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There will be four parts to this story total. Here is part two. Please feel free to leave comments or critiques. Thanks.
Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Two

After the night of ‘Truth or Dare’ I was afraid that Belinda might feel awkward about everything that had happened. We had been together for four years and had never brought another person into our collective ‘sex life’ before that night.

Two or three days a week during the summer, Belinda would come over while my parents were at work and we would tan in the backyard. It was the same backyard where I had dared her to make out with her best friend Marcela. It was the same backyard that they had dared me to jack off while they watched. It had been a crazy night. Belinda ended up fingering Marcela while sucking my cock and at the end, I shot my load all over both of them.

Before that night, Marcela had occasionally joined us for our little tanning sessions. It was usually a burden to me because if she was there, I couldn’t tan naked and sex with Belinda was definitely out of the question. The upside was that I got to spend the afternoon with two gorgeous latinas. Marcela always wore a bikini unless she didn’t have one, in which case she would strip down to her bra and panties. Belinda always tanned naked. Her logic was that both Marcela and I had already seen her naked before, so what was the big deal? It made it hard for me to keep them from noticing whenever I got a hard-on which was pretty often. Anyway, today was tanning day and I was quite pleased about it.

It was 1pm when the doorbell rang and I sprung from the couch with great anticipation. It had been three days since our wild night with Marcela. Belinda hadn’t brought it up and I hadn’t seen Marcela since then, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door and found them both standing there on the front porch. They were laughing about some conversation I had apparently missed. I was pleased to see that they were not only getting along, but both seemed to be in good spirits. “Hey Marcela.” I said automatically. I had promised myself that the next time I saw her I wouldn’t let it be awkward. Easier said than done.

“Hey Chico.” She replied as she reached out to give me a hug. My mind flashed an image of her completely naked in the moonlight with a splash of my cum on her chest. I could make out the outline of her bikini top under her gray tank-top. It was cut off mid stomach and she was wearing cut off jean shorts and sandals. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Come on in.” I blurted as I went to hug Belinda. She was dressed pretty much the same as Marcela but with no bikini top outline. I could vaguely make out the point of her nipples underneath, but I was trying not to stare. They were both familiar with the routine. They came inside and immediately headed for the back door.

We got to the deck in the backyard and the sun was warm and bright. It was a beautiful day. I had already laid out the towels for Belinda and myself. I had to run back inside and fetch a third for Marcela. Once I returned, I spread it out next to the other two on the deck. After that, the blue-ball inducing ritual began.

The girls chatted and laughed as they simultaneously slid out of their shorts. The afternoon sun was bright and hot and both girls had already begun to sweat. Marcela was wearing her red bikini that tied on the sides. I had seen it before and always hoped that that would be the one she was wearing because of how amazing she looked in it. Belinda was wearing pale blue cotton panties under her shorts. They were still talking about whatever it was they’d been talking about on the porch. If you asked me, I couldn’t tell you what their conversation was about. They were both smiling and laughing though, and I was thanking god that I was wearing mirrored sunglasses. I stared in admiration as they continued talking and Marcela pulled her tank top up and over her head. Marcela’s red bikini top fit really tight and the tops of her dark tan c-cup breasts were constantly threatening to spill out of it. I might’ve crossed my fingers.

Belinda was listening intently to Marcela as she peeled off her tank and, like always, wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Her b-cup breasts lightly glistened from her sweat. Her nipples were already hard despite the summer heat and I remember thinking that there was something about the sunlight that made the female form appear even more magnificent than seemed possible. She cast her top to the deck as Marcela continued her story. Belinda continued to stare at her face intently as she slipped her panties down over her ass and down her legs. I found that part especially interesting. It was amazing to me how completely uninhibited Belinda was about her body in front of Marcela and me. She was so casual about it all, and just the site of her sent a surge of blood to my cock.

I peeled off my t-shirt and we all took our places on the deck. Belinda lay on the middle towel. I lay to her left and Marcela to her right. They finished their conversation with a big laugh and fell into silence.

We lay there looking up at the sky not saying a word. I kept stealing glances at Belinda’s body as I wondered how long the silence would last. The awkwardness was setting in. None of us seemed capable of addressing the elephant in the room, so we just laid there.

