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Madie discovers a new side of herself .
I had traveled from Tucson, Arizona, to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for my friend's wedding. The train ride there, while scenic, was remote and consisted mainly of a desert landscape. I had grown up in Glenwood Springs, a hippy town, laidback and free. By the time I graduated high school, I had grown into a tall, gangly thing: five foot ten and all of one hundred and five pounds. My dad always said I had million-dollar legs, but I never saw any of that money.

I went off to school in Tucson and lived there after graduating. I enjoyed the heat because I was not too fond of wearing clothes, never a bra or underwear, and I'd always wear a very short sundress. I went for a few years without shaving my body hair, but after a few negative responses from guys getting into my pants, I started shaving. And I shaved everywhere. My pink peach was as smooth as a baby's butt. I really wasn't driven by sex, but I managed to get laid when I felt the urge. Men considered me pretty, but as far as sex was concerned, I was inexperienced.

So anyway, I went to a wedding, which was a great time. I got to see my folks and an old friend. My friend made a beautiful bride; the service and reception were perfect. I had a few offers to get laid at the reception but resisted the temptation. On Sunday, I hung out with friends, stayed longer than I should have, and got to the train station just before my train departed. It was due to leave at five PM and wouldn't get into Tucson till morning. I was exhausted and planned on sleeping the entire trip.

I boarded the train at the front, and to my dismay, all the seats in the first few cars were full. I entered the last car on the train, finding only a few people at the front of the car, but at the back was a group of eight men, acting loud, unruly, and drunk. I sat three rows in front of the men, who all appeared to be in their late twenties or early thirties. I put in my earbuds and tuned them out.

At some point, I fell asleep, waking in the dark and needing to pee. I looked around, and as fate would have it, the washroom was at the back of the train. I looked back to see the men still partying strong. I took a deep breath and passed them on my way to the washroom. Besides getting bumped around, I made it unharmed. I could hear the men commenting on me while in the washroom, and when I came out, they greeted me.

"Well, hello beautiful, how are you?" a handsome man asked.

"I'm doing well," I answered, offering a weak smile,

I passed the men and returned to my seat. It wasn't long before the man sat beside me with a bottle and two plastic solo cups.

"I thought you may like a glass of wine for the journey," He said softly.

"Umm, thank you, but I don't think so. I was planning on going to sleep soon," I replied.

"Oh, that's a shame. We were hoping you'd come back and join us for a while," He said, pouring wine into the two glasses.

"You guys are too far ahead of me. I could never catch up," I laughed.

He handed me the cup of wine. I looked at the passengers in front of me; the train was dark, and I could barely make their shapes out. I turned to look at the men in the back. They had the washroom doors open and cast a light so they were visible. I took a sip of the wine. It tasted very familiar,

"OMG! What kind of wine is this," I asked excitedly.

"Oh, It's Boones Farm strawberry," he replied

"I knew it! I used to drink this stuff in high school," I stated excitedly.

He filled my solo cup to the top, "That's great, here enjoy the memory,"

We sat and talked for quite a while, and he constantly refilled my cup. It brought back many memories. I was getting seriously buzzed off the wine. I'm not a drinker at all. We drank a whole bottle, and he left for a moment only to return with another full bottle. We continued to chat. He said his name was Martin, and his whole group were Marines on a seventy-two-hour pass. They were on their way back to their base outside of Tuscon.

"Let's go back, and I'll introduce you to the other guys. They'd love to meet you:" he said, smiling.

"Yeah, I'm pretty drunk. I probably shouldn't," I slurred a bit.

Martin grabbed my hand and stood up, pulling me to join him.

"No, really I'm," was all I got out before I found myself standing and Martin directing me down the aisle.

"Hey everyone, this is Madilyn. She wants to party with us tonight," he exclaimed to the drunk men.

I smiled and waved at the men as they roared their approval of me joining them.

"Really, I just came to say hello," I babbled.

"We're playing a drinking game, and it's your turn," one man said.

"No, I should get back," I said.

Martin grabbed my drink, and a man showed me the game. I had to close my eyes, spin around, and then touch both index fingers to the tip of my nose. It seemed easy enough, so I thought I'd be safe playing. I closed my eyes, spun around, almost falling over, and missed my nose with both fingers. The men roared with laughter, one of them handing me a cup,

"OK, Madilyn, you lost drink up," he said.

I looked in the cup at a yellow liquid filling a quarter of the cup.

"Drink, drink, drink," The men chanted.

