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My wife loans me to her friend
What a Deal!
By Deadeye_76

Chapter 1.

This started about two months ago.

I came home from work on a Tuesday to find my wife, Cindy, and her friend, Diane, sitting on the couch. Diane was in tears, sobbing almost uncontrollably on my wife’s shoulder. My wife could see me and just waved me off. I knew what she meant and since it was not a pretty sight, I just went upstairs to change clothes and watch TV. After about an hour, I heard the front door close and my wife came upstairs.

I looked at her. “What was that all about?”

She sat down on the bed next to me. “Diane tells me that she and John are getting a divorce. Apparently, he has been having one night stands while on the road. He just goes out and either picks up someone or, in some cases, orders a call girl for one night. One of the young ladies he picked up didn’t like the way he left and had his cell phone number. She called it, tracked him down by name and called Diane. He didn’t deny it. She told me she was afraid of something like this because they’ve completely grown apart, don’t talk much, and they haven’t had sex for about 6 months.”

I stared. “Six months? Whoa! That’s like forever in our book. We can barely make it thru a week without sex.”

“Yeah, evidently that’s how Diane feels, so she’s been after him about it, but he just kept pushing her away. Now he says he likes his new lifestyle of going out and fucking around and isn’t going to stop. She told him to get out and he just smiled and left. He sent someone over to pick up some clothes, Diane thinks it was one of his golf buddies, and his lawyer called to say he was filing for divorce.”

“Is she going to be okay?”

“Well, the lawyer said that he didn’t care about what he had to give away, so she can keep the house, some alimony since he makes so much more than her, and all her possessions. I don’t know how the kids are going to handle it, though. She hasn’t told them yet. They are now… let’s see… I think Janie is 20 and Matt is 23.”

“They’re that old? I forgot how long they had been out of the house. How old is Diane?”

“She’s only just now 41. She had Matt at 18. John was 22 and had already graduated from college when she met him while working at that restaurant in town. She had just graduated from high school. She fessed up just now that she was three months pregnant when they got married.”

“I hope she can get over this. She still looks very good and keeps herself in shape. She should be able to get on with her life.”

My wife stared at me. “I think it’s going to be harder than you think. I’ve invited her over here next Tuesday for dinner to get her to talk some more. We haven’t been that close lately and I want to help her.”

“No problem. Whatever you think is best.”


The next Tuesday, I came home to the wonderful smell of burning meat. My wife had just put some steaks in the oven on broil. I quickly changed and helped finish the cooking. We were just finishing when the doorbell rang. I answered it and let Diane in. She seemed to be in much better spirits and we exchanged a cheek kiss. She looked much better, too. Her auburn hair, which reached to her shoulders, was pulled back a little by some shell clips. Her face looked great, none of the puffiness around the eyes to show that she had been crying recently. In fact, she looked ravishing. She had put on a light layer of makeup, just enough to highlight her green eyes and nice cheekbones. She had a nice tight pair of jeans, one that accentuated that she still had a firm ass with very little spreading from two kids and age. She had on a wrap-around blouse that showed very little cleavage, but was tight enough to show that she had nice C-cup tits and a slender waist. All in all she was a very sexy woman.

I led her into the dining room where Cindy was finishing putting things on the table. We sat down and had a wonderful dinner, discussing things other than her husband and what had happened. We also had some wine and were all feeling nice and warm. My wife finally suggested that we move into the den where we could talk some more or watch TV if we wanted. While the women moved into the den I got more drinks. The women had decided to help me drain my latest bottle of scotch. They both loved it, which was surprising to me since I had not known many women who liked scotch whiskey. I brought out my latest bottle of Macallan’s and we sat and talked and laughed and drank. It finally started to get near 11pm and we all had to work the next day so we decided to call it a night.

Diane stood up and put her hand to her head. “Whoops!” I don’t think I should be driving home.”

Cindy looked at her and laughed. “You need to hone your drinking skills, girl! Dennis can take you home.” She came over to me and whispered. “Flirt with her on the way there and when you take her in, kiss her on the lips. I want you to make her feel sexy and wanted. She really needs the ego boost.” She looked me in the eyes and pinched my butt. “No more than a kiss though, big boy. I have plans for you tonight.”