Finally, Marcela sat up and looked over at us. “Okay, guys, can we just talk about the other night?” Belinda and I sat up to meet her gaze. “I just don’t want things to get weird between us, okay? I mean, sure it’s kinda weird and everything, but I totally had fun with you guys the other night and I don’t think we should feel weird about it.” I just looked at her. “I mean, if you guys feel bad or whatever, then we don’t have to talk about it anymore, but I just wanted to clear the air, okay?”

It was dead silent for about five seconds before Belinda burst out laughing. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re so worried about that! It’s not like it was your idea.” Marcela looked confused but also relieved. “Johnny and I already talked about it. Everything’s fine.” The truth was we hadn’t talked about it at all, but if Belinda says everything is fine, I’m not going to argue. Marcela sighed with relief. There was a moment of silence and then Belinda wrapped it up by saying “…you slut.”

“Fuck you!” Marcela laughed as she smacked Belinda on the arm. Belinda howled with laughter and I couldn’t help but join in. Marcela joined us and we all had a good long laugh. By the time it was over we all had tears in our eyes.

“Oh. Ahh-heh… That was pretty crazy though.” Belinda said.

“Yeah.” Marcela replied. “Yeah, it was.”

I was laying there with a tremendous sense of relief as the sun beamed down. My peace was interrupted by Belinda saying “Ooh, Johnny! Can you go get the baby oil?” Sometimes Belinda would put baby oil on. It always drove me completely nuts.

“Sure.” I said as I stood up. “Need anything else?”

“Can you bring us some whiskey and cokes?” she asked.

“I’ll have to raid the folks’ liquor cabinet, but I don’t think they’ll notice.” I said over my shoulder. As I left the backyard, the girls started talking again. I went inside and discovered we were out of whiskey, so I grabbed some vodka and orange juice and made three screwdrivers. I was almost to the back door when I remembered the baby oil.

I opened the back door and headed back over to the deck. Belinda and Marcela were both still lying in their spots, but I did a double take when I saw my favorite red bikini lying on top of Marcela’s pile of clothes. Then I saw Marcela lying there next to Belinda, completely naked. I was so stunned I almost spilled our drinks. “There wasn’t any Jack so I made us screwdrivers.” I said handing Belinda one. As I handed the other to Marcela, I couldn’t help but say “And you got naked.”

Belinda answered for her. “Yeah. We were talking some more about the other night and we figured that, since we’ve all seen each other naked now, it doesn’t really matter anymore if we wear clothes or not.” I stood there in disbelief, staring at Marcela’s beautiful body in broad daylight for the first time. She was completely stunning to look at. Her skin was smooth and dark except the areas that her bikini covered. Her nipples were a little bit larger than quarters and were much darker than Belinda’s. She had a thin strip of jet black pubic hair protruding from where her legs met. I suddenly realized that our little tanning days would be a lot more fun with Marcela around. I snapped out of my little cloud and noticed that they were both staring at me. Finally Belinda chimed in. “That means you can get naked too Johnny.”

They were both staring at me, waiting. Even after all the wild things we’d done three nights earlier, I found myself feeling self conscious. Maybe it was because I wasn’t drunk this time. Maybe it was because it was the middle of the day and I couldn’t conceal anything in the blanket of darkness that the night provided. I felt like I was four years old again, standing on the end of the diving board. I was excited and terrified. I couldn’t wait, but I couldn’t jump either. Finally I decided that taking this ride was worth the price of admission, so I reached for the button on my shorts. In a moment, I had them unzipped and they fell to the deck around my ankles.

I handed Belinda the baby oil as I lay down on my towel next to her. She squirted a pool of it into her palm and began spreading it up her arms. Just lying there naked with the two of them was enough to get me going. My dick was already getting fat and it fell over my pelvis like a beached manatee. I laid there counting my blessings as Belinda finished with her shoulders and moved on to her perky little titties. I felt another surge in my groin. She then poured another pool into her left hand and passed the baby oil to Marcela.

As Belinda bent over to oil her legs, Marcela squirted a generous amount into her hands and started rubbing it into her arms. Next, she oiled her shoulders and lie back down on her back, picking up the bottle again. Then she squirted some oil on her chest between her beautiful breasts and set the bottle back down by her hip. I stared through my sunglasses as she spread it over her amazing tits. I could feel each pulse throb in my cock as it slowly began to stand erect. I guess it wasn’t too subtle because Marcela looked over at it and then up to my eyes and smiled. “You gonna be alright there Chico?” she playfully asked.

Belinda looked over and saw my hard-on and started laughing. “Damn, Johnny! What am I gonna do with you?”

