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Lily’s fast and kinky fuck marathon
Lily the Sily

I'm Lily... I came home, throw my backpack by the door, went to the kitchen, prepared a sandwich and took a bite. At that moment, Dad took a beer from the fridge. I was standing and looking out the kitchen window. I felt his hand under my short skirt, fondled on my ass, with finger pushed my panties. He growled something in my ear with breath smelling of alcohol. What a bad girl, bla, bla...

I continued eat my sandwich. He leaned on my back, pulled skirt to my waist, swiped my panties, spat on his palm, wet his dick and into my pussy.

He licked on my neck with hrfss hnsss sounds. I held on to the kitchen counter with both hands to keep from falling as his cock moved in and out of my pussy. Fifteen-twenty seconds later he started to cum. I bit down on the last piece of my sandwich as his hot cums sprayed into my pussy. I squeezed my ass and milked dad's dick with my pussy. Until he spanked my ass. He told me I was a dirty and horny slut.

I walked out of the kitchen shaking my ass, without bothering to tidy my skirt up. I took my backpack and entered my room. I took off my clothes, panties threw on the carpet, went into the bathroom. I got under the shower and washed my pussy with pressurized water. Before leaving, I looked at my face in the mirror. I examined my braided blonde hair, blue eyes and thin lips. Ehh, not bad. I took torn t-shirt that was on the chair in my room and put it on. My nipples of small tits did formed distinct peaks on the front of the T-shirt. I took my phone and lay on the bed, read a few texts and giggled.

Two hours later dad called my name, I left the room went to him. His co-worker Mike was sitting on the couch in the living room. Dad told me to give Mike a beer and serve him. I grabbed the beer from the fridge as Mike pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles and I handed the beer as knelt in front of him. Dad sat in the chair across from us. The two men talked and laughed about business, politics and football as I licked and sucked Mike's dick for a long time. Dad, claimed I was a worthless whore. Mike grabbed my chin and lifted it, I opened my mouth and looked into his eyes. He spit the beer in his mouth into my mouth, I drank. He stood up, pulled my braid and pushed me to the dining table. I bent down, he came behind and lifted my T-shirt up to my back. He grinned when he saw that I had no panties. He said he agreed with my dad that I was a bad bitch. Then he started fucked me between the plates on our dining table.

Morning, I'm Lily... I woke up and got up from my dad's bed. He was still asleep and the cums clinging to his pubic hair had dried. I went to the bathroom, sat down and peed. I counted the bruises on my butt and legs. Not so much this time. Mike, doesn't hurt me too much.

I'm hungry. I went to the kitchen without dressed. I lit the fire, heated the water, made the coffee, cooked the eggs, sliced the bread. I heard dad wake up and pee. I prepared the table as he came scratching his dick. I didn't hear him take a bath, came to me with the remains from last night on his crotch. He sat a chair and eat breakfast. I got under the table and licked his dick, balls and hair. He growled and said I was a disgusting dick freak. I massaged his dick with both hands and sucked it. He said that's enough you dirty whore and told me to fuck off.

I ate the leftovers as dad went to the living room, turned on the TV. I washed the dishes, came to him, sat astride his lap, held his soft dick and crammed in my pussy. I rocked on it, waited for to get hard, and held on to his shoulders and jumped hop-hop until he cum. When I finished, I cleaned his dick's remnants with my tongue. He told me I was a disgusting cunt.

Hi, I'm Lily... I missed the school bus again. I need to wake up early in the morning and finish dad's job faster. I put on school uniform, sling backpack on my sholders and hit the road. The weather is hot, the road is long. Fortunately, there are car passing by. I gave my thumbs up and someone stopped. A lonly driver. I sat next to him. He looked at my cute face, braided blonde hair, smiling blue eyes, and slim legs peeking out from under my short plaid skirt. I didn't ask his name. A few miles later my head was in his lap. He was holding the steering with one hand and pressing down my head with the other. He cummed in a minute. I collected cums in my mouth, showed it to him and swallowed. He said I was a great road-witch. He wanted to give money but I didn't take it. He dropped me off in front of school and drove in who knows which direction.