I smiled, but was a little shocked by what my wife said. This was a complete surprise to me. However, I was gonna get to kiss this sexy woman and then come home and fuck my wife. I was horny as hell thinking about that.

I helped her out to my car by giving her my arm for support and led her to the passenger door side. I opened it and when she moved around to get in, I held her hand to help her sit. She smiled at me.

I got in the car and started it up. Before I put it in gear I turned to her and put my hand on her leg, mid-thigh. “Diane, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but John is an idiot. You are an intelligent, beautiful, and sexy woman, and any man would be lucky to be with you.”

She smiled and blushed. “Thank you, Dennis.” She looked down at my hand and put hers on it, holding it there for a moment. I finally retrieved it so I could shift and then we drove to her house.

When we got there, I parked and went around to the passenger door before she could open it. I wanted to do it myself and help her out. She stood up, but staggered just a second, so I grabbed her around the waist to support her. She looked up at me and I smiled. She didn’t say anything, but I thought I could feel her heart pounding. I could also smell a bit of her perfume and her shampoo. Delicious! I let her go and she moved up to the house. I walked her up there and asked for her keys. She dug around in her purse, handed them to me with the house key held up, and I opened the door. I escorted her in and handed her the keys.

She looked up at me and put her hand on my chest because we were standing close together. “Thank you, Dennis. You are such a gentleman.”

I smiled at her. “I’m not that much of a gentleman.” Then I pulled her to me and kissed her on the mouth. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers and she stiffened for a second. I flicked my tongue against her lips and she melted into my arms and opened her mouth. We kissed hard, exploring each other’s mouth, enjoying the newness and excitement. I let my right hand slip down to her ass and grabbed a cheek. She felt wonderful. Her tits were mashed up against my chest and I could feel something poking at me there. Must have been a button. I wanted to fuck her, but had never cheated in my 20 years of marriage and wouldn’t now. I was just following my wife’s instructions, but enjoying every second of it.

Finally, we broke the kiss. I looked at this lovely woman. “You are so fucking beautiful, but I should go now before this gets out of hand. I would never cheat on Cindy.”

She stared at me and licked her lips. She backed up a step. “I know. I’m so horny, but I can’t do it either. She’s my friend. Thank you for escorting me home.” She looked away and then back, flushing a little. “And thank you for that kiss. It made me feel like a woman again.”

I left and raced home to attack my wife. I told her that I had kissed Diane and she wanted details. She wanted to know how Diane reacted and I told her that Diane had really gotten into it. I even told her that I got a hard-on from kissing her. I didn’t tell her I grabbed Diane’s ass.

“So you got a boner from kissing my friend, eh?” Cindy teased me as she ran her fingers up and down my current erection. “I wonder if I should worry about that.”

“You know I would never cheat on you, right?” I protested.

She smiled. “I know, honey. I’m just teasing you. Maybe we’ll turn off the lights tonight and you can imagine what it’s like fucking Diane.”

I stared at her. She had never suggested such a thing before. “What has gotten into you?”

“I’m just horny and I don’t want you to make sweet love to me tonight. I want you to fuck me, pound me, make me fucking cum!!!”

I rolled over on top of my wife and buried my dick in her. She was soaking and she had smeared my pre-cum all around the head of my dick, so I easily went all the way to the bottom. I wasted no time fucking her. I knew that when she said to pound her that she just wanted to be fucked to numerous orgasms. I pulled back and buried my dick in her over and over. She threw her legs over me and groaned.

“Fuck me, baby. Bury that bone in me!”

I obliged and kept pounding her. It was only about five minutes to her first orgasm. Her breathing shortened and her entire body stiffened while she let out a groan. She came hard. I waited for about 30 seconds and then started again. She loved it when I started pounding her after she had just come down from an orgasm. It always got her there again very quickly. I pounded her for another two minutes and she came again.

“Oh, fuck, honey. That was a good one.” I had stopped while she regained her breath for a moment. Then she pulled away enough to turn off the light. “Your turn to cum!”

