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Watching porn was one thing, seeing the real thing was something else entirely
This story follows directly on from my previous story, Two Fridays – Part 2.

Once again, Saturday morning came, and for a second time, I awoke to memories of what my sister Tina and I had done the night before. Had we really fucked each other like that, and taken each other’s cherries? I felt that roller coaster feeling, and then the hardening of my cock, as I lay there, contemplating what Tina and I had got up to, and then after a few moments, I heard a knock, even though my bedroom door was already open.

I looked over at the door, and saw Tina standing there, in her brunch coat, untied at the front, showing her pink satin nightdress underneath. She must have put them on after she woke up, but I was still naked under my blankets, because I had simply walked from Tina’s bedroom to my own, thrown my clothes in the corner, and jumped into bed.

Tina walked quickly but quietly from the doorway to my bed, and sat on my left, with a big smile on her face, and said, “I can’t believe we did that last night.”

“Well, we did it all right,” I answered. We were speaking quietly because we knew our mother would have been having her Saturday morning sleep-in.

“I’m still tingling,” Tina smiled, and she put her hand on my chest and leaned closer, “but I don’t think we should go that far again.”

“Guess not,” I answered, dropping my gaze.

“Not the actual screwing part, anyway,” Tina smiled, “but I think the other stuff should be okay,” and she reached down and squeezed my half-hard tool through the bedclothes, and added, “I think you’re still tingling, too.”

She got up off the bed, and tied the sash at the front of her brunch coat, and said, “You coming out for breakfast?” She left the room and went to the kitchen, while I got up and threw on some pyjamas, and went out to join her.

Breakfast was much the same as any other Saturday morning, as we sat and talked, with the music video show on TV in the background. Once again, as soon as she finished breakfast, Tina went and stripped her bed, and put her sheets in the washing machine. She passed me in the hallway with the bundle of linen in her hands, and said, quietly, with her mischievous smile, “Better destroy the evidence.”

The weekend passed as usual, and nothing more was said between Tina and me about Friday night, and then it was Monday, the beginning of another school week. At school that day I told one of my friends about the porn DVD, although I didn’t elaborate on what watching it had led to, and he asked if he could borrow it. I saw no reason why not, so I told him I’d bring it to school for him the next day.

The next morning, of course, was Tuesday, and after our mother had left for work, Tina and I sat at the breakfast table, and I remembered the porn DVD.

“I was talking to Jamie Bohringer about the porn movie, at school yesterday,” I said to Tina across the table.

“I hope you didn’t tell him about us,” Tina said, looking at me.

“Do you think I’m mental?” I asked, smiling, and added, “I just told him Katie loaned it to you and I watched it. He asked if he can borrow it for a couple of days.”

“Can’t see why not,” Tina answered, and she got up and went to her room to get it. She returned a minute later, and put it on the table next to me, and I looked at it and smiled, remembering. I looked up and Tina was smiling, too.

I got up to go and clean my teeth, and then Tina and I left to catch the school bus, and it wasn’t until my friend, Jamie, asked about the DVD at school, that I remembered I’d left it on the table at home. No problem, I thought, I’d just get it off the table and hide it when I got home from school, before our mother came home from work.

That would have worked okay, but when we got home from school that day, my mother was already home, and she told us she had got off work early because the air conditioning broke down, and when the guys came to fix it, the manager had sent everyone home early. I looked over at the table, and the porn DVD wasn’t there, so I assumed my mother must have found it, and put it away, and I’d be in for a lecture later on. She didn’t say anything about it, and I didn’t bother telling Tina, because our mother would probably think it was mine, and it would never occur to her that Tina had anything to do with it.

I wasn’t expecting any big dramas from my mother about the movie, because she was pretty cool about most things, but I kind of expected she’d lecture me about leaving that kind of thing around where Tina might find it.

Tina got changed as soon as we arrived home, and left to go around to Katy’s place, leaving me, and our mother at home. I thought my mother might use the opportunity to bring up the dirty movie, seeing we were alone now, but she said nothing about it. She was already cooking dinner, and she said, “Steve’s taking me to the movies tonight, so I thought I’d get dinner ready early, and you and Tina can either eat before I go, or have it later on when you feel like it. You can just heat it up in the microwave when you want it.”

“We’ll probably have it later on,” I said, “Tina’s gone round to Katy’s, so she won’t be back for a while.”

I chatted with my mother in the kitchen for a while, as she prepared our dinner, and I watched her while she was moving around the kitchen. Our mother, whose name was Stella, would be forty next birthday, and she seemed to be holding her age pretty well. She still had a good figure, and looked like an older and slightly larger version of Tina, but with very dark brown hair, where Tina’s was light brown, and she had hazel eyes, instead of the blue-grey eyes Tina and I had inherited from our father. She was about an inch taller than Tina, and she was wearing a pale blue pleated skirt, that went to just above her knees, along with a darker blue blouse.