“I’m sorry,” I said “but I really can’t help it. It’s not like any man in the world could lay here and watch his girlfriend and her best friend, who are both insanely hot by the way, rub oil all over themselves and not… you know?”

Marcela was just finishing up her legs when Belinda finished my thought for me “Get a boner?” She and Marcela both laughed as Marcela lied back down. Then the three of us laid there in silence for about five minutes. Suddenly Belinda propped up on her elbows and looked down toward my dick. It was still standing straight up. Without saying a word, Belinda picked up the bottle of baby oil and squirted it into her left hand.
I was staring up at the sky when I felt Belinda’s oiled fingers loosely wrap around my cock. I looked over at her. She was just looking up at the sky smiling. She spread the oil all over my dick and lightly began to glide her hand up and down. I couldn’t get over how bold Belinda had become. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just lie back amazed.

She kept stroking me with Marcela lying right next to us. Her grip began to tighten and I couldn’t help but release a small moan. From the corner of my eye I saw Marcela’s head cock over a bit, but she didn’t say anything. It eventually occurred to me that she was watching us. Belinda was turning into quite an exhibitionist. As she slowly stroked me, I put my hand on her thigh and let it slip across her oiled leg to rest over her small tuft of pubic hair. Slowly and quietly, she opened her thighs and I began to massage her clit with the tip of my finger. Now she was the one letting subtle moans escape.

As she got wetter, I applied more pressure and her grip on my cock tightened. My finger slipped inside her pussy and she moaned even louder, but Marcela showed no reaction aside from a smile. We knew by then that she had to know what we were up to. She was watching us get each other off and we both knew it. Finally, in another bold move, Belinda turned her head so she was eye to eye with Marcela. Marcela took her eyes off Belinda’s oily hand as it pleasured my cock to meet Belinda’s stare. Then I heard Belinda ask her “You wanna watch me suck it again?”

I turned my head to see them clearly. Belinda was now jerking on my manhood at a brisk pace. Marcela’s lips were glistening as she replied. “Okay.”

Not a single one of us had even touched our drinks yet. I couldn’t believe what was going on or the fact that it had nothing to do with alcohol. The simple truth was, Belinda wanted to give me a blowjob in front of Marcela and Marcela wanted to watch her do it.

Belinda sat up and grabbed my t-shirt. She then crawled on her knees to the bottom of my towel and positioned herself between my legs, which I quickly spread to give her ample room. Marcela scooted over to Belinda’s towel as Belinda used my shirt to wipe the baby oil off my cock. Marcela slid down the towel and lay on her side, propping her head on her hand down by my hips to get a good view of what was about to happen. Her face was about a foot away from my rock hard member. Belinda tossed the soiled shirt aside and slowly lowered her head down to my shaft. Marcela’s eyes sparkled as Belinda made her tongue dance around the tip of my cock. She smiled and stared as Belinda took the tip into her mouth and licked the underside with her tongue. I was so hard that I thought my skin might break. Then Belinda opened her mouth and went down as far as she could go, almost gagging herself before she came back up. She left my cock dripping with her spit. She wrapped her fingers around it and started jerking me off, staring at Marcela as she did. Marcela smiled at her and they both giggled like little girls. Then Belinda looked back up at me and I caught a glimpse of something fierce and wild in her eyes.

There was no hesitation in her movements. It was almost as if she had planned the whole thing. Suddenly she reached toward Marcela with her free hand and grabbed Marcela’s wrist. Marcela looked at her with surprise on her face, but Belinda didn’t stop. She pulled Marcela’s hand toward my crotch and guided her fingertips to my balls. I was going absolutely crazy! Belinda kept jerking and sucking my cock as Marcela timidly began to massage my balls. She leaned closer to Belinda so she could keep her eye on all of the action. She leaned in even closer and slid her fingers further down to rub my taint. She got really close to touching my asshole and it sent a strange shiver of anticipation through my entire body. Just as it passed, Belinda pulled my cock from her lips and pushed it from the base toward Marcela.

