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Bestiality, my first time 2
Because I almost got caught by one of the twins fucking Shep in the barn I stopped letting the dogs in the house at night. I set up two running wires around the house and hooked each dog to one of the wires. That way each one could individually circle the entire house. They were not happy campers.

The twins took a year off from school to help me with the planting and harvesting. We planted 200 acres in cotton and 200 acres in corn this year. And most of the other 200 acres we put into alfalfa. We live on the front 10 acres of the farm where we grow vegetables and keep the farm animals. Four sheep, 2 horses, a bull and two cows and some chickens.

One summer evening after all the planting was done and I had several glasses of wine for dinner which made me a little tipsy because I seldom drank. I forgot to tie the dogs up and about eleven o’clock Shep managed to open the back door and came into my bedroom. It was a hot evening and I was asleep on top of the covers. Shep woke me up licking my pussy through my panties. I was moaning as his tongue slid over my pussy. When I woke up and realized I had already cum I pulled my panties off and let Shep bury his tongue inside my pussy lips, As soon as that tongue slid over my clit I came again. I thought what hell if I’m real quiet, why not. I got down on my hands and knees and let Shep enter me from behind. His nice cock was hammering my pussy and I felt his knot swell in my vagina. Soon he was shooting his doggy cum deep inside my belly as I came several times.

For some reason his knot stayed a little longer than usual and I laid there enjoying Shep’s cock still inside me. When it plopped out I suddenly felt a huge cock shoved back into my pussy. I smiled thinking Curly must have come in with Shep. That huge cock began sliding in and out of me with a long slow tempo. It then dawned on me that I wasn’t being fucked rapidly like Curly always does. I felt two hands grasp my breasts squeezing my tits. A thumb and two fingers were pinching and rolling each of my nipples.

I thought, shit who could that be? It felt really nice but when I looked over at the mirror above my dresser I said Oh shit because it was my twin son Jon. I Said Jon don’t do this, I’m your Mother. Jon leaned forward and kissed me behind my ear and whispered. If you can let our dog fuck you why not your sons? With that he put his hands on my hips and began pounding my pussy with his huge cock. I realized he was built like his Father. Maybe even a little bigger.

I knew I shouldn’t let him but it felt so good. It had been way to long since I had had a nice cock in there. I could feel every inch of him slide in and out of my pussy walls. I began to cum as I murmured Oh god Jon you feel so good inside me. Yessss, oh yessss fuck me Jon fuck me harder Aaahhhhhhhhh and I came again. He was hammering me as fast and as hard as he could move his butt. In no time I felt him grab me and bury his cock deep inside me and shoot a huge amount of his love offering into my burning cunt.

Jon fell on top of me for a few seconds. When he rolled over and extracted himself from my pussy I felt two hands grab my shoulders and flip me over onto my back. My legs were pulled apart and shoved over my head. I then felt another huge cock inter my sopping pussy full of my son and my dogs cum. I opened my eyes and stared into Brains face and like his brother he started hammering that big cock deep into my pussy pulling almost completely out of me before driving it back in. He fucked me hard and fast for about five minutes and then he grabbed me by my Ass and drove his cock deep and let lose a torrent of hot cum. I was still cumming when he pulled out of me.

I didn’t get a minutes rest before Jon had his big cock back in me. This time he took long slower strokes and he fucked me for about ten minuets as I kept cumming over and over from that wonderful cock penetrating deeply into the womb he came out of. I milked his cum from his cock with the muscles in my vagina and then it was Brian’s turn. As his long cock slid into me I thought, “How could something that was considered taboo by society feel so good and yet so right.” Like his brother he slowed his stokes to long even thrusts. I was in a heavenly trance as as I felt his cock rubbing the insides of my vagina. I clamped down on his cock and milked every drop out of Brian's cock when he came.

They kept taking turns fucking me. I lost all tract of time. My mind became confused in a delirium of desire and ecstasy. My clit and pussy felt like someone had hooked a wire inside my pussy and was sending an electric shock waves into it. I could no longer tell which one was fucking me. It was like one big cock that never left my pussy. I had never been as alive as my body was racked with pleasure Until it finally stopped.