I started up again, still missionary, still fucking her hard. She reached up and pulled me all the way down on top of her and started whispering in my ear. “Imagine Diane under you, her auburn hair spilling out around the pillow, nice full tits bouncing while you give her the first fuck she’s had in six months. She’ll be cumming buckets around your big, hard cock… screaming out your name.” I knew this was going to do it. She loved to talk dirty some times and she kept it up. “C’mon baby, fill up Diane’s cunt with your hot cum. Fuck her… fuck her… fuck her!”

I groaned and came. I spewed a tremendous load into Cindy’s pussy; spasming until I couldn’t take it anymore. I just collapsed on top of her, trying to catch my breath.

Cindy whispered in my ear. “Mmmm. I like being fucked like that.”

“And I like cumming like that. I love filling your tight cunt with my cum. You are a perfect little slut in the bedroom.”

She laughed. “So are you, stud. That’s how we keep this thing together.”

We eventually cleaned up a little and went to sleep.


Over the next week, I heard Cindy talking to Diane on the phone quite often. When the next Tuesday rolled around, I was in for a bigger surprise.

I came in to find the two of them already on the couch with at least a couple of drinks in them. They were giggling like schoolgirls.

“Hey, honey!” Cindy turned towards me. “I hear from Diane that you kissed her when you took her home last week.” I stared at her, shocked that Diane had told her, although I wondered how much. I was also shocked that Cindy, already having known the story, would bring it up seconds after I got home. “She says she felt it all the way down to… Ouch!”

Diane punched her on the shoulder before she could finish that. Diane was blushing furiously and trying to look hurt, but instead started grinning and almost laughing. “Don’t tell him what I said!” I know I was definitely wondering what she said!

“What?” Cindy feigned innocence. Then she looked over at me. “Honey, why don’t you go change.”

I could tell when she didn’t want me around and I wasn’t going to argue. I beat it upstairs to the bedroom.

A couple of minutes later, Cindy came in and flopped down on the bed. “I’m a little drunk.”

“I can tell. Where’s Diane?”

“Oh. I told her to go home and put on her sexiest night outfit.” She slurred just a little.

I stared at her. “And why would you do that?”

“Well. Look. We’ve been married for 20 years. We have a great marriage and we love each other. We have a really good sex life and we’ve never cheated on each other. At times we talked about doing something wild and crazy, but we could never quite bring ourselves to do it. So here it is. Diane and I talked after you came upstairs. She hasn’t had sex in 6 months, except for that little friend that I loaned her, so I want you to go over there and fuck her.”

I stared at Cindy. “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?”

She laughed. “Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a surprise, but I really feel sorry for her. She said some things last week that were self-destructive and it scared me. I want to give her this gift. Don’t you think she’s sexy enough that you want to fuck her?”

I was still trying to get over the shock. “Ummm. Of course she’s sexy enough that I’d fuck her, but honey… we’re talking about a major step here.”

“I know, I know. It’s one of those that you can’t take back once it’s done. But, please, will you do this for me and especially for Diane?”

I smiled. She was begging me to fuck her friend. Amazing. If I didn’t have a good marriage I might have fucked her last week, but now she’s giving me permission and asking me to do so. I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. “Yes, dear, if you really want me to I’ll fuck your friend Diane. You know I’d do anything for you.”

She looked at me closely and gave me a mock punch. “Okay. Don’t lay it on too thick. This is a onetime offer and don’t you go getting any ideas!”

“Okay, okay. You know I love you and I understand what you mean. Should I go over there now or wait a little longer.”

“No. Go now. If you don’t go now, I may change my mind and attack you myself.”

“Okay.” I got up and went downstairs. I was almost hard just thinking about what was going to happen. I hadn’t had any new pussy in 20 years… well, 21 when you consider the dating and engagement. Suddenly, I got worried. What if I was like a teenager again and went off as soon as she starting touching me? Or what if I couldn’t get it up out of guilt? Oh, fuck… the things that could go wrong!

