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Hey guys, heres the first installment of the Hannah Montana series. If you want a better update, go read my other story, Celebrity's fucking
Hannah Montana: Let’s Get Crazy Chapter 1
“Let's get crazy, yeah just kick up your heels. Don't miss out, time to shout, always keeping it real. Let's get crazy!”
Hannah Montana, teen pop sensation raised her hand the crowd and pointed at them as she finished her song, “Let’s Get Crazy”.
“Goodnight Malibu!!” She shouted into the mike. Her voice reverberated through the arena and Hannah ran off the stage into the hallway behind, the screams of her fans following her up to her dressing room. She walked through the door into the changing room. Inside, a middle-aged man with a moustache was waiting for her and said, “Nice job, baby girl.”
“Thanks Daddy. Am I doing autographs tonight?”
“No, we’re leaving right away.”
“Okay, but I’ve got to go to the bathroom first.”
“Just come to the back door, the limo will be there.”
Hannah’s dad/manager left through the door. Hannah Montana reached up to her head and took off her blond wig. Then she let her buttoned-up hair loose and shook her head so that her brown colored hair fell free past her shoulders. Miley Stewart, teenage school girl went into the bathroom, pulled down her jeans and panties and sat down on the toilet, starting to piss. Since she was 13, Miley had been entertaining millions of fans and sold millions of albums under the alias of Hannah Montana, all the while going to first Seaview Middle School and then Seaview High School making friends with people such as Lily Truscott and Oliver Oaken. Her father and manager, Robby Ray Stewart was old country music star, and who has abandoned his career for Miley and her older brother, Jackson. Even now, going into her senior year of high school she was still singing her hear out at the frequent concerts.
Miley finished urinating and stood up and pulled her pants back up. She washed her hands and put her hair back up and her wig on over top. She stepped back out the door and went down the hall to the back door of the arena. She opened the door slightly and peeked out to make sure there were no fans. In the dark, 11 o’clock night she didn’t see anyone. Or the limo for that matter. She stepped out of the door and shut it behind her, glancing left and right to look for it.
Maybe it’s still in the garage. Miley started walking left, to the parking garage 100 yards away. As she passed the dumpsters at the corner of the garage, a man dressed in black jumped out and ran at her. Miley began to scream but another figure from behind her grabbed her and put one hand on her mouth and the other around her waist. He pulled her backwards to in-between the garbage dumpsters and the first man followed. He pulled out a long strip of cloth and put it in her mouth and tied it around her head painfully tight. The man behind her pushed her to the ground and held her there with his hands on her wrists. The first man reached down and took hold of her jeans, unbuttoning them and wrestling them off of her as she twisted and turned in terror.
The man finally got them off of her, revealing her long, bare, tanned legs and low-cut, red panties. NO!! Her mind screamed. Miley’s first assailant pulled out a knife, and Miley tried struggling even harder. The man brought it close to her stomach and she closed her eyes shut in fear. But she didn’t feel anything and opened them back up, seeing the man cutting along the sides of her top. When he was done the shirt fell off, showing her flat stomach and breasts covered by a red bra that matched her panties. The 16 year old girl struggled against her much stronger middle-aged attackers, but it was futile. She was pinned down and couldn’t move, with only her thin undergarments hiding her private areas.
The man that wasn’t holding onto her wrists then grabbed hold of her panties and yanked them off of her hips. Even in the dark, streetlight night, her shaven pussy was clearly visible. With just slightly puffy labia’s and a medium sized clit, her vagina looked quite desirable and Miley felt the man holding her wrist’s cock began to grow as it pressed against the back of her head. The man holding her panties held them up and took a long whiff, exhaling contentedly after smelling the aroma of the teenage girl’s faint sex juices that lingered on her panties from some earlier time. He held them out, and then stuffed them underneath her gag and into her mouth. She gagged when she tasted her own juices, and breathed frantically in and out of her nose. The man securing her arms moved a little and brought her arms down by her side. The two men rolled her over onto her stomach, bringer her hands behind her back. The next thing she felt was duck tape being wrapped around her wrists. The men rolled her back over onto her back, and now the man that has been holding down her arms pressed down on her shoulders, holding her still while the other man’s hand’s crept up her stomach to her chest, where he tore of the red bra she was wearing.