Marcela looked over to Belinda nervously. She wanted to make sure she understood Belinda’s gesture. It was the point of no return. She knew that once she touched me that way, there was no going back. Good or bad, the deal would be done. Belinda smiled at her and gave a gentle nod of approval. Marcela looked back down at my cock, wet with Belinda’s spit. There was a flash of intense thought in her eyes, and suddenly it was gone. Marcela slowly slid her hand up across my balls and up my shaft. Belinda spit on my dick as Marcela began to slowly stroke it up and down. The sensation was incredible. Their faces were just inches apart and they stared into each others eyes. Belinda placed her mouth over the tip as Marcela stroked me. Finally, Marcela completely surrendered and pressed her tongue against the side of my cock and slowly slid it all the way up.

Apparently, that was exactly what Belinda had in mind because as soon as she had reached the top, Belinda shoved her tongue into Marcela’s mouth with animal urgency. When she pulled away, Marcela was wild with lust. She took my cock all the way into her mouth and started sucking me off. Belinda pulled one of my balls into her mouth and sucked it while her best friend blew me. Then she worked her tongue down under my sack and flicked her tongue at my asshole and I felt that crazy tingle again.

I couldn’t believe everything that was happening. I had thought that the events of our evening playing truth or dare would be the sexual apex of my entire life, yet there I was three days later getting my cock sucked by two gorgeous women at the same time! They passed me back and forth for several minutes and I knew I was going to cum soon. Belinda had a mouthful of my cock when Marcela looked at her and said “I wanna watch you have sex.”

Belinda smiled at her and moaned “Okay.” Then she got to her knees and straddled me. Her whole body was covered in oil and her pussy was the wettest I had ever felt it. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her wet mound. It slid in so smoothly I almost shot my load right then. Marcela put her head near mine and watched my cock slip into Belinda. She was moaning along with Belinda as her oil covered tits bounced up and down. Marcela’s tits hung right next to my head. I wanted to take them into my mouth so badly. I wasn’t sure if that was allowed though. Then I reasoned that if Belinda wanted her to suck my cock, it was probably okay for me to suck her tits. Either way, I couldn’t stop myself from bending my neck and drawing her left nipple into my mouth. Belinda moaned even louder and I knew I was about to cum.

“Fuck!” I shouted. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Belinda quickly climbed off of me and much to the surprise of Belinda and I, Marcela bent down and took my cock into her mouth! I pulsated in her warm, wet mouth and felt each gush pour down the back of her throat until I was empty. I laid there convulsing as she pulled away and closed her mouth. She sat up and we heard her swallowing what was left in her mouth.

“DAMN!” Belinda blurted in shock. “I was NOT expecting that!”

Marcela’s face tightened nervously. “Was that okay?” she asked. “I just..”

“That was so hot, are you fucking kidding me?” Belinda smiled, wide eyed. I sat up completely spent. I couldn’t put words together at that point. My head was spinning. “I know Johnny liked it!” she beamed. Then she looked back at Marcela. “So, what are we gonna do about you now?”

“What?” Marcela asked.

“Well, I came. And you know Johnny came.” She said, leaning in close to Marcela’s face. Marcela was about to say something when her eyes widened at the touch of Belinda’s fingers on her pussy.

“Aahhhh.” Marcela moaned. Belinda leaned in all the way and gave Marcela a deep wet kiss as her fingers slipped inside. Marcela’s eyes closed as they continued to kiss. She laid on her back and Belinda loomed over her. Marcela’s oil drenched body arched as Belinda explored her pussy with her fingers. She moaned softly into Belinda’s ear as Belinda bent down and sucked her areola. She then slid her tongue down Marcela’s tummy and kissed her inner thigh. I watched in disbelief as Marcela eagerly spread her legs wider to welcome Belinda’s lips to her pussy. I couldn’t believe it. There was my girlfriend going down on her best friend right in front of me. They were both shimmering in the hot afternoon sun from being covered in baby oil and sweat. Marcela lay on her back with her legs spread and Belinda had buried her face between her legs. Belinda’s oil covered ass was sticking up in the air and I took a moment to take it all in. I had just cum not 2 minutes ago and here I was getting hard again.

I was amazed that Belinda had offered my cock to Marcela to suck on, and even more amazed that Marcela swallowed my cum. Watching Belinda eat her out, I began to wonder how involved in all of this I was allowed to get. Marcela and I were both skating on thin ice because there were invisible barriers that we both feared to cross. Belinda, however, could do anything she desired with either one of us. She was definitely calling the shots. I felt a sudden urge to join them. I wanted to get on my knees next to Marcela’s head and offer her another taste of my cock while Belinda licked her pussy, but I thought better of it. Without Belinda invoking it, it remained a risk. Instead, I sat back for a few minutes and unconsciously stroked myself. When I couldn’t resist it anymore, I walked over to them and dropped down to my knees behind Belinda. Her ass was still sticking up in the air, so I gently slid my cock into her wet pussy.