Okay, I'm Lily... I missed the first lesson. I ran to the principal's office. He told me that close the door and come to his desk. I closed and locked the door, hurriedly took off my panties from under my skirt and put in my pocket. I bent over his desk as I dropped my backpack off my shoulder on the floor, put my chin on vinyl surface, spreading my legs, lifted my ass with I stood on my tiptoes of my sneakers. He left the student excuse form in front of my chin, and I took the pen and started writing my name. I heard the zipper sound, he lifted my skirt and gave me a light spank on my ass and he said I was the teacher's docile pet. While I was writing my name on the excuse paper, he spit on his dick and entered my pussy from behind and fucked me huff-puff until he heard the break bell. He came out of me, as the noise of students running down the corridor reached his door. He massaged to his dick with hand and cummed on the marble floor. When he was done, cleaned his hand with a napkin and signed the form. I catch my backpack, left his room and went to my classroom. My panties were still in my pocket.

Look, I’m Lily… When all classes were over, everyone left the classroom, but I waited. A few minutes later, Danny and his three buds arrived. They told me was a rumor about I sucking some boys' dicks and asked if it was true. I didn't answer and looked at the ground. They told me that I was a school-slut and that if I didn't do what they wanted, would report me to the principal. I nodded silently and obeyed. Danny told me to lift my skirt and that they wanted to see my panties. I took my panties out of my pocket, showed them what they wanted to see, and lifted my skirt while they grinned. Their eyes widened when they saw my pantyless pussy. They threatened to tell everyone that I was walking in the school without panties if I didn't let them touch me. I nodded again.

Danny touched the middle of my pussy slit, showed the droplet on his finger to his dudes and told them that I was a slut ready to get fucked. The others grinned confusedly. Danny took my hand and led me to the teacher's desk and told me to lie on my back on. While I was lying docilely, others turned on their phone cameras and started recording. Danny took off his pants, shooked thin dick, got between my legs and put it into my pussy with a clumsy move he hurted me. I turning my face to the side and bit my finger while he was fucked me. He told his friends to line up because they had to be a part of this crime too. The others followed and took off their pants. Their slim cocks were all hard and throbbing. They told me a silly-bitch, school-slut, fuck-toy. Danny cummed quickly and the other three took turns fucked me huh-hah on the teacher's desk. They cum in a jiff, I jumped off the table, tidy myself up before they put on pants, and ran to the school bus waiting outside, honking its horn impatiently.

Hey, I'm Lily... I came home, had a snack in the kitchen, took off my school dress and put on my rags t-shirt. I looked in dad's room but couldn't find him. I returned to the living room and waited and fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up in the dark of the night with a knock-knock, but I didn't open my eyes. Dad entered the house swearing. There was someones next to him and he told them that there was no need to be quiet, his slutty daughter wouldn't wake up anyway. They entered the living room without turning on the light. The tv turned on and its brighted my body lying on the couch with a blue light.

One of the men said he found me. My dad asked the man, “why don't you fuck my daughter while I taking a few bottles of beer from the fridge.” A few seconds later, a hand caressed my legs, lifted my t-shirt, and informed that I wasn't wearing underwear. My dad told him, enjoy yourself and sat at the table with other two friends and dealt cards, while they were playing poker, his friend laid down on me and started fucked me on the couch.

While he was fucked me, he told my dad that his daughter's pussy hugged his dick like an octopus. The men at the table said, we know. Dad asked how many cards they wanted. While the man's saliva was dripping on my face, he said that I was a dick-heater, he would never get bored of fucked me. But started to cum after twenty second. Grunting, he took his dick out of my pussy and hit it on my belly. I didn't know whether the wet thing sticking to my chin was sperm or alcohol-scented saliva.

While he was putting on his pants, I waited on the couch, on my back, with open legs and closed eyes. Dady looked at my body, on the TV light shining, and claimed that I was pretend to sleep. The man -who had just fucked me- asked him why I didn't make any noise or react. My dad told him that I was a disgraceful whore and that I never objected to being fucked.

One of the man at the table said 'Fold', threw down his cards, stood up and came to me. He pulled up my t-shirt to my neck and looked me like I was a product on the shelffor a while. My hard nipples were shaking on my fist-sized titts. My legs were wide open, my blonde pubic-hair was shining and my pussy was waiting to be screwed. He ran her hand over my pussy-lips and murmured that he knew how to wake me up if I was sleeping. My dad told him to do whatever he wanted and said 'raise'.