I got to Diane’s house and rang the doorbell. She opened the door a crack and peeked out and then swung it open for me to get in while staying hidden behind the door. She closed the door and I looked at her. She was wearing a see-thru baby-doll nightie and panties. Her tits and nipples were partially visible even in the little bit of light in the hallway. Her legs looked fantastic, but I couldn’t quite make out her pussy. Her hair was down and looked like she had just brushed it. Her lips were covered in bright red lipstick. When I looked back up at her face she grinned and blushed like she was 16.

I stepped up to her and kissed her hard. I held her body against me and felt the wonderful smooth curves of Diane. We kissed and ran our hands over each other for a few minutes until I eventually pulled back.

“You are a gorgeous woman, Diane.”

She blushed again. “Thanks.” She looked at me a little sheepishly. “Shall we go upstairs?”

“After you, madam.” I waved my arm, palm up, indicating for her to lead the way. No way was I going to miss following her up the stairs, seeing that fantastic ass swaying back and forth in front of me. And I didn’t. It was amazing for a 41 year old woman. She was still pretty slim. There were probably a few extra pounds on her frame for her own tastes, but it all looked like a lovely ride to me. The panties were bikini type and covered most of her ass, but they were see-thru, and that was actually more of a turn on.

I followed that bouncing backside into her bedroom where she sat on the bed. She looked at me apprehensively.

I went and sat next to her to ease her apprehension and held her in my arms. She was still a little tense. “Diane, this is not some sleazy affair. You know that Cindy wants us to have sex. She knows that you really need it and is just offering my services this once. So now we are two adults who are going to enjoy each other. You are a beautiful woman and I’m going to make love to you like you deserve.”

She looked up with a little wolfish grin and relaxed. “But I don’t want you to make love to me. Cindy told me that it’s better when you pound her and fuck her hard.”

I smiled. “I think you girls have been talking about me too much.” Then I took her hand and stood her in front of me. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her nightie to take it off. Once it cleared her shoulders I could finally take in the beauty of this curvy babe. Her hips were well rounded, but not fat. She still had a nice small waist and her tits had to be at least a c-cup. When I looked at them I could see something shiny on her left tit that I now knew was the object that poked me last week. She had had her left nipple pierced! “Wow! You have a pierced nipple!”

She smiled just a little. “Yeah, John wanted me to get that, so I did. It hurt like hell, but I like it now. I think it will make me fit in with the younger guys.”

“Diane, you are a beautiful woman with wonderful curves, every single guy that meets you is going to want to fuck you! Young or old.”

She laughed and blushed a little. “Quit saying that. You’re just being nice.”

I pulled her hand down to my dick, hard and pulsing in my pants. “Does that feel like I’m being nice? Cindy may have set this up, but I’ve been dying to fuck you for years!”

She looked at me. “Really?”

“Really. It’s just that I’m a happily married man to a wonderful wife. This has been a fantasy of mine for years.” I was now making little circles around her nipple, pushing and tugging against the small barbell that she had in it.

“Mmmm. That feels good.” She suddenly leaned forward and took my hands away. “But what I really need right now is to get fucked!”

She grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. I kicked off my shoes and she unbuckled my belt. She pulled my pants and boxers down to the floor in one tug. I took off my shirt at the same time so that I ended up naked. She leaned back on the bed, raised her hips and stripped the panties off. We were both now naked and I could finally see her pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and already becoming engorged with blood and I could see the hint of wetness in the slit. The best part is that she was completely shaved!

“Wow! You’re completely shaved. I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“Cindy said it would turn you on and that most women today shave at least their pussy lips, so that I should get used to it.”

“It does turn me on.” I stared at her for a couple more seconds. “And you are a vision laying there, naked, your nice full tits on display, one of them pierced, your beautiful legs leading up to that particularly enticing shaved pussy. You are just yummy!”

“Thank you, but please don’t keep doing that. I know I’m not as good looking as most of the women out there.”

“Honey, you are absolutely wrong. Take it from a man.” I reached down and grabbed my cock. “And take it from this hotness indicator. You are fucking gorgeous and there are very few women who have your sensuality.”