I laid there for awhile letting my mind come back to sanity. I was on my back as I opened my eyes and looked. On each side of me was one of the twins. They were on their stomachs sound asleep and each had a hand on one of my tits. I carefully got up so I wouldn’t disturb them. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked between my legs. The lips on my pussy were all swollen and bruised with cum oozing out of it. Shep came up and began licking all that cum out of me so I scooted forward a little and laid back and let him continue. I could not believe I had anything left in me but he soon made me climax.

I finally pushed him away and stood up but my legs were so weak I collapsed and sat back on the bed. Finally I made it to the bathroom and drew a tub of hot water. I soaked my tired body until the water started to get cold. I then stood and took a shower. I removed the shower head and douched my swollen pussy. I hadn’t closed the door completely and Shep came in and tried to lick my pussy some more. I told him no, and still naked I grabbed his collar and led him to the back door to let him out.

As I opened the door Curly came barreling in and knocked me over on my butt. My legs became spread wide and Curly buried his nose into my cunt. His tongue entered my pussy and began to lick up and down. My clit was so sensitive that he made me cum before I could do anything. I don’t think I had ever cum so quickly. I pushed him away
and as I turned over I grabbed a chair to help me up but Curly was too quick for me, he
mounted me and shoved his cock in just missing my Ass and began to fuck my swollen pussy like a jack hammer.

His knot swelled up and he pushed it inside me. The end of his cock was back inside my cervix and the sensation drove me wild. He was the only one that could do that. I felt his Jizz begin to shoot into my cervix and his hot cum made me cum. I was actually shoving my Ass back at him trying to drive his cock deeper into my cervix. The feeling of having some thing inside there sent waves of ecstasy through my body and I came again and again. I could hardly believe I could still have an orgasm after all the previous fucking.

There I was stark naked tied to my dog. I sure as hell hoped my sons would not come in and see me this way. To keep Curly from dragging me I grabbed his hind legs and began to force his cock in and out of my pussy. By the time he could pull out of me he had made me cum two more times. I took another shower and douched myself again. I laid a towel between my twins because the sheets were soaked with cum. I crawled back between them and fell asleep. It was six thirty in the morning.

I woke up having a climax, I had been dreaming of Curly licking my pussy but when I looked down between my legs I saw one of the twins eating my pussy and finger fucking me. Oh how wonderful his tongue felt on my still swollen vagina. I looked at the clock on the dresser it was 3:30 in the afternoon. My son looked up and I could see it was Brian who was between my legs. I reached down and pulled his face tighter to my pussy as he made me cum.

I looked over and Jon was taking off his pants and shorts. His magnificent cocks sprung lose and was point straight up at his chin. He crawled onto the bed and straddled my head leaning forward he took his cock and pushed the head of it into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock because my husband never asked me too. I wasn’t sure what to do so I ran my tongue around and over the head of it. I could only get about four inches inside my throat because he was so big it choked me when he went any further. I clamped down on his cock with my lips and began to suck. He was moving in and out of my mouth gently.

I felt another orgasm coming from Brian’s tongue and when it let lose I reared my Ass off the bed and my whole body shuddered as a wave of pleasure swept over me. I plopped my Ass back down and when I did it caused me to raise my head driving Jon’s cock deep into my throat. It felt like his cock was wedged in my throat and I started to choke but he was so deep I couldn’t and I was afraid I would suffocate. For some unknown reason I relaxed and began breathing through my nose. His cock had stretched my throat very wide. He didn’t move for a few moments and then he pushed deep until his whole cock was in and I could feel his puberty hair on my nose. He withdrew and then pushed down again until he had a rhythm going. What a feeling, he was actually fucking my mouth and throat as if it was my vagina.

