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There's a party in Molly's pants and everyone is comming.
Monday was a bright, sunny day. I felt so good after seeing Matt on Saturday. I bounced into school and met my friends in the hall, and we chatted until the bell rang for the first period. I slid into my desk for homeroom and surveyed the room, looking for a cute guy to talk with. I was dying to tell my friends about Matt and losing my virginity, but what I did was so out of character I felt it best to keep quiet about it.

I headed to lunch with my friend and five girls with whom I had gone through grade school. And I said I was looking for a boyfriend, and they all laughed. You're not going to have sex, so why bother, they told me. They were right. My parents were super strict and very religious. Claire said she was invited to a party Friday night; a senior was hosting it, and his parents were leaving for the night.

"Claire, can I come with you to the party?" I asked excitedly.

"Molly, Do you really think your parents will let you go to a party?" Claire asked.

"I could tell them I'm going to your house to work on a school project," I offered.

"Fine, Molly, if you can get to my house on Friday night, you can go with me," Claire responded.

.I was so excited; I'd never been to a high school party. The week flew by, and my parents had agreed to let me go to Claire's to work on the project, but I couldn't sleep over, and I would have to be home at 11 pm. I dressed up more than usual on Friday because my parents would be suspicious if I dressed up to go to Claire's house. I wore a lovely black skirt, a red top, and knee-high white socks. At six-thirty, I left and walked to Claire's house; the party was only a block away. Claire was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and laughed when she saw what I was wearing.

I said, "Sorry, I didn't know what to wear,"

She said it was fine, and off we went. We got to the party at 7:00 pm. We wandered through the living room, which was about half full, and then down to the enormous basement. It was full of kids, probably thirty of them. Music was blaring, and the kids were elbow to elbow. Someone handed Claire and me a beer. I'd never tasted beer before, so I took a sip but didn't like it. Claire drank hers right down. The loud music hurt my ears, so I told Claire I would go upstairs for a while. When I got upstairs, the room had filled up a lot. I took a spot in a corner and started to scope things out. I still had my beer, holding it so I would not look out of place. I stood there and watched the crowd. A few cute guys walked by and smiled at me, but none stopped to talk. After about twenty minutes, a cute boy approached me and introduced himself. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I turned bright red.

"Hi, I'm Tommy." He said confidently.

"Um, hi, I'm Molly. I'm Claire's friend," I responded.

"Oh, I know her. She just went into the bedroom down there with our starting quarterback," Tommy announced.

"Wait, what? Claire, you might be wrong," I countered strongly.

"Haha, Claires, what we call a mattress tester. She was on a mattress at every party, Tommy said, laughing.

"Oh my God, she never said anything about that," I said, shocked.

"Yeah, she's about halfway through the starting lineup," Tommy said matter-of-factly.

I was in shock. It was hard to believe Claire was a slut for the varsity football team. Tommy was a senior and played football. He was tall very muscular, and I shook when I spoke to him. We chatted about ourselves, school, family, and friends. We were getting along well; he was funny and made me laugh most of the time. The conversation started getting slow, and we had long periods of silence. He looked at me.

"So, do you want to do something?" Tommy asked softly.

I looked at him, shocked he would ask me.

"You mean like a date," I asked naively.

He smiled at me.

"No, I mean like now." He said, leaning down and kissing my neck softly.

I looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Do you want to find a bedroom and mess around?" Tommy said, looking serious.

I turned beet red, and my head was spinning. I never expected this, even though I thought I wanted it.

"Um, I don't know, like what." I stuttered, my mind racing.

"Well, what do you normally like to do?" Tommy pried.

I thought for a second, looking away and not wanting him to walk away.

" I'm not sure. I've only done stuff once before, so I'm not very good at it," I told Tommy.

"Well, Molly, Practice makes perfect," Tommy laughed.

I turned beet red and felt flushed and nervous.

"I'm not sure, maybe. What would we do, where would we do it?." I asked, frantic at this point.

He took me by the hand and led me out of the living room and down a long hall. He tried to open the first two doors. One was locked, and the other had a couple in bed. The next door, he opened to an empty room. He led me inside and closed the door. It was a bedroom, and the lights were already on. He led me to the bed, and we sat down.

"So, how experienced are you?" Tommy asked softly.

I was so nervous I was shaking. The thought of fucking him terrified me.

