandra, I’m feeling a bit giddy. I don’t know what’s come over me.”

Claire leaned over and sniffed the plant, as Sandy looked on in horror. “Fuck me, Sandy, it smells like cunt!” As if to test the assertion, Claire ran a finger down the stem of the plant and held the finger to her nose and inhaled deeply. Then, to confirm her suspension, licked the tip of her moist finger. “It is cunt juice. Your plant is smothered in cunt juice.” Claire eyed Sandy suspiciously.

Sandy was taken aback. She had never once ever heard Claire say anything improper. Yet here she was, the prim and proper, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, Curate’s wife, effing and blinding like a trooper. Sandy was lost for words.

Then full realisation of the situation dawned on Claire. “Sandra, I do believe you have been fornicating with this plant.”

Sandy began to splutter a response, but couldn’t find any words to dig herself out of the hole she was in.

“Don’t worry, Sandra. I’m not judging you. ‘Judge not and you shall not be judged,’ as my dear husband would say. On the contrary, I was hoping you would allow me to try out your lovely plant for myself. I am in need of a really good fuck.”

Sandy was amazed, but pleased. That special essence, “Irresistible,” was evidentially working. There was an opportunity here worth exploiting. Taking advantage of the curate’s wife, Sandy threw caution to the wind. “Claire, when you arrived, I was about to mount my lovely rampant plant. If I let you use it, I will expect a special favour in return.”

“Anything Sandra. Just let me ride that gorgeous cock-plant.” Without waiting for a reply, Claire hiked up her skirt. Sandy was surprised to see that Claire was wearing thigh-high stockings and no knickers. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a pretty V shape. This apparently innocent young woman clearly had hidden depths.

Sandy placed the plant pot on the kitchen floor and Claire positioned herself astride it and carefully lowered herself until she felt the bulbous head against her tight slit. Sandy thoughtfully offered support so that Claire could hold onto her as she slowly impaled herself. “Oh fuck, that’s good, Sandra. You have no idea how much I need this.”

As she plunged up and down, Claire reached up Sandy’s skirt and fingered her through her panties. “Is this the sort of favour you want, Sandra? Do you want me to play with your cunt?”

“Oh yes, please Claire. That’s it, finger my twat.” Sandy quickly removed her panties to allow Claire to finger her. Claire rode the cock plant with long, deep strokes and as she did so, she buried her face into Sandy’s hairy pubes. Sandy gasped as Claire’s tongue found her clit. She pulled Claire’s head closer, rubbing herself wantonly against the younger woman’s face. The curate’s wife lapped at the older woman’s crack like an over-excited cocker spaniel, her tongue exploring every pink fold.

Both women sobbed into feverish orgasms and lay panting for breath on the kitchen floor. It was Claire who spoke first.

“I have no idea what came over me Sandra, but I have not enjoyed myself so much since my sophomore year at the seminary.”

“It was wonderful,” agreed Sandy.

After the two women had adjusted their clothes and Claire had carefully expunged the traces of oral sex from her face, repaired her hair and makeup she announced that she should continue her rounds with the parish magazines. “I hope we will be able to become good friends, Sandra.”

“I should like that Claire. My best friends call me Sandy,” she smiled.

“That’s a nice name. May I call you that?”

“Of course you can Claire. I think we are best friends now, aren’t we?”

Claire turned to go and then hesitated. “Could you tell me where you obtained that gorgeous plant?”

“Would you like one Claire?”

“I’d love to have one,” she confirmed wistfully.

“I’ll try to get you one, Claire. My daughter-in-law is growing one from seed.” Sandy did not intend to reveal the secret of the Novelty Shop. Promising to get Claire a plant provided the excuse for a further meeting and the pleasure that would certainly follow.

“Your daughter-in-law? How delightful. I wish I had a mother-in-law like you. Mine is a bit of a dragon!” Later Sandy popped round to tell her daughter-in-law about her adventure with Claire. Needless to say, Kylie was excited and just a bit jealous.

“Gosh, Mum, that’s incredible. I’ve seen Claire in church and she seems such an innocent young thing.”

