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Chapter 5

She walked over to us and introduced herself as Raine. She was about 5’10’ tall with a body and face to die for. She was dressed in a black long sleeve silk top, with matching black silk panties and black heels. She was impeccable, with long red hair that hung in curls framing her face. She smiled as she stood in front of Beth.

“So, Sunny tells me its your turn young lady.” she told Beth.

“No, no, no.”, Beth replied, “One of them can take my turn.”

“Nope, not going to happen.”, replied Raine, “Everyone had to have a turn, its club policy.” she said winking.

“Yep.”, I told Beth, “I had to have a turn, so do you.”

Beth tried to continue to argue the point as Raine walked over to the CD player. She scanned the rack and selected one, inserted it and grabbed the remote. She walked back over to Beth and took her hand. She pulled her off the sofa and led her over to one of the chairs. Beth sat down in the chair nervously, pulling down her skirt. Raine pointed the remote at the CD player and pressed play. A few seconds later the music started and Raine turned to Beth.

Beth looked like a teenager who was just caught masterbating. Her face was beet red and she was looking at everything but Raine. Raine straddled Beth’s thighs and moved closer to her. She began an almost hypnotic sway, perfectly in time to the music. I could tell she had worked this song before, her movements were flawless. Lower and lower she swayed until she was lightly touching Beth’s lap. Beth was doing everything to avoid her that she could. Raine took charge and put one hand on each side of Beth’s face and turned her to an eye to eye position.

“No looking away.”, Raine said, “If you don’t do it right, you have to go again.”

Beth thought for a second and I guess decided to go with the program as presented. Raine started to move back and forth on Beth’s lap while softly caressing her face with one hand. She moved up again, took Beth’s hands and pulled her a bit out of the chair so she could access her lap easier. I looked at Beth’s legs and notice they were open just a bit. From where I sat, I could see she had on white panties. I also noticed that her legs were trembling as Raine started her motion back down to Beth’s lap. Lower and lower, until I saw Beth’s legs absorb the weight of this beautiful creature.

Raine began a slow steady rocking of her lips as she looked eye to eye with Beth. Her hands were behind Beth’s neck, running her hands through her hair. I could tell Beth’s breathing was getting more labored as her chest rose and fell. I looked over at Lance and he had this perturbed look on his face. He appeared to be totally disinterested. I looked back at the ladies and noticed Beth’s legs had opened wider. Now I had a clear view of those creamy thighs and white panties. I think my cock was harder now then when Sunny was grinding against me.

Raine reached down and took Beth’s hands and brought them to her shoulders. She held her hands on top of Beth’s, making sure there was no protest from her. Seeing none, Raine took her own hands and placed them on Beth’s sides, stroking her softly. Up and down her hands moved, looking at Beth for some sort of a reaction. Then Raine’s right hand moved around and cupped Beth’s left breast through her shirt. Beth, startled tried to shift her position, but Raine locked her thighs on Beth’s and made sure she stayed put. Slowly Raine’s hand moved over Beth’s breast. Beth looked over at Lance as if to say this is not my fault. She would not look at me at all.

Suddenly Lance stood and moved toward the door.

“This is bullshit.”, he snarled, “Everyone gets a better dance than I do. I am going back to the bar.”

“Don’t leave Lance.”, Beth pleaded, “Don’t leave me by myself.”

“Fuck this.” Lance replied, “Jeff, you stay with her.”

He stormed out of the door, slamming it behind him.

Raine started her dance again, telling Beth to blow him off. She began to move back and forth on Beth’s lap, her hand once again caressing her breast. This went on for several minutes. It seemed that with Lance out of the room, Beth began to loosen up. Beth’s hands which were now on Raine’s hips began to move. She was responding to Raine.

Raine immediately sensed Beth’s change of heart. She turned to me and suggested I move from the sofa to the chair next to them. She told me the view was much better. I got up and moved as suggested. She was right, the view was spectacular.

The dance continued and I noticed that Raine had began to grind her pussy into Beth’s. Her hands were now around Beth’s waist pulling them closer to each other. Beth was breathing heavy and had become lost in Raine’s spell. Raine knew she had Beth where she wanted her. She reached up and slowly pulled her top off exposing her breasts. I saw Beth swallow hard as she was inches away from Raine’s breasts. Raine reached down and put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her silk panties.

