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Sex Crazed Bad Boy.
Justin's Story

By Chris "Nasty" Hicks

Part 1 (Love at 1st Gigabyte)

My name is Justin Polton, but I go by J.P. I'm 31 now, but the story I'm about to tell you started when I was only 23. I'm a half white, half black, handsome Motherfucker. I'm about 6 foot tall, clean shaven, with short brown hair, and a fucked up attitude. But, can you blame me? I'm fucking rich.

Well, anyway! here's the story of the last 8 years of my life. And I warn you in advance, it's some real graphic shit in it.

It all started when I met an extremely wealthy, And extremely fat, sexy blonde white mature on the Internet! She was 57 with a huge rack and wide mature hips. Her booty was big, and soft, and it jiggled when she walked. Her face was cute, but nothing special; but still, she was one nasty, gas releasing fat nasty bitch.

Her family had money, so aside from college, she had never really done anything special with her life. She had always been looked after, first by her parents, and then by her husband; but now that her parents are dead, and a nasty recent divorce, she was ready to release her inner slut. 

She started looking around online,
For some nasty excitement. Her preference seemed to be guys 22 to 25 years of age, and girls 21 to 27.

We met shortly after her new found freedom, in an adult chatroom; the room was labeled "horny white cougars" 

We talked for days, and soon became very tight; fucking almost every night. 

She loved to fart and be as nasty as I wanted her to be. Trust me she was good. She could basically rip out loud and disgusting farts almost on demand; it drove me wild. Soon after visiting her house almost every night, we decided to move in with each other. 

We rented a large 1 bedroom apartment about 10 miles outside of the city.

 The neighbors all figured she was my mom; because of the difference in age. So we both decided, for the sake of avoiding neighborhood gossip, we'd let everyone continue to think just that. So I began calling her mom, and she started  calling me son. She never had biological kids, and I think my new pretend mommie really enjoyed this twisted and perverted game we were both playing.

 I soon quit my job of 6 years, selling hot dog's on the street, for my dick wod father, and became a full time boy toy. She took good care of me; so I took even better care of her!

I went from walking, to a jag, and from dickie's to Armani.

We Went on trips, ate at fancy restaurants, Fucked in exotic places.

I soon developed a nasty coke habit, for no other reason, other than, that I could afford the shit

That was the beginning of the end for me, but at the time, I just didn't fucking know it!

Part 2 (A typical night)

One night she was on the bed wearing a pair of white cotton underwear. I noticed they were the same pair of underwear, she had been wearing since yesterday. 

I said to her "you filthy bitch, why haven't you showered or changed your underwear!?"
she said 

"there's no need to shower, we've been home all day!"

 I replied "you fucking nasty cunt bitch" 

my dick began to get a semi-erection; just the thought of a big mature ass, in smelly two day old cotton underwear Made me crazy! 

I walked over to her, and flipped her over.

I looked inside her underwear and could see long streaks of light brown shit marks.

 I ripped them off, and held the underwear to my face, and began sniffing them. The strong hint of fishy pussy and disgusting shit, was an arrousing fragrance. 

Shortly after, I began eating her ass. 

but without noticed the old bitch passed a horrible fart. 

The smell was so foul, that i gagged. My dick then got super hard. 

I aggressively jumped on top of her and shoved my cock right into her stinky little shitter. It felt so good. 

After only a few minutes of fucking her in the  sphincter, i was about ready to explode. I quickly stopped fucking the fat bitch.

I bent down and sniffed her gapping hole, and fingered her smelly fuck box. I licked her ass-hole clean and then fantasized about fucking it passionately.

I yelled "you nasty cunt!" "i want u to spread your gigantic ass cheeks and rip an explosive fart!" she did. I took a good whift, and she farted again. The sweet but stinky stench filled the air. 

My cock by now was hard as a fucking rock; I couldn't help it.

 Without conviction or notice, I shot my vicious load all over my pretend mother's big white booty. I whimpered for a few seconds and then went fast to sleep. 

Part 3 (My dirty Mature)

Around 2:30 am I woke up to find my mom, laying on her back, on the bed, shoving her fingers in and out her big hairy pussy. 

The moans were so loud I couldn't even sleep.

I then said "mom, what are you doing, you filthy fat bitch" 

she said " you went to sleep and I was horny".

The room stunk like bad pussy

 I then said, while grinning 

"ok, I'll fuck u again, but you have to lay out as many smelly farts as your granny, fat ass can release"

 she replied "no problem" 

she then pulled open her wide mature ass cheeks, and ripped out a loud and equally disgusting fart.

 Then another. And another.

 The smell made my cock so hard that I almost shot my wod again. Mom looked at me and smiled. And then ripped a long, wet, and liquid sounding fart.

 I walked over to her, only to notice she had just farted, and ended up shitting on herself. I said "you nasty bitch" you might as well finish the job" she looked at me, and without answering, began to let out long streams of hot wet shit right on to the bed. 