Her boyfriend, Steve, was ex-navy, and he kept himself fairly fit, and he carried himself well. He was a couple of years older than Mum, and handsome in a mature sort of way. He worked as a manager for an engineering company, and he got on well with Tina and me, but for some reason, our mother never let him stay the night at our place, although it was obvious their relationship was sexual. A lot of kids our age were disgusted at the thought of their parents having sex, but as far as Tina and I were concerned, we thought it was great that our mum had found someone she was happy with, and if he was satisfying her in the sack, then good for her.

I looked at my mother, as we had our conversation, while she prepared dinner, and it occurred to me that most men would have thought she looked pretty good, especially in that pleated skirt, the way it showed the curve of her hips, and flowed down her shapely legs. Her boobs weren’t big, although they were bigger than Tina’s, but if anything, that had helped to stop them getting too saggy as she approached middle age. Overall, most guys would have thought she looked pretty good.

After a while, I said, “I think I’ll go and see what Tina’s up to at Katy’s place,” and my mother said, “Steve’s coming to pick me up six-thirty, so I’ll probably be gone when you get back. Make sure you don’t stay up too late, you’ve got school tomorrow, and that goes for Tina, too.“

“Okay,” I said, and my mother kissed me on the head as I walked to the door, and she said, “See ya in the morning.” I walked around the block to Katy’s place, and the back door was open, so I walked straight in. I found Tina and Katy in Katy’s bedroom, and nobody else was home. Tina was wearing a short blue denim skirt, and a pale blue sleeveless top, and Katy had some pink shorts on, with a casual top, and the three of us sat around talking and watching TV at Katy’s place for quite a while after I got there.

Katy Hutchins was my age, and I had known her since I was eight, when she moved in around the block from our place. She had always seemed to know more about sex than I did when we were younger, and she would sometimes tell me dirty jokes that went over my head when we were in primary school. She was also one of the two girls, apart from my sister, that I kissed, those times when we were fooling around at her place. These days, she talked big about sex, but as I sat there with her, and my sister, I wondered to myself if she’d actually had any. As often happened when Katy was around, the conversation got around to sex, and the girls started to talk about guys around town and at school that they’d like to go to bed with.

We had a few laughs about that, and the girls started to challenge each other, asking how far they’d go with particular guys they knew, whether they’d just give head, or go all the way, and stuff like that. Now and again, they’d ask me if I’d screw a particular girl from school, but interestingly enough, they never asked if I’d go down on any of them. I have to admit that the conversation was making me pleasantly aroused, sitting there with my sister in her short skirt, and Katy in her snug-fitting shorts, talking about screwing and giving head, but eventually, Katy’s parents arrived home with her little brother, and some Chinese food for their dinner, and it was time for Tina and me to go home.

Tina and I left Katy’s place, and walked around the block in the dark, and when we got to our house, Steve’s Cherokee was parked in the driveway, behind our mother’s car. “Looks like they’re still here,” Tina said, as we got to our driveway.

Tina and I walked in the back door, and I expected to find Steve and our mother in the kitchen, or in the family room, but they were nowhere to be seen. We walked into the family room, and the TV had a blue screen, like someone had been watching a DVD and had taken it out of the player, but not switched the TV back to normal broadcast signal. Then, I saw the case for the porn DVD Tina and I had watched, on the stand next to the TV. Tina saw it, too, and she looked at me when I picked it up, but it was empty. Then, we heard the sound of voices from our mother’s bedroom.

I walked into the darkened hallway, with Tina behind me, and I saw the flickering light from the TV in my mother’s room, at the opposite end of the hall from Tina’s and my bedrooms. I looked at Tina, and we both walked to our mother’s open bedroom door, and looked in.

The first thing I saw was my mother’s TV screen. She had a DVD player in her room, and I saw a scene from the porn movie playing on her TV. It showed a dark haired girl fucking a square-jawed, muscular, blonde-haired guy, cowgirl style, and she was bobbing up and down on his massive cock like she was on a pogo stick, screaming, “Fuck me, Waylon! Fuck me deep! Fuck my cunt, Waylon!! Ohhh, Waylon, fuck my cunt!! Pound my pussy!! Fuck that thing!!”

The guy she was fucking was saying lot of deep and meaningful porn movie stuff, like, “Ohhh, baby, your pussy’s tight! I’m gonna make you come hard, baby!! I’m gonna fuck you deep,” as the camera zoomed in on their onscreen fucking, but that was by no means the only action going on in that bedroom.

I saw my mother on her bed, on her knees, with her head down, facing the TV screen, and she still had had her dark blue blouse on, but no skirt. Steve was kneeling behind her, and he was fucking my mother doggy-style. In fact, the word “fucking” just doesn’t do justice to what he was doing to my mother at that moment. Steve was relentlessly pounding my mother’s pussy, hammering it like there was no tomorrow, slamming into it like a jackhammer. He was holding her by the hips, like he didn’t want her to get away, but the sounds she was making, and the things she was saying, made it clear she was perfectly happy to stay right where she was, and Steve was only holding onto her for leverage.