“You like that ?”, she asked Beth. “Do you do this too ?”

All Beth could do was nod, she was almost in a trace. Raine tilted her head back and moaned as she stroked her pussy. Her hand had started moving a little faster. I could see her nipples were hard as small pebbles, she was really getting into this. Raine moved her face back to Beth’s. She raised up slightly taking the pressure off Beth’s thighs. She placed her right hand on the inside of Beth’s thighs and pushed up Beth’s skirt a few inches. Then she sat back down never moving her hand. I couldn’t see exactly where it was but judging from Beth’s reaction, it had to be extremely close to her pussy. I watched Raines arm for some sort of sign as to what she was doing. Then with one quick motion of the neck, Beth’s head snapped back. Raine had reached Beth’s pussy. Beth let out a small moan, trying her best to muffle it. My cock was throbbing at this point. I felt like unzipping my pants and pulling it out right there and then. I wanted to stroke it while I watched these two gorgeous creatures interact with each other.

Raine pulled her hand from under Beth’s skirt and returned it to her own panties. She pushed it inside the front until she found her own pussy. She began to stroke herself looking deep into Beth’s eyes. She leaned over and whispered something in Beth’s ear. Beth shook her head no, but was not very convincing. Once again, Raine leaned over and whispered into Beth’s ear. This time Beth looked nervously at me, then back at Raine. Raine just nodded at her and smiled. Beth’s right hand moved to Raines panties. Raine pulled her hand out of her panties, reached down and pulled them to the side exposing herself to Beth. With her other hand she took Beth’s and placed it on her pussy. Beth’s fingers began to slowly explore Raine’s pussy. It was clumsy, almost comical. Raine leaned over and whispered again in Beth’s ear.

Beth extended one finger and slipped it deep inside Raine. She then withdrew it and began to rub her clit. Raine leaned back and groaned in gratitude. Soon Beth had a great pace going and Raine’s breathing became more unstable, her face showing signs of urgency. Raine placed her hand over Beth’s and showed her the proper stroke. Beth quickly adapted and soon had Raine’s senses reeling. Raine moved down and her lips met Beth’s in a long slow kiss. I was ready to explode in my pants at this point. My cock was so hard I was not able to sit comfortably. I noticed they both opened their mouth’s slightly, I knew their tongues were dancing. Then without warning Raine broke the kiss, threw her head back and screamed.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming………”, she cried.

Her hips bucked wildly against Beth’s hands for close to a half minute. I watched her ride wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. She slowly began to breathe normal again, her face flushed, sweat glistening on her forehead. She looked down at Beth, whose hand was still stroking her pussy and brought her close for another long but gentle kiss. They broke the kiss and looked at each other.

“You were wonderful.”, Raine told Beth, “Thank you.”

Beth, now coming to her senses removed her hand from the red head’s panties. She began to turn red again, realizing she had become lost in lust. Raine stood up and began to get herself together. Once again I reached in my pocket and pulled out a 100 dollar bill. I folded it and handed it to her.

“Thank you.”, she said, “It was my pleasure. Wait here, I will be right back.”

She hurriedly pulled her top back on and fixed her panties. She scurried out of the room. Beth was just sitting there, her skirt still pushed up with a confused look on her face.

“You ok.”, I asked her, “You look a bit frazzled.”

“I … , I…, can’t believe that just happened.”, Beth mumbled, “I am so embarrassed.” , she said looking away from me.

“Why ?”, I asked, “I thought you were incredible. I will never forget tonight.”

Just then the door opened and Raine returned. She had put on a beautiful long black Japanese Kimono. She walked over to me and put a card in my hand, and leaned over into my ear.

“I also do private parties.”, she whispered, “Call the number, leave a message and maybe I will get back to you.”

With that , she turned and walked out. I looked at the card in my hand. It was high gloss black with gold lettering on it. It simply said Raine. Under her name was a phone number, nothing more.

“What’s that ?”, Beth asked me.

“Just a business card for the club.”, I answered as I put it in my pocket.

Beth stood up, straightened her skirt and blouse and fixed her hair. We both left the room and walked back downstairs to find Lance. I knew Beth was nervous of how Lance was going to react. She knew it was going to be a long night. When Lance got pissed, he always took it out on Beth.

