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“Hey Joe whadya know”

Joe looks up from his book and sees his best friend Andy standing outside his room’s window

“Hey Ant Man, nothing much just reading up for Monday’s test”

Andy pulls a face and clambers into the room through the window

“You going to keep on studying this hard you might turn into a nerd”

“And if you maybe start to study a bit you will not have your parents yapping at you all the time”

Andy throws himself down on the bed and grins at Joe

“You know Joe, sometimes you make so much sense that it scares me. So what are you up to tonight?”

Joe shrugs

“I’ll probably play some games, pump some iron and go to bed”

Andy makes a pained sound

“You are turning into a hermit crab, tell you what, it’s Friday, no school tomorrow. How about you come over to my place, we play some games and you can sleep over. You really need to get out of your room more often”

Joe places a bookmark in the book and gets up

“I’ll go ask my mom OK?”

“Darn bro you’re 16, time for you to tell her, not ask her”

Joe chuckles and walks out of his room. He returns a few minutes later with a grin on his face and Andy groans

“She said no didn’t she?”

Joe bursts out laughing

“Let me just grab some things and we can get out of here, preferably through the front door”

Joe grabs his kit bag, dumps his football gear on the bed next to Andy and starts to rummage through his closet, looking for clothes. A few minutes later Joe slings his kit bag over his shoulder and kicks Andy’s foot.

“Come on lazy bones, how you made wide receiver I’ll never understand”

Andy gets slowly to his feet

“On the field I can run, because I must. Off the field, I am not in a hurry to get anywhere you dig?”

Joe just chuckles and punches Andy on the shoulder

“I’m guessing you drove here?”

Andy shakes his head

“Nope, I thought that we will have to walk, you need the exercise”

Joe taps Andy on the stomach

“At least I’m not the one with a few fat rolls”

Andy throws a mock slap at Joe, Joe ducks and runs out of the room with Andy in hot pursuit. As Joe throws open the front door he shouts a Goodbye Mom and races outside towards the driveway, Andy has to slow down to close the door and by that time Joe has disappeared out of the gate. Andy trots towards the gate, but Joe appears from behind a bush next to the gate and throws his kit bag right at Andy, it hits Andy in the stomach and Andy fumbles with the bag.

“C’mon man that aint fair”

Joe just chuckles and takes the kit bag from Andy

“At least you can still catch O’Hanigan”

Andy rolls his eyes

“Oh shut up let’s get going”

They walked down the road, a very strange pair, but the best friends since they were 5 years old. Andy is lean, but athletic, ever since Joe can remember Andy was the fastest kid in their class, with the years it just seemed that he got faster and faster on the field and slower off the field. Andy is 5’9’ and at the end of last season he weighed 199 pounds, he definitely got his father’s looks, brown hair, green eyes and a crooked nose. OK so his nose wasn’t crooked because of his father’s genes, but they both had broken their noses so many times that they both just stopped worrying about it. Andy also has a very easy going personality and he has the “O’Hanigan” charm, Joe always laughed when Andy said it, he thinks that it’s just Andy’s smile that helps him out of trouble and most of the times the past year into some girls’ pants. Joe on the other hand got his mother’s Nordic features, his hair a pale blonde and his eyes a piercing ice blue, he stands at 6 feet and weighs in at 280 pounds, most of it muscle weight as he gyms everyday and loves to stay in shape. Not being one of the fastest kids in class like Andy, Joe decided to then rather to work on his other attributes, wit and strength. Being shy around girls the furthest Joe had ever gone with a girl was a long heavy French kiss after they won the schools league. Lucy one of the cheerleaders jumped on him and gave him a sloppy kiss and then went off celebrating with the other kids. Joe never could forget how good she felt pressed up against him and the way she tasted, but she was dating one of Joe’s team mates so he just let that slide. A few blocks later they got to the O’Hanigan’s home or as the name board in front said, “Fort O’Hanigan”, Andy sauntered up the footpath to the front door and went inside, Joe was like a second son to the O’Hanigans and Joe felt as home at their place as at his own home. Following Andy inside he closed the door behind him and head up the stairs, knowing that Andy would be kitchen getting snacks for their gaming marathon. As he passes the first door, it swings open and Maryse, Andy’s eldest sister peeks out, her blonde hair is wet and water still dripping from her

“Oh hi Joe”

“Hi Maryse”

“Would you tell Andy that I need my double plug adapter back?”