My cock was so hard from the smell of fart and shit, that my dick began to uncontrollably jerk. I walked over to her and shoved my throbbing hard cock right into her filthy little sphincter.

 It was so tight. I pumped 4 or 5 times and within seconds shot my huge load right up her shit filled ass.

Almost right away, I removed my cock, and began to lick her in the shitter.

 The taste of shit, and my own cum drove me crazy. I licked her ass clean of all the filth, and began to jack off. While I stroked my 12 inch cock, my mom began burping and farting uncontrolably, 

it drove me crazy. I then came so hard my dick hurt.

Later, I took a shower and got ready for bed. I walked  back in the bedroom, only to notice " mom" very much in a deep sleep. 

Her big gigantic ass laying right in front of me. The apartment smelled worse than a fucking public restroom; it was a rather delightful scent. 

Mom laid there, snoring, and leaking out silent, wet, and funky farts in her sleep. 

I decided not to bother her. 

I pulled out my laptop and started browsing the Internet.

Part 4 (The aftermath)

While mother slept, I began chatting online with a boy'ish looking, but passable 24 year old transsexual, from England. She left London about 3 years ago, to study medicine here in America. Her name was JamIla. She had curly brown hair. Baby blue eyes, and very small breast. She had beautiful creamy white skin, and a nice, plump, girlish shaped booty.

She typed in her profile, she'd just started transition a year ago, and knew she really did not make a beautiful woman yet. I sent her a message telling her she was beautiful.

I then asked her to accompany me on a dinner date the following night. 

She accepted. She had no idea, what kind of sick motherfucker she was getting involved with.

We talked a bit and shortly after exchanged phone numbers; already exhausted from the wild sex, and shit party I just had a few hours ago, I went to bed.

Part 5 (Just hangin')

The next morning I woke up mother with a  smelly dutch oven. The fat bitch gagged, and started laughing. I kissed her soft lips, and started touching her pussy. 

We fucked for a bit, i shot a quick load, washed up, and ate an watercrust sandwich.

I then said, "sorry mother, but there will be no fun tonight. I have a date with a very sexy and extremely vibrant transsexual"  

I then told mother "stay in the house like a good fat bitch, until I come back home."be good, and maybe I'll give you a quick nasty pity fuck at some point tomorrow"

Mother then replied in an almost freakish voice

"I'll be sure to put 2,000 dollars in your bank account, you have fun, and be careful"

I then thought to myself, that's not enough fucking money.

I then raised an eyebrow, and angrily replied "make it 5,000, you nasty fat truck stop granny! "I'm trying to impress her!" She quickly answered back  "of course, Anything you want" 

I eagerly replied " good! Now go away, and leave me the fuck alone"

Mother then quickly took her fat smelly butt into the other room.

I relaxed, snorted a decent amount of coke and watched re-runs of two and a half men. That Charlie sheen is one  funny motherfucker!

About an hour later, I was extremely fucked up, and graciously horny. I began to crave mother's gigantic granny pussy. So I summonsed her into the room. 

I ordered her to disrobe, and spread open those awful cottage cheese looking thunder thighs

I tried fucking the fat tramp over and over, but i couldn't get hard.  (maybe it was the coke) but my erection was limp as a fucking jumprope. I ended up just watching porn, while mother masturbated with a replica 20 inch african american dildo. Mother fucked herself for a bit, until she came all over the floor. She then climbed on top of my face and asked me to lick her pussy. 

Her pussy juice was sweet; but Her pussy in general was a bit fish smelly. I licked her stinky fur box. I put my nose in her funky ass hole and said "come on baby, give me a loud and disgusting fart!"

She did. I then yelled at her!

"give me another stinky one baby, shoot a big nasty fart down my throat!"

She ripped another one! But this time, a small amount of shit plopped out with the fart; I began struggling to breathe. The mixture of fart and shit basically burned my air passages!

The fucking smell was putrid!

I became so fucking horny! I started rubbing my cock; but  My dick wasn't functioning right. 

I soon simply pushed mother off of me; took 2 shots of expensive whiskey, and went to sleep. 

i woke up around 7:30

and called Jamila. 

We talked for a bit, and decided, i'd pick her up around 9 oclock.

Part 6 (The Date)

I pulled up to Jamila's house in my bright red jag, around 9 25 p.m. The Coke had worn off, and i completely felt like a bag of hot wet dog shit; but I decided to go ahead with the date, besides I've never fucked a tranny before.

She came to the car looking even more pretty than she did online. She was wearing a tight black dress, red pumps and a red and black shaw.

She got in to the car. She looked stunning. 

I remember thinking, while glancing at my pathetic dick, 

"erection don't fail me tonight! Please!"

I said to her "hi Jamila" I'm Justin"

She said "I hope so, because I don't just get into expensive sports cars with anyone, 

and by the way it's almost 9 30. 

