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We are in trouble
My daddy thinks I'm his wife

My daddy is a handsome, reliable, generous, talented and compassionate man. He's the kind of guy who doesn't hide his tears while watching romantic comedies. He comes every evening with flowers in hands, doesn't forget birthdays, anniversaries, and buys gifts. He is helpful, loves everyone, never fights or even yells.

But all these positive add's didn't prevent such an ideal husband from being abandoned. All the few women in his life left him, including my mom.

Why do women leave such a perfect man? I think I know the answer now.

They were arguing with my mom before they left. More precisely, mom was yelling at dad and dad was crying silently.

“Not enough, do you understand, Daniel!” mom was saying. “That little pickle of yours doesn't feed my hungry bunny! I'm hungry, Daniel! I want a thick, hard, powerful locomotive to crash into my tunnel. I want a brutal animal to destroy in my garden. A dynamite to burst my barrage! A grizzly bear in my cave! A sledgehammer to destroy my wall! I don't want a slight dizziness, I want to lose mind and faint. Do you understand me, Daniel? Don't cry! Answer me!"

My poor, melancholy dady, crying with snot running from his nose, could only stutter out, "I... love you, Ashley..."

“I can't spend a lifetime with your little sausage, Daniel. I'm sorry but it's the truth. You're a good man, but it's not enough. Please understand me…" was determined to end this marriage.

They broke up after a fight that evening. Anyway, I chose to stay with dady and mom left us. Dad was a wonderful man with big heart and tiny penis, I felt sorry for him.

Our evenings are quiet now.

I was playing computer games in my room. I was a silly princess among sword-wielding heroes, dragons, and zombies, the blue light of the monitor lighting my face and colorful shadows roaming the walls of my dark room.

I heard daddy crying in his room. He misses wife, who left him for a thick salami. My with little carrot daddy's heartbroken and unhappy. I couldn't accept that he was unhappy.

My inner voice; forget the game! Get up and go to daddy! He needs solace, said. And, In the dim light, I saw a miserable, unhappy man among old photographs thrown on the bed. The intense smell of alcohol burned my nose. I looked at the empty whiskey bottles in the bedroom and thought that he drank until was drunk every night.

I went to him and sat on the bed. He gave me a sad look, a tear budded at his corner of eye and ran down cheek. Words useless, sentences meaningless. I reached and kissed tear. The taste of salty sadness on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my lips moved across his cheek and followed tears. I left a gentle kiss on the corner of lips. He turned to face me.

“Ashley, I'm so sorry...” he called me by my mom's name!

Daddy with melancholic eyes looked at me. His pessimistic face was full of longing, like a foggy night. His lips touched my lips.

“Ashley, I…” our lips meet.

He wrapped arms around me and pulled to him. My body meekly surrendered to his gloom. The smell of whiskey burning my throat, the taste of salty tears, daddy's tongue touching my tongue, his hands wandering on my back, tearful voice begging in my ear.

Time stopped. We were two orphans hugging each other on the dirty bed of dimly lit room. While his lips were wandering around my face, my neck, my shoulders, my heart never blamed him. I hugged him tenderly as he took off my nightgown, took my bare breasts in hands and smelled, slid down my belly, took off my panties and his finger touched my peach.

I shivered as his wet mouth reached my breasts. It was wrong, I know. He thought I was my mom but I didn't want to stop him or myself. Just wanted to share his sadness. One of my breasts disappeared into his mouth. While his tongue was drawing circles on my nipple, salivas flowing down my belly. His finger, like a naughty child, was exploring the most forbidden of forbidden rooms and poking at the locked door. Flashes were going off in my head, immoral words were echoing in my mind. Daddy's mouth was gnawing on my breast, wandering to my body and his fingers violating my forbidden fruit.

“Ashley… Ohh… I missed you so much…” that name again, I didn't want to hear…

My hands caught his hair. I pulled the short curls between my fingers and pressed his head to my tits. He ate my tits one by one, with grunts. His left hand turned between my legs like an impatient millstone crushing my wheat, right hand squeezed my ass in a vise and declared he's my owner.