I looked to the front of the rail car to see if anyone was watching, but it was too dark for me to see anyone. I raised the cup to my lips and downed the drink, discovering it was tequila. My throat and stomach burned, and I fought to hold it down, my head spinning. A hand lifted my hand with the empty glass, again filling it with tequila.

: Drink, drink, drink, the men chanted.

I shook my head, but they lifted the cup to my lips.

"Drink, drink, drink, they roared.

"Oh God," I laughed.

I held my breath and swallowed the drink, this time almost throwing up in the aisle. I fought to keep it down, closing my eyes and covering my mouth. My head was spinning; I was so drunk. It took a few minutes to recover, but I felt I could keep the alcohol down. My empty cup of tequila was filled with wine.

"Guys, I should really go," I stammered.

Then the music started playing, and Martin grabbed me and started dancing around me. I just stood there as Martin did a sexy dance around me.

"Dance, dance, dance," the men chanted.

I looked around at them and then slowly started to dance with Martin. I closed my eyes, and the train car swirled around me. I opened my eyes, held onto a seat, and danced with Martin, his hands on my hips and my dress slightly raised. Martin was spinning me around, now holding my hands over my head. As I spun, men held the bottom of my dress out in front of me.

I felt like a ballerina. As I danced, Martin held my arms above my head, and the men watched intently. I watched two men pull the back of a train seat forward so that the seats faced one another. Another man began tossing the group's duffel bags to him, and they were used to fill the gap between the two seats. I thought it looked like a bed, and I wondered how nice it would be to sleep on it. I was so drunk, but I was having an OK time.

I swayed my hips back and forth as Martin steadied me by holding my arms. One of the men holding the hem of my dress grabbed it, bundled it up, and held it against my waist. I caught it, putting my hands on my hips and gyrating. The men were now looking at my freshly shaved pussy as I danced. I was oblivious to what I was doing.

"Higher, higher, higher," The men chanted.

I stood like a deer in headlights as the men chanted,

"Go ahead, Maddy. It's OK," Martin whispered in my ear.

I was still frozen when I felt Martin's hands on my forearms, and I raised my dress past my waist. I was naked from the chest down as the men scoped out my lean body. I knew my pussy was showing, but for some reason, I didn't care.

"Dance for them, Maddie," Martin encouraged.

I began to twerk my hips as the men drew closer. Martin removed his hands from my arms, and I felt them on my back before he put them on my naked hips. I was getting aroused, and I knew I needed to leave. But I was so drunk I couldn't figure out how to do it. Martin grabbed the hem of my dress from me and lowered it as the men booed him. My dress felt strangely loose as if I had lost weight. A man stepped up in front of me, held both of my hands, and moved them slightly away from my body. I thought he wanted to dance, so I smiled at him. Then, my dress slid off my shoulders instantly and fell to my hands. Martin had unbuttoned my dress in the back,

"Oh my God," I cried.

The man released my hands, and my dress fell to the floor. I stood before the men naked.

"My dress fell off,f Martin," I exclaimed.

"Everything will be all right, Maddy, don't worry. Martin assured me.

I looked out at the men as a man knelt before me. He gathered the bottom of my dress, held it away from my feet, and smiled at me. I swallowed hard and slowly picked up one foot and then the other, and my dress was gone. I stood naked before them.

"Martin, I'm naked," I exclaimed.

"I know, baby, you're beautiful," Martin told me.

"You guys really think I'm beautiful?" I asked.

"Maddie, the guys can't take their eyes off you," Martin reassured me.

I leaned back into Martin's chest as I watched the men looking me over.

"That's my girl, Maddie," Martin said softly. They handed me another cup filled with tequila,

"Drink, drink, drink, The men roared.

"Go on, Maddie, it's your nightcap, your last drink, then you can crawl onto the bed," Martin said

I looked at Martin as he brought the cup to my lips, and, in two gulps, I finished it, feeling immediately sick. The men roared,

"Dance sexy for the men, Maddie," Martin told me.

"Oh God, really?" I slurred.

"Let the men guide you, Maddie, it will feel good," Martin assured me

Martin held my hands over my head as I danced for the men. I closed my eyes as I felt hands all over my body. I was so turned on, and I was so drunk it felt terrific.

"Fuck, her pussy is so wet it's dripping on the floor," someone commented

I had men grabbing my breasts, butt, and thighs, and then I felt a finger slice through my swollen pussy lips. They exploded open as the man's finger entered my slippery honey hole. They spread my legs ever so slightly, and the hand slid between them. I felt his finger slide deep inside my aching pussy.

