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Introduction: Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on Part 7. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I was really flattered that everyone enjoyed it so much. The main reasons I write here are because I enjoy it and to see the response from the fans, so if you guys want more stories and want for them to come out faster, the best thing you can do is leave comments, especially ones with feedback. After all, the better the feedback I get, the more I can improve and the more I improve, the better the stories will be that you'll get to read. To the people who weren't pleased that I wrote my own Part 7, just know that I wrote it out of respect for Somestory's excellent series and for the other fans who wanted to see an end to 3 Evil Sisters. If you can't handle that or feel that I am "ripping off" Somestory somehow, please just ignore my stories or treat them like an alternate universe of the Evil Sisters storyline.

Some of you wanted me to tell you a posting schedule for my parts, but unfortunately, I don't feel like I could tell you guys a reliable one right now. I will continue the series unless I post something saying definitively that I am stopping, but as to when each part comes out, it may take more or less time depending on my schedule. I wrote Part 7 in a day, but because of various thing popping up, Part 8 took about a week. Anyways, keep checking in and I'll do my best to get the next part out as soon as possible. A lot of blood and sweat and cum go into making these (only half joking), so I hope you guys like them. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I woke up smelling pancakes and syrup. I opened my eyes and sniffed again. Definitely pancakes and syrup. I had my arm around Riley, my nose almost touching her long, blonde hair. She was laying on her side, breathing in and out slowly. I turned over to look at my clock which was still on the floor. The numbers were blurry, so I blinked a few times to clear my vision. 10:14. We had really slept late, but I guess that's what Earthquake holidays are for.

For a few minutes, I just lay in bed, enjoying the sensation of being pressed against Riley's warm, soft body. I thought about what had happened, about hearing Riley tell me that she was in love with me and about her promising to be there for me from now on. It kind of felt like something I'd been missing had suddenly turned up, or like I'd gotten a puzzle piece to finally fit into place. It was a nice way to wake up.

Yawning, I climbed out of bed, stood up, stretched. As I pulled my arms up over my head, I felt my morning wood rub against my boxers. I turned my head to look back at Riley. If someone was cooking, that meant at least Mom was up, but if I woke Riley, she'd probably be willing to help take care of a little morning wood. At the same time, she looked so happy and peaceful wrapped up in my bed that I didn't want to wake her. I stretched my arms wide and felt my cock tense as I did so.

"Nice." A throaty voice said from the doorway. I turned and saw it was Izzy. She came in, shut the door behind her, and walked towards me. "Want some help with that?"

"Isn't Mom up?" I asked, taking a step back as my sister pursued me.

"She's downstairs cooking brunch for Riley's birthday. Now..." She reached out and hooked the waistband of my boxers with her finger. "How about a little appetizer."

"Izzy, not here!" I whispered. "Riley's asleep."

"So what? She's watched us fuck before."

"I don't want to wake her up."

"So be quiet." She sank down on her knees and pulled my boxers down to my ankles. She was still in her sweatpants and tanktop from bed and as she kneeled down in front of me, I could see down her shirt. Her d-cup tits were pressed together in the tiny top, leaving a slit of cleavage that made my cock swell just from looking at it. "Mmm." I heard Izzy hum, then I watched her go down on me, sliding her mouth around my cock.

"Unh." I groaned, trying to keep my voice down. Izzy kept gliding down my shaft until her lips were wrapped around the base. Out of habit, I dug my hands into her hair and pulled her down until I felt her nose press against my skin and the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. I felt her gag, then I let her back up for air. She pulled off me and wiped a line of spit off her mouth.

"You know, I shouldn't even help you out... " Izzy said, wrapping her hand around my my dick. "I should be pissed that you didn't come fuck me last night." She growled, squeezing my dick hard enough that I winced from the pain. Crap. I'd known this was coming. "But I guess even I'd want special treatment on my birthday." Izzy added, glancing at Riley with what almost looked like love. "You can bet you'll be paying me back later though..." Izzy said, looking back at me. "-with interest." Then Izzy started sliding her hand up and down my dick, using her spit as a lubricant.

"Unh. Okay." I moaned as she ran her tongue along my head.

"Okay what?" Izzy taunted me, suddenly pumping her hand up and down my cock and flicking her tongue along the head.

"Okay, Izzy, I'll pay you back."

"And no complaining... no matter how rough it gets." She added. I started to say, 'I promise,' but the words were lost as I felt her mouth slide down my cock again. Within a few seconds, I was pumping into her mouth as her hands grabbed my ass, forcing me forward again and again. Looking down at her, it was easy to see how any man could have a hard time saying no to her. With her short black hair and green eyes, just looking at her was entrancing and her arms were plump, but firm and sculpted. She had smooth, creamy skin that was pale from being indoors so much and her complexion only made her even sexier because it went so well with her hair. And then there her boobs, her enormous, supple, perfectly shaped tits. As Izzy slid her lips back on my cock, I could a glimpse of them through her top and then as she slid back down my shaft, I felt her chest press against my thighs.

"Izzy..." I moaned. She ignored me and ran her tongue around my head, trying me wild and making my hips buck. "Izzy." I repeated, with a little bit more control. Izzy pulled her head back, licked her lips, then looked up, giving me a sultry stare,

"Yes, little brother?"

"Let me fuck your tits." I asked quietly, practically begging with my eyes.

"No." She smiled up at me wickedly, then I remembered that dealing with Izzy was different from Riley. I bent down and wrapped my hand around her chin, digging in just enough to make it a little painful.

"Isabel, fuck me with your tits."


"Right now!" I ordered her, louder than I meant to be. I reached down with my other hand, grabbed her tank top, and yanked it up, exposing her tits. Now that she'd been harassed enough, Izzy pulled off her top, fully exposing her chest, and leaving her naked from the waist up. Then she craned her head forward a few inches, tucked her chin down, and opened her mouth. The tip of her tongue protruded over her lips and she looked up at me with her green as spit flowed down her tongue, then dripped down between her tits. My cock was going wild at this point, practically screaming to be between those mountains of flesh. From the way Izzy's nipples were puffed up and hard, I could tell she was into it too.