Joe nods

“Sure, just want to dump my things in his room quickly”


Maryse is one of the hottest girls in school and if Joe can believe the stories she’s almost in a new relationship every week. He even heard that once while she was between boyfriends she had a foursome in the parking lot of a Biker Bar not too far down the road. Apart from that Joe always envied the guys she was with, standing 5”5’ and having curves in just the right places and of course a huge set of tits, along with her slightly wavy blond hair, her deep blue eyes and her full lips, made her live in many of Joe’s fantasies. Dumping his bag in Andy’s room he head downstairs again and as he passes Maryse’s door he notices it’s slightly open, with a grin he peeks through the crack and see Maryse’s reflection in the mirror as she dries herself. She is bent over so in the reflection Joe can see her full breasts swaying gently, the pink nipples draws his attention, he quickly slip away from the door and head down to the den in the basement which was mainly Andy’s hangout

“Hey Andy, Maryse asked that I must say that she wants her double adapter back”

Andy groans

“She always know how to pick the right times”

Andy gets up from his beanbag and saunters up the stairs, Joe start to think about Maryse’s smooth skin and those lovely breasts. Using his very active imagination he starts to compare them to some of the pictures he has seen in the skin mags, coming to the conclusion that she should be around 26 – 32 C or even D. He hear a huge ruckus coming from upstairs along with a door being slammed shut, Andy comes down back into the den in a huff and sits down.

“And that?”

“Just because she can’t find a guy she’s fucking moody and I seem to be the only outlet she has, fucking bitch”

Joe want to shut up, but his curiosity overcomes him

“You mean that one of the hottest girls in school is single?”

Andy snorts

“Yeah and now she is so sexually frustrated that she is on a constant PMS trip”

Joe bursts out laughing, Andy looks at him about to say something, then recalling what he just he said, he grins foolishly and starts to laugh with Joe

“Ok Ok Joe, just start the game, co op, I’m tired of you kicking my butt”

Joe laughs and tosses the second controller to Andy

“Well then let’s see if you can kick some butt with the proper backing”

They start the game and only stop to take a breather and to take in some refreshment in the form of snacks. A few hours later Mr and Mrs O’Hanigan gets home from work, they both work at the same company, funnily enough Mrs O’Hanigan is Mr O’Hanigan’s secretary. They come down into the den to greet the boys and after chatting about this and that they go upstairs to get changed and to start supper. Jon and Elize seem nearly unseparatable and they always found ways to be together no matter what the circumstances. Joe actually like this a lot, they are so much different than his own parents who is very laid back and let everybody do their own thing. The first thing that drew Joe’s attention was the smell of frying mince and he grinned at Andy

“Looks like we are going to get dragged out of here by smell alone”

Andy takes a sniff

“You mean you are, I know that old trick of hers, get you to go and you will automatically drag me with you”

Joe chuckles

“Well somebody got to do it and you know how much I love my macaroni and cheese”

Andy grunts noncommentically and goes back to shooting the aliens on the screen, Joe chuckles softly and turns his attention back to backing Andy up with his favorite weapon. They are so engrossed in the game that they don’t hear Maryse coming down the stairs


With a yelp Andy almost jumps out of his skin as he shoots to his feet, Joe calmly looks over his shoulder at Maryse. She is dressed in black shorts and a football jersey two sizes to big for her, her hair is loose and hangs straight down her back.