"I sucked a cock once and got my pussy fucked once," I blurted out

"OK, that works for me," Tommy chuckled.

My head was spinning at the thought of sucking and fucking again. He laid me back on the bed and kissed me, he pressed his tongue into my mouth, and I eagerly sucked on it. I could feel my panties getting wet. Tommy stood up and started taking off his clothes. He stood before me naked. His cock was challenging but not as big as Matts. Tommy sat on the bed and lay back, and I knew what he wanted. I got off the bed and knelt between his legs. I grabbed his stiff cock and stroked it, and licked it, doing what Matt had taught me. I kissed the head before taking it in my mouth and sucking it. Tommy moaned as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.

"Does that feel good, babe?" I asked.

"Yeah, Molly, you're going to do just fine.

I thought that was a strange response, but I let it go and continued sucking his cock. I began to taste and could smell his cum in my mouth and sinuses, and I quickened the pace. Tommy was moaning, and I thought he'd be cumming soon. I gently squeezed his ballsack, and that drove Tommy over the edge.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Tommy moaned.

Tommy's balls began emptying into my mouth, and I swallowed his thick, sweet sperm. I was so hot sucking his cock. My pussy was boiling. Tommy pulled his spent cock from my mouth, and I got up, thinking we'd go back to the party. He began to unbutton my blouse and pulled it out of my skirt. He reached around me and unhooked my bra, and sucked my breast into his mouth, my back arched, and I moaned as his tongue swirled around my nipple. His hand felt around my waist, and he found the clasp for my skirt. He undid it and flipped my skirt open. His hands found my wet panties.

"Boy, are you ready? You're really going to get it tonight?"

Tommy had me crawl on the bed and get on my back. He pushed my legs apart and dove in my face into my pussy. His tongue sliced through my pussy lips like a hot knife through butter.

"Oh, oh, oh," I moaned as his tongue slapped my clit around.

I was squirming like a dog in heat as he ate my pussy, and I rewarded him with a face full of pussy juice as I came.

'Oh God, what's happening?" I screamed as I lost control of my limbs. My body shuttered as I came.

I lay there recovering as Tommy went to the bathroom and dried his face off.

"Damm, girl, you got off there," Tommy laughed.

I turned beet red, "Yeah, I did," I answered, embarrassed.

"OK, baby, time to get the party started," Tommy said.

I wondered what he thought we were doing.

"OK, Molly, on your hands and knees," Tommy ordered.

I scrambled into position, Tommy pulling me away from the headboard.

"Spread for me, Molly, show me what you want fucked tonight," Tommy crudely said.

I didn't know why he was acting like that. I spread wide for him and watched him crawl on the bed. He had his phone, and it looked like he snapped a picture of my butt before texting someone.

"The things I do for my boys," he said, laughing before crawling between my legs. I moaned as he stuck his stiff cock into my quivering pussy. I was so ready to be fucked. I heard his phone ping, and he stopped to see who it was.

"OK, baby, bury your face in the pillow for me," Tommy ordered.

I did as he said as he began fucking me again. I was in heaven. My pussy tingled as his cock had its way with me. I was delirious and oblivious to what was happening. Suddenly, the bed began to move, and I felt something moving by my head, And then I felt something brush my head. My eyes shot open. I picked up my head off the pillow, and in front of me was a large, naked boy.

"What are you doing? Get out of here, I screamed.

"Come on, Molly, your mouth isn't busy right now," this guy told me.

"Get out of here. It's just Tommy and me," I yelled.

"Tommy won't mind if you suck it," The boy stated.

"No, get out of here! I screamed,"

"It's OK, Molly; you can suck his cock till I'm finished, Tommy said, patting my butt gently.

"What? Tommy, no, really," I muttered, confused.

The boy started rubbing his cock around my lips as I shook my head.

"Go ahead, babe, it's OK, I won't be mad," Tommy reassured me.

I opened my mouth to say no, and the head of the boy's cock slid into my mouth, his hand immediately cupping the back of my head.

"Ump, ump, ump, I protested.

"Go ahead, Molly, suck it for him," Tommy said as he again began to fuck me.

Tears filled my eyes as my head began to bob up and down on the cock in my mouth. I could see the boy. I started sucking on his phone, texting. My body rocked back and forth as Tommy fucked me, then I began to hear noise behind me. Looking sidewise, I could see boys filing into the room. I began to panic, and then naked boys started climbing on the bed, grabbing my titties.