Once her tits had received an ample helping of saliva, Izzy pulled her tongue back into her mouth and placed a hand under each of her tits, then rubbed them together, spreading her saliva around and slicking up her cleavage. Ready, she walked towards me on her knees, then pressed my head to her lips and sucked down my shaft one more time, relubricating my cock. Now that my dick and her dick were both soaking wet, Izzy took hold of my dick and pressed it between her tits as she came forward. Once I touched her chest, she hunched her shoulder forward, pressing her boobs together as much as she could. It felt so warm and soft, I thought my dick would melt. When she knew I was trapped in her cleavage, Izzy let go of the bottom of my shaft and pressed herself against me as she brought her hands up to her tits again, When she had them cupped in her hands again, she pushed her boobs together and I groaned from the pleasure.

"Fuuuuck, Izzy." I said as my head went back. I looked down and saw Izzy grin, then she pursed her lips and mouthed,

"Shh." I swallowed, trying to control myself as Izzy started moving her tits up and down, titty fucking me. Her tits bounced up and down my shaft, with Izzy keeping them pressed together so tightly that her nipples were almost touching. I looked down in awe as her tits rippled and bubbled around my cock, my head disappearing into the crevice and then reemerging from her cleavage pussy.

"Does that feel good, Max?" Izzy asked, her voice thick with arousal.

"Yesss..." I groaned, my head getting light and my cheeks burning. It felt incredible.

"How 'bout this?" I watched as Izzy wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, then swirled her tongue around it as she rubbed her boobs along the shaft.

"Oh, god... Izzy, that feels so good... if you keep doing that... I'm gonna..." She started moving her tits even faster and I felt her tongue press against the tip of my head, her lips wrapped hot around the bottom. "I'm gonna cum, Izzy!" I choked out, barely able to keep my voice down. Izzy lifted her head to see my expression and kept her tits pressed together. My hips were bucking so hard, she didn't have to move them at this point. I felt the irresistible feeling race up my cock and I couldn't take it anymore. I reached forward and grabbed Izzy's boobs, mashing them together as I thrust into her as fast I could.

"UNH!" I yelled as I felt the first wave of cum shoot up. It splattered on Izzy's chin and ran down her throat, before pooling into her chest. I was still cumming when I suddenly heard Mom call up the stairs.

"Izzy, I told you get the others! Breakfast is ready!" Mom yelled.

"Sorry! Max is cumming!" Izzy yelled back to the door, smiling as another shot of cum landed on the side of her face. When I finally stopped cumming, Izzy's face and chest were coated with my cum. She looked up at me, her skin practically glowing with satisfaction. She stood up, walked over to my tissue box, and pulled out a clump of tissues. It seemed like it took half the box, but she finally cleaned all the cum off, then pulled one more out, walked back over to me and wiped my body off as she sucked my dick clean. "Remember, no complaining later." She said, then she stood up and chucked the tissue into my garbage can with all the others. All clean, she walked over to the door.

"Oh," She added, looking back at me as I sank down against my bed. "Breakfast is ready." Izzy smirked at me, then opened the door and walked out. I pulled my boxers back up, covering my now flaccid dick, then I collapsed onto the bed.

"Mmm. 'Morning." Riley whispered as she stirred beside me. Turning over, she wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled. "Did you sleep well, Max?"

"Yeah." I replied, looking deep into RIley's eyes. "It felt so good sleeping with you." I added, then kissed her lips lightly.

"Well.." Riley ran her teeth over her lower lip. "Would you like to sleep with me right now?" She slid her hand down my body until she reached my waistband. I caught her wrist and she looked back up at me, surprised and disappointed.

"I do want to, but Mom's got breakfast ready downstairs. Izzy just came upstairs to get us. And if we don't go down..."

"Ass kicking central. Got it." Riley leaned forward and kissed me again. Feeling her lips pressed against mine, I deepened the kiss, then we both realized we had morning breath. "Egh. Gross." Riley gagged, sitting up.

"I guess we'll save the birthday kisses for later, okay?" I said, sliding off the bed.

"MAX!" Someone called up. When Mom and Izzy raised their voice, they sounded almost identical.

"Coming!" I yelled back.

"Still?" Was the snarky reply- definitely Izzy. I found a comfy shirt in my closet and pulled it on, then I followed Riley downstairs. When I rounded the corner to the kitchen, the sight almost took my breath away. There was a table covered in food- homemade, fresh food. There were three stacks of pancakes in the center of the table, a bowl of fruit, a whipped cream dispenser, two types of syrup, a plate of bacon that looked like it had just come out of the pan, sausage, and even a bowl of scrambled eggs. Mom had even set out our glasses and a carton of orange juice. Seated around the morning feast were four beautiful women, still wearing what I'd seen them in at three in the morning. For a kid who was used to doing all the cooking and getting the crap taken out of him on a daily basis, it felt surreal.

"Come on, Max. We're waiting on you." Mom said, looking at me.

"Oh! Yeah, sorry."

I pulled my chair out and sat down, then we started passing the food around. "We can still go out for dinner tonight like we planned." Mom said, looking at Riley. "But I woke up and thought you might like a homemade breakfast." She added as we sent around the eggs and bacon and sausage.

"Yeah, Mom. This is incredible. Max usually just makes toast and cereal." Riley replied, still looking at the food in astonishment.

"Uh-huh. And what do the rest of you make?" Mom cocked an eyebrow and smirked. All three of my sisters suddenly found things to glance at that weren't our mom. Mom gave a small laugh, then used her fork to point at the stacks of pancakes.

