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Karl gets more sexy surprises, including his mother.

I was in such a hurry to get started I didn’t even watch Leslie or Priscilla undress. As I was removing my socks, the only things I still wore, their mother Claudette put a pack of condoms on the corner of the bed. She pointed to the nightstand and said, “Lube is in the top drawer. Since Priscilla doesn’t like you much, her pussy will need some.”

I took out the bottle and opened the top as Priscilla climbed on the bed and kneeled in front of me. I loved seeing her firm rounded butt cheeks, anus, and part of her pussy, all within arm’s reach. Claudette instructed, “Good, Priscilla. Now rest your forearms on the bed and stick your butt in the air to make it easy for him. Give her slit some lube, Karl.”

I poured a little into my palm and reached between her thighs. I said, “She’s already wet. There’s juice dripping from her pubic hair!”

It didn’t seem to make sense when Priscilla complained, “Mom, I really don’t want to.”

The rest of us simultaneously asked, “What?” Her mother elaborated, “He has a nice face and body, like his father, right?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Then what’s wrong?”

Priscilla’s facial expression puzzled me. She seemed to be horny but disgusted at the same time. She explained, “It’s Karl’s ATTITUDE! I want a strong and powerful man that gets what he wants. He’s good looking, but he acts like a pitiful wimp! He begs, and pleads, and complains all the time!”

I was quite confused and asked, “So, you want me, but only if I rape you?”

“Have some confidence! Act like a man! Tell me what you want and just do it.” Her cheeks reddened as she said, “If you ah… if you rape me and it doesn’t hurt, I’d never complain about it. If you want a blowjob and I say ‘No’, spank me until I agree to do it. If you want sex and I don’t agree, throw me on the bed, hold me down, and stick it in me. Quit all the miserable begging and whining!”

Claudette said, “Wait a minute! If we handle this wrong, it could be dangerous. I heard of people doing dominance play or fake rape. I don’t see the appeal myself, but if you agree to do it the right way…” She turned to me and said, “You need to agree on a safeword. If she gets hurt or is uncomfortable with something, she’ll say the safeword and you stop. Understand?”

The idea was totally new to me. “Um… I… ah…”

Priscilla held my hand and nodded. “Okay.”

Her mother continued, “I want to make sure everybody understands and agrees. Karl can do anything he wants with Priscilla, until she says the safeword. Once she says it, you both go to your bedrooms and you’re done for the night. No more sex and no more touching each other until the next day. Do you both agree?”

I was still half in shock but slowly nodded. I was ecstatic to hear Priscilla agree. “Sure! The safeword is… ‘kite’. There’s no way I’d talk about kites during sex.”

Claudette held her phone where we could all see my Dad on the screen. She asked him, “Do you agree they can do fake rape and use a safeword, Reggie?”

He was a little flustered. “Well, ah… if nobody gets hurt or ACTUALLY raped, um… I guess.”

Claudette smiled as she stood and turned the phone toward the middle of the bed. I smiled when she instructed, “Go ahead, Karl. Grab Priscilla’s hair, tell her what you want, and make her do it.”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the unhappy expression on Leslie’s face. I played with Priscilla’s long red curls and fondled one of her boobs awhile. I gripped her hair and pulled slightly. “After all the insults, you owe your little sister some orgasms. Get your tongue in her and make her happy.”

I pushed her head between Leslie’s legs and the rest of us enjoyed watching some hot lesbian incest until the pretty brunette came. I slid a finger each into Priscilla’s pussy and asshole and said, “Very good! After you make her cum again, I’m gonna buttfuck you ‘til supper time!”

Claudette rolled a condom onto me and I lubed up Priscilla’s ass, while she licked and fingered her younger sister.

When I slowly slid my rigid rod into her dirthole, she complained. “NO! Not my butt! Don’t fuck my ass!”

Her mother asked, “You remember what the safeword is?”

Between moans and grunts, Priscilla nodded and replied, “I know it, but I won’t say it! Get it out of me, Karl! No! Quit fucking my butt! Arrrrr! You better rape my pussy too! ARRRR! NOOOOO!”