She immediately responded by bucking her body hard into mine. I could tell that she wanted me to fuck her hard, so I obliged. I quickened my pace and was giving her a good pounding. Her face was slamming into Marcela’s cunt with each stroke. Marcela was moaning louder now and Belinda had joined her. I could tell by the sound of Marcela’s moaning that she was going to climax soon. The sweet smell of her wet pussy had filled the summer air. Belinda pulled her lips away and motioned for Marcela to move up a bit. She did and Belinda then rolled over onto her back. She spread her legs wide and welcomed me back into her. I slid into her warm cunt as she pulled Marcela’s leg over her head. Marcela was now facing away from me and straddling Belinda’s face. I was fucking Belinda missionary style as Belinda licked Marcela’s pussy.

Marcela’s asshole was about six inches from my face. As I kept pounding Belinda, I watched her furiously work her tongue into and around Marcela’s wet pussy. I was so lost in the heat of the moment that I spit on Marcela’s asshole. The spit ran down the crack of her ass to her pussy and finally dripped onto Belinda’s chin. I guess she felt it because she reached up and glided her fingertip up Marcela’s ass crack. Marcela shuddered and started moving her body more aggressively. She was now riding Belinda’s face. I reached down to squeeze Belinda’s left nipple. She moaned into Marcela’s cunt as I did. Then she reached over for the baby oil bottle, but couldn’t find it with her hand, so I grabbed it and handed it to her. She upended the bottle above her chest and squirted half the remaining oil onto her tits. I immediately reached up to start rubbing it in, but Belinda had something else in mind.

I had titty-fucked Belinda before, but it was always challenging because her breasts weren’t very big. She’d squeeze them together as tightly as she could for me, but my cock would always pop out from between them. She had told me that she liked doing it because she liked to watch my face when I fucked her tits and it always got her really hot. She dropped the baby oil beside her and reached down between her legs to grab me by the cock. As I pulled out of her pussy, she softly stroked me while pulling me up to her chest. I straddled her hips and crawled up until my dick was in the right spot. The baby oil felt incredible on my shaft as I slid into position. Belinda was still furiously licking at Marcela’s pussy as she put her hands on either side of her tits and pushed them together for me. The flesh of her breasts mounded on either side of my cock, and I slowly started thrusting my hips.

Now, Marcela and I were both straddling my girlfriend. At the end of each thrust of my hips, I would see the head of my cock get within inches of Marcela’s oil covered ass. I was so turned on by that visual that it was only mildly annoying when my cock popped out from between Belinda’s little tits. I guess that Belinda thought more of it than I did because after the third or fourth time, she just reached up with her hand and started jerking me. She then took a break from tonguing Marcela and pulled me forward and into her mouth. My pubic bone actually rubbed against Marcela’s ass while Belinda sucked me off. She then went back to stroking me and licking Marcela’s clit. It went on this way for a while. Belinda kept going back and forth between sucking my shaft and then licking Marcela’s pussy. Then the most incredible thing happened. Belinda was stroking my cock when she stopped licking Marcela. She reached up to Marcela’s pussy with her free hand and started rubbing it. She was staring me in the eye and her expression was intense lust like I had never seen. With each stroke, she pulled my cock closer and closer to Marcela.

She was staring at me with intensity when she stopped fingering Marcela and began to rub the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. I could feel Marcela’s juices warming the tip of my shaft. Then, Belinda positioned my cock head at the wet opening of Marcela’s slit. She reached behind me and planted her hands firmly on my ass and slowly pulled me forward. Her face disappeared as the distance between my stomach and Marcela’s oily ass narrowed. I heard Marcela half moan “What the fuck?” as I slid into her. Suddenly, I was all the way inside of her and she let out a deep moan. Her pussy was tight and wet. As I thrust into her pussy, I felt Belinda’s tongue licking all the way up my balls and onto Marcela’s clit.