"Ohh," I moaned as the air left my lungs.

He began to finger fuck me, and my hips pushed to help bury his digit deep inside me. They placed a hard cock in each of my hands, grabbing my wrists and helping me stroke them. After a moment, the men removed their hands, and I stoked the cocks without their help. Matin had me by the hips as I leaned against his chest.

"Oh, oh, oh," I moaned as the finger stoked my desire.

"OK, Maddie, I think it's time," Martin whispered.

"Huh? Time for what Martin?" I cluelessly asked.

The men led me backward, and my calfs hit something soft, and the men lowered me down in the middle of the bed they had constructed. They bent my legs at the knees, spread me eagle, and wedged my ankles between two duffle bags. I raised my head to see the group of men naked in front of me, all sporting erections. I understood now what was about to happen,

"Martin, we'll get caught, we'll get in trouble," I drunkenly rambled.

Martin stepped between my legs and placed his cock at the entrance of my honey hole. He gently pushed inside as the walls of my soaking wet pussy stretched to accommodate his thick cock. Martin covered my body with his and began to fuck me, to the delight of the men.

"Umm, umm, Martin," I moaned.

'It's alright, Maddie, we'll be gentle with you,"

"Umm, just you, OK," I moaned.

Martin didn't answer, and I saw a man crawl over the back of the seat and lay down next to us, his waist in front of my face. He pressed his hard cock to my lips,

"Come on, girl, you know what to do," He smiled softly.

I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in, and he gently face fucked me until he realized my head was bobbing up and down on his cock.

The train was quiet now, except for soft moans and the sound of the tracks clicking. My body rocked back and forth as Martin fucked me. As I sucked the cock in my mouth, I saw the light of cameras lighting the bed as the men took videos of my debauchery. I could taste cum in my mouth, and I could tell the man I was sucking was about to deliver his full load to my throat. I quicked my pace, and he let loose a river of sperm, which I quickly swallowed.

"OH, yeah, fuck that was good, thanks, Maddie," The man said before he climbed over the seat. I'm ashamed to admit it, but Martin's cock felt wonderful inside me.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me, good Martin," I moaned in his ear.

"Oh, baby, your pussy is so wet and tight," He responded.

Another man climbed over the seat and took up position for a blowjob.

"Baby, you're going to fuck everyone right, not just me," Martin asked softly.

I was silent for a minute and was ready to take another dick in my mouth. I put my lips to Martin's ear and whispered,


I took ahold of the second cock and started to suck it when Martin announced,

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum,"

"Um, um, um, um," I moaned loudly.

Martin had pushed me over the top, and my body released the monstrous orgasm that was building inside me. My legs shook, and my hands flailed as pleasure ripped through my body. I felt. Martins's cock twitch inside me as his sperm filled me. We both recovered, Martin pulling out of me, exclaiming to the others,

"Boy,s her pussy is dope. It was like a fucking vice squeezing my cock,"

Martin stepped aside, and another man filled my pussy with cock. My body again rocked softly as I was fucked. I fell into a routine sucking and listening to the click of the tracks. My body rocked, and my head bobbed on cock for what seemed like an eternity. At one point, I screamed during an orgasm,

"Yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me, good guys fuck me good,"

Finally, no one stepped up to fuck me, and two men helped me off the makeshift bed. Martin put his arm around me and had me step back while five duffle bags were lodged in the aisle between the seats, making a pyramid.

"Does anyone know where my dress is at? " I babbled, looking around.

"Not yet, baby, we're not finished, hun," Martin said softly.

"But you guys all got blowjobs and pussy," I babbled.

"Here, Maddie, kneel and lay over the bags," Martin said, helping me get into position.

"OK, what are we going to do?" I asked naively.

I raised my head to see if any of the passengers were watching us, but the train car was empty, the other passengers were gone, and I was alone with the eight horny men. A man sat in front of me, his hard cock awaiting my mouth, but I ignored him for the moment. My eyes shot open when I felt my butt cheeks being spread and something cold filling my anus.

"Martin, it hurts back there. It doesn't get used for sex," I alerted him

Martin slid between my legs, the head of his hard cock pressed against my tender bunghole.

"Please, I've been good to you guys. I let all of you fuck me. I've never done this before," I slurred.

"Maddie, just say the word, and we'll stop," Martin reassured me

I was really unsure about this, and the pressure built on my rosebud until the lubricant and the pressure became too my for my poor anus. Martins's cock pushed through, and the walls of my anus were roughly stretched open.

