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Three sly bitches and a clever boy...
My Stupid Brother…

Josh is the stupidest, foolest, most retarded brother in the world! Eheheh! I'm going to pee my panty laughing.

On Saturday evening, our neighbor's twins, Kelly and Nelly, came to our house. Pajama party with the girls! WUuuu Yeaaah Babeee! Our parents told us to behave and left.

We three of us wore pajamas, shouted sang and danced until we got tired, jumped on my bed, put on make-up and gossip, showed picts our exes on our mobies and cursed them, took funny and sexy selfies and shared on social media, read the likes and comments of our sucker followers and laughed while holding our stomachs.

As Kelly read the comments, deepened voice and mimed, “You three are so sexy girls, I'd wish to join you…” Nelly and I were rolling around on the carpet and laughing.

After a while we opened a bottle of wine and started gossiping about sex. We were whispering as we exaggeratedly told our college adventures. Thes two was joined in kinky-orgies, but I think it's lie. Kelly and Nelly get what they want without much effort because they are two very cute perky blondes. As for me, I'm just ordinary girl, I use my exhibitionist skills to catch on with men's eyes.

When Nelly told me that my brother was so handsome, I laughed, spraying out the wine.

“Woow! Are you crazy, bitch? Josh is the stupidest guy I've ever know!”

"Actually, we've both liked him for years," Kelly said.

These two bitchs saw my bro weeding in the garden wearing only shorts, they told me about his muscles! Me!!! I'm his sister, baby! The only muscle I can't see on Josh, is worm hiding in his shorts!

We decided to play a game and called Josh to my room. He came in bored because he was being disturbed while playing a computer game in his room. He asked what we wanted with an expression on his face that clearly did not like us.

It was very easy to prove that he stupid.

We told him to bring us another bottle of wine. He went and brought it from the kitchen.

“We are hungry now, bring us cake,” we said. He went away huffing-puffing, and we laughed.

He returned with a plate of cake and said, "what else?..."

“Hmmm! Do funny things.” Nelly said.

“No, I can't entertain you, I'm waiting for you to sleep and then I'll mind my own business,” he said.

“Your job is us!...” we shouted and jumped!

“Okay witches, what do you want me to do?..” said.

"Now we'll do an invisibility magic on you and you become invisible..." I said.

"Okay, okay, but you'll sleep later," said, scratching his hair. We chuckled and agreed.

I grabbed a bath towel and stood in front of Josh. I hid him behind the towel, said "Abracadabra... hoky-poky..." and quickly pulled the towel.

Twins looked at my brother and screamed. “Oh! Josh is gone!.. Disappeared!.. Where are you Josh!.. We can't see you!..”

Three of us started looking around the room as if we didn't see my stupid brother. “Josh, make noise, let's find you!.. Where are you bro!..”

"I am here! Hey! Kelly, Nelly look here! I'm standing here!” he shouted and jumped.

But we couldn't see him... Ahh! Ayyhhh! OMG! This is so funny! Josh is absolutely the stupidest boy in the world! I can't believe him fell this trick!

Kelly had an idea. “Josh, the clothes you were wearing became invisible along with you. If you're still in this room, take off t-shirt and throwe it on the floor... we can see it and find you!..”

Nelly approved of her twin. “Yes, Josh, if you can hear us, take off one of your clothes.”

My stupid brother believed their deception. He hurriedly took off t-shirt and threw it at his feet. "Here!.. I'm here girls!.. Find me!..”

"Hey! Look here!..” I said and showed brother's t-shirt.

Kelly jumped up and picked up the t-shirt and smelled it. “Traces still warm, he can't have too far!”

We started wandering around the room like three blind girls. "Josh, where are you? Give us more clue!"

My brother bitten his lips in stress, “I have no clothes except my shorts!..” whined.

“It's okay Josh, we can't see you anyway!...” Kelly giggled.

“Alright girls this is the last piece, don't judge me when I'm visible again!... said and…

Eheheheh! I didn't think my brother would be this retarded! Dad, did you buy this boy from the discount days at the market?

He threw shorts on the floor, covered his private area with hands and stuck legs together. Right now, if I wanted, I could use my mobie camera and make Josh my slave for life!