The man held it up in the air and looked for the tag. In a low, sleazy voice that went completely with the action he was about to do she thought, he said “34B cup! Not bad for an-almost eighteen year old girl! How many dicks you been riding lately, Miss Montana, eh?” Both men chuckled and the man that was holding her bra threw it aside and roughly brought his hands down her body and past her waist, to her vagina. She tried to struggle even more, and began to hyperventilate with the gag in her mouth, restricting her breathing. His fingers went through her labia, into her vagina not to softly. He kept going farther in until he felt something block his way. “Well well Tom, would you guess it? We have us a virgin pop star here. Maybe not so cocks up her pussy, huh?”
The other man replied “Guess not, Jim. But I wonder how many she’s had in mouth?”
“Only one way to check, Tom.” Hannah could picture both men grinning as the man behind her, Tom stood up. She could hear a zipper being unzipped and then a rustle as his pants dropped to the floor, and he stepped out of them. He knelt back down behind her head and slowly removed her gag and the man’s sweaty and greasy hand covered her mouth again and threw her panties and gag away to the side. She felt him move around her head and up above her.
“Now Miss Montana; I’m going to remove this here hand and replace it with my cock. If you bite down or try to harm me in anyway, you will be punished. And you won’t like it. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. So obey and you won’t get hurt.”
Hannah began to struggle as the man positioned himself over top of her face, her mind screaming in protest at the brutality of the act. In the dim streetlight night, she could see his penis. From what she had heard in school and what she had seen on the internet, it wasn’t all that big, 5 inches, maybe 5 ½. But it was being lowered to her mouth. And she was scared. Afraid. Repulsed. She began to prepare herself for the terrible taste of her first cock, when the man removed his hand and immediately shoved his cock to the back of her throat. She gagged, and then stopped as he withdrew halfway out. It wasn’t actually all that bad tasting, she thought. Just like a finger. And the little bit of liquid at the tip, the pre-cum, wasn’t terrible either. In fact, she kind of liked it. As the man began to thrust in and out, she didn’t even think about biting down.
“I think our pop star here likes it, don’t you, Jim?”
“Defiantly, Tom. I also think she’s going to like my cock shoved up her tight, virgin cunt of hers.”
And with that, the horror of the situation was brought back on Hannah and she began to struggle again. She wanted to lose her virginity soon, yes. But to someone she cared about and loved, and who loved her back. Not this sad excuse for a human being. The man on top of her face shoved his dick farther into her mouth in an effort to stop her moving, but restriction of air made her squirm more. As she heard the dropping of pants and then the feeling of something warm and thin against the folds of her vagina, she knew she was about to be violated.
So she did all she could; a desperate act that would hopefully make them stop long enough for help to come. She bit down on the man’s sensitive member.
The man screamed in pain and withdrew his dick. She opened her mouth and screamed, a two second long burst before the man’s hand was back on her mouth. With the other he slapped her several times across the face, hard.
“Alright Jim, no more slow. Do it now, and make it hurt!”
“Roger that Tom.”
And with that, Hannah knew she was doomed. She couldn’t struggle anymore, and n o help was coming. Hannah felt the man’s cock enter a couple inches into her tight love hole, millimeters away from her delicate cherry. She felt him draw back slightly, getting ready to thrust hard and deep. She closed her eyes and prepared for the pain.
Than the man’s penis was gone, as was the man on top of her. She opened her eyes and saw the figure of her father standing over them with his fists clenched and rage in his eyes. That that rage disappeared and was replaced with sorrow and care. He knelt down next to her and took her bare body into his arms. And she melted into his chest, crying.
“There there now, honey, everything’s going to be fine, daddy’s here.”
Robbie Ray Stewart looked down at his naked daughter with her nipples pressing into his stomach and continued to comfort her.