"I made enough of each for you guys to have whatever kind you want. I know Riley's favorite is blueberry, so I did a stack of those. These are banana-chocolate chip like Izzy likes and then I made a plain stack for Ashley and me." My sisters started helping themselves. After they were finished, Mom looked at me.

"What kind do you want, Max?" Mom asked. "Blueberry, chocolate chip, or plain?" I could feel all three of my sisters staring at me, waiting for me to make a decision, but I kept my eyes on the pancakes.

"Um, could I have one of each?" I asked, going for the diplomatic answer. Mom gave me a pancake from each of the stacks, put two plain ones on her own plate, then we started eating. It was really good- even better because I wasn't the one who had to cook it. Mom asked us how school had been. Riley told her about the AP classes she was taking and Ashley gave her a summary of her soccer team's season so far. They'd played well, especially Ashley, but if they didn't win their next two games, they wouldn't make it to States. I told her that my classes were going alright, which was mostly true, and that I really liked my art class. Mr. Edwards was really cool and Gene modelling for me after school was really helpful. I thought I saw a jealous frown pass over Izzy's face when I mentioned Gene, so I moved on as quickly as I could.

"What about you, Izzy? What have you been doing?"

"Oh, y'know, watching the house, taking Max to school, that kind of thing." Izzy replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

"You didn't take any classes this semester?"

"Uh, no. Not this time."

"Where are you working?"

"I'm, uh, still looking." Izzy replied, looking at Mom for a second, then glancing back down at her plate. I felt bad for her. I mean, it was Izzy's fault that she didn't have a job and that she hadn't even tried at the classes she'd taken at the community college nearby, but you could see she was embarrassed. Riley was taking a bunch of AP classes, Ashley was the star on her team, and even I was doing well at Art, but Izzy didn't have a single thing to show Mom, nothing to make her proud.

"What about that job I got you at Rite-Mart?" Mom asked. Izzy practically blanched. I remembered the day she'd come home after being fired or quitting- either way, she didn't have a job after that and I had a bruise on my shoulder for two weeks.

"It didn't work out..." Izzy replied quietly. Everyone who worked at Rite-Mart had to wear these stupid looking vests and a bow-tie... you could hardly blame Izzy for not wanting to work there. Mom started asking Izzy where she'd applied recently and I could see Izzy was getting angry, she was like a cornered animal who was trying to get away, but if Mom kept poking her, she was about to snap.

"So, what do you want to do for your birthday?" I asked Riley, cutting into the conversation.

"Huh?" Riley asked, surprised.

"Y'know, it is your birthday and we have the day off. What do you want to do?"

"Um," Riley paused for a moment, thinking. "It is really nice out today. I'd really like to go on a bike ride, maybe ride out to Langley Park."

"That sounds like fun! We can all go." Ashley said suddenly, she loved being outdoors. Riley and I both looked at her. Neither of us were very eager to spend the day with Ashley.

"Actually, I was thinking it would be just me and Max." Riley replied, her voice tinged with animosity.

"What?! That's not-" Ashley started, but Mom cut her off by putting her hand on Ashley's shoulder.

"I wanted to do some shopping anyways. You and I will have some mother-daughter time."

"Wait- what about me? Am I just home alone?" Izzy added, confused.

"You're going to go job hunting, Isabel." Mom said, giving Izzy a look. Izzy clenched her hands, balling them up into fists. Mom stared at her and Izzy stared right back. I guess most people say their eyes were shooting daggers, but with Mom and Izzy, it was more like claymores.

"Fine." Izzy said finally.

"Good. Then we can all meet back here at six for dinner. Think about where you want to go, okay, Riley?"

"Sure, Mom." The rest of breakfast was pretty quiet. Izzy ate quickly, then stormed off, hot under the collar. Ashley still seemed disappointed that she didn't get to spend the day with us- with me, I guess, but Riley and Mom stayed upbeat and I tried to help out. After everyone was finished, I told Mom I'd do the dishes since she cooked and she, Ashley, and Riley went upstairs to shower and get ready to go out. I'd been so used to do doing the dishes and being alone that washing everything was actually pretty relaxing. When I'd finished, I started the washing machine, then I headed upstairs to shower off as well.

After opening the door to my bathroom, I pulled the my shower curtain out of the way and started the water. I pulled the curtain back to keep the water in and turned on the fan so it didn't get too steamy, then I walked out of the bathroom to give the water time to heat up. I sat down at my desk and filled in a few answers that I knew off the top of my head for my history homework, then I headed back to the bathroom after I figured I'd given the water enough time to warm up.

I could feel the heat as soon as I opened the door. I hung the towel I'd grabbed on the door behind me then started undressing. Once I was naked, I walked over to the shower, pulled the curtains open, and stepped in at the end away from the shower head. I closed the curtain behind me and looked up.

When I saw her, I almost yelled, but somehow I managed to keep myself quiet. Izzy was standing under the water, facing me. Her hair was drenched and hung over her face in wet tangles. The shower poured over her from behind, sending rivulets of water running down her body, highlighting her ample curves. I couldn't stop staring at the way the water cascaded over her shoulders, down between her breasts and then down her body. I could barely see Izzy's eyes through her hair. Beads of water clung to her parted lips, little pants escaping from between them.

"I-Izzy?" I asked. Suddenly, she raised her arms up and stepped toward me. Her right hand slid around my head and grabbed my hair, then she pulled my face to her lips, yanking on my hair.

"Agh!" I yelled, muffled by the kiss, but Izzy ignored me, only shoving her lips against mine even harder. She pressed her glistening body against mine and wrapped her fingers around my left wrist, then brought my hand down between her legs. Her tongue was so deep in my mouth, I could barely breath, but the kiss was so forceful and the feeling of Izzy's pussy getting wet against my hand, that I couldn't stop. I felt Izzy wrap her hand around my dick and milk it till I was rock hard. When I finally had to break apart for air, Izzy attacked my neck, sucking down on my throat and leaving me moaning against the shower wall. Suddenly, I felt a stinging pain and realized Izzy had bitten me, breaking the skin on my shoulder.

