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This happened few years ago, when I and my friend were 20 years old and her hot mom was 36.
This happened few years ago, when I and my friend were 20 years old and her hot mom was 36.

Is it hard to believe or not, but she got pregnant with my friend while in high school.
My uncle almost got in trouble, since she was a minor, but anyway they got married and their marriage worked out. Janette’s parents were rich. She is a very beautiful blonde woman with an awesome gorgeous body. If she didn’t get pregnant and marry, she would have become a super model. Even at 36 she looked very fresh and sexy and I think the one who was fucking this woman was a very lucky chap. Her tits were perfect, not huge or small, just good enough, when she walked down, her boobs would usually bounce up and down. Her sexy humps looked very yummy to her very fit body and soft skin. She is tall, and when she wears high heeled shoes she looks even taller than her usual height. My cousin is Nelson and his mom Janette.

At that time I just arrived from Europe that year on student visa and my uncle invited me to their planned summer weekend trip on the beach in California. When departure day came, my uncle couldn’t go and just Nelson, her mom and I had to go. I don’t know anything about boats, yachts, especially big ones and Janette and Nelson were planning to stay for a couple of days. As we left dock, Janette started taking off her clothes and so did Nelson. Looking at them I also followed. Janette’s body was really super hot; she was wearing 2 small pieces of bikini. Both women started applying suntan lotion on their bodies. I was sitting aside looking at them. I immediately had an erection under my swimming trunk.

When we arrived at the place, where there were no divers or boats, Janette and Nelson went to swim. Funny but I didn’t know how to swim, so I pretended to read some magazines, but anyway I couldn’t take my eyes from Janette’s figure, her body was very visible in the clear water. Having made a circle round the boat, she said:

“All right, guys, you go swim that way and I’ll go this way, don’t get near coz I’m going take my top off” she said removing her bikini’s top and throwing it on the deck.

Another boat was approaching which was unexpected. Nelson and Janette and their Dad thought this place was empty and desert, without anyone to disturb, but it appeared that there were some people who knew this place as well. This yacht was cram-full with big muscular tattooed guys, who looked scary to me and to Nelson. They came within about 10 meters from us and they were drinking beer. Nelson and Janette hurried back to the boat. Janette signaled me but I didn’t understand that she wants me to throw her bra to her. The guys came close and their vessel approached side by side to our boat, now we could see their drunken faces. They were mumbling and laughing loudly. There were 7 of them in a smaller boat. I think they were Cubans. Or Latinos. Janette climbed on the board with her bare breast exposed. She was looking for her bikini bra, but couldn’t find it.

Janette stood there covering her breast with her hands. The guys started talking and asked Janette her name. Then they introduced themselves to be vacationing businessmen, however they looked more like escaped convicts than business men. They were looking lustfully at Janette and she could clearly see the bulges on their crotches, while they stared on Janette’s naked top of body. They started flirting with Janette saying she was so beautiful and asked her if she has a boy friend. Janette got scared and discourage them saying that I was her boy friend. The guy responded saying what a lucky guys I am. He said:

“No wonder you’re so thin, man, if I had a girl friend like her I would spend all my time just fucking her all the time!” They were drunk and incoherent in their conversation.

Janette tried to be nice to them so they won’t hurt us even offering them some food. After a few minutes the rest of the guys wanted to leave. But 3 of them stayed on the board of our vessel, and seemed to be horny and refused to leave. They told their companions to leave them there and just pick them up later. Their friends said they won’t be back this way. Janette told them nicely to go with their friends because we couldn’t take any more passengers. They wouldn’t go and they tried to take a look at Janette’s breast which she was covering with her palms. These guys started at her thong hungrily and greedily, devouring her entire body with eyes.

Their friends were calling them to leave. But they wouldn’t obey. One looked at me and said:

“Hell, man! Have a very nice fuck tonight; fuck her hard for me, OK?” Then he started touching Janette’s shoulders. Nelson stepped forward ready for a fight. I was scared, coz situation threatened to go out of control, but got prepared for a surprise too.

They prevailed, and Janette wisely intervened:

“Easy, guys, let’s talk it out, no need to fight!” as she tried to push Nelson away from the guys, she removed her hands from her boobs, and her wonderful tits exposed. Now we are all glued at her super perfect boobs with pink sharp nipples. Even Nelson was stunned for a while.