Brian told Jon he wanted to fuck me and to let me up so Jon withdrew his cock and it
seemed like it took a long time to get the whole thing out of my mouth. He got up and sat on the bed and Brian told me to bend over and continue sucking Jon’s cock which I did. He inserted his big cock into my flaming pussy and proceeded to fuck me. I was able to reinsert Jon’s cock completely down my throat and I began to bob up and down on it as Brian fucked me. It took Brian about twenty minutes before he shot another huge amount of his hot sperm deep into my belly. Within seconds Jon’s cock erupted and shot his sperm directly into my stomach. It was warm and a little slimy as I counted eight spurts from his cock shooting down my throat and into my stomach. We laid down together with Brian’s softening cock still in me and Jon’s still in my mouth.

I finally got up and started dinner it was 5:30. I fixed the boys a steak, a big porterhouse. Each was at least 22 ounces. Jon Like’s his medium rare and Brian liked rare. I added fresh corn on the cob and a big salad. I had a small steak and some salad. Brian asked me how long I had been fucking the dogs. I told them it was a few years after their Dad died and how it happened. Brian told me they wanted to see me fuck Curly. They said they got so turned on watching Shep fuck me and they wanted to watch Curly fuck me.

I said Oh boys, please, I would rather not. “Come on Mom we would really like to watch him fuck you, please.” I said well if it would make you happy Ok. I told them to go get Curly. I took a bathe towel and folded it and put it on the floor next to one of the open sided kitchen chairs. I had begun wearing only light weight cotton dress’s during the spring and fall ever since I almost got caught while fucking Shep in the barn. I didn’t wear any panties because it was easier to lift my dress up when I wanted one of the dogs to fuck me in the fields.

I laid my head down on my arms on the chair. Brian brought Curly in and he immediately stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick my cunt. I didn’t take him long to make me cum. When I came he started shoving his tongue deep into the folds of my pussy and scooped out my juices. The more I came the faster he licked. Finally I commanded him to mount me and I guided his cock into my pussy. He began fucking me in his usual fast way. His cock was pumping in and out of me like a rabbit. His knot began to enlarge and I reached back and pulled my lips apart so his knot would go in easily. He began to pump his sperm deep inside me. He had found my cervix again and his short jabs caused him to penetrate it again. His spurts of hot cum spurting directly in to my cervix caused me to start cumming like a fountain one after the other. When Curly turned around and tied me to him I looked up and both boys were jacking off. I reached around and took hold of Curly’s hind leg and proceeded to rock his cock and knot back and fourth inside me. I came three more times before his knot receded enough to come out.

The boys flipped a coin as to who got to fuck me first and Jon won. Brian came over and sat in the chair and took his cock an inserted it in my mouth as Jon entered my wet hole from behind. Jon fucked me for twenty five minutes before he shot his load of cum deep within my bowels. In the meantime I had Brian’s cock buried to the hilt in my throat. When Jon was finished Brian took his place and fucked me. He only lasted about ten minutes before depositing his hot cum into me. I hardly had time to take a breath when Curly mounted me again. He fucked me hard and fast and his cock once again was able to enter my cervix. This time he seemed to penetrate me even further maybe an inch. Penetrating me that deep just seemed to trigger my orgasm mechanism to new highs.

It is hard to describe the feeling the dogs deep penetration had on me. The boys fucked me onemore time after asking me to fuck both dogs before we went to bed. The boys slept with me for the first time since they were three years old. About six am I felt Jon trying to slip his cock into me and I let him enter my swollen pussy. It took about twenty minutes of fucking me from behind before he came. When he pulled out of me I turned over to go bck to sleep and Brian must have heard us because he too slipped his cock into my pussy and fucked me for over thirty minutes before depositing his cum inside me. I came twice with each one and I fell asleep smiling.

I slept until 10:30 and got up and took a shower and a douche. I told the boys I had to go to the city for a doctor’s appointment. It was about an hours drive to the city. When I got there I told the doctor that I wanted a prescription for birth control pills. I told him I thought I was too old to have kids but I didn’t want to take any chances. He said that before he could prescribe them for me he would have to make a physical examination. He looked in every hole on my body. He seemed to take a long time examining my vagina. His long fingers probed the walls of my swollen vagina and he mentioned that it appeared I was sexually active, what and under statement. I had a hard time not responding to those fingers. When he was through he wrote the prescription and told me I was a very healthy woman and if I wanted to I could still have children. He said I was made to have children. As I left I noticed the Doctor had a hard on.