“I know, I think it’s all down to that ‘Irresistible’ scent. It seems to have some special power. There were only a few drops in the sample. I must try to get some more.”

“I haven’t used my sample yet. When my plant is fully grown, I could put some of the special scent on and we could take Claire the plant round as a present.”

“Kylie, what a brilliant idea. How is it coming on?” The plant was in the greenhouse, so the two women went down the garden to take a look. The stem was already looking sturdy, about three inches tall and the mushroom-like head was starting to form.

Sandy looked at the plant critically. “It’s looking good. Another week and it should be ready for a good shag. If we give it to Claire, she’ll be eating out of our hand.”

“I’d rather have her eating out of our cunts,” giggled Kylie.

Another visit to the Novelty Shop was called for. Sandy and Kylie needed at least one more “Grow Your Own Toy Boy” seed and further supplies of “Irresistible” perfume. Another couple of tubes of lubricating gel would not go amiss either.

Then, before they managed to fit in a visit to the Novelty Shop, disaster struck. One morning Sandy discovered that Cockum Erectis was not his usual self. In fact, he was decidedly droopy. Sandy tried watering it, moving it into sunlight, then back into the shade. She poured on a measure of tomato fertiliser but all efforts were in vain. By early evening, the stalk was floppy and the once proud head was drooping pathetically. Sandy telephoned Kylie to break the sad news.

“Oh goodness,” gasped Kylie. “My plant is just about fully grown. I hope he doesn’t go all floppy on me.” The ladies agreed that they must seek the advice of the sales assistant at the Novelty Shop.

The Novelty Shop was quiet when Sandy and Kylie walked in. The young lady sales assistant smiled from behind the counter. “Good afternoon ladies. You’re just in time. Today is our half day and I will be closing in ten minutes.”

“Oh goodness, I hadn’t realised,” admitted Sandy. “Never mind we won’t be long; we know what we want. Perhaps you can advise us about the care of the “Grow Your Own Toy Boy” plants.”

The sale girl’s smile broadened. “Very few of our customers actually try to grow the plants. Most people regard them as an amusing practical joke. The vast majority of the packets are never even opened. The recipients laugh and then consign the packet to a drawer in the kitchen or even drop them into the garbage receptacle.

“But,” added the sales girl, fixing Sandy with a knowing look, “I take it that you are one of the minority of our customers who has actually cultivated the plant.”

“Yes, we have and mine is dying. It has gone all floppy and...”

“ ... And you can’t get it to go stiff again. Right?”

“Yes,” agreed Sandy, somewhat miffed at the young woman’s casual response. “Yes, and I want it to stand up, straight and stiff again, not all limp and floppy.”

The sales girl looked suitably sad. “Yes of course. Sadly, it a problem we ladies become all too aware of. Just a moment ladies and I will let you into a little secret.” The girl went to the door, put the “Closed” sign in position and locked up.

Turning her attention back to Sandy and Kylie, the sales girl began to explain things. “The thing is this ladies, and by the way, my name is Gemma.”

“Hi Gemma, I’m Sandy and this is Kylie. Now Gemma, you were saying?”

“Yes, the thing is, my Uncle Freddy was a botanist at Kew Gardens. He was heavily involved in the propagation of tropical plants. It was during his experiments in cross fertilisation that he created what was a mutation that became the Grow Your Own Toy Boy plant. That was an obvious result of the plants close resemblance to a male reproductive organ. Uncle Freddy’s wife, my Aunt Sarah owns this shop and they thought it would be fun to include the seeds in their range of products”

“But,” protested Kylie, “You are giving them away as free gifts or the ones on the display rack are so cheap that the profit can hardly pay the cost of producing them.”

“That’s true,” conceded Gemma, “But there is still a lot of development to be done to perfect the strain. As you have discovered, their effective life is very short.” Gemma added, somewhat pointedly, “Especially if they are used without a condom. It seems that feminine secretions have a severe detrimental effect on the plant fibres.”

“I think I get it,” said Kylie. “Your uncle is virtually giving away the plants until he perfects the strain.”

“Yes,” agreed Gemma. “Then we will market them at as a new exotic sex toy at more realistic price.”