The other guys in the boat reacted, but these 3 bastards told them it was OK and they had the situation under control. We were all too afraid to radio for police and we didn’t know what to do. Finally Janette went to 3 guys and told me and Nelson to back off. She begged them to leave. Janette was now talking to them without covering her boobs:

“I know you are all excited, I’ll make you a deal, so we can all go peacefully! I’ll let you touch my boobs if you will leave.” They agreed.

My fears disappeared when my cock stood in erection looking at Janette while 3 guys took turns fondling her boobs and nipples. Nelson couldn’t watch and turned around. They finally left, and when our ordeal was over, Nelson wanted to report it to police. But Janette was concerned that it will turn into a big story and her husband knew about it. So we had agreed to keep it our secret.

That night we stayed in the boat. After dinner we started doing our beds. She asked Nelson and me to join her there for chat and drinks. Actually, I’m not a drinker, sometimes I allow myself a beer, but at this situation we were all excited and, by all accounts the incident stimulated us, so we consumed too many hard beer. I could tell Janette was drunk when she started talking about her life with my uncle being so busy on his work, and that he couldn’t give her time. Nelson didn’t want to hear it, I think he had listened this kind of shit all the time, and went up to sleep.

I continued listening to Janette’s talking. Then we talked about the incident earlier, and I said how lucky those guys to touch her breast. I said that now my uncle was not the one who touched her. I was stunned when she responded that actually there was someone else who touched her. She became sentimental and confessed that 3 years ago she had a one night affair with their accountant. She became sincere to me, and confessed me this story, but without details. I got so horny, and I could tell that she was horny too.

While she continued talking, I started to masturbate underneath the table. She noticed it.
“Hey what are you doing?” she asked.

“Forgive me, Janette. But I just feel so horny with you talking to me and sitting that way, as well as the view of your breast being exposed today earlier”

She stood up and told me:

“I need to cool up and swim” She took off her shirt and it appeared she was not wearing shorts. In her two pieces of bikini she jumped into the water. I couldn’t resist my feelings and I jumped into the water too, forgetting that I didn’t know how to swim. I was holding the ladder of the boat. Janette swam over to me. I couldn’t control myself, so I put my arms around her and started kissing her and fondling her boobs.

“No, not here Morris, Nelson might be awake.”

“Please, Janette” I begged. She whispered to me.

“Do you see the shore, go on the boat and dock it to wooden jetty. I’ll wait for you there” She said with some nervousness in her voice.

I slowly climbed up and saw Nelson was snoring in the bow. It was getting dark, so I docked the boat to the jetty and went to side. There was some old hut on the shore and I entered in. Janette was there in her bikini, gorgeous, super, beautiful and super hot.

“Oh, Morris I’m not sure if we should do this.”

But before she finished talking I threw myself at her kissing her and touching her. I pulled her bra off and I sucked her nipples both, while my hands were running underneath her thong. She was shaking and moaning. She was very nervous saying: “Stop Morris” “Please, stop!” in a weakening voice. I licked her all over the body, and then I lifted her butt and sat her at some table. I had fucked a prostitute before, but I never tried fucking a normal woman. Moreover, now I was gonna fuck her in standing position. It slipped inside easily, all wet, when I shoved my cock inside her. I was trying to take it under control and not to cum inside of her. In a few minutes she shuddered, let out a big moan and came. Her squirts flooded my cock and ran down our legs. I said I was gonna cum tool, she told me:

“Pull it out, I don’t wanna get pregnant” but I was didn’t listen to her. My whole body vibrated as I shoot my entire load inside her. When we finished I wanted another round, but her conscience took over his drunkenness, and she told me we had to go back. No word ensued and I went to sleep to the boat. In the morning Janette had some marks on her thighs and she wrapped with a towel all the time. Nelson didn’t notice and no one knew of what happened between us that night. It felt a bit nervous when I was invited to dinner with Nelson, Janette and Uncle Tom after that.

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2014-08-27 08:38:43
pretty weak

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2013-06-18 06:35:39
it was awesome i am also want to fuck her

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2010-11-18 20:24:25

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2010-11-07 21:15:53
This could be a decent story, but it shows the need to proofread and edit. I have several stories on here and it usually takes me longer to proof/edit than it does to write it. Don't take shortcuts if you want people to respect your work.

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2010-11-05 22:00:55
nelson is a guys name...yet sometimes you say it's a girl, then it's a guy, then it's not, then it's in the 3rd person, then it's 1st person perspective, the grammar and spelling were atrocious...if english is your first language you should be ashamed! if it's your second, that's still pretty appalling, get someone else to read through it to make sure it makes sense before you unleash any more trash upon us!

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