It was a week later on Friday morning and Miley Stewart was in bed. That’s where she had spent most of her time since the Incident, as she and her family had taken to calling it. In bed or on the couch. The time of her crying was over and now she just sat there with her mind replaying that what had happened over and over again. The horribleness and cruelty of it. But every now and then her mind would throw in a “what about the taste of his cock” or “what about that cock almost filling you up”. And she had to admit, the taste of the man’s pre cum and the feel of his cock in her pussy had felt good. Strange, but good.
Her dad walked into her room. “How’s it going, honey?”
“It’s going okay Dad. When are you going to let me go back to school?”
“If you’re up to it, Monday.”
“I’ve been up to it since Wednesday. Kids at school are going to be wondering where I’ve been.”
“I’ll have the doctor write a sick note.”
Robbie Ray turned around to exit her room, but hesitated. He turned back around and said “Are you sure you’re alright? We never did talk about…the Incident.”
Miley smiled. “I think I’m okay. If I need to talk, I’ll tell you.”
Robbie nodded and left the barn that was her and Lily’s room. She lay back on her bed and sighed. In a way, lying down for a week was more tiring that actually doing something. So she decided to go for a ride on her horse, Blue Jeans. She got out of her pajamas and dressed in short jean shorts and a red tank top. The tank top was a bit small, so it showed off a bit of her flat belly and maybe a little too much of her cleavage. But she wasn’t going around people, so it was okay. She walked out of her room and up the small path the path to the house. Inside, she called out. “Dad? Is it alright if I go for a ride on Blue Jeans?”
When no answer came, she called out again “Dad? You there?”
Puzzled, she walked up the stairs to the second floor and down the hall to her dad’s room. The door was slightly ajar, and she peeked in. Inside was a sight that startled and amazed her. Her dad was standing, ass naked in front of his bed and was slowly beating off. His hand was traveling up and down the length of the thick, nine inch cock that had made her. His mouth was moving and he was mumbling something that she couldn’t quite make out. His hand started traveling faster and faster, and Miley knew that her dad was about to ejaculate. Sure enough, within five seconds five strands of long, ropey jizz shot from eh tip of his cock and landed on the towel that lay on his bed. When he came, he groaned loud enough that Miley could finally hear him.
“Oh shit Miley, I’m coming! Eat it up baby girls, that’s it…”
Miley’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened when she realized the object of Robbie’s fantasies. Her. He was jacking off to the image of his daughter sucking his dick. She slowly backed away and crept down the hall, down the stairs and back out to her room where she lay down on her bed and let her thoughts drift off.
Wow, she thought. My dad wants me! Me! A couple of weeks ago, she might have been horrified, but now… now it just made her excited. She knew that she didn’t want to wait until marriage to lose her v-card, and that she wanted to lose it to someone who loved her. And who loved her more than her dad?! At that moment, she decided she was going to have sex with her father. The only problem now lay in seducing him. Miley started to think, and while she did she began to unbutton her shorts. She brought her legs up and pulled them off, letting them fall of the side of the bed. Then she sat up and tore off the red tank top, and they joined the shorts on the floor. Then Miley reached behind her back and unbuckled the strap of her bra. The plain black undergarment joined the shorts on the floor. Lastly, the teen girl slid her thumbs under the sides of her matching black panties and wiggled her hips until the underwear too was at the end of the bed.
She began playing with her breasts and nipples with both hands, mashing them together and circling her dark areolas with her thumbs. When she was sufficiently aroused, her right hand left her hard nipple and traveled down her stomach to her crotch. Miley massaged the area around her vagina, going in tighter and tighter circles until it was just her pussy lips she was massaging. Her cunt began leaking with her sex juices. She had always suspected that she had more fluids than other girls, but had never been sure. When her vagina was sufficiently lubricated she slipped her first two fingers inside and began to bring her fingers in and out slowly and shallowly. After a few minutes of this, with her heart beating slightly faster she sped up and used longer strokes, as far as she could without piercing her hymen. Her left hand left her left breast and went to her clitoris, where she began rubbing slow circles on the sensitive nub of erotic tissue. Her breathing was quicker now, as she pictures her dad lying on top of her, hands kneading her breasts while his cock pumped in and out of her pussy.