“Oh, Steve,” I heard her call out, “that’s fantastic!” She gasped, and went on, “You’re amazing!! Don’t slow down! I’ve already come twice, but I can feel another one on the way!” She made a throaty groaning sound, and said, “I think it’s gonna be a big one.”

I looked at Tina, standing beside me in the dark, outside the door, and her eyes were like saucers, as she watched the spectacle taking place in my mother’s bedroom. Tina glanced at me, her mouth hanging open, but said nothing, and then looked back at our mother, being royally fucked on her bed. For a guy in his forties, Steve had a lot of stamina, and he was showing a certain amount of style, as he thrust relentlessly into my mother, fucking her like some kind of Terminator. I almost expected him to start talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he said, “Stella! I can’t believe how wet you are! And you’re so tight! I can never get over how tight you are.”

“I’m wet because you made me like that,” my mother answered, lifting her head off the bed, and taking a deep breath through her mouth, “You always make me so wet!”

Steve kept on thrusting hard, each thrust deep, hard and precise, fucking my mother like a machine, like the machines he helped design and engineer at work. His body had become a precision instrument of pleasure, slamming my mother’s pussy with mechanical precision, going so deep with each pounding stroke, there could not have been a millimetre of her that wasn’t totally full of cock. “Are you close?” my mother asked, lifting her head to speak, an urgent note in her voice. “If you are, just hold on a little longer,” pausing, taking a gasping breath, “You’re getting me right in my sweet spot.”

“Just go for it, Stella,” Steve said, “I can hold on, but you’re makin’ it hard.”

“I like it hard,” my mother answered, pausing for another throaty gasp, “ And you never disappoint me.” I felt Tina touching me on the belly with the back of her hand when our mother said that, as if to say, Did you hear that?

Steve’s cock was doing serious business with my mother’s pussy, and somehow, on some level, it was making me excited to see our mother, the woman who had brought Tina and me up on her own, and who had given us as much love as two parents, working hard to give us a happy, secure home, keeping us well fed, making sure we wore warm clothes when it was cold, doing all that motherly stuff, was now lost in a world of ecstasy, talking about the wetness of her pussy, and the hardness of her man’s cock that was being driven into it. My throat was dry, and I felt that oily feeling of arousal in my lower belly, as Steve pummelled my mother’s pelvis from behind, immersing himself in the pleasure it was giving him, to fuck the woman who was my mother.

I wondered for a moment if my mother had come like this, the night I was conceived, and in a strange way, I kind of hoped that she did, and that in creating me, she had experienced such unbridled pleasure. Tina and I should have left, and gone somewhere to let Steve and our mother get on with it, but we were transfixed by what we saw, so we stood there in the dark, two teenaged voyeurs, watching our mother impaled on a man’s rigid, unyielding cock.

“You’ve got a beautiful body, Stella,” I heard Steve say, a little breathlessly, “Fucking beautiful!” he added, as he kept on thrusting, and I heard my mother say, “I’m glad you like it,” pausing, gasping, “Because it’s yours any time you want it.” She put her head back down on the bed sheet, and then I saw her arch her back, changing the angle of her pussy slightly, and she began to thrust back harder at Steve, as he pounded into her. “I’m gonna come, Steve!” she said, and then louder, lifting her head, arching her back, she said, “I’m,” pausing, gasping again, “gonna come!!”

My mother’s back arched again, and she clenched her fists on the bed in front of her, and my she lifted her head, and cried out, “Ohh, JEE-sus, that’s good Steve!!” Her whole body spasmed three times, each spasm bringing a throaty sound from her, and before her body relaxed, Steve, thrusting hard from behind, pursed his lips, gritted his teeth, and ramped up his thrusting, his pelvic movements becoming ragged and uneven, as he emptied his seed into my mother’s welcoming vagina.

Steve’s thrusting slowed, and he stopped, still with his cock inside my mother, and he said, “I’ve had it, Stella, I’ve gotta lie on the bed. You took everything out of me.” He withdrew his half-hard cock from my mother, and she said, “That’s because you put everything into me.” She rolled over on the bed, with her legs spread wide, and lay on her back, holding out her arms for Steve to lie on her. For the first time in my life, I saw my mother’s pussy, just for a brief moment, the inner lips swollen and glistening with fluids, and the dark patch of pubic hair matted with the come that had leaked from her when Steve withdrew his cock. Steve lay down on top of my mother, taking the weight on his elbows, and they kissed, deeply, holding the kiss for a moment, as my mother wrapped her long legs around him.

