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Dogs are one thing - but a horse ?
I have had a fantasy about being fucked by a dog ever since coming across a book which
had nothing to do with bestiality, but had a brief section about a young boy who got
fucked by his dog. I have yet to realize that fantasy but still hold hopes it might
happen. I am not gay in any way. I have used dildoes on myself, however. This all started
when I used to send away for sex magazines, most always having to do with lesbians. Upon
receipt of some magazines one time, I received a free gift which when I opened it saw it
was a dildo. I was like, yea right. But for some reason, my curiosity about it made me get
a hard-on. I had seen all these lesbians using them on each other all the time and wondered
what it would feel like if I shoved it up my ass. Well I got the courage to try it and have
been hooked on fucking myself with various different types of dildoes. When I learned about
bestiality I have always had the fantasy of being fucked by a dog, especially after seeing
lots of videos of dogs fucking women, and then seeing a few of dogs actually fucking guys.

I have also seen videos of horses with women but I only like the ones where I have actually
seen a pony/horse mount a woman and fuck her like the dogs when they mount someone. Those
videos have been rare for me to find. Anyway upon seeing those humongous cocks on those
horses and even the ponies, I was like "no way I would let a horse put that thing up my ass".
I have always tried to go bigger and fatter with dildoes I have fucked myself with.

So after finding a video of a pony mounting and fucking this chick I was like, "damn do I dare
do that"? It gave me a hard-on thinking about it and now I need to find out if I will let it
happen. I have a friend (Kyle) that has a farm with dogs, horses, and ponies. I will have to pay
him a visit and see if they ever leave the farm unattended. I called Kyle who was surprised to
hear from me since we hadn't talked in a long time. I told him I was thinking of coming over
and we agreed for me to come over on the weekend.

I went by on a Saturday and as I drove up I noticed 3 dogs: a doberman, a shepherd, and a great
dane. They were all sitting on the proch and immediately stood up barking and approached the car when
they saw me. I stayed in the car til Kyle came over and called the dogs. When I got out, Kyle told me
his 3 dogs are trained to attack strangers, especially if he isn't around. So he told me to walk up
with him and he introduced me to them. He told me to let them smell me so they would know I was
ok to be around. As they took turns sniffing me they sniffed around my crotch and ass which
gave me an instant hard-on. It seems the doberman noticed because he stuck his snout in my crotch
pretty aggressively until Kyle called him off. We went inside and talked about the good old days and
about some of our old friends. Kyle married his childhood sweetheart, Karen. She was with their 2 kids
visiting with her mom and Kyle was supposed to join up with them next weekend. I asked him who tends
to the farm and animals when he isn't around and he said he usually leaves the dogs at a kennel and
another farmer who lives a mile away comes around to tend to the horses. I mentioned I could housesit
if he wanted. He said that would not be a bad idea and suggested maybe I come around a few times during
the week so the dogs could get used to him and recognize him.

I came over 4 days that week and the dogs were already used to me and would greet me as I drove up. The
doberman was always sniffing at my crotch noticing I always had a hard-on when they sniffed at me. I told
Kyel I could drive him to the airport and would then return to the farm and stay that week. Once I
dropped him off I went back to the farm and although I wanted to get fucked right away I wanted to see the
horses and the ponies. The 3 dogs followed me as I walked to the barn and went by the stalls to see the horses.
Kyle had a male horse, a mare, and a male pony. He told me the mare was in heat and the horse and pony were trying
to mate with her but she hadn't allowed it yet. As I looked at the pony I noticed he had the stall next to the mare and
apparently sensing her condition, had his cock hanging out. It must've been 15 inches long. I got an instant hard-on which
made me want to get fucked so I went back toward the house with the dogs following. The doberman again was sniffing at
my crotch and I figured he would be the one I would let fuck me. The nearest neighbor was a mile away so no one should be around all week.

I went and smeared some oil around and inside my ass to prepare for my fucking. I changed into some shorts and as I walked out
and down the stairs, the doberman followed me. I took my shorts and underwear off and got on my hands and knees. The doberman
immediately started sniffing my crostch and gave my dick a few licks. My cock was throbbing. The doberman then went around behind me
and started licking my ass which almost made me come on the spot. I was watching him when I noticed he backed up a moment then climbed
up on me. "Oh yea, here it comes". The doberman gripped me and started humping. I tried to align my ass with his humps and felt him suddenly
find the entrance. He drove his cock in with a passion and I groaned. The doberman was fucking me good and hard. "Oh yea fuck me dobie".
After only 15-20 seconds the dobie pulled out and shot precum onto my ass and legs. After licking that off he mounted me again and drove it home
easily this time.