Let's get the fucking fuck out of here!

Jamila's foul mouth quickly reminded me, this chick, has a dick

I began to imagine what it would feel like in my mouth, and possibly in my sphincter.

The ride was silent for a bit.
I broke the ice by asking how was her day.

She began talking, but I almost immediately stopped listening.

I really only had one thought in mind,

pulling over, and shoving my 13 inch dick in this hot transsexual bitch!

Jamila's house was not in the city, and driving down the deserted highway, gave me a perfect chance at fucking this transsexual beauty.

I made up an excuse about my front tire feeling low, I picked the darkest part of the highway and pulled over.

Without warning i unzipped my 1900 dollar designer jeans and whipped my semi-hard dick out.

Jamila didn't even flench. She began stroking, and then sucking my now fully erect cock.

I began playing with her sphincter. I'd lick my fingers, play with her sphincter, lick my fingers and play with it some more. 

Her sphincter smelled delicious. A soft mix of shit and peach or pear bodywash. Her hairless balls hung ever so slightly out the side of her sexy underwear. 

That, plus the wave of soft hair around her tight tranny shitter, made my cock throb even more. 

We began vigorously kissing. 

I stopped for a second in order to retrieve a bottle of 200 dollar champagne, I secretly kept chilling in the trunk. I popped the cork, and poured us a glass. We took full short sips, while kissing and heavy petting.

A half bottle later, we passionately made our way to the back seat. I let the convertible top down to give us more room. 

The air was warm and the moon was bright. Aside from fucking a total stranger, it really was quite romantic.

I bent Jamila over, and began french kissing her tight transsexual opening .

The stench got stronger as I licked, deeper, and deeper, inside her plump white butt. 

I then reached around and started playing with Jamila's hard cock. She started yelling out "oh shit, you make me so bloody horny!" she really fucking enjoyed it.

I put on a condom, and inserted my dick in Jamila's tight ass. The feeling was unlike a feeling I've ever had. Her shit box was warm, and inviting.

 I gave her Long hard strokes while I played with her hair. She began screaming loudly

"fuck me!, Please, i need that big fucking dick right up my ass! 

Her moans of passion, got me even more horny!

I fucked that trans bitch like I hated her. Each stroke, got harder, and harder.

She then screamed "oh shit! I'm cuming! Oh shit!" 

Jamila shot her hot wet load all over my back seat. 

I then ripped off my condom, turned jamila around and shoved my cock down her throat. 

I came immediately! My hot milky jizz filled her mouth all the way up. I then released a huge, and foul smelling fart, as i fell back onto my car seat. 

Jamila swallowed all my cum, stood on the seat, and put her small tranny dick in my warm wet mouth. 

She then said

"suck my overgrown clit, you motherfucker!, make my clit cum again!" 

I spent a few moments sucking on her; and soon got another erection. I jacked off and came once more; while blowing Jamila, I began squeezing on her soft tranny booty. 

She soon came in my mouth while yelling "oh shit, j.p. I think i love you!" she then plopped down on the back seat next to  me. 

I replied "I think I love you too"

We giggled for a bit, finished the champagne, got dressed and I drove her back to my place. It was closer, and I didn't have the strength to take her all the way back home.

When I got home my pretend mom was still up. I Introduced her to Jamila as a friend of the family.

I then had mom make me and Jamila some food.

We ate, snorted a couple grams; drank really expensive Belgium beer; and began intensely fucking and sucking.

Finally around 3:30 am we settled in for the night. Watched Major League 2, cuddled up and went to bed.

Mom slept in the other room. Pissed off, and Alone. 

Part 7 (Mother or Tranny)

The following morning, The Sunshine brightly peeked threw the bedroom window.

I got up early.

I brushed my teeth, and took an extremely relaxing, yet warm, and foul smelling shit.

20 minutes later, and 10lbs lighter, i eagerly walked back in the room.

 Jamila was now awake, and fully dressed.

I quietly snuck up behind her, grabbed Her soft little booty, and kissed her on the neck

I then handed Jamila my car keys.

I delightfully said,

"hurry home, get dressed, and come right back.

She strangely, and reluctantly said 

"why do you trust me so much! You hardly even know me"

As she recklessly spoke, I quietly reached for my imported italian leather back pack,

I eagerly, and aggressively opened it,

Inside the bag stood neatly wrapped stacks of crispy 100 dollar bills, (i think it was about 40 or $50,000)

I then replied "money is no object for me, 

Jamila remained extremely quiet

I then cleared my throat, and continued in a rather stern tone,

I have something really important to get off my chest"

"Do you remember the huge lady you met?"

"Well, she isn't a friend of the family, 

she's my very own sugar Mama

She's very special, and very fucking rich.

To be blunt. I fuck her. She supports me"

Jamila remained silent.

She looked extremely shocked by the news 

So, i slowly put my arms around her, leaned forward, and sexily whispered

 "I hope this doesn't change anything between us. 