Chapter Six

We entered the main room downstairs and looked around for Lance. I soon spotted him sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. After a second, it was apparent to both Beth and I , he was hitting on her. We approached him from behind so he had no idea we had come down from upstairs. Beth walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and when he saw us, we got his usual annoyed look. Beth told him we were ready to leave after he finished his last drink. In typical Lance fashion, he responded.

“Who said this was my last drink.”, he snapped at her.

“I think you have had enough, lets go ok. I want to be home before it gets too late.”

“Well I don’t much give a fuck what you think, I’m not ready to go.”, he responded.

I knew this might happen. Lance never knew when to quit. To be honest, I was really quite surprised he had never wrapped himself around a tree or had a serious accident while drunk. I don’t think he ever had a DWI either, if he did I never heard about it. Beth turned and looked at me, I simply shrugged my shoulders. She turned back to Lance and continued to try to convince him it was time to go. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 11:40 p.m., twenty minutes until the new year rang in. I thought to myself what a way to ring in another year, dealing with a drunk. I looked over my shoulder and saw a small table that no one was seated at. I moved over to it, pulled out a chair and sat down.

Beth continued arguing with Lance and the more they talked the louder he became. She reached down and took his arm and tried to urge him off the bar stool. He made a swinging motion with his arm to get it away from her, coming very close to hitting her in the face. I was tired of this and him. I got up and walked over to them.

“Look Beth, lets not do this here. We are guests of Riley’s and it is the Grand Opening, lets not make a scene.”, I told her calmly.

She agreed and backed off Lance a few steps. He got up and started to move toward her. I quickly stepped between them. He stopped abruptly and looked up at me. I am considerably bigger then Lance in both height and weight. I had continued both cardio and weight training long after my college football days were over. Considering my age, I was in much better shape than most of the younger guys who trained at my health club. I am close to 6’3” tall, weighed about 240 lbs. but have a thirty inch waist.

“What’s your problem ?”, he barked at me.

I simply stated in a very calm matter of fact voice that I agreed with Beth, maybe it was time to go. I offered to follow them home and make sure everyone got home safe and sound. This family did not need any further tragedy.

“Well, since I don’t give a fuck about her opinion.” , he said , pointing at Beth, “What makes you think I give a fuck about yours.”

“Personally what you give a fuck about is the least of my worries.”, I calmly replied, “If you want to kill yourself, great, but I don’t want anything to happen to Beth.”

“Take a fucking hike asshole.”, he replied and put his finger in my face.

Beth reached over and grabbed my shoulder. She pleaded with us not to do this. She just wanted to go home. But if it was going to cause all these problems, she agreed to stay with Lance. He sneered at me , turned around and sat back at the bar. I knew as long as Lance was getting free drinks, he would not leave. Besides, he was too far gone now to drive anyway. I calmly moved next to him and asked if it would be ok to drive Beth home, that way he could stay. He looked over at her and made a wave of his hand in our direction.

“I don’t care if you leave. I can have a better time by myself., “ he

“Please be careful on the way home.”, Beth pleaded, as he turned his back on us.

I took her arm and gently guided her towards the door. I saw Riley in the center of the room and walked over to thank him again. He told me he was really glad I could make it and to come back anytime. He winked and asked us if we enjoyed the private entertainment. Beth blushed and looked down. We shook hands and I told him we would talk soon.

We left the club and walked down the block to the lot where my car was parked. I gave the Valet my stub and he hurried off to get my vehicle. Beth never said a word while we waited. Soon he returned and stepped out of my car. I tipped him and he hurried to the other side and opened the door for Beth. She climbed in and we pulled off the lot and headed home.

We were driving only for a few minutes, when Beth looked at the clock on the dash.

“It’s 11:58.”, she said, “Almost midnight. I don’t know how many more year’s I can keep doing this.”

I drove a few minutes more and approached the on-ramp to the Mississippi River Bridge which connects both the East and West Banks of the river. The signal light turned red at the bottom of the ramp and I came to a complete stop.

“It’s 12:03.”, Beth said, “We missed the New Year. Oh well, no use in it being a total loss.”

