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As a kid my parents had forced me into scouts, which were something I secretly hated, but thank god that my friend’s parents made them do the same thing. I had a cousin who lived on the Appalachian trail who knew how to do all the stuff that scouts taught us without having to do all the extra stuff that we had to do. We would visit each other several times a year and he would always give me and my friend’s hell about being city scouts. We did live in a suburban area but only because of our parent’s job. My dad had luckily made it out of the mountains and busted his ass to get him into law school. Even though we lived in a metro area my dad’s heart was always with nature. He had spent all of his time growing up trekking through the mountains making do with what he and his parents could. So anytime after a big case or a slow period we would go out to our small cabin and trek into the woods to go camping with the family. As kids growing up it was a normal event for my dad and uncle to carry my friends and cousin to go and explore. As we grew up we eventually started making the trips on our own. Slowly going deeper and deeper into the woods each time we went out for the weekend. This story starts with our last trip before we all went off to college.

That trip was an interesting trip, because it was the first time that we carried any of our girl friends back into the woods with us.

We had all spent that week working and doing odd jobs. My dad had me cleaning up the cabin so I was going out there every day cleaning and repairing anything that I was told too. That week I spent a lot of time out on the porch looking back into the woods thinking about how long it had been since we went camping. So I called up my cousin Sam asking him if he was free from work. He worked for a business my dad and my uncle started after my uncle’s job collapsed. So all he had to do was ask. They weren’t busy for once and was told to head on out and have fun. So I went into town to get him. We went to the gas station to get gas for the atv’s and by the grocery store to get food for the weekend. We went back out to the cabin to get things setup to head out in the morning. That night I called the rest of the guys to inform them that we were going camping and that they needed to get their things together.

Well by the end of the night I about called off the trip. Brad, Trevor and Jon weren’t able to go. It took Sam talking with me for hours to convince me to still go ahead with the trip. He was already planning on bring his girl friend. The main reason was his sister hadn’t gone off to her summer camp this year like he planned and couldn’t get any time to spend with his girl friend alone. So being the great family member I am I agreed and invited my girl friend along too. Being in relationships was nothing for us. We were both above 6 foot and were of good size with the muscles from trekking and sports. He had dark black hair and mine was more of a light brown color. Our friends sometimes joked around about us ripping of the dukes of hazard.

At the time Sam was dating Macy. Macy was the farmer’s daughter from the valley that was smoking hot. She could handle her own in the woods as well as a fight in need be. She was 5’6 and around 115 pounds. She had nice full perky tits that really stood out when she wore a tank top. She had long blonde hair that was often braided and had a killer tan again due to being a farmer’s daughter. I on the other hand was dating the girl the exact opposite of her. Reagan was a short fire cracker. She was 5’3 and was the top soccer player on the team. She was a serious scoring treat on the field. Once off the field you had no idea she was an athlete. She was always dolled up. Looking nothing like her fellow soccer players who usually wore sweats and t shirts. She would usually wear a sun dress or tight jeans with a t shirt, even if she wasn’t dressed up it was more dressy than what most girl athletes wore. Reagan was built in the weirdest way. She was petite but still had perky C cups along with a bubble butt that look amazing in yoga pants. She was a brunette with long wavy hair which was often frizzy and everywhere due to soccer, but when she had time to fix it up it was movie star quality.

We went back into town to get the girls and a few other little items that we needed and then left to head back to the cabin to head out before dark. We loaded up on the atv’s and drove down our hunting trails to get to the river. As we got there I could see that it had been a long time since Sam and Macy had seen each other as she was all over him on the back of his four-wheeler. I knew that she was whispering dirty talk into his ear because I could see him turn his head toward her and smile every time. Once we got to the river we set up the tents as the girls through on some grub.