They broke their kiss, and my mother looked around, and said, “I think we’d better make ourselves respectable in case the kids come back,” and then she smiled, and wrapped her fingers around Steve’s tool, and added, “Although, that thing’s pretty respectable, I gotta say.” I felt Tina tugging on my shirt, and we both crept away from our mother’s door. Tina’s bedroom was closer, so we quietly ducked in there, and hid behind the door.

I could hear movement and low voices in our mother’s room, and the tap running in my mother’s en-suite, and then a few minutes later, Steve and my mother walked out, and went towards the kitchen, and out the back door. They were fully dressed, now, and our mother had brushed her hair, but there had not been time for them to have cleaned themselves up, after their session of hot sex. Tina and I went to her bedroom window, and looked out from her darkened room, and we saw our mother and Steve walking down the driveway, in the moonlight. They were holding hands, like two teenagers, and nobody would have imagined that just minutes ago, this handsome middle-aged couple had stoked each other into a critical mass of frenzied lust and desire, riding the mutual orgasms they had triggered to a deeply satisfying finality, in my mother’s bedroom, just metres away.

Somehow, in that same way that watching their passionate fucking had aroused me earlier, the thought that my mother still had Steve’s come in her pussy, and Steve still had a mixture of his own come and our mother’s sex fluids on his cock and balls, sent a wave of excitement through me, but it would be hard for me to explain why.

My mother had a swingy, girlish gait, similar to Tina’s, and her pleated skirt was ruffling around her legs as she walked, emphasising the sway of her hips, and the smartness of her step. They walked to the passenger’s door of Steve’s Cherokee, and he opened it gallantly for our mother, and as she stepped inside, she paused halfway, and they kissed, gently and lovingly, holding the kiss, and making eye contact for a brief moment as they broke it. It was obvious that, as much as Steve and my mother lusted for each other’s bodies, they were also in love, and I felt happy for my mother at that moment, as I watched Steve’s car reversing from the driveway.

Neither Tina nor I had spoken since we stopped outside our mother’s bedroom door, and saw what was going on in there. I assumed they must have started watching the porn DVD on the TV in the family room, but had gotten so horny, they had adjourned to our mother’s bedroom, and put it on in there, and started fucking as they watched it. “Did you see them?” Tina said, “I’m surprised she can walk after that!”

“I could see them all right,” I answered. Watching my mother and Steve had made me very horny, and I could feel my hard cock in my jeans.

“I need to touch myself, big time,” Tina said, and even though I felt much the same way, I couldn’t help giggling explosively at the way she had just blurted it out like that. “Well, I’m not the only one,” she said, defensively, as she touched my hard cock through the front of my trousers. She looked me in the eyes for a moment, but said nothing.

“I’ve got an idea,” Tina said, turning to me, as we stood in the dark, “ Let’s cuddle up in my bed, and do it to each other.” She looked at me, waiting for my response.

“What if I can’t make you come?” I asked. I was all for it, but I wasn’t sure I could make Tina come by fingering her.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I can make you come,” Tina said, playfully, “but if you can’t get me off, I’ll just take over and you can help,” as though that was the most normal thing in the world. She put her arms around me, and her face close to mine, making eye contact, and said, “What do you reckon?”

I kissed Tina’s sweet, sexy mouth, and said, “Sounds like a plan.”

Tina walked to her bed in the darkness, the only light in the room coming from down the hall, and sat on her bed, kicked off her sandals, and sat back. She smiled, and then lay down on the bed, on her right side, with her left leg bent, so her short denim skirt was lifted, revealing her white cotton panties underneath. A ripple of desire passed through me, and I walked to her bed, slipped off my shoes, and got on next to her. I turned over on my left side, facing Tina. She kissed me on the mouth, and I wasted no time in putting in my right hand on her left thigh, caressing her there, and feeling her smooth skin, as the excitement washed through me. I slipped my right hand under her skirt, where I felt the coolness of her buttocks through her cotton panties. I gently caressed Tina’s smooth, firm buttocks through her panties, and she moved her own right hand down to unzip my jeans. She gently put her hand inside, and touched my hard cock through my underpants.

Tina and I kissed each other, gently, with just a touch of tongue from each of us, as I caressed her bottom, and she felt my tool through my underpants, and I slipped my right hand inside the back of her panties, to continue caressing her bottom, with my hand now inside them. Still kissing me, Tina slipped her hand inside my underpants, and stroked her thumb across the head of my hard cock, gently swirling the fluid that was leaking from the end. She pulled her lips away, just far enough to speak, and whispered, “You’re rarin’ to go, Jace.”

“What about you?” I said, and I slipped my hand out of the back of her panties, and between her legs, to gently feel the crotch of her panties. It felt very moist, and I softly probed at her slit through the cotton material. Her pussy felt more slippery than usual, and I said, “You’re pretty wet, too.”