With that, she reached over and put one hand behind my neck. She moved her lips to mine and kissed me. Soft at first, then pressing into my mouth with more urgency. I felt the end of her tongue on my lips.
I opened my lips and mine met hers. I reached around and pulled her close to me. God, this was so good. Suddenly, a car horn broke the silence. I pulled away and looked up. The light had turned green and the driver behind me had noticed I was occupied. I waved my apology back and drove up the ramp.

We pulled up to the gate in our subdivision about thirty five minutes later. I entered my code, watched the gate pull back and drove in. I was a few blocks from her house when she turned and looked at me.

“I don’t want to go home Jeff. I can’t deal with Jeff tonight. I am so tired of this. I wish I could go home with you.”, she said softly.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea Beth. What the hell would Lance say when he got home and you were not there. ?”, I replied.

“Your right, I know, but I just don’t want to go into that house. Would you bring me to my Mom and Dad’s ?” she asked.

“You think they up this late ? Its almost one in the morning.”, I asked.

Beth picked up her cell phone and called her parents. They were asleep but answered relatively quickly. It was her Dad on the phone. She briefly told him what had happened and asked if she could come stay with them tonight. They agreed and Beth told them, she would be there shortly. I pulled up in front of her home a minute or so later. I asked if she wanted me to drive her but she reconsidered saying she would take her car. She thanked me and got out. Reluctantly, I drove off and watched her through my mirror walk up the drive.

I went to sleep that night wondering what the hell Lance would do when he got home and Beth was gone. Beth was going to catch hell tomorrow. The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was I hope Beth arrived at her parents safely.

New Year’s Day came and went, I heard nothing from Beth. The following Monday morning arrived quickly and I left for work. As I passed the front of Beth and Lance’s home, I noticed his car was there, hers was not. Beth never left for work this early. Was she still at her Mom’s ?

The entire next week was strange. I finally saw Beth’s car home on Thursday evening when I returned home. I figured to my self, she had made Lance sweat a bit before coming back home. I had not heard a word from her in almost a week. Soon another weekend had passed, it was late Sunday night when I got into bed. All I could think about was Beth and how my private little world all alone had suddenly become so complicated. I simply had to get her out of mind once and for all.

A few days later at work, I received a call from my mother in law. She asked me if I could stop by on my way home, she wanted to talk to me. I agreed and a few hours later we were seated in her kitchen. My father in law was in the back yard working. She asked if I had spoken to Beth lately? I told her no, not for about two weeks. She told me that Beth and Lance were having problems and that Beth was thinking of getting a separation. She went on to tell me about New Year’s Eve night and the next few days Beth had stayed with her. She asked me if I would keep an eye out around their house and let her know if I saw anything out of place. I agreed and left shortly after.

That Sunday I was watching the football game when the doorbell rang. I got up and went to the door, surprised to see who standing there.

“Can I talk to you for minute ?”, Lance asked.

I let Lance in and we walked back to sofa and sat down. I could tell this was awkward for him, he was not his usual self. He told me that he had decided to leave Beth. He went on to say that things had been cold and distant between them for years now. I was glad to hear him say that the problems went back that far. It somewhat made me feel better that I had not been the sole cause of the split up. I asked him if they had both thought this out and this was what they both wanted. He told me that this had been coming for some time now. He admitted that most of this was his fault, especially the drinking. He told me he was miserable and drank to ease the pain. He also said that he had found someone else and it was depressing not to be with her. Funny, I thought, I can relate to that. It was unusual to see Lance like this. He was normal, no arrogance. I actually felt bad for him. I told him that anything either of them needed, all they had to do was ask. He got up, shook my hand and apologized to me for his behavior the past few years. He thanked me and asked me to keep an eye on the house and Beth. I smiled, thinking you don’t have to ask me that twice. He thanked me once again and left quickly. I sat there the rest of that day debating on whether to call Beth. I decided against it, it was too soon. Then I began thinking, what if Beth’s advances to me had been out of the same depression that Lance had been feeling ? Maybe now that she was out of her marriage, she would have a change of heart. Perhaps now, Beth would want to start a new life. I decided right then and there that I would let Beth make the next move, I would not pressure her one bit.

Days passed into weeks with no contact. The only news I received was from my in laws. Lance had gotten an apartment in town, Beth was working a lot trying to keep her mind off things. They seemed relieved that they had split up. They thought it was a long time coming.