“Reese what the fuck! You can’t just…”

Joe gets up and takes Andy by the arm

“Relax man, she didn’t mean to sneak up to us, we just didn’t hear her”

Andy blinks at the authoritive tone in Joe’s voice

“Uhm Ok, sorry Maryse I didn’t mean to shout”

Maryse nods

“’s OK little brother”

She grins at them before bounding up the stairs, Andy grumbles and hits the pause button

“I guess I will have to go feed you”

“Oh you’ve been feeding me, but a growing boy needs his real food as well”

Andy pulls a face at Joe and together they walk up the stairs, the table is set and Joe takes his usual place and much to his surprise Maryse breaks the routine by sitting down next to him. The dishes are passed around and Joe makes sure to get as much of the vegetables as possible unlike Andy who of course dishes up as much of the macaroni and cheese as he can. Maryse seems to copy Joe, but just in much smaller portions. After Mr O’Hanigan says grace they start to eat, Joe is very conscious of Maryse’s arm brushing his every now and then.

“Maryse I heard that the Volleyball is starting again soon, you going to play this last season?”

Maryse brushes her hair away before looking up at her father

“I’m not sure dad, I heard that our last tests and exams is going to become a bit tough”

Jon nods and absentmindedly takes a bite of his carrots, he chews thoughtfully

“Well you can’t sit at home studying all the time either, that is just unhealthy and you enjoy exercising”

Maryse punches Joe on the shoulder and grins

“I can always drag him out of his shell and take him walking”

Andy scoffs

“Walk? You are getting lazy in your old age?”

Maryse fires Andy a look that would welt a flower, but Andy just grins happily at her

“OK then smartpants, I’ll get your best buddy to go jog with me…”

Joe looks from one to the other

“Hey I want a say in this as well”

Jon chuckles

“Joe when that young lady sets her mind to something the only say you ever will have is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, the latter never a smart choice at all”

“You see Joe? Just say yes and I’ll spare your life”

Maryse is looking at him with a satisfied grin on her face, Joe quickly run a mental image of a jogging Maryse in his mind and just can’t find a reason to tell her no. He heaves a weary sigh for show

“OK, OK I’ll go jog with you, but not after Football practice”

“Aaaaaaaw not even for me?”

Maryse bats her eyes coyly at Joe, Jon and Elize laughs softly as Joe can feel himself turning a light pink at all the attention.

“Uhm…n…no, not even for you Reese”

Maryse pouts, but her eyes are still laughing at him

“OK Maryse that is enough, leave my buddy be”

Maryse pulls a face at Andy and then goes back to eating her vegetables. Joe finishes up his plate and Elize hands him the dish with the macaroni and cheese

“Don’t worry Joe, I made enough, if you and Andy can finish this I’ll be surprised”

Joe smiles and dishes out almost half of the leftovers and hand the dish back, he catches Maryse looking at his heaped plate


“You just had a plate”

Andy chuckles

“Growing boys need their food isn’t that right Joe?”

“Damn straight bro”

Maryse just shakes her head and pokes Joe’s tummy

“Where do you put it all? Definitely not in that flat thing”

Joe grins

“Oh you would be surprised, I save one half in my left cheek and the other in my right cheek, and then when I’m hungry I just swallow one half and wait until I get hungry again”

She looks astounded at him

“And then?”

“Then I swallow the other half”

Andy bursts out laughing and soon Jon and Elize joins in, Maryse just shakes her head slowly

“Oh I’m going to get you back for that one”

Joe just smiles and starts eating, Andy quickly follows and silence ensues for a while as the last of the food gets demolished. Andy sits back patting his belly

“I bet that was the biggest meal mom ever made”

Maryse grins

“At least I can see where your food went”

Everybody chuckles and Eliza starts to put all the dishes and plates together

“Andy I can’t believe that you ate three plates of food and no vegetables”

“And to think he grumbled about coming to eat”

Andy pulls a face at Joe

“Oh he always grumbles about eating, but he doesn’t stop until he is a full as a stuffed turkey”

Maryse grins at Joe as she says this, Andy gets to his feet

“Well a certain race of aliens are waiting to get exterminated, you ready Joe?”