Once everything was set up and cooked we sat there in our chairs. We were all sitting around the fire and it wasn’t long before Sam and Macy tucked in for the night. As Me and Reagan sat there it wasn’t long before we could hear rustlings from the tent. Reagan stirred in the chair as she heard Macy’s first soft moan of what would later be long night for her and Sam. Reagan was still a virgin and even though I had been with three other girls I wasn’t pushing the matter with her. On the other hand Macy was had a reputation of getting around. Sam had been the first long term relationship she had been with in a while. As they continued sucking, slurping and moaning, Reagan went to the tent. I followed in behind her and the way I was laying I could see the shadows of them.

They were obviously in a 69 position, I could see Macy shapely figure shadowed along the tent. She was bobbing up and down on Sam’s dick which looked to be similar in size to mine. Which wasn’t surprising to me due to the fact that we were first cousins he looked to be on the plus size of 7 inches and Macy was loving every bit of it as she swirled her tongue around the head before swallowing his cock back into her throat. I was hard as a rock, which normally wouldn’t be a problem expect for the fact that it was brushing up against Reagan. I had seen Macy in a bikini but this was better more exotic. I knew she was naked behind that material due to the fact I could see her hard nipples. With every movement she made I was fixated. It was so arousing seeing a hot girls figure without seeing everything which left something still up to the imagination.

After watching them 69 for several minutes I was nearly shaking from excitement. I was ready to whip out my cock and start jerking off right there, but I didn’t want to freak out Reagan nor did I want them to stop. Not like they would anyway, they had been away from each other so long a bear wouldn’t keep them from fucking. I could tell from her movements that Macy was getting close to an orgasm as she began to move a bit more than what she was doing beforehand. I saw Sam pull away from what would be safe to say soaking pussy. Then he dove right back in and in a few seconds her head shot off of his cock and her hair swung back as she arched her back as she let out a deep moan.

That night was excruciating for me I didn’t get any sleep and literally watched them fuck in every position there possibly could be. From doggy style to cowgirl to reverse cowgirl to missionary; they almost fucked till sun up. I woke up jealous of Sam. That was the hottest sex I had seen. It beat any porn I watched or any sex I had been a part of. That morning I awoke to a massive morning wood. My dick was full of blood and was as stiff as could be. I thought I had felt some movement before I opened my eyes. Once I did I saw Reagan bolt out of the tent. “Shit” I bet I scared her with my morning wood. I quickly tried to think of the worst mood killing things so I could run after her. It didn’t work so I just went after her hoping that as I walked or ran after her it would die down. But as I stepped out I saw Macy in a tanktop and daisy dukes with Reagan nowhere around. As Macy turned to my movement she locked on to the sight of my erection before making eye contact with me. She walked up to me and said, “Sorry did me and Sam keep you up late last night. I couldn’t help it. I forgot what a dick like that would do to me.” As she said that she placed her hand on my chest and glanced down to see if I was still hard. I looked at her and noticed that what she was doing I told her “listen where did Reagan go?” “she went down to the river but you don’t want to go down there.” “well you better go for me then!” “Why I didn’t do anything?” “just go down there and talk to her.”

As Macy walked to go after Reagan she looked back smiling and again glancing down. Macy was going to be the death of me or Sam because I wasn’t sure if Sam knew how causal she was about sex. I wasn’t sure if I could hold back if I had a chance due to I had been sexless for almost a year because I was trying to get into and hold a relationship with Reagan.
I thought about what I had just done by sending Macy to talk to Reagan and realized that wouldn’t be the greatest idea. I mean for all I know Macy would start blabbing about the sex and it would just freak out Reagan more than what my massive morning erection already did.