Chapter Seven

I would pass Beth’s everyday hoping to see her outside and give me an excuse to stop and chat. But lately she seemed to be keeping longer hours than I did. My mother in law called constantly asking me if everything looked normal around there. I told her I had not heard or seen Beth in well over a month. She told me they talked on the phone every other night or so. Then she told me something that made my heart sink.

“I think Beth has met someone new, Jeff.”, my mother in law said.

“What makes you think that ?”, I responded in my bravest voice.

“Last night she asked if it was too soon for her to be interested in another man ?”, was her reply.

She went on to tell me Beth had told her nothing specific, but from the conversation, she had figured that she had recently met someone. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach. I quickly made up an excuse and ended the conversation. I sat there stunned. I had no idea what to do. I thought about going over to Beth’s and confronting her, telling her how much I loved her and asking her to be with me. But the more I thought about it, I was sure that was so unfair to Beth. If she had indeed met someone else, what a terrible position I would put her in. No matter how much it hurt, I had to back off. I decided to take a shower and go to bed. I really did not feel well.

I skipped the next two Sundays at the in laws , keeping to myself. The last thing I needed to do was run into Beth . I tried to keep myself busy with work and errands, doing my best to stay pre-occupied. Soon it was the weekend again and I headed home Friday evening. I drove passed Beth’s and saw her taking packages out of her car. She waved at me and motioned for me to stop. I pulled to the curb and lowered the window. She came over with a smile and leaned in the passenger window.

“Hey, Jeff, how are you ?” , she asked brightly.

“I am ok, how have you been ?”, was my response.

“Things have been rough, but they are getting better.”, she replied.

She went on to tell me that things had quieted down between her and Lance. In fact they had dinner the night before and managed to work out most of the financial arrangements of their divorce. She told me that they actually got along much better now then when they were together. I just smiled and shook my head as if I understood. She then asked me why I hadn’t been to her parents house in almost a month. I responded I just had not been feeling well lately and wanted to be alone. She frowned at me and told me she understood, for the past few years, even though her and Lance lived together, she in fact felt alone.

“Jeff, I have to discuss the building with you. We are either going to have to sell it or we have to buy Lance out.”, she informed me.

I had not thought of this. I still owned half of the building that Beth’s business was in. Lance owned half of Beth’s share. I started to ask price, amounts, things like that.

“Tell you what.”, she said, “I am going to clean up, I will go out and get dinner, meet you back at your place about eight o’clock. We can come up with a plan.”

“That’s fine.”, I replied, “See you then.”

Beth arrived about ten minutes after eight carrying bags of take out from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was glad to see Beth wearing long jeans, and a button up blouse. The last thing I needed was anything to make me feel even worst about what had happened. We went into kitchen, sat at the table and began to eat. I really was not that hungry, my stomach was in a knot.

Beth began to explain the arrangement that her and Lance had agreed upon. Beth wanted to keep the house but could not afford to buy Lance out of it. She agreed to giving him half of their savings and buy him out of the building in exchange for him signing over the equity in their home to her. So basically what it amounted to was having to come up with about 175,000.00 to buy him out of the business. She had roughly about 50,000.00 in cash from the savings which was her share. She agreed to sign over the complete building to me in exchange for me buying Lance out with the balance.

Money had never been a problem with me. Thankfully Susan and I had prepared in the event one of us had died prematurely. We had mortgage protection on our home, the business and several pieces of land we owned together. All of the balance’s were paid a few months after Susan’s death, leaving me with only minor expenses. In addition we each had two large life insurances polices, so I was financially secure.

I told Beth, I would contact my bank officer and start a mortgage on the building for the roughly 125,000.00, Lance was owed. I told Beth her business could pay the monthly notes and that signing over her interests in the building was not necessary. I told her anything I could do to help out during this time, I would be glad to do so. I could see her exhale a huge sigh of relief. Her eyes watered up and she tried to express herself.

“Jeff, I don’t know what to say. That is so generous of you. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”, she said softly.

“You don’t have to.”, I replied, “Your family. That is what families do, take care of each other. Besides, I know that’s what Susan would have wanted me to do. I just want you to be happy, Beth.”