The boys continued to fuck me whenever the notion struck them and they seemed to have the notion all the time. It might be in the fields when we were harvesting or in the barn when I was feeding an animal but most of the time first thing in the morning and before we went to sleep. I loved it. My vagina had become a love channel for the boys and the dogs. Then one morning I woke up and didn’t feel to well. I vomited and felt sick to my stomach all that morning and every morning for the next four days. I thought Oh shit I’m pregnant. It had to have happened that first night. Now what am I going to do and how am I going to explain it with my husband being dead and all?

I told the boys and they thought it was great and were very happy. I explained my situation as a widow and how our neighbors might look at it. Jon came up with a brilliant idea. He said I should tell whoever wanted to know that when my husband first had his heart attack and before the stroke we went and had some of my husbands sperm frozen and placed in a sperm bank just incase there might be an outside chance I might want to have more kids after he was gone. Because the boys would have almost identical DNA who would ever challenge it.

One of the nice things about having a bed that was an over sized king size bed was that it gave plenty of room for the three of us. I was thankful that my husband liked a lot of room to spread his big frame out and had it specially built. I also loved the fact that every night the boys fell asleep sucking my tits. I didn’t think it possible and I don’t know why but knowing one of them was going to be a father and they didn’t care which one caused them to increase their desires. Now they were fucking me not only in the morning but several times during the day. I t was like they were copying the Dr. Pepper slogan of ten two and four with a nooner thrown in now and then. I also became aware that Brian liked eating my pussy and Jon liked fucking me in the mouth. I couldn’t imagine being any happier. I have never felt so wanted and loved and my body responded to it.

At six months when I really began to show the twins told me not to work in the fields anymore and to just do the chores around the house and barn. So one morning I was cleaning up the barn when Shep stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick my pussy. I spread my legs wide and let his tongue enter up my vagina. My legs became weak so I decided I would let him fuck me.

I got down on my hands and knees and pulled my dress up over my shoulders. Shep mounted me and before I could reach around and guide his cock into my pussy he shoved his cock up my Ass. I had never had anyone, not my husband or the twins fuck me in the Ass. His cock broke through my sphincter muscle with the first stroke and I screamed because it hurt so much. His cock was going in and out of my Ass like a piston. When his knot swelled up and entered my tight Ass I let out another scream as he shoved that thing through my tight hole. A pain ran up the middle of my back and I almost passed out. His piston motion finally subsided and I could feel him shoot his doggy jizz deep inside my rectum.

As the pain subsided the twins came runningn into the barn because of my screams. "I shouted, “Please, Get Shep off me he’s up my Ass.” At first the twins started laughing and then they saw the pain in my face and tried to pull Shep’s knot out but it was stuck tight inside me. The motion of them trying to get it out and the dog forcing it back suddenly the pain turned to pleasure and I felt a climax approaching. I reached around and grabbed Shep’s hind legs and began to shove that knot back and forth inside my rectum. I started moaning and the twins sat down on a bail of hay and started laughing as I came.

By my eighth month I decided I wouldn’t let the dogs fuck me again until after the baby was born. However I relented and did let Shep fuck me in the Ass several times over the next two months because the twins cut way back fucking me in the eight month and stopped altogether in the ninth. In my ninth month I stated lactating from the twins sucking my breasts each night. The more they sucked it out the more milk I produced. To my surprise I had twins again. They weighed 6 lbs. five ounces and the other was 6 lbs. nine ounces. Together they weighed 13 lbs. 4 ounces. I came home from the hospital after three days. I just loved the feeling of those twin babies’s sucking my breasts and then feeling the older twins suck the milk the baby’s didn’t finish.