"Owe, owe, owe, take it out, take it out," I moaned before the cock in front of me slid into my mouth.

"Just give it a minute, Maddie, and it will feel better.

"Umph, umph, umph, I agreed before my head started bobbing up and down on the cock in my mouth.

Martin patted my but cheek softly,

"I'll go slow, baby, so we don't hurt you,"

My legs spread wide in the aisle, a cock in my ass and mouth. We started the second act of the men's play, sodomy. My body again rocked back and forth when Martin began to fuck my super tight ass.

"Oh, fuck this feels so silky and tight, I'm not going to last long," Martin announced.

Again, the lights from the men recording the action on their phones illuminated the actions going down on the train floor. My body rocking picked up the pace as Martin started fucking me faster and harder, his cock fully buried in my ass, as my body lunged forward and backward.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to blow, oh shit," Martin screamed.

My asshole was glued to his cock, and I could feel it swell inside of me before his balls emptied into my bowels. At the same time, cum shot to the back of my throat, I wasn't ready, and I started to gag on the thick sperm. I managed to get the volleys of cum under control and swallowed. Matin's cock was quickly replaced with another, and the assault on my asshole continued. Man after man fucked my ass while I continued to suck their cocks. My asshole was on fire when I screamed.

"Stop, please, fuck my pussy, please no more fuck my pussy," I cried.

"OK baby, if that's what you want, when this guy is through, we'll fuck your pussy again," Martin said smiling.

"He's the last one," I asked.

"Yes, Maddie, can he finish in your ass?" Martin asked.

"Yeah, but it hurts," I responded, relieved he was the last.

I just wanted the last couple of guys to fuck my pussy and not my ass. When he finished, I was helped to my feet and again asked,

"Do you guys know where my dress is? I can't find it," I stammered.

"Maddie, remember you wanted your pussy fucked again," Martin said softly.

"Oh, I did, I don't remember that," I said drunkenly

"It's OK, Maddie. This will be the last position, and you'll like it," Martin reassured me.

The men put the duffel bags back on the bed and flattened it. Martin crawled on the makeshift bed as a man tied a long cloth strap around my wrist and looped it over the hand bar between the seats.

"Hop on the bed, Maddie, and straddle my waist," Martin ordered.

I did as he said. He put his cock in my pussy, and had me sit up straight. Then he tied the other end of the strap to my other wrist, ensuring my arms were stretched so I wasn't resting my body on my knees. He instructed me to grab the strap and bounce up and down on his cock. I did as he said, it took a minute to get the idea, and after that, I was fucking like a champ.

I came along with Martin again, hanging from the bar as pleasure coursed through my body, and Martins cum flooded my pussy again. I fucked all eight men before I passed out. I'm not sure how long I had been out. I heard a train whistle and then another. I opened my eyes and looked out the window; the sun was blinding, peering over the horizon. I didn't hear the click-clack of the tracks. The train had stopped. I looked behind me, and the men were gone. Looking down, my dress had been put on me backward, the flap unbuttoned in front, my tits in view. I wiped my face, my head pounding, and fixed my dress. I surveyed the damage.

My jaw was really sore, my pussy and ass burned like a thousand bee stings. Slowly, I rose to my feet, my legs wobbly, and my thighs ached. I walked slowly up the aisle and into the forward train car, stepping down and off the train. The train platform was empty. I slowly made my way to my car and drove to the drugstore. I purchased Plan B to prevent a pregnancy, as I'm not on birth control.

I drove home, stripped off my clothes, jumped in the shower, bathed, and stood under the hot water until it ran cold. I dried off, went to bed, and slept till nightfall. I ate, made tea, unpacked my clothes, and sat in my living room. I grabbed my phone from my purse to check my messages and found an envelope I didn't recognize. I opened it and stopped breathing. It was from Martin,

"Dear Madilyn, thank you for a fun evening. You made a long, boring train journey very enjoyable. I tried to wake you in Tucson, but you wouldn't budge. I hope you're feeling OK today; you've been on my mind all day. I'd love to see you again. I'm sure all the guys would, lol. You're adorable and a great lover. Till next time, Martin,"

He added his phone number. Stunned, I took the note and was going to crumble it up, but I stopped and put it on my refrigerator. I look at it every day…….Maybe.


2024-04-03 15:52:59
Great story. This was a very entertaining read, and if true, thank you for your service to our active military. Lol.


2024-03-31 11:38:29
I love public gang-rape stories, this was fun to read.

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