“And the ‘Irresistible” essence, is that your uncle’s work too?”

“Yes of course. Very effective too isn’t it? I am almost immune to it now, but I can tell you have some on Kylie and even though its effects are not as strong as it used to be, it is still making me feel randy.”

“It works well on me,” enthused Kylie without a blush.”

“If you can spare a few minutes, ladies, perhaps you might like to see another of Uncle Freddy’s projects.”

“Oh, yes please, Gemma. We would love to, wouldn’t we, Kylie?”

“We certainly would Gemma.”

“Right, then follow me.” Gemma led the way to the adult toy section in the corner of the shop. Sandy noted with approval Gemma’s firm bottom swaying sexily. Gemma had long dark her, deep blue eyes. She was wearing skintight blue jeans that clung to her legs and behind. Sandy guessed that Gemma must be about the same age as her daughter-in-law, who was also admiring Gemma’s undoubted charms.

Sandy and Kylie glanced at all the objects on display, wondering what Gemma had in mind. It wouldn’t be the range of dildos, nor the bondage equipment and surely not the leather and rubber fetish wear. Their eyes searched in vain for exotic plant life. What on earth was Gemma about to reveal?

In the far corner was a curtain that Gemma pulled to one side, revealing a door bearing the legend “STAFF ONLY”. Gemma unhooked a key fob that dangled from her belt and unlocked the door. She led them through into the room beyond. They had difficulty seeing because of an eerie dim pink light that was hard to penetrate after the bright white lighting in the main shop. When they became accustomed to the pink glow, they could see that the room was lined with shelves on which were plants in varying stages of growth. Sandy and Kylie could see that many of them were the penis plants they had come to know and love. Some were adorned with ribbon and gift wrapped in clear cellophane.

There were other plants of a different variety. Their stems were wider in the middle with a vertical slit. Gemma saw that her two guests were looking at them curiously. “Interesting, aren’t they? Another one of Uncle Freddy’s special hybrids. He packets their seeds as ‘Grow Your Own Girlfriend.’ I am sure you can see why.”

Kylie touched one of the plants where the slit divided the stem. The fibre felt soft and pliable and her finger slipped into the moist slit. “Oh, it feels just like a lady’s...”

“Yes, quite,” interrupt Gemma. “They are popular with our gentlemen clients.” Turning to a large plant in a ceramic pot she said “This is what I want to show you. Help me please.” Gemma started to drag the heavy pot into the middle of the room.

The plant had the appearance of a large bulbous cactus, complete with spines. In the very centre there was one rather pretty yellow flower that provided some welcome relief to the otherwise austere appearance. The three women manoeuvred the potted plant until Gemma was satisfied with its position.

“Right that will do. I hope you two girls are ready for some fun.” As she spoke, Gemma unfastened the belt that held up her jeans, kicked off her shoes and started to peel her denims down her thighs. Sandy looked on, unsure what to do. They were both wearing knee length skirts.

“Come along girls, don’t be shy if you want to join in the fun. Take your knickers off. You can keep your skirts on if you wish.” By this time Gemma was just wearing her white blouse and panties, a pair of Calvin Klein boy pants, much favoured with the younger generation. Gemma removed them without trace of embarrassment to reveal a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair. Following suit, Sandy reached up under her skirt and pulled down her ivory lace Marks and Spencer knickers. Kylie removed her pale blue Janet Reger panties, which Sandy had bought her daughter-in-law as a present.

“Now ladies, this is where the fun starts.” Gemma placed her Calvin Kleins on the plant next to the flower. “Put your panties on the plant too.” Then Gemma reached above her head to seize hold of a leather hanging strap like those that they used to have on trams and streetcars. Looking up, Sandy and Kylie saw that there were straps hanging from the ceiling above them. Sandy and Kylie, although not sure why, put their panties on the plant next to Gemma’s. Then, following Gemma’s lead and they each grabbed a strap.

“Watch the plant,” instructed Gemma. Sandy and Kylie, feeling slightly foolish and embarrassed, whilst holding onto the straps for no obvious reason, stared at the plant. In the centre of the flower there was a daffodil-like trumpet on a thin stalk. It started to move around over the three pairs of panties as if examining them.