She looked at me and smiled. She spread her legs. “Please. I haven’t had sex in 6 months and now that you have me here naked and on my back, I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been warming up for 20 minutes!”

I pointed my cock at her. “You want me to fuck you with my big, hard cock?”

“Oh, god, yes!”

“Tell me what you want. Put it into words… dirty words!”

“Please, please, please put your big hard cock into my tight, barely used little pussy and fuck me. I need it now!”

I leaned over her and guided my cock towards her pussy. She reached down and took over to direct it into her. She rubbed the head along her very wet and swollen lips and then guided it into the hole. I started pushing. She moaned as I slowly entered her. Fuck! She was very tight for a woman with two kids! I pulled out and pushed back a couple of times, wetting my dick in her juices and getting further and further in. Finally, I was fully buried in her. She put her legs around me and pulled my face down to her tits.

“Please, fuck me hard. I need to have just pure, raw sex!”

I took her pierced nipple into my mouth while i started fucking her, making sure that I did it forcefully on the down stroke. She moaned and within about 3 minutes announced her orgasm.

“Oh, god, it’s so good! I’m going to cum… oh, fuck… oh… oh… oh… cumming!”

She thrashed about a bit and I let her finish her orgasm. “Oh, god. I haven’t had a good fuck in so long.”

I pushed myself off her to see where it was going to go from here. She looked down at my cock and took it into her hand. “It’s still so hard.”

“Yes, it is. I think you need to do something about that, you beautiful, little slut!” I grinned at her.

“Yes, sir! What does my lover desire?” She sat up, grinned back at me, and stared into my eyes. She was suddenly becoming playful.

I decided to go for broke. “I want you to worship it. I want you to make love to it with your mouth. I want to cum in that pretty little mouth and watch you swallow my cum.”

She smiled. “But of course. I would never spill a drop of your cum, sir.”

I loved it when she talked like that. She leaned over and stared at my throbbing meat and then slowly lowered her head, taking as much as she could immediately. She reached about 6 of the 7 inches before stopping. She tightened her lips and rose, sucking as she went. It was fantastic. She started bobbing up and down and was turned 90 degress from me so I started stroking her tits. She rose a little higher so that I could get under her better and moaned. Apparently, her nipples were very sensitive.

However, I was not going to last long. She was actually a very good cock-sucker and it was a new mouth, a new woman, and a completely new experience for me. I started rocking my hips and she knew exactly what was coming.

She pulled up off my dick. “Is your lovely cum about ready to coat my throat, dear sir? Are you ready to shoot off into my pretty little mouth?”

Fuck, what can I say? When in the throes of passion, descriptions like that from a woman are just too much for me. I closed my eyes, grabbed her head, and started groaning. I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth, and then opened my eyes to watch as my last few spurts went into her and she started swallowing. She sucked until I had nothing left and then rose up.

“Your cum is delicious, sir. Can I have another helping, please?”

Damn! I was at the age where I was probably done for a while… usually 30 minutes.

“Diane, I appreciate it, but I think I’m going to have to call it a night and go home.”

She put on a sad face. “But, sir, I need some more cock!”

I laughed. “I have no idea why your husband would fuck around. You are a little firecracker.” At the mention of her husband she looked down sadly. Shit! I should not have done that.

“He wanted me to do things that I couldn’t do.”

I stared at her. “Like what? That was a pretty good first fuck and you sucked me off and swallowed. What? He wanted anal sex or something with a fetish?”

She looked at me. “Well. If you must know, he wanted to do things like pissing and enemas and such.”

“Ugh! I’m not into that sort of stuff.”

“Me, neither, so I guess he went looking elsewhere.”

“Sorry I brought it up.”

“No, it’s okay. I need to be able to discuss it. Especially with my best friend’s husband when I’ve just fucked him.” She grinned.

“Okay. I need to get dressed and go. I’ll see you sometime next week. I’m sure we’ll have another dinner and I’m sure Cindy will pump you for information on our little tryst.”

“Is ‘pump’ the correct word?” She said jokingly as she stood up, completely naked and not attempting to cover herself up. I hated leaving her. I wanted to fuck her all night, but figured that was outside the bounds of my wife’s permission so I got dressed and left. All the way home I kept thinking about what a beautiful woman she was, but how she had a self-esteem problem.