The other dogs had noticed what was going on and walked down to watch the action. I came as the dobie drove it into me for the second time
and started fucking away gripping me tighter. "Uhhhhhh oh fuck - do me dobie". The dobie gripped me tighter and I felt he was probably going to try
and shove his knot into me. I wasn't ready for this so I moved forward some and the dobie slipped out shooting some more precum on me. I decided
to get up real quick before he could mount me again. As I gathered my shorts and underwear and started to walk up the stairs to the house the 3 dogs
were fallowing me. They all had their cocks hanging out. "This is going to be a fun week". I washed up and had some lunch.

I walked back out to the stalls later with the dogs following me. I was trying to figure out whether or not I was going to let the pony try to fuck me. I
also had to figure out how he could mount me like the dogs do because I wanted to feel the fucking motion and not grab his cock and shove it in
and out like the women on most videos I saw do. I noticed there was a bench in his stall. I saw a woman lean over a bench and a pony was abler
to mount her. The other woman I saw appeared to be on her hands and knees when the pony was able to mount her. I am not sure how she was
able to align herself that way but she did. If I tried it I would see if I could somehow use the bench to where the horse could put his front legs on it
as he tries to mount me. In any event I hadn't gotten up the courage yet. I went back to the house and stopped in front of the stairs. I took my shorts
off and the dogs started to get excited. The dobie was already standing behind trying to mount me before I even took off my underwear.

As I stood there and took my underwear off, the shepherd suddenly jumped up on me and was able to knock me to my hands and knees. He
immediately mounted me and I waited for him to find my asshole as I moved with him. On one lunge the shepherd was
in me as I moaned. "Ok boy - your turn to go to town". The shepherd was fucking away and I was meeting his thrusts. He seemd to be so excited
that he pulled out within 20 seconds and shot some precum. Before I knew it the dobie had taken his place and drove it home. I figured if he holds
out I will let him knot me this time. As the dobie fucked away I was already shooting a load. I felt the dobie grip me tighter and felt the knot at the
entrance to my ass. With a hard lunge I felt the knot go inside and I just kept squirting come on the ground as the great dane began to lap it off the
ground. He also saw the source of it and started to lick my dick. "Oh my god. fuck me dobie. Cream me". The dobie was suddenly still in my ass as
I felt him shoot his load inside me. I pushed back trying to milk all his come. When he was finished with me and his knot slipped out, I quickly got up
as cum was dripping down my legs. The shepherd managed to knock me back down on my hands and knees and quickly drove his dick deep inside me.

I wasn't going to take another fucking right now but decided I owed him since he was left high and dry when the dobie took his place earlier. As the
shepherd was driving it hard and deep inside me I felt him grip me tighter and knew he was going to shove his knot inside me also so as I felt him
grip me tight I met his thrust and pushed back. The knot slipped in and the shepherd fucked away. "Uuuuhhhh - fuck me - fuck me - cream me".
The shepherd stopped humping and I felt his cum shooting deep inside me as I kept pushing back on his dick. I came again and the great dane was
again licking the cum off the ground and from my dick. When the shepherd slipped out I got up quickly and bolted up the stairs and into the house
leaving the dane with his dick hanging out. The dobie and shepherd were off cleaning themselves. I figured if I was going to let the pony do me,
I would let the great dane fuck me to get me ready for him. I am sure he has the biggest cock of the three dogs and a bigger knot which would
get my ass wide open and ready for the pony.

The next morning after I fed the dogs I went and let the horses and pony out of their stalls so they could roam around the farm a bit. I went back
inside and came back out later in the afternoon to put the horses away. I then noticed that the horse was following the mare around with his 18 inch
cock hanging out. The mare suddenly stopped and the horse climbed on her and mounted her. I saw that humongous cock drive into the mare's cunt
and got a raging hard-on. "Damn that is a monster cock". The mare seemd to be enjoying the fuck as much as the horse was. I could see the horse
thrusting and could tell he was apparently shooting his seed into the mare. After awhile the horse slipped out and the mare moved away and headed
for the stall with the horse and pony following. I led each of them into their stalls with no problem and figured since the pony had a hard-on the whole
time watching the horse and mare in action it was now or never for me and the pony. The dogs were with me so I figured I would let the dane fuck
me with the horses watching so I could keep the pony excited. I took off my shorts and underwear after making sure the dane was the closest dog to me.