“Oh dad, fuck me faster,” she moaned, and her hands sped up, thrusting and rubbing frantically. She felt a hot feeling going through her body seconds before she reached an amazing orgasm. Her pussy squirted with juices around and out of her convulsing cunt several feet into the air to land on the bed and her stomach.
“Oh daddy!” she groaned in an intense wave of pleasure. When her vagina stopped erupting and clamping down on her fingers, her arms collapsed to her sides and she fell asleep. Unknown to her, Miley’s closed slightly.

Robbie Ray closed his daughter’s door very quietly, and crept away into the house. What he had just seen amazed him. He had thought he heard a slight gasp as he had finished masturbating in his room, and had gone to check on Miley to see if he had been imagining it. Robbie had heard what she was saying, and knew that she was fantasizing about him. Her own father. The thought never even crossed his mind that she had heard what HE had been saying when he was jerking off.
Robbie was stunned by this turn of events, that he thought of his daughter in sexual terms, and that apparently she returned those thoughts. He began to wonder just how far Miley would be willing to go, or how she would react if she found out that he had fantasies about her. Would she freak out, or would it turn her on? Robbie began to debate the pros and cons of letting her know. He sat down on the large couch in the living room and leaned back, and just thought. He was in the midst of thinking when the back door opened and he heard Miley step in. He turned around to greet her but became speechless at what she was wearing.
She wasn't wearing much, probably just what she wore to bed. Miley wore a pair of thin, red panties and a blue tank top with spaghetti straps that was at least two sizes too small. It showed off more stomach than was decent and revealed enough cleavage that it looked like her breasts would fall out any minute.
"'s it going honey," he stammered slightly, his face red because of the way he was looking at his daughter.
"It's okay daddy. What are you doing?"
Dreaming of how to fuck you, he thought. But out loud he said "Just watching some TV."
“But it's not on," she asked, puzzled.
"Well I just sat down."
"What were you doing before that?"
His brain raced franticly for an answer, and said "Just doing some bills." Before she could ask another question, he asked "What were you doing?"
"Oh, nothing," she smiled innocently. "Mind if I watch TV with you?"
"Of course not.” Miley smiled and sat down next to him, closer than usual, their hips touching. Robbie looked around for the remote, but he couldn't see it.
"Have you seen the remote, Miley?"
"No, I haven’t watched TV today."
“Either have I. Must have been Jackson, staying up until midnight as usual.”
"Probably. Where is Jackson today?"
"He's out with Siena. Here it is!" he exclaimed, holding it up from where it had been under the couch cushions.
He sat back down next to Miley, a bit farther away than they had been before. Miley slid over as Robbie Ray turned on the TV. He dropped the remote in surprise when it turned on to the adult channel, as a brunette 18 year old woman with her lips around a man's dick showed up on the screen.
He dropped to the ground and scrambled to pick up the remote and switch the channel. He did finally managed to change it, and the National Geographic channel turned on.
"Jackson." he said, angry but not surprised. He had no problems with his son watching porn, but he went over the line when he forgot to change the channel and leave it on for Miley to see it.
"It's okay, dad. Don't be mad at Jackson."
"He shouldn't be leaving this on."
"I guess not."
Robbie turned back around to sit down but stopped when he saw Miley's nipples pressing through the tight, thin material. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Maybe is a good thing he left it on. He thought. What the fuck am I thinking? He thought, shaking his head. This is my daughter I’m talking about. Father’s aren’t supposed to be thinking like this! Thev’e spent years in prison for doing the inappropriate stuff I’m thinking about doing to her. But its been so long since her mom died. And she’s staring the look just like her…
Miley saw him staring and looked down to see what she was staring at. When she saw her own nipples poking through her shirt, she looked back up at her dad and said "Sorry dad."
"T...that's okay honey. Next time, put on more clothes though, okay?"
"Okay dad."
He sat back down and Miley scooted up close to him again. They sat and watched a documentary of African lions for about 15 minutes. The narrator started talking about their mating habits, and a video came up of the male mounting the female and pounding away.
Robbie watched the lions fucking and as he did Miley placed her hand on his jean-clad thigh. Her long thin fingers began to caress his leg. Robbie didn't say anything, but glanced over at his daughter who was watching the lions screwing, and biting her lip as she did. She looked so cute in that shirt and panties with her long bronzed legs curled behind her, her head on his shoulder and her long brown hair allayed across his chest.
