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Two sisters, 12 and 13, have some scat fun.
Megan and Jenna were sisters and had been very close throughout the
years. Born only a year apart, the two girls quickly became best
friends, and, later on, grew very attracted to each other. And after
discovering the rich variety that the internet had to offer, the two found that they could bring their love for each other to a sexual level
and forged a passionate incest relationship. Though they enjoyed both
gay and hetero pornography as well, the siblings desire was so strong
that the two could not even think of fucking another person. And
because they slept in the same bedroom, they had the fortune of
accessing each others bodies every night.

The sisters never bothered with toys, but instead relied only on their
cunts, mouths, and tongues. They were very oral. There was not an inch
on either of their bodies that the other had not licked, and they would
use their tongues to probe each others ears, armpits, bellybutton,
and, of course, asshole, every time they fucked.

This, however, was only one of two forbidden relationships that the two
girls shared. For reasons even they themselves did not know, Megan and
Jenna had a fascination with animal cruelty. Both of them would spend
their entire summer searching for insects and, once they found them,
they would murder them viciously. Though it mostly involved either
crushing them with their feet, fingers, and naked asses, or ripping
their legs and wings off, if the insect was big enough, Megan and Jenna
would bite them in half, chew them up, and swallow them. They both got
an indescribable rush each time the ended an insects life. Their only
regret was that they were unable to hear their screams of pain as they

Being cautious about the risks of harming larger animals, the two
sisters had stuck with going after insects. Recently, however, their
way of thinking changed. Jenna, now fourteen, who had spent countless
hours searching for websites, newsgroups, e-mail buddies, anything
pertaining to animal cruelty, was rewarded one night for her effort.
She had found an internet cult that dealt specifically with the sexual
gratification of hurting and killing animals. Almost too excited to
speak, Jenna recklessly shook her older sister awake to show her the
discovery she had made.

Shit! Where did you find this?! Megan said with awe; her eyes glued
to the monitor.

Jenna was still too overwhelmed to respond. On the site were thousands
of pictures and movie files of men, women, boys, and girls, all
torturing and killing animals. Some were so violent and gory that they
nearly made the girls puke, but at the same time, made their pussies
even wetter. Thanks to their newly acquired cable-modem service, the
girls were able to download all the nonmember content in less than an
hour. They then ground their cunts together with extreme force as they
watched the inhuman acts.
One video in particular, had a woman sawing off the legs of a female
dog. She then used surgical utensils to tear off the skin from its
face. At this point her male lover entered the room with his dick
covered in syrup. Shaking a container of salt above it, the man covered
his cock until it was completely white. He then stabbed the dogs side
with a knife and aggressively began fucking the fresh wound, while the
woman fucked the bleeding, skinless head with her cunt. Much to the
girls amazement and delight, the dog stayed alive for quite a while,
but soon died from the pure agony that had been inflicted on it.

Megan and her sister kissed and fucked through the night. Hours later,
after their horny urges had finally subsided, the girls read about the
cult on the information page. Apparently, all the media on the site had
been sent in by members. Knowing that their participation was now a must,
the two sweaty, naked girls quickly searched for a way to join.

To become a member, the website stated that one would have to send in
at least five clips or series of pictures, both of satisfactory length,
sexual(preferred) or non, of animal savagery. Membership had many
perks, including being able to watch live mutilations and deaths.

This sounded like heaven for Megan and Jenna and they immediately began
thinking of their first act.

Jenna waited with excessive impatience. Both of her parents were gone,
and she had decided to wait naked so that no time would be wasted once
her sister arrived. The camcorder was fired up and ready to go, which
made Jenna both nervous and excited that the footage would soon be on
the site, for all the cult members to view.

Suddenly, Jenna heard a car door slam. She quickly looked out the
window and saw her sister walking towards the front door with a box.
She then rubbed and fingered her cunt furiously as Megan made her way

I got them! Megan declared as she entered the bedroom.

Megan opened the lid for her sister to see. Inside was an adult white
mouse and six baby mice.

Sweet! exclaimed Jenna; her drool nearly jumping out her mouth.

The pet store owner thought I was crazy wanting seven of them, but it
was cheaper than getting a dog or cat. We can always look for some>strays later, explained Megan.
Jenna bent over and spread her asscheeks. Hurry! Put em in!

Wait. Lets take care of the mother, first.

Megan shed her clothes and took a few seconds to rub her hands around
her body. She, like her sibling, loved the feeling of being naked.
Jenna picked up a plank of wood and set it in front of the camera. On
the plank, she had glued a sharp kitchen knife, with the blade sticking
out over the edge.

Just as they had discussed earlier, the two girls both grabbed an end
of the adult mouse and carried her over to the knife. They then aligned
her stomach above the blade and began sawing her in half. The mother
shrieked and thrashed as her blood and organs spilt out onto the wood;
terrified for both her own life and her childrens'.