The man's hands wandered my tits, I held my breath. He pinched his other hand my pussy-lips, his finger circled my thin slit and slid in. I breathed lightly as fucked me with his finger, with a rhythm that increased from slow to fast. My pussy was soaking wet, he inserted second and third fingers and started pumping hard. He realized that my face flushed and I moaned silently and he said bitch is sprouting. While his fingers were drilling my pussy, his palm slaps my clit and waters flowed from my pussy onto the couch with fsh-fsh sounds. I stepped on my heels and lifted my ass up to catch an orgasm.

Wooo! That's it, bitch. Push your cunt into my palm! You are a rod-lover with an itchy pussy! I know you want my thick cock in your fresh hole, whore! You are a real snake-trap! You want fuck even while you sleep!

My legs shook with orgasm, but I didn't open my eyes.

The man told my dad that the juices gushing from his daughter's pussy mess the sofa. My dad told him that he didn't believe I was sleeping, I was a tricksy slut, that I knew every second of fucking and that I couldn't fool him, and that it would be my job to clean up all this mess tomorrow.

He asked my dad what it would be like to fuck his daughter ass. My dad said that it didn't matter because his daughter already an eager slut who wanted a dick in every hole. He reminded his friend to stop playing with me and fuck me as soon as and get back to the game.

The man grabbed me by the waist, lifted me upwards and threw me on the couch. I fell face down.

He gave my ass a few hard slaps and watched with pleasure my shining ass-cheeks rippling under the colorful lights of the TV. He spit on my asshole and inserted his finger I bited my lip and waited.

I know you love it slut! You're a lover to ass-fucking! Your anus is gnawing on my finger like a hungry bunny. Let's see my cock in your backhole!

As he pushed his cock-head into my asshole he asked if I liked it. I didn't answer, just chewed the shirt on my chin.

While moving slowly in and out, he firmly clawed my butt with both hands and spread it to the sides. When he finally stuck his dick all in, waited a bit and started hardest fuck my asshole with increase his tempo.

Dad cursed again and said he lost at poker because daughter a sinister slut. He threw down cards, got up from the table and came to us. He watched for a while his friend fucked my ass and encouraged to fuck his silly daughter harder.

Tears rolled down my cheeks from my closed eyes as his crotch slapped my ass with clapping noises, part of my t-shirt was pierced with my teeth. The man told my dad that he fucked his daughter asshole without lub it and she was endured the pain. Dad told him that I was liked hard-painful fucked. While the two of them spanked my back and ass the man squirted cums into my asshole and quickly stood up from the couch.

There was still someone sitting at the table who didn't fuck me. My dad told him that he could fuck me if he wanted. The man asked my dad why he treated his daughter like this. Dad said again that I was a cursed whore, I was his trouble, God was punishing him with me, I was a she-devil.

The man calmed my dad with soft-spoken, he said he was very impressed, even shocked, by what he saw this evening. He said he wanted to fuck me but he couldn't do that to a sleeping girl and if I woke up he would be happy to fuck with me.

I blinked my eyes open and looked around in surprise, as if I had just woken up. I saw my dady and his guests. I knew them all. Men whose wives I know and whose children I play with. My dad's close friends.

"Hi Lily, honey," the soft-voiced man said, I knowed him. His voice made me horny like the sermons he gave every Sunday. He'd fucked me in the church room, fucked me behind the altar, fucked me between the tombstones, fucked me in the confessional. Now he'll fucked me on my dad's poker table.

He pointed me and I ran towards him. While he took off his black clothes and placed them on the chair, I lay on my back on the poker table and opened wide my legs among the cards and chips.

He admired my naked body shining on the poker table's yellow-light, leaned down and his lips touched my lips while fondling my tits with one hand. I opened my mouth and his tongue entered my mouth. His hand slid down my tits, to my stomach, to my groin, to my pussy. His finger curled inside my hole. Then he inserted his dick into my pussy in one move like a sword, pressed his balls onto my ass, squeezed my tits with both hands and started pumping hard. He whispered some words into my ear. Words he never said at Sunday services.

He said that my tight pussy was the door to hell and his dick will closing that door. He said that my pink pussy lips were the devil's wings and my juicy pussy hole was a cauldron of hell. He said that my pussy was a swamp and I was an eager-witch to drop innocent men's cocks into my disgusting mud. He said that I was a sinful whore and I needed to be fucked painfully. He was going to do this! He said that he was going to fuck and punish me in the most severe way.