"Ow! Izzy, that hurts!" I yelled, pulling my fingers away from her pussy and trying to push her away. She grabbed both of my arms and clamped one of her hands around my wrists, then she started sucking and biting her way down my body, leaving a trail of hickeys that stood out in red relief against my body. Pain and pleasure were being mixed together and I couldn't tell if I was enjoying what was happening any more. But my dick was still rock hard and as reached it, she wrapped her free hand around it and squeezed it till I grunted in pain. Simultaneously, she sucked down on the sensitive skin beside my dick. I squirmed and pulled, trying to get free, but Izzy kept a steel grip on my wrists. As Izzy sucked and pulled on my skin, I moaned in pain and pleasure until finally Izzy released the spot, revealing an already purple spot the size of a large bottle-cap.

"Izzy, what the hell are you doing?!" I asked, finally able to speak coherently.

"Shut up." Izzy snapped back. "Fuck me." She spread her legs and pulled my dick towards her pussy.

"No." I said as she pressed my head against her entrance. "What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this."

"WHAP!" My head whipped to the side and the right side of my face felt like it was on fire. Izzy had just belted me across the face.

"Izzy, what fucking fuck?! I don't want it like this!"

"You don't get a fucking choice, Max!" Izzy yelled back, then she slapped me again, sending me staggering over the slippery floor. As I stood up, wiping a trickle of blood from my lip, I realized my hands were free now and I was sick of her shit. I looked at Izzy for a second, then I grabbed her arms just under the shoulder and shoved her against the wall.

"You know what? You want me to fuck you? Fine." I pressed my dick against her pussy, then slammed all of my length into her in one thrust. With the water washing away her cum and no prior thrusts to warm up, the sensation was rough and painful. We both let out a grunt of pain, but I was determined to pay Izzy back for the slap. I started pounding Izzy as hard as I could, not even trying to make it feel good for either of us. I wanted her to hurt. She tried to lean forward to kiss me, but I reached up and wrapped my hand around her throat, then I pushed her head against the shower wall.

"Unh!" She grunted, either from me thrusting into her or her head hitting the wall. As we fucked, I kept my hand pressed against her throat, hard enough to keep her from moving and maybe even to make it hard to breathe. Against my will, the thrusts were starting to feel better and better and I could feel Izzy nails going down my back, raking long red lines as she writhed under me. I reached down with my other hand and grabbed Izzy's leg, lifted it up and held her thigh up in the air, making it easier for me to thrust in and out of her pussy all the way. Every thrust felt better than the last one and I lifted Izzy's leg higher and pressed down harder on her throat. Izzy reached up and grabbed my wrists, trying to pull my hand off her throat, but I only responded by fucking her harder.

I could feel I was getting close and as I looked at Izzy, her legs were shaking and she was moaning as much as she could with my hand around her throat. Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust and I felt my balls twitch as Izzy's back started arching.

"Take it!" I yelled, burying my dick in Izzy's pussy. "Take every last drop!" For the next thirty seconds, Izzy's body shook and quivered as I unloaded inside her. When I'd deposited every drop of cum in her pussy, I pulled out and walked forward, intending to use what little hot water was left to clean myself off. Just as I felt the soothing heat splash against my chest, something grabbed me. I felt Izzy's hands on my hips, then she spun me around. Before I knew what was happening, my dick was in her mouth and she was sucking on it like her life depended on it.

"Izzy, I just came!" I yelled, even though I knew it wouldn't do any good. As Izzy suck my dick, I felt myself getting swelling up again, but no matter what Izzy did, I wouldn't get hard. Frustrated, Izzy growled, sending vibrations through my dick, then I felt her hand snake around my ass.

"Wait, what are you doing?!" I asked when I felt her finger pressing against my asshole.

"Just relax, Max." Izzy leered up at me, pulling off my dick for a second, then diving back down. As her lips engulfed my head again, I felt her finger tip press against me and my whole body constricted. Izzy tried pushing again, but I squirmed away from her touch. She pulled her hand away and I relaxed, letting her suck my cock. I looked down and saw Izzy fingering herself. I closed my eyes for a second and enjoyed the sensation of every part of my body being warm- the hot water was splashing against my back and Izzy's mouth was wrapped around my dick.

"OHH!" I yelled out suddenly. All at once, I felt Izzy's finger slide into my asshole. There was a twinge of pain, but I couldn't get free and... I didn't want to. It felt good. Izzy started pulling her finger out, then she slid it back in and I felt my cock hardening inside her mouth. I moaned as Izzy kept sucking and while I let myself be washed away in the sensation of my oldest sister pleasure me, I figured out what had happened. Izzy had fingered herself to get her finger coated with her cum, then, while I was relaxed, she'd pushed in all at once. When my dick was as hard as stone again, Izzy pulled off my dick suddenly and slid her finger out of my asshole.

"You liked that, didn't you?" She grinned at me. Before I could muster up a reply, Izzy turned around and bent over, planting her hands against the shower wall and pushing her ass out towards me. Taking the hint, I grabbed my dick and guided it to her glistening slit, then I pushed in. I felt Izzy tighten around me as I filled her cunt and once I was all the way in, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her.

"Harder! You fuck like third grader!" Izzy growled at me, turning her head. Damn it! She was really determined to piss me off. Getting angry, I slapped her ass hard, leaving a red mark the shape of my hand, then I slammed my dick into my sister so hard, she almost slipped on the wet floor. I kept pounding her cunt, smacking her ass when she needed it. When Izzy started moaning and I could tell she was about to cum, I leaned forward and grabbed her tits, fondling them and tweaking her nipples as I fucked her to orgasm. When she was finished cumming, I kept thrusting, but felt myself getting softer, so I figured we'd stop. Izzy wasn't having that. She reached her arm around behind me and pushed into my asshole again.

