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Mom, her Internet buddy, and me.
Fbailey story number 601

Mom’s Internet Buddy

Mom asked, “Honey can you give me a hand? My Internet friend wants a picture of me but I don’t know how to send him one.”

I asked, “Do you have any on your computer?”

Mom replied, “I don’t know. Where would I find them?”

I laughed and said, “I guess I need to take some for you. How sexy do you want them?”

Mom blushed and said, “I don’t know. I want to impress him but I don’t want to come across as slutty.”

I asked, “Where is this guy located?”

Mom replied, “In Texas.”

I asked, “Do you really expect to meet him?”

Mom answered, “No! Not really! I just wanted to flirt with him. I’m a little out of practice in the art of dating.”

I smiled and said, “Mom you’re hot. I don’t know why the guys aren’t lined up to try and get you in bed.”

She replied, “Watch that young man. I am not a slut and I do not jump into bed that easily.”

I said, “Okay Mom, I’ll take some pictures of you and you decide which ones you want to send to the guy in Texas.”

I got my camera and I came back to Mom. She was sitting in her favorite chair in the living room. She was still wearing her normal work attire. She seems to like wearing white blouses, black skirts, and her gold blazer. She is a very good Real Estate Agent and she owns her own agency with five ladies working under her.

I took a few pictures of her from her waist up. Mom always looked good, her hair was to her shoulders, and her makeup was impeccable. Then I asked her if she could take off her blazer. Mom hesitated but stood up to remove it for me. I smiled as I saw why she had hesitated. The blouse was slightly more revealing than normal and her black bra was fairly visible. It was lacy and very pretty. Then I noticed how visible her nipples were…even through her bra.

I snapped off a few pictures and then I asked her to undo a button. A couple more pictures then I asked for another button to open. Mom cooperated with me even though I was getting her to become more and more sexy. When the forth button was open I reached out and folder her collars back revealing her fine cleavage and some of her pretty lacy black bra. I got hard but I didn’t care. Mom was one of the sexiest mothers that I knew. She was also one of the youngest mothers that I knew too at thirty-two. I was fourteen and she had me two days after she turned eighteen. She was eight months pregnant at her graduation, Dad was the star football quarterback, and they were married the day before I was born. Unfortunately Dad was killed in action in Iraq two years ago.

I said, “Mom you are beautiful, now could you possibly put on the shortest skirt that you own for some more pictures?” I paused shortly then continued, “And loose the blouse.”

Mom went to her bedroom and didn’t come out. I figured that I had blown it. Then finally Mom walked out and asked. “Is this what you had in mind?”

I had to stare at her. Mom was topless in that sexy black bra and she had on a skirt that I had never seen before. It was bright red, it was well below her belly button, and I could see the crotch of her black panties. Wow!

I replied, “Perfect!”

I took a lot of pictures of Mom dressed like that. I got her standing in a doorway, near our big picture window, and then sitting in her favorite chair. Her breasts were heaving, her knees were slightly apart, and her crotch was in plan view. I took a few pictures, I got in closer for a few shots of her breasts and face, and then I got down low to photograph her panties. Mom slowly opened up her knees for me. As they spread I got closer. When Mom’s knees could not open any further I was on my knees between her legs just inches from her panty-covered pussy. I could smell her sexual excitement. Finally, I moved my camera off to the side and leaned in to kiss her panties. Mom moved her pussy closer to me and then she was able to open her knees further allowing me even more access. Mom took my camera from me so that I could use my fingers to move her panties to the side and kiss the real thing.

Her pussy lips were moist, she had shaven recently, and she was cooing. What I didn’t know was that Mom was taking pictures of me licking her pussy. I was just too involved in what I was doing to notice. I was able to locate her clit with the tip of my tongue and give her enough pleasure to have an orgasm. Mom clamped her knees together and damn near smothered me. Eventually she loosened her grip on me and I was able to slip out.

Mom said, “Thank you! I really needed that! Let me get out of these panties and I’ll let you get some more crotch shots, as your father used to call them.”

I watched as Mom stood up, lowered her tiny skirt and panties in one motion, and then removed her bra too. Mom stood there completely naked. I lifted my camera and started taking pictures. Mom started dancing around in front of me. She was dirty dancing and she was good at it.

When she had had enough, Mom said, “Thanks honey! We have plenty of pictures now. You see my Internet Buddy said that if I could send him pictures of me with you that he would send us pictures of him with his daughter. I just let you take the nude pictures as your reward.”

I asked, “She will probably be naked and sucking his cock so why don’t you suck mine for some blowjob pictures.”

She smiled and said, “Okay pull it out.” Then Mom was down on her knees in front of me. I was so excited that I only lasted about three minutes but I got several good pictures of Mom’s lips wrapped around my cock and the puddle of cum on her tongue.

We went right to her computer, uploaded the pictures, and then Mom and I viewed them. After picking out a few of me giving her oral and her giving me oral she made contact with her special friend. He must have been waiting because she had a response in just a couple of minutes. He sent three pictures of his naked daughter sucking his cock so Mom sent three pictures of me licking her pussy. He asked for more so Mom told him to send pictures of him licking his naked daughter’s pussy and Mom would send pictures of her sucking my cock complete with the cum shot. Fifteen minutes late we saw his naked thirteen-year-old daughter with her legs spread and his tongue in her pussy. Mom sent our pictures and was about to turn the computer off when he requested pictures of me fucking Mom. She told him that she would send them the next day.

A few minutes later I was on the bed just about to stick my cock into her when the self-timer went off and the flash fired. Ten seconds later my cock was in my mother when it went off again. I took the time to enjoy the feeling of her nice warm wet pussy surrounding my young teenage cock. I could hardly believe that I had just lost my virginity in my mother. I got up to reset the camera.

Mom said, “You better hurry back here. My pussy wants you back in her, you little mother fucker.”

I jumped back onto and into my mother. I was pounding away when the two flashes went off. I finished cumming in her before I took it out that time. I took some cum pictures and I slipped it back into her for some close-up pictures. We made love two more times that night before I fell asleep.

In the morning Mom brought me breakfast in bed. She was still naked. We took a shower together and I got another blowjob before getting dressed and going to school.

Later that night we sent off our pictures and received their pictures. Mom asked them to come to New York and visit us. She was going to let him fuck her if I could fuck his daughter. He was excited but said that it would have to wait until summer when his daughter was out of school. Until then we decided to trade three nude pictures of the girls every day.

For several months I watched Amanda grow up, I watched her hair grow and change colors, and I even watched her as she changed her tampons, peed, and gave herself a douche. Mom let me take similar pictures of her to send. There were shower pictures, sleeping pictures, and even exhibitionist pictures. Mom and Amanda spread their legs without panties in Burger King, Arby’s, and Long John Silvers. They were topless on beaches, nude in forests, and even nude in front of a Wal-Mart store. Amanda’s father stuck his cock in Amanda’s ass so I got to do the same thing to Mom. It was a first for both of us but we liked it. Apparently it was Amanda’s first time too and she also liked anal sex.

In two days Amanda and her father will be here. Mom and I are so excited that we make love several times a day. School is out now and Mom has taken time off from selling houses to be with me before they arrive. I’m not pleased to let him fuck my mother but I sure as hell want to fuck his daughter. Mom promised me a threesome with her and Amanda. She also promised to eat my cum out of Amanda’s pussy after I fucked her. Now that excited me.

The End
Mom’s Internet Buddy
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