As Kelly reached for the shorts, Nelly was ahead of her and quickly grabbed it. I fell on the bed laughing while two sluts were fighting over my brother's crotch-smelling shorts. Jeezz, what a night!

My brother started shaking in panic, "Okay, this game has gone too long, turn back the magic." But we didn't care! Hehehe…

"Since you don't see me, then ... I can walk among you freely ..." let his hands to the sides.

OoOooOo! Our eyes opened wide! Uwww! Josh has been feeding a snake in his belly for years!

We weren't supposed to see him, but all three of us looked at and said "Woaaww..." and my mouth watered a little.

Josh scratched his hair. “You can't find because I'm invisible, I have to help you, girls”

We had no voice. It was like we were hypnotized. He take a step and stopped front of twins. The girls licked their lips as looked at his dick dangling in front of their face.

“I think he's here,” Kelly chirped. “I can feel him!” she lifted softly hand and caught Josh's bassoon. While holding its handle with one hand, her fingers did not touch each other. OMG, look at the thickness of this!

“Hmm! I wonder if this thing I'm holding is Josh?" Kelly asked. To make sure, she stuck out tongue and licked it's head.

What! Horny bitch! What do you think you're doing, he's my brother!

Nelly crawled on knees and came to her twin. “I'll check too...”

Two blonde sluts attacking Josh's lever and began slurping feast with pink tongues, and I watched in shock.

Girls made uhmmm, shrrps, mmhhss, slorp sounds and were lickled Josh's dick.

Kelly opened her mouth wide and tried to swallow the purple head of Josh's lollipop. Whoever the small mouth bitch learned to do this from she was doing it wrong. When I looked at my brother's face, I saw that he was hurting.

“Move over, girls! He is my bro! If you are tasting something invisible, I can understand it best!” and I dived between them. I pushed two of them off their shoulders, made space for myself, and started my own show on that incredible stage.

Look and learn, girls! You'll lick it by pressing tongue from bottom to top, just like lick a candy bar! You'll suck its head don’t touching with your teeth!

"Me too! Me too!" Twins pushed me and I pushed them too! We fought and gave each other little slaps in front of my brother's legs. Kelly pulled my hair, I pulled Nelly's pajamas.

"Ok! I have an idea!” I said. “Let's let my brother decide for himself! Josh, if you can hear me, do something to make it clear which of the three of us you want to find you!”

Kelly quickly jumped up and did the sluttiest thing I've ever seen in my life! “Maybe Josh can't see us either!” she shouted, “Josh, I'm leaving my clothes where I am so you can find me!”

She quickly took off her pajamas and panties and threw on the floor. Opened her arms, turned to my brother and smiled slyly. “I'm waiting you Josh, I'm right in front of my pajamas, you can find me...”

Nelly jumped when saw her twin's attack! Took off her pajamas and panties! Madness! They're gone crazy!

Josh took a step towards them. I couldn't let this! I ran to twins, took off my pajamas and panties, left them at my feet, kicked other girl's clothes away. “Find me, Josh, I'm here!...”

While three naked girls were waiting for Josh to find us, showing off our bald pink slits, Kelly tried to push my shoulder and push me out of the exploration area. I slapped Nelly's butt, Kelly pinched my nipples. I felt Nelly's teeth on my arm. The dirty bitch bit down on my arm until she left a row of red teeth marks. We pulled each other's hair and spanked our butts like wild cats!

Josh was standing right in front of us, holding his stomach and laughing. I thought it was a good thing he didn't see us, but I didn't understand why he was laughing. Stupid boy! Who knows what's in his mind?

Kelly escaped her hair from my hand and hugged one of my brother's legs. “Me, me, me Josh, me…” she begged. Nelly pushed me and as I fell on my butt, she ran and hugged my brother's other leg. Just like her twin, cried out in a tearful voice, "No, me, first me, me Josh!..."

I staring in astonishment at the mischief made by two rogues.

Josh was laughing and looking at two naked blondes hugging his legs like two koalas! Oh! Can he see them!

