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“I have an assignment for you that might appeal to your kinky side,” my agent Ada, told me over the phone. “Johnathon, the twenty-two year old tech entrepreneur in the media this week, he just made his first million, wants to give his mother in law a gift. Your are that gift. Have a look at the pics I just sent to you the boy provided.
She is a spunk, a good body in clothes, even better almost naked, very comfortable wth her step son taking pics of her body. Just as we would expect he looks like a typical caucasian computer nerd. A interesting mix an Asian women with a caucasian step son.”

Kaiya was a spunk, a very attractive, slim Asian woman, average height, forty plus, wonderful legs and hips, small perky tits, jet black hair top and bottom, the same age as most of my assignments, I guessed though difficult to tell, “Is the boy part of the deal?,” I asked.

“Play it by ear. Would you be comfortable if the boy wanted to suck your cock after his mother in law has had her way with you?”

“Business is business, if his mother in law is participating, a mild yes.”

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort, before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people, even famous people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

I quickly learnt my agent Ada has a niche clientele of older women who enjoy watching their toyboy, lover or husband giving a blowjob to a younger well hung gigolo after they have watched her fucking him. It can be incredibly exciting for me if the woman is actively participating, a three-way, even more exciting if the woman has a sexy persona and a good body.

The thought of a mother in law and her newly minted millionaire step son has me intrigued. Some of my buddies have told me fascinating stories about sex with step mothers.

When I arrived on Friday night, the boy hadn’t spared on the suite he booked for his mother in law on a high floor of the Hyatt. The concierge had phoned through and told me tap three times, very lightly on the door. Almost immediately, Johnathon the tech millionaire opened the door.

“This is my mother in law Kaiya. Let me explain why I invited you here. Kaiya stumped up lots of venture capital for equity in my tech business. She has had a huge return on her investment, now I want to show her my appreciation by providing her with something she will enjoy, a fucking from a younger man with a very large cock.”

“Do you mind if use the software I created while I watch you and my mother in law?,” Johnathon asked without waiting for an answer as he set up his equipment.

“How did the images come out son?,” Kaiya asked as she and and I wound down after a tremendous fucking.

“Oh wow, they are very flattering, and very naughty, show Michael. Have you ever been surreptitiously filmed fucking before?”

“My boy Johnathon has always wanted me to watch him give a well hung, man fellatio, a blow job, since around the time I first gave him fellatio. Today mommy wants to watch you giving a blow job to a man fifteen years younger than me and almost ten-years older than you,” Kaiya told me as both of them teased me to a new erection with their fingertips, then watched me slide on a cock ring.

Johnathon had full control of my erection as he expertly repeated the word purple. From experience I know the word purple naturally contorts a persons lips into the perfect head-giving pout. His lips were slightly curled and pillowy, which hopefully will make them feel wetter and create ideal suction.

His mouth was wet and warm, like a vagina, his lips and tongue were living, roving, pieces of sexual pleasure. The visual element of watching my new, rock hard erection slip in and out of his mouth was an extra turn on as his step mother watched naked, masturbating her cunt lips.

"I love how my erection feels in your mouth. My cock is so hard in your mouth. You are making me very excited,” I whispered truthfully, loud enough for his step mother to hear.

“How does this feel?,” Johnathon asked just before he slid his lips back onto my shaft. ”Is this wet enough for you, Are you close yet?”

His tongue was soft in my mouth as he moved up and down, then used just the tip of my tongue to trace the head and frenulum of my erection, the underside where my circumcised head meets the shaft. This boy was good, showing off for his step mother.

He was using the flat side of his tongue to lick from the bottom of my erection to the very tip and down again, with a few tongue flicks. I have learnt deep throating, where my erection is so far into a partners mouth that it's in their throat, is definitely an advanced skill. And Johnathon had very advanced skills.

Long ago I learnt deep throating can feel amazing to a partner, female or male, their throat is always tighter than their mouth. For me it’s a huge turn-on seeing my entire length fit inside a sexual partners mouth. That night was a huge visual turn on, especially with his naked step mother watching, intently, masturbating, edging and teasing herself, obviously very aroused watching her step son blowing me.

I lost track of the time he had been edging me. “Your turn on is my turn on for me, watching my boy blowing an older man, much older than him, with a thick, ten-inch erection,” Kaiya whispered as she stood close so I could grasp her glorious ass in a hand.

“So close, so close,” I murmured as Kaiya tongue kissed me, as her step son was sliding a closed hand along my wet erection while he licked my nipples as his step mother continued tongue kissing me, using just the tip of her tongue. Wonderful sexual pleasure. I can’t hold out much longer I thought before the boy expertly licked and sucked the tip of my erection.

“Do it for mommy, do it, we have both waited a long time for this, mommy is watching her boy. You know I love to watch. Do it for mommy now, do it now.”

“So good, so fucking good, so good, so fucking good,” I moaned forcing myself to delay the pleasure of my orgasm as he edged me. Then repeating my self, “So good, so fucking good, so good, so fucking good,” I moaned loudly as the two of them watched me blow.

“How did the images come out son?,” Kaiya asked as I wound down after my wonderful blow job from a boy millionaire, my youngest ever millionaire client.

“Oh wow, they are very flattering, and very naughty, show Michael. Have you ever been filmed receiving a blow job before?”

“Did you know my name Kaiya, means forgiving, in Asia Michael?,” she asked with a wry smile. How many copies would you like?

“Your agent Ada knew we were going to use my boy’s software today. She requested a copy. Do I have your permission to send her a copy?”

“That boy was good, so talented, he reminded me of a child with a new toy. He is also a very smart software developer,” my agent Ada told me next day. “I did warn you long ago, I cater for some very kinky clients. I shouldn’t tell you this Michael, but your clips, both of them were a turn on for me.”
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