As Macy made her way to the river she saw Reagan shorts off to the side and her tee shirt was also over there along with a towel. Macy looked up and saw Reagan with her back to the shore and was shoulder deep in the river which was close to the deepest part of the river. As Macy walked closer and closer to the edge she heard a soft low moan. So she stopped hoping that she wouldn’t be noticed. As she stood there she heard another higher pitched moan. Macy smiled because she knew all too well what Reagan was doing. Macy started slipping off her own clothes and walked into the river which startled Reagan. As Macy made her way into the water she started small talk. Once she got closer she would see a hint of embarrassment on Reagan face. Knowing that, she asked Reagan “is everything ok?” surprisingly Reagan said “No, I’m so horny and need an orgasm so bad. I can’t focus on anything else.” “Well can’t Steven take care of that?”Macy said. Reagan ducked her head and said “We haven’t had sex, I haven’t had sex, I masturbate when I need to that’s the all I can manage to get myself to do.” Her openness shocked Macy and got her attention. Macy said, “I could tell you were masturbating but I didn’t just want to stand their all creepy like.” As they both kind of chuckled, Macy started getting horny. As she moved closer to Reagan she said, “What made you so horny this morning?” “Well I could hear you and Sam last night and could feel Steven’s dick against my ass. Then this morning I woke up and his dick was sticking straight up and I just wanted to touch it.” Before Reagan could say another word Macy pushed forward and kissed Reagan. As Macy locked on to Reagan she slowly slid her hand down Reagan’s stomach and to her pussy. As she slid a finger into Reagan’s pussy she felt Reagan clamp down on her finger and she moaned loudly into Macy’s mouth. Before Macy could withdraw for another stroke Reagan said “Please don’t go in deep, I only play with my clit, I don’t know if I can handle anything inside of me.” With that Macy knew she was in full control of the situation.

Macy withdrew her finger and lowered her head to Reagan’s hard nipple and began to suck in hard. As she did that she began to furiously rub Reagan’s clit as fast as she could possible. As Macy continued to work on Reagan clit and tits, she reached down to return the favor to Macy. She plunged two fingers in deep into Macy’s pussy. The two were tangled up in each others’ arms both wanting to orgasm.
As I sat up at the camp I started getting more and more worried about the situation. I didn’t want to lose all that I had worked for by something as simple as a morning erection. So I made my way in the direction that Macy had set off in. As I made my way down I saw two sets of foot prints. Once I got closer to the river bank I saw the clothes that Macy was wearing off to the side along with what Reagan had brought. I didn’t think anything about it till I saw the two.

I looked up to see Reagan with her head thrown back, as Macy sucked on her nipples, screaming out what had to of been a massive orgasm. I instantly grew hard at the sight. I never thought that Reagan was at all sexually active. I didn’t think she was into girls or even would masturbate, but here I stand. The two finally slowed down and began to break apart. About that time Macy turned and saw me standing there. I could see the shock on Macy face. She froze as we locked eyes knowing that I had seen the two of them. Reagan looked over to see what Macy was doing only to follow her stare over to me. I could see a stun in both of their eyes. Not only had they just done something completely of basic need but that had been caught in the process. As the two walked out of the water I didn’t know whether to be angry, upset or what, but my dick was aching. I would take a hand job at this point, I couldn’t wait any longer.

As they made their way out of the water I got a sight I wasn’t prepare to see. The two were in full glory. The water shining off their bodies, Macy and Reagan were both clean shaven. Macy wasn’t as muscular as Reagan was which gave her a little more curve. Reagan’s body was unbelievable. It was a mixture of curve with muscle. Her tits were full and perky; her legs were slim and muscular. Her abs simmered from the water. Both had a nice tan from the hours of tanning. Macy had a body of sin her tits were nice full and round but had some sag to them and her ass swayed when she walked.