She sucked my balls as I fucked her best friend from behind. She was watching my cock ram in and out of Marcela and she was so turned on that she began to finger herself. I felt her tongue slide up the back of my sack to my taint and get near my asshole and I felt that same quiver of anticipation I had felt when Marcela was rubbing me down there earlier. Then Belinda went for it. She pulled me down by my hips and shoved her tongue into my asshole. No one had ever done that to me before, and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react. All I really knew was I couldn’t deny that it felt pretty good. She tongued my ass while I fucked her best friend and it felt so good that I decided I would see if Marcela enjoyed the feeling too. I brought my right thumb up to my mouth and wet it with spit. Then I gently placed it over Marcela’s asshole and started rubbing it around, applying slight pressure as I did. Marcela moaned in surprise but showed no sign that she wanted me to stop. With this going on, plus Belinda tonguing my ass, I felt a second load of cum begin to build up in my shaft. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled out of Marcela and rolled off of Belinda to lay on my back. I then grabbed Marcela by her right leg and pulled her across me so she was now straddling me the way Belinda had before. I slid right back inside of her warm pussy as she started bouncing up and down on my cock. I reached up and squeezed her oiled tits and she moaned even louder.

Just then, Belinda swung a leg over my face and planted her pussy on my lips. She was facing Marcela and riding my face. I dug my tongue into her pussy as she leaned forward and started making out with Marcela again. As I ate her pussy, her asshole kept bumping the tip of my nose. I remembered how good it felt when she licked mine, so I decided to give it a try for her. I slid my tongue up and began lightly lapping at her asshole. This might’ve been what she wanted the whole time because, she angled her hips forward and gave me full access. I was now wriggling my tongue as far up her ass as I could. She was moaning loud and arching her back and she was now fingering herself. Marcela was bucking hard on my cock and her tight wet pussy was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

Marcela was getting close too and Belinda could tell by the way she was moaning. Belinda climbed off my face and scooted around to rest on her knees next to Marcela. She stuck two fingers in Marcela’s mouth and Marcela sucked them as she bounced on my cock. Belinda withdrew her fingers and they were dripping with Marcela’s spit. She quickly put her hand behind Marcela and slipped a finger into Marcela’s asshole.

This was too much for Marcela to handle. She howled in a mixture of pleasure and pain as her body shook uncontrollably. A hot gush of her cum poured over my cock inside of her and I knew it was my turn to spew. I sat up and rolled Marcela onto her back. Belinda rolled onto her back and put her face next to Marcela’s. I positioned my cock just above their faces and jacked myself off until spurt after spurt of hot shite cum shot across their faces. I finally had released everything I had and the girls were lying side by side, smiling, kissing and licking my cum off each other’s faces.

The three of us went inside and took a long hot shower together. We talked and laughed and kissed. It felt so completely natural this time that I knew there would be no awkwardness the next day. Marcela had somehow just become a part of our sex life and we were all really comfortable with each other.

The summer went on that way. The three of us would meet up in the back yard, strip down and explore each other. We were liberated. After that day, when we went to parties at Chuck’s house, it was the three of us that snuck off for a quickie in the bathroom. It was the best summer of my life and I was deeply sad when it ended. What we had shared went beyond lust. We were all in love really, though we never actually came out and said it.

Once the summer ended, I went back to school up north. Belinda went to study law in Florida, and Marcela went to study biology in Austin. It would be almost two and a half years until the three of us were together again…

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Thanks for another enriching part of the "Love triangle" that looks like it will end in love, not sadness or heartbreak . Hope to continue the enjoyment of additional chapters. Obviously I admire & enjoy your entries or I wouldn't keep coming back for more, just like any other lover. Labeled as a "True Story" raises some questions , yet makes it so much HOTTER. To answer the question about VD :& prego, one just needs to know whom he/she is fucking. If there is doubt, get it out.; If you trust continue to thrust. That goes for partner swapping, swinging, or any sexual contact. One time I heard of a group of swingers High School up to 50's, about 12 of them, joyfully satisfied with one another. One teen girl wanted more so had 1 liaison outside the group. Before anyone knew it by symptoms, the whole group was infected because one teen in the group 1 time went outside the group. Some close friends wife one time said, "You've had a vasectomy, you're safe." Invitation?


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Hello from Greece! Full consesual sex is great love. I liked your story. Your plot. How these girls liked to participate in that act. Sharing is a great part of love. Social identity of humans exist due to sharing their love, their time, their things, their experience. It is a huge thing. However, no one cared about sex diseases? babies? I have heard stories of AiDs, Hepatitis, and many other diseases. I

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Outstanding pace to your writing keeps building toward the climax, pun intended! Good work.

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