"Nu-Uh, nu-uh," I moaned.

Tommy said.

"Settle down boys. She's going to suck and fuck all of us tonight, Tommy announced.

I was scared to death. Were they kidding?

"Oh, oh, fuck," Tommy screamed as he came in my pussy.

I had boys on either side of me with hands all over me, and I couldn't move. As Tommy pulled out of my pussy, the boy I was sucking said,

"Keep it up, babe. You're doing great,"

My head started bobbing again as I felt the bed move behind me, and another boy's cock was slipped into my wet pussy.

"Un-uh," I protested.

My mind was swirling. There had to be a dozen boys in the room. I couldn't fuck all of them. What had I gotten myself into? They were all stripped out of their clothes. I looked back again and saw the bedroom door wide open. The guy I was sucking started to cum, so I swallowed it.

"Oh, fuck yeah, boys, she's a swallower," He announced to the crowd.

The boys cheered. I was surrounded by cocks, all hard and all looking for me to take care of them. The cock in my mouth was quickly replaced as another boy sat in front of me, wiggling his cock in my face. He touched his cock to my lips, and I opened it to let it in and started to suck it. I didn't know how to stop it. Someone was fingering my clit as I was fucked, and an orgasm overwhelmed me, I couldn't stop.

Umm, Umm, Umm, I moaned loudly as my body shook.

"Fuck she's coming," The guy I was blowing announced to the boys.

I saw guys with their phones out recording my gangbang, and now girls were coming in to see what was going on. They watched me, looking disgusted. It was at that moment that I realized my hips were pumping back and forth fucking the cocks in my pussy. Another guy started fucking me, and I knew it wouldn't stop till the boys had their fill of me. After the guy I was sucking came in my mouth, they held off till the guy in my pussy came, then they changed my position on the bed and started in again. It was then I saw Claire and my friends watching me fuck. They watched till I launched into another colossal orgasm and then shook their heads and left the bedroom. How could I ever face them again after seeing me fucking a room full of boys? I fucked a few more boys in this position, and then It was changed again. The boys pulled their cocks out of me, I was lifted, and a boy laid down on the bed, and I was lowered down face up on him. My legs were lifted back towards my head. They squeezed something in and around my butt hole. The boy I was lying on shoved his cock into my virgin ass.

"Owe, owe, owe," I screamed.

A cock was shoved in my pussy and mouth, and the boys went to town.

"Un-Uh, Un-uh," I protested as the cocks plunged into me.

I looked back at the room door, and a group of girls filmed me getting all three holes reamed out. Claire came back to watch. She and my friends commented on my performance while laughing. There were still boys waiting for a turn on me, and I worried about being late. I was supposed to be home by eleven o'clock. I was sweating, my hair wet from all my work. I couldn't believe it, but my hips still fucked the cocks in me, and my head bobbed energetically on the cocks in my mouth. I was now having rolling orgasms every couple of guys. All along, the phones recorded my debauchery. As much as I didn't want this to happen, I became a willing participant, sucking and fucking any cock that found its way into my body. The room was empty when the last few guys on the bed started to fuck me. When they finished with me, I was exhausted. It was quiet now for the first time in hours.

"Hey, you need to get out of the bedroom. My folks will be home in a while," A boy told me.

I got off the bed and looked at my phone. I had twenty messages, and I saw that it was ten-forty pm. I ran to the bathroom and cleaned up as best I could, cum was pouring out of me, pussy and ass, and I swallowed so much cum I was sick to my stomach. I found my clothes, dressed in a hurry, and rushed out of the party to the calls of slut, cum dumpster, cum pig. I was so ashamed. I ran home so as not to be late. As I did more cum fill my underwear, running down my legs, I thought I would throw up at any minute. When I got home, I went through the kitchen and yelled at my dad in the living room.

"Home, Dad," I yelled.

I ran up the stairs to my room, closing my door. I headed to the shower. I threw up in the shower, a mix of bile and cum. It was so thick it clogged the drain for a minute before it went down. My pussy burnt like a thousand bee stings. Having been fucked raw, my bunghole was gone, now just a gaping hole. My throat was raw from a constant river of cum running down it as it made its way to my tummy. I looked in the mirror but didn't recognize the girl I saw. My breasts were swollen, raw, and
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