Tina had a look on her face, like she was waiting for something to happen, or she was waiting for me to find something, but she said nothing to show what she was thinking. I started to rub Tina’s pussy through the her panties, and it felt very wet, For some reason, Tina’s pussy lips felt much more slippery than usual, inside the gusset of her panties, and when I eased a finger inside the crotch, to touch her pussy, I couldn’t feel any hair.

I looked at her, and she still had that slightly expectant look on her face, and I kissed her mouth one more time, and then I moved my hand up to the waistband at the front of her panties, and slipped it inside. I could not felt any pubic hair, and my fingers went right to the top of her moist, slippery pussy slit, with nothing but the touch of smooth skin.

I smiled, and said, “Did you shave yourself down there?” and Tina smiled, “Today,” she said, “Katy and I did it today.”

“Both of you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Tina grinned, “We were looking at a porn magazine from her dad’s stash, and practically every girl in there had her pussy shaved, so we decided to try it. No-one else was home, so we shaved ourselves in her bedroom.”

I laughed and said, “Can I have a look?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t done that already,” Tina smiled, as she turned onto her back, and leaned over to switch on her bedside light. I moved between Tina’s legs, and she lifted her bottom from the bed, and reached behind herself to unzip her skirt, then looked at me. I took her cue, and gently slipped her denim skirt down her legs, and dropped it on the floor, revealing her white cotton panties. It was obvious her pussy was very wet, from the way the crotch of her panties was moulded to its shape. I peeled her panties down, and the crotch of them stuck to her slick pussy as I took them off her.

Tina’s pussy was completely shaved, and where there had been a neat triangle of hair last time I had seen it, there was now smooth skin, and even the sides of her labia were hairless. “You did a thorough job,” I smiled, looking at my sister’s hairless pussy.

“Katy helped me,” Tina smiled back, “We helped each other.” The mental image made a hot wave of excitement pass through me, and I looked at her face. “Wish I was there,” I sighed.

“I don’t know if Katy would have let you watch her doing it,” Tina replied, teasingly, “and she’s not supposed to know you’ve seen mine, so I don’t think it would have helped.”

Tina’s shaved pussy looked so cute, I just had to lean down and kiss her on her hairless pubic mound, inhaling the sexy scent, although it was a little fainter now that there was no hair to hold it. I don’t know what it was about her shaved pussy, with its slit so clearly visible, but I felt like I would love to fuck her in it, with just the very head of my cock, nestling it just inside the very opening of her cunt, using slow and shallow strokes, just teasing her with the head of my cock, and coming just inside her opening, instead of right inside her pussy, but I knew she had said on Saturday morning that we shouldn’t actually fuck any more, so I thought that would never happen. Even so, the thought was exciting, and I knew Tina would let me go down on her, so moved my mouth down, to gently lick the outside of the hood of her clit. I licked it a few times, like an ice-cream, and then I probed into the recesses beside it with the tip of my tongue. After I had tasted these intimate parts of Tina that were normally obscured by her pubic hair, I moved down a little further, to taste her clit, and the juices that were pooling in the recess between her puffy inner lips. Tina flinched once or twice as I licked and tasted her clit, and I heard her say, “Careful, it’s very sensitive there.”

As before, Tina’s pussy was sweetish and tangy, and I scooped some of her juice onto my tongue and spread it round my mouth, so I could taste it properly. I ran my tongue up and down the outside of Tina’s shaved labia, licking the smooth skin, and tasting it, then I used my tongue to probe and taste the very opening of her pussy. The taste, and the scent, of my sister’s sweet pussy were making me so excited I could burst, and my cock felt rock hard in my jeans, begging for some attention.

Tina’s shaved pussy seemed to be wetter that it had been before, and I took my time over licking and exploring every fold, tasting and enjoying my sister in ways that brothers are never meant to do, and she wasn’t saying much, just sighing or occasionally saying, “That’s nice,” or “That feels lovely”, in a wispy voice, but after a while, she said, “Jason?”

I was just about to start getting serious about trying to make her come by gently sucking on her clit, but I lifted my head from her pussy, and said, “Yes?”

“Would you like me go down on you, too?” Tina asked.

“Only if you want to,” I said, still tasting her pussy on my lips.

“Lets do it to each other,” Tina smiled, and she opened her arms, and said, “Come up here.” I moved up the bed, to lie on top of her, taking the weight on my elbows, and we kissed deeply for a moment, and after the kiss, Tina said, “Lets have a sixty-nine, like in the movie.”

There had been a couple of sex scenes in the porn movie, where the actors had gone down on each other in the sixty-nine position, and I had seen it in plenty of porn magazines, but the thought of actually doing it with my sister made me almost breathtakingly excited. “Okay,” I said, “I think I’d like that.”

“You lay on your back,” Tina said, “and I’ll get on top,” then, with a giggle, she added, “It’s more ladylike that way.” I rolled onto my left side, and Tina moved over to make room for me, then she looked at my jeans, and said, “Better get these off.”