Stick with me, and you'll be treated like a queen. I'll spoil and pamper you rotten.

Jamila then said in an extremely nervous voice, 

"sorry but your situation is all a bit 2 much. 

I need time to

b 4 she even finished what She was saying, 

I grabbed and began kissing Jamila.

I then quickly reached into my back pack, and pulled out a large amount of cash.

I vigorously opened, and carelessly stuck about 10 or $11,000 in Jamila's stylish designer purse.

Her eyes widened 

I aimlessly muttered

"my gift, to u! 

Jamila's milky white face became really fucking flushed 

She retrieved the money from her purse, and threw it all at me!

I hollered, in a settle voice, "What the FUCK!"

Jamila then said in a very serious tone

"keep your bloody money, u filthy bastard!

You can't just go around trying to purchase new fucking friends.

You're a real fucking idiot.

I stood still, speechless, and rather puzzled 

Jamila continued,

"honestly, Justin, I see something special in you, 

She then crawled sexily down on the bed, and raised up her dress. 

She whispered,

"I'm not some stupid fucking whore.

give me your motherfucking respect, or you'll never fuck my pussy again!"

She slid aside her underwear, and said "come here" 

I walked over, got completely naked, and started kissing her. I then flipped her on her stomach, and gently, shoved my 14 inch cock in her tight transsexual shitter.

She started to moan uncontrollably 

We began passionately fucking.

I soon vigorously came in her tight little tranny butt, in only 30 or 40 seconds. But, After I came once, I did not stop. 

I kept on fucking the trans-bitch, and soon, unloaded, in her opening once again. 

Once i finally pulled my johnson out, Her ass was continuously oozing sperm. 

So much so, it left a small jizzed filled puddle on my 6,000 dollar greek styled Turkish blanket. 

Jamila smiled and said "that was amazing"

I readily agreed. 

I then quickly got up and retrieved my small bag of very expensive weed.  

I Put in my favorite movie "no code of conduct"

Fired up a joint, 

And drifted off  to sleep.

Jamila snuggled tightly in my arms.

It was a beautiful morning.

Part 8 (One Big Happy Family)

About 3 hours later, mom forcefully opened the bedroom door. She was wearing a white shirt and no underwear. 

Her gigantic granny bottom looked so good, hanging from under her shirt. 

My dick suddenly became erect, just by looking at her. 

She asked "how many places should I set for lunch"

I didn't answer. I finished up the last bit of coke, I had lying on the table, and jumped off the bed and tackled the fat slut. I grabbed a hand full of booty, and I started kissing her. Her pussy got really wet.

Jamila watched quietly.

Mom began to let out nasty fart after nasty fart. The familiar smell gave me a sweet since of home. 

I could not take it any longer. I threw mother on the bed, and filled her big funky pussy with my throbbing hard cock.

Jamila began to become erect.

I fucked mom hard, yelled out "oh motherfuck, motherfucker!"

Then i came really hard,
 in moms big smelly pussy. 

Jamila then climbed over and sat on moms chest. She put her clit in moms face, and started jerking off. 

I then walked around, and shoved my limp dick in Jamila's wet tranny mouth. I tried to get my rocks off again, but unfortunately, after 3 times of shooting my load, my once 12 inch penis, looked more like a fucking shriveled up gummy worm.

After about 5 minutes of jamila passionately jerking, I told her to go ahead and fuck mother

She smiled and nodded.

Jamila told mother to turn around, and began fucking her doggy style on the floor. 

Mother moaned, as jamila, madly and viciously stroked away at her hairy, wet, and swelled up vagina.

then out of no where, Jamila yelled really fucking loudly,

"oh fucking fuck! I'm fucking cumming!"

And so, Jamila, pulled out her cock, jerked it a few times, and came all over mother's big white booty. 

We spent the rest of the day talking, eating, and passionately fucking.

We became really well acquainted in only 1 afternoon. 

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Part 9 (Doug Boy's lesson)

Later, i had mother's driver, Douglas, drive me and jamila to her house. 

Douglas was a tall, and fairly thin, African american man. he had to be about 56, or 57 years of age. He was an ex-cop, who acted as a sort of security guard for us. He carried a gun, and watched or backs.

His teeth were badly stained from drinking too much coffee, and half his right ear looked as if it had been chewed off.

He had been mother's driver, way before i'd even known her.

Still, Mother never really liked Douglas. 
As for me, I really didn't mind the bastard all too much.

I stretched out across the back seat, high off coke, and slightly drunk. 

Jamila went in to change. I took time to reflect, and relax. 

I smoked a nicely rolled joint, and sipped on a cocktail

Jamila came out about an hour later. 

She put her hair in a bun. She was wearing a pair of tight blue shorts, and a blue and white top. 

Jamila got in the car, and gave me a kiss.