For some reason, the idea of my big sister being inside me, almost like a part of me, was so sexy, I felt myself start to get harder. Then she started rubbing inside me, her finger gliding in and out, as I kept giving her small thrusts and within a minute, I was raring to go. I reached behind me and and grabbed her wrist, then pulled her hand away, slightly sad to feel her pull out, then I guided her hand down to her pussy. As Izzy started rubbing her clit, I started fucking her hard again, pulling out until only the tip of my head was still inside her, then pushing back into her and filling her pussy in one plunge. I looked down as we kept fucking and I watched my dick slide in and out of Izzy, then I had a thought. It was time for revenge.

I reached down and started fingering Izzy's clit beside her. She moaned at the sensation of both of us rubbing against it, but when my hand was coated with her cum, I brought my finger up and slid it into her asshole.

"Shiiiit." Izzy whined, dropping her head down. When I felt her asshole loosen just a little, I started sliding my finger in and out of her as I kept pumping my dick into her pussy. "Shit, Max. That feels so good!" Izzy grunted out. My only response was to go even faster. Before long, my dick was flying in and out of her pussy and I felt my second orgasm about to erupt. I pulled my finger out of Izzy's ass, then slid two in, stretching her asshole around them. As Izzy felt her insides move to accommodate my fingers, I picked up the pace, burying my dick in her as fast as I could.

"Shit, shit, shit. Max, you're gonna make me cum!"

"Not till you make me cum!"

"Shit, yes, Max! Fuck me till you cum! Use my body!" Ready to unload in her, I pulled my fingers out of her ass and grabbed her hips with both hands, digging my finger into her, then I pumped Izzy as fast as I could, fucking her like a wild animal.

"I'm about to cum!"

"Yes, Cum! Oh, god, I'm cumming!" Izzy yelled, then I felt her pussy clamp down on cock, sending me over the edge. I started cumming inside her and kept thrusting in and out, prolonging the feeling as long as possible. Needless to say, when I finally got to shower off, all the hot water was gone.

Izzy sat on the edge of the bathtub while I showered. Once I was clean, she took her turn while I toweled off. Once I was dry, I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Holy shit, Izzy! Really?!" I yelled into the shower, pointing to my body. There were more than a half dozen hickeys going down from my shoulder to my groin and there were scratches going down my back like I'd decided to go diving into thorn bushes. And my ass was a little sore...

When I'd finished getting clean, I slipped into my room as quickly and quietly as possible, trying to go undetected. I just had enough time to pull on a pair of sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt before Riley walked in. There was no reason for her to think Izzy and I weren't having sex, but somehow, I didn't think the sight of my body covered in marks that weren't hers would make her very happy.

"You ready? Sorry I took so long getting ready." Riley said, toeing the ground and rocking her heel back and forth as she clasped her hands behind her back. It was adorable and she looked beautiful. She had on a pair of orange short-shorts that hugged her backside nicely, a white t-shirt with a matching orange stripe going across her chest, and she'd put her hair up and tied it with an orange ribbon. She was also a pair of running shoes since we were going riding, but she'd also put on make-up- more than usual and it looked amazing. She had added just a touch of glittery eye-shadow and mascara and little lip glass. Riley was already, but right then she was-

"Wow." Was all I could say. Riley smiled and looked down at the ground, pleased but a little bashful. I walked forward and I laid my hands on her hips gently, then I pressed her against me and kissed her.

"You ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, just let me grab my bag." Riley smiled, then she ran off to get it. While she did that, I grabbed my own bag, put my phone and the couple things I might need in it, then slung it over my shoulders. Once I pulled on my shoes, I walked out and opened the bathroom door. When it was open just a crack, I saw Izzy standing with the towel in her hands, half raised over her body. She seemed kind of dazed and out of it, but when I opened the door the rest of the way, she snapped out of it and smirked at me.

"What are you doing, perv? Spying on your big sister while she's in the shower?"

"Yeah, yeah. Fuck you too." I quipped at her, giving her a grin of my own.

"What'd you say?" She said, her voice tinged with either real or play anger. I didn't want either one directed at me.

"Love you too!" I exclaimed, shutting the door. "Bye!" I called through the closed door, then Riley came down the stairs and we headed down to the ground floor. We found Mom and Ashley talking downstairs and told them bye. Ashley still looked disappointed that she couldn't come, but that's what happens when you go around cheating on people.

"Be thinking about where you want to eat dinner!" Mom called out as we headed into the garage.

"Got it!" Riley called back as she shut the door.

We took our bikes down from the racks on the wall of the garage, but my bike was too small for me now, so I grabbed Izzy's instead. After I lowered the seat a little, it worked fine. We headed out into the warm sunlight and coasted down the driveway.

"So, to Langley?" I asked, looking at Riley. She nodded, then kicked off and started pedaling. I followed after her and for the next fifteen minutes, we biked to the park, enjoying the feeling of the sun and win on our faces. We didn't talk much on the way there except to say when to turn or stop. It was nice though. I couldn't remember the last time I'd just done something fun with Riley.

When we got to the park, we locked our bikes at a rack, then we found a picnic table in the sun to sit at and rest our legs. Once we'd recuperated, we went a walk through the park, up in the wooded hill part of the park, then back down by the community center with the flowers outside and then back around to the grass field. While we walked, Riley asked me how I was feeling. She actually seemed to genuinely care about the situation with Ashley even though she was still mad at Ashley.

"What about Gene? I haven't seen her much since, um, that day." Riley said, making us both think of the afternoon I'd taken Riley's virginity in a classroom as part of a bet.

"She's fine. She modeled for me yesterday. Izzy modeled for me too, but working with Izzy is always..."

"Like playing with fire?"

"Sharp, acid-coated fire." I added, then I asked Riley where she was looking at going to college. She listed several in the area and told me she really wanted to apply to at least one Ivy League school, just as a stretch.