My fly was already open from where Tina had been fondling my cock, so she undid the stud and slipped my jeans down my legs and dropped them on the floor. My cock was hard and erect, and Tina leant down and kissed the head, and smiled at me. “I’ll see if I can make you come, this time,” she said.
Tina turned, and climbed over me, in the sixty-nine position, and I felt a wave of unbearable excitement as she brought her lovely bottom and her smooth, shaved pussy up to my face, with her knees bent, so her pussy was right in front of my face. I leaned forward to kiss her on the opening to her pussy, as I felt her warm breath on my hard cock. I paused for a moment to saviour the feeling of her wet mouth on just the head of my cock, and the touch of her tongue as she rubbed it on the sensitive part, just under the head. That brought a flinch from me that I could not control.

I started to explore Tina’s pussy with my tongue again, tasting every inch of it, inhaling the scent, letting it work its arousing magic on me, and admiring the close-up view of her lovely bottom, and generally working up to the point where I would get serious with her clit and try to make her come, while Tina worked on my hard cock with her mouth.

To say Tina’s mouth on my cock felt fantastic would sadly understate the truth, and I was pretty sure that if things kept on going this way, I was going to come very soon, so I took my mouth from her pussy, and said, “Tina?”

I felt Tina releasing my cock from her lips. “Everything okay?” she asked. When she spoke, I felt her breath on my moist cock.

“I don’t think I’m far off coming,” I said, “I just thought I let you know.”

“Just go for it,” Tina said, from down near my cock,” “I want you to do it in my mouth.”

“Okay,” I said, and I felt Tina’s warm, wet mouth going back over my cock again. Tina must have known she was on a bit of a roll now, and I felt her moving her lips up and down on my cock, with just the right amount of pressure. The feelings were building inside me, and it was as though I had no control over what was happening, and I had to come, whether I was ready or not. I seemed to go past a point where it was out of my hands, and an incredible orgasmic wave of pleasure built, up and built up, as I felt the roof of Tina’s sweet mouth on the tip of my cock, as her lips and tongue stimulated the rest and I said, “Tina, I’m coming! I’m coming!” as I involuntarily slapped the bed on both sides of myself, and I felt an eruption of sperm from my cock, inside Tina’s mouth. To her credit, Tina kept on working my tool with her mouth the whole time, as I spurted and spurted, my cock totally out of control, and liquid bolts of pure pleasure swept through me. After the first two spurts, even though I was lost in a fog of sweet pleasure, accompanied by a tickling feeling in my abdomen, I still heard some slurpy sounds, as Tina tried to cope with the gushing flood.

My orgasm faded, but Tina kept on milking my cock with her mouth, right to the end, making sure I was totally satisfied, and then after I relaxed with a sigh, she lifted her head from my cock and said, “Time out.” She turned in the bed, and sat back, on my left, facing me, next to my knees. She was smiling widely, with come dribbling from her mouth, onto her chin, and she was obviously pleased with herself. She swallowed, and said, “I hope you liked that, because I thought you were never gonna stop.” She wiped her chin with the back of her hand, and said, “But I was determined to take you right to the end.”

“That was amazing,” I said, “But now it’s your turn.”

Tina didn’t answer, but just climbed back over me, and got into the sixty-nine position again. Her pussy was literally oozing her juices now, and with no hair to absorb any, it was just running out of her. I licked off what I could, savouring the sexy taste, and then I made a quick exploration of her pussy with my lips and tongue, and then I used my tongue to scoop some of her slippery juice onto her clit. Then, I used the tried and true method of gently sucking her clit, using her own juices for lubrication, and moving my head back and forth, working her sweet little clit with my mouth.

Within moments, Tina was bucking her hips, so I clamped my hands around her, just above her buttocks, holding her tightly in place, so her clit could not escape my mouth, and she had no choice but to surrender to the pleasure, and I got back to business, gently working my lips and tongue back on forth on her clitoris.

I heard Tina say, “That’s good, re-e-ally good,” then a pause, and “That’s getting better, Jace,” then, another short pause, a gasp, and “Oh, God, Jace, that’s good!!” Tina’s whole body began to shake, and she started to squirm, and squeeze her thighs together. I kept working her clit with my mouth, and then I heard a rasping, guttural gasp from her, and she said, really quickly, her voice higher than normal, “Oh, Jace, you’re making me come!! I’m coming!!”

Tina’s chest jerked twice, each jerk accompanied by a squeeze from her thighs, and she relaxed again, and I heard her exhale deeply, although for a moment I couldn’t hear anything else, because her thighs were clamped over my ears. We lay there, in the sixty-nine position, with Tina’s pussy in my face, while she got her breath back, and then she climbed off me, and turned around, to lie on my left, facing me. Tina cuddled up to me, and she gave me a long, deep kiss. Her lips were warmer than usual, and tasted slightly salty. “Can you taste yourself?” Tina smiled, after we broke our kiss, “Because I can taste myself on you.”

