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they lied when ther said there wa s no aliens
it was a cold dark night, the moon was full. antoneee but that is her name that is long, every one else called her ant or anto for sohotrt. was in bed. she was sleeping. she had a dream about a dog entering her uterus through her anus. she felt an orgasm shanke her body. then suddenly she heard a tapping at the window. she looked oout. it was night. she didin'ts see much of anything out there so she went back to sleep. then she felt something squiggling around in her brain. it was squirrealing and squirming around in its brain, just torturing her. she could not sleep. it was eating her brain. or so she thought. what she did not realize was it was actually a demon sent from hell to torture her for the last few hours she had remaining.

then she awoke a hour later. she noticed that there were maggots in her teeth. she tapped her head but found that it was hollow. and shallow too. she gave it a resounding thwack with a hammer. pus leaked out of her wound, and blood too. she felt a creature crawling on her forehead. so she smashed it with a hammre. this time , her skull actually split open. the creature was a crak shaped. she pulled her would apart and it revealed some more ceratures. they got out. then it got into her mouth. she couldn't breath for a moment and then it went down her gullet. it was a rare cerature that could survive under highly acidic conditions, so it easily went down her stomach. she felt drained for a second and then it sliced its way out of her stomach only much larger, having consumed a large quantity of her stomach contents. it left a large hole in her stomach wall, and she began digesting hersefl and feeling agony as she had not felt before. then another creature that was shaped like a centiped came and sprawled itself in her pancreas. it went down her interstinge and came out her anus, , she felt a strong sensation of fear, as it was squiggling its claws out her poop hole. anto was now being overrun from ants. she could not stop it and crying and moaning and screaming. but her parents were not home. she felt extreme pain...

she grabbed some rubbing alcohol from the refrigerator and poured it all over her stinging cuts. the insects had been sterilized except fo r the ones that were lurking deep inside her chest cavity making their ways to her heardt and subsisting off of the blood she had flowing, which was warm and yummy andd provided plenty of DELICISOUS nutrients. she let oiut a scream as the alcohol covered her body but sure enough her pain began to subiside gradually replaced by a numbneesss and a deadness in her extremity. she felt Terrible and began to wretchedly and dejectedly vomit all over the place.

she now heard a new tapping on her window. she looked aoout and saw the moon shining brightly, but no stars at all visible. thit was as if the sky were black except the peephole of a sadistic voyeur, God, watching her in her agony. there was a rainbow over the moon. it was a rainbow of doom. the man in the moon grinned sinisterly at her through the distant silhouettes. civilization was miles from here, as she was living on the outskirts of the town.

she had grown up a molested bastard. her existence was unknown to anyone outside of her house. she had lived, defecated, urinated in the same closet for 12 years. her father was an upright god fearing man who swore that he saw the devil in her. no one had ever talked to her in her entire life and a s a consequence, she was alsmost mute, and had no concept of language. nor did she have much concept of anything. she was almost as frial as a skeleton, with her bed being the literal excrement and detrituts of her existence. her father didn't believe in running water because the nigger lovers were poisioning their mind with it and making you weak. the niggers aer in the white office now, what next is going to happen? a god damn unicorn on the statue of liberty? those dark brown shit people should be sent back to the fucking shit country which they came from. all of those stupid niggers stealing shit people had worked hard to afford.

dis father began to rape her. she screamed. finally, she looked at the sky agrain. there were aliens right outside her window. they had then foot long dicks. they wanted to kill her and rape her and eat her alive. they were coming. she screamed for a second. then they crashed through her window. then she saw they were nigger aliens. they thought she was a piece of fried chicken so they wanted to taste her flesh. she screamed again very loud like a fucking bitch and ran downstairs. she was covered with alcohol. then she tripped and fell on a stove. the stove was on and it lit her in flames. she was screaming more than ever now. the nigger s jacked off on her and put the fire out. then the bug s inside of hre wihcih were alien seed took control of her. they entered her nervous system and controlled her like a puppet. she watched her last few hours being fucked by ten foot nigger dicks and skewered and roasted over the fireplaece with a sense of horror but she finally felt a kind of calm at knowing that she was finally going to die and not feel pain any more. then she died and the niggers ate her. mmmm..... tastes like chicken they said, and they went to a kfc after that and killed all the people there and fucked them.

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2011-12-09 07:46:59
This is obviously a bad story. No one writes this bad without intent to inflame. As to why you would have to ask the writer. I am sure that he needs to feel some kind of
support for his infearior complexes to southerneers .

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Really sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2010-09-26 02:24:31
Did anyone ever stop to wonder...maybe WE are the ALIENS??!?!

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