When I arrived home, Cindy was still awake. I walked into the bedroom and she was laying there naked with the vibrator lying next to her.

She looked up at me. “Well, how was it?”

How do you answer that? “Well, it was pretty much standard missionary sex. She came really quickly.” I tried to busy myself with undressing.

“And did you cum in her?”

I guess I had to fess up. “No, after she came, I rolled off and she finished me off with her mouth.”

“Is she a good cock-sucker?”

I was having problems discussing this with my wife and was thinking how to answer that when I felt her grab my dick. “Maybe I should just ask your dick? I bet he wouldn’t hesitate to admit when he’s had a good sucking.”

“She was pretty good and it got me off. She’s not as good as you, but definitely knows her way around a cock.”

My wife looked at me. “Did she swallow?”

“Uh… yeah, she did.”

“Good. I told her that she either had to swallow or let you cum all over her tits.”

I stared at her. “You discussed what we were going to do ahead of time?”

“I just told her what you liked.”

“What else have you told her?”

“Well, she called me as soon as you left. She loved it and asked me to loan you to her again next week. What do you think, honey? Can you fuck her and not let it fuck up our relationship?”

I stood there, staring at her. “I don’t know, Cindy. Maybe I can, but the question is, can you? You let me fuck another woman and now you are willing to let it happen again. Are you really sure about this?”

She stared at me for a second. “Yes, I really want you to fuck her again, but….” She stopped and stared at me.


“I want to watch you fuck her.”

It took me a second to fully comprehend what she just said. “You want to watch me have sex with another woman?”

“Yes.” She looked away. “I’ve had this fantasy for a long time and never told you. I know we have talked about a lot of other things, but never this. I don’t want to participate, I just want to watch. It turns me on to think about seeing you fuck her and then watch her suck your dick.” She looked down. “And I think you like the idea.” She was holding my now fully erect dick. She looked up at me and smiled. I knew what she was planning… and I didn’t mind one bit. She looked at my cock and started stroking it. “I want to see this. First, you put this nice, hard cock into her little shaved pussy. Her lips are bright pink and she’s very wet, her lips swollen in arousal and participation.” She gave me a quick suck. “You plunge your dick deep into her, touching her in places that have been so neglected.” She leaned back and placed my dick at the entrance to her very wet pussy, rubbing the head around to get it as wet. I plunged into her, still standing on the side of the bed. “Then you start fucking her.” I started fucking Cindy. “She’s moaning and loving your dick as it stimulates her clit with every thrust to the bottom of her cunt. You lean over and start pinching her nipples, including the pierced one.” I did that to my wife. “Then, I watch as she throws back her head… uh… and… uh… cums!” Cindy started jerking around, cumming hard and soaking both of our crotches with her fluids. She was quiet for a second and I just kept lightly fucking in and out of her. “Then you pull out and jerk off, cumming all over her beautiful tits and belly.” I took my dick out and followed her description. I was soon ready to cum. I moaned and shot several ribbons of cum, my first shot barely reaching her tits before the rest covered her belly and soaked her little arrowhead of pubic hair. I guess I was pretty well drained from Diane. “Then I’m going to watch as she rubs it in and scoops some of it up and licks her fingers.” Cindy did just that, finishing with a quick suck of the remains on my dick. “Of course, I’m going to clean up your dick so that I can have some, too.”

She fell back on the bed and I collapsed beside her. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait for next week.

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2017-03-11 12:55:48
I agree with the last poster. In this case, good intentions are leading towards a train wreck.

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my question is how long before his wife tells him that as long as she let him fuck her girl friend then she should be able to fuck other guys and then the marraige will go to hell in a hand basket before they get divorced and weind up hating each other....... he should have trold his wife no, that he will not cheat on her either in front of her or behind her back in order to keep the marriage intact

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Great story, great scenario, great description! I'm really happy to see that you have a whole series posted. Nothing like serving a hot, needy woman with the full consent and aid of your equally hot wife.

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need a good pussy licker:p

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