We are in trouble. The stars rotate like windmills. Bright dreams, gentle words, sincere confessions, plausible lies and unhidable truths. Can it all fit into one mind? Can my little mind handle this? His hand owns my flower fields. He was exploring by touch and digging deeper. My raw peach was giving reactions, never seen before I've getting wet and warming up for more.

I was dizzy.

He lays me the bed and gets on knees, and takes off his pajamas. I watched him with my eyes half open. Daddy is naked! I see his little worm. Not tiny at all! A cute dwarf sticking head out of the dense bushes and looking at me. A smooth-bodied, polite gentleman with a purple hat. Should I touch it? He gets between my legs. A kinky contact in my tiny love hole. Daddy will make me! My eyes are closing.

My mind was a mess. From the room I entered as a girl, I will leave as a woman. It's a feeling I never expected. Moreover, it is very forbidden, very taboo, very immoral and very titillating. Wild animals ran in my stomach. I bit my lip as dad's warm meat entered my secret world.

He stabbed in me with shy touches like a curious squirrel. He paused for a moment, wasn't even halfway but hit the walls of the corridor and got stuck. I could hear his heart beating irregularly in my ear. Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Ashley…” whispered.

My heart, his heart, our heart were beating together like a clan drummer had forgotten rhythm. Boom! Boom! Boom!

I grabbed his hips, pulled to me with all the strength of my thin arms and whispered into his ear. "Fuck me, Daniel!"

His kind flute came to life as if the right note had been touched. His hips moved up-down under my hands just like a swing. I opened wide my legs and lifted heels up. While he was sucking my neck with whiskey-scented saliva foaming in his mouth, buried entire his sausage my in.

His balls hit my ass and I bit my lip harder. A pain started in my crotch that I thought would never end. A thin tear fell from the corner of my eye, when my daddy moans called my mom's name.

I was hurting. His little pickle, who was not opted by women, was fill my jam jar. He was a curious explorer stuck in a narrow crevice. I wasn't going to stop him from conquering what he discovered. I whispered words into his ear that would provoke him.

“Ohh, you fuck me so good, Daniel… Your cock is huge, big boy…”

I could see dozens of expressions on his face changing places with pleasure, passion and longing. His forehead was sweating, his saliva was flowing from mouth. I was proud of the applause sound of flesh hitting flesh every time he entered me.

“You're a perfect fucker, Daniel… Your cock is hard as a spear… Hit me darling…”

Every dirty word I whispered, his springs lubricated again and he entered me harder. After a moment, his eyelids narrowed, jaw tightened, and shouted my mom's name with a pained expression on his face.

“Ashley… Ahh… I'm cumming darling…”

I screamed along with him as sprayed his hot seed into my womb. I wasn't orgasming, but I wanted to accompany the feeling of triumph he felt. This was my victory too and we filled room with sex screams.

Finally, when he left the last of his seed to the baby factory, lay on me with all his weight like a sack. He thanked my mom, taking deep, unsteady breaths and muttering meaningless words. He said that was the most perfect moment of their marriage. Then he fell asleep with a sweet smile on his face.

"WHAT! What's going on! OMG!... NOO!...”

I was in the kitchen when I heard daddy's panic. He slept until noon today. Now that he woke up and screamed, must have seen the blood stain on the bed and noticed smel of sex in the room. I didn't react and waited for him to calm down.

He came near me and opened his mouth to say something to me, and then couldn't find the words and went back to bedroom.

It took long time for daddy to confront himself and the facts. When he left his room had the sheets from last night in his arms. He went to the washing machine without looking at me. I heard the machine working and he came to the kitchen and sat a chair. I placed a plate of eggs and a cup of coffee in front of him. He looked at the plate silently.

We didn't talk at all at breakfast. I sat on the large sofa in the living room and started zapping randomly with remote. TV commercials can make forget everything.

“We have to buy this…” he said. I looked back at his indifferent voice. He was talking about the salad chopping apparatus seen on TV. “A good tool for chopping lettuce…”

I knew his were afraid to talk about what happened last night. I didn't intend to upset him.

"You're right...” I said, “Lettuce is onerous...."


Mark CaneReport 

2024-03-28 09:30:35
Very nicely written. I like Daddy Dughter stories and you tell them so well.

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