I nodded, and we cuddled together, on Tina’s bed, our arms around each other, talking quietly about how it felt to come the way we had just done.

After a while, arousal began to return, as we lay there, holding each other, both naked from the waist down, and Tina leaned over to kiss me on the mouth, soft and deep, sweet and sexy, adding to my excitement. My right hand was around her back, and I gently moved it down to trace her butt crack with my fingers, down to her pussy, which was wet again. I fondled her hairless outer lips, spreading her pussy juice onto them, and she smiled at me.

Tina reached down, with her left hand, and touched my tool, which was now hard again, and her smile widened. “We can’t let that go to waste,” she said, and I saw her face change, as though she was deep in thought for a moment. Tina swallowed, and said, “Let’s make love again, lik we did the other night.”

Now, it was my turn to swallow. “I thought you said we shouldn’t go that far again,” I replied, although I was hoping she wouldn’t change her mind.

“I know,” Tina replied, biting her lower lip thoughtfully, “but I’ve still got a couple of days till my period’s due, so I’m still safe. Let’s do it while we can.”

“I hope you weren’t looking for an argument,” I smiled, looking down at her shaved pussy. I couldn’t help myself. Then, I remembered the odd thought that had crossed my mind, when I first saw Tina’s cute little shaved pussy, and how I wanted to tease it with the head of my cock. I couldn’t work out why, but I wanted to try that.

I moved up, and put my hands on Tina’s shoulders, gently turning her onto her back, and I kissed her deeply for a moment, then I moved between here legs again. Her hairless, freshly shaved pussy was open slightly, the entrance pouting, and fluid was oozing from her, and I knelt down and kissed her on her smooth pubic mound. Sitting back up, I gently inserted a finger, to the second knuckle, into her pussy, and withdrew it, sucking the juice from it, and looking Tina in the eyes as I did so. She looked at my erect cock, then back up at my face, and took a deep breath.

I knelt down again, and lay on top of Tina, once again taking the weight on my elbows, and I gently inserted just the head of my hard, eager cock, into the very entrance of her pussy. Tina’s pussy was very wet, and very slippery, and as I teased the entrance of her pussy with just the tip of my cock, she started to move her pelvis a tiny amount, so we were teasing each other. I found this incredibly exciting, as we teased at each other like that, and Tina giggled a little, as cock and pussy played with each other, and I fought the primal urge to thrust all the way inside, and begin fucking in earnest.

I would have loved to have come like that, and spurted my seed just inside Tina, so it flooded her, and ran out all over her bald pussy, but I knew it would not have been very satisfying for her, so I held on, playing our little teasing game. Now and again, as I tried to push my cock in a little further, Tina would pull her pussy back, and shake her head and say, “Uh uh, not yet,” or she would try to engulf more of my hard cock with her soft, wet, oozing pussy, and I’d pull back myself, and say, “Two can play at that game.” It was sexy, and it was tantalising, but it was also fun to play with her like that, cock and pussy fondling and teasing, and challenging each other, and the feeling of the very entrance of Tina’s pussy right on the very tip of my cock was exquisite. Tina’s pussy was now dripping with her juice.

After a while, our arousal built up to the point where we both knew it was time to commit to the union of my cock and Tina’s pussy, and to begin the serious fucking that both of our bodies were craving. I was lying on top of Tina, in the missionary position, with the tip of my rigid cock just inside her pussy, and every fibre of my body was ready to push forward, and to fuck my little sister, and she said, “You know what I want to do?”

“I’ve got a fair idea,” I answered, as I began to ease my cock inside. This was only the second time my cock had been inside her, so I was taking it gently. I stopped, to see what it was Tina wanted to say.

“Let’s do it doggy-style” Tina smiled, “like Mum and Steve were doing it. God, that was exciting watching them doing that.”

I was eager to try it, but I said, “I’ve heard it goes in pretty deep from behind. You sure you want to do it that way?”

“Yeah,” Tina answered, “’I’ll soon let you know if it hurts.” She smiled again waiting for my response.

“Okay,” I said, “Lets try it.”

I withdrew my cock from Tina’s pussy, and she moved over and got on her knees, facing the head of her bed. I was kneeling behind her, and her beautiful, round bottom and open pussy, puffy-lipped and glistening with moisture, looked so inviting, it took my breath away. I moved over and gently kissed Tina’s pussy, right between her inner lips, inhaled her scent, and scooped some juice onto my tongue. Then, I took the time to just kneel there and admire the sight of my little sister’s pussy for a moment or two, before we fucked for the second time.