I leaned over and kissed her back. 

I then said, "how do you feel about all this!"

She said "your mommy im fine with, but I don't know if I can handle, you fucking other people. 

I then jokingly said  

"let's get one thing straight, you fucking tranny bitch, you'll handle whatever the fuck I give you"

Jamila looked stunned

I continued "you see my fucking cock! come here, and handle!

I took out my Johnson , and started stroking.

Jamila playfully pushed me away. 

I noticed douglas peeking, through the rear view mirror.

Knowing that he's watching, made me a bit irritated.

Jamila then looked down at my long penis,

She sort of hesitated at first, but then started sucking on it. The feeling was  indescribable.

People on the street walked right passed.

but I didn't care.

As jamila continued to sucked me down in plain daylight.

I muttered a few times in a soft tone

"I love your fucking wet tranny mouth"

My naughty statement, along with my thumb being gently up her ass, made jamila do a even better job at blowing me off.

I could tell, Douglas was intensely watching 

I noticed his arm moving up, and down, in a jerking motion.

He tried to play it off, but I knew what the old pervert, was in the fucking front seat doing.

I decided to ignore him, 

Then, all of a sudden,

Jamila, explosively ripped out two consecutive farts.

I secretly began to gagg,

the Lincoln town car, now smelled like a motherfucking outhouse

But, once the initial stink wore off, the light buttery fart smell was absolutely delightful.

I looked up to notice,

Douglas had kept on jerking. The smell had no effect on his throbbing full grown erection.

he had now pulled his penis all the way out of his slacks.

The pervert, wasn't even trying to hide the fact, that he was watching.

I tried not to focus on him, 

I gave all my attention to my sweet tranny lover, 

I aggressively stuck my thumb back in Jamila's butt.

I then put my thumb in my mouth, in order to taste the sweet fart flavoring. 

I then whispered to jamila,

"your slippery, wet mouth is amazing" 

I then shot my quick, hard, and cream filled jizz, right down her sexy english throat, 

she gagged, caught it, and swallowed. 

About 10 minutes later I got out of the car. I asked douglas to help me retrieve something from the trunk.

I walked around back, and waited. Douglas hesitated, but eventually met me there. 

I took a quick glance, at his crotch area. 

Douglas, had a big white cum stain right to the left of his crotch.

I asked douglas

"what the fuck is that?!"

Douglas began to studder!

I then grabbed him by his neck. And squeezed as tightly as i could.

I then took his 9 millimeter handgun, and threw it in the trunk.

Douglas fell to his knees.

I then said sternly, 

"I don't pay you to watch me, while you fucking masturbate.

I pay you to watch my fucking back, and drive me the fuck around.

What if a policeman, would have pulled up, while I'm getting my fucking cock sucked!

Could you have fucking warned me?

Fuck no! You're too preoccupied with being a peeping fucking Tom!"

Douglas began to weep.

I then kneeled down, and punched him as hard as I could, right in his wrinkled fucking throat,

Douglas fell, holding his neck.

Jamila got out the car, and nervously watched.

Douglas started screaming,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

I then told Douglas to take off his fucking clothes, 

He responded in a very nervous tone

"no please, please"

I then punched him again, and started laughing.

Blood began to rush from his perverted mouth.

Seeing that I was serious, Douglas quickly began undressing.

A crowd of people began to watch

Douglas nervously took off all his clothes.

He now stood completely naked in front of a crowd of total strangers.

I pulled out a metal bumper jack from the trunk, and yelled,

"ok now jerk, you nasty fucking pervert" 

Jerk the fuck off! Right fucking now!

Douglas replied 

"sir, I really don't want 2"

I walked over to him.

I reached back, and hit the old bastard right in the Fucking left kneecap with the metal bumper jack!

One lady started yelling at me. Threatening to call the police.

I didn't care. The Coke had my brain going 150 mph

I reached in my pocket, pulled out a stack of cash, and threw it at the fat bitch

People started rushing and fighting over the petty loose cash,

Douglas began crying, and reluctantly jerking, his limp little dick. 

Jamila then yelled "enough, lets go"

I walked over to Douglas, grabbed his balls, and said

"ok, now let's go"

Douglas nervously gathered, and put on all his clothes, while limping, and stumbling back to the car. He grabbed his gun, and got back in the driver's seat.

People pointed, and whispered.

I got back into the car.

I then told Douglas, to apologize to the lady, for perversely peeking.

He did. 

I then told Douglas, 

"take us the fuck away from here"

Part 8 (Good times)

Over the next several years, I Began completely spoiling, and pampering Jamila;

she quit med school, and began spending all of her free time, fucking, sucking, and pleasing me.

On her 25th birthday, I bought her a hot new Beamer, gave her over 30 thousand dollars in jewelry, and paid for her expensive Facial Feminization Surgery. Then, A few weeks later, i paid for a couple more med procedures,

so, with time, and a shit load of money, jamila was becoming breath takingly beautiful.