That first week home proved to be a disaster. The 2nd day I was home I woke up in the morning on my side and felt Jon’s dick about 6 inches inside my pussy and was going soft. Shit I hope he hadn’t cum in me because I wasn’t on the pill but he had. Six weeks later I found I was pregnant again and had a 7 lb 11 ounce baby girl I named Sue-belle. I had named the twin boys James and Josh.

The fourth day I was doing the washing and had taken off all my clothes to wash with the rest of the laundry. The washing facilities were on the back porch. Curly came up to me and started licking my pussy, I said “Lick all you want Curly but I’m not quite ready to let you fuck me yet. I sat on the edge of the bench and let his enormous tongue enter my pussy. He had me cumming in minutes. He jumped up on my chest and shoved his cock between my legs and into my cunt. I had never had either dog fuck me this way. His huge cock plunged to the depths of my womb. His cock began to hammer my pussy walls and his huge knot was soon inside me.

I felt the end of his cock rip open my cervix that was still completely open from the birth of the twins and he shoved it all the way through to the entrance of my uterus. There was a moment of pain and then the pleasure began to overwhelm me. I couldn’t stop cumming. When his hot cum began to shoot directly into my uterus the feeling caused me to have one of those tremendous organisms from my G spot. When he finally stopped pumping his jizz he backed away and the knot plopped out and an enormous amount of water and cum and blood came pouring out. From that day forward I always let Curly fuck me from the front that way.

When the Twins turned 21 we all went to the little bar in town to celebrate. It was a lot of fun dancing and Brian met a gal by the name of Sally. A pretty brunet about 5’4” and 112 lbs. Average but nice tits about 34C. Three months later he found she was pregnant and married her. She moved in with us and she and Brian used the spare bedroom. Jon would always go to his own room and then after Sally and Brian went to bed he would come to mine.

One night about two months after Sally moved in I woke up being fucked by Brian. I said, “Where is Jon?” At first he just smiled as he continued to fuck me nice and slow. Then he whispered, “He is fucking Sally.” Does she know it’s not you?” I asked. “No she can’t tell the difference and I have missed making love to you.” It took Sally about three months before she realized she was getting fucked by both twins. Instead of protesting she decided she liked the idea because she felt over the long run being fucked by two men meant she got fucked more often.

Last year Sally came to my Bedroom with the twins and ate my pussy and for the first time in my life I ate a women’s pussy and liked it. She has the sweetest tasting pussy and I taught her how to use her vagina muscles to keep her pussy firm and be able to milk a cock. Because of the constant sucking my breast I was able to breast feed my children until they were almost four. I also helped feed Sally’s Baby. Since then Sally had another baby boy.

Life is good, I don’t know if there are other 51 year olds getting made love to as often as I get but I hope so. Because of the hard work and lots of loving my body is still firm and my tits only sag a little. Like I said life is wonderful
The End.
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old but still worth a wank

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I am a 60+ YO male who had an Australian Shepherd male who really liked for me to fellate him. He would come to me and beg for me to suck him off. This went on for over 3 years.

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By: bigdaddyg123**

"Beastiality My First Time 2" Unnamed Mom, Jon & Brian, James & Josh, and Sue-Belle - (Mother, Twin Sons, Twin Sons and Daughter)

A late 40's Mom to have second set of twin sons and nine months later a daughter is rather amazing!! However, it is definitely possible due to her farm and rural environment, fresh air, and fresh vegetables!

She's now at 51 years old and her twenty-one year old twin sons fucking her and Brians wife; Mom's younger boys, nearing school age, her only daughter nine months younger than her school age brothers, it won't be long before Mother, Jon and Brian will train Sue-Belle in the meits of incestual blood-related family sex! Brian and Sally have two sons; Brian ,and Jon are fucking Sally and still fucking their mother! Little Sue-Belle will grow up fast, sexually; by age ten she'll fit in as every one fucks everyone, Mom fuck's both family dogs; Sally will be fucking the dogs soon.

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Comments By: bigdaddyg123**

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I loved the story! an to all u douches that keep reading the stories like this and calling themm nasty...why da fuck did u read them? it says in the description that it has beastiality an incest...dont like it dont read it

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