“I feel two warm bodies hugging my legs, but I can't see them! Where are you spoiled witches!” He said, barely speaking from laughter.

The twins looked up, their wet blue eyes wide. “We are here Josh, please see us…”

Josh took a step and started walking, dragging two girls who were hugging his leg like ivy. As he swinging arms to both sides, as if were walking in the snow, his hose swayed with him and lightly slapped the girls' faces one by one.

After a difficult two-steps journey, he reached my bed and lay on his back, opening arms to the sides.

“I have given up hope of finding you, newbie witches, if you are still here, do something to cancel the magic.”

"Maybe if we do a ritual we can fix it." The twins looked at each other and climbed onto the bed, astraddle on his body.

Nelly sat on his chest and bent like a frog and hugged his neck. Kelly sat on his waist and, like her twin, turned into a frog-pose and pressed her face against sister's ass.

Josh caressed Nelly's blonde curles and said, "ahh, I wonder whose silky soft hair belongs to."

Nelly proudly, looking up him. "me."

Josh touched his lips to hers. “Hmmm, what is this? I smell fruit wine, I wonder what it is?"

“Those are my lips,” Nelly happily, “you can taste them if you want.” And their lips met.

My stupid brother too fool to realize that the two croaking frogs on his body were our neighbor's twins! I can't believe he still thinks he's invisible! Can a person be this retarded? If it's my brother, yes! I will never understand how he got such high scores in uni with his low intelligence level.

While Nelly was kissing out with him, Kelly was rubbing her ass directly on my brother's rod. As if the stick had brains independent of Josh, it hardened and enlarged. And now, it was pushing the entrance of Kelly's wet hole.

I'm old enough to understand where things are going. Of course I know what happens when vagina and penis are this close together. But my stupid brother is not as knowledgeable as me, he has no idea that Kelly will rape him soon! He is still sucking Nelly's lips.

Slut Kelly positioned her wet pussy on Josh's throbbing pole and pushed her ass down. I walked around behind it to see the view up close. OMG! That thing's head was the size of a large plum, and Kelly was biting her lips as she shook her ass to get it into her pussy.

Josh's baton bent in half under Kelly's dogged pressure. “You're going to break it, tight pussy bitch! You'll break my bro's dick!” I immediately reached out, grabbed the handle tightly with both hands, and fix it. “OK, try again now!”

Kelly turned around and looked at me with grateful eyes, and while she pushed her ass onto my brother's dick, I supported with my hands and helped get inside. Finally, with some pressure, some perseverance, and some horniness, Josh's cock entered Kelly's tight pussy.

While Kelly was crying with tears streaming down her face, I stroked her hair and asked, "Does it hurt?"

She answered cryingly “Yes, it so hurts, but it also feels great.”

I thought about how I could lessen her pain. I can kissed her! When we fall and our knees hurt, it goes away when our mom kisses us. So I decided to kiss Kelly's pussy.

As my brother's cock moved rhythmically in and out of Kelly's eager pussy, I leaned over and kissed and licked the junction. My mouth was smeared with the sex fluids of both of them. Salty, weird taste but I liked it.

After a short while, Josh increased the rhythm. He was pumping so fast that his balls were hitting my chin every time. Then suddenly he took his dick out of Kelly's pussy and put it in my mouth.

Before I could understand what was happening, he started spraying his hot soup into my mouth and held my hair tightly to prevent me from escaping and pressed my head to his dick. I wasn't going to escaped already.

My mouth was filled with his cum until it made my cheeks swell. He grunted and made weird sounds. After dripping the last drop on my tongue, he took a deep breath "Aggghhh," said relaxed and left my hair.

But I, didn't left his dick. I continued to suck and massage it's head with my tongue as it slowly softened and shrank between my lips. Cause my stupid brother couldn't see us, he would never know who did this to him.

I stopped sucking his dick and raised my head. We came face to face with Kelly. We both giggled. My mouth still full of Josh's cum, I opened my mouth and showed off my collected booty.

Kelly jumped on me with jealousy, stuck her lips to mine and push her tongue into my mouth, trying to get her share of the nectar inside. I pushed her, inserted my finger and opened her mouth, leaned over and spat into her mouth from a distance of a span. We shared my brother's dangling sticky, slippery cum.