Once the sisters had sliced completely through, they each lifted up
their half, causing a few more bits of bloody guts to plop onto the
table. Then, making sure that the camera could get a clear shot of
them, they began to masturbate and lowered the severed parts,
dripping with rich blood, into their mouths.

The disgusting taste of the mammals organs made the experience all the
more pleasurable for the evil sisters. They chewed thoroughly; sucking
down as much non-bone matter as they could.

Seeing that Jenna had devoured all she could, Megan took her last bite
of the mouse, chewed it, and spewed the remains into her siblingfs open mouth. They then kissed each other deeply.

Ok. Shove the babies inside! Jenna commanded as she bent over the
mattress and, once again, pried her soft asscheeks open with her fingers. The two girls had agreed that if Megan brought home mice, she
would subject the babies to the horrors of Jennas ass.

Megan kneeled down by her sisters butt and pulled one of the tiny mice out of the box. She then pressed it against Jennas asshole, headfirst,
and pushed it in with her thumb.

Wow! I can feel it wiggling around! squealed Jenna. Keep going!

One by one, Megan pushed the babies inside; stopping each time to run
her tongue against the tail, as well as the pink anus it was sticking
out of.

Shit! This feels so fucking cool! Jenna shouted with delight as she
felt the six critters squirming inside her ass.

Having pushed the last one deep inside with her middle finger, Megan
climbed onto the bed and laid on her back.

All right! Now shit them into my mouth! commanded Megan.

Jenna stood up and, clenching her sphincter tightly, savored the wicked
sensations she was receiving for a few more seconds. She then lowered
her asshole directly onto Megans mouth and started to push.

Her mouth building saliva by the second, Megan caught each of the tiny
rodents as they were released into her orifice.

Hey! I cant get the rest out without shitting! Jenna shouted.

ohn ayr! was Megans reply.

Pleased with her sisters approval, Jenna pushed three large turds into
Megans mouth; burying the baby mice with her shit. The fifteen year
old squirted a generous amount of cum onto the mattress as she tasted
her siblings vile shit. The more sickening the taste, the more she
craved it.

The mice, packed tightly in the brown waste, were powerless against
Megans jaws. She chewed the babies mercilessly, knowing that they were
screaming with pain inside her very mouth. She opened her mouth as she
mauled them for her sister to see; occasionally squirting blood and wet
shit onto her face.

Once she had ground the former mammals into pulp, Megan swallowed. It
was a difficult battle with her stomach, but, mustering all her
willpower, she was able to force it down her throat. As Jenna turned
back around, Megan noticed something sticking out of her ass.

Wow, looks like we missed one! Megan said as she pulled on the
protruding tail.

The mouse slipped through her fingers and fell to the floor. It then
tried to scurry away, but Megan was too quick for it.

No, no, no! Weve still got to kill you. Just like we did to your
mommy and your brothers and sisters! she said as she smiled.

The two girls watched the helpless mouse dangle from Megans fingers by
its tail. Not hesitant to rape the animal of is life, Jenna snatched it with her teeth and kissed her sister. The two lovely sadists
tormented the frightened creature for a few moments by pushing into
each others mouths with their tongues. They then clamped down together
and slowly pulled away; tearing the fragile mouse in two. Tiny red
intestines spilled down Megans lip and chin as she chewed. They were,
however, promptly intercepted by Jenna who licked them off and then
devoured her own piece of the mutilated mouse.

Realizing what they had just done made the two sisters so horny that
they immediately dove into the sixtey-nine position. They ate each
others pussies harder and with more passion then they ever thought
possible. Their heads spun with the idea of what heartless and
disgusting people they had become. And they loved it!

After bringing each other to countless orgasms, the two naked teenagers
sat up and fondled each other. It was then that Jenna made a startling

Fuck! We forgot to kill the babies in front of the camera! she

Megan smiled. Dont worry. We'lll just have to do it again! Those
animals certainly wont be the last ones to have reason to be terrified
by us!

Having said that, Megan gagged herself with her fingers, quickly
embraced Jennas mouth, and spewed red and brown puke down into her
throat. All of which, Jenna willingly swallowed.

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Fucking stupid story

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Dude that's pretty fucked up

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2014-08-25 00:26:20
Mmm i use to let my lab fuck my pussy and when he got stuck and turned around, i would shuve a huge double dildo up the dogs ass and put the other end aginst my asshole and wile the dog is squirming and trying to shit it out, it would slide into my ass. I would always get dog shit in my ass hehe. Was so hot.

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I like how the older one turned from a 14 year old to a 15 year old halfway through...

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2014-02-04 00:12:35
this was way too much, started ok but then moved onto animal cruelty and mutilation, that's bang out of order. and why wasn't there any tags or warnings about it? the author really needs helps, sick fucker!

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