Finally he started to cum and wished the almighty god to forgive him.

Good night, I'm Lily. My dad's friends fucked me one more time throughout the night. While they returning home at the first light of the morning, they told my dad not to upset himself too much. It wasn't his fault that he had a daughter like me. Dady sent them away and returned to the living room. He was going to sleep on the couch, but he gave up because of the dirty stains. He came to the bedroom, laid down next to me and fell asleep.

Yaay, I'm Lily... When dad opened his eyes this morning, he saw me between his legs and screamed. He told me to stop sucking his dick now or would never fucked me again. I got scared and ran to the kitchen. While he was getting dressed, I prepared his breakfast and waited naked. He came into the kitchen, said he didn't want to see me, sat down, I waited as he ate bacons. When he finished, I sat on his lap and hugged his neck, looked into his eyes and cried, his angry looks slowly changed into compassion and, "Okayyy, sweet watermelon, lets doggy..." he said.

I stuck out my tongue and licked his cheek, with happy hef-hef sounds. I got off his lap, knelt on the floor, and waited on my knees and elbows. He took some butter from the table and applied it to my asshole. When he leaned, I moved my ass so that he could fuck me easily. Dady's cock entered my asshole and I bit my lip.

Dady was still fucking my asshole when there was a knock on the door. He continued to fucked me calmly. Who was knocking on the door insistently. After a while, we saw someone looking through the window. Deputy sheriff Ed tried to see inside. Dady saw Ed and waved his hand. Ed saw us. As dady started to cum Ed looked more peer at to make sure of what he was seeing. Dady grunted and pulled his dick and cummed on my back. He took two long steps and opened the door. I was keeping pose when Ed poked his head in.

Dad asked Ed why he came. Ed told him that a film crew was coming to town and the sheriff was needed. He told him not to stand at the door but to come in and wait until he got dressed. Ed came in, covered his lap with his hat, and 'Hi Lily, watsup?' said to me. I smiled at him from where I was on all fours. While my dad was getting dressed in his room, he called out to Ed and told him to hurry up if he wanted to fuck his slutty daughter. Ed had already undone his pants and put his dick in my mouth. A few minutes later, when dady came out of his room in sheriff's uniform, Ed was behind me and was rapidly fucking my pussy.

As my dad got into the waiting sheriff car outside, Ed ran, tugging at his pants, and caught up with him. Then they left.

Hi guys, I'm Lily... Our small town was chosen as the setting for a low-budget action movie. Everyone is so excited to get a small extra role in the movie and be on screen for a few seconds. Dady believes this will be a useful advertisement for our town. The only one hotel twenty-room in our town was fully booked by the film crew. They also brought a lot of caravans and trucks. Two sports cars are waiting in the town square, and in one scene of the movie, they will be detonated after racing long enough. We are all very excited.

In that scene of the movie a hot-girl in the red dress will passing on the street. All families are competing for this role. Mothers dress up with cute clothes their daughters and show to the film crew and they glance at the girls as they eat hot dogs or drink coffee from paper cups. Dad took me with him and whispered something about me into the assistant director's ear. The man's eyes widened and he looked at me in disbelief and I flash a smile with blink him.

We went to the hotel that evening. Dady knocked on the door of the first of twenty rooms. An old man wearing a hotel robe opened the door. I went in the room and dady waited in the corridor. The man sat me on the bed, asked how old I was, my name, and shit., I answered. He asked me why I came to his room wearing a transparent nightie and without underwear, I remained silent and smiled. "I'm wondering," he said, "are you a young slut who likes older men, do you like to lick and suck wrinkled cocks, is your blonde pubic hair have ever touched with white hair, any retirees have been guests in your fresh pussy?" I nodded my head with red cheeks to all his questions. He hesitated a bit and threw off his robe, laid down on top of me and fucked me.

Ten minutes later, I left the room. The old man told my dad that he accepted me for the role, but need approval too of the people in the other rooms, and dady knocked on the door of the second room.

Ta Daa, I'm Lily... While I was walking on the street in the red dress, two sports cars passed by me one after another and my skirt flew up. As I turned and looked at them, my cool blonde hair flew in the wind and the director said 'cut'. Thus, I successfully played my four-second role in the movie. Dady took me in his arms and turned me around and told me that this was the first time I had done anything useful. While the other girls' mothers were looking at me with jealousy, he took my hand and behind the caravans. The stunt drivers of two sports cars were waiting for me there. My dad told them that he brought me as he promised. We entered one of the caravans. There was a dirty bed in the back. They didn't want to take off my red dress, just took off my panties and they laid me on the dirty bed and fucked me in turns.