We turned to Nelly as she moaned. Josh inserted his finger into her pussy and started finger-fucking her. Nelly was sucking, licking, biting and scratching my brother's neck and chest, with saliva flowing from her mouth. Her unconscious eyes were glassy, completely in a trance. Josh's three fingers was completely thrust into her pussy and bent like a hook inside.

We saw Nelly's ass jiggling like a bowl of fresh jelly. I couldn't imagine the extent of the pleasure she was getting, but I was insanely jealous. Josh should do to me what he did to her. I looked at Kelly, but she wasn't willing to leave her pose. She hugged my brother tightly.

I crawled on bed and approached Josh's face. I lifted one knee and sat astride his face. I dropped my horny, wet, trembling pussy over his mouth. My pussy lips touched his lips, I shuddered and screamed as if electrocuted.

His mouth attacked my pussy. His tongue wagged around my hole like a happy dog's tail. He never mentioned the tasting! I would have loved for him to say strawberry or peach, but instead of babbling, used his lips and tongue to explore the inside of my pussy.

A minute later, Nelly escaped from Josh's fingers, screaming wildly, and fell onto the bed, clasping her hands between legs and taking deep orgasm breaths.

Josh pushed the twins away and made room for me on the bed. He grabbed me by my ass, turned me and laid on my back. I opened my legs and wrapped them around his ass. When he held his dick by the handle, leaned it against the entrance of my pussy, and looked at my face, I saw an incredible look in his eyes.

If I didn't know we were invisible, I might have thought he was fuck me on purpose. But that fool would never dare to do.

As the head of his hot cock rubbed in the middle of my tight, pink slit, ocean waves swelled inside me and I wanted to surf. My hand reached between my legs and grabbed my brother's surfboard, I lifted my ass and guided him to dive into my sea, as the thick mushroom head entered me, I removed my hand and released the surfer and didn't want to stop him dived.

As Josh's cock entered my slippery pussy, I realized what the pleasurable pain Kelly had just mentioned meant. His thick cock penetrated my novice hole like a hot iron. What I should have done was escape, but my ass pushed itself further into him. It was as if my pussy and his cock were separate entities from us and moved by their own desires.

I bit my lips against the pain, tears streaming down my face as I dug my nails into Josh's muscular back. My stupid brother didn't know who had drawn claw marks on his back and stucking his dick into who's eager pussy.

Took longer to his cum than the first. Even though we were invisible, he looked into my eyes and smiled. I was wondering who he was thinking while fucked me, because when I fucking with other guys, I was thinking that him.

Flocks of birds took off in my belly as he used his dick hammered into my pussy. I started screaming as the fire of orgasm burned my cunt. “Ahh! You fucking me very good bro!.. Ohh, your cock pounding my pussy!.. Fuck me Mmmphh fuck me!.. Fuck me hard bro!..”

Josh speeded like a locomotive heading downhill. I was like a singing bird as I writhed and twisted under his thick cock stretching my pussy. "Hit me!.. Knock Me!.. Use me!.. Cum in me big boy!.. Make me your fuck-toy, slave and slut!"

His legs tightened, grunted and started to cum inside me. My toes curled in orgasm reflex as his hot cum burned my uterus. I grabbed his head and attacked his lips. Our lips kissed and nibbled each other's as if tearing them off.

I was crying with pleasure as he got up. I've never been fucked like this. The twins were looking at me with surprise and admiration on the edge of the bed.

“First fuck with your bro?” said Kelly, and I nodded with a happy woman's shiny in my eyes.

“We thought you had been fucking with your bro for years…” Nelly, unable to believe we hadn't done this before.

I was in no stuation to explain. The orgasm birds continued to peck at my body.

Josh took his shorts and t-shirt, “Girls, it seems you don't have magic words to cancel this magic. I'm going to my room, if we sleep, maybe it will fix itself by morning..." and went to his room.

Three of us looked at each other and giggled. My stupid brother still thought he was under the influence of invisibility magic.

“Do you think, we trick him or he trick us?” asked Nelly.

We laughed and poked each other with our elbows.

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