"I just want to see if I can get in." She said as we paused by the community center to admire a patch of daffodils. They were yellow with orange centers. After checking to make sure no one was looking, I bent down and plucked one, breaking it off with about four inches of stem. I pulled off the leaves, then turned to Riley.

"For you." I said, smiling and holding the flower out.

"You're not supposed to pick them!" She said, trying to chastise me, but she took the flower and slid it into her hair, just over her right ear. When we got back to the field, I told Riley I had a surprise for her.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I'll give it you, but you have to close your eyes first." I replied. Once Riley had closed her eyes, I led her over to a nice spot in the grass and had her lie down, then I sat down a few feet away from her and pulled out my sketchbook and pencils from my bag. "Okay, you can open your eyes." I said.

"A notebook?" Riley gave me a confused look.

"I want to draw you." Riley blushed a little, but she didn't argue. She seemed a little nervous and kept trying to fix her hair when the breeze moved it, but she did pretty well holding still while I worked. After about twenty minutes, I had most of the drawing done and after a few more minutes, I'd finished touching everything up and I was actually really pleased with it.

"There. This is for you. Happy Birthday." I turned the pad around and handed it to Riley after she sat up. The drawing showed her on her side, her head resting on her hand, propped up on her elbow, her hair blowing just a little with the breeze and the daffodil resting in her hair. With the sunlight coming down on her, she looked beautiful- just like she was supposed to.

"Oh my god, Max..." Riley said, staring at the picture so intently I was worried I'd made some major mistake and hadn't caught it. "This is so beautiful." She looked up at me and I could tell she'd really liked it. "The line work is really clean and I like the shadows.. it's almost like an Impressionist piece."

"Uh, thanks." I said. I only kinda knew what Impressionism was. We hadn't really covered that in school yet. Riley set the pad down on the grass, then crawled over to me and pulled me in for a kiss. We were in public, so we shouldn't have done it, but the odds of someone who knew us seeing us were pretty low, so I kissed her back and enjoyed the soft pressure of her lips on mine.

"I love you, Max." Riley said after we broke apart.

"I love you too, Riley." Riley smiled and picked up the sketchpad, then flipped it closed so that nothing would get on the drawing. For the rest of the afternoon, we talked in the sun, went on another walk, and Riley had brought a Frisbee, so we threw that around for a half an hour or so. It was the most fun I could remember having with any of my sisters in a long, long time. And for once, there was no sex, just me and her, enjoying eachother's company. Okay- we did kiss and while we were in the woods, we did get a little caught up and start feeling each other, but for the most part, it was just us. And that was nice.

When it was about four thirty, Riley said she was getting hungry and I was too, but we knew we'd have dinner when we got home around six, so we decided to bike over to Charles' Creamery. Charles' was an old style ice-cream place. They only had like three flavors, but that was all you needed. Riley and I sat outside and ate our icecream cones while we watched cars go by. When we'd finished, we decided to take an alternate way home. It was only five, but by the time we got home, it'd be close to five thirty, so we weren't missing out on that much time together.

Riley and I started pedaling back, but when we were biking by this gravel parking lot beside a closed down store, I looked over and saw Izzy's car parked in the back.

"Riley!" I yelled ahead of me. She stopped and we looked over at the car. It was definitely Izzy's. We got off our bikes and walked them towards the car.

"She's crying." Riley said suddenly, coming to a stop. We coming at the car from behind, but when I leaned to the side, I could just barely see Izzy face.

"You're right." I said softly. "Should we check on her?"

"Y-yeah, I guess so." This was weird. I didn't think either of us could remember Izzy ever crying... ever. We walked up to the car and when we were a few feet away, I could see Izzy suddenly hear us coming. She started wiping her face off as we leaned our bikes against the car. I opened the passenger door and looked in on her.

"Hey, how's the job hunt going?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant, but caring at the same time.

"Oh, you know... all the jobs they have are the shitty ones working at Taco Bell or whatever." Izzy said, her voice still a little choked up and her eyes red.

"You mind if we hang out with you for a minute?" I asked, then slid in the car before Izzy could say no. Riley climbed into the back seat, and leaned forward between the seats so that she was up with us. For a minute, we were all quiet.

"So... um... Izzy, are you okay?" I asked, breaking the silence. For a second, Izzy took on an expression that made me think she was going to be typical Izzy and box my shoulder or make a crude remark, maybe even Izzy thought that, but then the energy just drained out of her face.

"Yeah. I'm fine." She said, sinking back against the seat.

"What happened?"

"No one would hire me."

"Well, I guess you could always do a little time at Taco Bell and then move up."

"Taco Bell didn't even want me."

"What? Why not?"

"No experience. Everyone my age is either in school or has already worked plenty of places. Places like Taco Bell can find people who they don't even have to train. And I mean, if I don't have any experience, how am I supposed to start anywhere? And Mom wants me to go back to school... like I can do that."

"Why not?"

"Everyone would just make fun of me. I remember when I had to drop out before. You guys thought I was so fucking lazy."

"You didn't ever study, Izzy!"

"Fuck you. I did study. I studied a lot at first and I still got a C on my first test... I got a C on the test for Chapter 1. I felt like a retard. I tried to do better, but..." Izzy's voice started sounding upset and so she shut up. After a second, she tried talking again. "I'm not smart like you two... and I'm not athletic like Ashley... I can't... I can't do anything." Izzy let out a sob and tears started falling down her cheeks. "I'm just a fucking failure." She started crying and was so ashamed of herself for showing her feelings, she slammed her fist into the steering wheel, honking the horn accidentally. That just made it worse, Izzy hunched over and kept crying. Riley and I looked at eachother, then Riley reached out and started rubbing Izzy's back.

"You're not a failure. So what if you took a couple years off? Plenty of people do that."

"What am I supposed to do? I can't find a job and I'm too fucking stupid to go to school."