We left our luxury apartment, and all begin living together, in a very large, and equally expensive contemporary ranch styled mansion.
We hired a full time staff. Equip with security guards, watch dogs, and a popular celebrity styled chef.

A year later, Mom's bitter divorce, was finally complete, So, Along with her inheritance, we all lived really fucking good. I soon married mommy, and convinced her to write me in her will. She then sold some of her inherited stocks, and gave me the money. I got a cool 26 million, due to my slick lucrative dealings.  

I began making $1,620,000 a month,  on interest alone. I was living like a fucking king. I'd Fuck mom, in the morning, jamila in the afternoon, and sneak away to fuck whatever sexy Latina working on our grounds I could find later that evening. 

One night in particular, i decided to meet with one of our part time cleaning ladies. Her name was Maria. 

I told Douglas to take mother, and Jamila into the city for dinner, and shopping. It normally, costs me about $35,000, every time they shopped, but, i guess one must pay the price, for uninhibited free time alone.
So, I then told Douglas's 2nd in charge, carlo, to watch over me, while i dicked down this mexican beauty.

Carlo, had known Douglas, previous to becoming a personal guard for us; 

When Douglas was a cop, 

he started a youth gang prevention program. 

Carlo, was one of the kids, saved by the program.

Carlo was around 38, italian, and stood around 5 feet, 11 inches tall.
He was about 200 lbs, with dark slicked back hair, brown eyes, and a movie star like personality.

We'd gotten really tight, since he began working for us. He told me stories, about his previous life on the battlefield, and since he did 7 years in the military, he even taught me, how to shoot, with pinpoint accuracy, high powered assault grade weaponry. 

Carlo dropped us off, out of the way, near the orchard fields; he then waited alone, in our expensive golf cart, with an Automatic assault rifle, and two full grown, deadly trained pit bulls.

I put down a blanket, cracked a bottle of vodka, and started banging 7 gram rocks, 'cause that's how I roll.

As for Maria, she seemed nervous at first, but after snorting a few lines, she began to feel really at ease.

Maria was a real fucking beauty. 32 from Mexico, and barely spoke any English. She stood about 5 6, kind of chubby, and had short dirty blonde curly hair. Her skin was lightly tanned, and her eyes were dark green. Her butt, was enormously big, and looked great in her tight spandex pants. 

Her tight white shirt, made her breast look amazing.

 that, plus her blue cleaning apron,  added a sort of innocent look to her.

Her outfit, though simple, made me extremely horny.

I quickly said "take off your pants, and your shirt, but leave on the fucking apron".

Maria just smiled. 

She didn't understand. So, I removed her fucking clothing myself.

She giggled.

She was so fucking hot. 

She lunged towards me, and tackled me to the ground.

I struggled with unzipping my fly.
Once I finally got it open, I put on a rubber, and slid my hard cock, in maria's warm cunt. 

She let out a Loud moan, of pure passion.

I began sucking her breast and squeezing her booty, while she strattled me. I felt like A total fucking, rock star from mars.

I pulled on her hair, and vigorously fingered her backdoor.

Her bottom stunk really bad though.

She must have eaten, a very traditional lunch.

I made the mistake of licking my fingers.

The terrifying stink, on my index alone, almost forced me to toss my dinner. But still, The hot smell of corned chili, and pinto beans, 

made me horny, yet dizzy.

I began biting on maria's bullet shaped nipples. Her breast were so soft, it felt like i was sucking, and chewing, on warm jello.

About 20 minutes into the fuck session, maria's pussy became oozingly wet, she must have been really fucking excited. 

Maria then leaned forward, 

she whispered with really broken english 

"my pussy is about to explode"

And that's just what it did! 

Maria came so fucking hard!

I pulled on her apron to keep her from toppling over. Her cream was running down her leg, and made it all over my cock and pelvis 

Maria started laughing!

So, i put Her on her back, And started Fucking her rough, and in a missionary position. I soon passed a Minty scented fart, and let out a loud girlish scream.

I shot my jizz hard inside the condom.

Or at least I thought I did.

I got a strange feeling in my gut.

I rolled over, on my back, and took a quick glance at my dick!

I yelled to Maria!

Oh shit! The fucking condom broke".

 I begin sweating nervously. 

Mom was old, i wasn't afraid of getting her pregnant, and with jamila,
it wasn't even  humanly possible.

But I digress, 

Maria got up. She kissed me and climbed right back on my dick. I wanted her to stop, but I let her continue. She road my dick really good. I could feel my cum swishing around inside her. I then released a second batch of extremely smelly farts, and viciously shot my unprotected load Right inside maria's big hairy pussy.
My dick, hadn't come so hard in weeks. 

We stayed there for a while. I ate her pussy for a bit, but it was getting late. 
so, we finished up, Got back in the golf Cart, and Carlo took us back to the house.