I could see them whispering as they were walking up to me. As they came up to me Macy had a guilty smile while Reagan was blushing. Neither where trying to hide themselves as they knew I had already saw everything they had to offer. I meet them half way not showing any emotion. Reagan took the lead and walked into my arms. She said, “Baby I’m so sorry. I’ve been holding back. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with you. Not that I didn’t want to, I have never given any of myself to anyone.” As I stood there in shock she reached down and said, “I’m glad I saw you at your best this morning.” With that she started to stroke my cock through my shorts. With that she dropped down to her knees and dropped my shorts. Macy spoke up and said “Reagan you are lucky, if he is your first dick.” Macy dropped to her knees right beside Reagan. Macy spoke up, “Do you know how to take care of that?” Reagan smiled and said, “well I can try” and with that she took the head of my dick into her mouth. As she held the head of my dick in her mouth she swirled her tongue around it and slowly started stroking my cock. As Reagan was sucking my dick Macy was giving her advice. “ go ahead take more in your mouth” “Relax” Once Reagan got adjusted to the size of my cock she began to explore her abilities. She tried to deep throat, but what she was the best at was bobbing on my dick. Once Macy realized that Reagan was getting into she started focusing less on teaching and more on herself. As she watched one hand started working her clit while the other slowly worked in and out of her wet pussy. She was beginning to build an orgasm as Reagan worked my cock. I could build my own orgasm building as I watched my girl friend sucking my dick and our friend rubbing herself. Right before I was about to cum Reagan must have gotten tired and quickly withdrew from my dick. I could feel the cool breeze on my dick which stiffened my dick even more than what it was already. With one stroke her hand I blew a massive load on her chest.

As I busted all over her chest, Macy still fingering herself, began licking the cum off Reagan’s chest. As I fell back into the sandy bank Macy climbed on top of Reagan and began to make out with her the cum still on her lips. Not only were they swapping spit but they were also swapping the cum that Macy had just licked up. I was a little disappointed that Reagan withdrew and didn’t try to swallow but, I will trade what I saw for my girl swallow my load. I sat there for a minute before getting up and putting my shorts on. Shortly after I gathered myself the two girls were also getting dressed. As I waited on them I began to think that this was just the start to a long weekend.

As we walked back the conversation was about what had just happened. We all made a promise to not speak of it outside of just us. The rest of the day was kind of awkward for Macy. Just hours ago she was a part of our first sexual experience. The rest of the day was spent of us all doing our on things. Macy and Sam went off to hit the trails. He knew a spot where there was some small rapids and always seem to be a nice spot to relax. We waited till they were well off of earshot range. Once they did Reagan got up from the chair that was across from me. As she walked my way she began losing clothing. It started with her tank top. After she discarded it she slid her shorts down hips swaying as she did.

With two more steps she stood naked in front of me. I got up to kiss her and before I could get up out of my chair she was already buttoning my shorts and forcing them down. Once they were off she stood back up and pushed me back in the chair. By this point my cock was straight up. She placed one leg through the arms of the foldable chair and lowered herself onto my lap. As she sat there I couldn’t help but bury my head between her perky breasts kissing my way to her small hard nipple. As I nibbled and sucked on her rock hard nipples I could feel her grinding into my lap. She could no longer resist the urge; her body needed a cock inside of it. As she rose up she grabbed hold of my dick aligning it up with her soaking cunt. Slowly began to lower her pussy onto of the head of my dick. As she slid it into place she took a deep breath in anticipating the pain of her cherry popping.

With each inch she let out a little bit of air as if a pressure release valve before coming to rest at the base of my dick. As she sat there getting accustom to the size and girth of my dick I was intently playing with her tits. After a few moments she began to grind on my dick starting with slow circles. As she building up steam she began to slowly withdraw from my cock before dropping back down to the base. Within a few nice slow deep strokes her body grew flush and she began throwing her head all around. Her body had never experience anything like she was getting from me. She was slowly riding up and down on my cock still getting accustom to being full as well as the girth, which was still stretching her tight pussy. I felt like she was adjusted to it and began to meet her with my thrust each time she slid down my pole. We did that for a while, until she realized the difference in speed was more pleasurable that the slow pace she was going at. As the pace picked up, she went from soft breathing to full on moaning that could of awaken any bear from its hibernating sleep. Not that bear would be hibernating in the summer, but you get it. Being that the pace had picked up I could no longer suck and nipple on her hard nipples, so I decided to pinch them and let her motions do the rest. This was causes her an overload of pleasure that was pushing her to the edge. I felt the need to change positions; I was going to be the one that made her cum. So I got my feet up under me grabbed hold of her ass and picked her up out of the chair. Once I got out of the chair I placed her in it to where her ass was hanging off of the chair, she opened her legs wide and I could see that her juices were leaking down her leg from her being on top. So before I reinserted my cock, I ran my tongue down her leg tasting her, She moaned from the new feeling. It seemed like any nerve I hit add to her already soaking wet pussy. I didn’t want to spend too much time working her pussy over with my tongue she would get that later on, just not now though.