"You're not too stupid to go to school." Riley said firmly.

"And you could always get a job as a lingerie model." I suggested. Riley gave me a look that was half disbelief and half irritation, but I hadn't meant anything bad by it. "I'm serious." I continued. "You're like six feet tall, you have natural, um, really nice double D breasts, long legs, and green eyes. I think most women would kill for a body like yours. That's exactly what modelling agencies want. You're beautiful."

"R-really?" Izzy asked, sitting up. "I actually kind of think I'd like that." I could actually picture Izzy enjoying all the attention from photographers or people watching her on a runway. She'd definitely enjoy basking in the glory of seeing herself on billboards or in a magazine. I definitely wasn't stupid enough to suggest that she could find work appearing in other magazines.

"And besides all that, you're a good big sister and we love you."Riley added, and I almost gave her a look that would have sent Izzy sobbing again... or she would've just murdered me. I mean, I did love Izzy, but good big sister...

Riley caught my expression and frowned at me. "No, really. Izzy wasn't perfect, but how many times did you get picked on?"

"Like fifty times a day! What house did you grow up in?!" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"No. At school."

"Oh, just like, twice."

"And why is that?" Ohhh. I saw where she was going with this.

"Because Izzy kicked the crap out of them." She had said it was only because she was the only person allowed to beat me up, but still, Izzy had thrashed Stevey Horneman when I was in sixth grade.

"We love you, Izzy. It's going to be okay." Riley said, then she gave Izzy a hug.

"Promise." I added, then I wrapped my arms around both of them. When we let go, Izzy looked into my eyes.

"Thank you, Max." She laid her hand on my cheek, one of the few times she'd touched me gently in her life. I could tell she wanted to kiss me and I glanced at Riley. Riley nodded. It was okay. I kissed Izzy, then kissed her again on the forehead. "I love you, Max." Izzy said quietly. I almost didn't trust my own ears. She really did have a good side to her.

"I- I love you too, Izzy." I said, sinking back down onto the passenger seat.

"Thanks, Riley." Izzy told Riley, then she moved forward. My eyes went wide- then Izzy's and Riley's did too. Izzy had just kissed Riley- on the lips!

"Uh!" Izzy said, pulling back suddenly. "I, uh, sorry, I got... wires crossed." I looked at Riley, she was blushing and seemed a little freaked out. Amused, I smiled at her and Riley looked at me, then her face took on this surreally calm expression. She leaned forward, cupped her palm around Izzy's cheek, then she pressed her lips against Izzy's. This wasn't a a little peck. It was the same kind of kiss she gave me. I watched Riley throat move and realized her tongue was moving, then Izzy pulled back.

"The fuck are you doing?!" Izzy yelled. Was she- Izzy- blushing? This day was getting weirder by the second.

"I love you too, Izzy."

"Uh-huh... and apparently you're a little bi-curious."

"Oh, come off it. You're the one who offered to teach me about masturbating, who offered to show me, then wanted to watch to make sure I did it right. And who taught me about kissing?" Oh, dear God, what had been happening on the third floor while I was growing up?!

"We were just-" Izzy started, but Riley cut her off with another kiss, pressing her tongue into Izzy's mouth and this time, Izzy started kissing her back. As amazing as it was to watch, I finally cut it off.

"Um, what the hell?" I said, Izzy and Riley broke apart, then they looked at me.

"Do you not like watching your sisters make out?" Riley asked playfully.

"No, it's not that... it's just, uh..." I didn't even know what I was trying to say. Riley leaned forward and brought her lips to my ear.

"Max, what's the better option? The three of us being together or Izzy and I fighting over you and you probably wind up torn in half." Every so often, Riley really proved why she was the smart one. I turned my head and caught her in a kiss, pressing tongue between her lips and finding hers. It was a little weird knowing that some of her spit was Izzy's, but at the same time, it was kind of arousing. While I was kissing Riley, I suddenly felt another pair of lips on my throat.

"Unhhh." I groaned as I felt Izzy's tongue slide across my skin. Riley kept kissing me as Izzy played along my neck. I felt my head getting light it felt so good, but finally, Riley and Izzy pulled back.

"Do you want your birthday present now?" Izzy asked Riley.

"What- now?"

"Yep. If you ask real nice, I think you could convince me to share Max with you."

"Like I need your permission. I think Max is more mine than yours right now." Riley said, a slight edge in her teasing.

"Oh, really?" Izzy said, cocking an eyebrow, her natural Izzy swagger back. She reached forward and grabbed my t-shirt, then yanked it up, exposing my hickey splattered body. Riley's eyes went wide as she looked at me, then she looked back at Izzy.

"Okay, deal. Now..." Riley turned her eyes back to me. "Maybe you and I could play with my birthday present?" She ran her teeth over her lower lip again and Izzy responded by unfastening her seat belt. She crawled into the backseat with Riley and sat down.

"You know, you're not a half-bad little sister." Izzy said, smiling at Riley, then she leaned forward and I watched my sisters' lips press together, melding into one mass of pink on pink. Riley's hands started caressing Izzy's body and I watched as my sister started doing things that I'd only done before. Izzy's more experienced finger went right for Riley's shorts. She found the bow keeping them tied, pulled it loose, then slid her hand into Riley's short.

"Ohhh." Riley moaned, arching her head back. I felt my cock twitching in my shorts and I had to admit that watching my sisters play with each other might've been the hottest thing I'd seen in my short life. Riley pulled Izzy's shirt off, exposing her bra cupped tits. That was it. I pulled off my shirt and started undressing as my sister's did the same to one another. When we were all down to our underwear, Riley and Izzy looked at me.

"What are you waiting for, Max?" Izzy asked.

"Come on." Riley said, giving me a very inviting look. I crawled into the back and Izzy pulled my against her, her lips dragging across mine roughly while I felt Riley's hands on my boxers, pulling them down. I brought my hands up and started fondling Izzy's chest as we made out, then suddenly my eyes went wide as I felt Riley start sucking on my cock.

