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A trip to the National Capital that will never be forgotten.
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Cherry Blossom Time In Washington

Each spring in Washington, DC there is a Cherry Blossom Festival. People from all over the country converge on Washington for ten or twelve days. The hotels and motels run about one to three hundred dollars a night depending on location. It’s the old story of supply and demand.

My wife talked me into a hotel with an indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi in our room, and a view from the fourteenth floor overlooking the Potomac River. I told her that I had better get my money’s worth out of her pussy to cover the expenses. She promised me the adventure of a lifetime. I had heard that before.

She was a fine looking lady for being sixty with salt and pepper hair. She had kept herself in shape and could run rings around me. Her breasts sagged with time and gravity. Her tummy was just slightly rounded and her butt was extra rounded just like I like it.

Our first day in town was just to get the lay of the land. We took a bus tour and saw all of the sights in comfort. Back at our hotel my wife told me that she had a surprise for me. I got on my bathing suit and went down to the Olympic size indoor swimming pool. It was only for the upscale guests. There my wife introduced me to Chris my babysitter. I was too old for a babysitter and that’s exactly what Chris thought too. My wife told Chris to keep me out of trouble for two hours and that she would be back to pick me up.

I looked Chris over and she was a fox. She was about thirty-five and she was pretty to say the least. She was also certified in babysitting, lifesaving, and first aid. She had on what might have been a conservative bikini for Washington but it was pretty racy for where I came from. There were two strips about an inch and a half wide running up her rather large breasts covering her areolas and nipples perfectly. There was another strip the same size running right up her pussy. The top strips had nipple bulges in them where as the lower strip had a crease running up its entire length. There was pubic mound and outer lips showing that I had never seen on my wife. Chris looked down at the growing bulge in my suite and suggested that we get in the Jacuzzi before it jumped out and bit her.

We had a good time talking about some of the other babysitting assignments that she had had recently. I was the only one of my age. Chris was probably the sweetest girl that I had ever met. She said that I reminded her of a grandfather that she loved and missed. He had dies a few years back.

My wife returned upset. She had been on a scouting expedition for me and had come up empty handed. Chris was concerned and had her explain to her what she had been looking for.

After a lengthy and very confusing explanation Chris said, “So all you want is for your husband to see some tits and maybe get laid.”

My wife told her about her promise to me that she would make it up to me for the price of our expensive room. Even with the hotel throwing in two nights free for us paying for the first ten it was costing us well over three thousand dollars just for the room and that didn’t include food or drinks.

Chris said, “Let me help. You two go back up to your room and I’ll see what I can come up with.”

An hour later Chris knocked on our door and I let her in. She was pushing a cart full of food. She had gotten us a complimentary dinner for two complete with steak, lobster, and Champaign. Under the cart were two full boxes of Champaign. She then handed us dinner coupons for two to the ten best restaurants in town completely complimentary.

Then Chris asked my wife if it would okay if I were to fuck a drunken college girl down on the tenth floor. My wife looked at me and said, “Okay.”

Chris had me put on a suit and tie then took me up. She knocked on the door and stepped inside to talk to one of the girls. Then she pulled me inside. Together we took a girl into one of the bedrooms and locked the door. I asked what was up and Chris said, “You’re the house detective, these girls are making too much noise, and to avoid being thrown out they are sacrificing their drunken girlfriend to you. You get to fuck her for fifteen or twenty minutes. In exchange you won’t bother them again tonight. Got it?

Sure I got it and I was going to get it. Chris stayed in with me to protect the girl from the sometimes too rough house dick. She helped the girl to get undressed then she had her suck my cock for a picture. Next she had the girl get on top of me for a few more pictures. Finally she had the girl agree to let me butt fuck her. She wasn’t crazy about it but Chris said it was either that or I would throw them all out of the hotel. She gave in. So for the first time ever I stuck my cock in a girl’s ass. Chris had her on her back with her knees up to her chest. After a few strokes to make sure that I was all the way in her, Chris took another picture, then one up from under my balls, and finally a few from above with the girl holding her own pussy open to show that I wasn’t fucking that hole. Chris allowed me to cum in the girl’s ass. She took a few more pictures of the two of us naked together and then told me to get dressed.

Back in our room Chris transferred the pictures from her camera to our computer and started a slide show. She provided my wife with a front row seat, all of the pictures, and complete details. She also handed my wife the girl’s panties from the pictures.

Chris said that she would be back the following day to take me on another adventure. Meanwhile we had better get ready for our next visitor. It was a housewife that wanted to have sex with a famous couple. We were to become that couple. I was to be the Assistant Mayor of New Your City and a good friend of Governor Patterson the black, legally blind Governor of New York State. Chris said that my wife would not have to eat the other woman’s pussy but that the woman really wanted to eat my wife’s pussy while I fucked her pussy from behind. It was a fantasy of the woman and Chris was trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Sure enough a half-hour later a woman knocked on our door and I let her in. We introduce ourselves and I tell her that I’m the Assistant Mayor of New Your City. She couldn’t have been happier if I had been the President of the United States. When I offered to open a bottle of Champaign for her she couldn’t believe that I had two cases just sitting on the floor with two bottles chilling on ice. I told her to get undressed and to get in the Jacuzzi with my wife while I poured us each a glass. Chris told me that she wanted to see pictures when she came back. The woman was more than happy to let me take pictures of her. She even stood up and held her glass high for me.