The dane didn't even wait for me to get down and knocked me to the ground. I fell onto my hands and knees as the dane quickly mounted me and
started humping his cock trying to find a hole for it. I moved around til he was able to drive his cock home. "Damn boy you're huge. I guess you should
open me up pretty good for the pony". I wanted to put on a show for the pony so I made sure not to let the dane knot with me. As he slipped out of me
the first time he shot some precum on my legs and after licking it up some he quickly mounted me again. I started to meet his thrusts but again did not
want him to knot with me yet so when I sensed he was ready to drive his knot in me I moved forward and the dane shot some more precum. I saw the
pony's cock hanging out and felt it was time to get ready. The dane mounted me again and as he drove it home I began to moan "uuuhh - uuuuhh - uuuhh".
I felt the dane grip me tight and he drove that softball of a knot up my ass which made me grunt. Once I got used to it I thrust back as I felt the dane
stop humping and shooting cum inside me for what seemed like a hole minute. As the dane was breathing hard on my neck I waited for him to slip out of me.

Once he did I quickly got up and walked into the pony's stall before the other 2 dogs could get a turn at me. I walked over toward the bench with the pony
following, his cock hanging out. I leaned forward with my hands and as the pony walked up behind me I suddenly got cold feet and moved away. The pony
snorted. I kept looking at that 15 inch cock and wondered if it was going to tear a new asshole in me. I got back into position and the pony snorted and walked
up behind me. As he climbed up and tried to mount me, his front legs landed on the bench which is what I was hoping for so I wouldn't have his weight on
me. The pony started thrusting, and his cock being as long as it was, I could feel it hitting around my ass. "Oh my God am I really going to do this"? I stayed
still as the pony frantically tried to get his cock in me. Once I felt where most of his lunges were hitting I adjusted myself and before I knew it the pony had
driven his cock in me. "Arrrggh". The pony gave some 4-5 quick thrusts inside me and then fell back to the ground. This gave me a chance to breathe.

I moved out of the way again as the pony looked at me impatiently. I decided to go for it again and got back into position. The pony quickly climbed up
and started humping again. I positioned myself to help him and the pony was able to drive his cock inside me again. As the pony began to fuck me I
suddenly came which got me excited and as the pony thrust into me I pushed back to see how much of that 15 inch cock I could get in me. The pony gave
another few quick hard thrusts and suddenly pulled out. I felt cum hitting my ass and shooting onto my legs. I had no idea if horses stayed
tied as dogs do to empty their balls into their bitch so I decided to stay in position to see if he was finished. After snorting and prancing around for a bit
I saw the pony come back for a third time and mounted me. He humped and was in me on the first thrust. The pony started thrusting in earnest.
"oh my god - oh my god - arrrgh - uuuhhhh - uuuhhh - damn what a fucking '. The pony thrust hard and I took all he had to give enjoying every moment.
Suddenly I felt like i was being sprayed with water from a hose up my ass as I felt the cum shoot inside me. I came again as the pony got in some last
good thrusts and held his cock deep inside me shooting his seed into what he must've felt with his mare.

Once the pony pulled out, it seemed like a gallon of cum leaked out of my ass. The horse was snorting and prancing around in his stall and the 3 dogs
had their cocks hanging out as they all started lapping up all the cum from the floor. After resting a bit I headed back toward the house with the dogs
following me. They had their cocks hanging out and I said "oh what the hell doggies". I got on my hands and knees and all 3 dogs took their turns with
me and shot their loads deep in my ass. I came 3 more times as they fucked me. When they had finished I went inside, washed up and went to bed.

I dreamt the horse took his turn with me and I woke up with a raging hard-on. "Damn do I let the
horse drive his monster cock into me"?!?


2018-09-20 20:07:01
This is something I always wanted to try, but never had the chance.

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2017-01-01 04:04:15
yes let the horses fuck u after the dogs do that will let him fit in good

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2016-08-02 14:23:33
Nice story. Got me ready to cum but I managed to hold on so i could go straight on to another wanking session.

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2016-02-22 01:25:34
That made me so wet, my pussy is dripping, I love cum so much, the more the better, would happily be filled with a bucket load of doggy cum

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Tht was so fucking hot I wanna get fucked by a dog thug thts hot anybody gota dog tht can fuck my hoy little pussayyy 1(347) 676 2617

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