His arms were around her neck and his hand rested on her bare hip. He began to caress her naked leg, and Miley looked up at him, their faces just inches from each other. He impulsively craned his neck down and kissed her lips. He began to pull away when she didn't respond he drew away, afraid he had just made a terrible mistake. But she leaned back in and kissed him back, slipped her tongue in between his lips, and her hand on his leg went to his strong chest.
Robbie slipped his own tongue into her mouth, probing deeper in and drew it along the roof of her mouth. She shivered and lightly scraped his tongue with her teeth. Her hand traveled down his chest to the bulge in his pants, but he caught her wrist his hand.
"Are you sure, Miley?"
"YES, dad."
With that, he released her hand gave in completely too carnal desires. They went back to kissing her, and his own hand went to her chest and grabbed onto her right breast through her shirt. Miley rubbing his cock through his jeans and Robbie massaged her breast, and then did the left.
Robbie brought both his hands down to the end of her tank top and pulled it off slowly, revealing her perky, 32B cup tits. No bra, of course. He pulled it over her head and threw it over the end of the couch. Miley took her hands off his cock and his chest and pulled off Robbie's shirt. Then she slid off of the couch and kneeled at Robbie's feet. She slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off, and tossed them behind her. She could clearly see the lump of his dick through the thin fabric of his boxers.
Miley grabbed hold of the waistband of his boxers and pulled them off, freeing his giant, 9 inch cock. It was wide enough around that she doubted she could get her fingers around it. His balls were almost the size of golf balls, and it seemed to her that they throbbed through his hairy sack. She wrapped her thin fingers around his cock and sure enough, her fingers and thumb barely touched. She wondered how she was going to get it all in her mouth. Or her pussy, for that matter. Miley began to stroke her dads cock, up and down the entire length.
Robbie was in heaven as his daughter's one hand stroked his cock and the other fondled his heavy balls. And when he thought it couldn't get any better, it did. He watched as Miley brought her head down near it, and licked the sensitive head. Then she took just the head into her sweet, warm mouth and swirled her tongue around it. He groaned and let his head fall back onto the cushions of the couch. Then Miley took her mouth off of his cock and brought her mouth to his balls, sucking one in and swirling it around in her mouth. Then she did the other. His hairy sack tickled her mouth when she sucked on it, and Robbie groaned again. She licked from the base of her shaft all the way up to the tip and took it in her mouth again. She tried tacking in more this time, pressing her face farther down the long thick rod. She made it almost halfway before she started gagging.
Then she withdrew off his cock completely and coughed once. “Sorry, daddy. I can’t do it.”
“That’s okay honey. Do you really want to?”
She nodded.
“Okay. Here, I’ll help.” Robbie placed both of his hands on the back of her head and lightly brought her mouth back to his cock. “Open wide, honey.”
She opened her mouth and then had it stuffed with Robbie’s enormous cock, and she engulfed four inches of it easily. Then it got harder. Miley pressed down slowly, with minimal help from Robbie. When she had 5 and a half inches in her mouth, she had to stop. And while it was more than she could last time, she still had 3 and a half long ones left.
“Here you go, dear.”
Robbie put more pressure on the back of Miley’s head, and another inch and a half disappeared. With just two inches to go, Miley felt like she was going to throw up any minute. But Robbie was in heaven, with most of his dong stuffed down her mouth, wasn’t about to stop now. He hadn’t been deep throated in years, not since early in his marriage. He’d almost forgotten what it felt like.
He pressed down harder on the back of his daughter’s head, and made her engulf another inch. He felt his dick slide into her throat, the soft skin pulsing against his member.
“C’mon honey, just one more. One more inch.” Miley geared herself up for that last inch and jammed her head forward, swallowing the last inch. He nose was in his pubic hair and she felt his balls resting against her chin, as she started to gag. Then she heard her dad groan and felt a warm fluid gush down her throat. She felt Robbie’s hands leave the back of her head and she yanked herself off of her dad’s dick, just in time to catch the second rope of his sperm. It splattered over her whole face, and the third got in her hair. She put her mouth back on his cock just in time to catch the last two strands of his cum.