Joe looks at Eliza and she waves him off, he gets up and grins at Andy

“Yes sir grunt soldier sir, your sniper backup is ready to go shoot off some alien tail”

Andy and Joe trudge down to the den again, Andy gleefully unpause the game and they start to play further. A while later Joe feels that he needs to go to the bathroom, he tells Andy who, with a grumble, pauses the game again. Joe gets up and walks up the stairs, the second storey toilet being the one that Andy use since Maryse also has her own toilet adjoining her room, Joe climbs the stairs as well. He passes Maryse’s room and sees that the door is again open at a crack, not being able to quell his curiosity, he peeks through the opening. Maryse is laid out on the bed, her shorts is gone and her hand is under the hiked up jersey, she’s talking on her cell phone, but clearly is busy doing something else, Joe can just imagine her fingers trailing over her firm inner thighs and the thought makes him instantly hard.

“Yes I know it’s been over two fucking months…Oh please, I am not going to catch some STD….Oh I know the guys you pick up Sidney and no thanks, I’d fuck my brother before I do any of those oily snakes”

Maryse laughs and pull the jersey higher, Joe gets a partial view of her bald pussy, glistening in the light of her bed lamp, her fingers return and slowly rub over her puffy lips, and the image makes Joe’s cock throb. He quickly pulls away from the most erotic sight he has ever seen and rushes to the toilet, her soft voice fading as soon as he pulls his head from the door. In the bathroom he is faced with a problem, he needs to urinate, but his cock is throbbing and as hard as steel. The only logical solution is to jerk off, that should ease his cock and allow him to urinate. He almost jumps out of his skin when the bathroom door opens and closes, Maryse slipping inside, Joe blinks at her and suddenly realize that she would most definitely notice the tent in front of his pants.

“My, my, my Joe, what do you have there?”

Joe flushes slightly

“I uhm need to go to the toilet”

Maryse grins at him and slowly walk closer

“I first thought my little brother turned pervert on me, but I am quite glad it wasn’t him peeping at me”

Joe swallows

“Well uhm I saw the door and I checked to see if you’re OK”

Maryse chuckles

“That might have worked if I didn’t know you so well Joe, you can’t lie to me, and I know you checked me out when I dried myself as well”

Joe just blinks at her, she trails her fingernails over his chest

“Tell you what Joe, I’ll not tell anybody what a dirty little peeping Tom you are, but then you must do a little something for me”

Joe swallows

“W-What must I do?”

As Joe asks this, Maryse leans forward and kiss him hard, she tastes faintly of strawberries, her loose hair brushes against his face and her aroma wafting off her along with her body heat, isn’t helping Joe’s erection going down at all. Maryse pulls back and look at Joe

“Kiss me back Joe, you did kiss a girl before didn’t you?”

Joe only nods mutely, not believing what is happening, the hottest girl that he know and always saw as kind of a big sister is busy trying to play tonsil hockey with him. Maryse leans in again and Joe kisses her back this time, her breasts are brushing up against him and he enjoys the soft pressure. Joe loses himself inside the kiss, his arms snake around her and pulls her tightly against him, trapping her very busy hands between them, just as Joe realizes where her hands is his jeans drops down his legs and he can feel her soft hand slipping inside his boxers to grasp his hard, throbbing cock. His gasp breaks the kiss and he looks at Maryse who has a lustful look in her eyes and seems to be measuring his cock, she looks up and grins at him

“Well Joe it seems that you have quite a tool hidden in there”

Joe can feel the blood rushing to his cheeks again, Maryse leans closer

“If you want my silence you will have to fuck me Joe”

Her blue eyes make it clear that there is no other way to get out of this

“And why would anybody believe you and not me?”

Her grin tells it all

“Who is going to resist my little puppy eye face?”

“I guess I was the only one so far”

She nods and strokes her hand slowly up and down his shaft

“You want to tell me that you don’t want to have sex with me Joe?”

Her touch sends shivers down Joe’s spine

“OK, OK Maryse I’ll do it”

She grins a cat-ate-the-canary grin and slips her hand out of his boxers

“Go tell Andy that you need to help me with my PC or something, which should give us enough time”

She grins even wider

“And you can go to the toilet afterwards, you don’t seem in much of a condition to continue anyway”

Joe shakes his head

“You are so evil Maryse”

She chuckles softly and slip out of the bathroom, Joe looks in the mirror

“What the hell did you just get yourself into?”