We finished eating, cleaned the kitchen quickly and moved into the great room. She sat on the sofa, I sat across from her in my chair. We continued to talk about the details of the building until we were both satisfied with how it was going to transpire. Without much warning, Beth changed the subject quickly.

“Jeff, I know this is going to be awkward, but I really need to tell you something.”, she said in a low voice.

“Yes, I know.”, I quickly replied, “Your mom told me.”

She looked puzzled for a moment, then asked what I meant by that.

“Your mom has the idea that you might have met someone recently and could be thinking of starting a relationship.”, I added.

Beth look startled and confused, moving uneasy on the sofa.

“I can’t believe that my mom read me that well. I mean, I really did not say anything that I know of that would have given her any clue.”, Beth answered.

So it was true, she had met someone. I decided as much as this was going to hurt, I had to take the noble way out. Before Beth could say anything else, I decided to let her off the hook.

“Beth, I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I do not care for you. You know I do. But all I want is for you to be happy. I know what it’s like to live with hurt and I don’t want that for you. I am glad that you met someone, you deserve to be happy.”, I told her.

“Anything you need from me, you just ask. I wish you all the best.”, I continued.

She was just looking at me with a blank stare, like she could not believe what I was saying. I am not sure how much time passed, it seemed like an eternity, then she responded.

“Well, in fact, I have met someone.”, she finally replied, “And I am not positive but I think I may be in love with him.”

My heart sank, I felt my stomach tighten, but I tried my best not to let on I was dying inside. I smiled at her and she continued to tell me how confused she had been for the past few months, so unsure of the right thing to do. She told me she was hesitate to start another relationship so soon after separating from Lance. She was moving slow to be absolutely sure this was real, not perhaps just a rebound relationship.

“I understand.”, I told her, “But if you truly have fallen in love, don’t waste any more time. Be happy. Anytime you need to talk or need a shoulder to lean on, I am here for you.”

“Jeff, I always admired you, and in a lot of ways, I have always been extremely jealous of Susan. I saw how the two of you got along. You both were always so happy, always kidding each other, always laughing. Not only were you lovers, you were best friends. Now, I can see why Susan was so in love with you.”

I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. Here was my sister in law telling me she had fallen in love with another man, while my heart was crying out to tell her how much I loved her. I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her. But what good would that do. I was unhappy, why burden her with this.

“You know it takes a special man to tell me what you just did. After what we shared together, you’re only concerned about my happiness, my chance to be in love again.” she said softly.

“Yes, Jeff.”, she said looking down at her feet, “ I am pretty sure I have fallen in love again and it scares me.”

There it was , the final blow. My heart was pounding so hard, I was pretty sure she could hear it. My stomach was twisted in knots, I felt like I had suddenly developed a high fever. Once again, I was alone.

Chapter Eight

I was trying my best to be supportive but all I could think of was someone else would be holding Beth at night. After Susan’s death, I had battled with just about every emotion one can have. I blamed God, blamed him for not giving me a fair shake in life. We had been successful, had a beautiful home, money, we were happy. It just was not fair. For a long time I was bitter at everything and everyone. But as time passed, I realized that no one knows what life will throw at them. Just when you think you have been dealt a cruel blow, you look around and see someone much worst off than yourself.

“Does Lance know about your new love interest ?”, I asked Beth.

“No.”, she replied, “But it should not matter to him. He has been seeing someone for years behind my back. So to be honest, I really am not worried about what he thinks.”

“I have seen it happen a lot though Beth. Guys leave their wife for someone else, they think they don’t care, until their wife finds someone who shows interest, then the jealousy starts.”, I told her.

Beth, tilted her head in a puzzled look and paused a moment.

“Jeff, you have no clue do you ?”, she asked , “You never asked who I think I am in love with.”

“ I really don’t think I want to know, Beth.”, I responded.

Suddenly Beth gave me the most pitiful look. Her eyes filled with water and a tear ran down one cheek. She moved over to the end of the sofa and took my hand.

“Jeff, I am so sorry. I was not thinking right. I think you misunderstood me. Yes, I do think I am in love, but it’s with you silly.” she said softly.

It felt that the weight of the entire world had just been lifted off of my shoulders. I can’t describe the feeling, but for the first time in a very long time, I felt a sudden peace.

“You thought I was talking about someone else ?”. she asked.