“The flower is sniffing our knickers,” exclaimed Sandy.

Then, as they watched, tendrils at the sides of the plant, started to move. Up until now, they had seemed insignificant, inert appendages. Now they began to fill out and lengthen. It was as if some impulse had stirred them into life.

“Fucking Hell,” exclaimed Kylie. “They’re coming for us!” Sure enough the tendrils were creeping along the floor. Already several tendrils had reached Gemma’s ankles.

“Don’t worry, girls,” said Gemma. “They won’t hurt you. In fact, you will enjoy the sensation.”

Two tendrils had reached Sandy and had started to coil around her legs. “Oh, that feels so weird,” she exclaimed. Then it was Kylie’s turn to feel the tendrils. The vines continued to make their way up the girls’ legs. Instinctively, Kylie started to close her legs to prevent the tendrils penetrating her. Already she could see that Gemma was being ravaged in both holes by marauding vines.

Kylie’s attempts to thwart the tendril’s intent was to no avail. Several of them wound themselves around her ankles and pulled her legs apart. “Fuck, I’m being raped by a fucking plant.” There was no stopping them. The probing tendrils found their way into Kylie’s pussy.

Sandy, more confident than her daughter-in-law, was enjoying the sensation of being probed vaginally and anally by the sensual vines. She grasped the leather straps firmly to keep her balance as she surrendered herself to the rapacious tentacles. Kylie soon realised that surrender was the only option as the plant seemed determined to penetrate her in both holes.

“Just let yourselves go,” advised Gemma, who had several of the probing tendrils in each of her holes. “They’ll gradually release their seeds and then they’ll retract. Ooh! fuck! I’m coming.” Gemma tensed and twisted, hanging from the leather straps.

Sandy couldn’t tell how many of the invading tentacles had penetrated her. It was like being fingered by several hands. Kylie, too, was beginning to enjoy the sensation and groaned deliriously as she was thoroughly shagged by the mutant plant. Gemma’s eyes rolled up as a second and third orgasm overtook her. Gradually the tendrils began to withdraw, having deposited a clear, sticky secretion in the girl’s anal and vaginal openings.

“The fucking things are pumping their goo up me.” Sandy shrieked in excitement. “They’re making me cum. Fuck!’

Kylie sobbed and writhed as the marauding tentacles pumped their viscous sap into her. All three women hung limply from their straps, exhausted after their experience. Gradually, the tendrils, having achieved their purpose, gradually shrank and withdrew. Within a minute they had retreated back to the plant.

Gemma handed round wet-wipes and tissues so they could clean up the goo that was running down their thighs. “Don’t worry, ladies, the stuff is totally harmless.”

“That’s good,” laughed Sandy. “I don’t fancy giving birth to half a dozen prickly cacti.”

“I did have a scary experience the first time I used it. Uncle Freddy had warned me not to try it on my own. Of course, I couldn’t wait and went right ahead by myself. All the tentacles wanted to shag me. I nearly lost consciousness as they had their wicked way with me. I thought they were going to rip me apart.”

“Fuck! I’m glad you didn’t tell me that before we started. I would never have agreed to it.”

“Maybe” agreed Sandy, “But I bet you are glad you did. That was a fantastic fuck.”

Sandy and Kylie made their way home, carrying a bag containing a gift-wrapped ‘Cockum Erectis and two large tubes of the special lubricant as well as two bottles of “Irresistible” perfume. Plans for the future included a visit to Claire Proudlove, to present her with a Cockum Erectis. Naturally, both Sandy and Kylie would have a liberal application of Irresistible when they called. A threesome, wait make that a foursome if we include the new houseplant, with the curate’s wife was something to look forward to.

Gemma had hinted that Uncle Freddy was on the brink of a new breakthrough – something about a pulsating cucumber. It sounded promising. Gemma promised to ask Uncle Freddy if they could all take a look in his greenhouse where he propagated his new species.

Sandy and Kylie were certainly glad of the discovery of The Novelty Shop.
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