I was nice and only used two condoms in her ass, before I flipped her over and rode her poony like a man possessed.

She didn’t resist or complain when I demanded we eat dinner with her impaled on my cock. I played with her big tits and filled the tip of another condom inside her while she ate dessert.

The sisters showered with me in front of our parents, then we watched Claudette give my dad a great blowjob. She swallowed and wiped her mouth, then asked me, “Want some too, Karl?”

I surprised myself by shaking my head and saying, “Thanks, but I’m done for the night.”

Leslie found some confidence on the way to my bedroom. She reached into my bathrobe, held my sleepy snake, and said, “You’re not finished. I’m not letting you sleep until you pump my pussy too.” I was more than happy to fulfill her wish, then doze off between my beautiful new stepsisters.


I woke with Leslie laying on my chest. My cock rapidly rose, still inside her. I reached down and played with her small firm ass cheeks as I began rocking my hips. Pulling most of the way out was a little painful, since our pelvises and pubic hair were glued together by our dried fluids from the night before. I fully filled her tight slippery twat with two inches of cock to spare. She moaned, “Mmmm… Yeah.”

I kept up my thrusts, gradually going faster and faster. I was close to climax when she exclaimed, “No! Stop! Stop!”

“Why? Last night was great!”

“PEE! I GOTTA PEE!” I released the firm grasp I had on her small buttocks and she jumped up, painfully tearing out several pubic hairs. “OW! PEE!” She ran to the bathroom and I felt a strong urinary pressure myself.

I rolled off the bed and followed her to the toilet. “I need to pee too! So bad!”

Her flow began and I heard splashing. She spread her knees and told me, “You can aim it. Pee between my legs.”

“I can’t! Not with a boner! It hurts so much!”

“I’ll make it go down. Put it in my mouth.”

Priscilla walked in nude while her little sister sucked my iron-hard rod. She stepped into the shower and leaned with her back to the wall. I was surprised when she opened her labia with her fingers and pissed on the shower floor. Seeing the stream of yellow leave her pussy was oddly erotic. I went off in Leslie’s mouth by the time Priscilla finished. She smiled naughtily and asked, “You like watching girls pee?”

I didn’t have the oxygen to speak, so I kept up my rapid breaths and just nodded.

She asked, “Then maybe we can share a shower and piss on each other tonight? Would you like that?”

Leslie made me smile with, “Yeah! That sounds really sexy!”

I should have paid more attention when my cock softened and my own urine stream began. I accidentally pissed all over Leslie’s belly and thighs. “Sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Why? That was hot!”


A devilish smile appeared on Leslie’s face. “Will you make it up to me? Will you do just one little thing for me today?”


“Fuck me in every room? I want to ride your nice dick all over the house.” She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. She told Priscilla, “You got him four times yesterday. Make him hard again and put it in me!”

I French kissed with Leslie and her sister stroked my shaft. Before long, I felt the marvelous tight wetness of little Leslie’s pussy on my cockhead again. I slid inside and practically shouted, “Yeah! So great!”

She agreed, “Mmmmm… Yeah, big brother! Carry me downstairs and screw me in the living room!” I did as ordered, and greatly enjoyed her bouncing as I carried her. I walked down the hall, then carefully descended the grand staircase.

I was shocked to the core when we reached the bottom step. The front door opened and my mother walked in carrying a suitcase! I was naked and screwing my new stepsister, as my Mom stared from ten steps away!

Mom’s eyes were fixed on us and her mouth dropped open, but I did what instinct and hormones demanded. I lifted Leslie up and down, thrusting in and out of her like she was just a large sex toy. Priscila saw Mom and shouted in shock, “EEEK! Mrs. Holt!” She sprinted back upstairs.

Despite the extreme surprise, my prostate and penile muscles pumped and pumped, squirting my seed into Leslie. I was close to passing out and set her down. I stumbled three steps to a chair and sat down exhausted. Leslie covered herself with a pillow from the couch and tossed me one.