Maria went back to work. (as if she wasn't just being fucked out in the fields by a total fucking stud)

Me and carlo sat on the patio and smoked a cigar. We talked about sports, and his upcoming wedding anniversary. 

About 20 minutes later, jamila, mother, and Douglas pulled up.
I handed carlo $1000, and told him to by his wife something nice. 

I walked up to the car, aggressively grabbed mother's butt, then kissed her. I then passionately hugged jamila, kissed her on the mouth, and we all started walking in the house.

Douglas said hi, but I just gave the pervert the finger, and kept on walking. Then for some odd reason, something crazy inside me, suddenly snapped. I quickly turned, and walked towards Douglas.

I then said to the stupid idiot, in a very aggressive tone 

"Don't ever fucking speak to me.

Just do your fucking Job, and keep the fuck quiet. As a matter of fact, Carlo! Come here"

Carlo, quickly walked over.

I continued, mr. Delvekio,

"it's time to test your loyalty.

 Here, take this"

I handed Carlo a loaded 3 57.

Carlo eagerly took it.

Douglas begin to uncontrollably shake.

I then told Carlo 

"shoot, but don't kill the bastard"

Douglas raised both his hands,

 and started begging for me to stop.

I began to laugh.

Then, Without remorse, or hesitation 
Carlo quickly raised his arm, and pulled the fucking trigger! One shot to the shoulder, and another shot to the leg. The loud noises, sent an echo, throughout the entire estate.
Mother, and jamila both let out a loud gasp. Douglas fell to the ground holding his leg, and screaming.

I lite a joint, and walked over to him, 
I blew the smoke in his face, and started to grin. While standing over Douglas's pathetic body. Carlo walked up, next to me; and without me even asking, Carlo, bent down, and Pounded Douglas across the face 3 or 4 times with the butt of the loaded pistol.

I smiled, and gently said,

"you are demoted"

Carlo is now the head of security.

I reached inside mother's purse, grabbed a large stack of cash, and shoved about 65, 100 dollar bills, inside Douglas's mouth. He gagged, and spit the money all over his bloody chest, but still, in his agonizing pain, Douglas, had enough energy, to recover all the cash, and put it in his fucking pocket.

I walked over to jamila, and told her to write Carlo a check, for $10,000.

She did.

I gave him the check, and told Carlo to get douglas to a hospital.

Carlo nodded.

To be totally honest,

It's pretty fucking sickening 

Carlo would have killed a person, 

he'd known, for about twenty fucking years

All because I said so.

Later that night, while snorting coke, jamila did a cute little strip show for me, 

Then, gave me an intensely vigorous handy job. 

My mind was completely on Maria though.

Even with all the drama, concerning Douglas,

 I just couldn't wait, to go fuck Maria, over, and over, and over again. 

Part 9 (Mrs Stinky Booty)

Even though Maria had the foulest smelling shitter I've ever touched.

It drew me closer to her. she was releasing stinky pheromones, And I answered the call every single time.

We just couldn't stop fucking.

My sexy tranny girlfriend, and fat pretend mother, both had a feeling i was fucking Maria, but never said anything. So, once i felt the cat was out of the bag, i really did'nt give a fuck. Me, and My new Latina lover started holding hands, kissing, and talking to each other all the time.
Mom and jamila, and all the other grounds workers became really jealous. But i didn't care. I bought Maria, a new Lexus, new clothes, and moved her in to the guest house on the east end of the lot. 

Things were going great. 

I couldn't believe how much life had changed, in such a short amount of time. Several years ago, I was selling 2 dollar mustard dogs on the street.

Now, I'm living on a ranch, Equipped with my very own tranny, granny, and smelly butt Latina. 

I was on top of the world.

Part 10 (You're the man)

Shit got really fucking interesting over the next several years. 

I'd stay with Mother one night, and jamila the next. Then I'd sleep with Maria. or maybe mother and jamila at the same time, depending on the type of sexual satisfaction I was craving.

The down side of the situation was that Mother and Jamila absolutely hated Maria. They stubbornly refused to accept my smelly butt Latina, into our make shift family. 

In any case,

I woke up this particular morning sandwiched between mom and Jamila. We snorted for a bit, and began passionately fucking, kissing, and giggling.

Right after climaxing, we were crudely interrupted by a very loud knock on the door.

It was Maria.

I got up, and opened the door.

Maria was very upset.

She was holding a kitchen knife, and shrewdly screaming.

Jamila saw the weapon.

So, she nervously  grabbed her phone, and called for carlo.

Mother stayed still, and extremely quiet.

I cracked a very nervous smile, and carefully whispered. 

"Maria, please relax, put down the knife".

She didn't listen, 

she gripped the knife, and lunged at me full speed, 

I raised my arm, in an effort to block her malicious attack. 

Maria, just smiled.

she yelled at me in Spanish, and aggressively  stabbed me repeatedly.