I nodded dumbfounded. The lump in my throat stopped me from talking.

“Even though you thought I was talking about another man, you supported me. No Jeff, its you. I have been fighting this since that day here in this room, when we…..” , she stopped.

I got up and moved next to her on the sofa. My hand brushed the hair from her cheek. Once again my heart was pounding, but for a much different reason.

“This is going to be very difficult at first, when people find out. Its not going to be pleasant.”, I warned her.

She said nothing. She leaned over and her lips met mine. It felt wonderful like before, but different. We leaned back our arms wrapped around each other. I kissed her for what seemed an eternity. I never wanted to let her go. I was hoping this was not a dream. We kissed over and over, slowly with no urgency, holding each other. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I need to run home for a little while, but I will be back. I want to spend the night with you. I want to wake up in your arms. Is that ok ?” she asked me.

I had forgotten what it felt like to wake in the morning next to a woman. It had been so long, I barely could remember.

“I would like that Beth. Please hurry.”, was all I could muster.

Beth kissed me again and promised she would be right back. As she closed the door my head was spinning. I hurried to the master bedroom and made sure everything was perfect. I jumped into the shower and cleaned up, getting ready for her. Just as I threw the clothes in the hamper, I heard the door open. I met her in the hallway, she was carrying a small bag over her shoulder. She leaned up and kissed me again.

“I am going to clean up, if that’s ok.”, she told me, “I will be right with you. Open a bottle of wine, I think I will need a few glasses.”

She stepped into the master bath, closed the door. I heard her turn on the water and start filling the tub. I went downstairs and pulled a bottle of Merlot from the rack and went back to the kitchen. I opened the bottle, grabbed two glasses and headed back to the bedroom. When I stepped in the bedroom, I heard that familiar hum of the jets in the tub. I turned off the light and turned on a very small lamp next to the bed. I pulled back the linen and slid into the sheets. Even though we had shared two previous encounters, I was nervous as hell.

Maybe five minutes passed and I heard the motors on the tub turn off. I heard the drain open and knew she was finishing up. I poured two glasses of wine and placed them on the nightstand. Soon I heard her hand on the door handle. I held my breathe, silently anticipating.

Beth came out into the dimly lit room. She was wearing a floor length burgundy colored gown. It was lace from head to toe and she looked magnificent. She walked slowly over to my side of the bed.

“I hope you approve.”, she said, “I bought this especially for you.”

“You are beautiful Beth.”, I replied, “You’re breathe taking.”

She lowered her down on top of me and my lips met hers. Her perfume was subtle, not over whelming, but just right. She smelled fresh with a scent of baby powder. Her lips were warm, soft and moist. Her tongue was soon entangled with mine. Instantly my cock began to harden pressing against her soft firm body. My right on her back moved down and I cupped her ass. She began to move her hips and press her pussy into me. I rolled over to the left and lowered her on her side. I looked deep into her eyes, I felt her warm breathe on my face.

“I love you Beth.” I whispered,

“I love you too, Jeff.”

My hand slid down her thigh and I slowly slid her gown up her leg. My hand reached between her warm smooth thighs and I found her pussy. She was absolutely drenched in fluids. I pushed one finger deep inside her, then back out again. Looking into her soft eyes, I withdrew the finger, placed it between my lips and sucked on it. I could see a sparkle glimmer in her eye.

I lowered myself down her body, until my face was between her thighs. I extended my tongue and softly licked her pussy from bottom to top. She arched her back at my first touch, knowing what was yet to come. I continued to kiss her long smooth lips, every now and then pushing my tongue into her. Her hand went to the back of my head, softly stroking my neck, encouraging me on. I reached up and with my fingers opened her lips to expose her clit. I pressed my lips to her clit and gently began to suck on it. I could taste the juices that were now beginning to flow from her pussy, thick, warm and sweet. My lips released her clit as my tongue began to swirl around it. Her breathing was becoming shallow now, more urgent. As my tongue circled her clit, I pressed one finger inside her, just passed her opening. Her body shivered as I pushed my finger deep inside her. Her hips came up from the bed and pressed into my face. Suddenly she cried out.

“Jeff, now , now, I’m cummingggggg.”

With that, I pulled my finger from inside her and replaced it with my tongue. My hands grabbed her ass and pressed her firmly into my mouth. I felt her juices flow all over my tongue and lips. She bucked wildly against my mouth.