Mom giggled and said, "Hehehe! I wanted to surprise my birthday boy. I guess it's a bigger surprise than I planned!" We joined her nervous laughter briefly. Thankfully, she continued, “Our talk can wait 'til lunch. You three need some clothes. And a shower! Hehehe!”

I finally had the air to speak. “Yeah. Later.” Leslie and I ran upstairs severely embarrassed. We were only a little less ashamed to run past my Dad and her mother Claudette at the top of the stairs.


After showers and dressing, I followed Leslie and Priscilla downstairs to the kitchen. Mom, Dad, and Claudette were looking at a lot of large photos, which were strewn around the table. Claudette and Mom munched on fruit, but Dad’s mouth was open wide and his eyes bulged out.

Claudette was saying, “… nothing to worry about. You’re still gorgeous! Maybe even better than before.”

My mother Mia handed me the picture and asked, “What do you think, Karl? Am I still pretty after the surgery?”

I wondered and asked, “Surgery?”

“I had a breast reduction. Take a look.” I gazed at the sexy image of her standing on a beach in an electric blue bikini, with her blonde hair blowing in the wind. I felt a movement in my underwear and had to remind myself she was my Mom.

She said, “It’s the cover for next month’s ‘Sports and Guy Stuff’ magazine.”

It took me a moment to come up with, “Uh … um … very nice.”

Leslie commented, “You’re so sexy, Mrs. Holt! I wish I looked like you.”

Mom played with her hair a bit and giggled. “Hehehe! Call me Mia. You’re a woman now, and a cutie already. From what I saw this morning, Karl likes you just fine.”

Mom smiled and Leslie and I blushed intensely, remembering her catching us in the middle of sex. Priscilla took the picture from my hand and said, “Beautiful, so hot.”

Mom asked, “Are you sure? I think I looked better before, with bigger ones.” In the next picture Mom was on the same beach in a pink bikini, with boobs three times as large! Both were nearly the size of her head!

She commented, “Triple D’s were heavy and hurt my back, but everybody loved ‘em.” My brain was so intent on the massive mammaries in the photo, words were beyond me. “Umma guh hahummm…” My jaw dropped open like my father’s, as I stared. “Guh! Um! Gulp!”

Mom handed me another picture and asked, “Maybe just C’s are too small. What do you think, Karl?”

I gazed at the new photo of my mother practically nude in a transparent wet shirt, and croaked out, “Urrrh! WOW!”

Dad finally found his voice, “So hot! You look as sexy as you did on our second date, in the hot tub!”

Mom kept looking at me and asked, “Do you think I looked better before?” She handed me one or her in a wet T-shirt with the triple D’s!

The large tent in my shorts betrayed my lie as I turned toward the bathroom and exclaimed, “Pee! I gotta pee!”

Mom grabbed my hand. “There’s no way my boy can pee with a pipe in his pants.” The other girls laughed. She rested a hand on my bulge and offered, “I’ll fix it for you, baby.”

I objected, “But… but… Mom…”

She smirked and said, “Don’t be afraid. 18 years ago, I changed your diapers. I’ll take good care of it. Drop your shorts and sit on the table.”

Priscilla yanked my shorts and briefs down, and Claudette encouraged me further. “Giving you a blowjob every night is a lot to ask, so Mia and I decided we’ll take turns. We just need you to do a few little things for us.”

Leslie pulled my shirt over my head, then nudged me back toward the table. I was nearly in shock as I sat by my mother nude, with Leslie licking one of my nipples.

Mom leaned forward, and her lips and tongue made my cock very happy in front of the whole family. She licked and sucked me, as Dad started to explain, “Your mother is engaged, and we need to do a few things for immigration reasons… a few weddings…”

I was concerned, but euphoric at the same time. “Weddings? You want me to get married? UH! SOOO good!”

Dad answered, “We’ll talk about it in Aruba tomorrow. See you there.” He and Claudette walked to the garage, as Mom’s mouth finished me off in front of my new stepsisters.

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