I pushed her down, and glanced at my arm.

It was completely fucked. Blood was shooting everywhere.

I yelled in agonizing pain, 

I closed my eyes and started swinging rather wildly, 

I kicked my feet, and girlishly yelled  for Carlo.

I quickly grabbed her hand, and punched her in the throat. 

Just then, Carlo, Busted in the room.

He pushed me on to the floor.

i quickly grabbed my bloody arm, and started uncontrollably sobbing.

the fucking pain was indescribable.

Carlo, took Maria by the neck, and slung her hard towards the wall.

Maria, hit the wall, and then fell hard to the floor.

Mother started yelling at Carlo! Pleading for him to stop.

Carlo didn't listen.

He back handed maria, laughed, and shoved his loaded gun hard in maria's mouth.

Just then, I faintly heard what sounded like a fucking police car, parked on my fucking property.

One of my employees, must have heard the commotion, and called nine one one.

I nervously reached for my gun, crawled over, and peeked out the window.

2 or 3 grounds workers, were outside the compound talking to the cops.

I got on the intercom, and told Douglas to get rid of the fucking police.

I waited for an answer, but surprisingly Douglas didn't respond.

Jamila, then said 

"Douglas, isn't here, he's in Texas for a week, visiting his sick mother"

I angrily frowned, and anxiously told Carlo 

"the fucking police are outside, I need to fucking leave"

I looked at mother, and she pointed at Carlo.

Carlo, wasn't even listening.

He was very much excited.

You could tell, his large Italian dick was completely rock hard.

He was profusely sweating, and his face was fill of demented rage. 

Carlo told me, while drooling and grinning,

"get the fuck off the floor, and go locked the fucking door"

I crawled over, bleeding and slobbering, got up, and locked the door.

Jamila started to weep quietly 

Mother tried hard to comfort her. 

I then told Carlo, 

"take the gun from maria's mouth, and settle the fuck down.

We can't just kill the stupid fat bitch, with 2 police officers standing right the fuck outside"

But Carlo didn't care, 

he cocked the hammer, And continued to drool.

Fearing that he would kill Maria, 

I punch carlo hard, in the back of the head.

Before I continue, I must say I didn't really have a problem with Carlo killing Maria.

in a way, I kind of wanted him to, 

But not like that. Not in front of mother, jamila, and a couple of cops.


Carlo fell to the floor, and let off two consecutive shots.

One hit mother and split her head wide open. Blood splattered on the wall, and all over jamila.

The other bullet just missed jamila, and shattered the bedroom window.

I yelled 

"you bastard!

I grabbed Maria, and used her as a human shield.

Carlo began grinning, and recklessly firing.

He hit Maria 4 or 5 times in the mid section.

One bullet went threw her stomach, and got me in the torso.

So, while still holding maria's lifeless body, I let off 3 rounds myself. 

I think I hit Carlo twice in the chest, and once in the leg.

Carlo began crawling, and gasping for air.

I dropped Maria, and limmped over towards Carlo. 

I stood over him, and shot him execution style once in the head.

Then fell to the floor.

Jamila started sobbing.

By then, the cops were banging on the door. 

Demanding me to surrender my weapon, and exit the room.

I knew even though this wasn't my fault, it would be really hard to clean up.

I had over 2 kilos of coke in my room, and another 3 kilos stashed in various places throughout  the house.

I had illegal guns, and a used bazooka, I purchased in Mexico last summer. 

So, On those charges alone, I was totally fucked. 

I blew a kiss at jamila, told her I loved her, and fired 5 times at the door.

The cops fired back. I got shot once in the arm, and 4 times in the chest.

I smiled at jamila.

I started choking on blood.

I passed a really wet fart,

raised my arm,

and fired again.

I don't remember anything, there after.

Part 11 (I'm fucked)

That brings us to now. 

And why I'm talking to you. Dr. Hanson.

That's why I'm here, in a fucking prison hospital, in a fucking prison wheel chair, talking to a fucking prison shrink.

The state, charged me, with obtaining illegal weapons, and housing illegal drugs.

I get that part. 

But, when miss bitch prosecutor charged me for shooting Carlo, that was really fucked up.

The tramp bitch said, it wasn't self defense, because Carlo was already subdued, and I still opted to shoot him.

So, I'm fucked.

Mother's dead.

and last I heard, jamila, was a high priced prison transsexual call girl. 

You know something doc,

I still don't understand, why Maria came in the room, acting like a total fucking psycho.

Or why, my dearest friend, Carlo, went so far off the fucking deep end. 

I guess, In any event, it doesn't matter now though.

Now I'm fucked.

Mr. dr. Fucking Hanson, for the next 140 years, 

I'm really fucking fucked.

You know what, 

I'm leaving.

Talking to u won't change shit!

"Guard! Guard!, 

take me back to my cell, this fucking shrink, is giving me the fucking creeps.

The End

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