"Holy shit..." I thought to myself. it felt like my body was melting. With what little control I could muster, I pulled Izzy forward and found the clasp to her bra. After a little fumbling with the unfamiliar mechanism, I unhooked her bra and Izzy let it tumble off of her. Suddenly, Riley pulled off my dick, then pursed her lips and went down on me again, making me grunt loudly from the feeling. I turned my legs sideways so that Riley could reach me easier, but kept my chest towards Izzy and my hands on her massive, lingerie model tits.

"Unh! Izzy!" Riley moaned suddenly and I looked over to see that Izzy had pulled Riley's panties down to her knees and had started fingering my sister. Riley's long blonde hair hung over shoulders, partially obscuring her C cup tits from view, but I could see her starting to move her ass towards Izzy's hand, trying to press Izzy's finger into her pussy.

"Do you want to taste your sister, Max? Izzy asked, pulling out of Riley and offering me her glistening fingertips, wet with Riley's cum. I couldn't stop myself. I sucked the cum off them as Riley and Izzy watched, then I felt Riley's lips wrap wrap around my dick again. As Izzy kept playing with Riley, I left one hand on Izzy's breast and let my other hand slide down her body, under her thong, to her soaking wet cunt, still full of my cum from the morning. I slid my fingers down across her clit and Izzy moaned into my mouth, her hips gyrating as I started rubbing.

Within two minutes, we were all panting for more and moaning every time we were touched. Summoning all our will, we managed to break apart long enough to pull off the rest of our clothing, I kicked my boxers off and helped Riley out of her panties. When all three of us were completely naked, I sat down on the armrest and admired my two incredibly beautiful older sisters while they fixed their eyes on a certain part of my body.

"Max, open the armrest. There should be some lotion in there." I did what Izzy told me and found a bottle of moisturizing skin lotion. I handed it to Izzy and opened the top, then squirted a massive dollop into Riley's hands. She squeezed out another portion for herself, then the two looked at me hungrily. I knew what they wanted. I moved towards them, resting my knees on the seat cushion between them. I looked at Izzy's glistening pussy, then at Riley's. Izzy's was waxed bare except for a small triangle of hair and it looked like Riley had shaved hers yesterday or the day before. They were both beautiful and I touched them at the same time. I felt my fingers slip into my older sisters and they moaned as the middle and ring finger on both my hands disappeared inside them , filling their cunts.

"Fuck yes." Izzy moaned.

"Max..." Riley sighed, then they sat up enough to reach out and wrap their lotion coated hands around my dick.

"Unnnhhh." I groaned. It felt amazing. Izzy squeezed the base of my shaft as Riley played with the head, then I started moving my fingers in and out of them and Riley and Izzy started milking my dick in response. The sensation of being in Riley and Izzy at the same time and knowing that I was making them both feel good simultaneously drove me wild. Within a few seconds, I was pumping my finger in and out of them at lightning speed. They kept jerking me off together and at the same time, I watched as their free hands went down to their pussies. They rubbed their clits as I fingered them. Soon, we were all moaning like crazy and the windows of Izzy's car were completely fogged up.

"O-oh my God," I moaned. "F-feels so good."

"Yes! Yes!" Riley moaned with me. Izzy let out little cry as I fingered her g-spot.

"We need to cum. All of us." She said, the stopped rubbing her pussy and grabbed the lotion from the side where she'd laid it. She squeezed it over my cock, coating her hand and Riley's with creamy white lotion. When they started jerking me off again, I knew I only had seconds before I would cum. I buried my fingers in Izzy and Riley and fingered their g-spots as fast as I could, pushing them closer and closer to orgasm.

"Cum for me!" I yelled as their hands flew up and down my cock and rubbed their clits.

"Shit! Shit!" Izzy yelled.

"Don't stop, Max! Don't stop!" Riley moaned. Suddenly, I felt my cock start spurting and my sisters pussies clamped down on my fingers as they screamed and arched their backs

"CUMMING!!" We screamed at the same time. I watched as my cum shot out, landing on their hands and Izzy's back seat. The girls shook as each wave of pleasure raced through them. I finished cumming first, then Riley, and Izzy finished last. She was spent afterwards she just slumped against the side of her car and shut her eyes. Suddenly, I heard a phone ringing.

"Shit!" I realized we hadn't checked the time just as I jumped into the front seat and found Izzy's phone. I tossed it to her.

"Hey, Mom!" Izzy said, trying to sound as though she hadn't just cum seconds ago. "What- oh, sorry. What? No, no, no. There with me. Sorry. Yeah, we're on our way home. Sorry, we got caught up talking. Okay. Bye." I Izzy closed her phone, then slumped back against the car.

"-was mom... called you guys... we need head home..." She mumbled, half conscious.

"Crap. We left our phones outside in our bags didn't we?" I said, looking at Riley.

"Ugghh." Izzy groaned, sitting up. "Get dressed and I'll meet you guys at the house. I'd give you a ride, but the bikes won't fit in my car." The three of us sluggishly put our clothes back on, then Izzy started her car, giving her windows time to de-fog. I glanced at the car's clock. 6:20. No wonder Mom was calling. Once we were dressed, Riley and I told us Izzy we'd see her at the house. I kissed Izzy, then hopped on my bike, then Riley did the same thing. Riley kissing Izzy was something that was going to take some getting used to, but I thought I could learn to live with it.

"We'll see you at the house!" I called out to Izzy as we got ready to pedal away.

"Okay! Oh, Mom said there were guests, so..." Izzy called back.


"Gene and Tiffany something?" Izzy said, raising her hand in an "I don't know" gesture.

"Wait- Gene and her Mom at the house?!" I asked in disbelief. I glanced at Riley and seeing my expression, Izzy figured something was up too. Things were about to get very interesting... and very dangerous.

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