I moved into position behind Tina, and I entered her with my cock. I took at least six gentle strokes before I was right inside, because this was only her second time, and once I was in I began to thrust gently, full length strokes, but not hard or fast, just a nice comfortable rhythm. I heard Tina taking a deep breath, and sighing, and I said, “You okay?’

“Yeah, I’m great,” Tina said, “that feels great, trust me.”

“Just let me know if it hurts,” I said, and I kept on fucking, in a nice even, gentle rhythm, feeling the walls of my sister’s pussy hugging my cock, stimulating it perfectly. Even though I was not pushing for deep penetration, I was surprised at just how deeply my rigid cock was going inside my little sister’s snug, young pussy, although it was no surprise to see how much juice was on it with each out-stroke, after I had seen how wet she had been before I entered her.

I began to fuck her teasingly, just using the head of my cock, for a few strokes, and Tina pushed her pussy back onto me, and after a deep breath, she said, “It’s time to get serious, Jace.” She adjusted her pelvic tilt a little, and said, “That’s nice and gentle, but just go a little faster, Jace. Fuck me a little bit harder.”

Tina hardly ever swore, and it was kind of exciting to hear her say that, and the slight change in her position was making the sensitive head of my cock rub harder inside her pussy. I picked up the pace a little, and for a brief moment, as I fucked Tina like that, I remembered Steve, mercilessly reaming my mother’s pussy like he was when Tina and I watched through the bedroom door, and although I knew it was much too early to give Tina’s novice pussy that sort of treatment, I started to fuck her a little harder.

Her sweet little pussy seemed to mould itself to my cock with each stroke, no matter how hard I thrust, and she was so wet there was no sense of friction, just the feeling of my cock gliding along the interior walls. I could feel the pleasure building up, and I wanted to come, but I was hoping to bring Tina to her orgasm first.

“You’re going great, Jace,” Tina said, with her voice straining a little, “but you can go deeper if you want, don’t hold back.”

I started to fuck Tina even harder, although it was nowhere near as hard as Steve had fucked our mother, but I was going deep, and I could feel my cock pushing harder against the front wall of Tina’s pussy. Tina put her head down, and said, “We’re really getting somewhere now,” and took a deep breath, and added, “It feels really different this way, and I can feel all of your cock.”

I kept thrusting for a few moments and Tina said, “I know what Mum meant about a sweet spot now,” and she made that throaty sound again, and said, “That’s amazing!” She bowed her head, and said, “So deep, so good!”

I could see my hard cock thrusting in and out of Tina’s tight little pussy, and her arse looked so sexy, as I fucked her moderately hard from behind, and I wondered if I could hold on much longer. I just wanted to let go, and come inside her, but then Tina said, “ Jason! That’s it! That’s it! I’m gonna come!!” There was something about the way she said the word, “come,” like she was about to cry, with a soulful note in her voice, but the way she bowed her head, and arched her back, and began to thrust back with her pelvis, riding my cock, riding her orgasm, owning the wave of pleasure that burst in her, showed me she was a long way from crying.

I saw Tina’s fists clenched on the bed in front of her, the way our mother’s had done, and she dropped her face to the bed sheet, and made that whimpering, “Ohh, ohh, ohh,” sound for a few seconds, and relaxed, as I felt my own orgasm burst. I knew from wanking that the second orgasm was usually better than the first, and this time, as my cock started to pump my sperm into my sister’s willing, eager pussy, the pleasure was almost unbearable. Bolt after bolt of pure, sweet ecstasy passed through me, and as Tina’s tight young pussy was filled to capacity with my come, it squeezed out of her as I thrust in behind it, matting my own pubic hair, and being forced up into her butt crack. I held onto Tina’s hips, holding her pussy to me, determined to ride this orgasm to the very end, to consume every ounce of pleasure it had to offer.

The feelings subsided, and it was over. I felt totally satisfied, and I stopped my thrusting. Tina sighed, and in a breathless voice, she said, “So, that’s doggy style.”

I withdrew my softening cock from her and Tina turned over and lay face up on the bed, her open pussy a disaster area of leaking come, and swollen labia. With no hair to soak it up, the fluids were leaking all over the place. She gave her pubic mound a gentle rub with her right hand, and smiled at me. “That was a-mazing!” she said.

I flopped down next to her, on my back on her right, and we lay there looking up at the ceiling. “It was,” I said.

“You’ve got to hand it to Mum,” Tina smiled, “She always sets a good example.”

“You’re bad,” I smiled, and Tina smiled back, saying, “We’re both bad.”

“I wonder what time the movie ends,” I said, and Tina answered, “Dunno, but we better get our clothes back on, in case it was a dud and they come home early.”

Tina and I dressed, and went to reheat our dinner, lovingly prepared for us by our mother. We had both seen her in a new light that evening, and as we ate, and talked about what we had seen that night, and where it had led, I wondered what the future held. Tina and I had twice crossed a forbidden boundary now, and I wondered if we would cross it again.

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