It wasn’t long before my wife was up on the edge with the woman bent over eating her pussy out. I took a few pictures and then I got in behind her and stuck it in her wet pussy. The Jacuzzi really made her wet and hot. It took me awhile to cum in her but I told her that I wasn’t done with her yet. I told her to make sure that she satisfied my wife too. I could tell that my wife was enjoying her first lesbian experience.

Soon my wife was finger fucking the other woman. I found out later that she was cleaning her out. Then they moved to our bed and climbed on. My wife got on the bottom with her head at the foot of the bed so that I could take some great pictures of her eating her first pussy. It was so nice to watch that I got hard. My wife pulled me into the woman and let me fuck her just inches from my wife’s face. My wife got some fantastic pictures from a very close distance. She even got my cum flowing out the woman’s pussy around my cock and dripping onto her tongue.

We kept that woman in our room for over two hours. Either my wife or I were on her every minute of that time. I came in her three times total, my wife gave her four orgasm, and received ten in exchange. We posed for shots of the three of us together and then of the two women together. The other woman stepped out onto our small patio to pose with the city lights behind her. When she left she actually thanked us and said that she would love to visit us at home in New York City sometime. My wife took her name, address, and phone number before kissing her goodbye in the hallway. My wife was fully naked at the time and I was taking pictures.

Chris loved the results the next evening.

That night she had me set up with a beautiful black woman from India. She was very shy and she didn’t speak a word of English. Her husband wanted a wealthy businessman to try to impregnate her. She was barely eighteen, if that. She knew why I was there and she was resolved to it.

Chris motioned for the young girl to undress. When she was completely naked Chris took four pictures of her from the front, back, and both sides. She was beautiful. Her skin was dark and flawless, her ass she curved perfectly, and her nipples and areolas were black as coal.

During sex Chris had me and the girl get into as many positions as we could, several of which I had never even heard of before. The young girl was quite limber and could get into any position that Chris put her in. At one point the girl was standing on her head with her legs straight out to the side and I was fucking down into while standing in front of her. When I looked down into her love hole she was even pinker than my wife was. When I finally came in her she was sitting on my cock, leaning back parallel with the floor and I was holding her up. It was like fucking my wife on the kitchen table, but without the table. She was light as a feather. Chris made her stay naked until I was ready to fuck her again. The girl seemed to understand and proceeded to suck me hard.

Chris herself could not get over the beauty of that Indian Princess. She undressed, had me take pictures of them together, and then Chris had the little Goddess lick her pussy while I watched. When I got hard the girl just assumed that the show had been for my pleasure. Instead it had been solely for Chris’s pleasure. After I came that second time we dressed and left.

My wife was impressed with Chris’s choice in women.

Each night Chris seemed to come up something new and different for me to try. She got my wife involved a few more times too.

On our last night in the hotel Chris satisfied one of my wife’s fondest fantasies, that of being ravished by a dozen very good looking young men for the entire night.

I took my wife to room 1515 and knocked on the door. A handsome young man answered and ushered us inside. He introduced us to his friends. Chris had given a local high school basketball team the room for the night and provided them with the entertainment. They had won the Regional Championship. My wife was their reward. I was invited to stay and watch or to participate if I wanted too. I decided to leave her with them. However, I took her clothes, watch, and rings with me leaving her just as bare as the day she was born.

When I returned in the morning my wife was barely awake. She was totally exhausted. Two of the boys helped me get her dressed and then they carried her to our room. They left the scorecard when they went. Like any team sport you couldn’t tell the players with a scorecard.

In the case of my wife they had listed fifteen names down the left side, hence room fifteen fifteen. Across the top they listed my wife’s body parts. They were cunt, asshole, tits, mouth, and cum shots. After each name was where he had left cum. Along the right side was the total of times each boy had cum in or on my wife. Jimmy J. was the winner at eight. No one had a score of less than five. Along the bottom was the total of times that that body part had been cum in or on. Her cunt won but her asshole and mouth weren’t far behind. Her cunt got it thirty-three times, her asshole twenty-five times, and her mouth twenty-one times. Her tits and random cum shots accounted for the rest.

My wife said that the boys were thoughtful and caring, that they had used plenty of K-Y Jelly when fucking her pussy and ass, and that they always washed themselves off whenever they fucked her mouth.

Chris had two Bellhops come up and help us with our luggage. One had a wheelchair for my wife. We left a whole box of Champaign in the room with a note telling the staff to enjoy it.

It was a once in a lifetime trip and one that we would never forget. We did manage to see the cherry trees in bloom as we walked around and from a boat.

We are seriously considering New Orleans for the Marta Gras next year.

The End
Cherry Blossom Time In Washington
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