Joe pulls up his jeans, readjusting himself that his erection isn’t that visible and walk back down to the den. Andy looks up when Joe enters

“Man what kept you so long? I was starting to think I need to come pry you from the toilet with a crow bar”

Joe shrugs

“It seems like you have to wait a bit longer, Maryse asked me to go help her with her PC quickly”

Andy looks flabbergasted

“You’re joking right?”

Joe shakes his head

“No I’m not, she even used this…”

Joe makes a funny imitation of Maryse’s puppy dog eyes which makes Andy burst out laughing

“OK, OK you go help her, I’ll just get another game to play while you’re busy”

Joe nods and turns back to walk up the stairs to Maryse’s room, the door is slightly ajar and he pushes it slowly open. A hand grips the front of his t-shirt and pulls him into the room, the door gets closed behind him and he hears the key turn in the lock. He turns and finds Maryse standing naked behind him, he swallows audibly and she smiles, doing a little pirouette

“Like what you see Joe?”

Joe nods solemnly and Maryse stops, placing her hands on her hips

“You never did anything like this before have you Joe?”

“No I haven’t”

Maryse grins

“Amazing, you’re quite a sexy guy, I’m surprised nobody tried to jump your bones yet”

She looks him over

“I guess there will be time for more later on, take off your jeans and boxers”

Joe looks shocked at her and she seems to get frustrated

“You want me to shut up?”

Joe nods

“Then do as I say, take off your jeans and boxers”

Joe fumbles with his belt and undoes his jeans pulling them down along with his boxers. His cock is hard and throbbing in the air, Maryse smiles coyly

“Seems like some part of you is at least willing”

Joe blushes slightly

“Come with me”

Maryse walks into her bathroom and Joe walks after her, his hard cock swaying in the air as he walk. Maryse stops at the hand basin and motions Joe closer, Joe steps up close to her and she wraps her fingers around his shaft again

“The last guy I saw this big was in college, it sure looks a healthy eight inches. OK this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to hold onto the basin and you are going to fuck me from behind, any questions?”

Joe shakes his head, Maryse smiles and turns around and holds onto the basin, spreading her legs as she looks at Joe in the mirror. Joe looks down at the erotic sight, her pussy lips is shaved or waxed clean and they look wet and puffy

“Touch me Joe”

Joe places his hand between her spread legs and her wet heat pushes against his fingers, she smiles at Joe in the mirror

“Find my entrance, it shouldn’t be too hard”

Joe runs two of his fingers between her lips, he did see what guys do in porno’s, but this was no porn movie, this is real. His fingers slips into a wet opening and he is rewarded with a soft moan as his fingers slips down a slippery tunnel, Maryse tosses her hair back and looks at Joe

“Now stick your cock in there”

Joe pulls out his fingers and moves a bit closer, he uses his hand to guide his cock into that same opening, Maryse whimpers softly and Joe looks up at her face in the mirror. She opens her eyes and look back at him

“Don’t stop just shove it in”

Joe uses his hips and thrust forward, he can feel her pussy stretch slightly around him as he slide deep into her wet pussy. Maryse grits her teeth and push back against him, grinding her tight ass into his groin

“Pull back slightly and push back in, the rest should come, oh God, naturally”

Joe pulled back just as she told him to and her “Oh God” made him worry, but she was pushing back against him, so he guess he didn’t do anything wrong. He pushes back into her and realizes that he would need somewhere to hold, so he grabs her hips. As he repeats the process he realizes that there is a rhythm to it, he use her movements as his guidance as he starts stroking his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. Maryse is breathing hard, almost on the point of gasping as he moves inside her, suddenly she bites onto her one hand, Joe can hear her scream and her warm pussy contracting around his cock like a hand massaging him with a wet velvet glove. Maryse takes her hand from her mouth, gasping for air as small shudders course through her back and spread to her body, she opens her eyes and look in the mirror at the shocked Joe

“Yes I came OK? It’s been a while. Go on”