She withdrew her mouth off of his dick, careful not to spill any of her father’s precious cum. She tipped her chin up and gurgled the mouthful of his jizz in her mouth, before swallowing all of it. Then she smiled up at her father and wiped the cum off of her face and licked her fingers. Then she licked his cock, up and down the entire length like a popsicle, cleaning his cock off completely. It started to make him hard again.
“You missed some, baby.” Said Robbie Ray. He took his hand and ran it through her brunette hair, taking all of the cum out. Miley then took his hand and sucked on each of his fingers, cleaning them off.
“How was that, daddy?” She asked.
“Perfect, darling. And now that you made me happy, it’s my turn to make you happy.”
The thought of what he was about to do to his daughter began to make his dick hard again. He took Miley by the hands and pulled her up from her knees, and brought her closer to him. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her close to him, close enough so that he could put his mouth around her nipples. He stuck his tongue out and swirled it around her right nipple, causing it to harden and making her excited. He did the same to the other, and then planted a kiss right between her perky tits. Then he kissed below that, then her belly button, and lower. She was still wearing her red panties, and Robbie ripped them off of her completely.
Her pussy was completely bare, and the lips were slightly puffed out, and didn’t have the flaps you saw on porn stars. He wiggled one finger in between her labia, and stuck them in as far as he could before being stopped by her hymen. She was already wet enough to penetrate. He withdrew his fingers and pulled on her hip again, sitting her down on his lap, and her knees rested by his hips. Miley rose up on her knees and Robbie grabbed his cock, positioning it right below her snatch. He guided her downward, until the head of his dick was pressing against her pussy.
“Go as slow as you need, Miley.”
She nodded and then bit her lip, and sat down slowly. The head of his cock entered into her tight vagina, and they both gasped at the tightness. She lowered herself farther and farther, her tight cunt taking in more and more of his cock until it hit that thin barrier that barred his cock from the rest of her vagina. She breathed in deeply, reading herself for the pain. Then she sat down hard, tearing open her hymen and impaling herself completely on Robbie’s cock.
She screamed out loud in pain, the sharp feeling spreading quickly, and then disappearing. She collapsed against Robbie’s chest, breathing heavily.
“Are you okay, darling?”
“Fine, dad.” She replied.
“What do you say we take this upstairs, were I can really give you pleasure.”
Miley nodded and Robbie stood up, with her still on his cock. She wrapped hr legs around his back and he took hold of her fine and supple ass, supporting her weight, and then walking with her upstairs to his bedroom.

Five seconds after they disappeared upstairs, the front door slammed open and IN came Miley’s best friend and roommate, Lily Truscott. The blond teenager was currently locked in a fierce kiss with Oliver Oaken, her boyfriend. They stumbled together across the main living area, tongues entwined and in each other’s mouths. Lily pushed Oliver up against the door leading to the backyard. She pressed up against him and kissed him franticly, with the passion of one who hadn’t seen her lover for months. Which she hadn’t. Oliver had been given a position on a band, and had gone on a six month tour. He rarely got a weekend off. So when Lily was walking home from school and Oliver unexpectedly pulled up beside her in a rental car, she hopped right in and got to business.
Lily reached behind Oliver and twisted the doorknob, and the stumbled into the backyard. Then they fell into Miley and Lily’s room. Lily pushed Oliver onto her bed. Oliver looked up at her and grinned as Lily leaped on to him. She withered on top of Oliver, kissing his face, his neck, and then his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt. When all the buttons were undone, he sat up and tore it off of him, then put her hand on his chest and pushed him back down.
She kissed his strong abs and then unbuttoned Oliver’s jeans. She pulled them off of him, followed by his boxers.
Even after going out with Oliver for nearly a year, his cock still amazed her. It was a giant cock, especially for a teenager. It was nearly ten and a half feet long, and thick. Thick enough that she couldn’t wrap her finger’s around it. He’d already cum once; during the quick car ride him when Lily had leaned over and given him rode-dome. But he was already hard again. This wasn’t the first time they’d fucked, by all means. Sex had been a regular thing back when Oliver was always around and now when he was around irregularly they fucked whenever possible.