I teased her glistening pussy with the head of my cock rubbing it from the clit down to the bottom of the slit and back before inserting it back into her pussy. I began to piston in and out of her slick pink cunt with easy, she had finally gotten fully adjusted to my cock. As I plunged in, I began to pick up the pace. Reagan was on fire she could no longer take it and her body began to do everything it could to orgasm. She could no longer take all the tension without getting a release of some sort. Knowing that she was close I decided to hold off and let her squirm, to me there is nothing more erotic than seeing a cum who is desperate to cum. So I withdrew real quickly and took her hands and placed a passionate kiss on her lips trying to distract her, She was in such need that she broke her hands free and placed them on my cock, which she stroked a few time. I finally sat back up and slammed my cock back inside of her. I started back at a pace that was faster than any pace we had been prior to. With that everything that her body was feeling instantly shot back into her with a force that only she can describe. She started using both of her hands to help send her over the edge. As one hand pinched and pulled her rock hard nipples the other furiously flicked her hard exposed clit. Seeing she could no longer bear the tension I lacked onto the other nipple and sucked in hard with that her pussy exploded. She squirted! So much so that she forced my cock out of her soaking cunt. She was still vibrating and squirming from the orgasm. I just stood over the top amazed with lust. After she finished squirming, I still standing there hard as a rock, she placed her wet lips around my tool. Tasting a nice mixture of her cum and mine, she began to bob her head up and down my shaft.

As soon as she started picking up the pace, I could see she was again fingering herself. This sent me over the edge. I blew my load into her throat causing her to gag a little, but she fought through it and swallowed the entire load without anymore stain or struggle. Once my cock withdrew from her full lips, I sat down, exhausted from our first full on fuck. I had a lot running through my mind. That was the best sex I ever had up till that point and couldn’t believe it was with someone who was a virgin. As she sat back in the chair still fingering her wet pussy, she said “Those pointers that Macy was giving me wasn’t anything that I hadn’t seen before.” She saw the confusion on my face and said, “I watch porn about every afternoon before my parents get in.” Before I could say anything in response Macy and Sam walked back up. Caught! We both just sat there Reagan and I in all our glory, which wasn’t anything new to Macy, but to Sam was. To my surprise he said, “Well it’s about time you to actually fucked.” As he walked by, he pulled on one of Reagan still hard nipples, which lead to Macy slapping him in his chest.

The rest of the camping trip was spent the Sam and Macy fucking everywhere and Reagan and I making up for lost time. Clothing wasn’t needed much after, we all had seen each other naked for the most part and the girls seemed Ok with the two of us admiring them. So when it came time to pull up stakes and go back into the city, we through our clothing back on and packed everything up and carried it back to the cabin, which was a nice atv ride. This time on the way back Reagan wasn’t as stiff on the back of the atv, even at one point she moaned into my ear, saying “the vibrations are getting a bit much” Once we got back to the cabin we stored everything back into its original spots. On the way back I got a nice show from the passage seat from what the back of the atv had caused, which was Reagan pussy being soaked. Needless to say I had a full on nympho on my hands and as much as I hate to admit it if it hadn’t been for Sam and Macy I probably would of never found out that Reagan had it inside of her.


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I thought your story was good It was easy to over look any errors by reading between the lines keep your stories coming


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3/4 words: grammer, spelling, improve (much)

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There aren't small items here to correct. There is a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to simple, elementary school-level, grammar.

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Your grammar needs a lot of work. The story is filled with basic, basic errors- starting with your introduction for people to read your other stories. Not looking for an English primer but it is challenging to read a story filled with so many basic grammatical errors.

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