Joe realizes that he stopped and start to thrust into her again, Maryse looks at him in the mirror for a few moments and then close her eyes in pleasure as Joe starts to thrust rhythmically inside her. As he thrusts inside Maryse, Joe starts to feel the need to thrust faster, it confuses him, but the call of his nature is louder and he starts to move faster, this brings a grin to Maryse’s face

“That’s it Joe, fuck me, fuck me hard”

Her words seems to fuel Joe on, he can now see what she meant with it comes naturally. He can feel his balls starting to tingle and he knows that his orgasm isn’t very far off, Maryse has lowered her head and is pushing hard back against him, making his groin slap against her ass. Joe realize that it’s been a few weeks since he last masturbated, he’s just been too busy, he can feel his cum starting to build up and his thrusts just can’t seem to be fast enough

“I’m going to cum”

“I know, just…keep going…Joe…don’t stop…no matter what”

Maryse’s gasps is barely audible, but Joe hears her and he does exactly what she says, he keep pumping his hard cock inside her hot, wet pussy. He can feel his pleasure building up and when it’s at the point where he can’t hold back anymore, he closes his eyes and let’s go. The resulting force of the pleasure exploding inside him almost sends him crashing to the ground, he grunts as he pushes deeper into Maryse’s convulsing pussy. Joe’s eyes snaps open and he sees Maryse biting down on her fist again, her body shuddering with another orgasm as he pumps his cum into her pussy. After what feels like ages he finally stops cumming, his breathing is ragged and he looks at Maryse in the mirror, she has draped her arm over the edge of the basin and is resting her forehead on her arm, breathing deeply. Confused about what to do next Joe stands in place, he looks down and see that her hips is red where he gripped her. Finally Maryse looks up at him and give him a weak smile

“You can now pull out Joe, it’s OK”

Joe slowly pulls out of her, releasing a copious amount of their cum, it dribbles from her red, swollen lips and run down her long, shapely legs, she shudders gently and turns to Joe

“OK you can go now, I have to clean up a bit”

Joe can’t believe that he gets dismissed just like that, in half a daze he walks over to his clothing, pulls on his boxers and jeans as he hear Maryse turning open a tap, he shakes his head. His first time, his very first time and it were with one of the prettiest girls he knows.

“Ok so maybe she just used you”

Even that thought can’t lessen the fact that he had sex with Maryse, he grins to himself and then lets himself out of her room, he rushes to the toilet where he urinates and washes his hands when he’s done. Something about the football jersey she wore starts to bother him, but he just can’t understand why, with a shrug he goes back down to the den, where Andy is playing a wrestling game. He looks up when Joe enters and grins

“I see you survived it, sit down, I’ll get Halo on then we can go kick some butt again”

Joe grins and sits down, picking up his controller…


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2015-12-24 05:46:26
I liked the story but u think they should have done alot more than just fucking and Joe should not be a virgin he is a football player who watches alot of porn it is clear he is a virgin .I think that the girl should be a virgin not a slut who blackmails guys for sex

anonymous readerReport 

2013-08-09 02:10:24
Just poorly written, and so much is absurd.


2013-07-29 18:39:45
looking for females with tiny tits bald pussies are great

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2013-07-13 16:52:32
Got to agree with previous reviewers. 1) Redheads or Blonds should never go bald. You can shave the lips and everything below or slightly above that, but at least keeping a landing strip is advisable unless the carpet doesn't match the drapes.

2) I hope you have changed the weights. At 280 is overweight for anyone under 6'10 and even then they would have to be absolutely ripped with a workout routine of a body builder with several steroid injections. He's certainly not spending a whole day playing vids. And 3 plates of anything is too much outside of Thanksgiving.

3) 5'9 199 lbs isn't unrealistic at all for football, but he would definitely sacrifice some speed. Then again the fastest guy you know could actually run a 4.7 and still be considered fast in some areas so ... But it undermines it for him to be a lazy bum.

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2011-11-04 01:28:50
I found the weights to be a bit unbelievable as both Andy and Joe would be extremely overweight even if some of that weight was muscle.

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