They told me that I was a great cock-sucking whore, that they had never met a horny-slut like me, that my pussy-juice flowed like a river, that I was very flexible while my pussy and assholes were fucked at the same time. They assured me that I could become a talented porn-star if I wanted to.

When they were done one for each rolled a joint and inhaled its blue smoke. The cum of two stuntmen was boiling in my pussy and the red dress was mine now.

I got out of the trailer, got into dad's sheriff car, and we returned home. As soon as I got home, I lay down on the couch to relieve dady's throbbing cock. Dady just pulled down his pants, kept his shirt with sheriff badge on, lay on me and he fucked me on the couch with my red dress. While his thick cock was sliding inside me, he told me that I was a crazy cock addict.

Cheer Cheer! Lily here… The school's basketball team will have a tough match. Coach Andrew gave a pep talk in the locker room before the game. He explained the importance of this match to the boys and gave them some tactics. He also said that there would be a very special bonus reward if they won the match. At that moment, the door opened and I ran into the locker room in my cheerleading uniform. I stood next to Coach Andrew, raised my arms, waved my pom-poms and shouted my slogan. Cheer, Cheer, Cheer!.. Cheer our player!.. If is slacky your dingy!.. Call me! Lily! Lily! Lily!.. Coach Andrew "Here's the award I was talking about, Lily!" said and introduced me. The guys already knew me. They all applauded me. Coach Andrew took my hand and spin me turned around myself. I bent over a little, he lifted my skirt and showed my no panty ass and continued his pep talk.

"Guys, the sheriff donated his daughter to our school for today's match! If you win the match, she'll be all of you fuck-toy and do anything you everywant! Right, Lily?" I nodded my head quickly in agree.

The players cheered. They asked a lot of questions to me, "Will you lick and suck our dick? Will do doggy? Will fuck like a cowgirl! is it allowed fuck your ass? Will you have a double-fuck with all us?" I answered all the questions by screaming Yaayyy and jumping.

The match was very exciting. At every timeout, I went out on the court and performed with the other cheerleaders, and everyone in the tribunes just stared at me. Our guys fought the most uphill fight of their lives and we won the game. I ran to the locker room with everyone.

Twelve players plus coach Andrew hugged me in the locker room, they threw me in the air and caught me. They ripped my cheerleader costume off me. They threw it into each other's laps like I was a trainingball. They said me school bitch, cum bucket, wild cunt, insatiable slut, horny chick, juicy hole, cum field, dick sucker. They slapped, clawed, bit and left red marks on my legs, ass cheeks, and tits. They fucked me angry, harsh, merciless with used all my holes. They said me gangbang toy, gangrape eager, double-fuck star. They took turns fucked me in the locker room.

Young men's cocks become hard again in a shortly after cums. So they went tour my all holes at least three times. My whole body was writhing in pain. But I'm happy, because our school had an important victory. When done we showered together. My schoolguys, under cold water fucked me one more tour. Then I fainted.

They called my dad, told him to pick me up and left.

Old janitor found me before my dad. While he entered the locker room with the mop in his hand, he saw a naked girl on the tiles with cum flowing from all her holes.

When my dad came, the janitor was fucking my asshole. He sat somebench and waited for old-fart's be done. Then, dady grabbed my shoulder and lifted me up. He asked "Can you walk, Lily?" I nodded and walked my legs open wide hardly. My ass and pussy hurt so much that I couldn't sit on my ass for a week.

Yep, I’m Lily... My school-raper Danny ask me a date. I asked dad and he gave permission. We went to a his dad’s cafe together Danny ordered ice cream for me. He apologized for raping me with three of his dudes in class last month, I shrugged. He said my eyes and smile were very cute. I licked my ice cream, stood up, held his hand and took his to the restroom of the cafe. I didn't close the door when we came in, unzipped his zipper, knelt in front of him, took his dick in my hand, kissed it, licked it and sucked it. He caressed my hair and said that I was a very fuckable girl. I stood up, turned my back to him, holding on to the toilet tiles with my hands, bent my waist. As he lifted my skirt, I pushed my pantyless ass towards his dick. While he fucked my pussy from behind, he told me that I was a great slut girlfriend.