Lily stood back from Oliver and lifted her shirt over head, reveling her 36B size breast and bra. The bra was of black lace, and it made Oliver even harder just looking at her trim body and beasts. She whipped off her bra and then her jeans. Lastly went her black lace panties, revealing her mature, bald pussy.
She leapt back onto Oliver, and he rolled her over so that he was on top, in-between her legs. Lily reached down and grabbed hold of Oliver’s cock, and placed it at the entrance to her vagina, and Oliver pushed in. While her pussy wasn’t as tight as when they’d first fucked, it was wetter than ever. Oliver began pounding away at Lily, moving his hips back and forth with vigor. He kept at it for several minutes, but neither of them was feeling it. Over the last year, Lily and Oliver had fucked so much, and in so many positions that the basic ones were getting boring and un-stimulating.
“Sorry Lily, but it’s just not happening.” Oliver said, stopping his thrusting and fell of Lily, and they lay side by side. Lily moved her hand and took hold of his cock again and moved her hand slowly up and down the length of his cock, keeping him hard.
“I know, Oli-pop. Me neither.”
“What can we do to fix it?”
“We need something new, to spice it up.”
“Like what? We’ve already tried standing, the piled diver, spooning, cowgirl, doggy style, and everything in-between.”
“I don’t know.”
They lay there far several minutes, mulling over the problem they had. Then Lily spoke up.
“I’ve got it!”
Oliver looked at her and said “What?”
“We need a new participant!”
“As in…”
“A threesome!”
“Ohh. Well. I guess that would help. Do you mean another guy or a girl?”
“Well I’m not really interested in being doubly penetrated, not yet at least. So I figured another girl.”
“Sure. So who?”
“Well I can’t really think of any girl who would go for you…” She said jokingly, elbowing him in the ribs gently.”
“Hey! I’m a big rock star now; plenty of girls want to hop in bed with me.”
“Yeah but I don’t want some random slut. I want someone I know.”
“Well…who? Your only close friend is Miley, and that’d be…weird.”
“Yeah well. You can’t deny that she’s hot.”
“Of course I can’t. She’s very hot. Not as hot as you, of course,” he added hastily. “But are you sure? I mean I’ll go with whatever you decide.”
“I’m sure. Now the only problem is figuring out how to get her to do it.”

While Lily and Oliver were plotting to get Miley in bed with them, Miley’s dad was making love to her. He had started out in missionary position, and they were still in that position. He was thrusting in and out slowly, going deep but taking his time. Miley was moaning in joy softly, and Robbie took that as a sign she was getting closer to her climax. He started moving his hips faster, and deeper. Miley’s cry got louder and louder, and she screamed out “Oh yes! Fuck me dad, fuck me! I’m going to cum soon dad!”
“Me to darling!”
Then her eyes shot opened and she screamed “No dad, not in me! You can’t do it in me! I’ll get pregnant! You can…uhhh” She was interrupted by the wave of pleasure that preceded her orgasm. Robbie yanked himself out of her and brought his mouth down too her pussy, his tongue entering her spasming cunt as she reached orgasm/
“YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” She screamed as her juices flowed. Or squirted.
Something warm gushed over his face, and Robbie realized that just like her mother, Miley was a squirter. Her sex juices covered his face, and when she finally stopped screaming, Robbie gave her one last lick, cleaning her off. Then he crawled up her body and place his dick in her mouth.
He started to hump her mouth, hard and fast, trying to finish. When the orgasm finally came, Miley’s mouth filled with fluids and she franticly tried to swallow. But her mouth overflowed and the cum leaked out around his thick dong. When he stopped shooting his jizz, he pulled out and Miley licked him clean. Then he fell over and went to sleep, with Miley’s head on his chest.

Next, on Hannah Montana: Let’s Get Crazy.
Jackson’s on a hot date with his girlfriend Siena. But what happens when Rico decides to get involved.
Also, Oliver and Lily find a way to get Miley in bed with them.
Coming as soon as I can find the time to write.

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