“God Damn , that’s so fucking good.” she screamed.

For close to thirty seconds, I kept my tongue deep inside her as I felt her orgasm slowly subside. Her breathing was now returning to normal. I got up and moved my body above hers. I leaned down and kissed her lips. Her tongue immediately moved into my mouth as she tasted her first orgasm. Her tongue ran along my teeth and along my lips. She reached down and pushed my shorts off with one motion. Her hand wrapped around my cock as she guided me to her pussy. As she looked into my eyes, she placed my cock between her warm, very wet pussy. I took a deep breathe and slowly pushed my cock into her. The walls of her pussy were warm and very wet. It had been years since I had been deep inside of a woman. I leaned down and once again we kissed. I went very slow, I knew if I didn’t I would not last very long. Her pussy felt like velvet against my rock hard cock. I began to move inside of her very slowly. Pushing as deep into her as I could, then pulling almost all of the way out, then back down again. I cannot describe the feeling she gave me. Her hands were softly caressing my back as she looked up at me. Even though this was the first time we were making love, it seemed so right, so natural. I felt my orgasm coming, then suddenly for some reason, sanity came screaming back.

“Oh, Beth…Um….I forgot about protection.” I stammered.

“Its ok baby, I am on the pill.”, she replied, “Cum inside me, Jeff.”

That’s all it took. I pushed deep inside her and I felt the first jet of cum explode against the walls of her pussy. Over and over, I felt streams of hot cum wash her insides. She reached up and pulled my lips to hers. She whispered into my mouth.

“Let it go baby, fill my pussy with that hot cum.”

I continued to move gently inside of her, feeling the effect of my cum inside of her. My breathing returned somewhat to normal as I lifted my weight off of her. Her hands pushed me off to the right and I rolled over and out of her. Without any hesitation she moved down my body and took my softening cock into her mouth. She gently began to suck me as her hand caressed my cock. The feeling was incredible, gentle, so loving. As she continued to suck me, I reached over and began to stroke her thighs. I thought for a second, then moved my lips back to her pussy. I had never done anything like this, so I was hesitant and not sure how she would respond as well. I decided to take a chance.

I extended my tongue and touched her pussy. Her body jolted in reaction to my touch. I timidly extended my tongue again this time, slowly licking between her lips.

“Oh my God Jeff.”, she cried out, “Are you sure ?”

“Mmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmm.”, I replied without ever taking my mouth from her pussy.

I had never tasted my own cum before, much less give oral sex to a woman after I had cum inside her. But I didn’t hesitate, as I pushed my tongue inside of her. I tasted cum for the first time, salty, tangy, different. I slowly withdrew my tongue and swallowed some. Again I opened her lips and pushed my tongue deep inside of her. Suddenly she released my cock from her lips, grabbed my head with both hands and pressed my face firmly into her pussy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh My God, I’m cumming.”, she wailed.

I felt a huge splash of liquid hit my face. It soaked me, her legs, the bed. Her orgasm went on and on, probably longer than the first. Slowly her grip on my head relaxed and I eased the pressure of my mouth on her. I gently licked along her lips, stopping every once in a while to lick her still rock hard clit.

“Oh my god, I have never cum like that before.”, she whispered.

I moved back up the bed and lay next to her. Her hand caressed my cheek lovingly. I pulled her close to me and kissed her again. Her hand moved down my body and wrapped around my cock. I had begun to get hard again. She slowly stroked my cock up and down as she kissed me. She broke our kiss , then moved down my body. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started to use suction on me. I felt my cock again begin to swell. She moved her hand up right under the head of my cock and began to stroke me with some urgency, her lips wrapped around the end of my cock.

“Cum in my mouth baby.”, she whispered.

Her stroking became quicker and I knew it was only a matter of seconds.

“Beth, I’m gonna cum baby.”

She moved her mouth off of me as she frantically jerked me off. The first rope of cum hit my chest. Thick streams of cum erupted from my cock. She continued her relentless hand movements milking me for all she was worth. She then leaned over, took my cum covered cock deep into her mouth and cleaned me off with her tongue. Her hand covered in cum stroked my chest. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I think I may need a shower. You wanna join me ?”, she asked.


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