While Danny's thin dick was sliding inside my pussy at a nice pace, I catch his dad's eyes was watching us from the door. I smiled at the chubby man I knew from my dad's poker-nights and I enjoyed a dad watching me fucking with his son.

Danny was now popular at school because he had own bitch that he could fuck whenever he wants. Schoolguys stayed away from me because I had an owner. So, he had a falling out with his other three buddies.

But as the days went by, Danny got bored of me. We didn't often fucked as in early days. After he fucked me many times in the school toilet, gym, classroom, garden, I think my mystery ended and I became an ordinary slut. And one day he wanted to reunite with his dudes.

We met in the park in the town square. They sat on a bench among the trees and talked about the old days. His dudes blamed me for ruining their thread of amity. They told him that I was a jerk that most men in town fucked, I was a jizz-bank, I was a cock-loving whore, I was the men's cock-toy, fucking me was fun but also dangerous because I was mad slut. They told him that even the flagpole in the schoolyard I was making me horny.

As Danny listened to them, nodded and looked at me sullenly. He glanced back to his pals and said that they were right in every word, that he was actually bored to me and he could transfered of ownership me to them and added that I would not object.

To prove it, he said me, “strip”. I calmly took off my clothes, threw them on the bench, read Danny's lips what he want I do. I want you to fuck with my budds, whore. I held on to the back of bench, spread my legs and waited for them to come and fuck me. I was already wet when his first buddy throw his shorts and came behind me. His dick entered my tight pussy easily, I follow his tempo and pushed back my ass while he pumping me hard.

There were many people outing, jogging or walk the dogs in the park. Somes past us looking disgust, somes stopped to watch the show, and somes recorded with their phone cameras. His three ally fucked me in several poses while Danny announced the audience around us that they could fuck me if they wanted. A tall man joined us and lay down on the grass with grinned. I climbed on his lap, his dick was so big that I start cried while he fucked me. Danny came up behind me, spat on his dick and pushed it into my ass. He had fucked my ass many times before and I always liked it, but now it hurt when he fucked my ass at the same time with the huge dick in my pussy. While being fucked wildly among the two of them, I both cried and had an orgasm.

A woman in the crowd said she was going to call the sheriff. After a while, the police siren was heard and my dad came. He was furious when he saw me getting double fucked in front of a large audience in a public park. He said that I was a bad mistake and should never have been born. He talked about how sadly it was to live with a dick crazy girl like me. A man asked him why I was like this. My dad told him that I was an incorrigible nymphomaniac, that I needed to be fucked nonstop, and that if this did not happen, I would have a fit of hysterics and hurt myself. Was I uncurable? He said I use a lot of medication and was hospitalized for months, but it didn't work.

Yes, the doctors said there was nothing they could do for me. My lovely dady has been sacrificing for my needs ever since. The whole town knows and tolered. I'm an an uncontrollable fuck-addict and my poor dad has to live with me. "Poor girl," said an old man, "What if she can't find a man around?" asked. My dad said he would bet that when I got horny I could even fuck with straydogs.

When my dad said this, the old man's Golden dog barked and wagged its tail like a handfan, and everyone laughed. Danny cummed hard in my asshole and got off me, and without waiting for the tall man cums, I stood up and ran into my dad's arms. I hugged him and cried. Dad put his hand on my shoulder, someone gave me my clothes, we walked to his car and returned home.

Sorry, I'm Lily… I understand that my dad is a desperate man. But so am I. I didn't choose to be created like this. We returned home, dad washed me with own hands, wiped my tears and forbade me to meet Danny again. I should have stayed away from people who upset me. He told me that I was dady's princess, sweet angel, that I had beautiful eyes like sky, that I had a snubby nose like filbert, and how beautiful I became when I smiled. He wouldn't let anyone hurt me again. If necessary for my needs, we would invite all the men in the town to our home, and if that was not enough, we would go on trips to next towns. But please don't cry anymore my sweet whore.

He kissed my cheeks, nose, lips, groved my tits, squeezed my ass and slapped lightly. He picked me up and took to his bed. He said I was a cock-lover-horny-slut. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips. As his dick inserted my pussy, whispered all the dirty words he knew into my ear and made me the happiest girl in the world.
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